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10, 1903
T 7
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The Defendent Tells the Story cf the
Death of Cameron.
Tile t hief event of the trial of Josii'li
Anderson yesterday was the testimony
of the defendant, which occupied most
of the afternoon. The ca.se was re
ruined in the morning with Che re-cult
of Joe liomis, the main witness for the
territory, u hi. had been excused the
veiling bt f ore. His testimony comaitv
ed little that had not been gone uvor
by him on his first appearance on th
stand. It related, to the conduct f the
defendant and Cameron, the man who
was killed, in the evening, just hefo.e
. the shoring. Other witnesses for t"ie
territory were V. J. Seymore. J. Mi
randa and Eva Schoshusen. As they
v. iri not eye-w itnesses and had sen.
little of either Anderson or Cameron
iu the evening before the killing their
evidence ivas not of great interest.
The territory lested before nooiand
sit 1 : Si o'clock the defendant went on
the stand. He denied all the occur -!
dices related by Komig. He had not
been drunk, had not threatened 'ani
eron and had no trouble with him.
His story of the killing was as fo! ,
lows: Some time before Cameron ha-1
been arrested for branding some cattle
belonging to Henry Wills. He had a
preliminary hearing in Phoenix and
was discharged for a lack of evidence.
Wills had not abandoned his attempt
U- r cover the cattle, and Cameron
showed a disposition to make tern:.-,
v It!' hi"?. Wills Mnd .I'npipr n bwi
talked the affair over and had agreed
upon the defendant as arbitrator. This
selection had been made known to Ai:
iififo:i about a week or ten days before
the killing. Cameron was the first :
tell him of it. On the morning of the
day of the shooting the defendant
and Cameron left one of the Anderson
ranches to go to Agua Caliente to se;-
Wills and have the matter settled. They
ar rived at the home of Cameron's fath
er, two - mites .from jVfirua Caliente. in
the afternoon, and, having had dinner,
went t.i a corr.tl where they expected
to' find the cattle and Wills. The d
fendutit said thi-t on three cf the car
tie claimed ljy Oum?ron the brands had
been so plainly evinced, he told Cam
eron he ouU' have ; to .decide against
-him. as to those animals', and he ad
vised him to give th-m up if he could
escape prosecution. Villi- was not at
the corral and th.- defendant and Cam
(pin went to Agua Caliente and stop
ped -at a silor.n. Cameron suggested
an early conference with Wills and An
derson w. to his hot!1? and told hi'n
that Cameron, wanted to see him. They
had a meeting later in t he evening,
and. while there wis no juarrel. noth
ing had been dec ided x upon. In th-'
course of the evening Cameron said li
tie about 1 he arbitration. There were
several d ginks during the night. When
they got ready to go ho, re Wills asked
them, standing in front of a saloon, in
have a drink. Anderson went with him.
but Cameron refused to go and made
Some remar k showing that h ' wis dis
satisfied with the course of Anderson.
Anderson had been riding a horse be
longing to Cameron.' After the remark
by Cameron. Anderson' told him that if
he felt that way about it he would not
rid his horse. 1!e put his saddle on
smother horse and rode away with n
young man by the name of Kobei-t
Cameron had one away, r. - cording to
the testimony -f the witnesses for the
territory, frni!
hour before the
and Lciteh. About ten minute?
from Agua "al!ente. th? withes;
they came rpoi: a man sitting
Cameron rode between Lciteh and An
derson and accused the latter of hav
ing given htm the worst of the cattle
transaction. The defendant said the
manner 'of Cameron was abusive and
threatening. The witness told him to
go his road and he would go hi?. where
upon Cameron sard. "I, have a griev
ance and will settle it right here. H
made a motion as if to draw his gun.
when the witness fired four times ar.d
Cameron tell from his saddlv
The cross-examination was rigi'.
The witness was asked if he had not
told a woman, Mrs. W:rdwell. that he
had killed Cameron because lie was
jealous of his attentions U h?r. The
witness said there had been no conver
sation of the sort: he had never seen
the woman but twice in his life.
District Attorney Mater asked the
witness if he had served a term in th'
He replied that he ha 1
ron imrAMASf
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make. We are sole agents for .this .best-of all good
clothing. Our assortment embraces every style and
cloth. Prices are no hiherithah what you have to pay
for the infeiior kind.
h?!f ai hf.nr to
departure .f Anderson
' r id
on a
evidently waiting. When they
up to him. the witness said, h
thought it was Cameron, and. eallinp.
asked. "Is that you. Hilly?" to whkli
Cameron replied. "Yes. by-God, it is."
li anybody is sick
that Miakes it all
iliat vou should come to
served a part of a term for a murder
ous assault, but that he had previously
paid Judge Maker $2"00 for defending
him. '
Other witnesses for the defense were
Henry Wills and H. M. Wills. Their
relation of the cattle transaction and
of the occurrences of 'the evening
agieVd with the story of th" defendant.
The ' prosecution tried to show that
their testimony was Influenced by their
itl-feeling for Cameron.
Leiich. the only eye-witr.ess of th--shooting,
will testify tomorrow.
The court decided not to hold the jury
'Hgether over Sunday, but he caution-d j
the inemb'i'S ..priliist a idscir-s!or; if ti-.'.-1
ase and nkel them t report to thl
ouj t th" :r,.m f rry tr..iu v ho m'.r'. '
try to. open a discussion of the sub-
Some minor business, consist ins of
the setting of motions, was transacted.'
In the damage suit of 11. J. Galpin '
against the Phoenix Street Railway
company, there was an order dismiss'.n,": I
it at the cost of the defendant. A simi
lar ee.se by Daniel OLeary against the;
same. defendant is set for trial tomor
row, j ,
o ;
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The following dispatch to r. I.os An
geb paper from Kakersfleld en May
S credits Arizona with coming to the
front first in the matter of rewards for
the rapture of Outlaw McKinney. The
r eward offered by Governor Mrodie, like
that offered by Governor Mar-dee of Cal
ifornia, was for arrest and ronvietior..
but it is probable Gover nor Miodie, like
the California governor, will waive the
technicality and pay lire reward if the
law will permit hinr to do so. The tele
gram from Makersfied says:
"City marshal Tibhet, the slayer of
Outlaw McKinney. today received u
check for from Sheriff Lovin c'
Mohave coulny, A. T., the amount of
fered by thar offic ial for the capture
of the outlaw, dead or alive. The mon
ey was immediately divided between the
widows of the two officers who died in
the final battle at the josshouse, all
other participants having waived therr.
"The sheriff suggests that a certificate
of the outlaw's death be sent Governor
Mrodie to collect the $'00 offered by the
territory. The matter of the reward of
fered by the governor of California will
rlso be taken up by Sheriff Kelly-
through ths Sheriffs' association, and.
j although this was for arr est and con-
Iction, it is thought that it will be paid
.vithout Question under the circum
stances. All rewards, will also be turn
ed over to the widows of the dead officers.",..
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mm mm
your attention to
th e enormous
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Harvard Mech
cl College, ex
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oers and external growths removed with
out to kntte. The reason of the doctor's
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liour.' 10 10 12, 1 to .'). 6 to 7. '
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