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GEO. W. VICKERS. Pres. and Gen. Mgr.
Exclusive Morning Associated press
The onlv Perfecting- Preiw In Arizona,
The only battery of Linotypes In Ari
zona. Publication office: 8B-38 Eajt Adaml
street. Telephone No. 47.
Entered at the postofflee at Phoenix
Arizona, as mall matter of the second
By mail, daily, one year
Weekly, one year
Cash in advance.
. 2.00
Daily, per montn
.$ .75
Arizona visitors to the coast will find
The Daily Republican on sale at the
following places in Los Angeles: Hol
lenbeck hotel news stand, and B. F.
Gardner. 305 South Sprlnir Street.
A Clear Road For Apostle Smoot.
The clamor which has been raised all
over the country against the election
eif Apostle Reed Smoot of the Mormon
church to the United States senate
from Utah, is r.ot likely to have any
practical result. The apostle's election
appears to be as certain as anything
can be. The Salt Lake Herald, which
opposes Mr. Smoot, says:
"A good working majority of the in
coming legislature is pledged to Apostle
Smoot for United States senator. The
men composing that majority were
Smoot men before they were elected,
their constituents voted them into of
fice with the distinct understanding
that they would support the apostle,
and they will not be true to their
pledges, actual and implied, unless they
do vote for Apostle Smoot.
"The ministerial alliance may pass
resolutions every day from now until
the legislature gathers in biennial ses
sion; it may make each resolution hot
ter than the preceding one and all "Rot
ter than the exceedingly sultry ebulli
tion published in the Herald yester
day, but we do not believe the predes
tined and fore-ordained result will be
affected thereby."
It is not claimed, we believe, that the
apostle is now a polygamist; the con
tention being, merely, that he approves
it as one of the tenets of his religion.
This being the case, efforts to unseat
him in the senate will be just as fruit
less as the efforts now making to pre
vent his selection by the Utah legisla
ture. The probable attitude of the
senate is thus outlined by the Wash
ington correspondent of the Chicago
"If the clergymen of Utah prevent
Mormon Apostle Smoot from taking
seat in the United States senate it
must be done in the legislature of that
state, because if he is fairly elected
his certificate will be recognized, no
matter whether he is a Mormon or a
Hindu or a Mohammedan. The United
States senate does not go behind the
returns, except to ascertain whether
men who apply for u seat in that body
are lawfully elected. Their morals, re
ligion and other personal traits and
reputations are never questioned. It
a red Indian or a Chinaman should
come to the door with a certificate of
election he would be admitted. Noth
ing a man has done before his election
is ever considered as a disqualifica
tion, and if the evangelical churches
think they can keep Apostle Smoot out
of the body as they drove Elder Rob
erts out of the house of representatives
they are very much mistaken. " How
ever commendable the action of the
house in the Roberts case may have
been, it was entirely illegal, and IK) "pe
ccnt of the men who voted to turn him
out realized that they were doing
wrong. It was a recognition of the
moral sentiment of the country, which
one of the most vigorous opponents of
Roberts declared was higher than the
constitution of the United States. But
the senate is .not affected by clamor,
and if Smoot is fairly elected all peti
tions for his expulsion will be sent to
the storeroom unnoticed.
"Not long ago a seat in the senate
was occupied by the defaulting teller
of a Washington bank, who was born
and brought up in this city, and whose
family lived here. The people he had
robbed protested against his admission,
hut the committee of privileges and
elections reported that his election was
regular, and his certificate was in
proper form, and that was the end
of it."
Cranks, and Their Cures.
Besides the various forms of faith
cure mankind is periodically offered the
benefit of a new discovery which wilt
banish disease from the world. Often
it is a new form of water treatment, of
which we have had a striking example
in the case of Father Kneipp's meth
ods. Some times it is a blue-glass
cure. ' At this moment there are
two modes of cure which are struggling
for the favor of the victims of real or
imaginary maladies. The starvation
cure was exploited by a Doctor Tanner
many years ago, but It requires a de
gree of self-denial which few are abie
to practice, and it was suffered to pas.-s
out at general interest. This is re
garded as a good time to work it, th
cost of living having increased some
what in the past year or so. The
rival doctrine is hardly less timely. It
is the cold cure, and ranges from
Iosure to low temperatures to the tak
ing of frozen foods into the system.
One mode of treatment is to project
a blast of cold air into th3 stomach.
There is an interesting lesson in the
fact that there is not one of these fan
ciful cures but has its proud record of
many Invalids raised from their Pick
beds. It is useless to deny that pa
tients who had ceased to derive much
benefit from the prescriptions of the
physicians have recovered an enviable
measure of health by following the
methods urged by healers. Of coune
faith has had something to do with
most of the cures, the effect of the
mind on the body being more positive
than people formerly suspected. But
it is evident in many cases that there
had been just as much faith in' th
skill of the doctors the, utmost conli
dence that the drugs would promptly
evict the causes of the complaints yet
without result.
The rational inference is that as to a
great variety of pathological conditions
Nature itself will effect a cure provided
there be cheerful confidence and no in
terference witti its processes. When
the victim of a very real malady
places himself under the direction of a
starvation or freezing or water or faith
healer he ceases to deluge his stomacn
with potent drugs, ceases to play upo:;
his nervous system with over-stimulating
or numbing substances, but
amuses himself with theories which di
not interrupt the efforts of the organs
to rid the body of disturbing causes.
This is so widely recognized by physi
cians that most of them would refrain
largely from giving medicines if it
were not that the patient demands
thorn as a return for his money. When
disease does not actually threaten lif:
or produce great pain or discomfort
the patient will have a very good
chance of getting well in the quickest
possible time by living rightly and
keeping all drugs out of his body. It
is a matter of no importance, apart
from the mental occupation, whether
he believe in one or all or none of tho
various cure.
Friends at Kansas City.
It is pleasing to note that the busi
ness men of Kansas City appreciate the
importance of admitting Arizona. Okla
homa and JS'ew Mexico into the Union.
A few days ago the following resorj
tions were adopted by the Commercial
Club of Kansas City:
"The southwestern territories now
seeking admission to the United States
ore neighbors of Kansas City. They
are also bound to us by ties of his
toric association. While the territory
now comprising New Mexico and Ari
zona was still a part of Mexico the
commercial highway between that
region and the United States was the
old Santa Fe trail uniting Santa Fe
with the Missouri river in Jackson
"When General Kearney captured
New Mexico and made it a part of 'the
United States, one of his strongest
regiments was the one composed of
the men of western Missouri, under
the command of Colonel Doniphan.
During all the years of discussion and
agitation regarding the opening for
settlement of the Inaian Territory,
Kansas City was always the earnest
and efficient friend of the progressive
movement. Oklahoma is today a
splendid monument to the success of
those efforts.
"It is, therefore, fitting that Kansas
City and this club at this time should
show its interest in and approval of
the aspirations of its neighbor and old
time friends; therefore, be it
"Resolved, That the Commercial Club
of Kansas City is in favor of the ad
mission to statehood of Oklahoma,
New Mexico, Arizona and Indian Ter
ritory as early as practicable. We
believe that the rapid growth in popu
lation, the increase in wealth, and
commercial importance, and the energy
and patriotism of the people of those
territories will make their admission
as states beneficial to the country at
large, as well as the territories them
selves. We believe that the time has
come when congress should speedlly
provide that all the territories upon
the continent, except the District of
Columbia and Alaska should be or
ganized as states, and thus be given
equal rights and equal opportunities.
"Resolved, further. That the secretary
be requested to send a copy of those
resolutions to the United States sena
tors and members of the house of rep
resentatives from Missouri and Kan
sas." At a picture sale in New York on
Wednesday of last week Vercstchagin's
picture of Theodore Roosevelt, upon
which the great Russian has been at
work for nearly a year, was sold ror
$18,000. The dispatcher represent it as
"a picture of San Juan hill," showing
Colonel Roosevelt charging at the head
of his men. The comment on the saie
of this painting is likely to revive a
technical controversy which should be
rcttled, for the sake of accuracy In his
tory. Some writers persistently claim
that the Rough Riders were not on San
Juan hill proper, and others contend as
vehemently that they were. However,
to the great majority of American peo
ple it is doubtless of little consequence
what the name of the hill was on
which Roosevelt's brave followers
showed their mettle.
Governor Durbin of Indiana did his
plain duty in vacating the office of the
! sheriff of Sullivan county for allowing
a mob to take and lynch a prisontr in
his charge. If sheriffs in charge of
piisoners in danger of being lynched
would do their full duty mobs would
toon learn not to molest them. It is a
sheriff's duty to protect his prisoner
at all hazards, no matter how great.
And when he makes up hi;; inind to do
it he very rarely experiences any fur
ther trouble-
Here Is another example of the kind
of unconscious wit with which Ignor
ance sometimes surprises the scholarly.
A German peasant having come"to a
university professor with a story of
having seen a ghost, the learned doctor
said: "Well, what did. the ghost say
to you?" "How should I know, Herr
Professor?" replied the peasant; "I
don't understand any of the deid lan
guages." "I see double," said an Atchison man
who had been drinking, to his wife to
day. "Well, if you see two of me," she
retorted, "find your fault with the other
A Test of Food Pnservatives.
'"he German government hsving ob
lected to Importations of American
meats oti the ground that borax and
other chemicals are used to preserve
them. Professor Wiley, chief of the bu
reau of chemistry of the agriculture
department, will begin on Monday a
relies of tests to determine whether
.'cod so treated has a deleterious effect
:n the human system. Twelve young
men i;-the department have volun
teered to subsist for a given time on
the meat which the German govern
ment condemns. They are good speci
.nens, and their appetites are vigorous.
These martyrs to science will be divid
ed into the "pure food" group, and
what may be termed the borax group.
After two weeks of dieting the groups
will exchange the bill of fare, which
s to consist of vegetables as well as
meats. Before c-uh meal the young
men are to be weighed, and their physi
cal condition will be noted from timo
o ti:r.e. "The yours men who will sub
mit to the experiment." says Professor
Wiley, "have taken oaths to abstain
'rem all focd not prepared by us. and I
have confidence in them. Of course. It
would not do to give their names. They
ire clerks working for f-innll salaries,
mi the iter-" of free board will be a bis
one to them." i
At :ts last sessio:; congress made an
ippreprlation for the purpose of hav
!ng the effect of chemically treated
food on th? consumer determined;
her.ee the interesting experiment of
Professor Wiley, who has not superior
in this country in his knowledge of the
;-hemlcal properties of foods. Borax,
salicylic acid, formaldehyde, benzoic
acid, benzoate of foda and sulphurous
icid are employed to preserve meats
and vegetables. The names are dis
quieting to the man who likes plain
'are, and to th? epicure they are terri
fying. But that preservatives are use 1
"n much of the meat, fish and otlvr
edibles consumed here as well as
'bioad there Is no reason to doubt.
That being so, we are entitled to know
vhcther any of the chemicals em
ployed are harmful, ro that they may
le prohibited absolutely. Professor
Wiley must know what he Is about, or
he would not put his jury of twelve
on the experimental diet. There is
piobably no danger that the professor
will render himself liable to indictment
"or manslaughter. His report will be
waited with intense interest. As to
the Germans, they don't want our
meat that is, the producers if if can
be kept out by any device or technicali
ty. New York Evening Sun.
The Short Session
Befoie th;? coining short session of
:-ongrcF3 in ever the people oT the Unit
id States are going to have new proofs
if-the desirability of changing the date
f the terminations of congresses and
the inaugurations of president'. March
I is a bid time f'i- inauguration cere
vjenir, but it is a worrc time for pat
ting an end to the term of a house of
representatives. (Vn.-rress doer lir.t
meet until December. It taki-s about
two -cc!'.? off for the holiday.-. That
'caver before the day c.f adjournment
hardly time enough to attend to the
:outi.:e appropriation bills, and a great
leal of v.rj urgent legNlat'on has to
go over to the asrembiing oT the next
The operation of the present consti
tutional provision is to virtually reduce
the activities of rongre'-s to a single
term for ger.eral legislation and a short
meeting afterward to do routine work.
By changing the date of the inaugura
tion to May. as ha3 been proposed,
there would be added two months of
ictive work to the life of each cong:er.
ind the results would be much belter.
Moreover, a prolongation of the present
short term would enable congress to
moie equally divide its work ar.d we
would r.ot have the long cession drawn
cut through the hot summer in Wash
ington and important business either
hurried through inconsiderately or rise
shelved, so that congressmen cut Id g; I
away from the capital during thy dof;
Of the present congress the country
"Xpected currency reform. Immigration
restriction, a merchant marine bill.
revision of the mining laws of Alaska,
an improved interstate law and the ad
mission of Arizona. New Mexico r.nd
Oklahoma to statehood. It is now
doubtful if any of those things will be
achieved. Should anything occur to de
lay the routine appropriate n bills it
is well rdsrh certain that much highly
desired legislation will have to b-
postponed. It is for that reasr.n an ex
tra session of congress is now exprct. d,
but the calling together of th new
congress will but Inadequately sullk-e
to make up for the termination of the
pr'.rcrt one just at this juncture, for
the new cannot take up the work juFt
where te old leave off. San Francisco
The Parlor Match ProFcribed.
The authorities of Now York have
decided that the parlor match must g
after the first of the coming January.
That there is danger to lif? and prop
erty in the parlor match as at present
made cannot be doubted. Only yester
day morning this paper contained i
dispatch from Baltimore announcing
the terrible death of Mrs. Caroline
Yrgelffesani? by tire communicated by
parlor match which she had ignited
by stepping on it. The tire was com
municated by the match to her gar
ments and In a few. minutes the poor
woman was burned beyond recognition.
These matches are extremely popul ir
.".nd almost universally employrj. They
are chcyip and convenient. Hut the
readiness with which they can be ig
nited and the fact that they produce
an Instant Jlame make tlrrn dangerous.
At present there Is no chenp match In
sight that fully taks the pl::ce of the
parlor match. The safety mate h which
can be ignited only on a prepared sur
face is admirable within its prescribed
limits but unavailable In rraay emer
gencies. The old sulphur match Is
pretty slow for this fsst age. and it
Is not much safer than the parlor
match. Possibly, as In many other
cases, necessity will stimulate invention
if the parlor match is prohibited.
Kochester Democrat and Chronicle.
A kind hearted clergyman was latelv
compelled to dismiss a gardener who
used to purloin his fruit and vegetables
For the sake of his wife and family he
Oldest ca Largest Banlt in fouthern California
IS A! AS V. HE'LUAN. Prtstdtnl
U. A. GRAVES. - - 2nd V-.ce-Prtsutrrt
W$znims & iiferrlf ants IBank
Capital, Surplus & Profits, - $1,569,220.00
Deposits, - S7,GOC,OQO.QO
Cash on hand & with Bankers S5, 0 1 2,302.00
U.S. mother Bonds a Stocks 01, 1 24,40Q.Q0
. O l l' M O P. IN I X j
PAin rp capital 1.??-on?i
Sb'KPl.i'S &,
VM I'HIMTV PresMent. J- C. KIHKPATRICK, Vice President.
W." U Pl I.WIl'.Kl:, Cashier. LLOYD It. CIIIUSTY, Asst. Cashier.
Drafts Irsised on nil of the Important cities of the l-nited States and Europe.!
Discount commercial pui r and do a genercl banking business.
Ofliee hours. 9 a. m. to " p. m. !
DinEPTOKS: M. IT. Sherman, Wm. Christy, K. J. Bennltt, J. C. Kirkpatrlck, !
V. C. Hatch, W. I). Fulwllor, Lloyd It. Chrifty. I
f 'on.RKSPONPKNTS: Americnn Kxchanue National Batik. New York; Amerl-,
cnn'l'xeiiune National Lank. C hicago: First National Itank, Los Ani'eles; l:.ink
ol Arizona. 'Prescott, Arizona; the Aiglo-California Lank, Sun I -ram : ' . ' :. ;
We Are After You
Because, we want a few more Arizona stockholders, not
because your money is any Letter but it tends
To Stimulate Legitimate Mining
which is Arizona's best resource and our operations are well
Inown as such, as well as the proven value of our property.
We know and on closer investigation you will find that
stock will be worth many times what is now asked, $10.00
per share. Buy now before it is gone. Address
GEORGE E. SANDERS, Special Representative, 1034-35 Paik Rcw Building, New Ycik Ciiy. H. Y.
"...". .'. V '..
Money to Loan at Low States
Far nuiMinit nrcn improved city property
or In good out'i.ie town.
jusr wtur iou w
N'w lilun of invment. Ititercvt dc-orrise
if yon pay. ur lonin nre nrndc and re pi, id
iti mm as witn a imiiK, only you (my moiun-
!r. You do !l"t mature Mock lo i.hv oft a lofcll
a 111 oilier iiiiii'linK ana iohii -pn iitii"u-.
A iHirrowrr can ihv off a Iohii any lime with-
out iiotn". Mualty or forfeiture. If you want
a I bii cull on or rite our agents.
K. K. Yi OK. rhoenix.
.1. K ItNK.-T W'Ai.KKU. F'h'M-nfx.or
fAHTlMAI.K V IIOKSK C- ".. Prewott. or
A. OKKII.A or W ILMS I'. 11 A YN KS. Tu. M.n.
Stats Mutual Buildirg & Lean Association
C. J. WAi'K, Sec., 141 K. Broadway,
18 AnKt-li'K. C'al.
Buys a Good
(') rooms, bath and screen
room,- vood well aud pump
Small payment down and 520
per month until it is paid out.
This is a chance to get a nice
home for the cost of rent.
42 N. Center St.
Have for. fale a small amount of For
est reserve crip. Available for entry
on non-timbered and non-mineral land
In Arizona.
Must be located In a few days. Can
be had. cheap If taken at once.
O'Neill IJlock, Itiocnix, Arizona.
Western Electric & KachiLe Company
Oondultine and Contract
lnK Ertginers.
ral supplies an
Motor CP urn.
l'.stiniR tt luraifhed v
I.tchti'iH Mid P)W
a. Main St.,
R.iv.' him a letti-r of recciiivridLit ion.
and this is how he worded it: "l here
by certify th :t A B h is been my
g::tdc-r.-r for over 4 wo ye;:rs. and th it
during that time he get mere out of my
girden than any man I ever employed."
to an: r-" :i onc day
Take Laxative Ilrorno Quinine Tablets
s Cl p. on every
p-fypS i
box, Zoc.
14 i
GUST A V HEIVA SH. A ts t. CaiMkr
Car. Maim mid Cmtnmsrcml Strwt
...-... .......
building-, by far the larpesr and finest
with a lart-e and complete gymnasium
cnuipped with modern onlce turnituro.
Its staff of instructors represent the
business intcKi-ity.
Its uradnates are the most competent nnd secure the bet positions.
This Is the proper, place to barn English and commercial branches, shorthand,
tyiwritinu, telcpraphy, Spanish and assainr.
The greatest and t-lroiiKcst commercial collie on the const. Send for catalogue.
LACKKY. HCmju & 1 IOL.L.MAN. Kxecutive Officers.
Our onlv inducements are the best
AT WIKihliHAI.i: I'KK M:.. S;ecir.l 1 mini einvnts to hotel
i 'titutions. Write i'ur samples and particulars.
The Sparr Tea
p. o. box' 851.
Three Through
1 rams
1 Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix -By.
Connecting with Santa Fe System.
Commencing November 10tb the CALIFORNIA LTM1TKD trains
will again resume a daiiy scbe lule.
These lloatinp palaces carry dining cars for nil meals.
This is the Ideal and recognized leader of acjrressivp trans-eon-tineiUiil
w inter season passenger carriers. Klectricity, f team he;t and
all modern conveniences and comforts.
This train carries only standard sleepers, and all other through
trains carry both : tandard and tourist cars.
I.'ircct ' connections made at Ash Fork w ith trains LAST and
For folders, in."oi ination, Pullman reservations, st.e or address
H. 1'. AMi'A'AbT, L. II. LAND1S.
General Passenger Agent, Prescott. - General Agent, l'honix.
A business day saved to "enver, Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago and all
vorth. enr.t ami southeastern ioints.
Summer tourist tickets on t.ale every "Wednesday aa.l .Saturday; one fare
la.- for round trip; limit 6t Uuys.
One Tare plus $2 for round trip to principal points in Michigan, Minne
nta and Wisconsin. On sale rery day until September 30; final limit
October SI
Daily Through Pullman and Vouri st Sleepers San Francisco to Chicago.
Dir.lng Car Service Through, l'or rates, folders and other information
address T. B. S. BKASTED. O. A. P. D.,
H. F. COX, T. F. & P. A., - El Paso. Texas.
El Paso, Texaa.
, ; JNO. SEBASTIAN. P. T. M., Chicago. 111.
Cfce national BanK cf Arizona
CAPITAL (paid up) . .
KMIL. GANZ President
SOI.I LEWIS Vice President
S. OBRliFKLDEU Cashier
J. J. SWEENEVT Assistant Cashier
Transacts a Generil KenLtrg Business
VMOiuXIX. AltlZ.
Charity F. Alnaworth President
Hugh H. Price Vice President
Frank Alri3Worth..Ca.,h. and Tre.w.
U. II. Greene Secretary
Authorized Capital J100.000.
Hour 9 a. m. to I p. m.
Intereat on deposits. No commlatrioii
on loans.
Directors Charles F. Atnawortlk,
Hugh 1L Prlos VV. C. Foster, Frk
Alniwortn, It. FX. Greene.
(odaksand Photo Supplies
Ik CO.
Ar.d Grihsm Icc! cf rlh::.d.
S S. Grand Ave. !.o- Aral.?, Cal. (Inc.)
Tins institution of !h';,!iok- training is
the eu:lodiment of tlio i.os Angeles spirit
of enterprise and progress.
It now cx-eup'es its own new modern
of its kind on the coast. It is provided
free to students; and throughout is
best in both educational al.ility and
r.Uic 1:
and i:i-
and Coffee Co.
Los Angeles. Cal.
.r in aCjoiitinq
with C-egant tia
- rriVftzarreraaca
In seli-i-tinr: f-.d for the table, frreat
care Is xt'-.1j m to secure the best.
You do not pui chase decayed meat or
vegetables and attempt to disguise ths
taste by flavoring in the cooking. So
in selecting plasses f.r the eyG It pajs
to buy the best, as right is priceless
fiifd once lort can never be regained.
You can obtain proper glasses and prc-
seivc your fight at
Horry Fricdinan
Experienced Optician,
Arizona Loan Office..
has received another consignment of
Vim Cactus tires. These tires are fully
guaranteed for one year, but they don't
need it, for they will outlast double
that time. If for any cause your wheel
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wold, for he is a successful physician
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Garden City
,ets a good meal. Private rooms for
families. 22-24 East Washington St
CHINQ PUN. Proprietor
A loaf of our Dread will please
you and do you good. It's a
body builder. It satisfies that
hungry feeling which affects the
vigorous; It tones the appetite
and builds muscular tissues; It
Is sweet and wholesome, . the
best 6 cents worth you ever
Phocnix Bakery ar.d Confectionery
7 West Washington Street
Established 1831 'Ffccne 891
Southern Pacific Co.
fPAcrrrc htbtem.)
Conuiitr.cir.jr jiiMi&ry t 101. trlM
wlli If iif Msrl-rc.p.i foMuire:
3. fi 'J A M. 1 AU.Y NEW ORTvTCANS
esii.-uh8 for Tucson. Btowi,
I)?m;.-. :Ci Paso. J-iin Antonio. Houston.
New Oil.vr . Connecting Bt New r
l,un. Ur Ci! C!r.n.ili and Cliieaeo: al
for Wase'i.iit .in. HaiUiCore, Fhiladelpkla,
Nw York a hi bostctu
I. Ju for Gila Itend and way etaUo-a.
4.rrr) p. m. daily mixed train
for Tucson and way stations.
lO pres for Ion Angeles, Fresno,
Sacramento and San Francisco. Con
necting at Sacramento and San Fra-'-I9CO
for poiata In Oreeon. Nevada and
r, Pa Art
Fifieid & tiaitegner
Kiittninlen Fnratehed Rooms 11 12-13
O'Neill Building P. U. Box 67S,
Phoenix, Anxona.
Joe Fill eld
Geo. H. Gallagher
i Livery and .boarding- stable. - South
i Third street. Old G:b?on stable. Board-
.S a specialty. Nobby turnouts.
G W. DEMON, Manager.
Who Wants Healthy Wealth?
I have some promising gold mines un
developed. I want a, reliable man with
means to help develop for an interest.
T.V..- .inrlievra o .1 .1 rucc fir Inquire
Columbia. Hepublican ofHce.
Kight years' experience. Stock sales
a specialty. Charges reasonable. Sat
isfaction guaranteed. For terms and
dates see S. S. Green, Creighton block.
Office Lime Creek. Copper Co.
Buford (Si
Satisfaction GuaraiUed,
Scott's Santal-Pepsin Capsules
for Inflammation or Ca
tTh of the Kladder and
Diseased Kidneys. No
t ly and permanently all
I rnptural Diseases of the
Positively No Injurious
effects to" the Stomach as
in other internal reme
dies. Sold by druggists.
Price $1.0f.oT bv mail, post,
paid, St (U, 3 boxes, J2.75
IHE SANTAL-PEPSif CO.. BclleforUine. Ohio.
Call and be convlncsd. N . 4 W. Adams St
Udies! $500 Reward roM
I upprendnu, uj cauo in paUiolovy,.
roy mnnthljr rrg. falls to relieve; saf.
harmlesa; mail; how lonfr nppreed
Ur Jackson R.Co. 169 Oearbora Si. Chicago

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