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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, November 08, 1903, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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i (jetting Back to Common cnse.
; I resident Roosevelt is giving- forae
i pciscnal attention to the r.rfairs cf the
Indian bureau. By his direction the
" ,ird;r issued peroral lncr.ths ago re-
VICKEHS. Prca. and Gen. Mgr. . , , J. .
- i iun ir.gr tae Indians on the various
nit' ARI70.V1 RITI'DI .ICLtS.
Arizona Ti'llisiiing Co.
Krulvf Morning Aaaoclaied Fresa lesoi vatio.is to have their hair cut has
'tuomI? rvrfeetlnir Ptm. In Arlxon. ' ?" eancclkd. The president's action
Vh only ba'.iery of Linotype In Art- r the direct outcome of charges mad?
Publication office: Eaat Adams : against ere cf the Indian agents of
tr-t. Tel-i-hor No. ; j thIs territory. Several months age.
I.ntfffJ at the jioatorrlce at Pbonlx, i
Aruutit, a uitrr of tt acood ! the Sequoia League, a California or-
K. -izai.ua ur me proiec-.jua vi liie
Ft mail, l:ly. on year ,
WMkly. U year
Cah in advance.
... too
Indians in their right?, tiled
cf char's
a series
Pally. per month
s with the department cf the
i:-.tc:icr against Agent Burton, in
charge of the Moqui reservation.
75 ctr j Among numerous ether allegations. It
s charge-j
Hissing the Point.
Ex-Gaverncr Sianley if K,ir.f.i?, new
a member cf the Dawes commission,
thus delivered himself the ether day.
in speaking of the alleged frauds in
the Indian territory:
"That is a matter which has been
worn threadbare by the newspapers,
thcugh it has had little effect t'aereP'
It will cccur to the average citizen,
we think, tl.at Mr. Stanley mioses the
point. The interesting question is r.ot
whether the charges have a "chestnut"
flavor, but "Are they true?"
. . . n t ii.li l iiiiiL ncriiL JJ Lll LlllI IIilU
. m rr.a ar i n nn -
Ti Vlr KiuMtrn on ali at th fol- fcx en brutal tir.il cruel in forcing1 the
K'1:J?AISb: p'oani:'-'"' tc submit to a hair cutting,
ner. South Sprir-nt rtret. Th? f dmlr.lstt a tlcn, after hearing Bur-
i ten's story, refused to remove him.
ri; KMX. Ai'.r.nNA. Nov.
having fund th'.t he had been wrcrg-
; fully accused in many particulars. But
7 the government did dismiss the agent's
!'. 3. . sub jrd'.r.ate, v. ho had been guilty of
. . th" cruelty. 'and it reprimanded Burton
tk. ..it.,.-. i is tkSinrv t" r..t dismissing cruel and incom-
K..t PC tort cmrrrye
" ' hiin for ui:.g force in the hair cutting
N ti;Viv,!! -.'. f f Iiymcn bur,nc. K.dlov. ir.g this, the presi
t i t th- t:i.. . effort and money , eTll directed abrogat'on of the silly
Little James
W. I- R. Enimrtt rcd a p. iper on
"Recent Steam Turbine Developments"
at the Poratcjfo meeti.-.a of the- Ameri
can Street Railway apsyiation.
trcsisoaa fcr the purpc.se of marryirs
a thirty-cent yuunjr rsiiin.
f.'iro ycung feilows th3t are trying
to iai?o mustaches ought to write to
:t bnuty doctor instead and fcund out
Southern California Advertisements
... ,V!V
cv tr trmove superiluous hairs frcr.i
The Oeneial Electric uimpiny hir. the upper lip.
'eccn oxperimcntir.w for several years I1 just as li. r promise t i cbey a
r.t Fohe-neottidr, New York, with r. man as to pr-iv!:'e t- love .-n- htr.or
:i -o-iificr-tion of th Tarron steam tur- i bin-.. It s as easy to !o cne as tlv th
bire suggettd by Mr. Curtis. A CO i- ! .r. and sometimes a pre at deal easier.
Hljwatt machine v.r.s constructed fir ; There In ncthing a man hates to do
use In the hem? works, and proel sc. wcrre than to pay his wlft's dentil
s-atisfcrtory that It was decLIe.l to ap- bills.
ply the principle to an ermine cf the : Many a widow marries a sec; nd hus
iaiRrst r-ize, and the cons:rtH-tSo. of a bind In ordtr to get even with tho sex.
r.Xr.O-kilcwntt machine was undcrialt-' Marrying in haste is no wsrso thsn
on. This encir.e is now instal!?d In . th ? other kind of marrying.
'the works of the Comr.ionwee.lih Ele- ! Hicham Vcurn- was ner.-ly a wian
tiio Corapany cf Chiea;
and, whib
wSo l:a
th? opportunity. Chicago
Ban l
(Coneerninsr the
Events in Centra!
I where we was a-oin' to di3 c meter. " ' fKfc5"-4
s suddently stopped has been! Anttbrr cne cf those vertical shaft . j-l Wg235-'5Vc
irder north 'n it ust to be an' ! machines (of 5C0-k'.lcwatt capacity) i. t t -Ksb' '
clear out of th" Oorprashun 1 instsii d at the vcrks of the Newpc.tj . V?jdjS5
r Bossytaw. Which My Fawiand Fall !Uver Street Railvay c.im- j i' 'r--s&?3S&
unu uia repi iinaiiuea cjown trer" an
1 '-f'-"?s.f.'e V
1 i - th- r.v r'-ii n ri
t. f hri't! trity c.
. IV
' I "
!! .
! :
-. t a
if n
1 T
! t
n ib- p. :
... v h. h hi V"
. i. i :: I -r. '. IT
I t. .:. "Tt tbe
i if .. ! .- i: .
b i i -'.- i-. i i
miiII i i ! b. r r. ..
r t
-1 l r t
n r.. the
- -t stir.t.
ir. i;:l cor.-
I -r tr.f :
f-st?l new
Asia- hair-cuttins order.
No other pingle order cf the bureau
has encountered so much
j smcng- poopio who are familiar
.the Indian i bar icier as the order for
1 the sjvages to submit to a hair cut
'.-irl t wear th:r hair shert there
aftrr. unless it was the trder for them
itj take new numes. Statesmanlike.
' indeed, was th? i lea that civilization
.C fi(-
th brain cf j
' ...1 4 ......... 1 I . ,
li. . a in- an . in un hv navin.T a oair ot r.ifen- !tr,.. . :., .
r.-.isfiona- , Fh'-ar laid against his skull
b--.it: i :i b.ie f'jr
" rt inspirir.g
b -i ir; . Lut the
t';i-"n ever before.
bur'.v mule-whickr!
by a
Eut the crder
a great deal of
it had not been c-omi.letedy tested at
the date of Mr. E.iimett's addre".-.
undent drta had been obtained for
Effect of Recent ; him to pronounce it an unqualified ruc-
Price of Tanama Hats.) ! tor tc. thcr v eiiri: cbout 40.CC0 pound"!. . -
My ra-- sez I looks now as if we''i."iie shaft is vertical, and the whd-j ,
was gom to pit a Interos.ianie can;.l . machine complete forms a cyliiT,:";-
without astin' th' Bosqrytaw Congress, t bout r.ri feet hichkand 11 feet in di-
Th" Land where we was aroin' to dis nmctc.r.
it an" was
moved furder
now it's
Jjimits of
I t-e meens at they s been a bese;-hun pa nv. jr. I-.n ir.ctt 5t:.t:-d lha' th
at they's a new Re-mv -,. ral Elettric ccmnar.y nc.v had -nl
publican tlr.veriiment which got ton ! its books icntract? agr; ga'.i r-r more j
Proeressif fer th' old Mossback De;n- ti.in "o ff."n iti'-wnu of rti'im tur- .
ocrats st Eoytaw. j bino tnpincs. Dui im: th- I'dscursicn JNiORCy tO LotJtl Ot LOW RdtCS ! tSSCZLS
ijoocy m in .noo i.enuniio t , which fdlcv.ed Mr. Emmett' nddre ;? ,,or ,,ulMin. or on ,mf,rov,.j clty prop.
Panama is we!! pleased at havin a . jt was stated that some -ef th:; hc--t ' trrty or in good outside towns.
Free an Independent CJuvernment oi or.rjir.f crs in iko country art still rkep- !
r the practic; 1 va'.ue of
e ar.J in- ; -r;in-.
? dar.r-TOiis r npi tttor. 1 ai:d are jn-i'i oii prime as with a Lank, j
''-. d.i;;i ! ',r thi'limlv "u Pay tnonirly. ou to not rr.a- 1 M
iuit- ?luvi 1. 1 pay u.i n I'.'ari us 111 oinei
bwil'h.iK unJ Id.iii asb'xiaiior.s. A Imr-
; riwcr can pay off a loan any time with- . il
Ity or forfeiture, if you '.-
write our agents, H
Tix. i Li
....... o ,. .V n..-.,,.! J. :KST WALK n T'hoATllT nr M
I ivnti'l :t nr. ! r. h, I -s rv.'..,. " " " ' " . ." " ' 1 .MAIfTIM) M F A- lillltVl.' '(" IV,
" - ' - t i. rii.-.. it - r-- :-vh i 11 i -1 tin . " " " " v- ti
i 1 i rps,:i.tt. r ti
,.-.!ter h!Ki t'v;:i to do the work yur-i A. ORE1LA or WILLIS P. IIATNES, 1?!
, roir. jTucon. ' !
. I've r-;n y uir.r: won-,.!, r-.prr.d thte j t 2a Uuta'l P.'jHSIr? R. I M! iSfnclaMaR ! W
The highct rate consistent with safe and conservative banking.
.1. V. SARTORI. Pres.; M. S. II ELL-MAN, V. Pres.; AT. D. LONC1
j YEAR. Ca: hier; U. W. He'.lman, J. A. ilraver, lie nderson Hayward,
X XV. L. C.rav. f, Wm. G. Kerckh- ,T, M. L. Fi'ennnj. J. If. Khar.k'.and.
V.'m. II. Aden, Jr.
V Sr.l for copy cf rules and snn turo card.
v . Our i'jCZ Atlas of the WorlJ sent
:" cover mailir.g. "
upon receipt o " Cc iir.tage to
.u,.lrt. Hu mciK-iiueiH nuveninieni m or.,7ir.f c rs in the cc
ridicule I their own but they is some dis-s.ais-j ti, aj regarding th
ir with ' faction in this country. Si-nator Mo' t;;e rtfitn turhir.e.
v.a-- dtd
,1:1 if t:.
New plan of payment. Interest de- H
I creases it you pay. Our loans are made ; f
Southern California Savings Bank
gan sen :t '1! be th" Deth Blow of th' ;
NiVierocce Ca-.-'.l op which be has :
a--. : 11 .iiruv.ou hi k p. i . te::i:i turicnc .1: e ic. ii:.- n ir.. tic: i...i.i -1 1 "... ; ; 1 i
He Fes It a:vt no Argymer.t to say
th' Panama P.oot i? better
ind can
ilt nore
Nickerogg-y lfvo was bs f rst Luv an
?r an Cheeper ! nrri rTIfiN CF AM fdn V.J in I 0,lt ,w,"ee. pon.-.Uy or
.,.kV-..i- ;lt"---llu3 Ob AN UJ U. Vaiit a lean call on
..i.icktl. thei . ' k. s-i.E. l'lie,.
a Inter-
an' sed
Cara! for n.ore "n ten
'at they didn't '-.ire a
t .IIM 1 .I..-' .....I . , ....... . .11 .....
where it was hilt, aerost Panama, i "I " "i V ' '.' ". 1 c". J. WADK, See.. 141 S I". roadway
Nickeroiry, or Car.ady jist so's they'd '
!g!t i Vett"!wav. Thev sed we ort to ;
Indian bureau at ashinjrton ! na
:ir .
i b r
I ' 1
c h-
was of a p'..-oe with
the self-cc r.fl bence with which
;n in. Jii.::m nureiiu a', wasninirton h-.f ; if we ha- to li.k .ill iVnti
i...!:- i : t I rii e l .ates. hve always apprcacbea the Indian 1 Amerryky and Yt:rru;i to :,it it.
rtU - i- " c-er.raily diffused. 1 problem.
r h- ."n icmm-ir.d greater J Mr. Rocsevelt should now po a step
:.-.!:--::rr w-rk thin at any farther and rescind the order which
r : . 1 thr f-tnling of ! was issuel scrr-e time age reiuirlng all
jn Angel. Oal.
Watclies, CIocHs and Jewelry Carefully Kepaircii &nd Warranted.
tl. h: i-tl.m I
Wb. n th- g
n !; ( t t h T
ri. t r rt V
n :r. 1 !
'.ip-'-n. i t!i? Indians in the country to exchange
p"-rai rr.is'i' r.a-y cm-l their native r.ames f:r ready-made
.?-) -list c hunh. .' rte.. ' ittonymics furnished by such soulful
!r.-diy. Ncv-:r.bor 11. land romantic representatives of the
will L- re- bureau as Hamlin Garland. The order
t:- :
I a
i- 1 r-
. N- brisk!, th
it ir. t su
-. 1! r .nil x-. h:h the mis- j dians, just as a
l if t;.- cf th-.t body has ev-T cause irritra.on and wcrs-e among
I'- i:s orgir.ie: ;ti r. in 1SJS. 1 white people. But in the view cf the
.: - t:. is-.i? 'iciary c r.tribu- : bureau cb-rk- whose most intimate.
;. ir. -r to re cT the prtrv- kr.owledce of tb. Indian ccmes fron:
Nov the's afeared "at th" Pnitd
?taits is uoin' to cit into Trub'e wltii
Botrgotty if it backs up th' Noo Re
public. Thev so?.: "Hole on. They's--thinss
U th:.' world "at's of more Im
portance 'ti Iiiteroshanio C inids. Th' i
Constitution of th" Fiiited State:: i- 1
agoin' to git Jarred agin an it can'l j
stand many r.tor sieii Jars as it g"t
:.i I'orter Ricky an th Phniinpi.iTu .
Le's save th" Constitution an' let ou
ss 'ul year. , has caused irritation among the In- j Posterities btld th" Intf rosh-inic Canal--.
similar order would ! If thinis goes on th' way they -been
$..iii iuo. 'in 1 uo v.uiltl.uuUi. 1
ler 'e:r. to waste their time over."
They sez "at they b'leeve. if tb.e
could only git th" e.idetue i:.io court.'
"at Jawny Hay an' President Roosyfelt j
cptic1rn, wrtcmmrker
and jcvc.z:s.
F.r.c P.monJ Setting a Srccilty.
Ho. 205 Couth Spring Street, Eolleabcck Block,
1 US Alil I I .S. A . t
Kodaks and Photo Supplies
a make a rpecialty of Develop
ill Orders Gi . ea Prompt Atter
;:'"1 flnn2
,-!" ""tin 31
r.n!" sni si n 11
an VJ i'
kj p h ij
L,os Angeles, Cat.
Allots over
4 S!iIiion Dollars.
AVrite for our booklet.
."Bante by Mall"
Tolls you Just how to do it. An ab
solutely safe and convenient method of
savir.ir money. You en n deposit ::i our
large strong ravines bank by mail, no
matter ventre you are.
:npou:ided seiv.i-
oii !.as.sb:jii or
11) smarts acro iiit.
i!!!i(-'r? ;:;:d Directors.
J. H. P.raly. pros!.; Ch.is. jj. Toil,
cashici-; A. II. lira'y. vi-.-o prost.; J. H.
Oii:r.:i. sec'y.: J. M. Elliott, pros: 1st
Natl Bank. Los Angeles; U". C. P;t
loison, prest. Los Angeles National
Park; II. Jevno Grocer, W. D. Wool-wine.
ei.-.-.ti . ut?ic i.u itie.
4(jl l.iti-rest co:i
yVjannviKy, i:;id
' c-ertif c-:te. .K
We make a rpecialty of Developing, Printing and Enlarging.
Mail Orders Gi.en Prompt Attention. Send for Catalogue, j
2H SOl'TH B.?0D":O
Our new home, entire ground lioor.
aA5.i.gAt.iwj.'iti7iTrr' 'aLUL ..xwff tpn,
ire tbr.t i. r-ma:kabl" ii view of.
; t l h-.it ti.-- r !; t. cf the last'
1 ;. r v. r Pi'J.'"r ah -ad cf th"-t-'.
i-4M M ri 7 ry b-aderr;
ai! . !.- rr- al i.i.-g t. M tho- ,
:.--: s.taiti- i ti :r'a t:.- pr'-it st interest
v.r. I tb.- t.; ir.i .: is fr -.ly espree J I
tr.jt t-.'t t. dy v. ill v-ry fin attaint
1 i -il f t". '.''.') anr.ua!!;.- on-
st.rc.j. all that Is needed in order to
f f
make a mature savage over
refined, civilized mar.. Is to cut
is what's c-ailed Axessaries before th'
Pack in this hero ifeseshun of Panama.
V ...... J . . . . k -.. V. ' V I . . . . til , , . . , ,
,;.naht rir.ns o s in oe reuiiV
hi3 i Reckon iz th" Noo Sister Republb-
hair. cr.d irr.kf him chance his be- I thev cuddent bardiv be Rstraii-d
lvet name for "Al??rr.on Rupert Ma- they hecrd at th" Seseshun bad been
pulled o.T Pueoes.-r.o. When th 1:00s
E "at they nad born a lookin"' for come
Koos-yrolt took a Tel
t R"
The badin;
Just So. I
anti-American orgran of j
.v. .
1 -t I
.degra.'t U
out of a Dror. 'at he had Rote a week 1
before an' Fez to Mister Hay sez ho. "I
j PrericV
for Meth- , Mexico. El Timpo. is cpjeted by the 1 1 hot t.-.em Issmians wouldn't never git
-,..1. t. . i. r v i J!i.atfh:-f as wvise. concerning the a Move on em. They s too Pelibnt
la r
v -
- ' 1 r.
it- 1
t n.
th" : urt. v.bi iarp-r than ! re v: lut ion in Panama: I
rj;., j 1 v .-:r.v . t - r tidy, is with- ' "This is the becinnins cf a farcical j
1. - ; ; - -a a--- c , ; 1 1 mu'ir iri i i j i e v. i . . . j. u.iui jt
11: : li .r r 1 l.Ji ca-
ia ivi a o 1
The purpose of this Column Is to 8iir.t,lv the Arlionn nnV,lt.- with tli. nntnoa
r.d ad iress.-s nf thorouchlv reliable Los Ar.-des 'siablisbnien,. The bst mill
be found parti -uir.r'.y valuable to those v Isi-.i:.jr ti.e Coast. I ticalinK wjih Ue-
I.-.-.iilioan anvertiso's be E-.:re to :eil Them wiiere you saw the aavertiseiuent. They
T;il ai'preelute it end so will Ti:e Repn tilieaa.
James jonss Cc. Brass Vcrks
i REGAL SHOES by Mail.
$3.75 I 'T i.r. 'M-r- j repaid ' :)
jt..NAMttiiMLV 1 41 c:z.' ar .1 i.
prux- :V. :o---' Ti:m.'i -ti. MIT;-
u c Hi..! . i.nrem. n: l.i.t n nv-tl j attei tion given to all Fp.cial hrnss work
i,-Mn.-t f . . A vol. .'..r W .'I-.: r.t St.. I Hrass and bronze east!r.cP. BUYERS OK
n. ar :.r...U.MV. A..- ..a... i nr. U ;:i e -t. j SCRAP BRASS and COPPER.
I rt K.;iMO phi lvnin IHMQU si-i.
i 3.15pTp.r.vvi.rl-.-;rt'i1i'l V1 'y!es f a iM.li.'.S Itr.-.ss sleum riitints hr
J b.s aMWMLN". 141 :ze rd width, one ; vilves. 1-tnr-n valves offW n1 bank
, pri.x- :..!.-. swirt i;-sm;;cr 't-, r.n'bia:?. i-iuntlvrs' specialties. Prompt
h. G ft
-. 1 t h-' r
:V-ut to unfcld Itself upon the coveted
isthmus, and which will end. perhaps.
!aim that thew;;h tp dism.'inberri-r.t of the un-
rn'hf i this ' harpy C l:rr.b:an nation and the au;
,f t1; i' let few mentation cf the power and prestige cf
1 r-; r x.
Tb- i- re-i
; rf lif I t -1 th'' e lu' -atirnal
n;-"-r nry society, which
'. 1 ' v of t h
ir.t rest all
in: t
'.;b :..-t- th- misl r. hus--. and'
:.'.'. to th r. rrV '. 0r"n Iw!
n. ri-'-: y t t- s i..n. which lei in !
(i.-n; r I ;- .-r. r.t f .r niisi- n.
A c- it ji ;'-rti-- -f tb ii"t'-y !
. th" I'r.ited
Kwn ;-o.
cn the American
And what does El Tiempo
to do about it?
their Movemence. I'm most afeard "at
they won't I e irood citizens of th"
I'nited Stalls. This here Noo Repub
lic ort to "a been borr.ed more "n a
Month a.cn."
"lie brushed th" dust ofTr. th" Teb -irraft
R-ekonr.i7.in" th' Repubii- o4"
Panama an" barbed i! to 1 Mes.-en-,e
Boy an" Sez. "Your'e th" Barer of plad
Tidir.irs. Don't let a;y Voetarbun
SptinS lin pnd-r yo.ir Foot 011 you
'.;y to th' Teieprift oiliie. Tliis b.ere
Dealers in
Parlor, Diiing Room, Lribrary,
Bedroom, HitcHeia cvn d Office
I.os Angeb-s foe criiee Co. Tuck?, barrels
t:m rite i.r pri.w
j teleyrratt must trit to Panama before
anuther Revclu,ihun Br..kes cut a-.rin
"Th Messensrer ln- sez 'at be ai.it
ust to this here Strenvus Life. He asts
T i I f'T
t b tt -
r.-t tb
.'.-)-. '- r .
I m.
n .- i 1 1
ry - tk i.s d'-voi - J
. 'if t ( u : s-. a nd
h 'f c'b.ri'-ti.in '-- .-j11t
1 .1.1 1 pit out of il it..r.
,h (!,.r:r;s. uil, set I Km,"s.vM H,.riizo, ,f wp ci. ,hl.-
the Teleprr-ft off in time Panama K.its li b-
t-. I - v. ! :.t
-i- h m r
.-. I.
Crit ;t
r x - ; .-.
: - ! I -. i
., .; th-
t i. t
nr '-. ri
f ; : . !
.! t
t h . r -
,t r.
! 1 I
A Prediction.
It i- a ten-ti-. re tut that our es- ,
tc n:e.-I fi i- nds
iff rr,i. as usual, and fig-ht
r'ci'Rnition c f the republic of Panama, ! Cheeper next sc-sop. an" they'll be
and oppose its anne xation, liter on. ' within th" Re h of th" Messenger
1 1 ., - . . v . . 1 . - . i .. .
n. St cynbal h'- li'trmtir nrtT- uill tako th,- wrar?
nr. '1 ;.--p.n. Ir.d -"d. ( , f r,j aniJ a!, always, so many level-
:"--'n .utiie tn ; h, p,'.;. i democrats will take th" repub- (wouldn't be no Tacks on Panama Hus
' ir.-J no .J ur t to j ., an v"ie-v that tb. r.. or eld demo- : or anything else at comes from th
,S':n tb-in. a well isi, ........ ,t. tun- -Kut io Issmis.
j VI uu-. A- . IJ .u .1 .. .III ... IMV ..w
" a I "'"'" ' j the profit ssion march by.
..? io J.ip n. china
th-r m l ' .-! ntra? , Poiitics and Graft in Education.
ry ti rnl or-:;.- Th" i.-'trusion rf politics and graft
-..e' TV. 1
. a high, r 1
Th' Democrats sez "at tbey's a Hid
den Me-enin" in them words an what
Mister Roosef.!t mcnt w.i-? "at thev
t . 1
All members of Court Ha.-sayaiiipa
I. . J. iiro reo'it-Fted to r.ie-t at
fiernoon. at 1
funeral of on-
A. t;dl.
Chief Ranker.
t h e
1 1.
1-1 t.
t 11 I
t:'j i.'- 1 r ' r." "pr.u;- ny ,.
.-. '. Th -:r 5 r t
w - t c - n d 1 1 1 ir
u!' r i- r 1 -it f - .
college." says the Journal,
the president and board of reg-
i'-ns 1 faith j j.tjr began casting about for a suit
h :.- b-en f r nbl" man to fill the position. They
ir th- v" w cftriraily settled upon a gentleman ex-
! -t n",i..r! Th- ohm-- ''1 11 onaiiy well qualified who 13 con-
1 ,
. 1 i
b I ..
A !
n 1
b .
I I .
r w -1 ( r 1 i 1 V. tn. I ' n i .'ii'-cU nf "hirfa
.1. ...in . hi. 1 ii iu, ' . . , , , , , , .
j iiFiicni eicnois wrcce, onermg nim
r'! -hri-ti.i:. barbnriir.s. aid 1 tn position, and a member of the
in. -.iin.t f-r Christianity b- ard of regents went to Chicago to
I. iv f .- tie- 1 ir;an rif s cf induce him to make a pplication, saying
in MV.U- . If b- ,.fi the!,hilt ,hat v&s aI1 that w'a?' necessary
... .. , , ' 1r o'nl to do. Things went on until
:!' t i;. rii-i 'r.arv it in for ' , . , , . ....
jrst before the time to elect the pro
:.! 1: i:r:. ! :i'-t ir.st..r,-. un- i fx.f .jr, hrn Governor Baiky sent fer
Uy Tb- fi..;. icy cf the Jip- th- four members of the board of
i t - .iid aRi.'i:!' lm as th-y ' reg. nt3 and Informed them that they
,. ;.. ... iv:!;-. b a id th.-y dis- 1 rr'uiit '"'ec t another man whom nobody
b. .. U n:th di." lain. But ?. V . " --"""" .cla-
, uon. ano m a lew weeks the new prc
i.; ry. f !!..i with the burning ; f(.s,or of htory became the son-tn-'
,v '"i""-. f r-v r 1 ip tbl ; j law of Jim Simpsun. The men who
tnr.t.ir.g fac cf stla-h- thrust this poiitb-al appointment upon
a ;-tate institution were among the
v.-ry f-llo-.v who howDd b-ud and long
l" aus the populists practiced politics
III t he c olb";ti."
t . 1 I;,
II . - !
I ..'
1 t r -
it- I v
nvk .f 1 cn-rjion
I.- Hi-idj or th
1 1.
- I
v. i: . ' bu - l' VS f t h-
(1 d r.'..h - Tin- i,ii-
1.1 a ht'-i :! s.ir
I Ml
"I i.in't make a spopch.
dn irul Dr-Acy in confusion t a bnn-
t-i ! . mi. 1 iii-l tii - ia-lU't the 'nliT night, "and I'd rather
.f I'.- V..-!.r '; f into ! le cn rator than to win a dozen bat
1!! .iid p-.- oh the g. 1 j t !'-. like Manila bay." Which shows
tb ! li f:.- n!i'- nd tn't th- great admiral is unable to Fee
' n. it t ii-. t ,i, th- province ' tnings asrir.re in their Just proportion.
il k-r I 1 f. il i l.
larati in
late brother. Win.
ir t.: it. 1 r:itn of . jnt 1 educational instituti ins is an evil J-Yiretoi'F. Hail, this
! : a high- r f .ir.. This 'which cannot !. destroyed until the o dork, to atierd the
i.i l f ;!"! n the fact, press, and more men like Benjamin
t 1 c t-r and cv-r ag-nn. i I Je Wheeler. Insist upsn a refrrm that
ri:i" .onvrrlT 'f Ai 1 1 ies ' 1 forms. The Kan.-as City Journal
fi.if iv xtrm ly rare. 'cites a typical case- frim Kansa3:
id... I I'-icb-h ' .-. rv rs h;:v.- "When it tecanie known last spring
. 1 :. ;; t -htb-r in :;11 In-t that there would be a vacancy in tho
...lil A V. 1 . . . .. i.A 1 .... 1
Also Carpets. Rugs. Draperies. Lace Cutains. etc.
Agents for Maccy's Sectional Bookcases, the best
bookcase made. We also carry all kinds of Carpets,
Rugs and Draperies. Agents for Hodge's Fiber Car
pets and Rugs a very popular fl:cr covering.
We invite the people cf Arizona to visit our store v. In n in our
city. We have again added six thousand feet to our floor space,
making a total of over seventy thousand so.i.are fo-et of floor space,
which is fully occupied by best of everything in all lines cf goods we
handie. Come and see tus. Bring your friends. Mail ordcis promptly
attended to.
Tie--.1 'i oil'!"--.--, higa-srede wrrk,
atHir.ctar.i t-aei-.i.'r !re; , v. '-.v -e.v! el.
1: i:n co'.les" l' :.Mir !-. ib.visar.Is of sae.
-.fi 1 tiv. !ua'e:. The place to gu. Write
fcr Coilese J- i.rrrd
lb K. M A ACS. Pr. s d-nr.
1 I.arff.'M Mock nf tree" in t he Wot Euealyp
j tus. Ac .-cc ias. IVjipern, Cypress, ete. Pi.lins,
j shruli ti ! fvuii trees ol tvery description.
c Hiaiocii'S iree.
Spcfvial Atteiiiic.ii given to Arizona older.
Sycamore Grove Nurseries
J. J. R. .rtint. Prop.. -tjl Taradeiia Avenue,
L'j Angeles, t'jdifot "in.
PlilVATE HOVP. tnr lailiM ili.rln pun.
! f.nemeiit. Best of care. Moines found for
I children. Mrs. Dr. C. E. Smith, 7J7 Belle
j vue Ave.
s-j . ,ir.M., L es aiutcios. ai. i rnsn.K-iiA, al . lr W. 11. Bnilard, Mr.liial
Departments: Bookkeeping. Shor'.- 1rtv'or v'"'e lor Booklet. '
haul. Ccdlege
Telegraphy, Spanish. Large gymnas
ium. The only business scbocl in the
city that has recivatlan grounds. Send
for cataiogia-.
Eyeglasses, Optical Goods and
Draughtsmen and Surveyor's Supplies.
Manufacturer and importer. Los An
geles, Cab, 126 S. Spring St. Sunset
R! T. BJLLINGTOX CO.. T.i-VA S. Broad- Tvl ,rt , Tej 10r
?f , way. Curtains, draperies, China and Ja- " n 1 H" ilome lel- 1J--
All kinds of floor cover-
pan mattings.
439-441-443 S. Spiig Street,
Htminiel Bios. & Co.. I16-11S E.
St. Carefully sele.-ted help.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Main St., tnanufaet'rs cru ie oil ensrines
HENRY AT.BERS. .115 S. Main St
Largest pouitry supply house ia U. S.
Send for free catalogue.
PATENTS. Copyrights.
Labels, V. t". and Foreign.
Iast year over i l.TOO.C'OO was spent
fcr Yninjr Men's Christian association
buildings throughout North America.
and at the present time there r.re over
fifty large buildings in course r f erec
tion to cost nearly as much more. The
associations now own 470 building.i, i
worth $1:9,000 CCO. and an endowment
amounting to JJ.SOrt.OM. On Sunday,
Oct. IS, three new buildings were dedi
cated, one at Newark, N. J., which
cost JiSo.COO. another at Buffalo, N. Y.,
which cost $12:1,000, tnd SiACOO to fur
nish and equip: and a third at llarris
burg. Pa., costing J92.000. Christian
HcepeMakas Canvas, Khaki Corduroy and Shaw Dusk Clothing to Order.
! Ard the wcist of it is that his dec-
. jii.
.i'-i :
f-.- ii:
will multiply the gabfests
.f k.nM re oil has been I from vhic-h Americans are always suf-
-rt' v. ithln a tr.cntli. I.ok
ti'-r rr ;ignili erit d eration
l iiii nity.
fering. Every cross-roads orator will
row redouble his. exertions to bore his
ndghUre to death.
Having a greater demand for loam
then we can supply from our regular
monthly receipts from dues and inter
est The Phoenix
Building & Loan Association
!ii time deposits running from three to
nine months.
These certificates of deposit are r.-.t
cured by the entire assets of the As
sociation, amounting to JllO.Onii and
are Gilt Edge Security.
Our new series of stock is now open.
This is the time to begin saving.
See our secretary about it.
.f 2 N. Center
; and pumps. Complete Irricat ir.c nlnnts. suns prosecuteu ant defended.
S3 : i iiros.. Lrac:iiui-y bik.. Los Angeles, Cal
J Tft r ic x- 1 1 , i - a.- ..a ..
TZS&r i Main st.. manfrs. stamp mills, ore crush-i PATENTS Harard X- Uumtm t .
iwm. i.enenu memne worn:, i Anccle. Send for free book' on patents.
if 71
a W -V a
!-:-.'. . - z e.v-1. -j-r. Vv v 1
SJr rM'V.tfii!y Who we are, what we do, x'lfytfCX' e3
CO ::CT how we do it. hat we i-::- 7. 'f 15 ;t!r?Jf CO
?yl I Sriijf elmrce for it, hv vol! 'a .. :t.4 ZV 2-
2r V":'"-- i-lionld have it and How to ft.. .: y?W
Co ttfS'-i-US-'V II- ',,s,'" '''is in ym.r Rv. .Vj-f T-'
i, -'i.vKt1 " -Al' iia and w li-'ii vim w-Miii nv- I T-eHV i
SZl VV- x4 thins in our Inie sen 1 far -tf & -vicri -.( -
ri1h' ( '. Mil. garden li ..- iS4fj!iW iS S Z-
3 Xj?. 'f"J sporting ..cls. -at i ,g.. I ZTT 1 2"
) W A '-S-140.142 S. Main St.. & R H( So
I mm ( Lo,A,esCa, yy iX -
fhr XM v ( Ja r i
I L x I
aaaaaaaaa tm . I
, $250,00 Gecillan Piano
T!:o person who correctly sup
plier the greatest number of
missing words in "the series of
quotations now running in our
advertisements in the Los An
geles "Times" and "Herald" will
be presented with a J.'iO Cecil.'
ian Piano Player.
Preceding quotations. Ceciliati
literature and -leaflet cotitainin.r
conditions of contest, free upon
ieq-.:ert, in person or by letter.
Agents for the
Kranich & Bach,
. Emerson.
M, Oilier High Grade .Pianos.
It 315-347 S. Spring Street
K Los Anqeles, Cal.
; "oiwiEsaaixa earns

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