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; published by the
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The Good Faith of Senator Quay.
; We are sorry to see that some of the
papers in this territory are following
the lead of Senator Tillman in charging
Senator' Quay with bad faith in his
advocacy of the statehood bill. Many
democratic papers in the east at once
accepted the Tillman view that Sena
tor Quay "buncoed the democratic sen
ators," and was using the omnibus bill
merely as a stalking horse to cover his
fight against other measures to which
he was opposed, but it is a poor sort of
gratitude as well as bad judgment for
Arizona people to accept these charges
and insinuations ' against the distin
guished Pennsylvania senator.
Senator Tillman himself was opposed
to the omnibus bill, as he admitted in
the very speech which he made in criti
cism of Senator Quay. It is somewhat
important that the public should know
the facts, for it is advisable that there j
should be no disposition anywhere to
displace Senator Quay as the leader of
the statehood forces next winter. The
Congressional Record of March 2 con
tains Tillman's remarks and Mr. Quay's
dignified reply to Tillman's coarse
charges, and this is what Mr. Quay
am deeply indebted to my friend
the Senator from South Carolina for his ,
tribute to my astuteness as a politician,
He simply stopped short of standing
for the statehood-bill land keeping it in
the foreground when he was confronted
with the alternative of keeping up the
statehood fight or forcing an extra ses
sion, and I am inclined to think that
there is room for honest difference of
opinion between members of this body
when confronted by such an alterna
Mr. President, the democratic mem
bers of this body, with two exceptions.
were honestly and sincerely in favor of
the admission of the three territories
mentioned in the omnibus bill that
came from the house, and they volun
teered to follow the senator from Penn
sylvania, knowing the solid front that
was presented on the democratic side,
because we thought that by thus doing
we could strip from the struggle a po
litical complexion and not give to the
opponents of statehood a chance to
say that it was a democratic measure
and that t was being urged for demo
cratic purposes.
"In standing for statehood I knew,
and my democratic colleagues knew,
that New Mexico was as unerring re
publican as the state of Rhode Island:
that thestatus of the politics of Ari
zona at least was in doubt; and that
Oklahoma would in all human proba
bility make a republican state. But we
stood for statehood because we believed
that these territories possessed the area
and the population and the character
of population and the assets that were
necessary to make them coequals with
the other states of this union.
"We did not allow the fear of political
adversity in the event of their admis
sion to stand between us and what we
conceived to be our duty, not only as
American citizens, but as members o
a party that declared In its national
convention for the admission of these
three territories, as those who opposed
the admission of the territories are
members of a party that likewise de
clared in favor of the admission of
these three territories. I do not like to
see a friend of statehood, upon what
ever side of this chamber he may be,
accused of acting in bad faith under
the circumstances as we know them to
The gallant fight made by Senator
Quay for the admission of these terri
tories has merited the unqualified grat
itude of everybody in the territories,
and the populistic Tillman should not
be permitted to lead the democrats of
Arizona astray.
'Democrats Getting Together,
The democrats in the nation continue
to "get together" somewhat as the
cats of Kilkenny met, you understand.
In pursuance of the campaign of har
mony, the Brooklyn Eagle, a leading
democratic organ of the east suggested
a few days ago that the Hon. William
but if the senator from South Carolina Jennings Bryan may find his right to a
happened here last June before ever the contested. "The report against seating
him may be presented by David B,
Hill," said the Eagle, "and may be de
clared carried by Grover Cleveland in
the chair."
To which the Omaha World-Herald,
of which Mr. Bryan- was editor when
nominated the first time for the presi
dency, replies:
"There are a great many mighty good
democrats in this country who would
not object to being thrown out of the
kind of a "democratic convention' that
would permit Grover Cleveland to pre
side over its deliberations."
Mr. Bryan himself continues to dis
cuss in the Commoner the merits of his
fellow democrats as they are suggested
for the nomination, and so far he has
found each of them lacking in the
qualification which appeal to the
Bryan democracy.
trust question became a question of
paramount importance, before, I might
say, the trust campaign was opened, he
will remember that then a unanimous
consent agreement was made putting
the. statehood bill forward at the be
ginning of the present session.
"As to the senator's implication that
on account of my state or on account
of any trust in. it, although I am in
terested very much in my state, and
also, as I mentioned the other dav,
somewhat in trusts, I had any inten-
tion whatever of interposing the state
hood bill as a protection to the trusts,
in . behalf of the trusts, the senator has
said what is not true. If he will reflect
a moment about what has transpired
in relation to the bill he will know that
is not true.
did think that some of my col
leagues might have more resolutely an
tagonized what transpired in a certain
conference which is said to have oc
cured somewhere, but otherwise it is
my belief that all those on this side of
the chamber who favored the staehood
bill and who stood resolutely against
the advice and the influence of their in- j
riuential colleagues on this side and I
against the abuse of the newspapers of
the north and of this city were faithful
to the last, except I say in that one
instance I thought they might have
stood more directly and stoutly.
"Now, I do not think it is necessary
to say anything more in reply to the
senator, except that during the prog
ress of the discussion and the voting I
never understood that the senator from
' South Carolina for one was following
very persistently under my leadership
until he mentioned it tonight."
Senator Quay's own word is suffi
cient, for as It happens, he is a man
whose mere word is unquestionable by
all who know him.' But for the benefit
of our democratic friends we subjoin
the manly speech made by Senator
Patterson of Colorado immediately fol
lowing the colloquy between Senator
Quay and Senator Tillman:
"Mr. President, as a member of the
committee on territories. I am quite
unwilling to let the record stand that
the democratic members of that com
mittee are accused of being dupes either
of the senator from Pennsylvania (Mr.
Quay) or those upon the republican side
who follow him, and I am quite unwill
ing either to allow the senator from
South Carolina (Mr. Tillman) to take
" the ground unchallenged of 'I told you
so,' when he, during the entire state
Hood struggle, with another democratic
member was found, whenever vote3
were taken, In close alliance with the
republican majority that opposed state
hood. "Mr. President the truth is, so far as
every democratic member of the com
mittee on territories is concerned, that
we hav.e now and we have had the most
implicit faith in the good faith of the
senator from Pennsylvania in this
statehood fight. The only fault that
Fibroid Tumors Cured.
A distressing case of Fibroid Tumor,
which baffled the skill of Boston doctors.
Mrs. Hayes, of Boston, Mass., in
the following letter tells how she was
cured, after everything else failed, by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Mrs. Hayes' First Letter Appealing to airs. Pinkham for Help :
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her medicine which she knew would help her--her
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Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is worth five dol
lars a drop. I advise all women who are afflicted with tumors or
female trouble of any kind to give it a faithful trial." (Signed) Mrs.
E. F. Hayes, 252 Dudley St., (Hoxbury) Boston, Mass.
Mountains of gold could not purchase such testimony or tako
the place of the health and happiness wftieh Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound brought to 31rs. Hayes.
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evidence that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound stands
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Mrs. Hayes at her above address will gladly answer any letters
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Her gratitude to Mrs. Pinkham and Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
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pound that is curing so many women, and no other medicine ; don't for
get this when some druggist wants to sell you something else.
vCflfin FORFEIT if wo cannot forthwith produce the original letters and signatures of
abuva le.tiiuoui&ia, vkich will prore their absolute genuineness.
WttUwi Ljdia U. i'lukhaiu Medicine Co., Lynn, Jlaea.
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pean playing cards. A kindled illus
tration is the use of the split arrow as a
visiting card. Games in which two
sided wooden dice are employed, and
No doubt that strenuous school'
teacher who used her fists upon two
stalwart youths to enforce upon them
in which counting Is done on a circular the necessity of obeying the school's
or cross shaped diagram, constitute a rules and regulations was venturesome
third group of instances. Finally, j to a certain-degree. But to prove that
mention is made of sports and cere- j she dared this form of punishment be
monies in which darts are thrown at a cause she was extremely athletic or
Pommeling and Publicity.
Wellesley goes in heavily for physical
culture nowadays, and it seems to have
produced a female Glass in Miss Mary
L. Rogers, who made her first day as
a teacher at the Pawtucket high school
forever memorable by thrashing the
captain of the foot ball team, a six-;
footer, and reducing to submission an
other youth who plays foot ball. "It
may be," says the young Amazon, "that
the measures taken to demonstrate
that I would maintain discipline were
somewhat drastic, but what I did was
entirely justifiable. I regret that the
matter must become public, but as long
as it must the facts should be stated,
and I believe that it will have a good
effect. If it will result in better disci
pline, it will be something accom
plished." Miss Rogers evidently be
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spider web or
America the Cradle of Aiia.
Professor Stewart' Culin, the well
known Philadelphia ethnologist, is not
a believer in the theory that all of
America's prehistoric civilization was
derived from Asia. In Harper's
Monthly for March he presents some
of the evidence which leads him to
think that many of the customs com
mon to localities in both of these great
geographical divisions originated in
what is perhaps erroneously called the
, new world. Divination and gambling
with thin sticks, like split arrows.
we have to find with him is that he did : which were decorated and arranged in
not keep up the fight to the last and suits of nine, are among these practices,
either secure a vote upon the statehood Incidentally, it is suggested that a clew
bill or force an extra session. I is thus afforded to the origin of Euro-
very brave and courageous seems like
nonsense. The true inwardness of the
situation may be found in the fact that
the pupils she attacked were as chival-
Professor Culin does not give the rous as they were strong. Of course.
! they would not strike back and she
knew it. Boston Transcript.
"Tiie things tnat count." said the
Manayunk Philosopher, "are not so
much what we get as what we keep."
"Yes, especially servant girls," replied
his wife.
Ask your doctor about Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral for colds, cough?, croup, asthma,
bronchitis, consumption. He knows.
J.O. AyerCo..
Lowell, Mao..
rolling hoop that has
netting on it.
The matter is not discussed at suffi
cient length to be altogether convinc
full fruit of his own extensive investi
gations S One or two of the cases which
he cites, such as the Aztec game of pa
tolli, have been used as arguments in
support of views diametrically opposed
to his own. Nor does he clear up such
puzzles as the existence in America of ,
articles of jade, c mineral that has not
yet been found here unwrought. Much
uncertainty remains, too, about the
relative age of the American and Asi
atic usages which he cites. If ther3
were any definite chronology, so that
a comparison could be made, as with
the Babylonian and Hebrew legends,
one might be able to say with less hes
itation which was parent and which
was child.
It must be conceded that the time has
not arrived for reaching satisfactory
conclusions in regard to the origin of
American civilization. More headway
has been made in that direction than
toward a decision about man's anti
quity on this continent, but concerning
both the wisest scholars are still a good
deal in the dark. Some day discoveries
may be made which will fix approxi
mately the time when the human race
made its first appearance in America.
If it shall then appear probable that the
development was practically contempo
raneous with the earliest traces of
primitive man in Europe and Asia,- the
case for an independent evolution of
civilization would be greatly strength
ened. At present the preponderance of
testimony is in favor of the view that
both the stock and the culture were
Imported from Asia. Since the world is
not yetn a position to pass judgment,
it is not unreasonable to sympathize
with Professor Culin's notions, espe
cially since he puts them guardedly. He
does not go so far as to avow, as one
might expect from the title of his ar
ticle, that Asia learned everything from
the western continent. He merely
suggests that "America may have con
tributed, to an extent usually unimag
ined. her share of what is now the
world's civilization." That is not a
radical suggestion by any means. New
York Tribune. . . . - -
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