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Guns and Ammunition, Gamp Stoves,
Camping Outfits.
124-126 Cast Washington Street 127-133 East Adams Street
Estimated That People Are Coming in
at the Rate of 1,200 Per Month.
In the absence of an automatic cen
sus taking machine, the only way to
arrive at the growth of -a city from
month to month is to estimate from
some basis believed to be a sort of a
thermometer of travel. The postofflce
is about as reliable an indicator as
can be found, ' and from postoffice
' Fhowings if is estimated that the pop
ulation is increasing now at the rate
of about 1,200 per month, though not
all of it, of course, is a permanent pop
ulation. Probably more than half of
it is due to tourist travel, but the
tourists are here for a large part of
the year and during the business sea
son. The estimate is arrived at from the
l:st kept in the postoffice directing the
readdressing of mail matter. About
eighty change orders are fileti daily.
That includes addresses lor the deliv
ery of mail to new arrivals. It is
estimated that about one-half of them
are for local people, who change res
idence and for business men who pay
the city only brief visits and then pass
on to the next town. But forty new
arrivals daily, or one-half the change
list, equal 1.200 per month.
Another indication is the scarcity of
gcod houses for rent. There is hardly
an agent in town but that has appli
cants daily for houses, both furnished
and unfurnished. This is not an an
nouncement that people cannot get
houses or that they will be forced to
sleep in the streets, but it is an an
nouncement that many of them cannot
get the kind of houses they want and
are now taking what they can get. In
various parts cf the city, notably in
Chm chills' addition, many people are
putting up tents to live in. Some per
haps are doing it in the belief that
tent life is more healthy, but many
are doing it rather than pay rent for
houses that do not suit them.
There was little building done the
prist summer, owing to the fact that
a little too much was done the sum
mer before, and the tewn has now not
only caught up with the game, but is
rapidly getting ahead of it. It is sug
gested by many renting agencies' that
with the present prospects for the fu
ture the building of houses for rent
would be a good investment for any
body who has the capital to do it
Tourists Who Were Given the Marble
Heart By the Police.
Two hobos were picked up yester
day afternoon by Officer Moore, given
a cross-questioning by the police judge
and advised that one hour was about
as long as they ought to remain in
town. They had done nothing yet that
warranted their detention, but their
conduct was suspicious, and their story
did not relieve matters much. The of
ficer chanced to pass by Kiqueroa's
blacksmith shop at the corner of Sec
ond and Jackson streets. He was look
ing for nothing in particular, but these
men seemed to think he was looking
for them and began dodging around
corners in a way that made the of
ficer think he wanted them. The black-
"New Rubber Goods"
If you want a Good Rubber Hot Watr
r.ottle. Fountain Syringe, Air Cushion.
Ice Caps or Bags, Bulb, Syringe, Ato
mizers, in fact anything needed and
used in the home or sick room, RE
TV1KMBER you GET it'at
Drug Store,
Opposite City Hall.
'Phone 93. Send us your mail or
der. We are prompt.
smith told him they were trying to
dispose of a stock of razors to hinf,
but he had not invested, as he had no
barber shop in connection, with his
horseshoeing establishment. The men
said they were traveling from Silver
King to Jerome, and were told that
they had better continue their pilgrim
age. John Doe, a Mexican, was given five
days in the cellar to recover from a
case of drunkenness.
A similar sentence was inflicted on
a man giving the name of George Ir
vine. Two nights in succession he had
reported to the police that he had no
bed and did not want to be ai rested
for vagrancy. He was provided with
shelter for both nights, though his
breath was suspiciously strong. The
third night he came home, as uSual,
and was bidding fair to become a star
boarder. His breath was so strong
they couldn't keep the wooden door to
the jail office closed, so he was put
behind the bars and the proper charge
lodged against him. He wasn't drunk
enough to arrest the first day, but he
kept trying till he got himself in form.
Roadmaster and Engineer Here Yes
terdaySuperintendent Today.
Appointed to Assist in Prosecntin of
OregonLand Frauds.
G. A. Mountcastle and C. K. Clark
of Tucson, roadmaster and resident en
gineer, respectively, of the Arizcna and
New Mexico division of the Southern
Facific, were in the city yesterday con
feriing with M. & P. Superintendent
Bicknell respecting local conditions
and familiarizing themselves with the
work that will be under their super
vision since the absorption of the M. &
P. & . R. V. !Ine by th? Southern Pa
cific. It is expected that Superintendent T.
K. Jones, who was hre a few days
ago, will return again this morning on
hid private car and it Is probable that
from this time on his visits to Phoe
nix will be' frequont.
Respecting the changes that may fol
low in the officering of the local line,
there has yet been no indication from
headquarters and all is problematical.
All business 13 now being reported to
Tucson direct. That is, all conductors
and officers report to division .head
quarters instead of to the auditor here
tofore lo'ateil h?io.
The following taken from the San
Francisco Examiner of November 10,
will be read with interest by the
friends and acquaintances of the gen
tleman concerned who was for. seme
time a resident of Arizona and was
then, prominent in local and political
circles: -
Attorney uenerai Knox has ap-
poiniea rancis u. Honey special
assistant to the .attorney general in
the prosecution of the persons recently
indicted in connection with "the land
frauds In Oregon.
Thj appointment is an honor and a
recognition cf Mr. JIney'3 abiliii:s.
He was prominently before the 'public
in connection with a number of su'ts
against tho Federal Sa.it roir.i nr.y and
was of inaiotiil u'.il in bringing about
the undoing of that trust some n. nih?
ago. More recen-'y .i i . Hene nD
reared a? , rrvm-l for the
Spring Vall-y Water r rl.s in that cor
poration's Rue-i's:ul ple.i for a lenii or
ary restraining r.rVr mrainst the civ.
. The case. in which Mr. Honey wl.l
now appear in br-half cf the govern
ment are to be tried In Portland, Ore
gon, and he will be associated there
with United States District Attorney
Hall. Miss Mary T,. Ware, former
I'nlted States commissioner of the land
office at Eugene, Oregon, ani several
other persons were indicted, and It Is
in the prosecution of all of them thxt
Mr. Henev will participate.
Mr. Heney left for Portland last
evening. He is at democrat in politics,
and this fact is taken as an Indication
that the investigation and prosecution
are to be thorough, with no shelter for
any of those implicated. ;
We own a one-half interest in the
Bill Dick group, two miles from Wick
enburg, and have a bond on the re
mainder. There is a fifty-four foot
shaft on the property and several shal
low workings. The ore is a high
grade copper gold ore, carrying some
silver, averaging close to 1100.00 a ton.
In the bottom of the shaft the ore i3
getting richer and increasing in width.
We do not wish to sell the property as
it is considered one of the most prom
ising partially developed mines in the
Wickenburg district, but to anyone whr.
will agree to share equally with us In
the exjense of further development v e
will sell a one-half interest for a re
maiKably low price. From present in
dications it is probable that enough
ore can soon be taken out to more than
pay for development. The closest in
vestigation solicited. For further par
ticulars address Hall brothers, Wicken
burg, Arizona.
Here is an opportunity for one or
more Phoenix men who can raise a lit
tle money to make an investment which
will almost certainly net big returns.
So stock propositions considered but
will organize a close corporation if desired.
Oysters! Oysters! Oysters! Large
fat and juicy. 3 3c per dox6n. Mc
Kee'.s Cash store.
The Commercial corral and livery
stable has a new line of stock through
out with new horses, buggies, run -abouts.
Can furnirfh you with a desir
able turn out.
The concert for-the benefit of the
Baptist church will be-given at the
opera house November 19.
Jessie M. Priestley Lessons given In
oil and water color painting. 40
North 1st Ave.
P-ulk oysters, famous Cookoos, fresh
every day. 15c per dozen. McKce'd
Cash tfiore. .
Fashionable hair dressing, manicur
ing, hair goods, toilet articles and
shampooing. Mrs. Effie Horstman.
Holmes building," 40 N. 1st avenue. Ap
pointments at home. 'Phone 1734.
C. S. Smith, muscle builder, scientific
massage treatment. 128 S. 4th ave.
For the neatest 10c shave try the
Commercial barber shop. Bath 15c.
A north Atchison woman is referrej
to as Mrs. Reservoir by her neighbors,
because her supply of tears is never
exhausted. Atchison Globe.
A REAL estate SNAP.
Eighty acres of fine rich farming
land, forty acres under good fence,
twenty acres in jjeod stand of alfalfa;
wpter for forty acres costs about $21
per year. Only nine miles from Phot
nix under one of the best canals in the
valley, an ideal place for chickens or
small stock ranch. Balance of land
can be put in cultivation at small cost.
Price only $1,050.00.
If you are interested address box
742, Phoenix, Ariz.
T!.e annual meeting of the stock
holders of The Arizona Publishing
Company will be held at their ofl'.ce
in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday, the
IGth day of November, 1903.
What we would like to know is if
the man who buried two wive?, hopes
to meet both of them in Heaven. Atch
ison Globe.
BpB Hibbard
'The present brc in one
i t ndvMi i ciiu1 n I . Med
iiHl. cthiin formerly
ruled out advortii-irxr.
lionest advertising icuo
loneerconstdpred objec
tioiiHMe The world
moves and n skilful spec
ialist hit as much right
to make his skill known
as H n enterpriniiiK busi
ness man hH$ to publish
his w ays and methods.
If one hasfctudiea along
certain lines, and has
- had largeexiwrience in
the same, why should
he hide his knowledge? Why not publish it
and make people live longer and happier. For
this reason we make known our work a
SPECIALIST. Tbroujtnout the toutouest
Dr. Hibbard has long been known as Tre
eminentlv successful in curing DISEASES
OF HEN. His methrds for the ireat
mcnt.'of SEXUAL WEAKNESS are the latest
and best. Blood. Special, Private, Kidney
and Urinary Diseases are treated in the most
scientific and skillful manner. So matter who
has failed or how obstinate your malady, con
sult the doctor without delay, and if your dis
ease is curable rou'will be cured promptly and
permanently. If possible always be exam
ined by an expert. Talk witli him ami judge
yourself as to his ability and integrity.
The doctor is thoroughly educated and a
graduate of Harvard Medical College, He
makes a specialty of difficult eases. Years ago
he discarded old-time methods of treating
chronic diseases, hence his far-reaching repu
tation. Consultation Free. Hrurs 10-12, 1-3,
6 7. Hibbard Buildtng, 1'C-. 8 B. Second Ave.,
Phoenix, Arizona.
The Suit You Want, Made As You
Want It.
When you place your ordtf- with us,
we make the clothes to suit your ideas,
as well as ours.
We Have the Cloth,
We Have the Workmen,
We Have the Ideas and Style. Tour
money back if you are not satisfied.
Place your order here and be sure of
5 West Washington Street.
Hamilton, the tuner. Leave orders at
RedewilTs or Fountain's music store.
Women and girls who hnve been un
fortunate and are in need of a home
and friends can find them by address
ing: Crittenton Home, Highland addi
tion. Phoenix, Arizor.
Dining-room Is open. First-class
table board by the day or week. Try
our evening dinners, 5:30 to 7 p. m.
For the best rolled barley in town
go to the Capitol Mills.
Does your piano need tuning? Have
Hamilton tune it.
Ask your grocer for Town Talk flour.
It is the best.
Strangers attention. Garments ren
ovated by expert. American Cleaning n
works. 'Phone Red 353.
September and October are too warm
for oysters here.
Now the best stews are furnished
for 23c at Georsre D. TJurtis' 33 North
First avenue. Raw oysters 20 and 25.1
P?r dozen. 'Phone" order3 promptly
Valley Produce Co,, I
17 North Center St.
For Your Cheese.
Imported Swiss.
Holstein Liniburgcr.
Socictc Roquefort.
Fromage De Brie.
Fromage De Camembcrt.
Fromage De Roquefort.
McLaren's Imperial.
McLaren's Roquefort.
Camembett in Glass.
Edam Foil Cheese.
Norton's Pine Apple.
Kaiser Brick.
New York and Valley
Full Cream Cheese.
A Valley Produce Co,,
j 17 N. Center St.
is what we want
Perfect Fitting
c Garments
Are desired by every man, no matter what he pays
for his
That is what we are most particular about the fit;
and when you buy your clothes here we insist that the
garments must, in every respect, be
Perfectly Satisfactory
Before they leave our store. With the hand-tailored,
r cad j'-to-wear
SUITS $17.50 TO $30.00.
We can fit you perfectly in a new
fall Suit or Overcoat. The fab
rics vare exclusive, the tailoring
unsurpassed and the style of these
garments is absolutely correct.
We invite your inspection of our
fI 11
Han ScbaiTncr
& Marx
Hand Tailored
Coi)riyut tvv4 ujr i m.ua nor Mmix
SUITS $15.00 TO $27.50.
ft n a
We sell only the best gro
ceries and you save money
by buying from us.
We deliver ycur orders
very promptly anywhere in
town. Get your
218-230 W. Washington St.
Phone 431.
to introduce our Teas we
will give away one fancy
cup and saucer with every
pound of Tea purchased
of the following lines:
Fanciest Japan
Spider Leg Tea.
Japan Tea.
Bridal Veil Tea.
E. S. Wakelin
Grocer Co.
Fall and Winter Lap Robes,
Horse Blankets, Etc.
Also a Complete Line of Harness.
White Etamines
and Sicillians
Why not have you new suit made
of white?
There is nothing more popular
throughout the East for tailor-made
Suits than-White Etamine or Si
cilian. V
Tis a pretty fad and such a pleas
ing change fr?m the regulation dark
cloths. . ,
Besides white is becoming to al
most every woman and therein lies
much of its present popularity for
Winter Suits.
We have a complete line of eta
mines, voiles, sicillians, etc., in al
Come in and Look.
Xever before have veils been ai
popular as this season.
Used as a hat drape they prove
most effective; in fact, a pretty veil
will make the jr.ost commonplace
head covering attractive at a very
moderate outlay.
There's a very large assortment
of veils being shown here now both
by the yard and ready made.
All colors and combinations o
colors at prices that will harmonize
with anyone's idea of what a veil's
value is.
Ask to See Them
a Specialty
And the make which may be
classed as our particular special
is Warner's Kust Proof, every'pair
We have tested their value from
the only logical standpoint that of
actual sales and fittings. We fit
more and sell more of these models
than any others. The secret of their
popularity lies in the complete satis
faction received from the shape,
which not only moulds the human
form into the fashionable contour
but does it without a shade of dis
comfort. All styles are hjere and also an
experienced corset fitter to put
them on the right woman.

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