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By direction of the Rvpubl.can. Coun
ty Central Committee of liaritopa
County. Arizona, a convaution of dele
gates f the republican pariy ol Mar
icopa county la hereby called to mtt
at Phoenix. Arizona, on Tuesday, the
16th day of September, 1902, nt 20
o'clock a. m., at the Dorrls theater.
The purposes for which the conven
tion Is called are: First The selection
of thirty-four (34) delegates to repre
sent the party for Maricopa county ..t
the territorial convention called to
meet at Phoenix on September 17, 1902,
to nominate a republican candidate
for Delegate to Congress, to be voted
for at the next ensuing election In No
vember. Second The nomination ot republi
can candidates for the various county
offices, to be voted for at the next en
cuing election in November.
Third The nomination of republican
candidates for the various precinct .f
flceR, to be voted for at that election.
Fourth The selection of a republican
county central committee, 'and, gener
ally,' to transact any other business
that may properly come before the
The basis for the representation of
the several precincts at this conven
tlon is fixed at one (1) delegate . for
"each precinct hereinafter enumerated.
and in addition thereto one (1) delegate
for every fifteen (15) votes and fraction
of fifteen-votes over seven (T) cast at
the last general election for Arthur J.
Kdwards for district attorney.
On this basis the apportionment is
as follows:
To Delegates
Alhambra 4
Alma , 3
Angel X
Ague Caliente I
Broadway ., J
Buckeye , 4
Cartwright t
Cave Creek 8
Cram Mountain X
Enterprise X
Fowler X
Gila Bend , t
Olendale 4
Gold Coin X
Highland X
Isaac i X
Johnston 2
Jordan , 1
Kyrene 1
Lehl S
Liberty X
McDowell t
Madison I
Meridian 2
Mesa XO
Morristown 2
Murphy . X
New River 1
Osborne X
Orme X
Peoria 2
Phoenix. East No. I 21
Phoenix, East N. 2 16
Phoenix, "West No. X 21
Phoenix, "West No. 2 X6
Phoenix Mine 2
Red Rover X
Riverside 2
School District No. 7 X
School District No. 14 X
School District No. 31 X
Scottsdale 2
Tempe 13
Verde : 1
Wlckenburrf I
'.Total number of delegates .164
Primaries will be held In the several
precincts on Saturday, the 6th day or
SVytembf-r, 1902, between the hours of
9 a. m. and 4 p. m.. for the selection
of delegates to the convention. At
fciich primaries those who will be quai
lled to vote at the next general elec
tion and who are republicans, and are
residents of the precinct wherein they
offer to vote, and those only, shall be
remitted to ote at those primaries,
and such persons only shall be eligible
for delegates.
Election boards will be appointed
and rules for the government of the
election at such primaries will be pro
mulgated by the county central corn
mlU. It Tas orderea Dy the committee, sub
ject to the action of the convention,
that proxies should not be recognized
uitiess held by a peron who nlmself
would be eligible as a delegate for the
precinct he offers to represent by iraxy.
Nominations for the precinct officers
will be remitted to the delegates from
tbe several Justice precincts, and re
ported to the convention at large for
latiflcation and adoption.
By order of the Central Committee,
August 2. 1902.
HARRY R. TRITLE, Secretary.
Pursuant to resolutions adopted by
the executive committee ' the republi
can territorial central committee at a
railed meeting of said executive com
mittee, held at the Adams hotel. In the
-lty of Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday.
July 17. 1902, at the hour of 2:30 o'clock
i. m.. a copventlon of delegates of the
republican party of the territory of
Arizona, Is hereby called to meet In the
city of Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednes
day. September 17. 1902. at the hour of
10 o'clock a. m., for the following pur
poses: First The nomination of a delegate
to congress.
Second The selection of a republican
territorial central committee.
Third The transaction of such other
business as may properly come before
the convention.
The basis of representation will be
one delegate for each fifty votes and
for every fraction of votes over twenty
five cast for Hon. N. O. Murphy for
delegate to congress at the November
election of 1900. Upon this basis the
representation will be as follows:
County Votes. Delegates
Apache 309 6
Cochise 665 13
Coconino 502 10
Gila 388 8
Graham 630 13
Maricopa 169X 34
Mohave X3X ' 8
Navajo 270 5
Pima 699 II
Pinal 196 4
Santa Crua 229 6
Tavapal 1670 33
Yuma 284 .
Total number 154
Proxies will be recognized only when
presented by a voter who Is a resident
of the county from which the same Is
All railroads have been, asked to
make a reduced rate for this conven
tion, and If no special rate Is In force
when delegates leave for the conven
tion they Bhould take receipts for mon
ey paid, so that If possible the matter
can be arranged in Phoenix for return
A full attendance of delegates Is
earnestly desired, as well as the pres
ence of representative republicans from
every pact of the territory.'
J. C. ADAMS. Chairman.
W. C. FOSTER. Secretary.
The said charter of the Salvador
Mining and Milling Company was ap
plied for on November 14, 1900, and the
same filed In the office of the Secretary
of the Territory of Arizona, November
19. 19C0.
In accordance with Article V of said
Company, the capital stock of the same
was made $100,000, divided into 10,000
shares of Ten ($10.00) Dollars each. On
the 3rd day ot September. A. D. 1902, by
an affirmative vote of a majority of the
stockholders of said Company, the said
charter was amended, so as to read:
The capital stock of said corporation
shall be Two Hundred and fifty thou
sand ($2b0,000) Dollars, divided Into
twenty-five thousand (25,000) shares of
Ten ($10.00) Dollars each.
By said affirmative vote. It was
therefore decided to Increase the cap
ital stock of this company $150,000,
making the same $250,000, as aforesaid,
and thereby increasing the original
number of shares from 10.000 to 25,000,
but leaving all the shares of the sane
denomination, viz., $10.00 en oh.
of the Directors of the Salvador Min
ing and Milling Company, this instru
ment Is signed by the President of said
Company and sealed by the seal of said
Company, attested by the Secretary
(Corporate Seal.)
. D. A. COBB, President.
A. P. VALKER. Secretary.
State of New York,
City and County of New York, ss.
' Before me, Noah Loder, Jr., a Notary
Public In and for the County of New
York, State of New York, on this day
personally appeared the Salvador Min
ing and Milling Company, a corpora
tion, by Daniel A. Cobb, Jr., President,
and Alfred P. Walker, Secretary,
known to me to be the persons whose
names are subscribed to the foregoing
instrument, and acknowledged to me
that they executed the same by order
cf the Board .cf Directors of the Salva
dor Mining and Milling Company, and
have cauied, the seal of said Company
to be thereon affixed for the purpose
and consideration therein expressed."
Given under my hand and seal of
office, this 3rd day of September, A. D
(Notary Seal.)
Notary Public, Westchester County,
Certificate filed in New York County.
State cf New York.
' County of New York, ss.
I, Thomas L. Hamilton. Clerk of the
County of New York, and also Clerk of
the Supreme Court for the said County,
the same being a Court of Re-.-ord, Do
Hereby Certify, That Noah Loder, Jr.,
has filed In the Clerk's office of the
County of New York, a certified copy
of his appointment and qualification
as Notary Public for the County of
Westchester, with his autograph sig
nature, and was at the time of taking
the proof or acknowledgment of t).e
annexed Instrument, duly authorized to
take the same. And further that I am
well, acquainted with the handwriting
of such Notary, and believe the signa
ture to the sail certificate of proof or
acknowledgment to be genuine..
hereunto set my hand and affixed the
seal the said Court and County, the
3 day cf Sept.. 1902.
Territory of Arizona,
County of Maricopa.
I. B. F. McFall, County Recorder lr.
and for the County and Territory
aforesaid, hereby certify that I have
compared the foregoing wlth the origi
nal amendment to the Articles of ln-
ctrporation of the Salvador Mining and
Milling Company, filed and recorded in
my office on the 9th day of Sept.. in
Book No. 11 of Incorporations at Page
. and that the same Is a full, true
and correct copy of such original and
of the whole thereof.
Witness my hand and seal of ollice,
this 9th day of Sept., 1902.
(Seal.) B. F. McFALu
County Recorder.
By A. S. ARTHUR. Deputy.
Filed and recorded In the office ot tne
Secretary of the Territory of Arizona
this 9th day oC Sept.. A. D. 1902, at
2 p. m.
Secretary of Arizona.
First publication September 12. 1902.
PRESENTS: That we, tho under
signed, Frederick M. C. Choate, Fran
cis R. Foraker and Adam K. Luke,
have this day associated ourselves to
gether for the purpose of forming a
corporation, under the laws of the Ter
ritory of Arizona, and we do hereby
T. That the name cf the corporation
shall be "The American Perfection En
gine Company," and Its principal place
of transac ting business shall be Phoe
nix, Maricopa County, Arizona.
II. That the general nature of the
business proposed to be transacted 1
as follows.
To carry on the business of a manu
ines and systems of
steam engineering.
To apply fcr. take out. purchase, ac
;uire or otherwise obtain, and to hold,
mi. cell Ia;e. morteafre. inedge, . or
otherwire dispose of. letters patent or
similar privileges of the United States
or of any other country whatsoever,
whether now cr hereafter issued, and
alFo all extensions thereof.
To acquire by purc hase, lease, license.
fir in anv manner whatsoever, and to
hold, use, deal in, sell, lease, mortgage,
pledge or otherwise dispose of Inven
tions, secret processes, trade-marks,
trade-rights and other rights ar.d fran
chises of every kind and nature for use
in the business of the company of oth
To acquire by purchase, lease or oth
erwise, and to hold,, use, deal in, sell,
mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of
in the business of the company, or oth
erwise, any lands and any rights and
estates therein, buildings, mills, plant,
machinery a:d property, real and per
sonal, of every description, including
all kinds of merchandise and goods
and to erect and maintain or recoa
struct and adapt buildings, mills, plant
and machinery and other things found
necessary or convenient for the pur
poses of the company
To develop", use, promote and deal In
the property patents, patent rights,
inventions, secret processes, trade
marks, trade rights und ether rights
anl franchises of the company, and to
grant licenses to use the same to any
person or persons, company or compa
nies whatsoever: and to manufacture,
buy, sell, hire, lease, let and deal In
engines and systems of steam engineer
ing and all machinery for. the use of
power of all kinds, and to obtain, ac
cept and use all permits and franchise,
municipal or otherwise.
To acquire by purchase, pledge or in
any way whatsoever, and to hold, reg
ister, use and own, and to sell, lease,
pledge or otherwise dispose of, shares
of stock, debentures, bonds and ether
secuiities of every kind of and in any
other corporation or corporations of
any nature whatsoever, public or pri
vate, domestic or foreign, whether ex
isting under the laws cf the United
States, or of ar.y state or territory
therein, or any foreign state or coun
try whatsoever.
To acquire and undertake the good
will, property, rights and assets, and
the liabilities of any person, firm, as
sociation or corporation, and to pay
for the same in cash, stock or bonds
of the corporation or otherwise.
To enter Into, make, pevform and
carry out contracts cf every kind and
for any lawful purpose with any per
son, firm, association or corporation.
To borrow or raise money to the
amount of Six million and six hundred
thousand dollars ($6,000,000.00) by the
Issue of or upon warrants, bonds, de
bentures, and other negotiable or
transferable Instruments or otherwise.
To purchase, hold and re-Issue the
shares of Its capital stock.
To conduct business in any cf tho
states, territories, colonies or depend
encies ot tho United States, in the Dis
trict of Columbia, and In any and all
foreign countries, to have one or more
offices therein, and therein to hold, pur
chase, mortgage and convey real and
personal property without limit as to
amount, but always subject -to local
To do ar.y or all of the things herein
set forth to the same extent as natural
persons might or could do, and In any
part of the world.
The foregoing clauses shall be con
strued both as objects and powers; and
it Is hereby expressly provided that the
foregoing enumeration of specific pow
ers shall not be held to limit or re
strict in any manner the powers of the
In general, to carry on any other
business In connection with the fore
going, whether manufacturing err
otherwise, and to have and to exercise
all the powers conferred by the laws of
Arizona upon corporations.
III. That the amount of capital
stock authorized is Ten Million Dollars
($10,000,000.60) and the number of shares
into which it Is divded is One hundred
thousand, of the par value of One Hun
dred Dollars ($100.00) each.
IV. That the said corporation shall
endure for a period of twenty-five
V. The affairs of said corporation
shall be conducted by a board of di
rectors and such other officers as shall
be provided for by the by-laws of tho
company to be adopted by the incorpo
rators thereof. The directors of the
company shall be regularly elected by
the stockholders in the manner an I
subject to the regulations to be po
vided for In the by-laws, but the In
corporators shall, at their first meet
ing, elect the directors who are to hold
office until the first annual election by
the stockholders. The board of di
rectors shall have power to fill vacan
cies In its number for the remainder
of the unexpired term, in such manner
a3 may be prescribed in the by-laws.
VI. That the highest amount of in
debtedness or liability to which the
corporation is at any time to subject
itself is six million and six hundred
thousand dollars ($0,600,000.00)
VII. ..That the private- property of
each officer and stockholder of said
orporotion shall be exempt from all
corporate debts and there shall be no
individual liability whatever on tho
part of either directors or stockholdsr
of the said corporation.
VIII. Th'- capital stock of the said
corporation may be issued by the di
rectors either for cash or for property
ights, patents, or franchises of a val
uable equivalent, in the judgment of
such directors, of the stock so issued
and such stock when so issued shall
be deemed to be In all respects and for
all purposes full paid and non-assessable.
hereunto set our hands and seals this
thirty-first day of July. A. D. 1902.
Sienod and sealed In presence of
Harry N. WeHel.
State of New Yoik.
County oi" New York. ss.
Before me. Harry N. Wessel, a No
tary Public I.i and for the County of
New York, on ths day personally ap
neared Frederick M. C Choate. Fran
cis R. Fcraker and Adam K. Luke,
known to me to be the persons whose
names are subscribed ta the foregoing
instrument, and they each severally
acknowledged to me . that they exe
cuted the same for the purpose and
consideration therein expressed.
Given under my hand and seal of
ffire this 31st day of July. A. D. 1902.
Notary Public (139) New York
My commission expires the 30th day
of March. A. D. 1904.
State of New York.
County of New York. ss.
I. Thmas L. Hamilton, Clerk of the
County cf New Yoik. and also Clerk of
the Supreme Court for th? said Conntv,
tho ramo bcinar p Court of Record. Do
Hereby Certify That Harrv N. We
el. wIiofc name Is inibscribed to the
certificate of the pTof or acknowledg
ment of the annexed Instrument, and
thereon written, was, at the time of
taking such proof or acknowledgment,
a Notary Public in and for the County
of New York, dwelling in the said
County, commissioned and sworn and
duly authorized to take the same. Ana
further, that I am well acquainted
with the handwriting of such Notary
and verily believe that the signature
to the said certificate of proof or ac
knowledgment is genuine.
hereunto set my hand and affixed the
seal of the said Court and County the
1 day of August, 1902.
Territory of Arizona,
County of Maricopa, ss.
I. B. F. McFall, County Recorder In
and for the County and Territory
aforesaid, hereby certify that I have
compared the foregoing copy with the
original Articles of Incorporation of
the American Perfection Engine Com
pany filed and recorded in my office on
the Sth day of August, 1902, in Book
No. 11 of Incorporations at Page ,
and that the same Is a full, true and
coi re-ct copy of such original and of the
whole thereof.
Witness my hand and seal of office
this Sth day of August, 1902.
(Seal.) - B. F. Mo FALL.
County Recorder.
By A. S. ARTHUR, Deputy.
Filed and recorded in the office of th
Secretary cf the Territory of Arizona
this 8 day of August. A. D. 1902, a
2:00 p. m.
Secretary of Arizona.
First publication September 12, 1902.
Survey No. 1614.
U. S. Land Office, Tucson. Arizona,
July 11, 1902.
Notice Is hereby given that the Re
lief Gold Mining Company, by George
Hamlin, its attorney-in-fact, whose
postoffice address is Phoenix, Arizona,
has made application fcr patent for
1500 linear feet each on the Relief, Ve
nus and Relief No. 2 lode mining
claims, with surface ground COO feet In
width, being Mineral Survey No. 1614,
bearing gold,' silver, copper and other
precious metals, situate in unknown
Mining District, Maricopa County, Art
zona, and described by the plat and
field notes on file in this office as fol
Beginning at cor. No. 1, Identical
with the S. W. cor. of the location, a
porphyry stone 6x10x24 Ins. set 12 ins
in the ground chiseled -1-V.-1614 with
mound of stones alongside, whence cor
to sees. 3-4-9-10. T. 4 N. R. 1 E.. G. &
S. R. B. & M, Bra. N. 78 deg. 29 mln. W,
X28 ft.
Thence N. 3 deg. C5 mln. W.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
25.6 ft. Intersect N. line of sec. 10,
T. 4 N. R. 1 E. Sec. cor. brs. west 123.6
ft. and east 51C0.3 ft. Impossible to
find 14 sec. cor.;
300 ft. To W. E. C;
600 ft. To cor. No. 2. Identical with
the cor. of the loc, a granite stone
5xSx24 Ins., set 12 Ins. in the ground
chiseled 2-V-1614 with mound of stones
- Thence N. 86 deg. 05 mln. E.
Var. 14 deg. E.)
1500 ft. To cor. No. 3. Identical with
the cor. of the loc. and with cor. No. 2
Relief lode of this survey, a granite
stone 6x3x24 ins. set 12 Ins. In the
ground, chiseled 3-V-2-R.-1614 with
mound of stones alongside.
Thence S. 3 deg. 55 mln. E.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
300 ft. Mon. E. E. C:
COO ft. To cor. No. 4, Identical with
the cor. of the loc. and with cor. No. 1
of Relief Lode of this survey, a por
phyry stone 6x6x24 ins. set 12 Ins. In the
ground chiseled 4-V.-1-R.-1614 with md
of stones alongside.
Thence S. 6 u'eg. 05 mln. W.
(Var. 14 dig. E.)
1126.1 ft. Intersect the north line of
sec. 10 l . t is., it. l ju. u cc ss. it., is.
& M.
Sec. ror. Lrs. west 49C.6 ft. and east
87.3 ft.; 1500 ft. To cor. No. X the
place of btginnnlng.
Beginning st cor. n i. identical
with the S. W. cor. of the loc. and with
cor. No. 4 of Venus lode of this survey,
hereinbefore described, whence
Cor. to sees. 3-4-9-10. T. 4 N. R. 1 E
G. & S. R. B. & M., brs. S. 87 deg. 17
min. W. 1623 .7 ft
Thence N. S deg. 55 mln. W.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
300 ft. Mon. W. E. C;
600 ft. To cor. No. 2. identical with
the cor. of the loc. and with cor. No. 3
Venus lode of this survey hereinbefore
Thence S. 83 deg. 21 mln. E.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
1500 ft. To cor. No. 3, Identical with
the cor. of the loc. and with cor. No. 2
of Relief Mine No. 2, lode of this sur
vey, a granite stone 6x8x24 ins. set 12
1ns. In the groupd, chiseled 3 R.-2 R
No. 2-1614 with md. of stones alongside.
Thence S. 3 deg. 55 mln. E.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
300 ft. Mon. E. E. C:
502.9 ft. Intersect the north line of
sec. 10. T. 4 N. K. 1 E. U. Sc S. K. li
& M.
Sec. cor. brs. west 3101 ft. and east
2182.9 ft,;
COO ft. To corner No. 4, Identical
with the cor. of the loc. and with cor
No. 1 of Relief Mine No. 2 lode of this
survey, a granite stone sxiuxz ins. set
12 Ins. in the ground chiseled 4-R.-1 R
No. 2-1C14 with md. of stones along
Thence N. 83 deg. 21 mln. W.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
835.8 ft. intersect the N. line of sec,
10, T. 4 N. R. 1 E. G. & S. R. B. & M
Sec. cor. brs. west 2279.6 ft. and east
3004.3 ft.:
1.'.00 ft. To cor. No. 1 the place of be
Beginning nt cor. N". I, Identical
with the S. W. or. of the loc. and with
cor. No. 4 of Relief lole of this sur,
hereinbefore described. Whence
Cor. to sees. 3-4-9-icr T. 4 N. R. 1 E
G. & P. R. B. & M. brs. N. 88 deg. 13
min.'W. 3113.1 ft.
Thence is. 3 deg. 55 mln. W.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
97.1 ft. Intersect the north line n
sec. 10 T. 4 N. R. 1 E. G. & S. R. R
& m:
Sec. cor. 1i i. west 3101 and east
2182.9 ft.;
3H) ft. Mon. W. E. C;
600 ft. To cor. No. 2. Identical with
the cor. of loc. and with cor No. 3 Re
lief lode of this survey hereinbefore tie
Thence S. 83 dear. 21 mln. E.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
1500 ft. To cor. No. 3. Identical with
All advertisements running for less time
FOR RENT Large nicely furnished
front room; electric lights; one block
and a half from court house. 246
West Madison street.
FRONT ROOM to rent, with board;
suitable for two. '615 North Fifth st.
FOR RENT Furnished housekeeping
rooms and bedrooms; reasonable;
nice home. 332 North Fifth street.
THE DORRIS Furnished rooms; cool
sleeping rooms; rooms for housekeep
ing. 32 South Second avenue
FOU RENT Grain land and water un
der the Tempe canal. Address H. L.
Chandler, Mesa.
FOR RENT Furnished cottage or
housekeeping rooms. 1701 West Men
roe street.
We have the largest line of
In the city for rent. Renting our spe
cialty. Get your winter quarters before
the rush. If you have anything for
sale or for rent, call and list them, or
drop us a postal and our solicitor will
Real Estate and Investments
No. 11 North First Ave.
FOR RENT By the year, a ten-room
brick residence in Brill's addition; 2
blocks from car line; healthful loca
tion, good water, large grounds. Ad
dress H. L., care Republican, or call
at this office for further particulars.
FOR RENT Furnished and unfur
nished houses; all sizes, kinds and
prices; also, houses, lots and ranches
for sale. W. K. James, room 5, Nich
olson building.
FOR RENT Furnished houses.
428 S.
Center street.
'OMPETENT person to do general
housework. Fourth avenue and Mon
roe street.
WANTED 23 men at once to work in
sawmill and woods. Inquire at De
Mund Lumber Co.
WANTED A girl to wait on table in
restaurant. Call at English Kitchen.
WANTED Married man of good hab
its for steady job about private prem
ises In Prescott; must understand
care of horses. Address, stating
wages expected, P. O. box 549, Pres
cott, Ariz.
WANTED Chambermaid at Hotel Ad
Lnma hotel, Tempe.
WANTED Men; machine drillers, $3:
chuck tenders, $2.50; corner men.
$2.50; hand drillers, $2.25; muckers, $2;
Chatsworth park tunnel; teamsters
and graders for C. P. grade work in
Nevada. J. R. Paine, Eclipse Deliv
ery, Phoenix.
AN experienced marker wanted at the
National Laundry.
WANTED LJy a German woman, a
place to do housework In town or
country. Inquire Monroe house, cor
ner Second and Monroe streets.
MAN AND WIFE would like position
as clerk end housekeeper In hotel;
Arizona or southern California; ex
perienced. Address Clerk, Republi
can office.
AUCTION Saturday, 2 p. m., at sales
rooms, 33 South First avenue: iron
beds; dressers; commodes; chairs:
rockers; an elegant set of dishes and
many other artieles. Hammond, auc
tioneer. FOR SALE A good stock of general
merchandise and a good ; patronage
In neighboring town. Address Double
S., care Republican.
the cor. of the io-, a granite stone
6x10x24 Ins. set 12 Ins. In the ground
chiseled 3 R. No. 2-1614 with mound of
stones alongside.
Thence S. 3 deg. 55 mln. E.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
300 ft. Mon. E. E. C:
328.9 ft. Intersect the north line of
sec. 10, T. 4 N. R. 1 E. G. & S. 11. U.
& M.
Sec. cor. brs. west 4571.3 ft. and east
712.6 ft.-
600 ft. To cor. No. 4, identical with
the cor. of the loc, a granite stone
6x12x28 Ins. set 15 1ns. in the ground,
chiseled 4 R. No. 2-1G14 with mound of
stones alongside.
Thence N. 83 deg. 21 mln. W.
(Var. 14 deg. E.)
1500 ft. To cor. No. 1 the place of
This claim Is located part In sec. 3
and part in sec. 10 T. 4 N. R. 1 E. G.
& S. R. B. & M. Maricopa County,
This claim Is bounded by U. S. land,
there are no known adjoining claims.
Total and net area Venus Lode 20.661
Total and net area Relief Lode 20.635
acres. v
' Total and net area Relief Mine No. 2
20.635 acres.
The original notice of location of the
Relief lode is recorded in Book 5,
Mines, page 238: the original notice of
location of the Venus lode 13 recorded
In Book 5 of Records of Mining Claims
on page 2G4: the original notice of lo
cation of the Relief No. 2 Mine is re
cord In Book 7 of Records of Mining
Claims nt page 195; records of Mari
copa County, Arizona Territory.
The presumed general course of the
mineral benring ledge on the Venus is
S. SC deg. 05 min. W. fro:r E. end cen-
than one month must be paid lo advance.
BARGAINS Second hand saddles.
Pawnshop, 41 North Center street.
FOR SALE 20 acres In alfalfa, 3 miles
from Phoenix, on Grand canal; bor
dered on two sides with large cotton
woods; $1,000 cash if taken at once.
Box 143, Fernando, Cal.
FOR SALE 10 milk cows and com
plete dairy outfit for butter making.
Call at Dowell Ranch, three miles
east, one south.
.FOR SALE Sharpies pony treadpower;
used only six months; in good condi- !
tion. Elliot Evans, box 9S5. ' j
FOR SALE CHEAP Well-paying ho- I
tel property in Prescott, 22 rooms; all i
well furnished; part cash; balance on
time. Address C. B., Postoffice box
556, Prescott. Ariz.
TO EXCHANGE Young dairy stock
for water right in Grand canal. Ad
dress P. O. box 7S6.
enced card reader, telle past, present
and future; Ladle. 2Sc; gntlemD,
60 cents. 231 Buchanaa street, eorner
of Third street.
WANTED Maricopa stock or water
rights, in exchange for same In Salt;
will make it an object to trade. E. J.
CARPET cleaning done on short notice.
T. R. Teal, phone 3331, second door
east of postoffice.
CLOTHING or delicacies for the poor
and sick can be left at the rooms of
the Woman's Christian Temperance
Union, coraer of Monroe and Central
Ave. They will be carefully distribut
ed. Those In need please call.
washing by the day. Phoenix Clean
ing Co., 328 E. Washington street.
Get your GUNS and BICYCLES re
paired by thevPhoenlx Cycle and Re-
pair company, successors to the Bente !
Bicycle Co. Our prices are right and
competent men do the work. Phone 2524.
Oliver P. Morton. ArtViu J. Edwards.
19 S. Center St. Phoenix. Arts.
Surgeon and Dentist. Graduate Ontario
Veterinary College. -Office, corner First
avenue and Monroe street, Ambrose
Corral, Phoenix, Arizona. Telephone
and Feed. Telephone 2951. 429 West
Washington Street, Phoenix, Ariz.
E. E. PASCOE, Notary Publics. Con
veyancing a specialty. Acknowledge
ments taken. 110 North Center street,
opposite Hotel Adams.
Expert Chi ropodlst. ?3l. Main 2966.
Basement, Cor. Wash, and Center St.
Private home for ladies during con
finement; best of physicians in at
tendance. Homes found for children;
best of care give.. 727 Bellevue ave
nue, Los Angeles, California-
MRS. LA MOSS, trance and clairvoy
ant, medium, locates mines and hid
den treasures; business of all nature
revealed. Parlors at 22 South 3rd Ave.
WELL DIGGING and pesspool work i
done by an experienced man. Leave
orders at the Building and Loan As
sociation, 42 North Center St.
Fanny Peck, Teacher of Musical Kin- j
dergarten and Pianoforte Playing;
Pupil of Carl Stasny of The New
England Conservatory of Music, also
graduate of Theory of Music under
Lewis C. Elson of Boston. Address
136 N. Sixth Street.
Proposals for corn, oats or rolled bar
ley and hay U. S. Indian school ser
vice, Keam's canyon, Arizona, Septem
ber 10, 1902. Sealed proposals, indo'rsed
"Proposals for corn or oats! etc.," and
addressed to the undersigned, will b
received at this school until 2 o'clock p.
m. of October 1. 1902, for furnishing
and delivering at the school Immediate
ly, 15,000 pcunds of corn, oats or rolled
barley and 40 tons of hay. Corn must
be sound and clean, and must weigh
ter; on the Relief, S. S3 deg. 21 min. E.
from W. end center; on the Relief No.
2, S. S3 deg. 21 mln. E. from W. end
The discovery shaft on the Venus
bears N. 56 deg. W. 12 ft. from E. end
center: on the Relief. S. 83 deg. 21 mln.
E. 25 ft. from W. end center: on the
Reliei No. J . S. 83 deg. 21 mln. E. 83 ft.
from W. end center.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely any portion of said Venus, Re
lief, and Relief No. 2 mine or surface
ground are required to file their ad
verse claims with the Register of the
United States Land Office at Tucson,
In Territory cf Arizona, during the
sixty das's period of publication hereof,
or they will be barred by virtue of the
provisions of the ntutp.
First publication July 14, 1902.
On sale dally at the Southern
Pacific office until September 3i.
Chicago and return at rate .f
$.S-$.NO, with final limit Octo
ber 21. Tickets are good via the
famous Rock Island Cut Off. r
via New Orleans and Illinois
Central. Through cars. Pullman
and Tourists, without change at
Excursion to Kansas Gty and St
Louis. Tickets are also cn salt- .Lilly
to Kansas City and return at
the low rate of J77.:JO ar.d
to St. Louis and return at rat?
of SS.:U unt!l September 30.
Final limit of tickets Oi tutor "I.
No change of cars necessary at
Maric-opa. and these tik-ts en
title passengers to all first c-la'-'S
privileges. Make your reserva
tion early.
Excursion to Colorado Sprinqs
National Irrigation Congress.
Tickets will be sold O. tober
1st to 7th Inclusive for SMfi.UO,
Colorado Springs ami return.
By depositing tickets with jl:;t
agent and paying 50 cents fee.
final limit of tickets will be Oc
tober 31. Don't leave town at
an unearthly hour, but take
the Phoenix Short Line at G:;0
p. m. No change at Maricopa,
and 21 miles the shortest line.
Phoenix to Colorado Spring"
via Southern Pacific.
BRATION. On Sept. 14th tick
ets will be on sale at Phoenix
and Mesa to Tucson and return
at rate of $7.80 and from Tempe
at $7.50, good returning Sept.
19th. Extensive preparations
have been made for a grand
Lcs Angeles, San Diego. Santa
Barabra, San Pedro. Ventura,
Long Beach and Newport Beach
for $25.!.. Through tickets
to Avalon, Catallna Island and
return for IfS.O. On sale
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days of each week. All tickets
good for stop-over at points
west of Colton, and limited to
November 30, 1902. Only one
night Phoenix to the coast. No
time lost to the busy man. N'
tedious waits, nor dangerous
hills, and 200 miles the shortest
route. Time is either money or
pleasure to you. Save It by
taking the SOUTHERN PA
Tickets will be on sale Sep
tember 30. Ortober 1 and 2 at
Phoenix, cccc jnt National G. A.
R. Er.camj nu nt. to Washington
and return at rate of SfTO.lir;.
By depositing ticket with the
joint agent In Washington, final
limit will le November 2. 1902.
Stop-ever will be allowed In
trunk line territory only. No
change of trains, via Siuthern
Pacific. Phoenix to Washington.
Handsome tourist cars run
through with excursion conduc
tor in charge.
San Francisco and return for
!5 4 ." . 4 ." . Every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday, with
final limit November 30th. No
oil on this track. We give you
the good ocean breezes instead.
Stop-overs allowed at any point
west of Colton.
. southern purine
For tiiurn points Through
V'uiirnan and Tourist to all prin
cipal cities, via choice routes.
72 Hoars to Chicago.
' 60 Hours to Kansas City.
Correspondingly good time to
all points. ' For that tired fet-1-lng
take the SUNSET ROUTE.
Pullman space reserved and In
formation concerning rates,
routes, etc., cheerfully given on
application to local agents, or
22 Center St Phoenix, A. T.
not less than 52 pounds to the bushel.
Oats must be bright and tian and
must weigh not less than 32 pounds t;
the bushel. Rolled barley must le of
good merchantable Quality and fre
from all deleterious substances; all to
be delivered in good sacks. Sampk-s of
not less than ten pounds of corn, oats
or rolled batley must be furnished. Hay
must be of gocd quality free from mold
and weeds. The right is reserved t
rejec t any or all bids, or any part of
any bid, if deemed for the best itUcresi
cf the service. Each bid must be ac
companied by a certified c heck or draft a
upon some United States depositary
c r solvent national hank, made iayab'e
to the order of the commissioner of
Indian affairs, for at hast 5 nr rent
of the amount of the prop sal. whi h
check or draft will be forfeited to lh -United
States in case any bidder oi
bidders receiving an award sh:ill fai!
to properly execute a contract with
good and sufficient sureties; otherwise
to be returned to the bidder. Bids ac
companied by cash in lii-u of a certified
check will not ba considered. For fur
ther information apply to Charles E.
Burton, superintendent Motjui school.
Keam's Canyon,. Arizona.
All kinds or printing, ruling, boob
and magazine binding and book repair
ing done satisfactorily and quickly at
The Republican offlca.

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