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" V
,i .. .. -H-H'
' - will average $12 per ton in gold and
PllneS and Minerals U per cent copper. Mr. St. Clair is
t A ! i5 iia Pr;,ctioal miner having worked under
2 AriZOna v: (he ground in this section for the past
1i.4..t.1.,,,l,,' 4it-h-b-l-h'l--l4-'l-1 vpar or more. His friends here wish
Sold to John L. Wood and S. S.
of Pittsburg.
. , , . . I
E. B. Moore and S., Wood Grier lately
closed a deal for a piece of mining
Mwrtv in the Swisohelm moun
tains and the Swisshelms group
forty-four claims passed into the hands ,
of John Wood and Samuel S. ood
or fittsDurg. ra. im is unc
biggest sales yet recorded in this sec
tion. The new company is said to be
a close corporation, and will at once
commence development work on the
ground. A steam hoist has already
been ordered, and will be put Into ope
ration as soon as it arrives. Assays
show the ore to run as high as 60 and
70 per cent in copper. A large sum of
money has been placed in the Miners"
and Merchants' bank of this city as
evidence of the good faith of the pur
chasers. Bisbee Review.
: o ; '
James Mahoney, a well known
mining man of this section cf the coun
ty, has given Edward St. Clair an op
tion on his Morning and Evening Star
clamis. Mr. St. Clair is in Prcs
cctt and hepes to place the properties
with some capitalists. There has been
nearly; 900 feet .of development work
done ion the claims and some good ore
has been taken out and opened up.
There is said to be an ore body run-
Phoenix, Arizona.
Summer Term
Now Open.
Should remember that students may
enter at any time. FIFTEENTH
YEAR opens Sept. 14, 1903. Business
Course, Shorthand Course, Common'
Branches. Send lor catalogue.
F. W. STECHAN, Manager.
The New
First Half .Week, the Great Story
Last Half Week,
High-Class Specialties by the
Dancing Tuesday and Friday. Change
of Play and Specialties Monday and
Guaranteed Pure,
j None So Good. j
Q Orf!er from J
The California Restaurant
Strictly Plrst-CiaBB. Quick Set-vice
Special Dinner on Bmiday
35 North First Avenue Phoenix, Arizona
A Postal Card
Will bring us to your house. IZ ycu have plumbing work you want
dene without any blundering we are the men 'to do it.
New wcrk cr repairs, it matt:rs not, no -one has better facilities
or more skillful workmen than wo.
WILLIAM EVANS, Sanitary Plumber
Phono 2711 19 West Adonis St.
French Periodica! Drops
Strictly vegetable, perfectly harmless, sure to accomplish DESIRED
DPdli riri-lnct 1(inirn fom jlo rrmwlv. Vrirf. $1 .SO nor hnttlp.
PlltTiriU Beware of counterfeits and Imitations. The eenolne Is rul up only In paste-board Car
mAUIIUH un with far-slrn He signature on side of the bottle, thiis: &tT'&2r
Bead for Circular to wp,i um Mi ti. CO- bolo Agents. Cleveland. Oiiio. r?z.
For ea! only by. piJN L. BEAR, up-to-date druggist, Pfcoeplx. .
nine in width from 10 to IS feet that
in his efforts to
place the property to rood advantage.
Dr. George Koenrirg of Houghton,
Michigan, arrived in Bisbee Friday for
the purpose of looking over the War
ren rlisrrirt. Tlr K'non I n cr- Iq r, nrnfnq.
sor in the Michigan school of mines.
located at Houghton. He Is said to be
interested in what is known as the
Bisbeo and Superior Developmeer.t
Uy tf Modern mine The, docto- is
makinp a thOTOUffh examin;ltion of his
holdings and also will make observa
tions of conditions existing in the 'en
tire Warren' district before he re
turns home. Bisbee Review.
Celebrated the Fourth by Murderous
Assault on Wife.
The first celebration arrest was made
Friday morning about 8 o'clock by
Marshal Hendersoirl and Deputy
White, says the Bisbee Miner. .They
locked up J. N. Jones for a murderous
assault mad? upon his wife.
Jones was under the Influence of
liquor and began early to quarrel with
his wife. She made an effort to quiet
him, but he only grew the more angry.
Grabbing up a big knife Jones started
for his wife. In some manner their
little daughter got between them and
was seriously cut on the hand.
The sharp kr.ife cut an ijgly gash on
the back of the? hand between two lin
gers. Seeing what he had done Jones
desisted, but kept on threatening to do
his wife injury unless she left the
! house at once.
! Word was sent down town to send
i up an officer as soon as possible. Mur-
1 ch'il TTet"wll-nri w.is notified :ind lOFt
no time getting to the Jones house.
This offense will probably go hard
with Jones as he is now under a p?ace
bond of $100 to keep the peace for six
months. The first charge was preferred
by his wife, who stated that he abused
her shamefully.
The constitution of Tennessee pro
vides that whereas ministers of the
gospel are by their profession dedicated
to Go 1 ar.d the tare of souls, and ought
not to be diverted from the great duties
ot their functions, therefore no min
ister, of the go.-pel, or priest of any
denomination whatever, shall be eli
gible to a seat In either house of the
Bow It Spread From Home to Home
in Arizona
In every part of Phoenix; In the
homes of the wealthy, in the humble
abode of the man of toil, 'tis now' a
well-known fact a great truth that
Doan's" Kidney Pills have brought
more comfort to backache sufferers and
cured more sick kidneys than any
medicine of modern times. Read this:
Mrs. Ysabel Moreno, of 97 South Main
St., Tucson-, Ariz., says: "I suffered
more or less with my kidneys for near
ly six years, indicated by pain through
the arms, shoulders, across the small of j occupies the parsonage near the Ad
the back and down through the loins. . ventist chapc-1, south of the railroad.
I knew it was of a rheumatic tendency I
but what to do to stop it was a mys-
During the entire winter of 1902
I was miserable and constantly on the
outlook for some means to check the
trouble. Reading advertisements
about people who had been cured by
using Doan's Kidney Pills influenced
me to go to a drug store for a box. I
followed up the treatment by using a
second and a third when the annoy
ance ceased. I gave Doan's Kidney
Pills a thorough test and I know from
the results obtained that they can be
depended upon."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c per
box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for the U. S. Remember
the name Doan's and take no other.
or In adjoining j
with Eregant China Service.
At LNGLISH KlItlILN, .No. 1st St. t
Wabash Niagara Falls Short Line
Ask your agent to route you via the Wabash railroad
frcin Kansas City, St. Louis or Chicago to all points
east. Tourist cars. Chicago to Boston. Mondays, Thurs
days and Saturdays.
ROSS C. CLTNE. V. C. V. Agt.. Los Ansreles.
Items Concerning the Mines in Sur
rounding Districts.
Three freight teams went cut with
lumber and supplies to O'Brien camp
Ben Swinncgar came in from his
mine on July 1. He brought in soma
good looking samples and took out a
load of supplies to his camp. He is
feeling fine as to his prospects for n
S. T. Cpbb and J. W. FuUer are In
town from their claim, near the oid
Vulture. They brought in seme of the
finest speecimens of ore that we" hav
ever seen.
Emory W. Fisher and Mr. Day, two
prominent mining men, are sampling
the Garcia mine with a view to its
purchase. They made a nice little
clean-up Monday of last week and will
proceed with another test at once.
A. A. School and Mr. Fatig have tak
en a contract to do some sinking on
the Gold Quarry mine near Hot Springs
Messrs. Elder and Rees of the smel
ter are in town this week. Work Is
progressing nicely on the smelter, and
water has been struck at 37 feet. Let
the good work go on.
The Angel mine has discontinued
underground work for the summer.
They will offer part of their immense
dump of ore to the Wlokenburg smelter,
which will shortly be "blown In."
Vicee-President J. W. Burson of the
Soccorro Gold company was out to the
Socorro mine this week. He was ac-
cvmpanieed by Fred Voorhees. They
left cn Monday, returning Wednesday.
The Ore Grande mine has discontinu
ed operations for the summer. This
will give all the rtld-timer busybody
knockers ample time to open up and
use their venom against this line prop
erty. We trust that after they have
used u; their venom that they will not
breed a new supply to use when next
the cr.mpany feels disposed to go on
with the work. News-Herald.
In the saloon of Charles Nesbitt on
the night of the 25th ult., George
Shields, a cripple, went up to the bar
and asked the night bartender for -
bit cignr. Not having the bit cig.ir.
the bartender asked him to take a 25
cent cigar. There were some insulting
remarks passed beet ween Shields and
Tanner, the bartender, after which the
latter threw a sola water bottle at
Shields. Shields then advanced to the
bar and began beating Tanner with a
crutch. Tanner then turned around
and get a gun out of one of the draw
ers and began shooting at Shields, one
shot tnkinir efTe t in Khiel,1' foot I
Tanner had his preliminary examina
tion the next morning and was held
ever by Justice of the Poace C. C. Car
lco to wait the action of the next
grand Jury. His bond was placed at
$1000. and the bond being given Tan- J
ner was released from custody. Globe
Two Mexicans Who Would Be Rough
ly Handled If Caught.
Last Friday night two Mexicans, full
of booze and their innate spirit of dev
iltry, engaged in an enterprise which
would cost them a little detention at
territorial expense, cculd they be ap
prehended, says the .Coconino Sun.
Mrs. Dawson, who. with her husband.
was alone in the house Friday night,
her husband being employed with the
railroad bridge gang so far from town
that it was impossible fcr him to oe at
home nights.
About 11 o'clock Mrs. Dawson, who
had retired, was awakened by a knock
at the ddcr. She arose, and without
unlocking the door, inquired who was
there and 'what was wanted. There
were two Mexicans outside, who Insist
ed on coming in, but after sonic parley
they left. Mrs. Dawson returned to
bed, but was again awakened about -a.
ni. by crashing at the back door.
She sprang from the bed. and attempt
ed to- escape through the front door,
but before she could reach the door
two Mexicans ' brokj in the door and
seized her. They bound and gagged
Mrs. Dawson, ami, .having a bottle of
whiskey with them, sat down to have
fun with their prisoner. Outside of the
mental ageny and fear, Mrs. Dawson
says she suffered no further indignity
Uncoininon Colds.
. "It is just a common cold," people
say, "there's uo danger in that." Ad
mitting their statement, then there are
uncommon colds, colds which are dan
gerous; for many a fatal sickness begins
with a cold. If we could tell the com
mon cold from the uncommon we could
feel quite safe. But we can't. The
uncommon vari
ety is rarely rec
ognized until it
has fastened its
hold on the
lungs, and there j
are symptoms of
Dr. tierce s
Golden Medical
Discovery cures
coughs, bron
lungs and
ind other f ;-
5 of the r .,;-:ifir - v I
of r-spir- ' -
It in- F-i&ysy . 1
creases the sup-
Ely of pure, rich
lood and builds
up the emaciated
. "I took a severe
cold which settled
iti the bronchial
tubes,' write Rev.
Frank Hav. of Nor-
tonville. Jefferson Co.. Kansn. After trying
medicines labeled ' Sure'Cnre,' almost withoirt
number, I wns led to try l)r. Pierce's Oulden
Medical Discovery. I took two bottles and wns
cured, and have staved cured. When I think of
the pfent poin I had to endure, and the terrible
cough I had, it seems nhnot a miracle that I
was so soon relieved. That God may spare you
many years and abundantly bless you is the
prayer of your grateful friend."
If you ssk your dealer for "Golden
Medical Discovery" because you havi
confidence in its cures, do not allow
yourself to be switched ctff to a medi
cine claimed to be "just as good," but
which you did not ask for aud of which
you know nothing. .
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure UizJ
ziness and sick, headache.
rihir'-. 7-..
at their hands. About 5 o'clck thev
left, and Mrs. (Dawson managed to
lcaxh a neighbor's, still bound and gag
ged, and thouglv he worked Indefatlga
bly all week to find the woman's as
sailants, her description cf them was
necessarily so meager that they have
not. as yet. been apprehended.
All-Arizona Celebration To Be
Held in Phoenix.
The Mexican prcple of this city pro
pose, under the auspices cf the Junta
Patriotic:, to hold a celebration here in
honor of their national indepsndence
that will outshine anything the Mexi
cans of Arizona ever attempted before
and possibly will make the ordinary
Fourth cf July'celebration ashamed of
Itself. The event is to ba an all
Arizona demonstration at the capital
city, and it Is to cover three days, S?p
tember 13, IS and 17.
The Junta Patriotica held a meeting
at the city hall yesterday which wa J
prcsiaea over uy Consul A. Pina and
was largely attended. Committees were
appointed to Icok after the different
features of the celebration. It was de
cided to ask the board of trade to as
sist In the securing of railroad excur
sion rates, and the preliminaries arc
entered upon thus early in order to an
ticipate any celebrations that might be
arranged for elsewhere.. One commit
tee's work Is to correspond with the
people In the Mexican settlements all
over Arizona requesting them to forego
any celebration they may have in mind
and unite In the promotion of this one
big demonstration in Phoenix.
The programme has not yet been ar
ranged other than a skeleton outline,
but it will include a big parade of
floats, etc., lots of oratory and speech
making. The territorial and other
officers will be invited as guests of
honor, and the tire department will be
asked to participate in the spectacular
features. Among tfl floats in the par
ade prominent positions will be occu
pied by the goddess of liherty, goddess
of justice and a third goddess repre
senting the whole continent of North
America. In another Heat will be seen
Bide by eide two fair damsels, one a
Mexican girl and the ether a daughter
of North American parents, the two
representing the sister republics. It is
desired that these two at least shall ba
chc3en by ballot, the Mexican people
electing their representative and the
Americans electing the young lady that
is to maintain the dignity of the north
ern republic.
About $175 was1 subscribed yesterday
by the members of the club present in
the meeting, and it is likely the ballot
ing will result jn other funds for pur-
POfaes CI me
celcbration. It has also
been decided to hold a rand ball on
the night of the 21st of July chiefly for
the raising of funds for the celebration.
It is probable that the election of the
two queens spoken of abov.? will occur
at this baJ1. all attending of either na-
young lady friends and enter them in
the race for honors.
In addition to the spectacular things
mentioned above, there will be all sorts
of sport3, including baseball, steer ty
ing, racing, broncho riding and a dozen
other things the details of which are
not worked out. One spcrt that will be
I novel and decidedly entertaining will
be a burlesque bull fight. There will
also be Indian dances, Mexican
dangos, native songs, etc.
Mark Hanna Is a model family man.
being thoroughly devoted to both his
i wife and to his mother. Before coin
, to w.mhinirtnn in nsKiaf in ih flrct in.
ansruration of his friend William Afc-
Kinley, he started in search of his
mother in Cleveland to bid her goodby.
Not finding her home, he went directly
to the Second Presbyterian church,
where a sewing circle was being held.
She was there.
"I knew just where to look for you,
mother." -ho said, as he greeted her.
Mother and son chatted a few minutes.
"Have you decided to go to North
to rest for the winter?" h
"I am thinking
of it. Marcus," she
"Well. then, mother." ho rejoined,
"step thinking about It and go. It will
do you good. Goodby."
As the republican national chairman
strode away a bright eyed woman
present at the church remarked that lie
looked for all the world like a- boy
leaving- his mother and starting- for
school for the first time.
; cC 1
George E. Calvert, an employe of the
United States court of claims, is .the
nearest lineal descendant of the Lords
Baltimore In this country and would
bear the title Lord lialtimore If it were
not now extinct. lie is a prenia.l, middle-aged
gentleman cf modest and re
tiring1 disposition, disinclined to attract
to himself any attention on account of.
his distinguished genealogy. He spent
much of his life at Mount Airy, having
been a boy there during the civil war,
when the estate was in the line of com
munication of the secret service of the
confederacy, between Baltimore and
Richmond, along which Union deserter.
and stragglers who crossed the lower
Potomac also crossed the lowerflrhsm
Potomac also crossed. The historic
home cf the Calverts has been pur
chased by J. Edward Addicks, the Del
aware poitician, who will turn it Into
a club house.
King Edward is the only English
monarch who has visited St. Paul's
publicly for any pui)K)se but that of
thanksgiving. Only one sovereign has
cx ti-di:d the number of visits made by1
Edward VII. to tho present structure,
Queen Anne paying no fewer than
seven to commemorate victories over
France and Spain.
All things come to Paris even the
mosqultos, which are now more famil
iar than agreeable in a city which but
lately knew them not. nor desired ac
quaintance." The many sheets of orna
mental but stagnant or sluggish water
are believed to have something to do
with the situation which is rendering
mosquito nets a necessity In many
Tiouses. Various remedies are suggest
edfrom filling hp the ponds to jxis
onhig Ihc water.
An uplifting profession running an
elevator. Philadelphia Record,
l-llt ....
Theplay of "Iru'elioe," to be produced
at Eastlake park by the Curtiss Come
dy company, was written by Sidney
Grundy, and has born conceled to be
his best effort.. The play will b'; found
a heart story throughout, intensly' in
teresting and pathetic. And it is for
this reason it has been known as "the
story play. The t:x against sex speech
in the third act has created much com
ment in the thir.king wcrld, and has
been widely discussed by press and
The presentation tonight of this great
play should command the patronage or
th:' best of Phoenix's theater-gting peo
pie. Mis?? Loui"? Perrin will be seen
in the title role, while the part of Tom
Carrlngford, the father, will be taken
by Mr. Wilfred Lucas. New Specialties
will be given by the three Keltcr.s.
A Single Word Reveals It and All Who
Would Be 103 Shculd Remember.
Next in number to the receies for
the banishment of warts, are the re
cipes for the attainment of long life.
The philosopher who buys an annuity
and resolves to have length of days is
bewildered by the multitude and va
riety of the means of reaching . that
end. Early to bed, late to bed: plenty
cf exercise, none at all: no rnioUing
allowed, smoke all you please; water
from the brook, the drink of Israel's
champion, whisky in moderation;
stick to a diet, cat what you like;
avoid tea and coffee, swig tea and cof
fee freely; live on cereals, live on veg
etables, live on meat or milk; be as
regular as clockwork, be us " irregular
as Old Pdrr or the crankiest verb; you
n find among the centenarians ex
amples of almost every system and
schedule and want of them.
We .knew a fine old fellow cf 97 who
used to preach to his grandchildren
the necessity of avoiding worry."
Every rainy day he would walk, on Uie
railroad track. He was deaf as an ad
der and his grandchildren used to do
the worrying. Another patriach of cur
acquaintance hf.s drunk hard cider out
of a tin dipper, before breakfast, for
years th.it outrun memory. Perversity
cr genius; who knows? Sometimes it
sc. ins as if these secular Worthit-s bad
some incommunicable charm, as if they
had put death to sleep or bound hinr.
tight for a period, as . Player Jack did
in the folktale. They cannot be expect
ed to publish a secret which would
make old age common and deprive
them, cf their distinction.
But the grand discovery has been
made at last and the years of the whale
or the yew are' now within reach of the
wise and good. Mrs. 'Sarah Snook of
St. Joseph, Mo., was 103 tha othor dy.
She walks a mile a day. Without
spectacles she can -see to read much
better than most young folks of this
myopic and astigmatic age. She is as
sound as a beil, and why? What is
her preservative? With what curious
meat or cordial does she prolong her
days and need no amendments to her
Sarah Snook eats pie. Eats it early
and often, for breakfast, luncheon, tea,
dinner, supper and between meals.. For
three generations she has thrived on
pie. Pie has been the strength or her
youth, the companion of her middle
life, the staff of her old age. If there
are any older pie eaters, it is because
they have eaten more pies.
So everything: brings us back to t:v.
plHiso of pi", that solid elixir of lire,
that fortifying manna of the strong,
that builder of enduring nerves and
brains,' pie. the . strenuous and the
staying. It' may have dain its thmi
sands. Why should reaklings live?
The great and good and equal to it, it
sustains, or is capable of sustaining,
for centuries. But, it may be said, even
faithful pie eaters must go at last up
nn t b c Irrprr p.i hl vnvasp. And Whose
fault is It?- Is it not notorious that
mistaken aCection interferes with the
diet Of the old and deprives the. sea
soned stomach of the habitual food?
Grandpa wants pie. Give him gruel.
He doesn't knew what he wants. Pie
Is bad for hiin. Yon shudder at the im
pious piety of those tribes that eat
their old from considerations of love
First in price
First in quality
First in aroma
the great
The Largest Selling Brand of Cigars in the World
The Band is the Smoker's Protection.
and affection. Is it any better, to take
pie from the pie eaters? The case of
Sarah Snook should bring .remorse to
many persons who Imagine themselves
to be highly scientific and shame to
many persons who affect to despise
the rtr.rling and hardy America, dish.
Pie is the grand secret; and even
frivolous souls who hold that better I
20 in Manhattan than 100 in St. Joseph,
cannot afford to neglect Mrs. Sncok's
discovery. New Ycrk Sun.
In a suit relating to brewery prop
erty, reported in "Case and Comment,"
an eminent and very dignified -counsel
lor was one day reading to the court !
some manuscript affidavits which 'were
not over legible, and by mistake read I
the word "mash" as "wash." Counsel
on the other side, who was small of i
stature and polite in manner, but keen J
in intellect and frequently sarcastic,
wan immediately on his feet, and with a!
somewhat irritating deference of man- j
ner. begging his oponent's pardon, etc.. j
asked liberty to suggest that the word!
which the eminent counsellor read
"wash" was really "mash." Somewhat
nettled, the counsellor thus corrected
j thinked him for the information, and
added that he was not himself ' very
familiar with the terms used in the
brewery business as he ' had never
! spent much of hi3 time in a place of
that kind. "Are we to understand,
then." said his opponent in his suavest
manner, "that the eminent cour-sellbr
wishes us to infer that his early days
were sper.t in a laundry?".
It has become, says The Court Jour
nal, an affectation to decline to drink
champagne. There must be hundreds
'of very young men who make it a rule
! to refuse it, for the sole reason that
there is the suggestion of a rumbustous
"past" iu so doing.
I fear I cannot say with truth
I loathe the wine I loved in youth.
1 I ::till would like to feel, you know.
Its fine exhilarating glow-;
But white tne youngsters' pulses dance
1 With nectar from the grapes of Franc,
! I sit with ennui-haunted soul
nd play my lone ascetic role."
I watch with knowing glance ar.dgrim
The -bubbles-- winking at the brim;
But, when iolitely asked to drink,
I" like the bubbles, simply wink.
And hint of boisterous days cf yore.
When magnums perished by the score;
Of nights of revel, feast and noise,
Such as would' kill most modern' boys!
Thus, having set all eyes agog
Over so desperate a dog,
Whcse lusty youth's the sole defence
For ostentatious abstinence,
I prove how prodigals decline
On simple drinks like cowslip wine.
Until , at twenty-one, they drop
To lemonade and ginger pop!
When a.'wiman takes an interest In
children it Is a sign they are her own.
New York Press.
When a man realizes the curse of
rum he swears- off. Philadelphia Rec
feel Jhc exquisite thrill of motherhood with indescribable dread and
fear. Every woman should know that the danger, pain and horror
of child-birth can be entirely avoided by the use of Mother's Friend,
a scientific liniment for external.use only, which toughens and render
pliable all the parts, ana
assists nature in its sublime lf
work. By its aid thousands
of women have passed this
meat crisis in perfect safety
and without pain. Sold at .fr.oo per
bottle by druggists. Our book of priceless
value to all women sent free. Address
c Cigar
Could I. dear Heart and Sul and All
of mc.
Once find the high and p?rfett we.rJ
to say
Thit thing unnamable, which is the
I love thee, it wculd b the hidden k -y
To the old riddle of the fatuous su
And her cold passion fcr the iniMn.
a ray
Ujon tbt' dark divorce of night frai
The nuptial word of life and 2stir.y;
Like iterant music through the 8f!s
sweet years.
Their birth-cry and their rciju;c:n. it
would flow
To bless my living, shrive my dyit.i;
And yet, Belovca.' through the r. is.- of
Slow-taught by silences and nt. I
That all-completing word must
Clare Mumford in N?v Ycrk. M'.:I
and Express. -
"I wish." said the ycun.tr man wh
was an expert taffy dispenser, ".hat it
j were possible to comepare your fac?
with a mirror."
"Eecause why
queried the fas
"So that when I looked
Into your
j face." replied the self-appointed dip-
lomat, "I could see my own."
He (of Chicago) Speaking cf good
literature, are you fond of "Crabbe's
She (of New York) Never taM-.-d anr
of 'em. But I certainly Co love i-ls's
feet. Chicago News.
He folded his arms, his f.ngvrs. l;.s
He folded his neck, his a:iV.'
He e'en folded up the eyts in his bad.
,-Fcr he shut himself up in a f .Iding bed.
Yale Record.
Trampus Wet is -your idea abour
this race suicide business?
Scampus (well versed in turf matter
It alius comes from playiri tJ mar.y
favorites an' takni' tips from the beck
makers. Princeton Tiger.
"I'm ia an awful stew." waited the
"Well, it s your own fault if you arj."
replied he stew. "Whatever 1 am you
made me."
Chicago's City Directory population
has jumped up to 2.200.000. Comparison
proves once more that th government
census takers do not do their work near
to thoroughly as conscientious city
directory canvassers. New York Pres..
Is the joy of the householJ. for without
it no happiness can be complete. How
sweet the picture of mother and babe,
angels smile at and commend the
thoughts and aspirations of the mother
bending ovef the cradle. The ordeal through
which the expectant mother must pass, how
ever, is so full of danger and suffering thit
Rh Ionics forward to the hour when she shall
m 0 Inllfilril

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