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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, June 02, 1903, Image 9

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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1 MIDSUMMER ' . . 1
1 (nU.F.AIR AfJ. ATT.FJi
0 I 2sr rfirsy LasssZy L cS J sss, L-2asZy ss Li J.yy y g
0 .
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o I
Having bought very heavily at the beginning of this season, and owing to the fact that we have a larger stock on hand than we should have at this time of the year, therefore we have decided
everything we have in our stores, at Clearance Prices. NOTHING WILL BE RESERVED. Everything will go at Cut Prices.
Your dollars will bring you Mere Goods at this Sale than
at any previous offerings .J
Scotch Lawns, neat patterns,
worth 5e per yd. Clearance
Price per yard
Corded Lawns in assorted
regular price 62e per yard.
Clearance Price
per yard
Fancy Lawns, 27 inches wider"
1 good
quality, worth 10c per yard,
Clearance Price
per yard
Fancy figured Batiste, 30 inches wide.
in elegant patterns, worth
13c per yd, Clearance
Price per yard
Silk Mulls in all shades, regular price
35c per yard. Clear
ance Price
per yard
Silks & Dress Goods
Japcr.ese silk, 27 inches wide, in all
color3, regular price 60? I O 1 r
per yard, Clearance T".""lf
Price per yard '
Taffeta silks in solid colors, very best
quality, worth $1.00 per f f r
yard. Clearance Price t 1 I
per yard v.V v
Black guaranteed taffeta silk, 36 inches
wide, regular rrice $1.25 f"
per yard. Clearance Til
Price per yard
500 yards of fancy silks of all kinds,
worth from $1.00 to $1.50 7 ffe r
)er yard. Clearance v I
. Price per yard v
Cravenette Cloth for skirts or coats,
HO in-hes wide, worth f O
$1.50 per yard, Clearance Mill
Price per yard
Kttamines in solid colors, 42 inches
wide, a swell summer material,
worth $1.50 per yard, f Q
Clearance Price vl f) I
per yard VI V
Spangled jet trimming, 1 to 2 inches
wide, worth 35c per yard, f P"
Clearance Price III
per yard
Pearl trimming made of fine pearls,
worth 25c per yard, j A
Clearance Price I III.
per yard
Men's Furnishings
Men's black sox, "
worth 10c per pair; fl
Clearance Price per pair
Black and tan seamless Q
sox, worth 12'zic per pair, fiTTly
Clearance Price per pair " O v
Black; tan and fancy sox, f f
worth 15c per pair, I ll
Clearance Price per pair .... "
Men's cambric handker- J
chiefs, worth 8 l-3c each, "ItC
Clearance Price each i.' O
Men's hemstitched hand- f
kerchiefs, worth 12'ic each, OC
Clearance Price each....
Men's pink and blue undershirts and
drawers, 'worth 35c each, O f
Clearance Price 11
each LmVls
Men's ribbed and balbriggan under
wear, worth 50c each, O 7 I
Clearance Price -'
each Jl2
Serivens elastic seam drawers, reg
ular price 50c per pair,
Clearance Price I Is C
per pair
Fancy mesh underwear, open work,
very fine quality, worth Q A p
$1.25 each. Clearance II T I
Price each
Black and white duck overshirts, dou
ble f ronf and back, worth jy
50c each, Clearance "l Am I .
Price each " JL v
Soft negligee shirts in assorted colors,
worth 50c each, "f I
eacrn.c.:.Pr.'" 3i2c
Men's golf shirts, all col- I J y
ors, Worth 75c each, ! VC
Clearance Price each
White golf and chaml ray shirts, all
sizes, worth 90c each, P" f
Clearance Price 3 U C
Men's Madras golf bhirts In a fine line
of colors, worth $1.00 f f
each, Clearance li
Price each V W
WatcH our Daily Advertisements for New
Fancy embroidered
Swisses, tan and
black effects, worth
25c per yard. Clearance
Price per yard
Checked . Linen Homespun
wide, worth 25c per yard,
Clearance Price
per yard
, 27 inches
Linen Batiste, 32 inches wide
quality, worth 25c per
yard. Clearance Price
per yard
very fine
White India Linen, very fine quality,
in short lengths, worth
20e per yard, Clearance
Price per yard '
India Linen book fold, very firm.
nn, reg-
ular price 25c per yard.
Clearance Price
per yard
Muslins and
Bleached muslin a yard A g y
wide, 7'c ciuality, . Zf-
Clearance Price per yd ' jL
Unbleached muslin, 36 Inches wide, good
grade, worth 7c per yaid, P
Clearance Price T 1
per yard J J
IJleached muslin a yard wide, very soft,
no dressing, worth Sc r
per yard. Clearance "
Price per yard " v
Iionsdale muslin, best quality, yard
wide, sold for 10c per ? i
yard. Clearance Price
pfr yard '. 2
Fint? quality cambric, yard wide, worth
12'i- per yard, 7 I y
'lea ranee Price 1 C
p.r yard I 2
Pillow c asing, 42 inches wid.-, b-st qual
ity, worth 15e per yard, f
Clearance Price "
per yard I v
Same quality, 46 inches tit,
wide, worth 17Vic per yd, I IX C
Clearance Price per yd.... ' 2
Cheese cloth in assorted .
colors, worth Dc per yd, f
Clearance Price per yd jL v
Sheets made of Mohawk Valley sheet
ing, 72 inches wide, 90 inches long, torn
and ironedi sold for 65c A f
eac h. Clearance LJ P
Price each J J
Pillow cases made of same quality, 42
inches wide, 36 Inches long, j
worth 15c each, 111
Clearance Price each "
Bed spreads hemmed, ready for use,
good size, worth 90c f O i
each, Clearance f L f
Price each M km 2
Fringed bed spreads, extra heavy qual
ity, with knotted fringe, C 4 )p
sold for $1.75 each, I i
Clearance Price each....N'
Fijjicy cretonnes in assorted patterns,
just the thing for quilt cov- f
ering, worth 10c rer yard, l P
Clearance Price per yard " A
Japanese drapery in floral designs,
worth 15c per yard,
Clearance Price I
per yard ' "
Ladies' sample shoes of all kinds, most
ly small sizes, worth from fj f .
$1.50 to $2 pair. Clear- 1 M C '
ance Price, choice, pair
Ladies' sample oxfords, all sizes, worth
from $1.50 to $2.50 per P"
pair, Clearance Price iC
per pair
Misses' Fedora ties (shoes), brown or
red. Bold for $1.50 per Q
pair. Clearance Price fl tC
per pair -
Men's tan shoes and oxfords (a sample
lot); these goods are worth from $4.00
to $6.00 per pair, i TZ
Clearance Price X
choice per pair K
Men's patent kid shoes and oxfords, all
style toes, very swell goods, worth
from $3.50 to $5 per pair, (T " f"
Clearance Price ill
per pair JkmuJiJ
Ladies' dongola oxfords with kid or
patent tip, worth $2 per P O f
pair, Clearance Price t t !!
per pair V "
Boys' vicl kid shoes, all sizes, very
durable, worth $1.75 per ti t )P
pair. Clearance Price B 3
This Sale begins Monday June I 30 Days
Skirt binding, all kinds and colors,
worth up to 10c per
yard. Clearance Price "t
per yard cr V
Black and white silk laces from 4 to
6 inches wide, worth A
20c to 25c per yard, I 1 B I
Clearance Price .per yd
Cream Valenciennes lace from 1 to 2
inches wide, worth from f
5c to Sc per yard. Clear-
ance Price per yard...
One lot of laces of every description,
including Torchons, Valenciennes, silk
Oriental and many other kinds, worth
from 10c to 20c per yard, P"
Clearance Trice l
per yard ..' 9 J
Kverlasting laces, 6 yards in piece,
worth 10c per piece, P"
Clearance I'i ice P
per piece
Belts in white kid and black and tan
leather, worth from 25c to f
35c each. Clearance I 1 1 P
Price each I'VV
Silk mitts, black open work, f fk
worth 50c pair. Clear- I UP
ance Price per pair m J J
Ladies' jersey gloves, assorted colors,
worth 25c per pair,
Clearance Price f
per pair J J
Black gauntlet gloves, A
worth 35c per pair, I 1 1 P
Clearance Price per pair I V V
Japanese folded fans, worth f"
25o each. Clearance P
Price each J v
Indian bead chains, a good assortment,
to select from, worth g f
J1.50 per chain, 'lear- fl P
ance Price per chain W V
Silk ribbons in all colors from 2 to 3
inches wide, worth from f"
I'K; to 25c per yard. Clear-
ance Price per yard V
Pearl buttons, 2 dozen on card, worth
10c per card, mm
Clearance.' Price P
per card V
Builet-shaiied )earl buttons mm
worth 25c per dozen, f
Clearance price per doz ' v V
Darning cotton, g
Clearance Price I f
per ball I V
Silk finish crochet cotton,
Clearance Price "?-JLr
per ball J $ J
Ice wool in red, white and P"
blue, worth 15c per ball,
Clearance Price per ball
Ladies' hemstitched handkerchiefs, fine
quality, worth 10c each, M
Clearance Price f f
each m J
Ladies' embroidered edge handker
chiefs, worth 20c each, O
Clearance Price ,JLP
each I U 2 V
Brass pins, best quality,
Clearance Price
per paper
Cabinet wire hairpins,
Clearance Prk-e J -4-P
per box 2
Ladies' sunlionnets in all col- 4 f
ors, worth 25c each, S II P
'learance Price each I vr v
Ready Made Goods
Crash skirts, well made, " f"
worth 50c each, r i
Clearance Price each
Trimmed crash skirts, M f
worth 75c each, 4-M P
Clearance Price each '
Cotton foulard skirts, made with
flounce, worth $1.00 each,
Clearance Price i
each J J
One lot of duck and covert skirts neat
ly trimmed, worth from 7 T r
$1 to $2 each, Clearance Mil
Price, choice of any...
Crash underskirts with plaited ruffle,
worth 75c each, A i"k
Clearance Price ZLUf
Seersucker underskirts, fast colors, well
made, regular price QA.
$1.25 each. Clearance ll M I
Price each 3 J J
Silk waists, all our $3.50 to $5.00 silk
waists will go at (g
Clearance Price, fi T"! I
choice, each m m J
Big reduction on all our summer
Calicoes! Ginghams
Apron Ginghams, assorted y
checks, worth 5c per yd, "
'learance price per yd
Heavy Cheviots in short lengths, regu
lar price 10c per yard, f"
Clearance Price
per yard cf V
Kxtra heavy Cheviots in assorted pat
terns, worth 12V--C per yard,
Clearance Price "4P
per yard 2
Zephyr Ginghams in plaids or stripes,
worth 10c per yard, C''
Clearance Price jl
per yard " v
Fine dress Ginghams, the very best
brands, a good assortment "k
of colors, worth 15c per yd, Jt
Clearance Price per yd
Silk striped Ginghams, a beautiful
selection of patterns, regur f M
lar price 25c per yd. Clear- -P
ance Price per yd '
Silk liinghams, the very best quality,
regular price 35c per yd, 7 1 r
Clearance Trice I 1
per yard ' m 2
Chambray in short lengths, all eclors,
worth 12'ic per yard, 7 1 r
clearance Price
per yard 2
Galetea cloth, the very strongest wash
goods made, regular price f
15c per yard, Clearance 1 ill
Price per yard " v
Solid color Chambray, worth f
10c per yard, Clearance l f
Price per yard V V
Madras Cloth, 35 inches wide, fast col
ors, worth 10c per yard, f
' Clearance Price llP
per yard " 4
Madras :loih, 3C inc hes wide, just the
thing for shirts and waists, Q
worth l.'c per yd. Clear- P
.'Hid' Price per yd "
I'amy figure, white grounds, Willi col
ored stripes, worth 20c f
per yard. Clearance I IIP
I 'rice jer yard ' " v
Covert Cloth, sold everywhere f J .
lor 12'sc per yd, Clear- -4-P
ance Price per yd m 2
I'ercale 36 inches wide in light or dark
colors, regular price 10c y
per yard, Clearance f
I'rice per yard
Solid or figured red calico,
worth 5c per yd. Clear- "
ance Price per yd Cr V
Best quality prints, A
Clearance Price P
per yard HTv
Navy blue Duck with white polka dots,
worth 12',ijc per. yard, "y
Clearance Trice -P
per yard 2
Lining Cambrics, all colors, A
Clearance Price ft 1
per yard I V
Percaline in black and brown, yard
wide, worth 12c per f
yard. Clearance Price "1
per yard " J
Spun Glass Lining, 36 inches wide, as
sorted colors, worth 20c f
per yard. Clearance U f
Price per yard V
Carpets & Mattings
Chinese matting, assorted j p
colors, worth 25c per yd, I 1 P
Clearance Price per yd J S
Japanese matting, good " g
quality, worth 30c per yd,
Clearance Price per yd "
Kxtra fine quality Japanese 1 CT
matting, worth 35c per yd,
Clcai-Hiice Price per yd
Ingrain carpet in red or green effects,
worth 45c per yard, ' J J
Clearance Trice 1 1 P
per yard J J VJ
All-wool ingrain carpet, extra heavy,
worth 75c per yard, CT 7 I y r
Clearance Price L
per yard 2
Brussels tapestry carpet, very closely
woven, worth $1 per yd, 7 r
Clearance Price T I
per yard
Velvet carpets in light or dark grounds,
very firm, worth $1.25 per f
yard, Clearance vl flg f
Price per yard
Moquette and Axminster carpets, very
heavy nap, a beautiful line to select
from, with border to
match, worth $1.50 per Cf f i (
yard. Clearance III
Price per yard V 1 1 v
Big reduction made on all our. art
squares and rflgs.
Mail Orders will receive the
prompt attention
Men's flannel tuits, coat and pants. All our regular $12.: suits Q 7 ET
regular $7.50 quality, A i f plenty to select from, j i
Clearance Price IT" M If g fr c,earance Price. V v
eaCh 4 All our regular $15 f f" f
200 men's odd'and end suits, in all suits go for Clearance I H J U
sizes, worth from $7.50 C fl 7 fT 6
to $10.00. Clearance JTT- i 3 All our regular $1S.50 ) C fl
Prce each V Kuits go for Clearance J B 3 U
250 men's "suits in broken lot3, some of a. mm mm
very celebrated make. C 7 7 C bea"t,ful J- SU'tS V 1 ft 7
worth from $9 to $12.50, f Kuppenhe.mer make. Q J
Clearance Price V 1 1 U Clearance Price N v
White duck pants, in all sizes, well
'300 men s odd suits. These suits were made, worth from $1.25 7 CT r
made by the best tailors in this coun- to $1.50 per pair. Clear- jL
try and are worth from $12.50 to $20, ance Price per pair
-ut as the sizes are broken we put the
entire lot cn sale at C A 7 C BoyS' Wa?h pants- I ll f
Clearance Trice M it Clearance Price I III.
choice V 1 y Per pair
and Hosiery
Ladies' ribbed vests, sleeveless, slightly
damaged, worth 20c 7 1 r
each. Clearance "2T I ,
Price, each 11 Z v
Ladies' fine white or colored sleeveless
vests, worth 15c each, li S
Clearance Price J V
Ladies' knit drawers, knee length, with
umbrella bottoms, lace
trimmed, worth 35c pair, U I
Clearasce Price, pair. w s
Children's knit underwaists, all sizes,
sold the world over for 25e, f
Clearance Price I vl I
each V
Children's black Tme and heavy ribbel
hose, all sizes, worth
15c pair. Clearance vl I
I'rice, pair Jr J
Children's Topsy black ribbed hose,
all sizes, worth 20c pair, j J i
Clearance Price I S
per pair 2
Boys' heavy bicycle hose, very durable,
worth 25c per pair, P
Clearance Price I P
per pair vf V
Ladies' fine lisle lace hose, 4 f
worth 35c pair, IMP
Clearance Price per pair.. V
Ladies' Topsy plain black hose, with
white foot, worth 25c f
per pair. Clearance UP
Price per pair ,. '
Ladies' muslin underskirts, trimmed
with three rows of torchon lace and
deep lace edge, well worth AQ
$1.75 each, Clearance v f
Price, each vfv
Corset covers made of cambric, trimmed
in lace inserting and arm bands lace
edge, well w orth 75c f
each. Clearance VI I'
Price, each J J S
Swiss ruflled curtains, f" Q .
worth $1 per pair, l llP
Clearance Priceper pair - vl Vv
Dotted Swiss ruffled cur- " Q
tains, worth $1.50 per pair, MflC
Clearance Price per pair vf
Feather pillows, weigh 3 I
pounds each, worth $1.25. llloP
Clearance Trice each vrfcavv
Hammocks, full size, very strong,
worth $3.00 each, i g i f
Clearance Trice
Hammocks, deeply fringed, with pillow
top, very large, sold fi O C ET
for $3.50 each, Clear- J Si T
ance Price each f kmmI J
Tapestry portiers 3V4 yards long,
sold for $3.00 a pair, L O O F"
Clearance Price S ft
per pair fi- U vF
Tapestry portiers in oriental patterns,
3V yards long, worth" fl P"
$4.00 per pair. M 9 If
Clearance Price per pair. vr vr
Extra heavy tapestry portiers in red
or green grounds, elegant goods,
sold for $6.50 per pair, L A A "
Clearance Price nl 1
per pair .mJJ
Tapestry table covers about 1 yards
square, regular price fl A
$1.50 each, Clear- 0 ZlC
ance Price each v
same Clearance Prices, and
to their orders
Table linen 52 inches wide, neat pat
terns, worth 35c per yard, f i"
Clearance Price I vl I
per yard
Table linen 50 inches wide with colored
borders, worth 35c per P g
yard. Clearance r I .
Price per yard . V
Unbleached table linen, CS inches wide,
good quality, worth C5c J J J
per yard. Clearance r I .
Price per yard
Extra heavy unbleached German linen,
verj- soft, no dressing, J A .
worth 70c per yard, I j
Clearance Price per yard m -J J
Bleached table linen. 72 iihes wide,
in floral effects, worth 4 Q
75e per yard. Clear- iih I
ance Price per yard m3 J
Mercerized table cloth, C4 In'-hvs wide,
satin finish, worth 90c CT 7 I r
per yard, Clearance T -.y I
Price per yard "
Bleacheil satin damask, very fine qual
ity, 72 inches wide, wortl-"J' y
$1.00 per yard. Clearance L I
I'rice per yard
Fringed napkins 12 inches square,
worth 35c per dozen. f "
Clearance Price I vl f
per dozen
Fringed napkins with colored borders,
16 inches square, worth A t
75c per dozen. Clear- 4M P
ance Price per dozen m J
Eitra heavy German unbleached nap
kins. 20 inches square, f Q
worth $1.50 per dozen, vJ
Clearance Price per doz "
Folded napkins, hemstitched, regular
price $1.75 per dozen, I O CT
Clearance Price 11
per dozen V mkmJ
Huck towels, 16 inches wide, Z inches
long, worth 122 each, Q i .
Clearance Price j L I
each i uj
Huck towels slightly soiled, 13 Inches
wide, 38 inches long, very good tfuality.
worth 20c each, A .
Clearance Price 111
each - 1 v v
Turkish towels unbleached, I? inches
wide, 42 inches long, f
worth I2V2C each, vl I
Clearance Price each
Bleached Turkish towels, 20 Inches wide
44 inches long, very close f "1 I t g
nap, worth 20c each, I j I
Clearance Price each r JL
Crash toweling, worth
8 l-3c per yard, P
Clearance Price per yd
Brown Ilussian crash. y
heavy grade, "worth 10c yd. 'L I
Clearance Price per yd
Turkish toweling made of double and
twist yarn, worth .
15c per yard. Clear- III
ance Price per yard
Lot 1. Embroideries of all kinds from
one to four inches wide. 7 1 r
worth from 10c to 12 yd, r- I
Clearance Price per yd
Lot 2. Nainsook and Hamburg Em
broideries from 3 to 6 inches wide,
worth from 15c to 20c fl ft j"
per yard. Clearance I U 1
Price per yard
Lot 3. Comprises a lot of Swiss. Nain
sook, and Hamburg edges, from 4 to
8 inches wide, worth from Tp
20c to 25c per yd. Clear- I jL
ance Price per yd

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