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Cosmopolitan Attainments of Little !
Laoy or iNippon.
One of the mwt wonderful products
of the new Japan la the school girl, j
She shuffles gracefully to her academy
In the clogs and kimona of old Nippcn, j
to study with docile facility a Euro- ,
pean college curriculum, and at least '
one foreign language, as the pioneer of i
the new education. There are thorns i
in her path, too, undreamed of by the '
Occidental student. The foreign lan
guage begins at the wrong end of the
book, and reads from left to right in
mead of up and down; she finds diffi
culty in concentrating hpr attention
when raised on a chair and imprisoned !
by a desk; her wadded kimcna, com-
fortable in her tireless, paper walled j
home, is far too warm for the stove
heated class room, and she is always
liablo to be married in the midst or her
In spite of these handicaps she read
ily acquires even the higher education,
and is almost painfully anxious to ex
el. often overtaxing her frail little
body and bright eyes In studying by
the foegy flare of the andon long after
her elders are asleep. Her own tan
guage by itself presents a fair fif-ld for
her Industry, for in ordinary reading
tind writing at least 7,000 characters are
used, and scholars, owing to the ad
mixture of Chinese, must master twice
as many.,
In addition to the new western learn
ing, so far, at least. she has retained
that of the Land of the Rising Sun.
where the proverbial "tuppence" must
always have' been paid. She studies,
as her ancestors, the Daimyo and the
Samurai, studied, the art of opening
nnd shutting doors, polite handing of
teacups, gracious reception of presents,
and so on: in fact, so careful and elab
orate are her etiquette lessons that no
possibility of unpi eparedness for emer
gencies Is left to the Japanese maiden,
who gains an entire self possession-
through a thorough knowledge of how
to act on all occasions, important or
trivial together with habitual polite
ness and charm.
In the deportment class she masters
the difficulties of walking in clogs and
handals, of sitting on and rising from
the floor, and of bowing with grace in
lifer tight kimona her bows are often
literally to the grcund, remember.
The arrangement of flowers is a de
lightful lesson, and important, consid
ering that a flower vase is often the
fcole furniture In a room. Much time Is
spent in demonstration of how they
should net be grouped, our old bou
quets being the earliest object lesson.
Ceremonial tea infusing iuite a dif
ferent thing from ordinary tea maklnff
U a very serious study. The number
ttinl depth of the salutations, the order
of serving everything, in fact, frcm
the heating of the water to the wash
ing of the tiny bowl is prescribed by a
rigid and elatKiate etiquette, a mis
take In which would be fatal to a well
bred girl's reputation.
The reduced gentlewoman instructs
la these dainty arts, but her lessons
axe growing unpopular and giil3 too
engrossed in sterner studies to pay
hearty attention to the minute txatt
ments of old Japanese formalities.
Beys' schools have already discarded
her counsel of perfection, and prob
nbly in a few generations middle class
girls will make their salutations and
their tea minus the exquisite pollte-ic-ss
of the Honorable Madams Eti
quette. Music Is always taught by women or
blind persons. Aristocratic maidens
l.-arn Xhf biwa (lyre) or kota (harp),
and middle class girls the samis..-n. or
ituitar. Dancing is not an accomplish
r.ent much esteemed by the highly born
mudents it is a profession, not a
pleasure but painting is a very im
portant one. and taught with true Jap
anese conventionality. The master ar
rives, squats on the talaine (mats), and
begins to draw either from a medd or
his inner consciousness. His pupils,
squatting around him. watch intently
his firm, dashing strokes. When his
sketch is complete they endeavor to
copy his production, and not until a
like effect in the same number of
strokes has been obtained, and can be
Teprcduced from mtmory, may they
proceed to another subject. In this the
f hiirmir.g conventionality of Japan is
easily traced, although its results arc
not invariably happy, as when Hosku
fal painted that fabulously impossible
recalled hor?e which all Japanese ar
tists reverently copy today, net be
cause HukiiiHi was considered such a
good painter of horses! On holidays,
which are as common, luckily, in the
Japanese calendar as saints' day3 In
our. the students march In gay pro
cessions, carrying branches of blcssoins
and banners to the parks, there to piay
games and drink tea, and sometime
even to have a peep at a strolling the
atre, though, strictly speaking, this joy
is forbiiden the fair sex till after 401
New York News.
A Few cf the Simple Exercise Thst
Will Banish It.
Kvrry woman befove she goes to bed
will take measures to prevent the ar
rival of a double chin, for of all the
thing that vex womanhood the double
chin is the most disagreeable. Thi
New and Second Hand
Harry Friedman
Various sizes, qualities and
Bargains in unredeemed
pledges, such as
Watcbes, Guns and Bridles.
35 North Center St.
Five- acre Ranch with' good 6-room, 2-story house and other Im
provements, only one and one-half miles from the city, and one-quar-ter
mile from Indian school car line. Improvements alone worth the
price. Terms very easy. Investigate today.
. We have bargains In -anches of all sizes, city residences, lots, and
business propositions, e.iual to the best.
I Ask Us for Rates
Don't forget our prize Contest.
The Valley
Phone Main 36.
K. E. PASOOK, Notary Public. Convey
ancing a Bpecinlty. Acknowledgements
tuken. 110 North Center street.
fTTGsTTRKSCoi Torporat Ionian d
Commercial I.aw a specialty. Rooms
fi-8-10 Cotton block. Phoenix, Arizona.
Oliver P. Morton. Arthur J. Edwards.
19 S. Center St. Phoenix, Ariz.'
j. W. CRENSHAW, attorney at law. Of
fice rooms 210 and 211 Fleming Building,
Phoenix, Arizona.
PAINLESS removal of corns or bunions
prices 60 cents each. Privacy assured.
Day or night. Fashion Darber Shop,
basement cor. Center' and Washington
Sts. Tel. Red P62. Frank Shirley.
jTaTKING. Assayer and Metallurgist
Cyanide concentration, mill and smel
ter tests. IS N. Second Ave., Phoenix,
126 W. Third St.. Los Angeles, Cal.
Dr. 1. L. Conner., Osteopathia l'hysiriiin
Offic 8 Wet A-lmns. Phone, office Ke.l 1WJ
Remduuce Red K5.
F. B. Jacob", U. S Deputy Burvevor. Pnrvcy
of mining clmnis ior patent a, specially
Koom 6, Nicholson block. fDoenix.
Mm. TrvinK Srliijer teacher of Piano. Studio
6J9 North Third Street.
MISS ROSE McADA.MS, Meme, graduate of
Ir Douglas Uralmm, boston, Gmduitte in
Hydrotherapy. The Occidental Phone red
9,-wt. Phoenix, AiUoua.
woman who once looks at her profile
and detects the double chin, either ir.
its incipient stages or prominently de
veloped is the woman who is immed
iately seized with despair. She may
never have despaired before in her life
yet she gives up now.
The double chin may be kept at bay
by head exercises. Take your chir
In hand, so to speak, by a series oi
head movements. Turn your head
from Hide to side and duck it this way
nnd that way. Bend it forward and
tend it backward and do not forget
that the more you move your head the
sooner you will drive your double chii
Quick movements of the neck and
head are the greatest foes the double
chin can have. The girl who make.
quick movements, darting her head
this way and that way. is never afflict
ed with the double chir.. nor ii the bov
who swings his head and makes a
thousand of these little quick move
ments ever a victim of this disfigure
ment. But it Is the woman in the high collar
who gets the double chin. She. poor
thing, cannot exercise her neck and her
chin comes and stays. Often there are
three chins instead of two, and a great
cushion of fat settles in the throat.
Frequently this fat looks like an actual
growth, a thing thnt requires surgical
treatment, whereas it is only a pro
nounced case of double chin
To banish a double chin there are
movements which are recommended.
The very latest advice is to niassag';
the fat down and away from the tip of
the chin. Put the hand on the tip of
the chin and press downward, letting
the fat slide down with the motion or
the hand.
In massaging the chin ns well as in
massaging any other part of the body,
remember that there are two kinds of
massage. One is the kind that reduces
and the other is the kind that develops.
The Flow even stioke is calculated to
develop for it stimulates the skin and
quickens the flesh. But the rough,
heavy, quick stroke reduces and it is
this qui k vigorous stroke which Is re
commended to the girl who is goinz to
reduce her chin.
Beauty's nightly exercises are num
erous jtnd arduous. Hut she is re
warded by a preservation of her
beauty; and if she will work with suf-
' ficient industry, she can keep her youth
long past its usual time and right into
the 40s und .'0s.
Beauty Doctors Endorse Herpi
cide. Women who make a business of
beuutifylng other women come pretty
near knowing what will brio about
t.it best results. Here are leHers from
two concerning Herpicide:
"1 can recommend Newbro's 'Herpi-
Ide,' as It stopped my hair from fall
ing out; and as a dressing it has no
f ei ior.
l Signed) Bertha A. Truilinger.
"Complexion Specialist,
"29 i Morrison St., Portland Ore."
"After using one bottle of 'Herpicide'
my hair has stopped falling out; and
my scalp is entirely free from dand
ruff. "(Signed) Grace Dodge,
"Beauty Doctor,
"IS.". Sixth St.. Portland, Ore."
Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c
in stamps for sample to Th'i Herpicide
Co., Detroit. Mich. Wakelin's F'narm
acy, special agent.
When a man proposes to a girl he is
cither in love or else he's a financier.
Chicago News.
A compliment makes a woman feei
good, even when she knows it is only
lluttery. Chicago News.
on Fire Insurance.
Somebody will receive $500.00
Realty Co.,
37 N. Center St.
The in trie sic value of a thing
is what it will bring1.
Tee Commonwealth Auction Co..
8 East Washington Street
Department of Interior, Office
of Indian ATfairs, Washington, D.
C, Dec. 3. lf'U3. Sealed proposals, en
dorsed "Proposals for School Buildings,
and Water und Sewer Systems, West
ern Navajo School, Arizona," and ad
dressed to the Commissioner cf Indian
Affairs, Washington, D. C. will be re
ceived at this office until 2:00 o'clock p.
m.. Jany. 14, 1901, for furnishing and
delivering the necessary materials and
labor required to construct and com
plete at the Western Navajo School,
Arizona, two stone dormitories, stone
mess hall and employes' quarters, and
other buildings, and water and sewer
systems, in strict accordance with the
Olans, specifications and instructions to
bidders, attention of bidders being
called to Paragraph 27 of the printed
specifications, which may be examined
it this office; the U. S. Indian Ware
houses. No. 265 South Canal Street.
Chicago, Illinois, and No. 815 Howard
Street. Omaha. Nebraska; the Builders'
ind Traders' Exchanges, Omaha, Ne
braska: St. Paul, Minnesota; Milwau
kee, Wisconsin: the Northwestern
Manufacturers' Association, St. Paul.
Minnesota; the offices of the "Improve
ment Bulletin," Minneapslis. Minnesota;
the "Arizona Republican," Phoenix,
Arizona: the "Chronicle." San Fran
cisco, Califcrr.ia; the "Times," Los An
5eles. California; the "Tribune," Chi
cago, Illii:ois;the "St. Louis Star," St.
Louis, Missouri; and at the School.
For further information, apply to this
office, or to M. J. Needham, Superin
tendent, Tuba, Arizona. W. A. JONES.
Of the county of Maricopx, Territory
of Arizona. Notice of hearing petition
in the matter of the tsUUe of Nicrlai
C. Matthiessen, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Matrda
lena A. Matthiessen has filed in this
court a certain document purroriins
to be the last will and testament of
Nicolai C. Matthiessen together with
her petition, praying that the same b?
admitted to probate and letters testa
mentary be issued to herself and thit
the same will be heard on Saturday,
the 2nd day of January. A. D. 1904. at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day.
at the court room of said cou:t. in
said county of Maricopa, Territory of
Arizona, and all persons interested In
said e?tate axe notified then and there?
to appear nnd show cause, if any they
have, why the prayf-r of said petitioner
should l.ot be granted.
Dated Dec. 21st, i:03.
Immediately relieves hoarse, croupy
cough, oppressed raltling, rasping and
difficult breathing. Henry C. Stearr.s,
DruggUt, Shullsburg. Wircnsin, w. ites,
May 20, 1901: 'I have been Billing Eal
lard's Horehound Syrup for two ye-ir.
and have never had a preparation that
has given better satisfaction. I notice
that when I soli a bottb .they coir.-;
back for more. I can honftly recom
mend it. 25c. 50c and $1.00, at Elvey
The Best He Could.
Mother Why don't you behave bet
ter to your teacher?
Tummy Why, I'm aa kind to her as
I kin be.
Mother You are?
Tommy Yes'm. Every time she licki
me I cry as loud as I kin so's to make
her believe she's hurtin" n:e.
To improve the appetite and
strengthen the digestion, try a few
doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. Mr. J. II. Seitz, of. De
troit, Mich., says, "They restored my
appetite when impaired, relieved me of
a bloated feeling and caused a pleas
ant and satisfactory movement of the
bowels." There are people in this
(.emmunity who need just such a medi
cine. For sale by all druggists. Every
box warranted.
Why He Declined.
Citizen Ray. I'll give you a dollar It
you'll take a bath.
Tramp Sorry dat I can't oblige
youse. mister, but er measly dollar
wouldn't pay fer de flowers at me fu
neral. Chicago News.
POPULAR wants. 1
All Advertisements Running for Less Time Than One Month
For Sale
FOR SALE One stylish riding and
und driving pony: high spirited;
iron grey color, Address R. O.
Thomas, N. Center ave.
FOR BALE New Tent 10x12, Camp
Stove and Cot. Apply between 10
and 12 a. ni., 116 N. Center st.
FOR'SALE Two" Hunting DueksT In
quire Harrison and Fourth ave. Ar
izona Rooming House.
FCm SALE Four-year-old Durham
bull. Inquire Walter Evans, Berry
Ranch, one-half mile south of Asy
lum. JUST THE THING for Christmas,
Vantine oriental pillows and scarf:
something new for Christmas. No. 17
South Second st. Mrs. E. D. Hill.
TURN EIVs ROSES' are now ready,
$3.50 per dozen. Dave Turner, N.
Center 8t.
FOR SALE Cheap; Saddle and driv
ing pony, young, gentle and sc
broken. Also single harness and bug
gy. 751 Thirteenth St. Brill Addition.
Call afternoons.
FOR S A LE A-big thing in Happy
Hooligans, toys, games, placques,
roses, sweepers, cologne, jumping
jacks, cups, saucers, a big line of
curios, music boxes, soap, powder
and toilet boxes, hand painted orna
ments and nothing over 25c. Com
monwealth Auction Co. At the old
Berlin stand, 8 East Washington st
You Judge of the goods and we will
save you from 50 to 100 per cent on
your Christmas gifts.
FOR SALE Two-thirds interest in
'good, paying business. Must give
time to mining business. Principala
only. Address Lock Box 876.
FOR SALE Horse, buggy and har
ness in good condition; cheap. 740
E. Adams st.
FOR SALE My ranch located Hi
miles north of Phoenix, consisting of
1C0 acres, including one full Rhare in
Grand canal Co. '(100 inches of wa
ter) at $100.00 per acre. Terms cash.
E. O. Slocum.
FOR SALE One new six horse power
Llewellyn gasoline engine. Engine
suitable for pumping plant on ranch.
Inquire at Valley bank.
FOR SALE One of the best paying
drug stores in Arizona. Address P.
O., box 434.
FOR SALE Eleven single buggies,
rubber and steel tires. Pole buggies,
buck boards, spring wagons, surreys,
three seated wagons, twenty sets of
harness and hotses of all kinds at
Valley corral. Five Points.
FOR SALE 13 tresh milch cows, one
work mare, weight 1200: one saddle
horse, two miles east. J. C. McNulty.
FOR SALE 0 acres with Mesa wat
er, fenced and ready for farming.
$G0 per acre. Address, Mesa hotel,
FOR SALE 400-acre ranch with wat
er right under Arizona canal, with
$5,000 brick house. Fine water ari l
good water works with water piped
all through house. Fire barn and
other outbuildings. Address P. O..
133 .Tempe, or call on Francis Fra
zier at Titus ranch.
FOR SALE Covered spring wagon.
Suitable for Mage or mountain travel.
Call R. W. Parker, blacksmith shop,
southwest corner First nvenue and
Jefferson st.
FOR SALE 15 acres live miles north
east of Phoenix, in orange belt:
three-room frame house, well an I
cistern. For particulars address box
FOI: SALE Brick house With two
rooms and frame house with two
rooms, bath, windmill and large tank,
garden, rose garden, shade trees, etc..
on Grand avenue, one-half mile from
Five Points: 100 feet front by 150 feet
deep: a snap. Address box 434.
FOR SALE or trade fine two-story
brick a-.d frame suburban residence
with three acres of alfalfa; block
from car line. Will sell on easy
terms or trade for good valley laud
improved or unimproved. Address
Smith-Brown, this office.
FOR SALE Five-room brick cottage:
north and east front: bath: screen
porch, etc.; newly papered: just the
place for u small family. Address
P. O. Box 431.
blocks in Montgomery's addition
Nop. 15. 16. 23, 24, 25, 30 for sale at
$3,600.00, eight hundred dollars less
than city's assessed valuation. $1S0
less than county's. Terms ca:sh. E.
O. Slocum.
FOR SALE 20 acres three miles S. W.
from Tempe; small frame house and
tent house; one and one-fourth acres
in fruits, balance alfalfa; water right
In Tempe canal; owner going away.
Address E. C. B.. box 434. Phoenix.
FOR SALE A I the otd Berlin stand.
No. 8 East Washington street, u great
assortment of waist sets, watch fobs,
scarf pins, sun bursts, watch chains,
necklaces, cuff buttons, hat pins and
other varieties of novelties at prices
to suit the purse of the last one in
Phoenix. Michel & Roos, prop.
FOR SALE iO acres with full water
right in Grand canal, about 8 miles
west of Phoenix: $25 per acre. The
best buy in the valley. For par
ticulars address L. V.. P. O. box 81S.
FOR SALE. Ten room brick house;
stone foundation; polished floo:;
modern plumbing; electric lights;
bath room; butler's pantry; cellar;
1 large screen sleeping room; porch
es; city water; lawn and shade tree:
(died barn. $5,000 in easy payments.
Could not be duplicated for $7.f0i'.
W. II. Robinson. 102 West Adams St.
FOR SALE Two-story brick 'house,
nine rooms; blh, screen porch,
chicken yard, tc; plenty shade.
Ease front. A snap. Call 208 South
Seventh ave. or see Masie.
FOR SALE Two-story, brick house: 8
rooms; chicken yard: plenty shade;
lawns, etc.: a snap if taken at once.
Call 836 N. 2nd St.
For Cent
rooms to rent. 519 N. Third st.
FOR RENT Housekeeping or single
roome, $1.25 up, by the week. 417 S.
" Fourth-ave. and Jackson st.
FOR RENT Good 160 acre alfalfa
ranch. The Valley Realty Co.
FOR RENT Furnished and unfur
nished houses; all sizes, kinds and
prices; also, houses, lots and ranches
for sale. W. K. James, room 5.
Nicholson building.
FL'RNISIIED six room camp on des
ert, three miles east of Indian school.
Wooden roofs, pump, stable. Forty
per month. Services of good cook if
desired. Box 612.
FOR RENT. A furnished brick house,
close in; newly renovated. Suitable
for four well people. Apply to E. E.
Prowell 230 South First avenue.
Phoenix, Arizona.
FOR REN'i-.rhe Redman Meat Mar
ket, also other buildings. Globe.
Arizona. Address Box 36.
FOR RNlrThree 'rooms to a desiri
able party, rent very cheap. 119 W.
Adams st.
FOR RENT Small ranch close to
town. Nearly half In alfalfa, small
house. The Valley Realty Co.
UN FU RnTs 1 1 ED lit rgeTsunny f ront
rooms In healthy family, close in.
Address II, Republican.
FOR-fTeNT Finelodglng housed 16
rooms. Reasonable rent. Enquire H.
I. Latham Co.
FOR RENT 140 acres land, half al
falfa, ono mile from creamery. Lin
coln Fowler, room 16. Porter building.
Board and 2ooms
board, 332 North Fifth st.
CHOICE exclusive suburban board,
fresh cow, poultry, carriage. Box
board try the Rumney. on Grand
ave. l'i miles from postoffice; plenty
of good Jersey milk and eggs; free
transportation to city daily. Tele
phone Main 332.
CASA LOMA A first class. . modern,
medium price, family hotel at
Tempe. Arizona. Write for rates.
5 1-2 miles east of Phoenix, and 109
feet higher. Attractive grounds; ex
cellent table; tent or room. $10 to $14
per week. Healthiest location about
Phoenix. Adjoins orange grove. No
very sick taken. Drive out or address
W. A. Costen, manager.
Furnished Booms
housekeeping. No consumptives. 546
W. Madison St.
BOARD at Grant's ranch; first class;
first house east of Indian school.
Rcoms or tents: four blocks from
street chrs. Address R. F. D. 1.
FOR RENT Neatly furnished
at 527 West Madison st.
THE ARCADE Elegant furnished
rooms, strictly first-class. No in
valids. 32 Couth Center St.
Hclo Wanted
-A chambermaid at Ford
WANTED Girl or woman for general
housework. Call 482 N. First ave.
WANTED Man with ability to repre
sent us in Arizona; to appoint sub
agents and oversee their work all
over the territory. Permanent and
profitable position. Pacific Mutual
Investment company, Stinson Blk.,
Los Angeles. Cal.
WANTED One lirst-class, all around
candy maker. Steady job to right
party. Munson's confectionery, 3
W. Washington st.
at the English Kitchen.
of help furnished housekeepers,
ranchers, contractors and mining su
perintendents. CHAPMAN & IRVIN,
42 N First avenue.
WANTED Ex perienced Fady book
keeper. Apply at New York Store
Monday morning.
WANTED Gill to assist in house
work. Inquire Mrs. F. W. Thode, 706
N. First st.
WANTED Waiter, American Kitchen.
North Center st.
WANTED Girl to do general houso
work, 410 West Monroe st.
Situations Wanted
WANTED By strong, healthy young
man. position either in store or en
ranc h. Address E. P. G., Republican.
is practical mechanic; understands
all kinds of pumping machinery and
pipe work; understands irrigation
and irrigating pumping plants;
strictly Fober. Reference of past
employers. Address H. S., Republi
can. ACTIVE young man wants work on
ranch, small wages. Address W. R.,
HOUSE CLEANING Ba white man.
Address M. J.. Republican.
ish house girls, cooks, porters, la
borers and such hands to all in need
of same. CHAPMAN & IRVIN, 42 N
First avenue.
A WOMAN would like a place to do
housework in country, wages $25 per
month. Address Box 84, Tempe.
Lost and Found
LOST REWARD One gold diamond
sunburst, Dec. 24. Liberal reward
for its return. Address P. O. Box
No. S21. Phoenix.
LOST on Capitol Addition street car
early Thursday a. m.. small purse
containing stamps and key. Please
leave at Republican office.
L()ST Four"? 1 oH bills, one$5 T bilfTiTb
err.I reward. Return to Mr. White.
Phoenix Cycle Co.. West Adams st.
LOST Fair of rimless glasses, gold
chain and hair pin attached. Finder
please leave with T. E. Irvine of the
M'Neil company.
LOST Between Tempe and Mesa on
Dec. 14. one lady's fur cape. Leave at
Republican and receive reward.
Most Be Paid in Advance.
LOST Black Cocker spaniel pup, five
months old, very long ears. Return
to II. R. Tritle. Fifth ave. and Jef
ferson st. N Reward.
CAME to my ranch;, biack, white-faced
filly branded J S lazzy. Bay threa
year old branded. S lazzy. Will be
sold according to law. J. W. Joslin.
Newsholm Ranch. 9 miles west of
Miscellaneous Wants
DRESSMAKING and ladies'
325 South Floventh ave.
der? We clean and dig wells on
short notice. Pumps repaired. All
work guaranteed. Phoenix AVeil Co.,
P. O. Box 714, or Red 'Phone 892.
W A N TED-jT small furnished" "house.
State locality and price with de
scription of property. Family of
three with no tuberculosis. R. Re
publican office.
HE W A R D $ 100 for arrest and con
viction of the impositor soliciting In
name of the American Cleaning and
Dyeing works. No agents. T. H.
Johnson. E. Washington and 3rd st.
'Phone Red 353.
enced card reader, tells past, present
and future. Ladies, 25c; gentlemen.
50 cents. 231 Buchanan street, corner
of Third street.
CLOTHING or delicacies for the poor
and sick can be left at the rooms of
the Women's Christian Temperance
Union, corner of Monroe and Central
ave. They will be carefully distri
buted. Those in need please call.
His Ambition.
"How did you come to engage in this
business?" afked the judge, addressing
the prisoner who was charged with at
tempting to wreck a train.
"I thought it a good idea to begin at
the bottom and work my way up." ex
plained the prisoner. "Later on I ex
pected to become a great financier and
wreck railroads." Chicago News.
a gi&ss or two of water taken half
on hour before breakfast will usually
keep the bowels regular. Harsh cathar
tics should be avoided. When a pur
gative is needed, take Chamberlain's.
Stomach and Liver Tablets. They ar
mild and gc-ntie in their aitiu For
sale by all ci ggists.
Too Inquisitive.
Samsmlth Piker lost cut in his at
tempt to win that rich widow.
Jimjones How did it happen?
Samsmith She's been married three
Hmes. you know, and he asked her if
he was the first man she had ever
loved. Chicago News.
R. H. Foster. 218 S. 2d Street, Salt
Lak? City, writes: "I have been bothered
with dyspepsia and indigestion for 21
years, have tried many doctors with
out relief, but I have found a cure in
Herhine. I recommend it to all my
friends who are afflicted that way,
and it is curing them, too. 50c at Elvey
& Hulett's.
Solar Plexus Blow.
Cholly Miss Cutting is aw--b?astly
howid, doncher know.
Percy Is she, weally?
Cholly Taws. She said lawst night
that I aw pwobably would be a weal
nice fellah if I aw evah grew up to b3
a man. Chicago New.
has been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums, allay
all pain, cures wind colic, and is the beat
remedy for Diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents
a bottle.
U Would Seem So.
Maude I'm told that Miss Oldun
actually looks under the bed for the
proverbial man every night before she
Clara Well. I den't doubt it. Hope
you know, springs eternal in the human
breast. Chicago News.
Be Quick.
Not a minute should be lost when a
child shows symptoms of croup. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy given as soon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even
after the croupy cough appears, wi'l
prevent the attack. It never fails, and
is pleasant and safe to take. For sala
by all druggists.
When a number of women get to
gether, listen, and you will hear of
some wonderful cures. Atchison Globe
Recommends It Because He Knows It
"There are so many laxatives on the
market," says Mr. Ben I. Bear, "that it
is hard to tell which to recommend,
however, it is a goo2 deal cf satisfac
tion to know that there is at least on
I can recommend with every confi
dence." Experience shows that Laxakola is
sure to benefit every one in need of
a mild, tonic laxative, and I ask my
customers to try it on my guarantee.
"Experience has taught me it
doesn't pay to deceive the people and
recommend anything that might
prove in the least unsatisfactory, but
I know Laxakola is all right and sur
to do good."
"It is the only liquid laxative in this
store that I am willing to sell with
a guarantee, and it tastes so nice that
children like it and ask for it."
If the baby is colicky, or fretty, or
teething there is nothing will do so
much good as Laxakola. Try it. and if
it proves in the least disappointing I
will return your 'money.
Of all games of chance, matrimony
Is the most hazardous. Chicago News.
The hat that suits a woman seldom
has a price that suits her husba,nd.
Chicago News,
23 South First Ave.
Geo. F. McLean, Mgr.
For Sale New and second hand fur
niture. Also two top buggies, newly;
painted, new surrey, delivery wag
on, pheaton, open buggy-', doublet
and single harness, saddles, Na
vajo blanket, trunk Monarch range.
sewing iachines, stoves. bicy
cles, books, large circular tent, coun
ter, incubators, and brooders and
many other articles.
TRADE: topic
One fare for the round trip via Mari
copa & Phoenix R. R. between Phoe
nix. Tempe and Mesa either direc
tionDecember 20th to January 1st
inclus've, ten days limit.
See reward offered in want adv.
For distilled water 'phone main 16.
The regular annual stock-holders
meeting of The
Ariaona, at Phoenix, will be held at
tneir uaniung House on Tuesday Jan
uary 12th.. 1904, at 3 P. M. for the pur
pose of electine officer fn ,
year and such other business as may
properly come before such meeting.
o. otji'.Kt t-L,ut:ii, Cashier.
First publication Dec, 13, 1903.
Present the "old folks." with i.
of our apochromatic eye-glasses or
peciacies. ijeDDer & Swikerath, op
ticians. No. ? W. Adams st.
See reward offered in want adv. '
Hal"! Combs! Pompadors. Switches.
Latest styles, HalrdresBlng. Manicur
ing. Mrs. Aylwln's Parlors. 11 s. Cen
ter, upstairs.
Recommended by all physicians
Puritas' distilled water. 'Phnn. t
Lightning Delivery.
Does your piano need tuning T Hav
Hamilton tun it.
Maple Leaf Bowling alley, basement
McKee's store. Come and bowL
Don t neglect your eyes. Beginning
Monday, Dec. 14 to Jan. 1st Webber &
Swikerath opticians will make a spe
cial reduction in eye-glasses and spec
tacles. No. 7 W. Adams st.
Hamilton, the tuner. Leave (orders at
Redewill's or Fountain's music store.
Jas. I Perry, contractor, brick and
mason work. Residence. 2202 W. Jef
ferson st, 'Phone Red 326.
Women and girls who have been un
fortunate and are in need of a home
and friends can find them by address
ing Crittenton Home, Highland addi
tion. Phoenix, Arlzo.
Don't rust your stomach with this
alkali water. Use Puritas. 'phone main
16. Lightning Delivery.
Spring lamb a specialty at the new
alley Meat market next door to the
postofiice. Now open.
If you are Interested in a good met
market visit the new one Just opened
next door to the postoffice. . Everything
new and modem.
The Valley meat market next door
to postoffice will be pen cn and
after Dec. 1st, and will handle the best
beef, mutton, lamb, veal, pork, poultry,
fish, oysters, imported dellcatassen and
everything that is sold in a first-class
How He Advertised.
Smith I fcund a piece of valuable
lace on the street yesterday.
' Jones And did you advertise it?
Smith Sure; I told my wife.
"Harry Duckwell. aged 25 years,
choked to death early yesterday morn
ing at his home, in the presence of hi
wife and child. He contracted a slight
cold a few days ago and paid but little
attention to it. Yesterday morning he
was seized with a fit of coughing which
continued for some time. His wife sent
for a physician but before he could ar
rive another coughing spell came on
and Duckwell died from suffocation.
St. Iuls Globe-Democrat, Dec. 1. 190L"
Ballards Horehound Syrup would have
saved him. 25r, 50c and $1.00. at Elvey
& Hulett's.
He She appears to have great beau
ty of face and mind.
She Huh! But she can't begin to
make up her mind as uuickly as she
makes up her faca.
Frequently accidents occur In the
household, which cause bums, cuts,
sprains and bruises. For use In such
cases Ballard's Snow Uniment has for
many years been a constant favorite
family remedy. 25c, EOc and $1.00 at
Elvey & Hulett's.
Many a man willing to work Is kept
from it by idle men who-bother him.
Atchison Globe.
Sufferers from sciatic should not
hesitate to use Chamberlain's Pain
Bairn. The ;rompt relief from pain
which it affords; is alone worth many
times its cost. For sale by all drug
gists. ' ,
Wife 'Before marriage man la
know n by the company he keeps."
Husband "And after 7"
Wife "By the clothes his wifa

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