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There Is Little Doubt of the Ratifica
tion of the Treaty.
Outfitters to All Mankind.
ej We make everything that is made or can be made
N of canvas, such as Tents, Awiungs, Wagon Covers,
Kj Duck and Khaki Clothing, Cyanide Tank Covers, Ore
g Sacks, etc. at a factory to User Price. We are also
$ jobbers and retailers of Hunting, Sporting and Camp
p ing Goods, Miners' Supplies and Bicycles, and can
j save you money on any of the above, besides giving
I 3'ou strictly first grade goods.
Try Us on a Mail Order. Send For Catalog.
.H. HoepeCo.
138-140-142 South Main St., .
Los Angeles, Cal.
Washington. D. C, May 9. The sub
committee of the Isthmian canal com-
mission, consisting of Rear Admiral
"Walker. General Halnea and Professor
Burr, which visited the Isthmus of Pan
ama to Inspect the work and property
of the New Panama Canal company,
has returned to "Washington. The mis
sion of the committee was accomplished
quicker than was' anticipated. The coin
mission found that while the canal
' fotipp.ny has employed upon the work
about 1200 men, little In a definite or ef
fective' way is being accomplished,
j Just enough work Is being done to
I keep the project alive. Members of the
commission say the ratification of the
canal treaty by the United States sen
ate was received enthusiastically by
the people on the isthmils. Property
values have Increased rapidly and real
estate along the route of the canal con
tinues to rise. Members of the commis
sion are of-the opinion that the treaty
will eventually be ratified by the Co
lombian congress.
i Hold to Be Not Collectable in the Stat
of Kansas.
C. G
Miss Eva' Schoshusen of Mct'abe is
spending a few days with her parents
in Tempe.
Mrs. Andre and daughter drove over
to the Capital city yesterday.
J. V. Hale brought 200 head of cattle
in from the Gila yesterday for J. E.
Mr. Antranlg Azhderian, a native of
Armenia, will speak in the Baptist
church this morning at 11 o"colck Mr.
Azhderian comes highly recommended
Ly many of the most distinguished di
vines of the country, and a most cordial
Invitation is extended by Rev. Newber
ry, the pastor, to hear him at this
morning's service.
The ball given by the Normal Danc
ing club on Friday evening was a nu
merical and financial success. A num
ber of Mesa young people were present
find about iorty couples from Phoenix.
Mr. and Mrs. "W. E. Mullen drove over
to Mesa yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Schmidt are spending
the day as the guests of "W. Percy
mith of Scottsdale.
'seriously ill on Friday evening and yes
terday was but little improved.
j Those registering at the Casa Loma
yesterday were: L. A. Balch. Denver,
,H. M. "Weirick. R. I. Gregg, Phoenix..
Hytler Bros, are carrying a complete
line of gents' furnishing goods and.
have just added a first-class tailoring
Tope&a, May 9. The supreme courf
decided today that the price of Intoxi
cating llquore illegally sold In Kansa?
could not be recovered. The wholesale
liquor firm of Dreyfus & Jones of Kan
sas City sued Ooss & Towell, of Elgin,
! this state, to secure payment for a bar
rel of whisky sold them on time.
Goss & Powell contended that the sale
was made in Kansap, and. being con
trary to the laws of the state, recov
ery of the price for the same could not
be made. This view was upheld by th2
supreme court.
Wanted at once in Tempe, 50 good,
able-bodied men to work in hayfieVJ.
Andrew Nielsen.
Transcript of Record.
The following transcripts of the rec
ords of the offices of the district clerk,
the probate court and the county re
corder Is furnished by the Arizona Ab
stract and Title company.
The records for yesterday were:
Augustus c Sheldon and wife to
Piescott, Ariz.. May 9. Explosions In
the Copper Cobre mining company's
mine today resulted In serious injuries
to three men, one of whom will proba
bly die. A drift had failed to expiod.j
and the men were engaged in drilling
I it out when It exploded.
Princeton, N. J., May 9. Three thou
sand neranns witnessed the ' Vale-
Princeton dual meet held here today
the first In many years. Yale carried
Prosper P. Parker, three mining claims n he honors to the score of 75 to 9.
in W'innefred Mining district. , Princeton won only two firsts, Chapin
Jean I?. Washburn, et al.. to A. Ever- I taking the mile run and Dcwitt the
Ncshville. Tenn.; May 9. A Banner
special from Jackson, Miss., says: "All
the conductors, brakemen and yardmen
of the Mobile & Ohio railroad struck to
day In response to instructions ' from
the officers of the Order of Railroad
Conductors and Brotherhood of Rail
way Trainmen. The strike affects the
entire line from St. Louis to Mobile.
They Bested Their Father on a Simple
-Domestic Proposition.
ett Ball, lots 1. 2. 3. 4, 5, 6. blk 3, Capitol
addition to Phoenix.
A. Everett Ball to Jeonie Washburn
Higgins. same.
John F. James and wife to John Hi
gon, E 40 feet, lots 1, 2, 3. and 4, blk 21.
Montgomery addition.
Florence Bc-rcer and wife ta J X
Rev. Father Lane, who is the guest 'Terry, E 14 NW of NE Vi Sec. 31. 3 N.
f f M. E. Curry and family, was taken 3 E.
hammer throw.
Washington, D. C, May 9. Fore
cast: Wyoming Fair and warmer Sunday;
Monday, fair.
New Mexico and Arizona Fair In
south; showers in northern portion
Sunday and probably Monday.
John Kcndrlck Bang's reputation as
a humorist Is frrcly fixed; but such
small renown as a financier which he
poseorses' Is overshadowed by the tal
ent displayel by his two younger" tons,
aged respectively 10 and 11 years. Mr.
Bangs allows the young men 23 cents
each a week as spending money, which
amount seemed to be ample in view of
the fact that a!! expenses such as oar
fares and club dues are paid by their
doting father.
Mr. Bangs observed that the lacls tU
not save much out of their allowance,
and wishing to create a spirit of tin If t
in their young bosoms, made a propo
sition to give them each Monday an
amount equal to what they had saved
from their spending money the pre
vious Week, in addition to the regular
allowance. The boys put their heads
together with a result somewhat stait
ling to their father, for they came to
him last Monday each exhibiting 23
cents the entire previous week's
spending money, which they had hero
ically saved.
Mr. Bangs handed to each of them
50 cents and then casually asked:
"What are you going to doi with that
75 cents apiece, boys?"
"Oh, we're going to save it, and next
week we'll get a dollar'n half," cheer
fully responded the elder.
"And the wee'.: aftrr we'll get three
dollars," said his brother.
"We'll have enough saved up by the
Fourth of July to have a bully time,"
remarked the first one.
Mr. Bangs made some rapid calcula
tions, based on the boya' idea of what
doubling their savings meant, and
The Pacific coast la sending ccroKS
the continent and across the ocean for
oyster seed. The Pacific: coast is in
need of good oyster seed, and Japanese,
as well as Ameiican sned,- Is sought for
the beds. - That from the Atlantic scii
bcard is from Wareham, Mass.. where
the raising and shipping of sead h3
b-toms a considerable industry, it
doi.s not cost much mora to bring the
Ji'f.iricse oysters across the ocean ihxii
it docs to ship the Wareham sd by
rail, and the government Is especially
dfirous of havins the oriental stock
Even pickpocket- should have clean
hinds. Oiia tr.'t-J to rfmove tii valu
ables of a Plccadliiy "Irreproachable"
os he sauntered to his club the other
The irreproachable reized the thelt
Ly the rist, gaze.1 at his filthy paw,
and flung It from him with disgust,
"For gcodness sake, my good mail,
wash your hands before you put them
In a gentleman's pocket." London Express.
A Spring Medicine that adds vigor and strength to the system,
purifies and enriches the Blood, and lays the foundation for a
strong constitution and good health during the hot stiltry summer.
Most everybody feels bad in the spring. Some have no particular ailment but are just
tired, worn out and totall-- unfit for work or anything else that requires energy or effort.
The' mope around upon the border-land of invalidism, irritable, peevish, hysterical and
unreasonable. 1
A good appetite in the spring is a rarity, and we sicken at the sight of food, or thought
of eating, and what little we do eat is a burden to the stomach and a tax upon the digestion.
Warm weather is sure to bring out the hidden poisons, germs and seeds of disease that
have been collecting in the blood and system dur
ing winter, and you may look for some old chronic
trouble t6 make its appearance. It is a time, too,
when boils and carbuncles, and pustular or scaly
skin eruptions like eczema and tetter, pay their
annual visits and make life miserable by their
intense pains and intolerable itching and burning.
The fight for health should begin before ail'
warning symptoms of physical collapse are felt, or
before the seeds of disease have time to germinate
if we would avoid the usual spring sickness; and
with S. S. S., the acknowledged king of blood
purifiers and greatest of all tonics, you can put
3'our blood and system in such perfect condition
and so strengthen the constitution that one ma- be as free from sickness and as vigorous and
strong during the trying months of spring and depressing summer season as at any other time.
S. S. S. not only builds you up, but searches out and destroys any poisonous germs or
impurities that may be lurking in the blood. The benefits derived from the use of S. S. S.
are permanent because it acts directly on the blood and purifies and cleanses it of all impure
matter, leaving nothing to cause fermentation and deterioration of this life-giving fluid.
In selecting your blood purifier and spring tonic get one that long experience and thor
ough test have proven the best. In S. S. S. you will find a remedy whose purifying proper
ties are unquestionable, and just such a tonic as your system needs. Ask your druggist for
S. S. S. there is nothing else just as good.
For the past 40 years we have had a standing offer of $1,000 for proof that S. S. S. con
tains the least particle of any mineral whatever, and this offer is still open.
Nature's Remedy
Purely vegetable
Gentlemen. : For over four years I suffered with
general debility, causing a thorough breaking
down of my system, so th.t I was unable to attend
to my household duties. I had tried other medi
cines, which did not relieve me. Seven years ago .
my cousin, who had been benefited by S. S. S.,
told me about it. I tried it and it cured me. I have
been able to attend to my household duties ever
since, experiencing no inconvenience whatever;
in fact, I am able to work i:i the garden as well as
my house.
I heartily recommend El. S. S. to all who may
feel the need of a thoroughly good blood tonic,
feeling sure they will be benefited thereby.
Yours truly,
41 W. Ninth St., Columbia, Tenn.
..Prize Competition Open to Schoo
and Schoo! Girls of Arizona..
Will open a prize competition FREE on Monday, May nth, and closing Friday, May 29th, at 6 o'clock p. m. We recognize the fact
that advertising is an art in itself, and at the present time many men and women are earning large salaries from this source.
This Free Competition may open the way for some of you to start in a good paying business ; at all events it will cost you nothing, and will test
your abtlity in this branch of business. Go into it, Boys, and Girls, and show the people of Arizona, and the New York Store, what you can do. All
you have to do is to write an advertisement for the New York Store. The subject for boys is "Clothing, Men's Furnishings and Shoes' The subiect
for girls is "Dress Goods, Millinery and Ladies' Shoes."
Send your ' 'ad." to us through the post office. It will not be accepted if handed into the store. Your letter should be ad
dressed to "Prize Competition, The New York Store, Phoenix, Ariz."
5irst Prize 1 Pair Shoes, value . . . . . . . . $5 00
Second Prize 1 Hat, value 3 50
First Prize 1 Pair Shoes, value ........ $4 00
1 Hat, value ........... 2 50
Second Prize-
This competition is open to bona-fide school children, and the New York Store will trust in your honor not to accept help from
any one. Any MSS sent to -us will be considered our property and cannot be returned. We must also have full permission to
publish any or all of the f'MSS" sent to us.
Mr. Harvey J.Xee, Business Manager of The Republican, and Mr. Chas. E. Arnold, Business Manager of The Gazette, have kind
ly consented to act as judges, and on Friday, May 29th, the letters will be placed in their hands. They will then open them and
pass judgment on them; so all may be assured of fair treatment. '
Don't be afraid to come and ask for any information you may require. The New York Store takes a personal interest in each
one of you. We want to meet you and get to know you personally.
Be sure and sign your full name, post office, and name of your parents or guardians.
All teachers, parents and guardians will do well to encourage their children-to take part in this Free Competition
Yours Respectfully,
e w

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