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Photographic Gallery is where
the swellest phqtographic work
in the territory is done '..
29 S. Second Street.
The best work in
the territory at
29 South Second Street.
I ' r
Considerable Opposition to Both Is
Senator Morgan Will Consent to a Vote on the Panama
Treaty If He Will Be Allowed to Put His Opinion of
the Colombian Government on Record A Suggestion
That the Cuban Matter Go Over to the Regular
Session or That It Shall Not Become Operative Until
Approved by the House.
Washington. March 9. During the
session of the committee on foreign re
lations today Senator Morgan offered
to consent to a- vote on the Colombian
canal tieaty at 2 o'clock Saturday, pro
vided the senate would consent to allow
him to print such remarks as he wanted
irt the Congressional Record or as a
fiublic document. The mr.mbers of th--committee
later discussed the proposi
tion with the other senators, and the
opinion seemed to he against granting
Seme remarks heretofore made by
Senator Morgan reflected rather severe
ly on the Colombian government and
especially on the president of Colombia,
and the senators think it would not be
advisable to give official sanction to
such utterances by allowing them to
appear in(the records of the senite. It
is also feared that the Colombian gov
ernment might take offense- and fail to
ratify the tieaty, and it is asserted thai
a ratification of the treaty can be ac
complished even if no agreement is
Senator Allison, ehahman of the re
publican steering committee. ' has ser.f
roticcs to all republicans requesting
them to be present at the sessions of
the senate in order tc maintain a quor
um. No definite line of policy has bee .1
pgreed on in the way of pressing the
treaty, but the intention is to keep it
heore the senate and under considera
tion as long as possible each day. While
little opposition has been shown ash'..'
from Senator Morgan, the democrat!-?
He Loses His Place as Adviser to the.
Korean Government. ,
Washington, March 9. A short no
tice from Pckin of the resignation of
William II. Sands, son of Rear Admiral
Sands of the United States navy, of his
position as adviser to the Korean gov
ernment mark.-; the development of an
other phase cf.the struggle that has
been going on quietly but incessantly
between Russia and Japan to control
the policies cf Korea.
Sands was appointed secretary of the
legation at Seoul during McKinley'.,
. fiist administration. In 18S9 he was in
, duced to accept the post cf adviser to
the Korean government, succeeding two
Americans who had been eminently suc
cessful in the same position, Messrs.
Legendt'o and Greathouse. Not long
ago the Japanese government, desir
ing to increase its influence in Korea,
sent to that country a Mr. Kato, skilled
in diplomacy and finance. Very soon he
had succeeded in connecting himself
with the department of agriculture an I
then became an adviser to the govern
ment, displacing Sands, whoso influ
ence had waned.
The Russian government which had
been watching developments closely ac
this juncture sent to Seoul a Mr. Alex-
nridrnvitcb. also a f.n;ineie fnH r m-.n
skilled in Oriental ways. He had been j
for some time stationed in Japo.n and
was acquainted thoroughly with Korean
methods, being a former resident in
Korea. It is intended that he, too, shall
Visit the
And Feather
Located in Capitol Addi
tion at end of Washington
St. Car Line. Only 10
Minutes Ride or Drive
from Center of Citjr.
the beautiful dis
play cf PSumcs,
R'oas, Tens, and
ovelties in the
Salesroom a t
Producer's Prices.
I jjjj1
I as m
senatois have said that thy do not
intend that the Alabama senator shall
be subjected to unJuo physical strain
in presenting his views.
The senate committee on foreign re
lations will not meet tomorrow to take
up the Cuban treaty, but will do so on
Wednesday. Quite a number of demn
cratic senators are 'opposed to the
treaty, and while they say they have
no desire to prevent a vote they intend
briefly to present their views on the
The republicans who favor the treaty
count on three or four more votes th in
the necessary two-thirds majority to
ratify it.- There is a probability of some
discussion of constitutional right in the
senate to make a treaty affecting the
revenues of the government without the
concurrence cf the. house of representa
tives. Some opponents of the Cuban
treaty have told members of the foreign
relations committee that they think it
is such an important question that the
treaty might be delayed until the regu
lar session of congress
Others have suggested that there
should be an amendment providing that,
the treaty should not become operative
until its piovisions have been approved
by the house. Seme members of the
committee think that much disputed
question ought to go to the supreme
court and be settled there. It is the
present intention cf the foreign rela
tions committee to press the Cuban
treaty to a vote as soon as the Colom
bian treaty is cut of the way.
become adviser to the Korean govern
ment, restoiing the balance cf power
which was destroyed ::y the appoint
ment of the Japanese adviser in viola
tion, it is said, of the agreement en
tered into about five years? ago between
I Japan and Russia.
Mr. Sand?, will come
directly home,
thinned out his force.
Chief 'of
Police at Non:.
Killed, a
Seattle, Wash.. March B. The Times
today piint--; the foUjwing: Nome,
January 18. Chief of Police J. J. Jolly
i en January S shot and killed Pol'.ce
i man Sam James. James had been sus
p.ndeJ from duty penning an investi
gntien. He met the chief several times
en the suett demanding to be put no
duty avails without investigation, etch
j three threatening to kill the chief if h :
j did rot Co so. The chief testified that
j at the time of t'ne shooting James pull-
cil a gun and started at him. tbinklnr.
he was not looking:. Th; chief then
At the preliminary examinaii.n the
judge said "Fr::n the evidence the:"
U not a word to show that the accused
is guilty of muider in any degree- but
I am inclined to hold Mr. Jolly over
to the investigation of the grand jury."'
Permanently Enjoined From Hand-
lipg Excursion Tickets,
I St. Louis, March 9. In the circuit
. court tcday Judge Wood made per
jinanent the temporary injunction grant
p.. i-u-i vM-eoo-er against psim
! set-man et a!., ticket scalpers,
ing ther.i fiom buying or sellii
ed last October against pennett, Was-
restrairi- ;
mg or selling world 3
p excursion tickets. The temporary.
r injur.: t:on was granted at the instance
K'of all the raih-oe.ds entering St. Louis
d an.l was argued recently. Oae case,
p j that cf the Wabash, was decided today.
tS I Ic .v'as agreed by the attorneys repre- i
gg ! Renting the scalpers and railroads that
ffl, other suits should ;Lbide bv the lesull
& 1 of the Hemiett-W asserman case. While
the suit was brought in the names of
3:th railroads;- the world's fair took an1
ati.ec p.i it in uie prosecution c.r them,
as the railroads had insisted that with-
out the protection of the c ourts against
the scalpers they could not afford to
it I innke low rates.
yjl The scalpers did not .l.-ny that thev
Ejwere dealing in non-t: r.nster.-ible tick"
i-jiets. but ret up as a defense that the
M j i -lih cacis were in an unlawful pooling
13 j agreement and had no right to lindt th?
3; sale cf tickets. Roth of these coiucn-
tions w ere decided in favor cf the rail
jp j roads the court holding that the Wesl
P j eru Passenger association was a lawful
! association, in no wise conflicting with
H j any st.il
pi 1 ccnsidci
to or federal statute, and that in
.,...1,.. .
. .. ....., i ti.jii '..l iiicr it-.iu. .11 itte cue
rj ; 1 " dreads would have power to make
toe ticket.1: non-transferable. Every
contention was ruled against the scalp
ers by the court.
Tile Trainmen of the New Yolk. New
Haven and Hartford System.
Now Haven, Conn., March 9 The
natii)i::il oilhials of the trainmen and
conductors of the Xew Yolk. Xcn' Ha
ven Hartford system today sent a
litter t . President Hall i-tutiig they re
garded th ? last communication th-y
nad received Horn him as an entire re
cusal to meet the joint committee of
era in men and conductors concerning
tiie men's demands, and that nothing
now remained except to rci.urt tht-rnattc-r
to the ir.cn.
The railroad ir.cn ..say this report of
the committee m the. men will mean
that the trainmen and conductors of
this system will now be iled to de
teiniine whether or not there shall be.
a strike.
To DiVtlop Inter-Continental Railway
Washington, March 9 Secretary Hay
having btcn authorized by the Pan
America:! congress to appoint a special
representative t e carry out the reconi
mcndatiln of the conference that the
I ::ited States take the initiative in de
veloping ir.tc-r-i-o:itiii nial railway
pinna has appointed C. M. pepper a:;
such representative.
The inter-continental project was in
auguiated by rha first Pan-American
conference in pursuance of a policy of
close co-operation between the I 11 i ted
States and the Latin-American repre
Ad. n, Arabia, March 9. A heliograph
message received .at Obia. Somaiiland.
Mast Africa, announces that Genera
Manning occupied (iulkayu Wells on
March 'J with mounted troops and that
the remainder of his column reached
there March 3.
Washington, March 9. Forecast:
Arizona Fair Tuesday and Wednesday
i o
A Crime "Which Startled the Gold
Country Six Yeaia Ago.
Seattle. Vi'aF:!., March 0. A special
to the T.:res from Sitka se.ys: Homer
Bird was legally executed here Friday
at 1:1 p. 111. The execution was ab
soiutely vcid of' inciciei-.t.
Bird walked a hundred yards from
the jail ar.d mounted the scaffold ,vith
out resistance.
On the gallows he made a short
If.pcec-n witiiiut vit-iole emotion m
j which he protested his innocence.
I Thirty seconds after the trap was
i sprung the murderer died without a
About twenty witnesses were allowed
within the enclosure.
The crime f r whic h Tiird was exe
cuted was 01. e which startled the en
lire country ar.d attracted .more at
tention from the fact that it was at
first repoited uuiirg the great Klon
dike rush of p;.i7-f'S. The man had
staitecl up the Yukon river with two
companions. One day his two com
panions were found to be missing.
When questioned, Bird stoutly main
tained that they had gone o:T on a
prospecting expedition. There was still
a suspicion, however, that all was not
light, end a thorough investigation
v.as rtartc-d with the result that the
bodies of the two men were found, rid
d!d with but Uhut.
The motive of the crime has not jet
been discovered. Bird was tried and
personal appeals urging ck-mency have
been repeatedly made to the authoiitiws
at Washington. The case was carried
U the supreme court.
Held on to the Tree.
Some people go on using coffee for a
great many years , without showing
much effect cf the drug, but as a rule
ii is slowly doing its ill work, and the
time will come when the stomach or
nerve ciisease of some, kind will show
An interesting case is that of a man
who drani- coffco for a great many
years before h felt ti.f effect of it. He
jays further: "Finally my health be
gan Co give way, and I first noticed be
ing dii:;:y headed and 1 began to hive
sptils of heart trouble, rapid palpita
tion of the heart, and dizzy, sick feel
ings like I was going to die.
My appetite "ofesan to fail and I had
a sore, distressful pain in my side. I
noticed that my n.--mo:y was not as
good as it had been aad that worried
me seme.
Cue day I r;r;-.pcu out of my shop
lo wait on a lady when all at once
i became Mi-.d and staggered along
Mi-2 a drunken man until I ran against
one of the rhade trees whic h I grasped
or I would have . fall -n. Cold sweat,
steed out c.i me end 1 sunk clown 0:1
ther grour.l and it was a l ing time be
fore I l-rc-ivered mys-cl:' again.
"The family dec tor. who was called
ir.. advise-.! me to eiuit coffee and try
Pot turn Foo l Coffe e. J the-ught it
would be a big und-, rttikhig t i quit
ceffee. but when I got r.:y cup of Pac
tum it satir'lod my coffee taste, and
fixre. that !:;.- "1 1 began to feel b t
ter. Tkiat wen three years age sr.d I
h;:v; rever 1 an;.' ordinary coffee
rir.ee, but have stuck I. Postur.i.
"Vlu:i 1 .jiiit ifle - I w i ighe.i J sr.
pc'.-.n-ei:-. my w ig'nt row 5s about 173.
For a long v. 'aiio p .,...,1,. kept talking to
roc about .the? th-p.'-e. I had b--.-p. a
v.-i i :.!:: i d, run-down, old man; but am
ii-.w fheliy. my rliin : tro .th. go -d col
or, and when I walk 1 rf;i out '.ike a
healthy man c-ucht to.
"I hor.e: tly believe Posti-.m saved mv
life, for T w:: sUripiy ),..: e; poiso-e.-i to
death. Now i e.:a rat- a nylhii-.j; t want
and naturally enjoy Lie." same given
by Postum Co., Cattle Creek, Mich.
The Corairiittse Directed, to
Mske Report Today
The Opening of the Last Full Week
in Both nouses Marked by a Flood
of New Bills More Talk of Adjourn
ment on Friday.
A move was made in the house yes
terday afternoon fer the calling of the
Cowan bill out of the hands of the en
rolling and engrossing lommitt'e. Ear
ly in' the a f tern ion session Mr. Cowan
offered a resolution directing the com
mittee to rep lit the bill today. It wa-i
manifest that the resolution would be
opposed. Mr. R..we who is lighting the
bill objected at first because the resolu
tion was offered out of the regular
course, insisting that it must come in
under the head of "nlher business."
That head was reached later when Mr.
Uo'.ve again objected on the ground
that it was offered one day too early.
I'nder the rule of the house the com
mittee might hold the bill tcr five
days. He contended that it had been
in the possessinn of the committee only
four duys. having been committed only
last Wednesday. It would therc-roie re
tl'jirc in his opinion a two third:: v.ita
to cail it out sooner. There turned
out to fca a difference of e;::nion re
gardir.K ihe d.ays thai, should be con
sidered in the count. The opponents of
the bill held to thf belief that Sunday
ami days over which cn adjournment
had been t.i:-:tn could not be counted
The speaker decided that they might
bo so cc-unted and the resolution wan
adoptej. The friends of the bid said
they could ha-ve mastc-i cd (he two
thirds vote if had been necessary.
Nothing else occuried during the day
to disturb the serenity cf the house.
Another iiouJ of bills was poured in as
if the members thought the bess'on
v.as going to last all summer. Some
of them were the following: Bj- Mr.
Woolf (by request.) tor the protection
of ureter users. It reouires that canal
companies shall keep an open record
of the users cf water under their sys
tems, with the amount of water each
has contracted for and the amount that
ha;; been delivered tc ee.cii. There
snail also be a lecord of toe tlo.v of
water for eveey day; by Mr. Marlar, to'
prohibit Wawdy -hous-js within -CO ya.c'.:
of any railroad . depot in a town cf
2, CCO or more. A violation of the pro
visions cl the till ii to be made a
ptnitentiary oftense; by Mr. Herr,
authoi izing the repair cf the territorial
blidge across the 'iila at Florence at
a cost not exceeding by Mr.
Harrow (by ie rJe:-t) to prevent the in
troduction ar.d spread of scab among
shaep. The bill contemplates the ap
pointment Uf a sheep inspector whose
compensation shall he five cents a head
inspection and fifteen cents for in-
spce tioii and dipping; by Mr. Webb,
amending the water i.iws by providing
that by the bank-, of a canal .'shall
be understood n.i area 011 each side
eyual to half the width cf the i-anai;
by Mr. Webb, prGv;di:irr for the pay
ment of interpreters in criminal cases:
in justices courts supeivkors nay
authorize their employment at a salaiy
i.-f not more than t-SiO a day and in
district courts nor mere than $f. a day;
by Mr. Ingalls Tor the cave cf depend
ent and delinquent children under the
age of sixteen. The bill provides
among other tilings for the establish
ment of a juvenile-court anJtheappoint
ir.tnt cf pr-ihatie.n officers, "'hey .shall
have jurisdiction over dependent and
delinquent children and the children of
cruel or depraved parents: by Mr. Herr
1 egu!ath-g- the hours of labor on public
v.ciks. The hours are Used at eight
and any violation extent in cases of
emergency shall be legarded as a mis
demeanor: 'by Mr. Morrison, for the
protec tion of employes who are mem
bers of iaber moons: it is made an of
fense to discriminate against an em
ploye bi:;au; e he is a member of a
union; by Mr. Morrison (by request)
for the encouragement of railroad con
struction by exemption from taxation
for a period of ten years. A resolution
was adopted calling out of committees
all bills which have been in their pos
session for t"n days.
The council was in session only half
an hour. President Ives was still un
able, to be present. There had been
an improvement in his i' onJiti :n but
yesterday morning there had been a
1 elapse and a. physician was in at
tendance upon him.
The following bills were introduced:
By Dr. Whiteside, authorising the f,cv
e::;cr to ap.Hihu a commission to the
Et. J.ouis exposition and inakhig pro
vision for an eshihil; by Dr. Y.'hiter-i !:.
fixing the salary of the territiria!
tieasurer at ?-.S.' a yeir; by Mr. I fur
sou, amending the law with reference
to appnals from boards of i-oualization;
by Dr. Whiteside?, providing ;or the
election of clerks cf courts. The oniy
menstire finally disposed cf v.as the
houcc bill providing for the h.-ldiag of
meeting:; of stockholders a-.-.a directors
of cci poratior.s outside the territory.
It was Indrii finitely postponed, y. ,-eiaI
bills were receivl from the house.
These with th new mils introduced
'.hi; ty-eisht In oil weie sc-n; t) Ur
cmir-itices and that will in ::11 nbe
bilily bo tb-- l:it that wiH -,-.; j,..
hi r. i-il of the mo: t cf the::;.
?7o move was mailt in Ihe Mutter of
the tvnman suffrage bill an;! ul
writing it is impossible to predict with
any hope i-m ccsm who-i action will
be- token ii. :n it. There was more talk
outside the session. of sine die adjourn
r.i..:t 011 i'liday. The council p.,
s:.i 1 t; be ::l.;i:( e pfally :ivl,
cd 011 the' question but at pres
ent the ioajo.hy . f th... 1- mem
bers e v agaiiT-t an adjournment be
fore the tiu-.e fixed by law as the last
day of the session.
They Replied by Trying to Fire the
Salt Lake, rtah, March 9. A special
prayer for the minority democratic
members of the lower branch of the
legislature was uttered by Chaplain
Porter at the opening of today's session
of the house.
It provoked the wrath of the demo
crats, who sharply criticised Mr. Porter
for his utterances and later introduced
a resolution dismissing him from fur
ther service in the house. The- resolu
tion v.as defeated by a strict party
Held Down by an Act of the Kansas
Topeka, Kan., March 9. The house
of representatives passed a bill tonight
providing that the Kansas City stock
yards rates should be reduced twenty
five per cent and the profit on hay and
grain at the yards, should not be over
K.0 per cent.
The senate has already passed the
bill, and it will go to the governor for
his signature. The cattlemen secured
its pars:! go.
Mr. Cleveland's Thoughts. Removed
From Politics.
New Yoik, March 9. Former Presi
dent Orover Cleveland denied today
that he had come to New York for any
political purpose, as was rumored yes
terday. He said: "I came solely for
the purpose of addressing a meeting in
Brooklyn last night. Reports that I
had a talk with Eilwarel Shepard are
"I am not in politics. I am out for
good. I saw Mr. Shepard last night
for only two minutes, and politics did
not figure-in our conversation. Politics
in furthc.if st from my thoughts at pres
ent, though I am always ready to act
in an advisory capacity if so desired."
ConflictGrowing Oat of Organization
of Denver Country.
Denver, Colo., March 1). F. II. Walts,
chaiiman cf the board of county com
missioners of the old county of Arapa
hoe, through his attorney, J. T. Bot
icra, i-edo.y . applied, to the t'nlts-i
States circuit court for an injunction
to restrain the officials of the new
city and county of Denver from as
suming and performing the duties of
their offices, and for a writ of man
damus compelling C. S. Elder, treasur
er of Arapahoe county, to pay the war
rants issued by the old board of coun
ty tommissione; s since the date on
which the constitutional amendment
changing the organization went into
The claim is set up that the public
property of. the old county has been
Riven to Denver without comnensation
tj the taxpayers cl the old county
outside the limits of Denver. It is
further s-t forth that the old officer-;
were eicc teel for spec iflc terms of office
and that the provisions of the Rush
amendment are in violation of the con-
i stitution of the United States,
f o
Mexican Pete's Exhibition With Ous
Ruhlin. ;
Philadelphia, Fa., Idarch 9. Gits Ruh
lin and Mexican Pete Everett were
sc heduled to go six rounds at the Wash
ington club tonight. The bout, how
ever, lasted but a few minutes and was
a miserable exhibition on the part of
Fvercit. At the beginning of the sec
ond round he received a right-hand
blow on the face, dropped to the floor
and took the count.
A Score of Persons Attracted to the
Fire Ctught by Later Explosions,
Olean, N. Y., March 9. More than 1
sccre of people were killed and a largo
number injured by an explosion of oil
near here tonight. A freight train on
the Erie, made up principally ,of oil
tm'.i cars filled with oil broke in two!
near this city about 9 o'clock. Two sec- !
tions of the train e-ame together with a i
crash and one of the tanks was demol- !
ished. Fire broke out almost instantly,
and the sky was lighted up for miles.
in ihe niKrliei
O 10 of the
leatur.:-. is a
pleased at n.I time?,
to show you ihe
sult'luii 1 merits of
tliis wheel.
I am offering for sale 2, COO acres of
finest alfalfa land, 3 to G miles from
Phoenix; abundant water supply: di
vided in tracts to suit purchaser. This
is a money making opportunity for
stockmen and dairymen. For particu
lars apply to
?!. L. CH4NDLCR,
316 Fleming Block.
They Deny
of Complaint
There Was No Illegal Conspiracy Against the Company.
The Injunction Was Issued Without Notice and Was
Improperly Granted The Time for Argument on
Motion for Its Dissolution Will Be Set Today The
Attorneys for the Company Began a Study of the
Answer as Soon as It "Was Filed.
St. Louis. March 9. A sweeping de
nial of all charges made by the Wa
bash Railroad com) any in its bill of
complaint upon which was issued the
injunction to prevent a strike among
its employes, was contained in the an-rw-f.r
tc. the injunction suit fiied tociay
in the United States district court by
the counsel for the Wabash firemen
and trainmen. In support of the an
swer were filed, the affidavits of all
those named in the injunction. At 10
o'clock- tomorrow morning Federal
Judge Adams will set a date for argu
ments for and against the answer.
The motion tc dissolve the injunction,
briefly stated, is based 011 the grounds
that thc writ of injunction was im
providently granted; that the charges
of illegal conspiracy contained in the
A large crowd of people left this city
for the scene of the fire.
Whilei they were lined up along the
tracks a terrific explosion occurred. The
flames communicated quickly to the
other tank cars and second and third
explesions followed each other in rapid
succession. Sheets of flame shot out in
all directions. Scores of persons were
caught within the zone of fire and en
veloped in flames. Men and boys ran
screaming down the tracks with their
clothinsr ablaze. , Others fell where they
stcod, overcome by the awful heat.
Just how many wre killed is not
known, as many of the bodies were in
cinerated. Word was sent at once to the Olean
police headquarters by telephone. Ev
ery doctor and ambulance in the city
was summoned. Grocery wagons! and
carriages of all kinds were pressed into
service and everything possible was
done to bring the injured without delay
to hospitals for treatment.
At midnight the first of the injured
arrived at the hospital. They were four
boyp. Their injuries were frightful.
Great patches of flesh were burned off
and hung in shreds from their bodies.
Though He Had fhe Fight With
O'Keefe All But Won.
1 -
Portland, Or., March 9. Jack O'Keefe
cf Chicago was given the decision on a
f..ul tonight in the sixth round cf a
contest with Jimmy Hritt of San Fran
c'.iic o at the Pastime club. Referee Jack
Grar.t claimed that Rritt hit O'Keefe
below the belt with his left in a mix
up and accordingly sent Britt to his
corner, awarding the contest to
O'Keefe. !
From the beginning to the end Britt
had the fight well in hand and in the
sixth round had O'Kee.'e going. It was
clearly apparent that O'Keefe, who
was bleeding profusely from the nose
snd was very groggy, could not last
another round. O'Keefe went te, his
fir.ees twice in the sixth round from
Kritt's teriifie leads in the stomach and
lights on the face.
Dr. .T. D. Fentcn was called ta exam
ine O'Keefe. He stated after an ex
amination that he found O'Keefe had j
been injured by a blow struck some
distance' below the belt.
Washington, March 9. Ex-Senator
Jones cf Arkansas is confined to his bed
by an attack of grip.
El Rancho Bonito
Ii. D. Evans, M. A.
(C'aiiibridfre. Fnirluuil.)
Pai.l-un -Capital. $100,000. Stiri.lus
Ji. Ii. UAHh, President. 1 . Fl-.MBKK TON, Vice Pres. H. J. M'CLUNG. Cashier
L. I.. LARIMER. Assistant Cashier.
Pteel-Iined Vaults and Steel Safety Deposit Poxes, General Banking; Busi
ness. Drafts 0:1 all principal cities of the world
DiHICIORM-t. B Gaqe, T. W. Pm.bf rtoo, F M. Murphy, 0. M. ferry, R. . Fredericks, t. H. Ch.lm '
crft, r. I. Vktr. J M. rurc, n. j, Mc clung
it;VP,.Caita1' SIOO.tKW.OO. Surplus nml iVrlivirtorl Profits, ?5O,0O0 00
F. ed
H- fc,UER,TS',
BicHiklyn Chronic Steel-hned Vaults
John C llerndon.
"""" ujru.u. iutc-cors j. . ivi
I', u. ltrecht, 1). M.
Dong Distance
Suite 4 Union Block
Brokers In Real Estate, Mining and Mining Stocks. Coirespondenee solicited,
and Information cheerfully given. (
.the AJlBgaiNv in the Bill
bill of complaint were unfounded and
disproved; that there isi no equity in
the bill of complaint; that the injunc
tion was issued without notice, and
that all the material charges in the
bill will be denied. '
President Ramsey of the Wabash and
the company's legal counsel begin fhe
preparation cf their arguments against
the answer immediately after it was
filed at 10:05 a. m. and continued all
day and into the night. ,
The counsel for the Wabash em
ployes spent the day lounging about the
city and will continue to leisurely spend
the time intervening before the hear
ing of the arguments. None of the
brotherhood officials have left the city
and all express themselves as well sat
isfied, with the answer as filed.
The State and Fraternal Societies to
Which Victim Belonged.
Wateibury, Conn., March 9. Re
wards to the amount o" several thous
and dollars will be offered for the ap
prehension of the murderers uf Police
men Mendelsohn who was killed in an
attack upon a street car he was guard
ing. Today the board of aldermen and
board of public safety adopted resolu- .
tio.is rec-ommendins that the state's at
torney be petitioned to offer a reward
cf $3,000 for that purpose, to be paid
by the state of Connecticut.
The board itself . will add to that
amount. Magnolia Lodge, K. of P.,
offers a reward of ?500, and a like
amount has been offered by Moshogan
Lodge, I. O. O. F. The officer was a
member of both of these fraternities.
Pittsburg, March 9. In a ten-round
fight tonight between Joe Walcott and
Mike Donoyan, Walcott secured the de
cision. Donovan stood the punishment
well, but was entirely outclassed by
the negro, who landed his blows when
and where he pleased except in the
sixth and seventh rounds, when Dono
van made a stand and kept his oppon
ent busy avoiding his fierce rushes.
Neither man was severely punished in
the bout.
Under the Utah canal, 80 acres
all in alfalfa; fine stand; property
highly improved; small residence;
good well and fences.
Can be purchased at a figure
Far Below
Actual Value,
and is just the place for an ln
t vestor In this locality who desires
to make money.
Dwigiit B. Heard,
Center and Adams Sts.
and ITn!ivll1 Pr.ft.c t--.nnnnn
' W- C' H-ixlroN, Assistant Cashier.
end Safe Deposit Hoses. A general hank-
. aturnny. l-.. is. uane. Alorii Onlilwntr
Ferry, K. N. Fredericks.
Telephone No. 5til.
Prescott, Arizona.

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