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Prclly Teeth In a Good Mouth
are YXa jewels well set. Oar best men
cud wnmea have iaadt Sozodoxt tha
The Nigger Brown group of ten
claims, located in the Black cinyuii
section, is said to be one of those very
promising groups of mines which on'.y
need the advent of capital to hajtdle
them to become as famous for gold
production as ony got;, mines in this
great gold belt. Upon inquiry the
Courier reporter was informed that
2.000 feet of haft work has been cione
upon the.-.e properties, and all th.? wm-k
is on a continuous vein of xoi.l ore,
the love3t tissa from which was J.'O
per '.on: that the deepest shaft is only
73 feel d?er : that there is uvcr $ ,'K0
worth cf ore ! the dump. The prop
erty is owned ty J. H. Lisle ana J-.ihti
Ross, both old timers in this section
of country. IJsle was almost "born
and reared" in the mine and he pins his
faith to that group. Superintendent C.
H. Bond, of the Soccorro mine, is ex
pected to arrive in Prescott today for
the purpose of going out to inspect the
Nigger rown group. Prescott Cour
When the king of Italy reviews the
French troops In the Champs d'Elysees
he will see a part of them clad In sober
blue-gray and wearing the familiar
soft felt hat of the American army. It
is the purpose f)f General Andre, the
minister of war, to do away entirely
with the guady red flopping trousers of
the French infantry and supply it with
Fomething which is less conspicuous
and at the same time neater. Several
companies will wear the new uniforms
at the review in order to test the feel
ing of the public in regard to them.
F. W. STECIIAN, Manager.
The New
First Three Nights, ,
Last Three Nights,
Prices. 10c, ('c and 30c. Scats at
Goodman's. Dancing Tuesday and
Friday nights.
Phoenix, Arizona,
Summer Term
Now Open.
O 7
Should remember that students may
enter at any time. FIFTEENTH
TEAR opens Sept. 14. 1903. Business
Course, Shorthand Course, Common
Branches. Send for catalogue.
The California Restaurant
Strictly Plrnt-ClaHB. Quick Service
Special Dinner on Sunday
33 North First Avenue Phoenix, Arizona
In Building a House
It pays to consider your plumbing carefully. In home building it Is
the most important item. In installing a new plumping plant we
take every precaution to Insure the finest and most sanitary plumbing.
WILLIAM EVANS, Sanitary Plumber
Phone 2711 19 West Adonis St.
Tench Periodica! Drops
Strictly vegetable, perfectly harmless, sure to accompl ish DE5IRED
RESULTS. Greatest known female remedy. Price, $1.50 per bottle.
PRIITlrtU Beware of coonurfolu and Imitations. Tbe irenolne l pat op only In jit-hord Car
UAUIIUN wq with fac-Bliu!le .iifDature on aid of thu buula. tju. 4riJt2ra
betid lor Circular to WIUJAMS MFO. CO.. Sola Agauia. UlavcUnd. OUio. e
For sale only by BEN I BEAIL up-to-date druggist. Phoenix.
f Mines and Minerals J
of Arizona
Mining Operations in that District
Have Resumed Normal Conditions
Work is being pushed steadily by the
Stevens company on their property at
Garfield. The pump has not been
working well lately, and the work of
sinking the winze has been temporarily
discontinued. Work on the tunnel is
being continued.
The Shannon, ore train was wrecked
just above Metcalf one day last week,
caused by a spread in the railR. Tne
large metal ore cars left the track and
were turned bottom-side up. The ac
cident caused a couple of days delay
In- ore shipments, but the Shannon ore
bins were so well supplied that a shut
down was not necessary.
The Sierra de Oro company one of
the new companies of the district, un
der the management of Crawford and
Potter, last week commenced develop
ment work with a small force of men,
which will be increased as the work
progresses. The company expects to
install a power plant in a short time
for the purpose of driving air com
pressor drills. The work of develop
ment will be pushed as rapidly as
The Clifton-Morencl district has al
most entirely recovered from the ef
fects of the recent Ftrlke. and is now
producing just about as great a ton
nage as before the- strike. The A. C.
company will install air drills al their
Longfellow ininvs .and the Shannon
company are this week Installing an
electrical drilling plant which will be
used irr driving the Carter tunnel to a
connection with, workings from the
other side of the mountain. The D.
(.'. people seem to be producing their
usual tonnage of ore, and to be work
ing their plants to nearly full capacity.
Al Stevens, an old time miner and
prospector of this district, who recent
ly arrived from the Philippines, is cer
tainly the mot lucky man in the dis
trict. Al was on his way to Ohio;
where his family resides, ami stopped
off Just to see his old time friends.
While here he concluded to do a llttl?
prospt-cting. He became Interested in
a claim, upon which he has now driven
a tunnel fot nearly 100 feet, the last
half of which is ip a high grade sul
phide ore, with streaks of glance.
which will average about 30 per cent.
The ore will average about six feet in
width. Mr. Stevens naturally feels
that he has struck a sure enough bo
nanza. He will soon arrange to ship
ore to the Clifton smelters for treat
ment, after which his property will be
yelf-supportlr.g. Mr. Stevens had a
harcj run of luck in the Philippines,
where he spent four years prospecting.
He is quite familiar with "our new
rossfssions," Porto Rico and the Phil-
j lppines. but he says that Arlzonu pre-I
sents a Deuer iieiu ior tn prospector
than any of them. Copper Era.
H. J. Allen of Jerome financial man
ager of the great United Verde mine.
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters has bee.i
continuously before the public. It has
therefore enjoyed the confidence of the
people for half a century, a record un
eua'led by any other stomach remedy.
Then surely it is worthy of a fair trial
by everyone suffering from Loss of
Appetite. Nausea, Heartburn, Dyspep
sia. Indigestion. Constipation or Liver
and Kidney troubles. It positively
cures. One bottle will convince you of
Its merit.
Real Estate, Insurance,
102 West Adams Street.
or in adjoining
with Elegant China Service.
Wabaih Niagara Falls Short Line
Ask vour agent to route you via the Wabash railroad
from" Kansas City . St. Louis or Chicago to all points
east. Tourist cars. Chicago to Boston, Mondays, Thurs
days and Saturdays.
ROSS C. CLINE. P. C. P. Agt.. Angeles.
is In town on business. In conversa
tion with the Herald scribe he said
that Jerome Is pretty lively, and opined
that It would be livelier if the company
could get more miners. He says that
the United Verde company could wok
300 If they could be secured. There U:
no labor trouble at Jerome, and we
fail to see why they are short of mtn
there. The wages demanded by the
union are being paid there, and Ic
seems strange that they need men and
cannot get them. Prescott Herald.
BONDED FOR $40,000
The Gunsight Mine Near the Modern
in Warren District.
The old Gunsight property, located
near the Modern mine, is being bonded
to California capitalists, who will be
gin the next few weeks to actively de
velop the property, says the Rlsbee
The deal has been put through by
J. G. Pritchard. who with several oth
er local people, located the claims
about two years ago. -Since that time
they have been doing assessment work
and something toward development.
The bonaed price is reported to b
$40,000 In satisfactory payments. A
small part of the amount will be paid
down. The bond extends for a long
Those interested In the property with
J. G. Pritchard are J. G. Evans, Lewis
Brown, Ralph Ingram and others. The
first named is out of the city today,
and it is Impossible to get from any
other source definite particulars of the
The Gunsight property was located
nearly twenty years ago by Tombstone
parties, who did some work. Later
they abandoned It. and it fell into other
The ore runs high in copper, silver
and leau, and several large shipments
have been made In the past few years.
Since the property was first located a
number of companies have handled it.
There is now a shaft 30t feet deep on
the property. The ore l;dge is well
defined, and indicates a rich ore de
posit deeper in the earth.
The parlies wno have secured the
bond are said to have unlimited capital
and Intend to determine at once Just
what the mine is worth.
Would Be Assassin Fires at a Poland
Friday morning about 2 o'clock.
while Mr. Comer, and old gentleman
employed by the Poland Tunnel peo
ple as a guard, was standing at his
post, some would-be murderer deliber
ately toon a snot at him with the evi
dent intention of ending the old gen
tleman's life, says the Prescott Herald.
The bullet missing Its mark penetrated
deep into a timber by the mill. Only
the one
hot was fired, and no one
was seen In the direction from which
the bullet came,
The labor trouble at Walker is as
suming quite a serious aspecet. Guns
have now been brought into play at
two different times. The two men who
attempted tc run the guards from their
posts a couple of nights ago were tried
at Poland Thursday and held to ans
wer to the grand jury. Boy Jones,
one of them, was held over in $G0C
bonds; the other, Henry Pitts, was
placed under $l,"w0 bonds to appear be
fore the grand Jury.
One of New York's expert flsharjnen
Is Charles Naethlng of Fulton street.
On April 1C. 1903. he caught six fish in
Florida the combined weight of which
was SIS pounds. That all-round sports
man, W. J. F. Morrison, the coffee
roaster of Greenwich street, assures
me that this is no 'fish Ptory," but an
undoubted, unquestioned fact. Naeth
had a photograph to exhibit as evidence
and with Morrison to swear for him
we are bound to believe the tale an
unvarnished one. William A. Mitchell
tells of the little 14-yar-old son of a
New Yorker of prominence, whose out
fit was a switch for a rod and a piece
of twine three feet In length for a line.
He played in the water with this from
the stern of the boat and caught a
striped bass weighing sixteen pounds,
got it Into the boat and in affright
Jumped overboard. The father had
been fishing for five hours from the
waist of the vessel with an outfit cost
New York Press.
A Strong Man
Is strong all over. No man can be
strong who is suffering from indigestion
or some other disease of the stomach and
its associated organs of digestion and
nutrition. For '
when the stomach
ia diseased there is
a loss of the nutri
tion contained in
food, whicn is
the source of all
physical strength,
when a man
doesn't feel just
right, when he
doesn't sleep well,
has an uncomfort
able feeling in the
stomach after eat
ing, is languid,
nervous and irrita
ble, he is losing the
nutrition needed
to make strength.
Such a man needs
to use Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical
Discovery. It cures
diseases of the
stouiacn ana otner
organs of digestion
and nutrition. It
enriches the blood, stimulates the liver,
nourishes the nerves, and so gives health
and strength to the whole body.
Mr. Thomas A. Swart, of Sub. Station C.
Columbus. Ohio. Box 103. writes: " I wu taken
very nick with cevere hcmJache, then cramps in
the stomach ami my food would not digest, then
kidney and liver trouble and my back got weak
so I could scarcely get around. The more I doc
tored the worse i Rot until six years passed. I
could only walk in the house by the aid of a
chair, and I hod gitmit up In die. Then one of
my neighbors said, "Take my advice and take
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and
make a new niu out of yourself." The first bot
tle helped me and after 1 had taken citfhl bot
tles in about six weeks I was weighed and found
I had gained twenty-seven (27) pounds, and I
am as ktout and healthy to-day, 1 think, as I
ever was."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets curs constipation.
U 11
Its Temporary Shut Down
Larger Operations.
On Monday we received from Super
intendent B. II. Benson, of the Black
Warrior Copper company, amalgamat
ed, a sample ingot of copper from a
carload Just shipped to William Potts.
Son & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., says the
Globe Silver Belt, and It was placed in
the Silver Belt window where it at
tracted much notice.
Black Warrior copper Is the only re
fined copper made in Arizona, and is
99 8-10 fine. It Is sunerlor In some
respects to the best brands of Lake
copper, and has been found especially
desirable for casting Into bronzes and
fine art work. The beautiful statue ui
General Reynolds erected in Fairmont
park, Philadelphia, wan made from
Black Warrior copper.
Superintendent Benson said: 'I be
lieve the prospect was never brighter
for the success of the Black Warrio."
company. Inasmuch as they have de
cided to Install a blast furnace for th
treatment of their ores and' precipi
tates, and the large body of high ores
which has been opened In their n.ine
gives promise of abundant material .
work with."
Superintendent E. II. Benson, ac
companied by his brother, D. H. Ben
son, chemist for the company, left yes
terday morning for El Paso, where he
will confer with the Mine and Smelter
Supply company In regard to the pur
chase of a furnace, which will proba
bly be of 100-ton capacity, and the
Messrs. Benson will then proceed eas
to Philadelphia and Boston.
It is expected that the furnace vill
he delivered at Black Warrior within
six weeks, and as soon as it has been
Installed the company will be ready to
resume operations.
Some Hitherto Unpublished
About Mexico.
Hon. Thomas E. Farlsh has recent
ly returned from an extended visit to
the City of Mexico, which he believes
Is one of the most attractive places on
trie western continent. It comprises a
district about fifty kilometers square
and which has a population of R17.000,
The population of the city proper is
about half a million. Whatever the
City of Mexico may have been at one
time, Mr. Farlsh bellevc-s there is no
other place in America which is at the
present time developing so much ener
gy. The volume of building and im
provement is enormous. The country
about the castle of Chapultepec Is be
lng filled up and similar improvement
Is belnjr shown in the business dis
trlots. All the buildings are of stone or
brick and nor. of them can be more
than four stories, a regulation which
Is a recognition of the probability of
earthquakes. The Mexican builders
excel in stone work and especially In
the ornamental work.
The American colony In Mexico
numbers about 120,Wi and they
are In a large measure ie
sponslble not only for the pro
gresslveness of the city, but for the
growing prosperity of the whole re
public. It is shown that there is now
Invested In various enterprises In Mex
ico $800,000,000 of American money.
But in the first place Mr. Parish be
lieves that the prosperity of the coun
try is due to the wise administration
of President Diaz. The new growth of
the country began with the demoneti
zation of silver In this country. Before
that time there were no manufactures
In Mexico. Bverythlng had been bought
from the United) States or other coun
tries andi the products of the lead and
silver mines had been shipped to the
smelters of this country. The use of
silver has been to Mexico of the ef
fect of a protective tariff. When the
value of a dollar sank to half the value
of the American dollar thev betran
making things for themselves. Great
factories have sprung up in different
cities cf the republic. Before that time
there was not a yard of cotton cloth
made. Now all that Is used in Mexico
is made there. They are also making a
fine quality of blankets. Big packing
houses have beerf established in the
City of Mexico and the whole country
Is dotted with huge smelters and re
ductlon works.
The lessened value of silver In con
sequence of ita demonetization- in this
country has made the wealthier Mexi
cans more economical in the use of it
Formerly they with their families made
it a practice to rpend a part of the
reason In Kurope. But when It came
to the surrendering of two dollars for
one they decided to spend their pleas
ure seasons at home, so that those who
used to be found In Paris or Madrid or
other European1 capitals may now be
found In the City of Mexico or in some
of the other more pleasant cities of the
Twenty years ago. said Mr. Farlsh.
the government was without credit
eitner at home or abroad. Its army
was ill-fed; ill-clad and ill-disciptined.
Now it is well dressed and the soldiers
will compare favorably with those of
any other country. Twenty years ago
the imports of the country exceeded the
exports by $42,000,000, now the exports
having Increased almost en-fold, ex
ceed the imports by $23,000,000.
There are feveral reasons, said Mr,
Farish, why there can be no trusts In
Mexico. The laws In the first place are
against the organization of them. A
Mexlcanr law Is a somewhat uncertain
thing. It does not become effective on
Its passage, but It Is made applicable
at the discretion c the president. He
can also suspend the operation of It at
his pleasure. It will be remembered
that l.ss than a year ago he broke up
a skillfully formed corner In grain by a
suspension of the duty. The act of
suspension of a law requires the sub
sequent approval of the congress, but
that is naver withheld. The people and
all the political parties' except the so-
called church party have the most un
bounded faith In the president.
Spe-aking of the church party, there
Is perhaps no other country in which
there Is such an absolute divorcement
of the affairs of church and state.
That is, the church can exe-rt no in
fluence In the state, but the state keeps
the privileges of the church closely
hedged; about. Though four-fifths of
the population of Mexico Is Catholic
and most of the members of the gov
ernment are Catholics, that religion
is allowed no privileges over any other,
and Is in fact more closely': watched
than any other. The Influence or the
priests upon .the ignorant Indians is
- -
feared and the greatest care Is taken
to see that it cannot be exerted. I
Public religious demonstrations are
discouraged'. It is not permitted that
the churches may be illuminated on
saints" days, as In other Catholic coun
tries, but It is required that they shall
be illuminatecl on national holidays.
At the time of the death of the king
of Italy services were held in the Cath
olic churches of the city, but neither
the president nor any ofticer of his
government attended. On the occasion
of the public services In honor of the
d:-ath of President McKlnley, Presi
dent Diaz and his cabinet attended
Crime of all degrees Is swiftly and
severely punished, and in consequence
there Is no such thins as lynching In
the republic. The people know that
the law will act with promptitude and
that It seldom makes a mistake. The
government has done much in the way
of concessions for the encouragement
of railroad building, but It reserves for
itself not what is known in this coun
try as government control of the roads,
but a sort of management of them.
Rates are fixed and altogether they
are surrounded by regulations which
would be irksome to the roads of this
country. There is one thing that Is
not generally known, and that is that
members of train crews who are not
subjects of Mexico must expatriate
themselves while In the performance of
their duties in that country, so that if
an American engineer or conductor or
brakeman Is arrested and thrown in
Jail for a violation of the regulations
he cannot appeal to Tils country as an
American citizen. The railroads
throughout the republic are numerous
and growing much faster than those
who have not kept themselves well in
formed1 imagine. The Tehauntepec
road, extending from ocean to ocean.
will shortly have control of the isthmi
an trade. Facilities in the way of
harbors and docks and for the unload
ing and loading of vessels are being
Increased. In. the opinion of Mr. Far
ish that road, or account of the sav
ing of time and distance, will be a
strong comrtitor of the Panama canal
If It should ever be built.
There was printed some time ago In
one of the periodicals of this country
a statement by a native correspond
ent that the election of Diaz, who has
since been nominated, would take place
and that shortly afterward he would
resign In favor of Ltmantour, minister
of finance. Mr. Farish said that mat
ter had ten discussed in the City of
Mexico, but that there was no proba
bility of the succession of Lima n tour.
He is lacking in popularity and the
objection has beside been raised to
him that he is- not a native of the
country. It is believed to be improba
ble that President Diaz would adopt
such a plan for putting him at the head
of, the government. The impression
seems to prevail there that the place
w hlch he occupies as member of the
international exchange commission
was given him by the government in
order to ret him out of the country,
for a time, at least.
Regarding the adoption of a gold
standard, Mr. Farish say? he . believes
there will-be no early change in the
monetary system of the republic. At
the clop? of the last congress the sub
ject was discussed by the president,
who said' he believed that the adoption
of the gold system would be a good
thing for the government and for the
railroads and many other Interests,
but he was not sure that it would be
a good thing for the people at large.
The work of the commission, which
was afterward appointed. Is to inves
tigate only one phase of the Question,
the relation of Mexico to her neigh
bors. In the meantime the effect of
the proposed change upon the people
of the country will be studied.
She Before we were married you
never used to let business interfere
with sentiment."
He No. dearest; but after marriage,
you must understand, busin-ess is the
very backbone of sentiment. Life.
"It certainly Is strange."
"What's strange?"
"That a fsllow can have a hot time
with cold cash." Chicago Evening
The Best Ever
And Ever the Best.
not ashamed of
its identity
it beajrs x bdoid
with its nixme.
The Largest Selling Brand of Cigars
in the World
Tfio Band Im the Smokera Protection
Free Advertising of the Great West
By th Interior Department.
Another party of three Washington
gentlemen in the employ of the inter
ior department arrived here yesterday
and will spend' two or three days in
the valley. They are engaged In the
preparation of a iortioii of the ex
hibit the interior department will make
at the St. lxnns exposition and their
mission therefore is one that will ulti
mately be of sreat benefit to Arizona
as an advertisement. Their part of
the work is to strt forth pictoriaily, in
ono way or another, the activities cf
the interior department in the west
through its respective bureaus. The
bureaus under which the department
comes in closest contact with Arizona
are the Indian office through the In
dian schools, the geological survey
through its reclamation work and the
land office through the forest reserves.
At the head of the party Is James C.
Boykin. chi-jf special agent of the in
terior department for the Louisiana
"Purchase Exposition. Accompanying
him are- Frank E. Gates of Gates &
Morange, New York, whose special
work during the trip is the prepara
tion of panoramas of the Grand Can
yon, Yosemite valley and Yellowstone
park, and F. S. Armitage of the Amer
ican Mutoscope & Biograph Co. of New
York, as a camera operator.
Mr. Boykin stated last night that
their special purpose In this valley is
to secure biograph, or moving pictures,
illustrating scenes at the Indian school
and irrigation scenes of various kinds,
as they have done at various Indian
schools already visited and at various
Indian villages. They are also equip
ped for taking still pictures, but pay
less attention to that, as still pictures
can be made by any good photographer
and can be had at slight expense. A
large dark room will be at their dis
posal at the fair, and with the use of
the biograph they can show moving
pictures of many things that will im
press a large number of people more
than still pictures, panoramas or mod
els, though each is important in its
proper place. Professor Thompson, for
instance, who recently visited this city
for the geological survey. Is engaged
in the preparation of a topographic
model of the valley that will be on ex
hibition. After the visitor to the fair
has seen the model, nctei the topogra
phy of the country and the various
canals and irrigated areas, he can pas3
into the biograph room and see illus
trated In life-sized moving pictures,
the Irrigator applying the water to the
soil, the operation of headgates. etc.
The party visited the Albuquerque
Indian school, where pictures were se
cured of a group engaged in carpenter
work or house building and other, pic
tures of a fire drill. At Laguna they
got pictures of Indian sports, racing
and chicken pulling. At Moki they se
cured pictures of the Katcina dances.
On the Navajo reservation they got
pictures of Indians weaving and vari
ous sports, such as tug of war, wrest
ling, horse racing, etc., while at Ream's
canyon, another Hopi school, they got
a nice picture of girl3 engaged in a
flag drill. At the grand canyon they
Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing properties,
allays nausea, nervousness, and all unpleasant feelings, and
so prepares the system for the
ordeal that she passes through
the event safely and with but
little sufferingr, as numbers
have testified and said, "it is
worth its weight in gold." $1.00 per
bottle of druggists. Book containing
valuable information mailed free.
1 l
got a fine panoramic view cf th can
yon, and also of a party of tourkt -n
Bright Angel trail.
These gentlemen have with thm th
best apparatus that scientific men haf
yet devised for picture work, and ex
pect to do a great dekl in the way of
showing the east what is coin on in
the west. There are million of east
ern people who have no pratual
knowledge of either Indian sho:t or
Irrigation, and it is the desire of th
Interior department in its exhibit to
show them in the great;st ivsiil de
tail what is being done In the Krtat
western empire with the m-.n - tht
has been appropriate! for ita upbuild
ing. After viewing th inodvLs tnat
will be shown, thm IwokiuK t the
panoramic pictures that will b pui:.tel
from the original by Mr. Gates, who U
a talented artirt. they mill see lite pic
tures of similar or the sum? niw.
The only way they can get a U-lter
idea is to come to Arizona to hv
Made in Sonora by an old Montana
Tom Cockrell. wo. ha Ix-fn at th
Zieger for the past week, lias made
a discovery in Sonora which he iUlm
rivals the famous El Ttgre. the find
which made Ed M. St urn is a. man of
independent wealth. He is in the city
with samples of ore rich with the prev
ious yellow metal, says the EI P
The samples have little knobs of vir
gin go. all over them and the black
quartz Is specked wi- It. Cock re 11 ha a
Just returned from Sonora, vU CVJonl
Juraez, and says that his dlvvovery 1
miles away from the El T1rn ip
erty, in a country little known.
The prospector is an old friend of E4
Sturgis and prospected with him be
fore the latter struck the Kl Tirr
country. . .
Dr. Thomas March Clark, who hi
been the Protestant Episcopal bUhor
of Rhode Island since 1S54. and Is th
presiding bishop of that church In th
United States. Is coming near in lenrth
of years to the record of Leo XIII.
Bishop Clark entered his 9Jd year last
Saturday, and during Its daylight hour
he sat on the veranda of his cttt.
and there received congratulatory let
ters and telegraams. He was apared
the fatigue of any formal ob.ervarw
of the anniversary. Age has not rob
bed him of mental power or of the wit
and gracious kindliness which har
made him beloved, albeit th care of
his diocese has been passed to a ruiJ
jutor. o
Ex-Governor Horace Boi-- U now
living in retirement and sho no In
clination to ugure again in pubho af
fairs. He Is living on hU Urjc fam
near Eidora.Ia.. where the form-r popu
lar idol of the Iowa democracy livrS
In ease and comfort the life of a fir
mer. His f.trm consists cf 1.50 acrr.
and is in a fine state of cultivation.
.- valuation of l).tX0 ha been flao-d
on his fun iv.
Is to love children, and no
home can be completely
happy without them, yet the
ordeal through which the ex
pectant mother must pass usually is
so full of suffering, danger and tear
that she looks forward to the critical
hour with apprehension and dread.

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