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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, June 10, 1904, Image 7

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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TEMPE-FranK W. Criffen - Pomeroy Bros. MESA
Hog and stock fenoe,
, electric welded stays
no twisted wires to
slip, solid as a board
fence, the newest
, fence invention of
the ape.
. Send for booklet
that tells you all
"The Weld
That Hefd"
Temps Hardware & Supply Go,,
J. K. Sturgeon relume, I yesterday
morning fioni his t::p to the: dam site.
Ho rep. i ts that everything in that vi
cinity is prusitssir.s rapidly. A great
many ni;i n:e now i mployed tnere.
Mi. Sturgeon is rupi'dying ail the meat
lor the gvei nme.it amps'a.d is doing
rushins business in thai line. j
His men i'sifnlay finished baling hi;
I'usl crop o. hay 0:1 his Ton'.u lanches. j
The dtp aggregated about 300 tens, j
tiny will begin work uu the second !
.Monday. This second ciop is heavier'
.iiid . a. better tiuulity thai the first.
Four weil driilc: s came in on yerter
tiay morning's train fioni Lcs Angeles.
T.tey will have charge 1 f the second 1
well lig of the Temp- Pumping c-m- j
pany's wells. Most of this rig and it.- J
machinery have been tak":i 10 the 1j- I
eation ot the wells a i l the work cl
retting it position heir.1? rushed ;
as fast ::s posrible. This second liu
is different frni the or.e that is now at ,
work in that it is a legu'ar oi! drill-
in;; outfit. The derrick when templet- !
en will ovtr fi:.ey feel in height.
There v. ill be an ice cre.:m social on
next Thutsday evening given by 1 he
members ot the Congregational church
n the Hough lawn. A cordial inrit 1
:Kr. is extended to a'l to be present.
Ladies' Shirtwaists
Skirts, Laces and
Tempe. j
Great Bargains i:i Millinery
. . . ' . . . ' t
in Tempe to get a delicious ice cream
soda water is at i
N. P.. Our Soda wa'er syrup.s are
jr.ade of pare Fruit juices.
. a vrwrc
A. B. T0V1L!S0N, Tempe, Ariz.
aiiCKtNs AND WiNS wayifd;
Just rei-eivei anotiier shipment of j
new shoes. The pr;ees are not ont of :
fag.it: anyixidy ran to n 11 ti.e.ui; l- i. 1
Ct lit Off Oil Kil'e-K. I-iggs 20c.
Tempe, Ariz.
Lot and house on Mill avenue for
sale for J300.
Two lots on Mill avenue $300.00.
1e)0 acres with water in Tempe canal.
Cood house. All in alfalfa: a bargain.
Apply to
Pomeroy Bros, Co,, (inc.)
Improved ard unimproved
city lots, cnn'eloupe lauds,
grain and al'alfa ranches.
Several good business open
ings FOR SAIC.
Conduct a general Real Es
tate business.
No pick taken. The comforts oJ visi
tor made a specialty.
Feed and livery la connectlom.
Free bus to hotel.
aeML-ygggi1. i'.-j 'i.-y-JT-fTiTT
Ar.ide from '.he ice cream there will
be music ar.ri other fcrr.'.s of entertain
ment. N E .' OFFICERS
For the Tempe Fire Company Elected
Wednesday Evening.
The annual meeting 0." the Tei.ipe
fire department wjs held at the coun
cil chamber Wtdnesday evening for
tne purpose of electing officers lor the
ensuing year and such other matters
as might eon.e cp.
The Knowing olHeers were elected:
Chas. Woolf, chief; C. A. Stewart,
secretary: Walter WilVtur, treasurer.
Ry revues' of the Phoenix depart
ment Hugh L:i;ci was appointed to .-,el)
tickets for their Sunday excursion to
the tunnel and they may be jibtair.ed
at the drug store of Lcirc! & Dims.
Dr. DeYore leceived a message from
California yesterday r.i. rning telling
him of the very serious illness of his
baby. He left last eveiir.g to join his
wife, who staity-J the night tc-fore it.
the hope thai the cooler climate would
irr.prcve the health of tiio baby.
A Pilceiix (prs: ty i'. not si lore in his
loss of cash by the hurried departure
of Sup'-- McDonr.oId. K. i. "inch of
thi'3 place lias an unpaid 1!!1 against
him of fS. Prof. Mcr)on!iohJ was quite
well known here, at least by sight.
There was a time earlier in the spring
when he apparently spent tlie greater
p-ti't of his time here paying attention?
to the young lady in the case. Sh.i
.'r.d iter mother and sister were thcr
staying at the Cr.sa I.oina.
T'.'e city caun-.il hell ti:eir tegular
monthly meeting last evening. It be
ing the second Thursday in thr month.
rlO'.v::: t
returnel ye-terday
where he Iia- been
frcni Livi
the part lev.- wr?k'
Ei:r.er cie-n ;ante down yesterday
rorni'itr from Ccr.girs;?.
Wm. Price of Phoenix is in town for
a few clays.
Mrs. Chas. Pine of Me-:i is viriting
her fistcr. Mrs. A. M. Ilarmer. during
e ciT.ir.-Tic c nx nt.
Hi rtill.T of Pine c'ieMve,..d Ifi.; head
of stecis t the 15,'rll -tt-H ?ard Lind
a r.d ("iittie company yestr-rday.
The Normal Magartme. the annual, is
on sale at the "Hollo." Tempo, or by
Cone Webb at the Normal. 5(;c, 3 for
S1.00: 3 for 51.00.
Ifyder Pro---.' wimiows si'oe.' the a;
p:o.u.i f that "Oood oil Summer
Time." (ioif siiiits dci low siio-
specially . :j;,t( il for simm e r v. c a.'. It
will ii:ake you coo! jn.st to ljok ;,t
t hem.
The riieris of .. I:. Fau.-l hav b--n
b iv'ng him marri d each clay fo.- tl c
past week. He li;-v 1. cr me tire 1 ol t' e
tpcit and Tu-."day h.e fee tired a 111 ar
ri '.g" lictrse and on-; of these diys w 11
ruri'i he the natives.
Ass istant Fistrlct Attorney C. P.
Fuliard paid Mesa a visit ye-trrday, t
represent the territory in the c.s- o"
' elie and firson Vance, who am. be-fr-r."
Justic-.. PomeroVs court j:t )1 a.
rti. Orrcr. ance waived t x imin itien
and wjs b turd ov.-r to await the actio 1
of the Brand jury. ,.md -r $.",C0 bonis.
I-'-:.'i.' V.i'.c e pTeailed s'liit" lo th
c;;iiiY e.f p-tty laic-ny end was sent
to th" rtf: rm school at Fep.-cn f r
one year.
W. A. I'.uiton left laft night with Les
lie ance for Fenon and L. V. fruih
rie look Orson Vance 10 tho ccun'y jail
on the 2 o'clock trair.
Grorg'.' Yeager. of Temp-, la- b ei
e-npiovtd to e'rive th-- Horse'.t-si st g;
frr.n-. Phoenix to Temp?. H hia'le.'n
ali'iiit four months in the valley and
will rive t he. c u?ior.;ci s goel service.
George La-:CM. r.f t h" ivdim tio-i
rervice. siatimtecl at th rr. iit'.i ol th;
Vereie river, with Knginc. r li e e, p.Il
Mora .1 vi.-it yesterday, relutn'ng to
camp the sane day.
The lawn and grounds chosen for th-;
Newell reception were handsomely dec
orated anel appropriately lighted with
e'.ectric lights, and thr- reception is go
ing to be one of the grandest in thi
hb tcry of Mesa.
P. H. Reed, the Jeweler, is all t m le
His wife presented him with a big,
bouncing girl yecterday noon. Both
mother and child are (loins we'.l.
The uniform success of Chamber
lain's CoHc, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy in the relief and cure of bowed
complaints both in children and adults
has brought it into almost universal
use. so that It is practically without a
rival, and as everyone who has used
it knows, is without an equal,
sale by ail druggists.
You Probably Have the White Scab
of Dandruff on It.
If your coat or sho jitters have a
white dust upon it. the chances are that
it is from iindruff. The only way to
permanently cure dandruff is to re
move the cause, which Is a germ. New
bro's llerpicido kills the perm. Every
toilet table should have such a hair
dressing that contains also the de
st'oyer of the dandruff and hair f illing
perm. It sto;is all irritation, keeps the
icalp sweet, pure and wholesome. Re
member that something claimed to be
"just as good," will not cio lht worn
of genuine Herpl: ide. Sold by leading
druggists. Send lfie- in stamps for
sample to The Ilerpicide Co., Detroit,
Mich. Wiikciin's p'aaimncy. special
"We have counted, and know that a
certain Atchison woman has been fat
ally ill nine tim?s. Atchison Globe.
You Never Know the Moment When
This Information May Prove of
Infinite Vslue.
Is worth considerable
of Phoenix to know
to at
y cili -
to bt
oured of painf il. anrioying ami itching
piles. Know then that Doans Oint
ment is a positive remedy for all itchl- )
nes of the skin, for piles, eczema, ere.
One application relieve and soothes.
Read this testimony of its me rit:
T. W Hanks of S01 North First
street, for years employed by the Yto
Cormick Implement Co.. says: "I con
sider Dunn's Ointmc-lit one of the be:l
preparations on the market. I was
annoved with itching hemorrhoids.
commonlv c alled piles, for six or seceii '
years, latterly cont inniily. S.in etin es
the it.hing wm so intense that it fair- !
'y set me wild, despite the fac t that ,
I used everything I read abo it recom- j
mended for sin h ailments, and every- J
thing whica my friends advised. Final-
ly my brother-in-law advised me to j
tale a certain court-e of the treatment.
and when I went to the Erh-'.ey dc-.;; ,
store for It r. Larson advised me t 1
try Ponn's Ointrr nt. I did so and I'
have never regretted taking his advh-e.
The f.rst aiiilication so soothed the fr- 1
ritated parts that I knew I had at last
obtained something with more than or-
dinary tnei it. A continuation of the
treatment absolutely stopped the at
tack. A short time a?;o I scalded the
toes on my ricjht foot. Puna's oint
ment healed the burned part rapidly.
When I say it beats anything I ever
tried or heard about for givinjr positive-
relief I only half state the facts."
For sale by ail dealers. Price 5a cenf-i.
Fosfer-Milbntn Co., IPjfiaio. N. V
sole agents for the Fnited States.
Remember the name Doans tind take j
no substitute.
"We not'ee : h 1 1 vei v fe"- ttrm.arried
people t;s7 th . word "slave 1" in. te d of
"worked." Atchison C.lcb.-.
Deep tc-arin:; or wrenching pains, oc-
casioned by Retting wet through; ;
worse when at rest, or on first moving 1
the limbs and in cold or clamp weather,
is cured cjuiekly by Ballard's Snow j
Oscar Oleson, Gibson City,
' . .. ... .
Illinois, writes. Feb. 10. IM'Z: A yea
aso I was troubled with 11 pain in my
back. It soon pot so bad I could not
bend over. One bottle of Itallard'n
Snow Finiment cured me." 25c, 30c,
Sl.C-0. So!d by Flvey f- Ilu'.ett.
One ':co 1 thing abort the
hat the- w otic. 11 v. e u" The.,
thrir face-- rear ( ii.tljli t
k:s. Ate 'ai -or. f Jlobe.
an't cr t ;
? her to '
Westmoreland, Kalis.. Mav a, 1i02.
F.allanl Snow Jiniment '.: Your
Snow Liniment cured an idel sore on
the side- of my chin that was supposed
to be a cancer. The sore was stub
lorn and would not yield to treatment
until I tiied Snow Liniment, which did
the work in short order. ly sister.
Mrs. Sophia J. Carson. Allensville,
Millin Co., Pa., has a sore and mis
trusts that it is a cancer. Please send
her a '.0c bottle. For sale by Elvey .'t
A I'irl can be go"
m :n that :-he warp;
Yo:k Pre-s.
,1 by almost :r.v
lo f.ol hei. Ne.v
A dose of P.allard's Hortihound Hyruo
will relieve it. Have you a cold? A
close of Herbine at bed time and fre
cjuetit snmll doses of Horehound Syrun
during the day will remove it. Try it
for whoopin-r cough, for asthma, for
consumption, for bronchitis. Mrs. Joe
MeCrath. Til H. First street. Hutch
inson, Kan., writes: "I have used
Dullard's Horehound Syrup in my
family for five years, and find it the
best and most palatable medicine I ever
used." iir.o, r.Oc. $1.00. Sold by Elv.-y
& Hulett.
When a sirl
r:e? woman it
interested in
is interested in a ma -is
a si"n that lh:jy aie
-Ney York Press.
If you are languid, depressed and
incapable for work, it indicates that
your liver i.-; out of oider. Herbine
will assist nature to throw off head
aches, rheumatism and ailments ak'u
to nervousness and restore the ener
gies and vitality of sound and perfect
health. .L J. Hubbard, Temple, Texas,
writes, March 2'2, 111(12: "I have nael
Herbine for the past two years. It has
done me more good than all the? doctors.
When 1 feel bad and have that tired
feeling, I take a dose of Herbine. It
is the best medicine ever made for
chills and fever." 50e a bottle. Sold by
Elvey & Hulett.
An Atchison girl should either quit
wearing a rainy-day skirt, or keep her
stockings up. Atchison Globe.
Excessive politeness is generally a
foe to truth. Philadelphia Record.
Of th County of Ma'ieopa, Territory
ot Arizona.
In the matter of- th3 estate of John
Van Tuyl, declared.
No' ico for posting of settlement of
account and of hearing of petition for
Not'ce is hereby given that G. B.
Richmond, the executor of the last will
ard testament of John Van Tuyl de
ceased, has mi t.-?red and presented for
settlement, and tiled In said tourt, hn
final account of hi3 administration of
aid stato; together with hi petition
for ibution of saici crtate: and
that Thuisday, the 16th day of June.
3904. at le o'clock a. in., at the court
room of said court, at the court house
in the city of Phoenix in said Maricopa
cojnty. has brvji duly uppointed by
che said court, for the settlement of
said iccount. ..t which time and pU.ce
any person interested in said estate
may appear and file his exception in
writing to the said account and petition
foi distribution and contest the Fame.
imcl June 10th, 19'J4.
C F UIG i; K I Pv IvLA X D,
I- list publication June 10, 1 0 4 .
Know ail men ty this pre en s: th tt
we, the undersign' d be.ng dc si ous of
fotming a coijoratiin under th? ltv
l t'.ie teriitcry of Arizona, do h r. by
adopt an 1 decline the f. 1 ow.n ;.r -ic
!es cf inco.'t orat'o.i
I. -The name of si id cr.mpany is an 1
T I '. L K P H O N E ' ( ) M P A X Y . -
'IT. The names of the corp.ralors
,ai - e m. .m. Joy, Joseph li. Kibbcy an!
' Arthur .1. Kd .:ds.
III. The prir.c'pjl plac.
of s:iid cc.rpoi at ion is and
City of Phoenix. Mar.topu
1 f bmine i
sa.ili te ihi
county, A fl
IA'. The g-ni.rul naturt of the busi
ness pioofed to lie t: ant-acted by sail
corporation is the establUhm . nt. c.n
sli ii' t'on ami op.-raiio '' ol' te ep.101 e
and teirgia;di lines i:nd sys.tins; lb
at ;ui-ititin of fianthis, p for th? tame,
and th disj o itic 11 theie 1 : ne ucnu
Fition of stoclcs and bonds cf other cor-
P''1 :U '""
Hiti to do a'l acta and things
' ssaiv anl expedient in cariying ,u
l,,fl objects and pun oses of th:- c-.-rpo.-
t on.
V. The c-jpt il siotk tf rr.l 1 err; or
n:i n shall be one bundled li ons ml
(?p. ':.)':) dollirs. divided into ten ti cni
5!tr.d (l'l.i'CO) Fliait, of the p:-r vulu?
of ten ($P' each. piy'b!e 11
eaj-li or its equivalent, at such t'mei,
and upon f uch c oiriti n- as ti.e Ro rJ
of TirF-ctors may ordnlr.
VI. The said corptia im sh . 1 com
mence at the lime of t'.ie tiling o' the e
I Article.-; of Inc orporat on in th cfTi e
of th-- C :unty iie( -rder of Maropa
1 County, and a cer.ili d co y t'-e ear
U-e ofPce of the Territorial Auc'. t r
j Arizona, and rhail terminate twen
' five yeirs theieafttr.
I VII. The affa'rs anel business
'paid corporat!oi thill be or.ducte.l
e f
n. Jioarei of Directors, cons.st ng
thre (3 s:cckhe 1 le: s. win a' all
elected, after the fiist ear, by
stoe khciders nt rctrulir annual n-ep -inrrs.
ihe lime f r.jl 'ing of which
slial! b" fixe.! in the by-iavs. Fnti'. th
first regular mett'ng of t'te st-ckho ei
ei the following jhtsots rh'll be ll.e
Ohc'tus: H. M. Jcy. Jo e.nh II. IC 1
bey, Arthur .1. HJ wards.
V 1 1 1. Tire officers of 3:; id sor;o a
tl n shall b? a Pre heat, 'ic Prisl
dcnl. Secretary and Treasurer, mi
nuc h e ther ofticers the Uacrd of Fi
rctor? may from lin e to t'me dee n- it
nces-:T.v to arprlnt. For the first
year, and until Ihc-ir- -ucce?rors are
c iected orA jurilitVd. Il,.' fol,v,- iir
1 ., , TI . ' T .. .. '
, Prt-idt nt, II. M. Joy. V:c P:e lien'.
Art her J. Edwan's.
IX. Thr hiihet a me in, t if indebted
ness or liability to wrich t!m cTmpuy
sh."!! at any tim: bt sutj?ct?d i? s x y
thousard c!cl!nrs.
N. The priv te prnpet ty of the ft ck-l'ohie-rs
s:-.a!l be exemj t frcm liabi! ty
for the corporate debts.
XI. The capital ttaek of t'.-li com
pany shall li.' forever n"n-ar scsab!e.
XIT. No stock of this c-mip-my sinll
be Issic d until fully p.'id.
In winters w hereof, the srid c. r. ori-
tois nave nereto set lli'lr hanis th .1
eth day
Jure. A. D. 1001.
H. M. JOY,
a I'Tiin; J. EDWAur s
Tcrrite ry of Arizona. County c f Ma I
copa. ss. Re fore mo, Ada lrvin. n No
tary Publ'e: in and far the County an 1
T'?r:itoiy afoiesaid, ein thO ilav p'r
sevtally appeared H. M. Joy and Arth :r
J. Edwards, known to me to be th
perrons whne namct art sulForlreJ
to the foregoing Articles of Incirpo.n.
t ion. r r.d severally acknowledged t m
that they executed the same for F.'e
purpore and consideration te.'e.'n
In testimony whereef. I l,av h -r?-ur.to
set mv hand and uffixd my official
r.fl.-1.; this Tth 1 av of June. A. D. 10H.
Ms cr.minis'iai cx;lres E'ec-. !. 19'i5.
(No!ary Peal.) ADA IRVIN,
N'r tiry Fub i".
Territory of Arizona. Coun'.y rf Mrrl
copa. ss. : Before ine. Ada Irvln. c No
tn.ty T'ubiic in and for the (untv are!
T'-riitcty aforesaid, tin thi-? flay l'erson
nlly appeared lose ph li. Kibbey, known
to me to be th'1 person whose nam1 i
ruhsci ihed lo the foreaoing Articles t
Incorporation, anfl acknaw 1 :d?e d to
me that lie executed the same for the
purposes and considei a t ion the. e n ex
;n sseel.
In testimony whereof. I have herf
unte set my hand and affixed my of
fiejal seal this 6th day cf June. A. D.
My commission expires Dec. 0. 10".
(Notary Seal. ADA IRVIN.
Notary Pub ic
Territory tif Arizona. County of Mari
copa. : s. I. v.. F. McFall, County R -cordc-r
in and for th? County mv: Ter-
rilory aforesaid, hereby certify that I
linvo compared the fire going copy with
the original Articles of Ine-orpnatien j
recorded in my office on the 7th d?y of
Juno, K'04, I ri Rok No. 21 of Ineorpar-j
ft ion?, at Page , and that th Fame
is a full, true and correct copy of such
original and of tha whole thereof.
Witness my hand and seal cf cflke.
this Tth day of June, 1901.
(Peal.) 15. F. McFALL.
County Recorder.
By A. S. ARTHUR, Deputy.
( First publication June 9, 1904.)
All Advertisements Running for Lest Time Than 0n Month
Per Sala
four new fuddles, good set
harness, bridles and collars.
323 N. Fourth street.
OFFICE I F.SK. Flat ov
sawed golden oak, 32x54
Call at
Chair to match. $25.
TYPE WRIT hilt Densrr.ore No. 4,
most new. In good condition,
G.!2 V.. Adams St.
riANO Hallet, Favis & Co., upright,
quarter sawed golden oak case, iZ-.
f.ll E. Adams st.
FOP. SALE At a bargain, cump wagon
and outtit complete. Two double
nets of harness. Rubber tired run
about, team without blemish. 'Phone
Rlack 802 or call 1U7S AV. Adams st.
iTrXv XVxTrK Oeautiful Mexican
linen drawnwotk for sale very rea
sonable, just for a few days. Call at
341 I-iast Van Bui en st.
FOR SALE White and brow n Legnorn
hens; pri7e winners'. Chas. Alexan
der. Tempe.
FOR SA EE A good business chance,
pays $1."0 per month at invoice pric e.
Apply it- A. Windes. Tempe.
FOR S A ! . I C M I : A P A sm: ! 1 rooming
house in Los Angeles. Enough 100111
for small family and rentals will add
mato'-ial.'y to income: well located j
:ti:d near car Hues, but in quiet re
spectable neighborhood. Owner must
reil rm account of other business.
At'dres Jits. Ilird. 410 West
Ten pie st., Los Angeles. Calif.
FOR SALE Restauiant on easy terms.
Receipts S'-VlMi per day. Invoi':-?
$'.0ide. No competition, J. E. Mo
Clain X- Co.. Real Estate Roans In
siiriiiue, Tempe. Ariz.
Spi'ings lot. Call to see us.
& Wilson. 47 X. Center st.
P.A E( ; A 1 X S Cood confectionery bui
ns in tne location, fjr sale c!:eu;.
Address box SM. at once.
IRON "PFRINOS"" COT t AO ES for sale
or rem. J. Ernest Walker. 14-16 S.
Second ae. 'Phone Main T0.
MA PILE'S C R AV E E. A! orders for
".Maple's Oravel" will receive prompt
a'tention from S. J. McDonald, who
has succeeded to the business. Or
ders left at Goldman's store or ad
dressed to postoiiice tox 371 will re
ceive prompt attention.
SAI.K At Republican office old
papers, ten cents per 'liindred.
Fort SM.fi-StoutTwell made buck-
board built for mountain use. 1441
F. Washington nt.
Fuft SA.110 Distilled water. Light-
ntntr Delivery.
FOli SAFE iU acres. 3 miles north
west of riioenlx. AVattr right In
Grand canal. All fenced and cross
fenced. 70 acres in good alfalfa. Goo J
house and well and plenty of shad
on a rural free delivery route. Price
J'tO per acre. Address L. J. II., this
FOR SAL.K Small completely furnish
ed hotel at Walker, Ariz., within
four hundred feet of Lynx creek, end
of Grand Poland tunnel., and about
fame distance from Great Mud Hole
mine Liberal terms to right party.
Address T. M. Earnhart, Kirkland,
Furnished Rcoma
ger.tleir.au 1
front room;
1:33 E. Madison
FOR RENT Coolest rooms in city.
Either Finale or for housekeeping;
thoroughly modern and cheap; lots of
shade. Rest location. No sick. Ad
dress box 20, Republican.
For Eent
RENT Tifce-room f u r 11 i sit ed
house: shade: $S.0 per mon1 1.
.'.Irs. Wilson. 247 li. Washington si.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished front
loom. C;.;: r.O.'i West Madison st.
i OR RENT Fit mi shed bouse, c'.leap,
Ji:i N. Second st. Apply at address.
T j iT REN'T-Dui ing summer, eight
room f I'tr.isiied house. iiiclueiing
Kimball piano, b'oad veraiitiin. c-ool
side of st recti near Main street car
iine. 'reforences re iiiired. possession
given at short notice $10 a month.
Harry E. C. Webb. "Woodln w ri." 124
Last 36lh street. Los Angeles. Cal.
FOR RENT Furnished" and unfur
nished houses; all sizes, kinds and
prices: also, houses, lots and ranches
for sale. V. K. James, 37 North
Center street.
r-'ALE Large four
Iron Springs partiv
rnoni 1 ottage nt
t arnisaed. I
st. Morford
H. Irw in, 4 W. Adams'
& Hirst's otiice.
FOR RENT Two elegant oliice rooms,
formerly occupied by the V. S. Ass'n.,
'ae Nicholson block, tool and pleas
ant. FOR RENT. Lovely
or part of same in
location in Phoenix,
mer. All modern
furnished home
e-oolest and best
Cheap for sum
conveniences. Screened rooms and porches: large
lawn; lots of shade and quiet neigh
borhood. No sick desired. Addres
12." care of Republican. Phoenix.
Helo Wanted
WANTED At once competent
nee'". . J. Hansen. Kyrene.
pbo'ie 1x4. Suburban.
iiJ 1 A CO IT sixteen wanted to milk
twelve cows and help in creair.eiy.
Elliot Evan:-., West Black Canyon
WANTED A good canvasser; good
inducement to right party. 31 ' W.
Adams st. Singer Mfg. Co.
AUCTION Saturday at Phoenix Auc
tion company's room, beginning at 10
a. m. I am going to close out to quit.
Come early and get a bargain. S. T.
WANTED A first class milker and all
around dairyman. Apply Manager,
Tempe, dept.
WAXTED Man to do chores in ex
change for room rent. Call at The
Denver. US. Center st.
W A X T E D Energetic, trustworthy
man or woman to' work In Arizona,
representing large manufacturing
company. Salary $40 to $90 per mo.,
paid weekly; expenses advanced. Ad
dress with stamp, J. 11. Moore. Phoe
nix. Arizona.
WANTED A wet nurse for family in
northern part of territory. Good
rhaace for healthy nursing mother
to spend hot months in cool climate.
Apply at once to Wm. Dulfield.
eery stock. Casli advanced weekly.
Write immediately before test ter
ritoryis all assigned. Chico Nursery
Co.. Chico. Cal '
WANTED 300 ceamsters and laborers.
Wages. $2.00 and $2.25 per day. Ap
ply of Robt. Sherer & Co.. at Tonta
WANTED. Woman to iron starch
work at once. Arizona Laundry,
Corner Third and Adams.
Sjtuaj jona l n ysd
WTxTEijAAoTk 7Tykmaby
willing young man of twenty-one.
Addiess Ralph-Proog. coi ner Center
nd Jackson streets.
e c leaning by
P. O. box 41 .
Addi ess
WANTED In July situation as do
mestic: by middle aged woman, with
daughter, eight years old. Addre.3
Mrs. V. S. itrown, Santa Ana. Cat
Lost and Pound
Eo.ST Wednesday. brown leather
ladies' purse on (J:and ave., between
Aihairbia and Center street, con
taining $." in gold and $3 in silver.
FinCir ietve at this otiice and re
ceive reward.
S T It A V ED Threc-year-oid fclafk
mare, star on light front foot
and wirec.its on thi-h. Finder please
1 etui n to 33 E. Polk st.
STRAY liD From TT. ST McCinnis'
pasture on (irand c anal, one soi rel
horse, six years, and one brown horse
four ytSrs old. Frauds not known.
Lenve information with Pat Mo
Cove: n or McGinn. P.ioenix.
LOST A cowboy hat between Phoenix
and Tempe r.n Tempe road. Return
to Reu jblican office.
STRAYED Fay irTaT e with halter on,
wire cut on left hind lest; also bay
hcrse with short tail. Notify Chas.
A. Smith. 'i35 N. Center st. Reward.
LOST A white, femate bobtailed bull
ten ier with a black face. FimK-r
leave at "The Hello." Tempe, Ariz.
Miscellaneous Wants
WATlDnt houseT Must be'in
good condition and cheap for cash.
Address, giving size and price. T.
II., Republican.
WAXTEDA horse and buggy for
their keeping dm ing the summer by
careful man used to horses. 1. O.
box hV2.
1 WAN'l a forty acre ranch, some
alfalfa, not more than five miles from
Phoenix under Maricopa, or Salt
e anal. Address giving lowest price.
P. O. box H6C.
WANTED Retard and room in private
family. City or country. Address
I:. P. II.. this ofiiee.
FASHIONABLE dressmaking prices
reasonable. Shitt waist suits $2.00.
144 E. Washington st.
WANTED- House Cleaning,
renovating, fumigating, etc.
Clark. 'Phone Black 1401
by Jos.
dence CI 2 N. Second avenue.
' I will buy horses and mares at Am
brose corral. Phoenix, until June 11.
Buy single uud double workers, sad
dle broke and a few good halter broke,
from iCiO to 11;0. 4 to 8 years old.
Must be sound and fat. Tl. D.
MRs! E. M.MOSH Eii-iiasirtovod hsr
dressmaking parlors to 222 W. Adams
st. Phone Ithtck 1S91.
PARTIES having young valley-brel
cattle for saie. Call or write to A. L.
Henshaw, box 461.
CLOTHING or delicacies for the poor
and sick ran be left at the rooms of
the Women's Christian Temperance
Union, corner of Monroe and CentrM
ave. They will be carefully distrib
uted. Those in need please call.
WANTED To buy your furniture and
household goods. Highest cash
prices paid. Dorris-Heyman Furni
ture company.
der? We clean and dig wells on
short notice. Pumps repaired. All
work guaranteed. Phoenix Well Co.,
13 N. Center St.. or 'Phone Red 892.
enced card reader, tells past, present
and future. Ladies, 25c; gentlemen.
60 cents. 231 Buchanan street, corner
of Third street
Agents Wanted
AG E N T WANTED Agents maka
money selling dome-shaped perforat
ed skillet covers. Prevent greasy
stoves: big seller; catalogue free.
American Novely Works. Reading.
No woman like"! another woman
whom she has caught casting a ympa
thrtic loo' at her husband. Atch'son
Proposal.5 for lumber, brick, cemeni,
etc., U. S. Indian chool, Truxton. Ari
zona. Sealed proposals, indorsed
"Proposals for lumbor, etc.," and Ad
dressed to the undersigned at Truxton,
Arizona, Will be received at the Indian
school until 2 o'clock p. ni. of Wednes
day, June 20th, 1904, for furnishing and
delivering, as reciuired by the superin
tendent, 11,473 feet of lumber, assorted.
D500 shingles 10,000 brick, 175 barrels of
cement and two kegs of nails as per list
and specifications obtainable at the
Matt Be Paid In Advance.
school. Pidders are lequested to ftate
ppecifieally In their bids tne jrop.ftl
price of t;ch article to be offered un
der contract. All articles offeitd under
contract wiil be subject to rizid in
spectlor. The light i - reserved to r.-j-. t
any or ail bids ir any part of any bid
If deemed for the best interests of th
.service. Exh bid must b? ac-coirpar I 1
. Vy,a certified check or draft on &nt
lTnited Slates. depository or solvent na
tional bank, made payable to th or :rr
j of the commissioner of Indian affair.-.
ior ai icasi nve per cent or the amount
of the proposal, which check or draft
will be foifeited to th-- Fr.ited States in
case any bidder or bidders receiving a-i
award shall fail to promptly cxecul
e contract w ith gocd and sutflc iont s-jr-ties,
otherwise to be returned to lit
bidder. Rids accompanied by ah in
lieu of certified thpck will not b con
sidered. For further infoi mation appi.
to James S. Perkins, sup?i i.'iter.ci-n'.
Truxton. Arizona.
States Land Office. Tucs. n. Arizona.
May 25. K04. Notico is h rely givet
that Emma C. Taylar. cf Ph w-mx.
Mariccpa county, Arizona, has filed no
tice of intention to make po f on l.er
1 desert-land claim No. 3070. fir the
SWi, See. 8, T. 2-S.. R. 5-W bef.r.
Clerk of District Court at his off ce In
Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, the :nJ
day of July, I'jOI.
She names the following witnesses to
prove the complete iriigalio-i and ir
rlarr.ation of said "lard: Oe:rge .
New sholme of Ai tng'.o:-;, Ai imn-t.
Theroa Hill of Arllnt n. Arirwni.
Joel E. Clan ton of Arlington. Ariont.
Archie R. Perry of Arlington. .r;?o:ix
MILTON R. MOORE. Register.
(First publication May :8. !'.
Of the County of Maricopa, Ter
ritory of Arizona.
In the matter of the estate of Thomas
W. Pemberton. deceased. Not.n of
hearing petition.
Notice in hereby given that Frank
T. Alkire, W. F. Staunton and H. J.
MeClung have ffled in this court a cer
tain document purporting to be the
tast will and testament of said de
ceased; together with their petition.
! praying that the same be admitted to
probate and that letters, testament.trv
j issue thereon to themselves and tit.it
!the Fame will be heard on Monday th
jl3th day of June. A. D.. li'04. a? 1
o'clock in the forenoon of said day. at
the courtroom of said court, in Phoenix.
( County of Maricopa, Territory of Ari
zona, and all persons interested in u.J
Restate are notified then and thrre t
appear and show cause, if ny thy
have, way the prayer of said plitiorr
should not be granted.
Iated June 1st, RiOL
First publication June 2.
States Land Office. Tucson, Ari r...
May 5. 190-1. Notice is l.crr'y nim .
thut Theron Hill. A-nignte of Ktar.k!i.
I- Mosicr, e;f Ar'ingt n. Ma r e: a j-
j ty. Arizona, has ni-d notice if ititrn.
j tic it to make proof on his d-tr.-Uiv
1 claim No. ao03. for the K'K NV'4. S'K1,
anci jij ,si;ii, 17. t. U.
be fine Clerk of Pistrict cut tit fc
oflice- in I'hocnix, Arirone. em Klw
day, the Lnd day e.f July.
He names the follow n. witr.-- t
prove the complete irrigate nr.d i
cUrnation of i-ai.l land: Emm C. Tu.
Kn- cf Phcenix. Ar:i,n i. ;' ! II.
Newsholme of Arlington. Aili.,n. Jo.i
E. Clanton of Arlington. Aitwn.
Archie R. retry of Arlington. Atizor.
MILTON R. ilOORE. Rrff tcr.
(First publication Hay 11. 15v4 1
E. K. PASCOE. Notary Public. Cn-v-anHng
a speelnlty. Acknovt 4 oi t
taken. R0 Nonh Cntr irt.
TTIOS. J. PRESCOTT-rrpnrtio.t mi 4
Commercial Law a p-"'-l,r- IUin
feX-l'i Cotton 1'lex-k, rho- rui, Ar:u.
Oliver I. Morton. Arthur J. EJwmrl
J!) S. Center St. IlioerJt. Art.
J. W. CRENSHAW, attmT at lir O'.
(ice rooms 210 and 111 FUnnr.j FuPd iu.
Phoenix, Arizona.
J. Q. A. KING, Asaaycr and Meiallursia:
Cvanicle, concentration, mill an t mr -ter
tests. KJ N. Seccnd A-. Pho-ni.
DR. D. L. CONNER. Ojiteopa'hre l'hl
cian. Oftlce S Wcit Adam a Pboiv-. Tlc
Red 14!: residence Kel 1
PAINLESS removal of corns or bun!on:
prices & cents each. Privacy a-urr1.
Dav or nisht. Blue Front Parlor Shop. 41
West Washington St.. opposite Fant Fa
office. Te lephone Red ::2. Frank HhtrUy.
Tji DOM KXEY" CRQ3.. Ierrhanl'
fcSjj Patrol at d Private Fetectiv Aser.-
ED. ' W IGGI.VS. .Mirinv Kr.::nor. No. -'
East Washington St.. Pho- rlx. Ariio'ii,
consultation and examination. N-T.h-West
Vexicei r fo'ciupy. - -.
lf.O acres line land at JCO.Otf per acre.
40 acres unimproved Zl- i.illvs oat
at $40.
80 acres well Improved. T'.j Il'.IIcs out,"
at $62.50 per acre. "
Well improved Lome. rIoe i,i IX.C'.V).
Loans and Investments.
13 North Center Jtrrn.

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