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That Santa Claus
Has Left With Us
For All the Boys
and Girls.
Come early and see if lie has
left anything for you, as our
store is crowded daily and the
presents will soon all be car
ried away.
In Mechanical Toys we
have the Friction Toys that
run by themselves without
winding. Locomotives, Fire
Engines, Hook and Ladders,
Dray Wagons, Automobiles,
Cars With Derricks to Clear
Awav Wrecks, Animals that
Pull Wagons, Trucks, Wag
ons, etc., etc.
In ordinary iron toys we
have . Trains with one, two
three and four cars attached,
Engines, Fire Wagons, Milk
Wagons, Delivery Wagpns,
Trucks, etc. etc.
Carpenter Sets,
Ten Pins,
Red Wagons,
Hobby Horses,
or the Girls
We have all kinds of Dolls,
with loose joints, Natural
Hair, party dresses, etc., etc.
Also a big line of Dishes,
Stoves, Gas Ranges, Sewing
Boxes, Autograph Albums,
etc., etc.
In Doll Dishes we have
sets from 25c to $4.00, a spec
ially fine assortment.
Doll Cabs all prices and
styles, also a large line of
Doll Go-Carts.
In Rubber Goods we have
Rattles, Animals, large and
small Doll Babies, Figure
Balls, Para Balls in the very
large size, and others of all
Don't delay your purchases
until too late.
Comer 1st anil Washington Streets.
Mrs. Jeff Martin Did Not Know Where
She Was or Where She Was Going
Among th passengers who arrived
from the north yesterday morning w
a very old weman who left the train
and started ud the track. The driver
of the Commercial hotel bus noticed
her, and observing that she acted as if
lost, went after her. At first she did
not know hr name, but finally she re
collected that It was Martin and that
she had come from Prescott. She was
surprised to lenrn that the was in
FhoenlJc. She knew many persons here
she said but at the mcment she could
recall the ames of none of them. Sh
did not know her destination, but slix
remembered that she had started for
"oine othe point than Phoenix
She was taken to the Commercial ho
tel and Deputy Sheriff Duncan was
sent for on the theory that an insane
woman had been found. He took her
to the Jones lodging house and yester
day morning she was visited by Dr
Danieron, who said that she was not
Insane but only badly confused.
By this lime the eld woman was able
to recall more of the events of the few
preceding hours. She said that she had
a daughter, a Mrs. Dozard. living in
Prescott and that her daughter had
accompanied her to the train. She al
so remembered that ?he had two son3
living somewhere, Jesse and Weslev
A telephone message was sent to the
office cf the sheriff at Prescott and
the old woman was recognized from
the description that had been given of
her. It was stated that she had start
ed for Gila Bend, where her husband.
Jeff Martin resides. In reply to the
questions wMch had been asked her
here, her husband was the last of her
relatives whom she recalled. But she
only knew tha she had a husband and
that his name was Jeff Martin. Sho
had no idea where he lived.
When she was found the old weman
had a ticket from Prescott. a purs
containing Jf. and a baggage check. It
was supposed that she had a check for
$20, but it could not be found. Money
was wired to her from Prescott yester
day afternoon and last night she was
put cn the r-outh bound train for Gila
Bend. The conductor? will look after
her until she reaches her destination.
Some Hints About Christmas Business
at the Post Office.
There are some hundreds of peo
ple in this city who have not sent
away their Christmas presents yt
and It is altogether likely that many
have set that business aside for a Sun
day job. If so, it will t2 a kindnes3 to
them to announce that it will be of no
use to take packages 10 the postoffice
this morning for registration for they
will not be accepted. The posteffice re
ceives no registered .mail from patrons
on Sunday. Registered mail somes in.
as usual, of course, and therefore any
thing received in time m?y be deliver
ed on Sunday at the tostof fi.ee win
dow. The ChristmasV business at the post
office Is even larger than was expect
ed but thus far it has been nicely han
dled. Lcng lines of people are In front
of each window but they are taken
care of with dispatch and the wait U
not nearly so long as It may seem to
a busy person. The assistant postmas
ter's office has been turned into a reg
istry department temporarily and tha
doer to it is blocked by a desk over
which scores of packages pass every
It is a wise idea to register all pack
ages at this season of the year even
If not valuable, for the sender thereby
secures a receipt, not only from the
rostoffice, but if the package Is deliv
ered, from the addressee also. The
sender, toe, can save time by putting
his own address in one corner of the
package before presenting it for reg
titration, as that is a formality that
must be attended to.
The registry business is stupendous
at this time of year and somewhere In
the neighborhood cf 200 parcels ar
sent out daily from the Phoenix of
fice. On- Friday night the outgoing
mail from this office amounted to two
wagon loads, fifteen tie sacks being
filled with packages that were net reg
The "Two Presidents" of the Conv
pany in Town.
The two presidents of the Black War
rior Copper Mining company arrived in
town yesterday. That is, they are not
both presidents now, for the only presi
ddent is Col.. James A. Fleming, who
within eight years has developed tha
Black Warrior and made it one of the
best known coppsr properties in the
Some time ago some of the eastern
stockholders of the company, contrary
to law. held an election in the east and
elected Mr. A. II. Chase, of Philadel
phia, to succeed Colonel Fleming. The
place for the holding of the election
was Globe and when the proper time
for hclding it arrived It was held and
Colonel Fleming was re-elected. Mr.
ChSswr was not a party t the opposition
to him for they are now and have been
the warmest friends. They came to th
city together. Thev feel that being
opposition presidents, they ought to find
something to quarrel about but so far
they have failed to do so. They are
both agreed regarding the management
of the property and Mr. Chase has re
linquished any .authority that the
stockholders tried to invest him with
at the eastern election.
The Black Warrior is looking better
all the time and the faith of Colonel
Fleming - and his associates grows
stronger with the further development
of the property. It is one of the few
mining enterprises which has never in
the development stage been in financial
entanglements, a circumstance which
may be said to be entirely due to the
management of the president.
Whatever litigation has been threat
ened was quickly and amicably dis
posed of at the late meeting at Globe.
Colonel Fleming will remain in the
city a month.
The women who really "assist" when
a woman gives a party are those the
guests do not see, and whose names
do not appear in the newspaper ac
count of the event. Atchison Globe.
I Additional Locsvl I
X Till ill itn
David has been appointed postmaster
at Cave Creek In place of E. P. McCor
mack resigned and Peter V. Porensoa
has been appointed postmaster at Ror
enon. The latter is a new office in
Yavapai county.
Miranda yesterday sued Jose Maria
Miranda for divorce on the ground of
abandonment covering a period of
about four years. The parties wer
married here in 1894. Theie !s a house
and lot in Irvine addition which th
i-lantlff thinks should come to her out
of this unfortunate paitnershij).
Sunday services. Sunday school, 9:"
a. m.: preaching, 11 a. m., by Rev. J.
B Hedgpeth. Regular Epworth
Leaaue service 6:30 D. m. The regular
even'nr church service at 7:30 will bo
conducted by the Epworth League con
sisting of song service, Bible reading
and papers by the leaguers, al:-o spe
cial music by the choir. A cordial in
vitation is extended to all and e'vccl il
ly strangers.
Prof. Laudor, the famed p!ar.lt ar
rived yesterday morning over the San
ta Fe. and went on to Tempe. Where
he gave a concert last night. He wl'l
return to Phoenix tomorrow morning
and give the first of four concerts In
the Christian church at half past two
o'clock. At the evening recital, he will
give an art talk on Richard Wagner
and Baieruth, besides presenting an at
tractive programme of selection from.
Wagner, Liszt, Chopin and Schubert.
PostofTice building, Monrce stie?t. ser
vices, 11 a. in. Subject: "Christian Sci
ence. " Solo by Mrs. Harry He.tp,
music under the direction of Mr.-. Def
ty. Sunday school, :30 a. m. Servic;s
Wednesday eening at 7:30. Reading
rooms open daily from lu a. m. to 12.
un.I 2 p. m. to 4. Everybody welcome
A. M. E. CHURCH. Sunday ser
vices, Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Mrs.
T. Walker, assistant superinte ndent.
Prepthing at 11 a. in., by Rev. J. W.
McAdoo. subject: "The Two That Ood
Consumed with Fire." Sormcn at 7:30,
by Rev. A. Wagner, pastor, subject:
"The Great Love of Cod for th
World." -
MunsOn, the confectioner has a r;al
novcity in the way of a wlndiw peep
show that it costs nothing to see.
Looking through a sm.ill aperture in
a box set next to the window pane on
the Inside one seis in miniature a bril
liantly lighted parlor in a crvstal pal
ate, i he ni.trht before Chrisma-. The
fire place is hur.g with stockings and
Christmas things and the little onei
are dreaming in their b?d while San'.a
is scattering the good things round.
The scene is the product of a little hard
work and the clever use of a minor
and it attracted much attention yes
terday, the crowd in front of the ttori
fighting for turns at the window.
Morrlssey, of Valentine, Neb., arrived
in the city yesteiday. Mr. Morris. ey
is a lawyer and may s:tt!e
down in Phoenix. He comes from
the north' central part of the state.
Thereby an impression that It Is pret
t cold In that region and Mr. Morris a ir
w;is asked if the weather here was net
in pleasant contrast, with that which
he had just leit. He replied that It w;
somewhat warmer here than It hal
been in Nebraska at the time of bi3
leaving but he said that he was no
sure that yesterday was not as warm
In Valentine as it was in Phoenix. The
thermometer there had already b?en 8
below this season and it mu not an un
common thing for it to fall 30 b?lc-w.
t"S-fr : : v :
-r ! ! l I !
Mrs. Charles Mullen of Mesa, was a
Phoerdx visitor yesterday.
The following named were registerid
at the Commercial hotel yesterday: D.
J. Fitzgerald, Geneva. Ohio: Lucretia
Martin, Prescott: Margarita Pasilta.
Tempe; E. B. Knapp, Boston; W. II.
Stark, El rase. Tex.; J. L?vyn and
wife, Alpena, Mich.; Bruce Stevenson,
S;.n Francisco. Tho. Hall. Albuquerque-
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Billman and
J. D. Billman. E Dorado. Ol.; Olan O.
P.und, Christine, N. D.; Mrs. Joseph F.
Wood and son. Cave Creek. A. J. Mat
thews. Tempe: Mrs. J. D. Houck, Miss
Mary Houck, Cave Creek: P. F. Fuller.
Mesa; E. F. Klot, Fort Wayne, Ind.
The following named were registered
at the Hotel Adams yesterday: John
'"on way, Appleton, Wis.: Carl J. Carl
son, Mrs. Carlson. Seattle, Wash.; Jno.
J. Hawkins, Prescott: R. O. Johnson.
Douglas: E. R. Stock. San Frandfco;
Victor B. Bloom. H. G. Scudder, Mr.
pnd Mrs. S. J. Fleet, New York; J.
VoKburgh, Otto Kaiser, Loi Angeles;
A. II. Chase, C. A. Chase, Phi'adelphia ;
Billy Woolf, Kansas City: L. A. Pon
nell, city; A. M. Morrissey, Valentine,
Those registering at the Ford hotel
yesterday were: Mrs. Mary M. Ra
borg and son, Denver; W. H. Gill Mc
Dowell, Mrs. J. M. Anderson. Minnie
Anderson, LilMan Anders-on. Iowa: C.
Golden Kingm;tn; Geo. C. Snell. Kan
sas City; C. W. Clement, Walter T.
Weli-sch. Frank Whltaker, San Fran
cisco: Natalie Curtis, Mrs. R. Osgood
Mason. Frank Mead, New York; C. H.
I.i-Tpfent, North Carolina: E. E. F.11H,
Kansas City; W. T. Turner, U. S. gco
olgical survey.
Bright and Pointed Expressions of
Current Religicus Thought.
Grace The grace manifested to sin
ners is absolutely free. Grace and
gratis aro cognate terms. Now and
then a creditor gives a receipt in tlvs
wise, "In consideration of the sum of
$1. thus and t.o." but not even .such
nominal remuneration as this Is ex
acted from the sinner who has accept
ed the grace of God. Rev. D. J. Bur
rell, Disciple, New York City.
Examples. The world, lying in sin
and sorrow, with a thousand desirrv
to he better, simply calls to the church
for examples of those who rise above
vil and walk and talk with God.
Rev. Ray Palmer, Baptist, Chillicothe,
Modern Sodems People have com
menced to ask is Sodom was any worw
Mr. Hamilton is a graduate of the New England conservatory. Boston,
Mps., the largest and most thorough music and training school In the world.
Also has had years of experience in tuiing and repairing piano3 and pipe or
gans in the factory. All work guaranteed first class.
Orders for tuning may be left at Redewlll or Fountain's music store
'and will receive his prompt attention.
than San Francisco. New York. Pitts
rjtirg, Chicago or many others of th
larger cities in the countiy. Rev. J.
M. Van Horn. Disciple, Worcester,
The Road to Christ. When we shail
stand in the light eternal we shall
find that th-? zreatest act of our lives
was to bring some erring one to
Christ. If you are not a Christian you
cannot point out the road. Rev. Dr.
Carson, Presbyterian, Brooklyn, New
Indifference. There is in many a
church a general air of indifference or
good natured complacency. Spiritual
mediocrity seems to be the thing aim
ed at and attained. There is no pas
sionate desire to rise. Rev. C. E. Jef
ferson. Baptist. New York City.
The Physical Man. What is each
one of 11s tint a Viinor that arises and
melts away, a shadow that suddenly
vanishes? A hundred years ago we
had no existence and a bundled years
hm-e we shall probably be forgotten.
Cardinal Gibbons, Roman Catholic,
Baltimoie, Md.
The Preacher. Many a man ' has
preached himself into a rich rectory
or an episcopate who has at the same
time preached himself out of the king
dom of God. He only can preach a
livin.T word who lives by and for the
Word. Rev. A. S. Crapsey, Episcopal
ian, Rochester. N. Y.
Out of Doors. Jesus Christ taught
an out-of-doors religion. It was an
out-of-doors religion that was suitable
and sufficient. Out of doors shall all
of us sleep some time. Out of doors
the angels sing and the martyrs die.
Rev. M. W. Stryker, Presbyterian,
Clinton, N. Y.
Infidelity For years Ingersoll lec
tured at ?300 a night and won great
renown with his treatment of the sub
ject, "Mibtakes of Moses." He has
never had a successor. He died and
his theories and sayings died with
him. Rev. W. H. Hopkins, Congrega
tionalism, Denver, Colo.
Temptation. Temptation is not sin.
Temptation is outward solicitation
striking, hands with eternal desire.
The will, the judgment of the heart
decides whether temptation shall be
come a sin. If the will casts tempta
tion out, victory is gained. Rev. C. L.
Laws, Congregationalism. Baltimore.
What to Avoid if You Would Pre
serve your Beautv.
JV.ii't cnt when very tired, if you ex
pect to get any good from your focd
and" preserve your beauty.
Don't eat mpre than one hearty meal
i day. This Is the secret of good
looks, health and long life a secret
iwhich if everyone followed the doctors
cculd not make a living.
Don't eat much meat in hot weather
If you would keep your skin free from
Don't eat hot or fresh bread If you
want to be healthy and beautiful.
. O
Buy Your Christmas Slippers
Us and Make Your Money
Go Farther.
Holiday Goods
Reduced Prices
Drug Store.
' Cor. First A'C and AdaillS.
in 50 acres improved and
well watered tract within
k mile ol Indian School.
An investigation will verify
what we say.
Two improved 10 acre tracts
on Center street. A good in
Some bargains in city prop
Don't eat cold starchy food like po
tato salad and cold porridge unless
you have etrong digestive' organs.
Don't eat Ice cream too fast. Eaten
slowly and allowed to melt In tha
mouth It can do no haim.
Don't drink Ice water. Cool water
quenches thiist much better than Ice
cold fluid.
Don't drink much water at meals but
take a glassful the first thing in the
morning and the last thing at night.
Don't drink too much coffee or tea
unless you want a complexion iike
leather in color and texture.
Don't eat potatoes, peas, macaroni,
cream, olive oil, pastiy and hon b ns
if you want to loose flesh.
Don't go to bed hungry. A glass of
milk or a cup of chocolate will refresh
Don't think you can cat too much
spinach, lettuce, watercrctss. dandelion
or carrots, they are complexion1 buti
fiers. Some people tell everything they
know, and are not very talkative at
that. Phialdelphia Record.
When it is
. Quick, Clean and Convenient? ,
Have you seen our new line of Gas Ranges and Heat
ers? Call and let us show jou the advantages of cook
ing and heating by gas. Open evenings.
Phoenix Light . Fuel Co.
BBB Avenue
SURPLUS . 25,n&J
WM. CHRISTY, President. J. C. KIRK PATRICK, Vice President.
W. P. FULWILER, Cashier. LIX)YD Is. CHRISTY. Asst. Cashier.
Drafts issued on all of the Important cities of the United States and Europe.
Discount comr.iercial 'paper and do a general banking business.
Oificc hours. 9 . m. to 3 p. m. . .
DIRECTORS: M. H. Sherman. Wm. Christy. E. J. Bennftt, J. C. Kirkpatrlck.
J. S. KifiHd. W. D. Fulwiler, Lloyd B. Clirlstv. George D. Christy.
CORRESPONDENTS: American Exchange National Bank. New York; Ameri
can Exchanee National Bank, Chicago: First National Rank, Los Angeles; Bank
of Arizona, Prescott, Arizona: the Anglo-California. San Francisco, Cat -
The Home Savings Bank and Trust Co.
Pays 4 per cent interest on all time deposits
Accounts may be opened for one dollar or more, either la persoa
j or by mall. ,
A handsome nickel steel safe Is furnished depositors free of charge.
J Call at the banking office and learn all about our plan for maklif
J savings pay an Income. . .
i The Home Savings Bank and Trust Co.
CHARLES F. AINSWORTH, President; R. H. GREJENH, Vice lres-
Ident; FRANK AINSWORTH, Cashier.
DIRECTORS Charles F. Alnaworth. W. C. roster, R. H. Oreeae,
x. Frank Ainsworth. Harvey J. Lee.
Capital, $100,000.00 Surplus, $50,000.00
Deposits, $500,000.00
Ample Facilities. Courteous Treatment to All. We Solicit Tour Banking Business.
The National Bank of Arizona.
Kmll Gnnz, President.
8. Oberfeldcr, Cashier.
Get One of Our
Twenty-five per cent, off on all Dolls Thursday, Friday and Saturday of
this week only. Visit us before buying.
Come and see us for we have the most complete line of X-mas gifts in
the city, consisting of Toys, Rocking Horses, Doll Carriages, Beds, Cradles,
etc., etc. Big discount on Jewelary.
212 E. Washington Street.
and Jefferson St.
Pol. Lewi, Vice-President.
J. i. Sweeney, An't Cashier.
Little Home Safes.

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