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When in Need of
TEMPE FranK W. Grlffen
New 4 McCormick Mowers.
Big 4 McCormick Mowers.
Right hand McCormick Binders.
10 foot McCormick Rakes.
Tempe Hardware & Supply Co.,
The Music was Enjoyed by a Large and
Appreciative Audience.
The open air concert and ice cream
social given Friday evening on the
Richardson lawn by the Normal man
dolin and guitar club was one of the
most successful events of the season.
The social was given for the purpose
of raising funds to help In paying the
xpenses of the club. The concert,
however, was free and it was rnjoyej
iv a majority of the people of the
town. Many drove to the front of tho
Irtwn and there listened to the music
without getting out of their buggleH.
A great many more, though, took ad
vantage of thf opportunity to refresh
ihemtelves with delicious ice cream
served by members of the Normal who
had kindly donated their service.
While the cream was being served the
-lub playc-d a delightful programme of
popular music.
The club was, however, at a decided
diradvantage. Owing to the sickness
of two of Its most prominent members
who could not possibly attend, th
tuuaic was necessarily impaired. But,
Nevertheless, the playing was above
criticism and each selection received
hearty applause.
Two prominent features of the pro
gramme were a cornet solo by Henry F.
Neckwear, Suspenders, Fans,
Dress Suit Cases and Grips
are new arrivals at
We are now paying 20c for eggs.
Ahv::ys pay more for eggs than the
fet and sell more cheaper just be
lause they are from Missouri ami
!ori't have to be shown. Eggs 20c per
Tempe, Ariz.
If you want a
bott'.o of
Call, write or telephone A. M.
1 farmer, Registered Druggist.
Tempe, Arizona.
A. C. T0ML!S0, Tempe, Ariz.
320 acres of land under the Tempe
tanml at $10.00 per acre. . A bargain.
. t'rtdr the Pumping Plant System.
right-room brick house in Tempe
ttr oale chean.
On driving team for sale cheap.
$1,000.00 to loan on good security.
Apply to
Pomeroy Bros, Co., (inc.)
Improved and unimproved
city lots, canteloupe lands,
jrain and alfalfa ranches.
Several good business open
ings FOR SALE.
Conduct a general Real Es
tate business.
No nick taken. The comforts of visi
tor made a specialty.
"ed and livery in connection.
Fr bus to hotel.
Pomeroy Bros. MESA
Schmidt and Flute solo by Peter But.!.
Both responded to encores.
To the members of the club the fi
nancial results of the evening were
most gratifying and the club netted a
neat little sum by their efforts.
The good Temp'ars held their la3t
moetinir for the summer at the Con
creyational church Friday nigbt. It
har been customary with this order t
discontinue meetings during the heated
months. Accordingly the following
committee were appointed to straight
en up the financial affairs of the lodge:
Frank Empey, Bert Dickinson and
Olive Oonroy. A motion was thi'n
made to adjourn until the first Friday
In September.
Yesterday morning a .squad of Nor
mal cadet? under Capt. Irish went to
the target rings north of the river for
the pui pose of parctice. It is reported
thpt a number of excellent scores were
On Friday Milt Spangler, Bernico
Bruce and some others went to the
sloughs on the river fishing. Th;y
had but noor success at fi-st and grow
ing weaiy of t'ie sport went in swim
ming. Control y to their expectations
the fiph were not frightened away but
rather bit all the better and beforo
dark they had i inded 72. Most of the
fish wori cit lioh, with a few carp.
Many of them were of a very goo 1
size and rone wen; small.
Hot Time and Some Damage in the Old
'Town Last Night.
About 10 o'clock last r.ight a fire of
which the origin was not determined
at last account, was discovered in the
ear of the Arizona Mercantile com
pany's store near a warehouse ured by
the company for the storing of baled
hay, and an adjoining bain. There
were alFo several tons of loose hay be
tween the two structures and there
was rbout ten tons of baled hay in tht
'. The two buildings and the hay were
burned, but the lire wa.? prevented
from spreading to othei buildings by
the Tempe fire company, which ap
peared quickly and did very effective
work. But for its efforts the entire
block might have boen destroyed.
I There were several horses in the
barn and adjoining corral when the
fire started, but they were all removed,
Yesterday at luncheon Mrs. F. M.
Irish entertained a party of young
ladies from the Girls' hall. The guests
temained after 'uncheon and spent the
afternoon with her. The young ladies
wtre Misses A 'ice Grier, Laverna Losi
ing, Elizabeth Ullman, Lemmie Stauf
ier, Sadie Stauffer and Lois Lock
wood, who had been spending a few
days with Miss Stauffer. She returned
to her home in Glendale last evening.
Misses O'Hara and Miss Finnie of
the Normal went to Phoenix on the
2:30 train yesterday afternoon.
A. J. O'Connor came over from Flor
ence on the regular train yesterday
Miss Lulu Vandewalker entertained
about thirty of her fiier.ds Fiiday ev
ening in honor of her birthday.
Chas. Forman and family of Florence
are the guests of J. H. Harris.
Thomas Thatcher 's proud over the
advent of a daughter at his home.
Dr. Howard Ramsay was a visitor
on the south side yesterday.
"In the spring of 1901 my children
had whooping cough," says Mrs. D. W.
Onpp, of Capps, Ala. "I used Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy with the most
satisfactory results. I think this is the
best remedy I have ever seen for
whooping cough." This remedy keeps
the cough loose, lessens the severity
and frequency of the coughing spells
and counteracts any tendency toward
pneumonia. For sale by all druggists.
A messenger boy named Mercurius
One day carried a dime that was spu
rious. He turned that one in.
Spent the others for gin.
And made his pa Jupiter furious.
Chicago Tribune.
Atlas was holding up the earth.
"You see." he explanied. "with that
city hall gang doing business this is
the only thing left to hold up!"
Deciding to have an earthquake, he
danced a jig. Milwaukee SentlneL
The Germ that Cajss it Has to 3a
Destroyed to Cure Dandruff.
Manv a woman spends an hour twice
h week scouring her scaln, thinking
that by scrubbing off the scurf she will
cure the dandruff. Two hours a week,
at the age of forty years she has
spent 260 dayc of 12 hours each, or
two-thirds of a year of her life, in that
vain hone: vain because you can't cure
dandruff without killing the dandruff
irerm. and the only hair preparation on
-arth that will do that is Newbro's
"Herpieide" also a delightful hair
dressing, and thorough antiseptic
against all contagion from use of oth
r'a hair brushes. Sold by leading
druggists. Send 10c. in stamps for
sample to The Herpicide Co.. Detroit.
Mich. Wakelin's Pharmacy, special
When a young man finally gets mar
ried the girls who also ran are unani
mous Jn condemning his choice. Chi
cago News.
Mr. Joseph Pominville, of Stillwater,
Minn., after having spent over $2,000
with the best doctors for stomach
trouble, without relief, was advised by
his druggist, Mr. Alex. Richard, to try
a box of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. He did so, and is a
well man today. If troubled with in
digestion, bad taste in the mouth, lack
of appetite or constipation, give these
Tablets a trial, and you are certain to
be more than pleased with the result.
For sale at 25 cents per box by all
The Jap ne'er seems unduly rush'd.
Yet quickness he contrives
He's not po eIow as others who
Are Russian all their lives.
A little boy went out in the cold one
morning. He said to his mother:
"Mamma, 1 believe there's a fire in
side of me, for the smoke is coming out
of my mouth."
A ?mall boy's Idea of pleasure Is to
lie in bed for an hour In the morninj
after his father calls him.-Chicago
When you want a pleasant physic trv
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They are easy to take and
pleasant in effect. For sale by all
"What's this, mamma?" asked little
Jack, holding up something for her in
spection. "Oh. that is Isinglars," said mamma.
"The kind they make glass-eyes
from?" asked Jack. I
My sister is going to get married
next month and she and another gi.l
were talking about whom they would
send invitations to and the man she 13,:
going to marry. His name is Ed and
my little sister said. j
"Are you gclng to send an invitation '
to Ed? Maybe he won't come If you j
TISM. "My mother has been a sufferer for
many years with rheumatism," says
W. H. Howard, of Husband. Pa. "At
times she was unable to move at all.
I while at all times walking was painful.
I I presented her with a bottle of Cham-
berla:n's Pain Balm and after a few
applications she decided it was the
most wonderful pain reliever she had
ever tried, in fact, she is never with- I
out it now and is at all times able t I
walk. An occasional application of
Pain Balm keeps away the pain that
she was formerly troubled with." For
sale by all druggists.
Country do tors may not' know fv
erything, particularly in the cstlma-;
tion of urban specialist?, but what they
do know about a vast number of things,
being usually bised on erpTlence and
common sense, is very apt to ba useful.
Therefore we are not at all surprised to
have received from a medicine man up
In New Milford, Conn., whom we will I
call Dr. Wrong, bc-caiiFe he c'Hn't want
his name used, and "Wrong" is just as
far from hia true name- as It la possib'e ,
to get, a most Illuminating letter on tha
vexed question whether hens "sit" cr
"set" a letter vas ly tetter than any-'
thing recently written by amateur phi
lologists, including ourselves. Dr. I
Wrong begins hi3 defense of "sett"ng"i
henB by calling attention to the facl
that the sun and other celestial b"dle3
are a'.lowed to "set" as often as they
choope, without complaint from any
body, and he thinks that tM' H ju ti-
tication for letting hen. do in? same,'
on the mere authority, as he explains, j
"of common usage among tho e int r
ested in the subject." T.ere 1 sirre
thing in that, perhaps, but n't much in,
our opinion, and the doctor does much'
better with his cas? when he raysr
"Another reason for the ue of 'se:" ln
talking about hens, is that it is a n:-.
cessaiy word, without a svnenym. A
'setting hen' on an empty nest, or on;
containing only artificial or stri:e
eggs.'is not 'incubating' anythirg, bt
she is 'setting' for all that. 'S.ttir'B'
expresses an idea altogether cMf erent.
All fowls, without dl.-t nctlon of fcx o.-i
age, 'sit' occasionally in the du t cn a
hot day, for instance but only a "ult
females ever 'set.' Moreove. a h:n is
'setting' whether, at a g'v?n nvme-t
she is on her nest or walking about ii
search of something to eat. I h we
cen three h3ns 'pitting' in one r.cst,
and only one of them was '. etting,' th:
other two having cone thrre to lay.
How can I express iho'.s Idoa w.thout
using the word forbiirlen by the ru -Ists?"
Thtt. now, is a prod 1. ttrr,
written from a laiige knowledge of lt
subject, and based, too, on arcurate
theories of language. It doe n't c n
vince us. inde?d, th-it we should fall in
with rustic usage, hut it noaily, if not
quite, iersuades us thit the wo d
sharps are a'.I wrong In the'r c nd?m
nation of "setting" as appl'ed t? h;nr.
It would be far from tho first or thou
sandth time that they have otneted
what Mr. Bryan calls the ' common po
pl?." when the latter were rigV, but
until the experts and the eminent on s
follow or pre:e3e tb.3 experts realize
their error and reform, the rest cf us
must humbly submit. New To.k
..Call on
Who can relieve you when in
He loans money on Watches,
Diamonds and valuables.
Bargains in unredeemed pled
ges, such as saddles, guns
and bicycles.
No. 35 North Center street.
partment of the Interior, Office of In
dian Affairs, Washington, D. C, April
18, 1904. SEALED PROPOSALS, en
INGS, Truxton Canon, Arizona," and
addressed to the Commissioner of In
dian Affairs, Washington D. C, will bj
received at the Indian Office until 2
o'clock p. m., May IS, 1904, for furnish
ing and delivering necessary materials
and labor required to construct and
complete a brick hospital with plumb
ing, steam heat and acetylene gas pip
ing, and a brick office with plumbing
and acetylene gas piping at the
Truxton Canon School, Arizona
in strict accordance with . plans
and specifications and instructions to
bidders, which may be examined at this
Office, the offices of the "Builder &
Contractor," Los Angeles, Cal.; "Ari
zona Republican," rhoenix, Arizona;
"Chronicle," San Frencisco, Cal.;
Builders' and Traders' Exchanges at
Omaha, Neb.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and
St. Paul, Minn.; North Western Manu
facturers' Association. St. Paul,
Minn.; the U. S. Indian Ware
houses at fi02 South Seventh St., St.
Louis, Mo.; 817 Howard St.,- Omaha,
Neb.; 263 South Canal St., Chicago,
111., and 119 Wooster St., New Yoik
City, and at the school. For further
information apply to J. S. Perkins, Su
perintendent, Truxton, Arizona. A.
C. Tonner, Acting Commissioner.
Office Constructing Quartermaster
Whipple Barracks, Prescott. Arizona.
February 9, 1904. Sealed proposal
subject to the usual conditions will be
received here until 3 p. m., March 15.
1904, and then opened, for furnishing
the labor and material for the con
struction, plumbing, gaspiplng, heat
ing, and electric wiring of brick hos
pital. Plans, specifications, and oth
er information in this office and in the
offices of the Chief Q. M., San Fran
cisco, Cal., and Denver, Colo., and
Constructing Q. M., Ft. Leavenworth,
Kansas. Envelopes containing pro
posals should be endorsed "Proposals
for Hospital at Whipple Barracks, Ar
izona" and addressed to CHAS. C
WALCUTT. Jr.. Constructing Q .M.
K. E. PASCOE, Nctary Pub ic. Conv;.
anting a specialty. Acknowl daeme.tj
taken. 110 North C'enier s:iet.
THOS. J. PRESCOTT-Corporatloi at d
Commercial Law a speci ilty. Rooms
6-i-l' Cotton block, Pho-.nix. Ar.zo.ia.
Oliver P. Morton. Arthur J. Edwards.
19 S. Center St. Phoenix. Ariz.
J. V. CRENSHAW, attorney at Iw O.'
fioe rooms 21') and 211 Flemins liui.d n-.
Phoenix, Arizona.
J. Q. A. KING. Assayer and Me al urg'st
Cvanide, concentration, mill and sme -ter
tests. H N. Second Ave., i'ho n x,
DR. D. iTcOXNER, Osteopa'h c PhvM
cian. Office S West Adams Phone, ollije
Red 1494; residence Red
PAINLESS removal of coins or bun'ons;
nrlces a'l crn's each. Privacy atsured.
"Day or nteht. Blue Front Barber Phop. 41
West Washington St.. r.np-rite Sant i Fe
oHloo. Tele phone r.ed 'J62. Frank Sh rle.
Tv'mr VkThK N K Y BROS.. Merchan's'
tPSv Patrol and Private Tetoctive Ae..
cy. P. O. Box 454. Phoenix. Ariz.
My little brother had been on a ship
and had seen the round life preservers
carried on some boats.
"Papa." he said one day as an auto
mobile went by with an etxra tire on
the back, "look, there is a life presarv
er on that automobile for the motor
man." Praise a woman for the qualities she
doesn't possess and she will worship
you Chicago News. .
"Be mine," he pleaded, "and I will be
as true as the stars above."
"But the ptars above." she protested,
"lie In all directions." Chicago News.
Too many eyp openers imrair
vision. Philadelphia Record.
Taylors' Bargains,
160 Acres urder Salt Canal
for City Lots or'
Loans and Investments.
13 North Center Street.
All Advertisements Running for Less Time Than One Month
For Sale
FOR SALE Large and medium sized
Picture Frames at a bargain. Call
Monday at 23 S. First avenue.
FOR SALE CIIEA P 3ood honest
work horse. 1200 to1 1300 lbs. weight.
Used to all kinds or ranch work and
orchard work. E. A. Spaulding, 41
W. Adams street.
FOR SALE, $120 Yost wide carriage
typewriter, comparatively new. Sell
for $70.00 cash. Room 7. Nicholson
FOR SALE Piano for J 100. 461 N.
Fifth avenue.
FOR SALE Furniture of 8-.room room
boarding house. 461 N. Fifth avenue.
Auction! Wednesday at 2 p. m. on
First avenue between Washington and
Adams streets. Mrs. Emery will sell
household goods; a general line, in
cluding organ. Those wishing goods
or stock Fold, send them in.
HAMMOND. Auctioneer.
FOR SALE Set of single harness, $5.
1633 W. Washington st.
FOR SALE or exchange two horse
covered spring wagon for one horse
Spring .wagon. Address box 22'i,
Phoenix, Ariz.
FOR SALE Stout, well made buck
board built for mountain use. 1441
E. Washington st.
FOR SALE Fruit press .fruit brushar,
melon and fruit crates, and boxes,
step ladders, Baker-Vawter ledgers.
Remington typewriter. Lysander
Cassidy, Assignee Phoenix Produce
company, 19 South Center st.
FOR SALE 7 milch cows and one-haif
interest in a bull. Fred Facknitz, l'i
miles southeast of Maricopa depot.
FOR SALE Cheap, one share of stock
in Iron Spring!" Outing club. Ad
dress Anna E.Seitz, Greenville, O.
FOR SALE Camp wagons, open bug
giee and phaeton. Star corral. Sec
ond ave.. and Madison st.
FOR SALE Two second-hand type
writers in good condition. L. W.
Covins, 200 W. Washington st.
FOR SALE Team, double harness,
rubber iired runabout with shafts
and pole. $260.00. 'Phone Black 802.
or call at 197S W. Adams st.
FOR SALK Large work horse, gentle
and Round, or will trade for good
driving animal. Wood-O'Neill Real
Estate Co.
or Indiana to trade for property in
Phoc-nix. Brick residence preferred.
R. H. Irwin, 6 Nicholson block.
FOR. SALE OR RENT 17'. acres
one-half mile east of asylum on
Tempe road; four zoom house plenty
of water in Salt. Address Frank
Hutuon. Sherman, Cal.
FOR SALE 100 head of cattle, long
yearlings, steers and a few heifers.
Address V. E. Allison, 2',2 miles
.southeast of Mesa. Arizona. '
FOR SALE Small completely furnish
ed hotel at Walker. Ariz., within
four hundred feet of Lynx creek, end
ol Grand Poland tunnel, and about
same distance from Great Mud Hole
mine Liberal terms to right party.
Address T. M. Earnhart, Kirkland,
FOR SALE Fresh milk cows. J. C.
FOR SALE Distilled water. Light
ning Delivery.
FOR SALE 80 acres, 3 miies north
west of Phoenix. Water right In
Grand canal. All fenced and cross
fenced. 70 acres In good alfalfa. Good
house and well and plenty of shade.
On a rural free delivery route. Price
$70 per acre. Address L. J. H.. this
Pop Bent
FOR RENT Two frame houses. $6
and $8. Three room brick cottages
$10. All furnished. Good shade and
water. Call at 905 W. Jefferson St.
FOR RENT by the year. A comfor
table G-room house with bath, large
lawn, plenty of shade, barn, chicken
houFe and use of gentle driving horse
and buggy. Apply on premises. ,No.
!3r. Polk street or P. O. Box 1032.
FOR RENT Six-room brick house
under cross-cut near Clayson's; also
"three-room frame house on Black
Canyon road near Arizona canal. E.
W. Lewis. Fleming block.
FOR RENT In Los Angeles, for tho
months of July and August, desir
able nicely furnished 8 room hous.;
and 5 room cottage. Piano. gas
range, bath and all modern improve
ments. Beautiful location; porch,
lawn and shade trees. House $40.00.
Cottage, $33.00. Mrs. R. G. Van
Sant. 1146 VV Tenth street.
FOR RENT Well furpished house, six
room and two screen rooms at 133
E. Van Buren st. Call at Stieneg
gei's Brill addition.
ton RENT For light housekeeping,
Suite of rooms with bath. Call Mrs.
F. Forties. The Shakespeare.
FOR RENT Two small furnished cot
taares. 42S South Center st.
FOR RENT-Good" four-room house,
w ith use of horse and buggy. Bar
gain to right parties. Enquire
Elgin Dairy, one-half mile east of
Indian school.
FOR RENT Furnished and unfur
nished houses; all sizes, kinds and
prices: also, houses, lots and ranches
for sale. W. K. James, 37 North
C-nter street.
PASTURE Ten acres of good pasture;
must be taken at once. Address box
6G3 or apply at Lee's ranch 4l mile3
east on McDowell road.
Helo Wanted
ing to distribute samples, tack signs,
etc. at $3.00 daily. Permanent. No
canvassing. Continental Distribut
ing Service. Chicago.
WANTED At once a good family
cook. Apply J. C. Wasson. 104S N.
Center st. 'Phone 168.
WANTED Good girl for general
housework In family of two, must
sleep at home. 248 W. Jefferson St.
YOUNG MEN For firemen and brake
men, Arizona and other ' railroads.
Firemen average $65 monthly, bo
come engineers ' and average $U'C.
Brakerr.cn average $60, become con
ductors and average $105. Name posi
tion preferred. Send stamp for par
ticulars. Railway Association, Box
58, Station B, Brooklyn. N. Y.
WANTED Woman or girl for gen
eral housework. Enquire at resi
dence West End Adams street, or
address Box 383. Mrs. F. H. Par
Largest and best; teaches the trade,
shortest time at small expense;
write for free catalog. F. C. Bridge
ford, 503 Delaware street, Kansas
City, Mo.
STRONG" YOu5GMEN For locomo
tive fromen on Arizona and other
railroads. Also brakemen. Fire
men average $65 monthly, become en
gineers and average $125. Brake
men average $60. become conductors
and average $105. Name position
preferred. Send stamp for particu
lars. Railway Association, Box 03,
Station B, Brooklyn, N. Y.
TO DO Light political work; pleas
ant and Interesting; good pay; pre
vious experience not essential, sales
man or solicitors preferred; state ex
perience. Secretary, Como Blk.,
of three; good pay to right party.
Call 318 N. Ninth ave.
WANTED Girl to help with houne
v ork. Call 1604 E. Washington st.
WANTED Stonogiapher with some
knowledge of bookkeeping. None bqt
first-class need apply. Address "K,"
this ofliee.
WANTED. Woman to iron starch
wo'k at once. Arizona Laundry,
Corner Third and Adams.
THE COS ART Plumbing Co., wants a
WANTED A man to do light work and
chores. SehorgTs ranch.
WANTED Young man or young lady
who -understands typewriting and
ofliee work. Stenography not re
quired. Address "G" this office, with
age and qualification.
WANTED A waitress,
glish Kitchen.
At the En-
Furnished Booms
fair grounds, car lines and cafes.
Rooms for two at $10 and $l'j por
week. Engage early. Mrs. J. M.
Chiseel, 3?29 Julian ave., St. Louis,
BOARD at Grant's ranch; first class;
first house east of Indian scbocl.
Rooms or tents; four blocks from
fctreet cars. Address R. F. D. 1.
fluents Wanted
AGENTS WANTED For new patent
hat fastener; does away with ha,
pins; fast seller. Sample pair by
mail 25 cents. Big commissions.
Write today. Whitwham Waters &
Co., Gates Bldg., Toledo, O.
TO SELL-the" Ideal ShirtWaist and
Skire supporter: the best on the mar
ket. Geo. N. Sceets, 1303 Grace
street. Chicago.
To sel our watches. A $10.00 sam
ple free and liberal commission. If
you want profitable employment for
spare moments. Send for sample
and terms now. Union Watch Co.,
Dept. B. 96. Chicago, 111.
AGENTS Make $6 daily selling the
cheapest and most perfect Water
Filter ever Invented. Retails at $2.00.
Big profits. Exclusive territory.
Lost and Pound
STRAY Taken up May 6th, one hog.
Owner give description and when
lost, pay for this notice and settla
charges. Address T. S. Maloney,
Phoenix. Arizona. R. F. D. No. 4.
LOST Between McKee's Cash Store
rnd No. 522 E. Washington street.$15.
one $10 bill and one $5.00 bill. Re
ward. Call 706 N. Second St.
LOST Two linen shirt waists, between
29 S. Fourth street and corner Adams
and Monroe. Reward. Return to
this office or Hoffman saloon.
LOST A small gold watch with fleur
do lis pin. Picture in back. Re
turn to this office and receive re
ward. LOST Pair of glasses on First ave.
Reward. E. C. Shap, 1006 S. First
a ve.
FOUND One chestnut sorrel geld'ng.
brand "F. C. left shoulder, "H." lert
hip; buckskin colt black mane and
tail. Owner can have same by pay
ing for this notice and charges for
their keep. Liebenow'3 ranch on
Tempe road.
STRAYED Chestnut sorrel mare: 9
years old: white star In forehead:
weight 1050: from my ranch three
miles north of Six Points, on Black
Canyon road. E. Pennington. Re
ward. Situations Wanted
LOST oTTTOlIoNA Nonpai eil
wheel No. 7, painted red on left side.
T. II. S. stampad on frame. Ten
dollars reward for return of wheel
md apprehension of the thief.
Tnnpc Hardware Supply Co.
REWARD OF $5.00 if delivered at 44
S. 3rd avenue. Romeo, a monkov
who suddenly left his wife. Juliet,
without cause. Last seen of him was
at the Dorris onera house.
WANTED Sewing In families by the
day. Will go out. Mrs. Merkle, 1211
West Jackson street.
Unit Be Paid In Advance.
YOITN'G MAN with good character and
education wishes a position at any
thing. Address D. Stewart Smith,
care Mrs. Richmond. 556 W. Adams.
W A N TED Situation by lirst-ciata
cook and second for camp or restaur
ant; seven years' experience wi'.h
Harvey system. Address R. A. W.,
care Republican office.
Board and Booms
WANTED One or two boarders ' for
th summer at a cool and shady sub
urban place 14 miles south of cltv:
can have use of horse and buggy. Ad
dress F. E., Republican office.
BOARD IN THE country with private
family; abundant shade; food and
cooking of the very best. Three
ntiles oart of the Indian school. In
quire at Cooper & Black's grocery.
Mrs. W. E. Springer.
BOARD AND ROOM $23 per month.
;$280 Socond ave.
CASA LOMA-A flrst crass, modern,
medium price, family hotel at
Tempe, Arizona. Write for rates.
Miscellaneous Wants
WANTED To rent small house with
large grounds and plenty of shad?
trees. Address F. X.. Republican.
WANTED To hire horse and buggy,
with or without driver for few davs
to drive in the country returning ear-ii
night. 609 N. First St.
WANTED To buy sound, gentle,
cheap saddle and buggy pony. Call
mornings. 609 North First St.
WANTED TO BUY A hors- und bug
gy or light wagon. Call at 21st Ave.
and Monroe St.
WANTED Good wall tent cheap
cash. Inquire 19 S. Center st.
WANTED Use of a good gentle driv
ing horse for his keep: good pasture,
light work. Address box 771. city.
WANTFJ) To buy a few valley year
lings: also one .work horse. M. A.
Stanford, rhoer.ix.
fl'ANTKD By man and wife to takj
care of houre, elofe in; exchange for
rent: no sickness. Address A. L.W.,
box fl, cUv.
WANTED To borrow $2,700 for three
years on gilt edged security: business
building on Washington street. Ad
dress I'. O. box 434. Phoenix.
WANTED The care of a residence
during the summer by man and wlfi.
No sickness. Address E. H., this of
f e.
WANTED A furnished house to tk;
care of during the summer while the
owners are away. Address "W." U03
West Madison st.
WANTED By man and wife to tak
charge of a house in exchange for
rent. No sickness, no childien. Ad
dress Mr. P. C. Seaton. 513 W. Adams
A GOOD SNAP for the right parly to
open a restaurant and dining room In
connection with hotel: good trade
year round. Apply 'Jrc." Republi
can office.
WANTED A house or home to take
care of during summer for the rent,
while the owners are gone, by several
"reliable young men: strictly temper
ate and permanently employed in the
city. The best of care guaranteed.
References furnished. Address S. i:
P.. care Republican office.
der? We clean and dig wells on
short notice. Pumps repaired. All
work guaranteed. Phoenix Well Co.,
13 N. Center St.. or 'Phone Red 892.
WE WANT all the second-hand goods
we can get. Highest prices paid. We
exchange trunks or other goods for
any goods yoo have. Spears & War-
taw a, 32 and 34 W. Washington st.
CLOTHING or delicacies for the poor
and sick can be left at the rooms of
the Women's Christian Temperance
Union, corner of Monroe and Central
ave. They will be carefully distrib
uted. Those In need please call.
enced card reader, tells past, present
and future. Ladies, 25c; gentlemen.
SO cents. 231 Buchanan street, corner
of Third street .
WANTED Clean cotton rags for
cleaning machinery. Republican of
fice. WANTED To buy your furniture and
household goods. Highest cash
prices paid. Dorrls-Heyman Furni
ture company.
' Personal
lief. Abnormal suppression any
cause. Write for remedy. Safe,
sure. Dr. Martha Walker Co.. 16 5
State. Chicago.
the reliable clairvoyant tells your for
tune for a dime, stamp and birthdaie.
3-490 N. Clark street. Chicago. III.
DusisjCJnjincc s
ATTO-RN E Y Ha vi ng strong ti nu nc Ta 1
connections will consider first-c Ian
propositions requiring capital. Ad
dress. Attorney, P. O. Box 984. New
York City.
A.TTOKNEY Having strong financial
connections will consider first -Has.-:
propositions requiring capital. Ad
dress, Attorney. P. O. Box 984. Nev
York City.
man each unoccupied st:.te with ref
erences und a few hundred dollars se
cures twelve years' business, selling
only article of its kind in the world,
protected by four patents. Hull. 134
East Twenty-third street. New York.
ATTORNEY-Having strong financial
connections will consider first-class
propositions requiring capital. Ad
dress, Attorney, P. O. Box 984. New
York City.
ATTORN EY Having strong tiiiamU!
connections will consider firt-cla-
propositions requiring capital. Ad
dress, Attorney, P. O. Box 984, New
York City.

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