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ilijt . You never tire of 5c. jfj
lyO The "Band is the Smoker's Protection, cffx
The Perilous Experience of Two Cal
ifornia Girls.
The Most for
Your Money.
That is what you want.
That is what you get if
you take the Rock Island.
It is the shortest of all
lines from Southern Arizona
to Kansas City and Chi
cago, the only line that
takes you through with
out change of cars.
A tic nearest Southern Pacific
ticket office for full information,
or write
H. F. COX,
General Afcent,
El Paso, Tex.
n xrm.
- -"O II k
AG&?r r
'I ' I , 1
ir.nr.ncy.'i, TkTyirvf6i ajas .'Sur.r.rrAwi
A Proposition to Start Another Blaza
In the Iroquois.
Reno, Xev.. Jan. 14. Lost for two
days In a blinding snow storm In the
high sierras in "Siskiyou county whs
the thrilling experience of two young
ladies of Red Bluff, California, and
had it not been for a party of Western
Pacific surveyors, who found them on
the second day of their wandering:"
they would probably have perished
The Misses Guam, 'one of whom Is
a school teacher in Red Bluff, drove
from the latter town into the wild of
the Siskiyou-mountains, where thev
took up a couple of timber claims.
They then started for Susanville to
register the claims. As they proceeded
it began snowing. The night was spent
in a ran-ow defile and next morning
they were brought to Reno, whence
they were sent to Red Bluff.
Denies That He is Going to Found a
Zion in Southern California.
Los Angeles. Cal., Jan. 14.--John
Alexander Dowie, of Zion City, Ills.,
with his party of Zionist supporters,
hns arrived at Los Angeles. iie an
nounced that he will remain in Cali
fornia until June 21. on which date
he will leave San Francisco for Aus
tralia. He denied that he was to build rt
Zion City In southern California, but
stated that It was very likely that he
would found a city either on the gulf
or the Pacific coast. He stated that
lit expects to return to Zion City from
his trip around the world about June
Refused to Surrender Part of the U. P.
to the Oregon Short Line.
i Chicago, Jan. 14. As soon as the
coroner's Jury releases control tf the
Iroquois theater, the play house will
be again given over to flames, if the
Tlans evolved by Mayor Harrison and
Walter Fisher of the City club are car
l ied cut. Their proposition is to fill the
theater with excelsior and ether com
bustible material. Ignite it, let experts
fight the flames and study the best
manner of handling them.
Chicago, Jan. 14. The strike of the
livery drivers began anew today after
the truce following the Iroquois fire.
Ninety-five per cent of the 1,600 drivers
of carriages and hearsos, aie said to
Fait Lake. Utah, Jan. 14. The Do
eret News tonight says that is semi
officially stated that the 'reason for
the recent hasty visit to New York of
Vice President W. H. Bancroft of the
Oregon Short Line railroad H maktn
of the final arrangements for the turn
Ing over of a portion of the main lin-;
of the Lnion Pacific, running from
Ogden and Green River. Wyoming, to
the- Oregon Short Line and Its future
operation as part of that road.
This prosrram-ne, it is said, was re
slsted by President Burt of the Union
Pacific, and was one of the factors
that led up to his retirement. It
stated that the new order will go ino
effect either on the first or fifteenth
of February. The Union Pacific track
age in question is 177 miles long.
lution recommending that members
and non-members discontinue buying
or -selling cotton futures. The resolu
tion sets forth that the present con
dition of the cotton trade has been
caused by "gamblers using futures In
the market to artificially raise prices
of raw cotton." which makes trade
practically impossible except at a
heavy loss.
In view of the importance of the
resolution the vote thereon was post
poned for a week.
Topeka. Kas., Jan. 14. No decision
has yet been made by the Santa Fe
authorities regarding the claims of the
firemen's grievance committee now In
session here. A number of confer
ences between the committee and
General Manager Mudge have been
held. Both sides refuse to give out the
progress of the negotiations which are
understood to be regarding wages.
Six Feet of $200 Ore and a Vein of
$150,000 Ore.
Crlriole Creek, Jan. 14. The most im
portant gold strike ever made in the
district became known today. It was
made on Beacon Hill. A six foot vein
averaging $200 per ton was uncovered,
through which runs a streak assaying
$150,000 per ton.
Utica, N. Y.. Jan. 14. Weighted
down by snow, the roof of a big steel
warehouse of the Kendall Knitting Co.
at Camden, collapsed today, reduc ng
the structure to ruins, and bunying
$20,000 worth of knit goods. The lo.s
will amount to about $18,000.
Dallas, Jan. 14. The Dealy Lumber
Co. was forced into involuntary bank
ruptcy today. A receiver is to be ap
pointed tomorrow. Liabilities are giv
en as $75,000; assets, $3,000.
Washington, Jan. 14. The forecast
for Arizona and New Mexico, fair Fri
day and Saturday. Wyoming, Friday
colder; Paturday fair.
Bright's Disease Cured
"J tl AY-
Topeka. Jan. 14. Representatives
from the machinists' unions. from
.Chicago io California .are In Topek l
I for the purpose of forming a division
!of the National Machinists' union
here. W. A. Watton, fourth vice presi
dent of th machinists' union, address
led the machinists -tonight and they
agreed to form the organization.
Pittsburg, Jan. 14. Wilfred Powell,
British consul at Philadelphia, has ent
a letter to Mayor Hayes to the effect,
that emigrants to South Afiici. phculd
be warned from going there, as ttvre
are thousands of artisans and labor
ers in South Africa idle.
The Manchester Cotton Spinner Find
That it i Ruining the Business.
Manchester. Eng., Jan. 14. A meet
ing of the federation of master cotton
spinners here today discussed a reso-
Saturday, Jan. 16, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Where the Biggest Assortment of Useful Goods Will Be Sold
to the Highest Bidder.
Bedroom Sets.
Brass Beds.
Iron Beds.
Oak Beds.
Hall Racks.
Dining Tables.
Center Table.
Dining Chairs.
Kitchen Chaiis.
Wicker Rockers.
Ice Box.
Clothes Closet.
Folding Couch.
Roll Top Desk.
Book Case SDeskConi'd
Two Top Buggies.
One Surry.
Porch Settees.
Lace Curtains.
Brass Curtain Rods.
Lamps all kinds.
Granite ware.
Keyhole Saws.
Panel Saws.
Handy Vises.
Paint Brushes.
Bread Knives.
Cottage Barometers.
Handy Spirit Level.
Plastering Trowels.
Scissors, all sizes.
Commonwealth Auction
26 and 28 West Adams Street. E. MICHEL, Auctioneer.
The entire matter lies in a nutshell.
A certain proportion of the rank and
file of the army, like their fellows in
civil life.' will drink spirituous liquors,
and if ti"ey are unable to obtain these
nt the ci nteen they will procure them
elsewhere. At the canteen the pro
ducts offered were of good quality, and
Irvnkennesa or excessive drinking wa3
prohibited. In the present state of
rf fairs, these soldiers who desire re
freshment of an alcoholic nature have
perforce to go outside the lines to
satisfy their wants, end in the nature
of things, do not get a good article, nor
is excessive drinking restricted. The
consequence is, as officers of the army
almost to a man unite in stating,
drunkenness and vice are far mor;
frequent than was the case when the
canteen was in existence. Officers
should be and undoubtedly are bet
ter judges as to the situation than are
the women reformers, excellent though
their intentions may be. Alcoholic
beverages do more harm than good,
and soldiers would, perhaps, be better
mentally and physically if they ab
stained altogether. But as they will
not do so, it is a question of choosing
the lesser of two evils, and as the can
teen has been proved the lesser, it
should be re-established. Medical Record.
With thia issue the Herald-Banner
folds its lily-white hands upon its bos
om and turns Its pink little toes to the
daisies, and Milburn I. T.. U. S. A., is
without a paper, having witnessed the
death of tw,o. It has cost the present
firm $263 to advertise the town, the
beautiful blue and fertile soils, and we
now throw up the sponge and vacate
to make room for another sucker. Ta,
ta, au re voir, good -by. We are going to
do something for you that the devil
will never do that is, leave you. Mil
burn (I. T.) Herald-Banner.
Until yesterday, and since the annex
ation in 1898, Porto Ricans who did not
elect to remain Spanish subjects were
citizens of no country. They were
merely "citizens of Porto Rico" a stat
us which did not carry American itl
zetrshJp with it. Our immigration au
thorities treated them as aliens; but as
they had no foreign citizenship and
owned ailegiaiee to no foreign sover
eignty, they were practically left with
out any citizenship at all a populous
colony of Philip Nolans.
The United States supreme court now
decides that they are not aliens, and
cannot be treated as such. Its decision
does not directly confer American citi
zenship upon them, but it does so by
inference, and will go far toward doing
so in fact. If they cannot be treated as
alien?, they are in effect treated as
American citizens. New York Mall
and Express.
By Warner's Safe Cure.
Joseph Sherburne Murray, the Noted American Artist and Athlete, in Last
Stages of Bright'. Disease, with Bloating Heart Failure, Say. He Was
Permanently Cured by Safe Cure.
"I grew Rapidly Worse; Could Keep
Nothing on My Stomach; Lo.t Weight,
and for Days Could Not Leave My
"I was taken seriously ill in Xe
York two years ago: grew worse: had
the best doctors.. They said I had
Bright's disease and could do nothing
for n:e. I commenced to bloat, ha 1
heart failure, could keep nothing on my
stomach, and lost tlesh rapidly. I could
not work and for days was unable t
leave my bed. I was in the last stag-,
of this awful disease, with death stor
ing me in the face.
"Happily for me, 'Safe Cure- w.
suggested and I took It as a last resort
"I began to get better with the first
bottle, improved steadily, and in four
months every trace of kidney disease
had disappeared, niv amx-tite w:i
V l eood. and I crot back mv health nn.l
strength, and never felt better in my
43 Broadway. Rochester. N. Y.
Backache, headache, stomach trouble, nervousness, bad complexion, skl.i
affections, weak heart, cloudy urine when it stands 24 hours, and diseae of
the urinary and female organs, are every one certain signs that your kidney
have been diseased for months, and if allowed to run along without trea- -inent,
Bright's disease, diabetes, blood poisoning will develop, and death
quickly follow.
until the r.nal stage have been reached.
You haven't a minute to lose. Get a bottle of Warner's Safe Cure, thai
has beeii prescribed l y doctors and used in hospitals for 50 years as the only
positive cure for all diseases of the kidneys, bladder, liver and blood 1!
only remedy that cures and leaves no bad after effects. It has cured thous
ands of cases after all other medicines failed. If you have kidney troubl-.
Safe Cure is your only salvation. Read what Mr. Murray says. We have
thousands of such letters.
Safe Cure checks the inflammation, drives out the disease, ami quickir
puts the organs into perfect condition so that they can do their work prop
erly, and makes and keeps you strony and well.
Safe Cure is made of pure herbs and roots, and is guaranteed free fro it
all dangerous drrgs so often found in so-called kidney cures. All dr-.ix
stores or c'irect. 50c and $1 a bottle.
Refuse Substitutes and Imitations. They are dangerous.. There is onijr
one Kidney Cure. It's Warner's Safe Cure. It will cure you, and leave n.
bad after effects. 1
ft there is anything about your health or the health of your family that
you do not understand, or that cause you worry, write fully and in con
fidence to our doctors for free advice and counsel Medical book free. Ad
dress Warner's Safe Cure Co., Rochester, X. Y.
SAFE PILLS move the bowels gently and aid a speedy cure.
Both show fine bodies of milling ore. fully m,aue with this clay and the re.ner.t
Streaks in the vein show splendid made from it is a good grade,
specimens of free gold. It is also re- The locators aie keeping quiet unt I
ported that the mine Is now under every test has been made of It. They
bond for the sum of $o0.0OO. with a good expect to have a few briquettes for dl
prospect of sale. play in a week or so in some or rhe bu !-
The reorganized Elkhart Mining j iness places of BougUs and the si r-
on ijuny i- uiiuuBi icauj iu Man u' jrounding cities
This means that more substantxl
buildings can be erected here soon ut
much let's expense than hus to be In
eurreo. Ht present. It also means uziolY-
e-r industry lor uougias, for mere axe
work on that property in the Chloil'ie
country. When everything is in readi
ness work on a large scale will be In
augurated. The mine 1n the eld work
ings showed great ore bodies, but the
production wes necessarily curtailed bv I n already looklnK f(.r Buch an oren
mismanagement and the great or
bodies that shouli have produced laree
revenues went into the expense ac
count. At the Azalia mine the drift on the
vein has reached a depth of 35 feet
and shows ore bodies to a width of
three feet without walls being In sight.
The ere show a splendid grade, much
of it being as rich as that found on the
surface. An ore sorter will go out to
the mine to dress up a carload for
shipping purrose. It is expected to
make this carload run more than $5M
to the ton. A sack sample of the vein
gave a result of $50 to the ton in gold
and silver.
Parties recently from Pilgrim camp
report that In the lower workings on
the Dempsey O'Dea mines big bodies of
very rich gold ere are being opened up.
The mines are looking better with ev
ery foot of development and it is pre
dicted that they will become the great
est producers in the county. The veins
show a width of more than ten -feet
and average more than twenty, dollars
to the ton in value. Three shafts have
been sunk to a depth of nearly 100 feet
and the vein,, crosscut at different
points. The owners are keeping stead
ily at work, believing that they have
a big fortune in store for them.
H. J. West came in from the Snow
ball country a few days ago and re
ports that the recent strike on the
Tom Reed mine, by Ell HUty and Joe
Anderson, is one of the most import
ant made in that country in the past
year. The outcrop showed little values,
but at a depth of six or seven feet a
splendid body of ore was encountered
that gave values as high as 59 ounces
Ing fc- th? profitable investment of
their ccr-l-al- Dispatch.
at a
Interest Has Been
Large Figure.
F. T... Dwlght, superintendent of tie
TMsbee West Mining company, as stnt
ed In yesterday's Review. Is In the citv.
and last evening he received word that
the Bradford Development compnny. of
which he is one of the principal own
ers, has disposed of a one-third Inter
est in the company to Mr. rian y. of
Kansas City, Mo., for an amount suf
ficient to carry out all the development
work tbnt will be necessary to pl5u- th
company on a self-sustaining b i.
The rorrrany has struck a rich lead of
ore at forty-three feet from the sur
face and no property looks more premising-
than the Bradford. The machin
ery is upon the ground, having beers
shipped as a carload with the big mil
lion and a half pumps for the Blbee
West, of which Mr. Dwight is the su
perintendent. Bisbee Review.
STOP!!! Bath 15c: shave. 10c: hair,
cut, 25c. Commercial hotel barber shot.
Strangers call and inspect our work.
American Cleaning Works. E. Waa
ington street.
cold to the ton. In the Horn Spoon i
every piece of ore tested showed great Hair! Combs! Pompudom, Switches
stiiigs of gold. The two men are hard I latest styles. Hairdresslng. Manlcttr
at work sinking the shaft and the ore j ing. Mrs. Aylwln's Parlors, 11 . Ce
still shows up big in the bottom. The ter, upstairs.
vein is one of the largest in the San
Francisco district and is In one of the j Maple Leaf Bowling alley, baMe
most accessible sections of that coun- i McKee's store. Come and bowL
Mining Enterprises In Mohave County
Moving Along Satisfactory.
The last Issue of the Mohave countv
Miner has the following Interesting
items respecting mines in that section-
The representatives of the Cruggen
hoims are over at Cerbat this week
making an examination of the Golde
Gem mine. They will also make pi
examination of other mines in thla
district before returning to Denver
The mines under examination am
among the richest mining properties in
the county.
Charles Price, one of the oldest min
ers in southern Mohave county, was
In town Thursday last after supplies.
Mr. Price is the owner of a number of
rtch gold and copper mines in this
county and on the south side of Bill
Williams Fork, in Yuma county. uron
which he has done a large amount of
work in the past four or five years.
Weody Alger is in Kingman from his
mines near the Great West. He re
ports that two shafts have been sunk
on the vein, one to a depth of 50 feet,
and the other to a depth of 45 feet.
The Gold Road mill was compelled
to suspend operations two days this
week on account of the lack or fuel.
Last week the company made one of
the largest weekly shipments of bul
lion in the history of the property.
John C. Potts and Fred Brumbach,
who have been at work on the mines
of Potts & Kimerly, near Thumb
Butte, arrived in Kingman yesterday.
They have developed considerable wa
ter at the mine and are confident that
enough can be obtained for a milling
Between the Gracey mill and the
Jas. L. Perry, contractor, brick mm4
mason work. Residence, 2202 W. Jef
ferson st. 'Phone Red 321.
Women and girls who have been a
fortunate and are in need of a hof-
and friends can find them by addr.
Ing Crlttenton Home, Highland 4U
tion, Phoenix, Arlzo-.
A meeting of all t Water Users
under the Grand. Maricopa and 8lt
River Valley Canals is hereby called t
meet at O'Xeill's hall, Saturday. Jan
uary 16, 1904, at 1:34 v- rn- tor th"
Ramrod mine, in Weaver district. Will , purpose of receiving the report of the
Cook made an important discovery of
gold ore this week. The find was made
by Mr. Cook while taking a short cut
Joint Committee of the water users
under the said canals, and to tak
prompt steps to perfect a permanent
from the mill to his old camp near the organization. Every water user und-
Ramrod. Croppings broken from the the above canals is urgently req.uestej
vein show the rock to be laced togeth
er with gold. The ore is a white spar
and is literally filled with the yellow
The Sorpresa Gold Mining & Milling
company has been reorganized, the
capital stock being reduced from 12,
500,000 to $1,500,000. We understand
that a large sum of money has been
raised by the incorporators and that
L work will be commenced on several of
the claims owned by the company four
miles south of Kingman. The company
is the owner of the old Blake mine,
which is said to have a nice body of
ten dollar ore, which can readily be
cyanided at a good profit.
to attend.
Committee on Organizatlon.
Xotice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of stockholders of
the Maricopa & Phoenix & Salt River
Valley Railroad company will be held
at the office of the company, room Xo
204 in the Crocker Building, San Fran
cisco, California, on Tuesday the 19th
day of January, 1904, at 4:30 o'clock
p. m., for the purpose of electing a
board of directors to serve for the
ensuing year and for the transaction
There has been found near Douglas of such other business as may proper
within the last few months ai bed of ly come before "the meeting,
clay of sufficient purity to be used in F. I. KEXDALL, Secretary,
cement making. Tests have been care- San Francisco, December 22, 1903. J

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