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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, April 30, 1904, Image 4

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Pisiol Record Broken for Arizona
Read This! It Tells Who Broke It.
We did. We have sold ICS pistols and revolvers in the past two months.
The price (coupled with the fact that the goods were all new and latest
models) did it. Some of the pistols were sold for half the regular price.
The rale Is still on. We are not allowed to advertise the prices, but you can
ascertain them upon inquiry at the store, or looking at our south show
If you want a "house revolver," a tarpet pistol, or any kind of a pistol,
or if you expect you will want one within the next few months, take ad
vantage of these prices. They cannot be duplicated.
Bans, Bicycles, Cameras. VS&tft Typewriters, Sporting Goods.
40 North Center Street. Phoenlt.
Don't Forget
These Prices
They mean money in your pocket, and the
satisfaction of knowing that your house ex
penses are kept down to the lowest possible
17 pounds D. G. Sugar U.00
Best Eastern Bacon, per pound 12c
Best Eastern Picnic Ham, per lb 12c
5-pound can Leaf Lard 50c
10-pound can Leaf Lard $1.00
2 pounds Arbuekle Coffee 23c
5 pounds Best PinkBecns 25c
10 poinds Best Spuds 25c
2 cans-corn :.. 23c
2 packages Force r. 2oc.
10 pounds Soda Crackers 65c
1 can Tomatoes 10c
" pounds Almonds 25c
.". pounds Finest Rice 25c
fi bars Diamond C. Soap 25c
6 bars best Borax Soap 23-3
1 card Comb Honey j 10c
One-half pound package Sunset Tea 20c
Progress of Operations at the Bennett
Some progress has been made at
Harry Bennett's oil well and favorable
indications seem to be multiplying:.
Several days ago Mr. Bennett placed a
pump in his well, capable of throwing
a constant stream two inches in di
ameter, power being- furnished by a
portpble Ritoline engine. With this
equipment he h-.is been able to sink
about eiht feet further, but is pro
ceeding under some difficulty. The
; 5(
v. -ftt faYfh'
Tou will always find the new things
in Hats and Gent's furnishing goods at
Plank, the hatter, Fleming block.
PLANK, the Hatter
fnnd clogs the screen at the lower end
of the pump ?o the water does not How
in readily and he can only zalse about
one-third as mi'th water as he ought
to. ToOay he is coins to have a dii'fer
ent screen made and one that he think.?
will work better. If he can get the
ripht kind of a screen he hopes to be
able to sink the well some distance
further with his present equipment.
It has been suggested to him that
the underground flow here is too strong
for a pump of that capacity but he
says the formation in the well, while
similar to the sand and gravel statum
ull over the valley, 13 much harder and
cannot be loosened except with pick
and crowbar, being gummed together
with wh:t seems to be the residue of
crude oil or asphaltum. The How of
water, hi says, is not as strong as in
looser formations and if necessary it
can be lessened some by curbing. While
he does not expect to go to great depth
with the present equipment he thinks
he can o far enough to demonstrate
the advisability of a regular derrick,
to take up the work where the well
digging ceases.
Ths gravel and boulders taken from
the well continue to be covered with
the dark gummy substance first noted
several feet above, only there seem
to be rather more of it. Further, the
water pumped from the well all yes
terday afternoon bore a slightly oily
film or scum on its surface, of exactly
the same nature secured by boiling the
rocks in the earlier samples taken.
That scum is not visible by a direct
view of the water but by standing to
one side of the ditch where the sun
reflects upon it, it can be plainly seen;
or at least it could all day yesterday.
Mr. Bennett says he took a woolen rag
and laid it in the ditch, permitted the
oil to settle upon it, then wrung the
water out of it and burned the oil off
the rag. n
Mr. Bennet himself is not the only
man who ha3 become enthusiastic over
the prospect. Several of his neigh
bors are taking deep interest and some
have promised help in continuing ex-
Vacation Shoes.
Drink Aukola, Mocha & Java
Coffee, Fresh Roasted Daily
For the Boys and Girls
Here arc a few of these on which you can rely.
"Little Gents'' Box Calf and Kid lace shoes, J fl
"just like a man's," such is are sold for $1.50 ss vl
Youth's Steel Shod, the strongest and best that C T C
money can bu'. v J
Girl's Shoes from the famous factory of Qfl Cfl Q
Utz & Dunn. According to size from UC S 33
Phoenix Shoe Go's, prices $1.25 to $3 00.
N. C, WILSON, Mgr. SHoe Dept.
Are the Proper
Thing to Wear
At this season of the year. We have the largest and best selection in the city, all of
Another lot of Hosiery Just In.
27-29 E. Washington Street.
Pte Main 274. Phoenix, A. T.
ploratlor.s. J. J. Hardwick. a well
known local capitalist who has an oil
well In TOs Angeles, is keeping in close
touch with the progress of the work
and is very favorably impressed as are
others who own no property in that
immediate vicinity. As mentioned be
fore Mr. Bennett has but small mea3
but it is likely from present encour
agement, that with the help of others j
he will form a company issuing stock
to those who are willing to contribute
something to the furtherance of the en
terprise. While there is yet no po.-i-
tive assurance of finJing
a pay
ing body of oil, the indications are al
together too flattering to be allowed
to go by default.
The committee on the Baptist picnic
to Iron Springs next Saturday re
quests all who expect to go to pur
chare tickets before Friday evening as
they will thi3 aid tha committee in
arranging for transportation. Tickets
can be procured of the Drris-Heyni:i;i
Furniture Co.. and of the Vhoenix Titla
and Guarantee Co.
Yoi Can Be Cured.
No. 11 Cedar Terrace,
Hot SPBIW087ARS-, April 28, 1903.
When I wu first married I found that my strength and
health were gradually diminishing. I became nervous
and irritable, and was in bed a week and sometimes ten
days of every month, and bad intensu bearing down pains.
My husband had the best physician for nienml I used
his medicine for nearly four months, but 1 Rradually grew
worse, had less strength, and finally, I was unablo to leave
my bed at all. , . , ... .
A friend who was calling on me brought mo a bottle cr
Wine of Cardui and v.as so loud in its praise that I told
her that I would take it to please ner. ... . ... . ... , .
I was surprised and pleased that bcfoM X bad used the bottle I really fc.t
better, ro I kept on using iu JcignL
bottles brought back my lost health
and strength, and I have not had a
sick day In six months.
Tuasdxbo, St. Audiiws' Sonrrr.
Beautiful operetta, "The Whole Tear
Round," matinee at Dorris theater.
May 7, 3 n. "., by I'her.i-c yur.g peo
ple under direction of Miss Welch, as
Fisted by the Indian school band. Miss
Welch's entertainments are !:nomi to
be the very best and this will especially
please those who enjoy non-profession
al singing. Admission 2oo.
tin. f i nntgti
The weathfr man last night saij
that Friday would be fair and warmer.
That will be a good thing for the Iron
SprS tiffs picnic; " .
Mrs. Finnepan bad little hope of relief because 6he knew that every
time she had those FpelU cf menstrual Buffering with attendant bearing
down pains she was veakcr. And every laontb the pain was growing
more severe.
But Mrs. Finne.Tr.n v.as cured by Wine of Cardui. She is now so
v.t!1 that there are few women who would not bo plad to have the health
she L;w. And any woman who ha3 thoce dreaded bearing down pains
can have the same relief.
Yon can be free from menstrual irregularities if you take this pure
vegetable wine. Why don't you take it when j-ou see what it has done
for3 others? Secure a bottle of Wine of Cardui today.
Yoar druggist has $1.00 bottles.
Or O
3 OP -I 4 (Cy 9 S
White Oxford 32 inches wide, basket weave,
worth 20c a yard f C p
Today's price yard Jt
. Pure Linen White Oxford, open mesh, worth
50c yard,
today's price yard O 1 2 v
Plain White Swiss, 40 inches wide, very sheer,
regular price 20c yard, I C p
today's price yard I Jt
White Corded Dimity in narrow or wide cords,
worth 15c yard. 1 0 P
today's price yard .' I Ut
Solid Color Lawns, in pink, blue, green, brown
and 3'ellow, worth 10c yard, 7 tC
today's price yard I j
Checked Glass Toweling, 17 inches wide, in
red or blue check, worth 12c yard 1 fl P
today's price yard Ut
Heavy Birnsley Crash, 18 inches wide, worth
loc yard, I 1 P
today's price yard I I v
Turkish Toweling, 17 inches wide, made of
double and twist yarns, worth 20c 1 E p
yard, today's price yard I J v
Colored Lawns and Batistes, in light or dark
colors, neatly figured, regular 15c 1 ftp
quality, today's price yard I U l
White Bed Spreads, full size, hemmed readv for
use, worth $1.25 each, g A A
today's price each .,,1 bU U
All our $25.00 Men's Suits,
for today only - - - -- -- -
All our $20.00 Men's Suits,
for today only - -------
All our $18.50 Men's Suits,
for today only - --------
All our $15.00 Men's Suits,
for today only - - - -
All our $12.50 Men's Suits,
for today only v - - - -
All our SI 0.00 Men's Suits,
for today only - - -
Men's Khaki Pants, all sizes,
for today only, pair - -
Men's Flannel Pants in neat patterns, worth $3.50
pair, today's price only, pair
Wc are Sole Agents for W. L. Douglas $.'.50 Shoes, the best made
styles just received.
. $11.50
. 7.95
. $S.25
at any price, all new
Huck Towels, 18 inches wide by 36 inches long,
hemmed, colored borders, worth 25c O lp
pair, today's price each.
Ladies' Black Hose, full finish, the 15c quality,
for today only, 1 ft P
pair .-. I Ut
Ladies' Lace Lisle Hose, lace all over, always
sold for 25c pair, tP
today's price pair Jt
Boy's Heavy Bicycle Hose, all sizes, worth 20c
pair, today's price J Q
Misses' Fine Maco Thread Hose, very elastic,
all sizes, the 25c quality, 1 0 P
today's price pair
Ladies' Gingham Underskirts, made with double
ruffle, worth $1.25c each, Q ft P
today's price each .,,."01
Ladies' Colored Lawn Underskirts, with deep
ruffle, worth 75c each, Aft P
today's price each Tjv
Ladies' Sleeveless Vests, taped neck and sleeve,
worth 15c each, 1 ftp
today's price each I Uv
Ladies' Knit Pants, lace trimmed, all sizes, the
25c quality, n I Qp
today's price pair. B jj
Ladies' Wrappers, in dark colors, well made,
worth $ 1 .00 each, 7 P
today's price each J L
r ILM Wf ' ' W ?!C r &vr v t?-v r-?- . S
r '

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