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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, February 07, 1903, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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tive?, it3 members elected directly by
the pff'TlP. has voted to admit the ter
litorieR; the president h;ia publicly ad
vocatca our claims to statehood; tho
platforms of both political parties nave
promised us statehood.
Dcpiived of our rifihts in the Inrt
FOSFion of congress by the unreasonable
jealousy of our nearest neiRhiior, v
hope that the sober Fecond thougrht or
the senators from older states will
lead them to give to their fellow citi
zens In Arizona the right to vote f'T
president and to have a voice In the
making of the laws by which w are
governed. II.
t Mines and Minerals
I cf Arizona ?
Consumptives Get
Precious Book Free
rare histrionic ability. She Is alro the
happy popessor of a full, rich soprano
vjice which Ehe uses to good advant
age. Ed- E:;gleton was better last
night if that were possib'.p. than on the
first night of th? engagement. Espec
ially clever were he and Mirs Kendall
in t'-.e introduced biulesiue on F.aivinl
and IScrnhart w'nicli was encored over
and over again. A matinee will be
given tc.lay at which "Ea MapcHtc."
will be presented and the cpera tr.jare
mciH will close tonight with a produc
tion of that great comic opera success,
Personal Mention
II. S. rhtlps left last night for Tuc
ron. J. II. Enjmeit went to Prsscott on
this morning's train.
J. A. McKenna was a passenger ror
Los Angeles on last night's traiu.
A. Comegys and Mr. and Mrs. P.
Comegys of Eugene. Ore., and T.
Eewis of Los Angeles registered at th;
Ford hotel yesterday.
Duffy's Pure laif Whisliey
Bisks of Consumption Very Kacierons.
All Who Meet Should Know Then.
Danger Foreseen Is Easily Averted.
Free Baok cf Instruction for All.
The Booklet of the Copper Cure Savei
Many Valuable Lives.
: 4
y j
F t
1 .
i t
Uon t wait until your suttcrings nave
driven you to despair, with your nerves' all
shattered and your courage gone.
Help a::l happiness surfly awn its yor. if you aeee)t Mrs. Pinkham's
: .iviep. Disease makes woiii'-n iiervn:;s, irriti'.Me, ami easily ani.nytd ly
i:ildren ami household diuies; such women need the counsel and help
f a woman who understands thf jvcrJiar tror.hles of her sex: that
v.'oma:i is Mrs. IMnkliam. who with h--r famous inediein', L.yliu K.
L'ijikliain's Vejrotnbh t ompottnc!, have restored more sick and dis-
on raged women to health and happiness than airy other .one ierson.
Her address u Lynn, Mass., and her i'.ilvice i. five. "Write today, do
not wait.
"Will net the volumes of Irttovs from women who have, been
made strousr ly Lyriisi l. I'inkliam's Veet:il! Compound con-,
vince others of the virtues of lids ;reat iiwdicine.
When a medieiue has Ik''m successful in mere than a million
eases, is it justice o .yourself to say, without trying it, 4I do not
believe it would help me?"
Surely you cannot wish lo remain woa'c and sick and dis
eouraged, exliausted witli each duv's work. If you have some dc
r:tijrcniont of tlie IVtuini'i' organism try !-.vlia I-. I'iakhaiu's
Vegetable Compound. It will surely help you. -
Mrs. Emilie Seering, 174 St. Ann's Ave., New f
York Citv, writes:
" DkAT. Mp.!. PrNTZIIAMT If v.-onien
!fZZk A Mi!lld. After the- lirst fv closes a load se
lifb'd from my shouNVrs. I felt ietter in
-wav. The blues left m- ar.d my head stopped acl
before Ion,? mv back was better too, and I looked younger and strcjnsrer I took
riv bottles in" all. and it is vit! thankfulness that I acknowledge that my
present -roorl health is due to the use of L,yli;i i. I'inkhamN Vegetable
C'tMlipOUIl'l." ,4
Fiiri: 3ii:i)ic al advici: to "woikx. 1
k Tf there is anytliinsr in your case alioiil wliifii you ivouM like,
special suit ice, write freely to 3Irs. Pinkluiai. No man will see
your letter. She can surely help you, for no person in America has
such a wide experience in treating female ills as she has had. She
has helped hundreds of thousands of women hack to health. Her
address is Jynn, Mass., and her advice is free. You arc very fool-i-h
if you do not accent her kind invitation.
S 5000
FORFEIT if k'p i-Hnni.t f .rtiiTc ith prorliK-f" 1ki orii.'in:iI lottcr ami plgn.itiire el
alKJVe'leatim'jiiiiil, which '.vi!': prove is .itv;i!ut ji'nuim'it''.
I.vdia 1. 1'inkhani Meelirino Co., Lynn, Mas.
It is unfortunEte for Arizona, and
unjust to east and west alike,, that t'.n;
opponents of statehood for the terrl
t' tics so often speak of the ropre.senia
ti';n we would have in the senate, for
getting that we would have but one
r'i: t.-cntatlve in one of the co-ordinate
itranches of our government, and that
one the most important.
Years ago, I knew the number of rep
t ; :;ontatives apportioned to each stat-,
but there have been changes since I
was a school boy. New York, with
more than thirty congressmen, oug'.u
if you are not satisfied
DO YOU StTPPOSE that a company with a capital of t"-00,000.00. paid In full, and the
proud reputation of 36 years of continuous success, would make such an oiler and not carry
it out to the letter?
DO YOU SUPIOSE -we would jeopardize our standing with tas public and our chances
Of Ktill greater success by failing to fulfil any promise we make ?
DO YOU SUPPOSE we would make such an offer If we did not have tlie utmost confi
dence in the satisfying quality of our goods ?
WE KNOW we can please you and save you money, for IIAYNER WHISKEY poes
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you the big profits of the dealers. That's why it's best for medicinal purposes. That's why
It's preferred for other uses. That's why wiyire regularly supulyinir over a quarter ol a
million satisfied customers. That's why YUU should try it.
Bliraot from our1
Savss Dealers' Profits !
ilMl mmw
RYE forW.oo, and we will pay the express charges. When you receive
the whiskey, try it and if you don't fiud 't all right and as good as you ever
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the foods do not please you. Won't you let us send you a trial order? We
ship In a plain sealed case; no marks to saov what's inside.
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vnn. w vriil Bend you Su CJuaxts for flO.OO, ty frcilit prepaid, thus
saving (l.UO.
. Write our nearest offlcs and do it NOW.
wlio are al'.vnys 1il:; and cleprpssoci
and nervous would take I.lia I I'lUKliani s
A''ST'tahI' Couipottinl they would lind it the medi
cine tliev need to brin t li-oi to a more cheerful
frr.me of i'iin'i. 1 was torribH worried and downcast,
and was thin ar.i! bloodless. My back ached all the
time, no m;:tt'T bow hard I tried to fo rev t 'it or
change my position to ease it. and the pain at the
base of my brain was fo bad that I sometimes
thought thnt I would prow crazy ; 1 Lad the blues so
much r.nd ws always so depressed I could not seem
to shake th'MM o!? : b.alf of tin: timi; I did not seem to
have the courafro to do m- work ; everything
hf'.'mi 1 1 to o wron-f v. nr. me. ano 1 was always
worryips1 and fearing t)w. worst. I beyan to
tak" I.vdia I. Pinkliam's V"'('tal- Coin-
lirst fe- dos:s a load seemed
: h i n g ;
I t j be phi'? t.i ta'te care of Ari::on.i with
I only one.
i Perhaps th most important "act ts
j that now v.e havo no representation
I at :.!!. A'e do not ask for anytidng
' met e than the c ensus allows us, liut
i v.e c!o ask for representation of some
i sort. We have had no voice in congress
for so many years that it would see'i
that the older stctes could bear with
us if, for time oar representation J.i
one house should be proportionately
la rre.
It will alro bo remembered that th ?
voice of the nation has been heard la
our fuvor. The house of represent.) -
distill to
Prevents Adulteration ! "
$M If iM j I
Mineral Belt Mine Sold to a Newly
Formed Compasy.
A deal recently consummated, and In
fact but just announced locally marks
a notable success for one of the sev
eral companies oreir.ized fcr purely de
velopment purposes In the exploitation
of Arizona minlntr prospects. The Ari
zona Development Company Is an or
ganization of capitalists, mostly resi
dents of Philadelphia, but under tho
management of Dr. O. L.. (Jeer of Mar
tinez, Arizona, a few miles from the
famous Congress mine. It was the pu--rose
of the company, and It has been
steadfastly adhered to during the two
years cr more of its life, to furnis'.i
its manager rufticient money to develop
vai ious prospects with the u:t!ma;
idea, net of .operating properties its.-ir. ! t disease Hint everybody shouid kivw.
but of proving them and selling theni'Tho most deadly fcrm of it with whUb
;o others who wanted promising pio,-jwe have to contend is also the most
erties. Money was spent quite libera. iy treacherous r.nd obstinate. Thai Is th?
therefore on a half dozen or more pros- j r.tuie of Consumption in plain lan
potts whkh the company secured, aii'.t guage. It is a fo? th;U always creep-
several of them have shown up wed.
One group is known as the Mineial I5e:t
and lie3 in the southeastern part or
Yuma county. f ter FpendinK
In if. development it has been pro
nounced a proved nln and Fold to i
company organized for its purcMase,
known as the Harqiia Hala Mining am;
Milling company, for JlCfl.OOn. A profit
of over SlOO.OiOO therefore available
fcr the development cf its otn-r iiold
inps, on son.e of which it very reason
ably hopes to achieve similar successes
The new owners of the Mineral P.elt.
the Haro.ua Hala M. & M. Co.. ar
largely share owners also in the devel- !
rpni-Tt com nary, but others are Inter-
ested with them and the company Is a
separate and distinct organization. Dr. I
Gcer is a stockholder, and is retained
as manager of the new company also j
Sufficient stock has been subscribed to
equip the mine with a twe.ny-riv?
stamp mill and continue its develop
ment. The cleeds have been recorded,
arid it Is expected that the construction
of the mill will be entered upon within
thirty days. The property is on the
desert a long distance from the rall-
J road. Congress bing the nearest point,
j Out recently there has been muc h talk
j of a branch of the S. F. P. i'i 1'. through
j that section. Phould assurance be re
ceived that a road will be built there
within six months, cherper freights colored pictures of the human lungs in
weuld b? an incentive for the company , health and In the various stages of the
to wait before beginning mil! construe- malr.ily. This free book of tho Copper
tion. The company c laims to have T:o,- Cure is the first he nest attempt on ree
ofO tons of ore in sight, r.O.oo tons or ord to educate the people, without cost
which have been sampled, going better , or obligation of any kind, on one of
than $23. lhe mot vital concerns of lif-?. Pend
Ancther property owned by the Do- j
velopment company Is the Squaw- m!ne
in this county, about eight miles this
side of Mineral Pelt. A shaft wr.s re
cently sunk 100 feet deep upon it and
r. crosscut run into the dike or ore lod
a distance of CO feet. An engineer has pains in the lung and chest, a generallv
ropcited that this dixe is at least f.Ol disordered syrtem, colds, coughs, or the
feet wide. Within it are various ledges thousand and one symptoms of a lik-j
of high grade cre of various widths. j r ature. Ji.ivs only too much reason to
The Arizona Cold Company nf Mar- ' 1 ' r lh"t the tubercle germ will soon
tlnez. Arizona, is another one that PrKt a lodgment in their system. AH
Ger has recently formed, as an enter-! who are Interested shoual write for our
j prise of his own, though he has asso- lavaiuable free booklet to the Kal a
j eiated with h.ru r.everal well known maze.? Tuberculosis Remedy Co., l,td..
; and reputable Arizona mining and bus:- ' l '" I'.auinan Plock, Kalamazoo, Mic h,
j ness men r.s directors of his company, : It vi11 come to you by mail without cost
j namely j. ( Homdon, Charles O. ! delay whatever.
Matthews. M. O. Purns, W. A. Clark
and George H. Cook. The- comninv
owns the Oregon an.l Gilt Kdge groups'
of claims in the name Fection described
above, in the northwest corner of this
county. The company is capitalized for
a million and a h..lf. two-thirds of the
ftock being in th? treasury. Sufficient
of it has been plr.ced to injure system
atic development.
Serious Talk of Ereition ol a 100 Ton
; Smelter.
j The work on the Cochise
road is being pushed, and
aivl Nat a
neai ly six
! miles of th" grade between Pea roe and
i Cochise has
already boon completed.
I rays the Prospector. Coc hise is rather
lively at present on account erf tlv
. grading outfits being In and out of
there, and the number of mines being
'opened up in th" adjacent country. A
j rui-ir v.cs heard that a 100-ton custom
i smelter was going to be. built at that
point. A representative of the smelter
: company was in that city recently and
; tal!:ed the matter over with Mayor
Hath, and 'a bonus was offered to the
company provided the work was started
within ninety days.
j There is no doubt that a r. me Iter or
-that capacity could be kept busy on
i ores from that locality, as many car
, loads are rhipp"d weekly from Dragoon
anel Cochise to the Kl Paso smelters,
while the r:p-Miing of the (Ilcason dis
trict by the new icad will create a new
f:c Id.
CoriFldr: able building Is going on In
Cochise, anel town lots are in demand.
Miinv nf tli till il.l i e?r? lirlntr titllit iire
j very substantial. The population of t;v
place is continually increasing, and lite
b"tl". and lodging hour es rre doing u
scod business.
W. D. 'JVebster. who Is Interested
with Denver parties In the Josephine or
cil r.lack property. Ilasr.ayainpa dis
trict, is j-; town. The mine is devel
oped ty 170 feet of drifts and has a
Fhaft down fct. An ore bo.iy nine
feet thick has been cut through, an.i
the workings have been in ore right
along. The last sample taken of the
ere gave values of ?i!3.-io gcid and cop-
Vt&:?;Xr Mil
Medical Director Kalamazoo Tubercu
losis Jtemedy Co., Lad., ffhwc
Chairman Is a Meniler of the Dri
ish Tuberculosis Congress and
Member National Association Tor
tne Prevention of Tuberculosis.
There i3 cr.e st.u-tling fact in relation
en us unawares through a sliuht cold
an air draft, or a brief exposure. Thus
it makes its assault like a snake In the
srrass or a thk-f in the nigt tlm-.
Then, when It has f;ained admission, U
often masks itself under a "trillinf;'"
eaten h, a "tou h" of bronchitis, or the
supposed beginnings of an asthma
while it is all the time corroding the
substance Cf a lunp: and thus choking
off the furnice fires c-f life. In short,
most of Its victims are astonished as
well as dismayed when the awful truth
of its presence is revealed to thein.
Thousands upon thousands who have
died of Consumption cried out with
their last gasp: "Oh, If I had onl'
known it In time:"
"Oh! if I had only known In time
that it was Consumption!"
If these terrible facts teach anything
at all, it is that people generally should
be b Iter Informed as to this distress-
ing malady. The little book now pub
lished on the "Copper Cure" by the.
Kalamazoo Tuebrculosis Remedy Co..
Kalamazoo, Mich., gives a lucid account
of this disease, as to its causes, symp
toms, progress, disguises, r.nd danger".
It is a FKEH HOOK, c h -erfully mailed
at once to nil who write for a cn;e-. It
is v.rit'en in plain language, free from
all medical or scientific obscurities, and
the rubjec t is mad-? clear by handsome
for a copy of it at once if you are wise.
Persons who suffer from chills, dally
fever, loss of appetite, weak voice, loss
of weight, pain In the back, pain In the
breast-bor.e, pallor or flushing, night
sweats, lassitude, painful breathing.
fr nC U.',ar Sllver ,Pr to"' Th
-.vorkings on this property have readied
RU'-h n depth that the horse power will
have to he abandoned and a nasollne
h,i:-t will be installed r.s soon as possi
ble. The property is loc.-ted near the
v.oll known Dave Orubb mines, and is
about 12 miles north of Pior-cott. The
Denver p.'opie who are back of this
proposition also have extensive? mining
Interests in the I'.lack Hiils.
V. II. Lester has returned from an
extended visit tc? IjOS Anfrcles. lie is
now preparing to work his piacer claim
o:i the Ilissayampa. lie proposes to
work the pold-bearin travel by means
of an agitating sluice box. a patentee
Invention of his own. and he will soon
h-.'.ve the machinery on the ground.
..... :.. ........ l,,:rn l,-v ,.!11 !. I .
" , . 11
Left or patented this sluice box In 1897.
and has since added marled improve
ments to the invention. There will be
plenty of water at hand to make a sev
eral months' run when he starts up,
and If the months to come have a rea
sonable amount of rainfall, he hopes
to run ri,?ht along. His invention is
looked uuen with favor in mining c:r
clca as a good saver of fine gold. Al
most any device uped will take care of
coarse gold. .
Superintendent Mark Hrr.dley. of the.
I.ion Mining company, came in rrom
Cherry creek last evening. The mem
bers of the company have been out
there looking at the properly, nnel were
so well satisfied that they concluded to
sink tne !()() foot shaft l)ft foot deeper,
ard will defer the proposed starting uo
if the mill. Courier.
Listened to Olivette as Pressnted by
tha Olympia Opra Co.
There was a good sized audience at
the Dorris theater last night and from
the continued laughter and enthusi
astic applnuse it is no exaggeration to
say it wr.s plearingly entertained.
"Olivette," Andran's famous opera, was
the bill ami it was excellently present
ed. Allss Kendall as Olivette made itevv
friends with ber dainty, picjuant por
trayal of the title role. Miss Kendall
is a young lady of great beauty and
Old Israel Simpson's ib-urna tlz
Jes' give biiii fits, it did gee whiz:
That pore man suffered : I tell you
What he would still mak- out to smi!.
While mother rubbed his back w ith il-
An", rays lie: "Lard: Ther.e j'ints dj
fu lie;
I'm filad, by Jinks: I'm not a snake."
An' thre, stretched out upon his bed.
Old Israel Simpson he. instead
'Of cur.sln" out. ,lik sinie I've heard.
He always had a cheerful word.
"Thur's niusre! livin in the sea
That's noth'.n" el-e fut that." sjiys he.
"Exceptin" oi th- shell, I s'pose,
I'm glad 'at I ai;:'t cne o" thosj."
SometinicK it Ktayed in Ms bones.
An' then you'd hear him, 'twixt hi 3
J'-s' so' ter c liiK kl.- toll lvl c hok ,
As if it was :--oiue kind of j'.'ke.
"I "low it':; had enough," says he,
"it's righl sir. art of a misery;
Dm !:cm." he says. "Em mighty g!ad
I.'.y ?;:::g( r: that I ain't a shad."
Chicago New13.
j H. IS. Osborne cf Illinois H a recer.t j
arrival in Tem;e and is a guest at the .
lH:i:gh residence. '
) 11. (J. Andre .nd wife were tbe stK'.'tn
of I'h.e.ix fidcr.iis y. .-. urd.iy.
i J-.hn W'i'.ia.ir of I'i eseott Is sub.-tilt.t-i
i::g in the V.'yatt ba-bei :-h during
the i!i:.ess of Mr. Frar.-.e.
Thi Maii.'ipa irii.i was ocr three,
'hours lale yesterday.
j .Ma-t.T I'aul Daggs is i'd v ith the
j ti'iuu: ;..-.
I ' T!:e scrvi. es at the M. i". cliurc-h
rcuth Habl-ath mondajr r.t 11 oYlcck
! will be c-p. i i.iliv f-:r C: child.-er..
There . ill be special m;:.-ic reu '..n 1
: by them ami the par-tar's sermon will
! trii- l-L of a scries . f I'.ible st jrie:-. In
! th cveni::s Mr. Mow re. v. ill pre:uh
from .he siicond e oirinar-iln1 ?nt.
Jlir. F. M. huerma-.i i. il l Miss :iin
r.ic G odv.ia vi:-itel Phoenix yesterday. ;
T.m Kee.'cr waa in Thoenix yeftsr
day in the ttur.saction of burines?.
M:?. Z. Sroh:i.:.:t is i'.l at her h-jms
en catt Kighth rtreet.
The M. E. church of this c ity has jun
raised the last of its indebtedness and
will celebrate the fact next Sabbath
i.-it the hjur of tha morning service by
I burring all oid n its and mortgages.
I Kev. Adair.r. who raised the funds for
.the btiildiny of this the first Trotest
ar.t church in Tempo will prea.h the
' Fern.on ard arsist in the coi' inunion
seiicts. All other services will be as
I Bern to Mr. and Mr.'. Frank Cham
bers ycrt?rday a baby boy.
Those registering at the C.iia Lcina
yesterday were as f dl iws: I-M K.
Furd. Kansas City; II. M. Hunter.
Kansas City: T. M. Sloan. I'lvtenix: J.
1!. nrsur.crt. Prc-cctt; S. J. Sir..t!:e.
I.os Angel'-; Frank Thamas, W. iZ.
Kllswangcr. rh;-r.ix.
o j
mil SALK lf.O acres under the ,
Tempo canal with ample water at a;
i bargain; also throe i-acre tracts'
j highly Improved with plenty of water
I in Tempo canal. Address A. Nielsen,
Tem:c, A. T.
j A drive to Temp" with luncheon .it
i the Casa Loivia Will afford a pleasant
I trip today. Take it.
I One baif-car of canned goods jusi
.received. Goods clean and fresh. Prices
i low. Give us a. call. Goodwin Pros.
between country milk and city milk ? Jl
II you nae. you win una intrru 15 jusi PT1
m much di.'lerence between fx ?
end all the other brands. When
you buy Evaporated Cream, look
for the above cap label. That
label is our guarantee and every
can is of uniform richness and
absolutely pure. You will ea
no unsightly clots in Fig
Brand. It Hows smootnly rrom
the can and is plsasingto the
eve. ask your dealer tor
the right kind.
Highland, ni.
Cures Consumption
lear Sirs: After reading your uiivcr- i Mr. W. I. Hall, of KiciimoM!, Va.. L.d
tistmenl I bought s- bottle of vour wins- a simi'ar experkree lo that ol Mrs.
key, vlii- ii In Inc. 1 me r!fcht away. I am
now on my Hurl lotUe, usoig it lor con- Malt WhisUe;- last .!;ov!i, nml hac U-en
runr.ptioii, and I feel like a rcw man. I : faithful in taking it e er since. I hiv.
tliir:!; that if I had known of your wliis- 1 or.e ti-jz. n I-oTtler, ani am fe. ling
i ... ., , . . . , . .... . I im ttr r. M- b.enorrhhgc s have hIiiiom
key xMien I was at heme n lueago, I j stopp,.,,, aI,(, Hlv ..j, Verv much Im
wonl'i have never come oui b"ie for my j proved.
LU .SCIirRAKTII. li'S Maiket St..
Denver, Colo., Aug. IX, l.'Ji.
Stopped Hemorrhages.
Nashua City. N. II., Sept. Jl. i'Xii
(Jent I'-men : It i with great plea-eue
tiiat I write to icforrn yo'i tnat 1 have
used eight bottles of vour Cure Xialt
"!iskty. I would not have 1 ctn here to
day enly for your woii'icri ul medicine. I
have tis.nl II kin.ls of medicine ai'.ii been
uniie- the care of do tors. I have had
three severe attacks of grl;j and
pneumonia, which have left me with a
bad cnii;;h ;;nd wak heart I cm CV years
old. It has toned up my system and
stooped til.- hemot r'nagf s and I eoun bin
very li'tle. I only roc ret that I did not
know of your whiskey before. I cannot
express what it has done for rne. 1 beg
to reir.a.in, volts rest i-etfii'lv.
Thousands of Siicb letters are received
froi.i pan-ets who have l-cen cuiv.
Dutfy'n Pure Malt N hiskey.
('AL'TI' N,-Whfii you ask for Hufv's Puri M;:lt AVhiskev be sure yoi get the
ncnuine. I'nscrupulous dealers, mindful of ilie oxcellr n-e ol t!::s pr'ar:'tion. will
try to sell you cheap imitations, ami so-called Malt W'h.S-ke.- substitute. iii. li
ate pat cn tbe market for proiit oniv. and wliit h. far from re!i.:vin:r the si. K.
aro positive! liarinful. I'eir.antl "puff y' a" anI be sure you -t i'. It is the only
absol.itclv pure tnalt whiskey w?:ieh eotHaiTi.i mc-.lieiiial. beaith-gicing iiealiti.s.
I.Mk for the trade-mark. "The Old Chemist," on the label
The genuine is sold by d-rctists ami urocrrs. or d:r. "t, SI"! a l otlb. It is tie
only whiskey rpcognized by the government as a niedieine. This is a i i a ratite. .
VaP.'ablo rue.lieal bool-'let containing synmton-s an.! t v. a t Tirut of li,-s'S n'!
ronvi?ii-irc- testimonials sent free to anv rcaler of this paper who will write,
I u:iy Malt Whiskey Con parv of Itocnesi cr. N. Y.
Preside;-. t Ii;Ralls of the Pig Fou;
roa l was strolling up V road w ay re
cently witli a friend, to v.hom h' told
one on himself.
President Ingalls writes an execrable
hand, and a farmer living near Spring
field, O.. is glad of it. On.-1 day Mr. Ia
galls was riding oevr division of th
road ami cam.? within smelling distance
of a particularly emphatic ho p.?u
owned by the farmer. Next day ho
wrote an autograph letter to the agri
culturist complaining of the? hog pen.
The fr.rmcr could r.ot read a word of It
Sole ciuarrieis of Ari.-.ona: idue gran
ite, the finest monumental stone in
the world.
Also manufacturers of all kinds of
cemetery work in marble granite and
Monuments are symbols of love and
respect for the dead. They mark the
advancement oT civilisation and refine
ment of a community. They are the
last tribute to the memory of the de
parted and preserve the ?;orcd spot
from desecration and in many in-:-'tar.cos
from ultimate loss.
We solicit an opportunity of show
ing our designs and invite r.n inspec
tion of our finished work. Original de
signs wi'.l be rubir.itted when desired.
Yard ami works corner Washington
street and Third avenue. Phoenix,
vStandard Iron Works
Faid up Capl tal. JDCl.0O0.C0.
Th olieet and largest bank !a Te. mpe. Has plenty of money to len-J on
! $Tnlx. .cattle, water r!ht, real estate or any flrst-clasi pecurity.
Trealdent. Vice-Pi-ep ChUr
Ufya SixtK Avenue Hotel
Ouly Home-Like Hotel in Pliocnix
Everything New, Neat and Clean
Elegantly Furnished Sunny Rooms
Single Meals 50 cents.
H.M. CfMFMW. P.op.
s French Periodical Eras
Strictly veg-et.ible, perfectly harmless, sure to .Tccornplish DH5IRCD
RESULTS. Greatest known female remedy. Price, $1.5 ) per bottle.
fi?ITin Heware of counterfeits and Imitation?. The crnnine I" pnt cp cn'j a Tir
IiAUIIUR i,-n wnh far sipiiIp sicniitiiro on ti.le t he N.tuc. -zf.'L -V"V
Send for Circular to WILLIAMS Ml'ti. CO., Solo Aceuus. Clcvclaud. Oiuio. fi -t- '
For sale only by BEN I PEAIt, up-to-date cjruggist, Vboenl.
)t i, l.-pien : I ccirr.ier.ee.l on vrur I'lifTy
lticlimon.l, "a , ?)'.. V."2.
Pneumonia Cured.
1 (Jcnlleinen : I h:i.I a severe ease of
pneumonia last fail, j.ud have tiro I
ehoiu on dozen tvotiles of vour lusk. v
te; I'uilil me u; ami iiii 1 it dr.es what you
i e!uim for it. Vonri r'-sm-rtf-iilv.
i:. I'in i .k.-kn.
Hamlir.e. Minn., .May 11 I'"1-.
I It cures rnr.snrapi ion, rout: lis. colds.
, grip, bronchitis. ep.t.rr!i aivi all lit.eas-s
of ti e throat and bmgs It i enr s
rerinusners an'l indi, M if -n. It i:iv-s
power to the brain, st renin ii and elastici
ty to the muscle, ami liehruss to tlie
blood. It is a promoter of health anl
longevity, makes tin) ld i-oung. k.i s
1 yeung Ftronc. It is absoiulcly pure an 1
contains r.o f ase! oil.
I II will euro almost any ease of con
sumption if taken in time.
i Iyer 7.''i do. "tors prcsoril c it, and "."Ot
hospitals use it exclusively.
at.d showed the missive to a Pig Four
ajrcr.t. The letter cruld rrt maki any
thing out of it, cither, but s iil it look.- l
!i-:e the parser ir-sucl pornttitres by
President Ingalls. T!:is was a sugges
tion to the fr.ftver. who declared that h
made several trips on th? road, using
the illegible scrawl as a rasa befor.;
the conductor discovered that it war, a
protest instead.
Laboratory, 21 E. Washington
S'rcet, Phoenix, Ariz.
Filieisi & uaiiagner
Z.ititDRtep Ktir-ir.hel Koowt 11-12-11
O'Neill Buihdnz-P. O. r.jx ITS,
l'liocnix, Artxou.
Joe Fifleld
Geo. H. Gallffher
Foundry and Machine SHop
We carry in stocfc Steam
Engines; Boiler5, Pumps,
Gasoline Engines, SHaft
ing, Hangers, Pulleys
Boxes, tSteam User3 Sup
plies 7 j? jC? J& JZ? jC?
Table board XI a week.
11 V

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