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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, February 21, 1902, Image 9

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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PRESENTS: That we, whose hands
are hereunto affixed, do hereby associ
ate ourselves together for the purpose
,.f forming a corporation under, the
laws of the Territory of Arizona, and
to that end make the following state
ment: FIRST: The names of the corpora
tors are: Charles W. White, Alex G.
Homhorff. John It. 1-owther. Edward S.
rhurehill. John A. F-radley, "Walter
church, and the name of the corpora -t.,,n
PANY. The principal place in which
the business of said corporation within
the Territory of Arizona is to he trans
ited is Phoenix, Maricopa County.
Arizona, and the principal place of
business of said corporation outside the
Territory of Arizona shall be the City
if Now York, in the State of New
York, at which meetings of the Hoard
of Directors may be held, and the cor
relation may have such branch cilices
eitlu-r within or without the Territory
Arizona ns may be established by
the Hoard of Directors.
SECOND: The general nature of the
business proposed to be transacted by
this corporation is as follows, to-wit :
1. To engage in. conduct and deal in
and with undertakings hereinafter
Hiiumei rued and specified, and all
things incident thereto In accordance
with law. in the United States of
America and w ithin any republic, kins
doni. principality, province. Island,
territory or country in the world, pro
vided that none of the powers enumer
ated below shall be construed as auth
orizing the company to engage in any
business of a character that comes un
der the prohibitions of any statutes of
2. To make colonization contracts,
to locate, purchase, acquire, own, hold,
l--a:-e, let. demise, sell, exchange, trade
in. equip, maintain, develop, improve,
operate and for itself or others, work
i-nul deposits, oil lands, fire brick and
potters clay and koalin. mineral claims,
diggings, mines and mineral rights of
every kind, character and description.
?,. To buy, hold, lease, own. acquire,
exchange, deal in and carry 'on the
1 owners oC purchasing and selling and
dealing in coal and oil. clays and pot
ter's r.-.aterials. ores, metals, minerals,
(.'tm- iitrates and bullion of every na-
wl. or other mining proierties, lands,
and mineral bearing substances, and
earths of any d??fiiplIon or manufac
tured products of any or cither. '
4. To produce and refine oil. manu
facture coke, fire and common brick,
porcelain and china, treat. smelt,
matte, mill, steam, stamp and reduce
ores, minerals, metal, bullion, and con
centrates of every kind and description.
i(To erect, construct, maintain, op
. jate, buy hold. own. sell, dispose of.
leased Iemi.se and mortgage mills,
? rjclters, concentrators. reduction
plants, oil refining plants, coke ovens
and any and all kinds of machinery. and
to manufacture the same for treating
ores, earths or minerals, oils and clays,
sind to repair parts and appliances in
cident or appurtenant thereto. To con
duct experiments, take out patents.
acquire and trade in those taken out by j
others, to acquire and grant licences n j
respect to patents of machinery, appli- i
arces, and processes for treatment of j
ois, oils, coal, clays and the sale or
transfer of the same or do with them '
whatsoever else may be thought fit. j
C. To create, acquire, locate, procure,
buy. hold, own. sell. let. lease, demise. !
mortgj.ge and furnish both for itself!
and other:, water rights, wet or power,.
g:is lighting and heating plant?, eke- j
trie lights, electric light plants, tie trie
P-iw-T. st'-am power and any and ail
other kinds of power for any and all
law ful uses and purpose?.
7. To buy, procure, hold. own. sell,
let. demise, mortgage, construct, erptip,
lnainunn and operate wharves, ferries.
trji:u-wiiys. stage lines, canals, (both
for transportation, mining and for irri
gation and to acquire any and all
oth-T means of transportation, includ
Iniz ;iiipnionts thereof and therefor
for mining or r.ny ith r lawful purpose
o, u.-o. by and u tth any and all kinds
of power for said company's use or in--;;
r.t to its general business, and to
a i-iLir' personal property, or any real
or mixed property. useful or incident
or appurtenant to its general business.
. To buy. acquire, purchase, hold,
own. exchange, mortgage, sell, lease,
trad in and deal with merchandise,
of any and of all kinds, and generally
to conduct a mercantile or merchan
dise business.
I. To build, construct, manufacture,
i f-pair. buy, sell, lease, mor tgage. ex
change, own. maintain and operate all
kinds of bo.Ts, barges nnd other sort
of water craft or sailing vessrds, how
ever operated or propelied, and any and
ail things incident thereto. To carry
in fisheries, acquire and conduct can
neries, j
V. To d re dee rivers, treeks, streams,
and any and all places ami localities
where lawful so to do for any and all
pin poses and usrs, and especially with
a view of Fecuring a nd procuring oil,
coal. gold, metals, minerals, precious
stones and ores, for itself and lor
11. To manufacture, pure-hare, hold,
oan. dispose of. sell, exchange and
trad" in any and all matters or things
uv.-d or which may be used in diggitg.
v -a voting, hunting for. extracting,
f.i. ding or attempting to find, and to
Clin- r utilize placer gold, or for any
"Hi. ;- kir d of mineral, metal, ore, oil
: o;ti f.,t- itself or for others.
1-. Tii engage in the luisin'-s." of in
it'g. e a rni n i n g, xploiting nnd re
po:ting upon minis and mineral d:iim
mining properties and mining
--Mii; u: nts of every kind and nature
h ttsovver. for itself or oile rs, and to
"I - ii. maintain and conduct a general
as --ay oihVo. or n flics for assaying ores,
niiu-rals and metals of all kinds for
itself ;tnd for others, and to buy, own.
and deal in assayers supplies of all
1 1. T.- build, erect, construc t, rnaln
t operate, own. hold, purohr.se. sell,
i' "''.ixn)-, exchange, lease and demise
telegraph and telephone lines, for the
purpose of carrying on the business of
i h compRny.
H. To organize and promote com-'
panics, to acquire franchises, good will
: :i 1 pioperty rights of other compa
nies; to assume hn bilit ic:i of a fly per
son, firm, association or corporation
wholly or in part, and pay for the same
in cash, stocks, bonds, or other assets
of said corporation or otherwise, and
to carry on any and all kinds of indus
trial or trading "bei .it imi:-: lo give
guarantee:!, execu-e moi tgKf-a. njtc3.
bills vt trALlmr.o''., vurrjnu, bonds tui'-i
debentures and every other form of
commercial obligation.
If. To enter into, make, perform nnd
carry out contracts of every kind for
any lawful purpose with any person,
tlrm, association or corporation.
P. To remunerate any corporation
or person- for services rendered or to
be rendered in placing or assisting to
place, or guaranteeing the plaoin'g of
any shares of stock or any debentures
or other securities of this corporation
or doing anything with respect to the
formation or promotion of this corpo
ration, or with respect to the conduct
of its business, except that this para
graph shall not be construed as au
thorizing the corporation t" engage in
any business of the character and na
ture of a title, trust or hanking com
pany or other company doing business
under special law, subject to the pro
visions of law to purchase, hold and
reissue its debentures or bon is, or
shares of its capital stock.
17. To purchase, hold, own. manu
facture, sell. let. lease, exchange,
mortgage and hypothecate any and all
kinds of timber, logs, lumber, shingle,
and to buy, hold, own, lease, sell,
mortgage and exchange timber claims,
timber lands, timber rights, standing or
fallen trees, and to acquire mill sites,
and to erect and operate saw mills,
planing mills, dry sheds, and box fac
tories, coal bunkers, and to deal in all
manufactured products of lumber. T
engage in erection, completion and
construction of houses, dwellings, resi
dences, stores and store buildings,
wharves, docks and Humes. To buy.
sell, exchange and mortgage, any ami
all of said structures, or dwellings, an 1
to do any nnd everything necessary,
proper, or convenient, and to require,
own, develop, and dispose of buildings,
lots and town sites, and generally to
have, enjoy, possess all and every of
the powers, rights and privileges herein
set forth and to fully and completely
carry out the said purposes nnd ob
ject: above specified in their fullest and
broadest sense.
THIRD: The authorized amount of
capital stock of this corporation shall
be One Million Hollars ($l.Cn0.iwt.) di
vided into one hundred thousand shares
cf the par value of Ten Dollars (?P)X0)
eat h. At such time as the Hoard of
Directors may by resolution direct, said
capital stock shall be paid into this
corporation cither in cafh or by the
sale and transfer to it of real or per
sonal property for the uses and pur
poses of said corj Miration, in payment
for which shares of th- capital stock of
said corporation may be issued, and th
capital stock so hsu-d shall thereuiion
and tii'-i-'y bee, .p.,. and b" fi'liv paid
up and non-assessable, and i:i til? n!
Fcnoe of actual fra.Al in the transla
tion the judgment of the Directors as
to the value of the property pun hased
shnll be conclusive.
FOURTH: The time of the com
mencomot of thl corporation shall bo
the date of the tiling of these articles
of incorporation in the oli'.ce of the
Secretary of Arizona, and the termina
tion thereof shall be twenty-five years
FIFTH: The affairs of this corpora
tion shall be conducted by a Hoard of
Director-, and the following
named shall constitute the Hnrd of
Directors until their successors are
elect ed : 'har Ics A V. "White. Axel .
Hornhorg, John It. I-owther. Edward S.
Churchill. John A. Dradley, Walter
Church. Thereafter the Foard of Di
rectors shall be elected from among
the stockholders as the by-laws of the
corporation may provide.
SIXTH: The highest amount of in
debtedness or liability, direct or con
tingent. to.whWh this corporation is at
any t:m. subject shall if r ivo l Hin
di ed Thousand dollars (?VWd.
SKYKNTH: The privat property of
the stockholders f this corporation
shall b- exempt from corporate ddis
of any kind whatsoever.
hereunto set our hands and seals thi?
day of . lno .
OHAS. "W. WMITK. (Seal)
j-Mix a. i:r:ADid-:v. s.-ii
AXrCIi O. IIOIlNflOiC;. Se;il.
V. ITKt: 'Hr!:K. . 2eal
t:ivai:d s. nirnnuLr.. Scai
Stat' of New York.
County of New York. ss.
On litis Twenty-ninth day of Febru
ary, i.; the year 11". before i". a No
tary Vuhiie in and for th State and
rounty aff-res;i id. r-iding therein,
duly commissioned and sv.om. person
ally appeared t'harl-s V. Whit", Axel
n. Hornborg. John K. I-ovt hr, Fdwarl
S. Churchill. John A. Hradb-y. Walter
Church, known to me to be the persons
described in. v hosp naioes are sub
scribed to. and t ho executed the an
nexed instrument, and they acknowl
edged to me that they executed the
same for the purposes and considera
tions therein expressed.
hereunto set my hand and affixed my
oftieiul seal, at my office in the said
State and County, the day and year
last above written.
(Noty Seal.)
K. i:. CMFP.HY.
Notary lubllc No.
"Sly commission expires l'J.':, larch
Ten itory ;f Arizona.
County of Maricopa, ss.
I. . B. F. McFall. County Kecorder in
and for the 'ounty and Tervitnry
aforesiiid. hereby certify that I have
compared the foregoing copy with the
original articles of incorporation of the
Alaska Colony Company, filed and re
corded in my o'liee on the 10th day of
Feb'y. I'M-, in Hook N. i of Incorpora
tions at Vae , and that the sameis
a full, true nnd correct copy of st: h
oriuioal and oT the v.bt.le thereof.
W1TNKSS my hand and seal of ollicc
this lath day of Fcb'y. i:C
enl.) It. V. M'-rALL.
'ounty lieeorder.
I'.y A. S. AKTUl'K. Deputy.
Filed ni'd recorded in the nMice ff tlic
S "iT"tary of the Territory of Arizona
this Pitii day of February, A. D. 1IKH',
at Z p. m.
Secretary of Arizona.
First publication Feb. ?.
Know all Men by these Presents:
Tint we whose baids are hereto nf
lixctl do hereby associate ourselves to
gether for the purpose of forming a
corporation under the laws of Arizona,
and to that end make the following
statement :
Kirs-: Th' n.-ntus of tin- incorpora
tors are Albert c. IWrg.r. Percy
Pierr, W!!!m-.! '. Cart-r, Wii!nj I
teddman and clmra v. -it ret.
The name of the corporation shall be.
The Santa Clara Commercial Company.
The principal pl'fce in which the busi
ness of said corporation within the
Territoiy of Arizona is to be transact
ed is Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ari
zona, and the principal place of busi
ness of said corporation outside of the
Territory of Arizona shall be the City
of Cleveland, 'ourty of Cuyahoga and
State of Ohio, at which meetings of the
stockholder.- aiid boa rd of directors
may be held, and the corporation may
have such branch ofbtes. either within
or without the Territory of Arizona
may be established by the board of dl- j
to: s.
Set on 1: The general nnture of the
business proposed to be transar ted by
thin corporation is as follows, to-wit:
To pun h:u'. bond, lease or otherwise
acquire, own, exchange. fM or other
wise dispose of. pledge, mortgage, hy
pothecate and deal in real estate In the
Island of Cuba or at any other point
or location whatsoever, ami also all
kinds of personal property, mins. min
ing claims, timlw, oil land, mlneial
lands, oil. gas. asphaltum. petroleum,
water and water rights, and macli fa
ery, to. work, n ine, operate and develop
the same, to do h general real estate,
manufacturing and mercantile busi
ness, to establish, own and operate
such rail or tram road, operated by
sfam. electricity or ciher motive pow
er, or steam, sail, elect rie ships or other
vessels as may be necessary to lead
from its principal works or plai e of
business upon any su h lands to mine
existing line of railroad, turnpike or
public highway, to build roadways, io
establish town sites, to own. handle and
control Fhares of the copital stock of
other corporatittns. to borrow money
and execute notes, bonds, mortgages
or deeds of trust t si-ur the same,
to exert, ise in respect of j;!1 bonds,
mortgage, notes. shares tf capital
stock and other reft:rit es nnd obliga
tions any and all the rights, powers and
privileges of individual owners thereof,
im hiding the right to vote upon any
shares of stock held by It to the same
extent that a natural person might or
could do; and in general to do all
things necesyary to the proper conduct
of the business of this corporation in
the Territory and elsewhere, not incon
sistent with the laws o the I'nited
States and the Territory of Arizona.
Third: The authorized amount of
the capital stock of this corporation
shall be Five Hundred Thourand Dol
lars S."nt.0't.).ao, divided into Five
Thousand COX") shares of On - Hun
dred Doll irs (ihihi) each, whU h -hal1.
!; divided into One Hnndrod and Fifty
i ir." sh-srep t.f :ie Hun dw i loli:i'-s
? loo.iro e!ch uf pieP rr - l :-Iim k, and
l our Thousand Kiht I Imi I d and
FUty 1 . S " shares of t .:ie ilua lrol
Drdlars ''.'" each of cemmon n-i k.
Sail preferred strtck sh ill be entitle.! to
such preferences anl t ighls over th
common stock as the by-laws of thj
corporation may pr-wirie.
Said enpitel stock shall be paid
hen issued, either in ca.h or by the
transfer of real or personal properly for
the uses and purposes uf r-ai'i corporn
tion. in payme it for which the capitel
stot k of th' corporation may le is
sued, and when so issued nnd ppi.l for.
said capital rtock sni.U be ruil piii l and j
non-assessable thereafter, and in tr.-:- i
absence of fraud in the transaction tn
judBment of the directors as to the
value of the pnperty purchased shall
be conclusive.
Fourth: The time of the commence
ment of this corporation shall be the
date of the films of these anil-leu of in
corporation in the oflVe of t!ie Secre
tary of Arizona, and the termination
thereof shall be twenty-five years
Fif'h: The afi'ai-s of this corpora
tion snail oe condu--'d by a Lourd of
Tint I' SS than five n'.-r more than sev-o
Pin-dors, ard the follov.-inu named
shall oonslitute tie ll iar l of 1 lire' tors
and of!!:e.s until their successors are
Hefted: Albert " I'.ereer. I'resident
riiel lorector: J. S. Newhart. First
Vice President and liircctor: i'ail
Wintrich, Sec onl A'ice President ar.d
Director nnd Cenernl ."Manager: IVrcy
I. Vi'-rce. Sr-cr-tary and Director: i'lay
lierri.l;. Trcaruier. and Villiam 1 '
YVatkins. !ire(tor; ami ther.-afte.- the
Hoard of Diicctnrs shall be l it - I
from anion": Hie sto. khol.p i s as t'i -l,y-laws
of the cnrp-iratton may pro
vide. SiMb: The hih'-st amount of in
debtedness or liability, direct or con
tingent, to whlih this corporation is ..t
any time subje t shall be Fifty Thou
sand Dollar iJ'.O.OiHi.i.ei.
Seventh: The private property of
the stockholders of this corporation
shall be exempt from corporate debt ;
of any kind whatsoever.
In Witness Whereof, we have here
unto set our hands and seals this 4th
dav of February. A. I). 1!n2.
WILLIAM I'. i'AilTEl:.
PKIICV E. "riEltr-E.
ALHEItT '. llEKliKP..
"HA ISLES D. riF.lK'K.
The State of Ohio.
i'ountv of l 'uyr.liora. ss.
Sea 1 1
tin this Fourtli day
l. l:f-, before nie,
Ncjtary Fublic in unci
of February. A.
.1. Tiiobaben. a
for ti-.e Comity
residinT therein.
and State aforc-sal
duly commissioned :
ally -appeared Atbti
E. Fierce, William
F. Steadman and
;ind sworn, person
t 1". Herder. Fercy
1. i'arter. William
f'hailes D. riene.
known to me to be tne persons de
scribed in, whose names are subscribed
to. anil who executed tile annexed in
strument, and they ackr.owledKed to
nje that they executed th" same for
the purposes and consideration therein
In Witness Win-roof. I have hereunto
set my hand and infixed my ollic i.tl
seal, at niy oII'h-c in liar said Slat" and
County, thu day and year lai't above
(S, el.) IS. J. Tllor.Al'-EN.
Notary I'ublie.
A'o:u:t l'i.
Territory iT Atieona.
County of Maricopa, ss.
I. I!. F. Mi Fall. County Itecorder in
and for the Counly and Territory
aforisaid. hereby certify that I have
compared the forecoinir topy with the
oriKinal Articles of Ilicorporation of the
Santa f'lara Commen ial Company,
filed and recorded in my ottic-e on the
10th day of Feb-:.', I"'1'-!. in Hon;; No. !
of 1 ni oriorations. at Fnire . ani
that the same is a full, t! Uo and ci.r
n -i t copy of such original and .f the
u hole thereof".
Witness niy hand and sc:il of idlic-e
tills Kith day of Feb'y. 192.
(Seal.) 1- V- McFALL
Ciiunty Hecorder.
l:y A. S, AirrilFIt- Depuly.
l-'llctl alld rcc-ordci.l ill llle oilier of I lie
I-V'-n larv th? 'J"? rr io -r" of Ai,:-"o-
this lMth dd: ot Ftbiuai. . D.
at 2 p. m.
Secretary of Atizona.
First publication Feb. ltf.
notice to onrcDiTons.
Estate of John Watson Hall, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the under
plgncd, administrator of the estate of
John Watson H?dl, deceased, to the
creditors of and all persons having
claims against the said deceased, to ex
hibit them, with the necessary vouch
ers, within ten months after the first
publication of this notHe to the said
mminisirator nt ine I'noerix :niio.i:u
Pank in Phoenlr, Arizona, the satne be
ing the place for the transaction of the
business of said estate. In said coun
ty of Maricopa. .
Administrator of the Instate of John
Watson Hull. Deceased.
Dated at Phoenix this 23d day of
January. 1&02.
In th:' Iroliate Court of the County of
MarM-opa. Territory of Arizona.
In the SInttr-r of the Kstate of X. A.
AViioy. Lfeuil.
Notice is hereby given that (. P.
Wiley has filed in this eourt his oetitioli
prayinprthat r-tters of administration on
the estate of said decedent be granted
hinu-clf, and ttiat the sanie will be
heard at the January term of said
court, to-wit. on Monday, the :Mth day
of February. A. D. 1WI2. at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon of sahf day, at the court
room of said court, in Phoenix, County
of Maricopa, Territory of .Arizona, and
all persons interested in slid CFtate ar.
notified then and there to appear and
show caus. if any they have, why the
prayer of s-.aid iK-titioner should not b--'
Dated. Feb. 13.
M. ZANDER. Clerk.
I'nited States Land Office. Tucson.
Ariz.. Feb. 190:!. Notice Is hereby
Riven that Mary Alice Thompson, lor
nierly Mary Alice Mann, of lV-oria.
Maricopa counly, Aiizona. has tiietl
?jotice of intention ttj niaUi proof on
her d"sert land laini No. ;unx. for tb
s.', sec. t. :: x. K. l i:.. ess. i:..
It. & M.. b-f iiv th.'.l rk of the dis
trict court at l'hoenix, Arizona. ;n Sat
urday, the fifteenth day of March. Inel'.
Site names th- fnllmvins wit ins:-. s in
prove the i.nnp'"-te irri,.it ion and re
clamatiofi cf s;ii.l lin-l: Charles K.
Hunter. Wiliiani A. Hood. II nam C.
Mann end J. Si ott L'i Idenstine. all of!
Ipe.-ria. Arizona.
l-'irrt poV!i.-.-!twn Kelt.
(II. E. No. 2.7.-2T. and H. E. No. 2.
Department of the Interior, litiii Oflice
.-it Tucson, Arixona, Jan. 1"0, J?;-".
Notice is hereby uiven that the foi-lov.'intj-iian'.ed
sc-ttleis have tiled no
tice of their ir.lention to make final
proof in support of Uieir claims, and
that said proofs will be made before
the Clerk of the District Court at
Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, March
1. I'JfJ. viz.: Lonnie J. Mitchell, of
Luckeyo. Arizona, for the S1. NV'.
See. ?.. T 1 S. It .". W. C. & S. P.. P.. &
M., who names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz:
Ralph (I. Robinson. Thomas N. clan
ton. EdiTond 1!. Spain and Herbert E.
K.-ll. aii of Ilucl:e e. Arizona: and
Kaiph U. ltobinson. of Ituckeye. Ari
zona, for the PK',. Sec 4. T 1 S. U 3
W. G. & S. Tl. P.. & M., who riair-ca the
foliowir.p: witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: Thomas N.
t'lanton. Lrnini J. Mitchell. Eclmond
H. Spain and Herbert E. Keil, all of
Eiic-keye, Arizona.
First publication January "2. llirt-'.
N')Ti'i: KiHt I'ltSTl.v; iF SKTTI-I-;-MK.VT
In the Probai- Court of tlie County
Maris opa. T- r; itory f A izi n t.
In i he Matt- r of the Kstate of 1 1. !.
Ilbbs, iJeee-ised.
Notice for Iotin of Set tlemeiit of
Final Aceount.
Nuti' C is hereby siven that Tlmin s
W. Peniberton, iidiiii'd-lrator oT the
entai e of o. I.. ;ilib. d . ceas, d, has
rendered and presented fir fettleinen',
and filed in sa id Court, his final ae
eount of his ad mint st ration of said
estate; and that Monday, the i:4th day
of February. P:aj. jit : o'eluek a. m.,
at the Court-room of said ( 'ourt. at
th Court House in I'hoenix In sai-1
Mariropa (' lunty. has been duly ap
pointed by the Judije of said Court, for
th" settlement of sj-id areouot. at
whieh time and pla e anv person in
t resteil in said estate may appear ami
Hie his exceptions in writing to the
said aeeount and contest the same.
Oated February l'.'th. 1;hJ.
In the I'robate Court of the County of
Maricopa. Terri; -ry of Arizona.
In the Matt'-r d the K.-tate of K. A.
1'oyen. ln;;ne.
NoTie fur 1'ostiiiU of Sctit-nient ol
Ap.him! A e -on r.t. 1
Nil iee is h'-n-Ny r n t "i 1 1 1
liilMtiU, ii:rdi:;n "f Ihc estate
A. i'l'Vi-n, insane. h:i r --ft.le: 'e;l
1 v:.
,f s t. ted fr y 1 1 lenient, and tiled in
:-a id Cul t . hi:-' .- ; 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 ;;e. h;ii I of Id:'
ii:iidini:hip of s.:id et-ii'-; an 1 fin'
Moti-f..: . the ::r,i ,i;ty ,t Mar. h.
;i t Pt o'eloel; a. ip.. ii. the Con ; I - if m n n
of said Court, at the Court House in
I'hoenix in said Marh pa County, has
been duly appointed by th. Jude of
said Court, for the sfttlciu-nt of said
acennnt. :t wldeh time ar.tl plate any
person interested in svi id eKta t a may
appear and tile his exceptions in writ
incr to the suid account and contest the
sa nie.
I):.te-1 February PHh. 19t''.
Sonie peo)le are so suspieiou:
a wonder that they trust the
When you want a physic that is mild
nnd gentle, easy to take and pleasant
in effert use Chamberlain's Stomach
and laver TablHs. I'ri''-, IT. rents. Sain
pls rrt. Kv-ry. .. fruara titled. For
rrrtl. bj Llvtj 4x Hulttt.
All advertisements running for less time
Foii lil:NT-In luunliv. furnlKlied
t):tjf;e. hydnir.t v;ii.:r. tire of horse
ci:1 Itatsity. !S per i.-.outh. A-lilrets
Isdx 24. this ultif p.
Foil ltKXT FurniFhed house In coun
try. Rood water, two months for
Address M. M.
KOI! ItKNT-Small furnished houses.
4::s South Center street.
Kolt HFNT Mouse, sewn rooms: nice
lawn, line shade; coolest summer
house I'hoenix. fail at 7"t; North
1 Irst str. ct.
KOIt UF.NT Two-story brick house.
;' X. Second Ave. Seven rooms; all
conveniences: nice lawn. K. E. Pas
toe. Ua X. Center St.
Foil RENT Furnished and unfur
nished houses close In. Apply to K.
K. Prowcli, 230 South First Ave.
FOR KENT In the Anderson block,
one store room, all the second floor
and basement of the building:, Situ
ated at the northwest corner of
WashiiiKton and first streets. For full
information apply to L. E. Hewins.
No. 42 East Adams street. Phoenix.
bi Ml KKNT Nirely furnished front
ro..m.. lr. South Third avenue, one
block f :om court house.
Kent KKNT Handsome furnished
rooms, lipht housekpin,; allowed.
Kath and hot vatr. -!t:4 ?;onh
First a vein: e.
KK KKNT On- room furntshd for
litrlit hoiist-keeping: no invalids.
East iuehana:i street.
FOll KKNT Iurso handsomely fur
nished front room. 1 luih and hot
water. Kou.sonable. No. 4R4 North
Fil st
Arcad-. S
liaths in
No sick p
f'irnisheu j
nth i "enter '
citnn""-t ion ;
ople tnk-li.
Furnisho.l one or tv.o
rooms for hoii:jc'r:cepim; or rooms
v. ith i.r Without l'o:irl. North
Filth sti-et.
CAPITAL Hi iTEL Newly furnished
l-o'-ins, also l'urnishevl rooms for
TITro LEi'.AND Adams street, oppo
site Hotel Adams. Rooms $2.50 to
Su.'Xi tier week. Invalids, room and
hoard. Jl to .12 per week.
LT X 'IZ n more lio:irifr :ii::-.l
I ut Li r's ram h: reim-fd i ;itcs. ln
I iuire nt J. V. Harris' srof--ry Ftoie.
j I . ?Wx l.SO.
I C L'NTI V HOAItU Persons desiring1
firpt-cl:i.cs iooijis anrl boar-i can finri
fame at Kumney's rpnch on Grand
avenur, l1 miles from city. Mail de
livered every morninp. Free trans
portation to and from city daily.
TcK photic 3.121.
WAXTKI) liy a wiil-m v it'll sniall
ehilil. a pliii e to 'lo houiu-woi k on
raiK'.l or in milling -;i m i . Adilress
Sarah IliillnKK. V. U. Mux :'.:'4.
WANTKD A imsitiiin by a
inok in hotel or family,
this ofl'i e.
Apply 1'.
VA NT i:i Hasiler; temporary posi
tion: iin ei!iv;issinur: K''-"d pay. A1-
diess Clobe, 7'-": CfK.t!U'.l i.. I'hil..-d-Mplda.
VA."Ti;i A pood indusiiious boy for
peneral woi k in a. druy: :tore. Applv
at Me "Uire'i pharniai. y . North
First a venue.
W A N T i-: ! 1 1 ea I thy ;
g-enerul housewoiK.
K'l'th avenue. Kibe
it l or Tvoman for
Call at 4".r Ntrth
ral waifs.
WANTIZI t:ir! lor Ken-ral house
worl:. Cail North First aveiv.i-..
WAXTFlh It rir, ht youns man a sieu-opraph-'r
and iyp".vriter with sture
knowledge of bookkeeping. Address
A. 'A., this offiee.
WANTED A neat. eoinp-tent Rirl for
mmd work in a private family. Mrs.
Iwitfht li. Harr.
WANTEIJ Cook in private fainiiy of
four. Ci.ll at rner North Third
avenue and Portland Plaee.
WANTED A sood family cook,
quire at 4t7 East Jefferson stre
WANTED A well trained Feeond Ktrl
f-tr private family. Addreps Mrs.
Dwivht It. Heard. Uepublican ofli- e.
WANTED White waiter at Ford
peine:-; at :
Diiviut? mare and sntldh
Ivu-uiu. E. Usen Co.
: t h a venae.
I A "
"t'K C
i:l !l
;ir-i -r.
. bP
iil 1::
nit ii r
r lor :
south of postotliee
. in. Sunn extra
1 J ;i iniiiolid, au- -
itid. i-nt I" dri in
a poly. :. pa-rr. Kub
. also harness. Se
1 lann:
tlid. ii
'it SAEE - Four dozen young laying
Ert.wn l'h ni heTs, ? !cr dozen.
Mil-Ile .f seet! tn JT. Mittth ut Eay
Palmas. P. . I Vx WJ.
F IL SALE Sound eottonwood,
size: S.!.'i per .ord delivered,
this oIli( e.
Foe s
1!; Ni
'.Li-:- Ah
and umbr
:.t-.-. lmpiire tii
-ixlh Stl'"t.
Fou SALE Six heif -rs and n male,
two years obi. John Zimmerman,
east end of Eleventh street, Krill ad
dition. F lt
1 . 'f:y.
-Strawberry plants. $i.."l
C C. Cliainlnr:-. Lu;. l
than one month must be paid ii jdvance.
FOR SALE Bargain four room brick,
corner lot. well Improved. J. A. U.
Irvine, Irvine block.
CHOICE LOT, Bennett add., for ale at
half price. Owner, 1'. O. box 1235.
lodsinj? house after February 1st.
Apply to C. T. Oorris.
FOR PALE Second-hand saddlcx. 41
North Center street, pawn shop.
Welrlok &
A new tent-bouse.
I PIANO FOR SALE at a sacrifice. Call
and see piano at R: West Adams St.
FOK SALE Twelve horse-power hori
zontal lire-box boiler: ten horse
power upright engine; also twenty
li'ht aVetylcne gas plant. Reasons
for selling gas plant: Want a larger
one. T. M. Karnhart. Kirkland, Ariz.
KKKSII egi?s. for settinff.
sprin? i tfj
ehk-ker.s and milk for pale. Golde
Wins much, McDowell road. Tele
phone 3721.
VENTl'RE HILL co(per stock for
sale. .Vi.mhi shares at i'Je net. Boa
Uu!ic;:n, 447, V.'ilcox Hldg., lA3 An
geles. REST chainless bicycle In the world at
FOK SAI-E Poultry farm fully equip
ped. This place has yielded returns
o t t Via ro f n rf fl nof ant r mnnth
on investment for the last seven jifi
months. Ylox S5C. Phoenix. Arizona. p
F(K ?A LK 1 Tot' 1 and, toed stable. I
For partk'ul.tr? address A. J. Miller, j
;hnd:le. Arizona
IjIcy clk' t7kes. "
9 S. First Ave.
PI SI. NESS i 1 1 ANi 'E-The best paying
business i:i Phoenix, re-juirinc a cap
i.al of ?v ea to Jpiciin. Owner has. in-t-
rests cise-A here that demand his
attention. In.piire E. E. 1 'ascot-. 110
i 'enter St.
L.' 1ST A feui i i hiiin purse. A liberal
reward for lvttirn. 17:IG Vi?t Mun
rn" str-t.
l. 'ST Navajo horse blanket, rei with
zir-r-zajT pattern?, somewhere between
Sixth Ave. and Ambrose corral, ("'all j
up or return to Sixth Avenue hotel. 1
PT )LEN-From Gibson's stable, Wed
nesday, a Talbot saddle. Keasonable
reward will be paid for information
or return of same.
MllS. ELIZA A. EDWARDS, experi
ence.'! card reader, tells past, present
and future: Ladies, "5c; gentleman,
6a cents. 221 Buchanan street, corner
of Third street.
rjn-f ul pal ly I'o
tl't ailile.! t asu:
F'lio.jr.ix. ;e ami hu?jtry by a
kei-p of" hnise: poml
.1. AilJii..-s No. 1117.
Twenty tons of lonK.
ehL'-iji hay. No short
ee aii'l v.-lie:v rail be
!:ox ll'.'J. City.
upholster man.
red; all !in'ls of
y at your house.
We.-1 Was Ii i
Your furniture r
mai tressvs nade
'all or ilj;re:; :
t -'ii
W A X T K I A oo.l il'ivir.a horse; mu
Ii- . I;. :!.. A, I. lies.- W. tills oiliee.
W'A N'l'lll ) To l ent n nicely furr.isle
house ,.f 4 to 7 roonis. Ail-lress O.
Witlirnw. 11 X. ("enter tft.
oiiirso lii-t eioi
FtulT. State pi
s"'-n. Aiiilvis
1 '. F.
AVANTKD To buy ttrawoerry plants, irj.rn a. M. DAILY N1AV OltLKANa
Aildress E. E. Leech, Irwindale, Loaj" exirtt.s l.r Tucson, lienson,
Angeles county, Cal I Domlnp. El Paso. Snn Antonio, Houston,
i New orp-anp. Cor!-ct!Pg at New Or-
Ci-OTIllNG or delicailes for the poor! leans fur Cincinnati ami Chieapo: also
and Fiek ran be left at the rooms of
trie woman's ennauan lempernnce
Vnion, corner of Monroe and Central
Ave. They will be carefully distrlbut
d. Tb.off in need ;Iene call.
J. W. CRENSHAW Atrrney-at-T.aw,
Phoenix. Ariz, uttice 1'leming
Oliver P. Morton. Arthur J. Edwards.
10 S. Center St. I'hoenix. Ariz.
J. Q. A. KINO, Assayer and Metallurpist,
All h nls of laboratory tests for hest
retluct ion method. tMlee and labora
tory, IS N. 2nI Av?., I'hoenix, Arizona.
J. HtSNRY WOOD, Expert Accountant.
Td. ."1731. Phoenix, Ariz. Rooks of ac
count audited and systematized; mining
and other investments !nvesticateJ ; also
nets a ineovpnrator and acent for Ari
zona eorporations. Formerly Snviiurs
1 Citnk Auditor, laifTolo, N. Y., Treasurer
iin'I M. teaser .olir (irnil Copper Co.,
(i.jl l.-ii Wave M.nlnir Co., etc.. etc.
d7I7!1' WA IO KAMSA Y, Veterinary
Siirrfin ami I'ntiat. 7rhint tntnrln
Veterinary Collt.e. itTi'-e, rerner Kirt
n .: ni t:d Mnron n rect, A nibrofi
Corral, Pbceui., Arizona, Telephone
F. O. It IC1 IMOND, M. D. C. Phoenix,
Arizona. Vetetlnary SnrRonn and lent
lst ; iiis?nses of all domestic antniala
F'ipntiucally treated. Ofhec, North
Center street. Rr science W7 West Van
Pnren Ftreet. 'Phone 1001. No chartre
for consultation. Agent for the Horse
E. E. PASCOE, Notary Public. Con
vvam-i ntr a speio 1 it y. Aekiowlettjr
inputs laifon. It t Ntt'rlta t.'HiUr tij
n;ipiv't,r' 1 lftel AibttjiS.
- t '
tlKMCJIAb bouseeUMiiliiir, lnovinjc and
parking bik'1s for sbippinjr. job work
around the house, also waiting at pri
vate suppers, etc. 606 Lincoln St., tel
ephone 1171. James H. Bowser.
ski: c. m. iip;'.ins pvitt wi'i.L dm:
fin? nnd nirp repairing, bl! buuth
t;tnib avenue.
When in Need of Cash . . .
call on . . .
Friedman, Pawnbroker
who can relieve you la distress.
He loans money on. watches,
diamonds and other valuables.
Bis Bargains In Unredeemed Pledges.
Arizona Loan Office
- Near Hotel Adams.
14-16 W. Washington
The bowline Alley la cool, the Beer la
from cold itor-ge and 1b
I The PSlaC
fj Proprietors
k Imported 2nd Domestic Wines,
Liquors and Cigars
Sj Ffcoenli Ar!oim
a taiior-made suit made by us . -.
a garment as stylish as though it v.tm
mode in Paris or New York. T: r. ;
will be perfect. The price vi!l b -moderate.
If you cannot call te:; t
for us.
The Vienna Ladies Tailoring Gg.
t mm West A.Jams Strc-r
Cordon & Smithline
Common Press and Stock
South Third Street. Telephone 1
Southern Pacific Co.
Cornrrirnetnyr January 1)1, trains
v. ill leae Mai ieoim as follows:
i'.Jr p iii:uM, uammure, fiiuaueipuia.
New York a:ii iloston.
i . r p. m. DA KY MIXED TRAIN
13V for Oila iltiid and way stattonp.
lir Tucson and v. ay stations.
nress for i.os Angeles. Fresno,
Sacramento ar.'.l San Franeiseo. t'nn
t pecttni? at Saeruniento ami San Fran
1 c:s-o for poiiits in reyrtri. Nevada and
Utah. T. II. ;0!UMAN.
Pass. Ajrt.
rived from the Pnstnn :ottservavtory f
Musi". He has statiird under the eel
brate-.l and t''-eat Eesrene Cruenberi".
tne greatest teaelior in Ameriea. if not
in the world. I'rot. Fo'ii-rain's Ftu iio
is over the IIotii- Sav:;ms l anl; on
Norm Center street. Nieht i?on building,
room No. 7. Prepared to ftive lessons on
all instruments. Specialty mandolin and
violin. Special pries t ehileren.
xs. i:
1. For
cms apply.
. M l-:nst
1 Chie:1-.i
' C.ul'jr;ti
st reet.
Private home for
tineni-nt ; best -f
letidam e. Homes
best of ea re iri veil.
Los Anu-.d. s. C: I.
lanies durincr eou-nhysii-ii!
ns in ,it
fouud I'M- rhildreii:
;J7 !'.--liv llo Ave .
'A .
111:111 t '
!.i :s
1 Mo
s K.
1 NS by
.t. j;. .
an 1 'uti
.-nt l-
a pliysit-ian, neitie r do I bi lie
in, -much b-ss, preseribe or use medi
cines. Hut my perfect system ol"
health culture, massage, ozone and
eleetrieity, if jMM sisted, in. w ill un
errhiKly lead to health' n nd'strenth.
no matter what your ailment bo. Il
has never yet failed in a single in
stance. Advice on exercises and
health eiilture gratis. Iternnrd Po,
No. r.trj North Foiirih rd - r. eorner
..f T.iN lor.
si is.-? rp.ivvRi;n ; t tfacher
v it.'-i-i-oler and nil .: iul 1 re-4- Studio 4"l
1- i. itiine i:i !i. C!- tiourv, lit to lil
:ind 2 to 4. No classes Tuesilay or Fri
day. Pictures on sale. Visitors a 1 way a
ALL kinds of printing, ruling book
and tnufjazine blndintf and lKok r
rai ins d'"" wli factor My an. I
quickly f't The KepubiKHn otttce.
. el

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