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Digestion isn't a mere
chemical process alone.
C The walls of the stom
ach move against one'
another and grind, or
"churn," the food.
C " FORCE " is already
half digested and well
milled. It gives these
over-tried twentieth-century
stomachs of ours a
fair show.
There is a certain crisp, appctmni
delicious taste to the flakes of " FORCE '
which creates a sensation you Ion;; to.
That delicious tastu is a sure sign that
you are eating something which is eoing
to do you good.
Located in Oak-lead's
Beautiful Hills
Milis College ni Se1.ir.2ry
Confer degrees and
grant diplomas. Accred
ited to the Universities and
leading Kastern Colleges.
Special advantages in the Fine
Arts and Language. Thirty
ninth Year. Fall Term Opens
August JO, J 904.
MBS. C. T. MILLS. Pres.
Mills Collejs P.O., Cslilornla
When the blood is in bad condition a bruise, cut,
scratch, or any slight injury to the flesh, is apt to become
an ugly-looking sore or ulcer. Sometimes a boil, blister
or pimple is the bejinnin of a large eating ulcer or open,
discharging sore. Often the blood is naturally bad, and
is that vay from birth, and" such people suffer with vari
ous kinds of sores from infancy through old age. The
.t, f i, , Irr, r A common boil appeared oa the cr.lf of my right
auuivaicnumiiicciiaisui limb. 1 used tne simpln home remeaios Dut ins
malarial sickness, debility or place refuoed to hem. The physician I consulted
i , i i t,4. did me no good. My eg was a solid sore fror.
Someold Chronic trouble, that caif to ankle, and I than began ii. S. 3. and I
the impurities break out in improved rapi'dly. tut .an attack of typhoid fever
i ... n , nettled in the origmul sore, csusuiff a backset. I
iwu so.es on t..e lower ex- began it again aa soon as I was over tho fever, and
tremities or other part cf the was completely and permanently cured.
body. There is ahvavs some ' ;IK3- KAJJJiton at
., . ,A, - . . New Castle, Pa. 211 wasmngtonB:.
morbid, unliealt:-.y mr.ltcr in
the blood that keeps the sore discharging, and mud be gotten out before it
impaired it ree'eores strength and vigor to the system, improves the appetite
and digestion, and tones up the nerves. Purifying the blood is the surest
way to&get rid f an eld sora or ulcer. Medical advice is free. O
the consumer a pure,
wholesome and
exhilarating beer.
"Tho only Ifcccr fcotiied csclusive!y at tbc Erevcry't
ST. !.Ct!?r , fj. 5. A,
MELCZnR BROS. CO., Whc!c;!c Dealers.
Good Old Celery -Vig, 5c
The greatest summer drink, cpols the system, quiets and strengthens
the nerves, tones up the stomach.
5 Buy a case of 2 dozen 51.00 delivered to your home. Hundreds are
using it and .
I Elvey Hulctt's Drug Store
Denial of Some Ridiculous Falsehoods
in Circulation.
William L. Mann, a carpenter who
has been employed at the Tonio stor
age barin for sometime, is 5a the city
for a short stay to attend t; some pri
vate business matters. He came down
over the trail and as it has been ton
davs since he left he has nothing spe
cially new to rerort respecting con
struction matters hut says work ia
progressing as fast -as possible and
both the government officials and con
tractors are rushing things.
Mr. Mann, thoush. said he did w;nt
to say something in defense of condi
tions at the basin, rather in refutation
of certain falee Etcries that have bsen
rpread for one reason cr mother. I3
raid-that he first went to Roosevelt via
Globe and before he got thera he met
lots of people who tried to dissuade
him frcm his purpose. They told him
that the camp was dirty, unsanitary
and lousy and that one could not camo
near there without acquiring gray
backs. Also that the dust was a fricht.
the board was unspeakable, the flips
were an abomination and the foreman
and officials were disagreeable a-.d
hard to get along with. These stories
Mr. Mann denounces as being entire'v
false except as to the flies and even
that evil is lessened by the ue of
.screens In some of the houses. Ho says
there was a time when thev had a poor
cook but there is no comn'air.t now
among the richt minded, either at the
board cr the manner of its cervinsr.
The dust is admittedly bad owins to
the stronK winds and the r.e.:ness of
the freizht roads but the road: are
now sprinkled and kent in fair condi
tion. Thev never had but one man In
the cam: who was chronically and In
curably infected with vermin and they
shipped him long ago and cleaned up
after him
Respecting the foremen or
besses. Mr. Mann says he never saw a
more gentlemanly staff of overseers in
his life. They demand no imrossibil
ities and treat everyone with urdform
respect. All they ask is that a man
shall be competent to da th wrrk for
I which he is hired. But this thev do
demand. If he fails there is no harsh
ness and no display of tcmner. The
I time check is made out and the man '
i travels. That is all there is to it. Mr.
Mann says he has been a mechanic for
twenty years but has'' never fov.nd a
, more pleasant place to work. He has
rlVioi, inKo n?Toifl i!yi .-I tHlc tlla t
some with more money in.
! satisfied ar.d is going baclc.
j The water he says does not ncree
with everybody but most men soon be
I come accustomed to it and in the event
of sickness there is a very g 6a camp
. hospital a e-ood doc-tor and a hospital
! sieward. Near by Roosevelt are a
: couple of hot sprints that many obtain
j a sup;.ly of laundry water frcm and
will heal. Washes ana salves, wi'.ue cleansing, sooiu
irg and hclyful. will not do it, because they do not
reach the poisoned blood; but C!. S. S. cleanses and
purifies the diseased blood, and when this ia accom
plished the place heals. Where the health has been
f ?tal5saBa:ia
to Judge Besr
aarrtv and polish, prov
ing perfect brewing and
fermentation. '
Brilliancy is olways fojmd in beer if
the brewing and .mashing has been
properly conducted, and the fermen
tation of the brew completed under
a careful and scientific regulation of
temperature. No other beer i made
equals the famous
Bohemian ia this quality of briH
iarvcy. It i3 gained by the unremit
ting watchfulness bestowed upon each,
brewing, End without the use of
chemical preservatives, thua giving
seme bathe in It claiming it has-medicinal
Asked about the discovery of oil
there Mr. Mann says they surely have
it but no one knows whether in any
valuable quantity or not. He said hp
psw a man one day just before he left
bring: a tomato can out of the sluicing
tunnel, half full of crude oil, and tie
smell of it is very strong in the tunnel.
Phoenix to Los Angeles without
change will leave over the Southern
Pacific short line Thursday. June 30th.
reaching Los Angeles at 12:55 noon
next day. Through standard sleeper
Phoenix to Los Angeles every Tuesday
and Saturday.
Government Publication Every Ari
zona Farmer Should Have.
Bulletin No. 48 Issued by the Ari
zona Agricultural Experiment statioa.
ha.s just been issued and is now obtain
able ty all interested by writing for it
to the experiment station at Tucson.
The subject of this bulletin is "Rela
tion of Weather to Crops" and the na
ture of it is bert described in a general
way by the following introduction th.it
appears on i'.s first page:
"In the following pages the aim is not
only to tec'ord and diacus3 the obser
vations made daring the past six years
upon the relation of the -weather r.0
crops, but to bring together in one pub
lication many minor facts that have not
found their way into previous bulletin.
The large number of inouiries received
concerning crop3 adapted to the region
indicates the need of printed informa
tion on the subject. As new settlar3
are continually coming to the region,
and as the indications are that large
numbers will come in the future, a pub
lication giving general information
j will undoubtedly be serviceable.
"The total amount of agricultural pro
ducts that Arizona will yield is limited
principally by the quantity of water
available for irrigatian. the area . of
arable Jind being far in excess of the
scieagc for which there is n -water sup
ply. The nature of these agricultural
products Is determined largely by tho
climate of the region. The relation
of the water supply to crop3 and crou
production was discussed in Bulletins
I 41 and 43. In this bulletin, the rela
tion of the weather to crops and crop
production is discussed. The water
01'Inllt . . . . -1 V. ," . . t V, -, 1 , ,-, . .-, , t V, . . .
chief factors affecting agriculture in
the southwest, 'the subieets discussed
in the3e three bulletins cover the prin
cipal part' of the ground."
By way of further explanation it
should be added that this bulle-tin was
written bv Prof. A. J. McClatchle. who
I till recently had charge of the experi
ment farm near Phoenix and whojj
years of scientific observation of things
agricultural m this vicinity seem to be
pretty well condensed into practical
deductions given in this issue. H.
has kept accurate records of temper
atures above the ground and at var
ious depths under the ground and pre
sents tables for camp-arison that are of
value to fhe agriculturist. Further
than that after devoting many pages
of the bulletin to the particular matters
of weather and crops, there is a com
plete summary in the back puzes. of
whit crops may. be successfully grown
here, the best time for their planting
I and the season of their maturing. Thi'5
' summary includes everything agrlcul-
,..,i n,j , . - :
--l. .-u.cs. ileid, ciops and vegetables.
13iae furnishing a great dil of tech-
nlcal information it is worth hi,
nIC nl"la j10" 4 ,3
11 ne desires to profit by the seicntif.c
tr..jji-ru:ieiiiirig mat r.as pcen cone ;n
his behalf at government expense. The
bulletin is a piimphlet of about 100
pages and 'they are an meat.
The Railroad Is Expected to Reach
There Next Saturday.
Kelvin. June "C. (Special correspond
ence of The Republican.) Kelvin has
already begun to feel the effects of the
railway outlet offered by tho construc
tion of the P. & K. up the Gila. T ne
j trestle bridge across the river two and
j one-fourth miles below this point was
ccmpleted Thursday and the pile driv
ers are now driving piles for the Min
eral Creek bridge. The construction
train i3 now running to this point
which is seme 400 yards below the de
pot site. It is figured that the Mineral
Creek bridge will be complete and
trains runninc into the depot next Sat
urday. All along the right of way the sym
pathy of fhe miners and land owners
is with the P. &. E. in their trouble
with the S. P. The latter still
have an engineering force in the field
up near Dudleyville and continue to
worry the P. & E. forces in every way
they can; keeping within the limits of
the injunction now onerative against
them. However, they are not able to
seriously retard the building: of th-i
road. The P. & E. grade is now com
plete, about eight miles abeve this
point, all' except two tunnels opposite
Riverside, where they are now working
three shifts day and night. Track lay
ing will be held at this point for near
ly a month.
The j people of this district have
rhown their appreciation cf the advan
tages of rail connection by universally
granting free right of way to the road
over their ground. Everywhere is heard
expressions of faith in the rod now
building. The P. & E. has put in a
powerful bid for the business of the
legion by the ecu: teous treatment their
c'.nployes have offered to nil concern
ed and a few months will show that
the. uo'.k-y was good :s they will have
corralled the carrying trade. It Is con
fidently believed here that the South
ern Pacific really means to construct
its line down the Gila. All the contest
for tight of way Is set down as a game
to block construction now going on as
j it is plain ta be seen that there is room
X 1 f or two roads here with desirable
grades, without crossing of right of
ways. Both sides of the liver afford
ground for a load bed with about euqal
advantages. After passing - the two
tunnels above here the road will pro
ceed rapidly as the grade runs ua th?
wide river bed where only a slight fill
is necessary on which to lay the rails.
Husincss throughout this t-ectiim will
Boon take on a new complexion unles3
all signs foil and. the time is anxiously
The Growing Importance of an Ari
zona Institution.
The Desert Totanical laboratory lo
cated In the mountains west of Tucron
is attracting many scientist5? of note?
to this section, says the Tucson Pest.
Three prorniencnt university men from
the east have grants to make inves.I
gations here durins the summer a,nd
the coming winter. Ai:e.idy two pro
fessors of note have vi?itei the labor
atory, one of them stopping here this
week. Dr. Hugo tie Vries, protessor
of botany in the University of Amster
dam,' and the author of several works
on botany and evolution, reached here
last Sunday night, stopping on route
to the University cf California, where
be.w'll deliver a course of lectures at
the summer aohool.
Pvef. de Tries visited the De?ert
laboratory and the range of country
about Tucson and secured a number
of pictures which he will use In il'.us-
trating the place in articles to be Dtib
Uchrd in scientific mag.izlnes ct
Franco, Germany and Holland. He
wa3 er.tertr.lned during his visit here
bV Dr. W. A. Camon. The chamber of
commerce drove him about the c':ty
and to old Fort I,owell. At the Uni
vrrslty of Arizona the work o th2
Agricultural experiment station was
demonstrated to P:of. de Vrieg bv
Prof. Forbes.
Prof, de Vri?s was given the degre?
of; L. Li. 13. at Columbia University
during a short stay in New Yolk. At
the clcfe of the summer school he will
ro ' to St. Louis to lecture befo:e
gathering to be known ai the World's
university, made up of the leading
educators of Europe and America.
From Tucson the profesfor went to
Imperial and thence to F.ivsrside and
rrof. F. V. Coville of th depart
ment of agriculture and a member cf
th5 advisory hoard, which founded the
desert laboratory, happened to reach
TucEon at the same time as Prof, de
Vvics." Accompanied by Allert F. Pot
ter of the forestry bureau he left ih?
following' day for the San Carlos res
ervation. They will rrach olbrook in
n bout one ' week. Prof. Oovilla and
Mr.' Cooper are inve;tigsrfing the ope
ration of the land hws and the leas
Ing Rytom3. They will make recom
mendations to the United States land
commission, which is cempesrd cf Mr.
J'irichot of the forestry bureau. Ccin
miBfiior.er of the General Land Office
Richard and-F. H. Newell of the ge
ological survery. who will In turn
make recommendations to congress.
Trof. Coville stated wh!l3 here that
the trustees of th? Carnegie institution
Are very much interested in the work
of the desert laboratory and owin? to
"ts novelty perhaps, he said that It re
"eiyes more" attentlan than nv other
rt the various institutions they ere es
tablishing. They have given up the
idea of establishing a troiicul buani
car garden on the island of Jamaica,
but the undertaking has been taken up
by the New York botanical gardens
Prof. McPougal, director of labrra-
ories in that institution, who W8 ho e
la?t winter on an expedition down tha
Colorado, will probably have a great
deal to do with the establishing of thl
nstituticn, the direct opposite o tho j
es.?ri laDoraxory. iie !s ai.-o a mem
ber of the board which founded tba
Litter Institution.
Prof. F. F. Lloyd, who occupies the
chair of botany in Teachers ccll?ge,
Columbia uni'ersity, has received a
grant from the Botanical Society cf
America to conduct explorations and
InveFtig-srtions in connection with the
desert laboratory. He came w;st wi'h
Prof, de Yrjes and is now engaged In
his work. Prof. D. E. Liv.'n?s on r f
the University of Chago haj a simi
lar grant from the Carnegls institct oi
In addition to the desert labw.vnry
crar.O He will assist Dr. Canr.oi
during the nimmer months. Prof. V.
M. Spaulding of the UrtVfrsi'.y of
Michigan, who spent the past winter
In Tucson conducting investigations at
the laboratory, has received a g.ant
from the? Carnegie institution for an
other year's work. He will return to
Tucson in the Tall.
Dr. AY. A. Cannon, director of th
desert laboratory, and Prof. Lloyd
will ftpend the month of Aogust aroun 1
FlagEtan conducting investigations.
The next annual report of thj d?e :
laboratory will be issued in the fall cr
...wiw. j-v vw:l icil fl me WOTK
it was established. Fart of the le
nort will be incorporated in the year
book of the Carnegie institution.
- ' o
Deep tearing of wrenching pains, oc
casioned by getting wet through;
worse when at rest, or on first moving
the limbs and in cold or damp weather,
is cured quickly by Ballard's Snow
Liniment. Oscar Oleson, Gibson City,
Illinois, writes, Feb. 16, 1902: "A year
.ago I was troubled with a pain in my
oaCK. It SOOn got SO bad I could nr,f
over. One bottle of Ballard's
Liniment cured me." 25c, 60c,
Sold by Elvey & Hulett. .
Knicker "But you look well
Weary Will.e "Yes'm. The leddy next
dcor give me a dinner, cuz she si!d she
reckoned you weie too stingy." New
York Sun.
If you are languid, depressed and
incapable for work, it indicates that
your liver I3 out of order. . Herbine
will assist nature to throw off head
aches, rheumatism and ailments akin
to nervousness and restore the ener
gies and vitality of sound and perfect
health. J. J. Hubbard, Temple. Texas.
I "rites. March 22, 1902: "I have used
Herbine for the past two years. It has
done me more good than all the doctors.
When I feel bad and have that tired
feeling, I take a dose of Ilerblne. It
13 the best medicine ever made for
chills and fever." 50c a bottle. Sold bv
Elvey & Hulett.
Fine Samples From the Miller and Mc
A-.ilivTc Lead Mi c.
t-harlie Miler and Tom McAuIifCe
came down from the Mineral Hill dis
triet Wednesday and Charlie brought
to the Elade cabinet a sample of ore
irom hio lead mines, The samples
The newest, modern and rhort des'.rab'y
located touriFt and family hctel in trie
city. Srecial attention paid to Arizona
guests. Ccrnrr of Alvarado ana Mixta
streets, owned and operated by Sou.hrrn
California Hotol Company.
W. B. CORWIN. Pr. s. and Mangr.
A. M. BROWN, Secretary.
a a a a a
3 3 5 3 2
a a pal
A new up-to-date European hotel.
Cafe in connection. Prices reasonable.
Centrally located. If you come once
you will come again. 443 S. Main, be
tween Fourth and Fifth streets, Los 1
We are cured; let us cure you. No
BEAT. Our specialty Is the Science of j
Speech for Stammerers. Send for '
booklet, testimonials, and. high in
dorsements. . 1
Natural Boeech Ac-idemy, .
1032 East 28th St. . " Los Angeles, CaL
are almost solid galena and carry good
sliver values. The samples came fruni
a cross-cut at the bottom -of a 50-root
shaft.. The cross-cut is 11 feet i:i
length and has not yet crossed uie
vein. The samples are said to be an
average of the 14 feet of ore exposed
by this cross-cut and if that is coire.et.
this is one of the greatest lead proper
ties in this section. There are .iv
claims in this group. They lie on thv
northeast sde of Mineral hill and will
become one of the great producers of
that district. It wij cost but little t: ,
build a wagon roj.d from these claims
to the Phoenix & Eastern railroad, us
they are situated only about two mlTea
from the Reymert and. Florence ro:id.
John Sel'nun is interested with Charlie- 1
Miller in these claims. They are both
good men and the Blade is pleased to
know that they have opened up a mine
that will make them rich. Florence
When Cupid shorts his litil; dart
Well aimrd to pierce . a. youns man's
It often piercr-s, (;ad to tell,
His poor, weak pockeLbook as well.
Phila4;lphia Record.
m nil 1 ill aa
; m 'mm
California Advertisements
One of the
Over fcrty thousand satisfied purchasers in the last forty years, which
means that an army of people have recognized their merit. They arc
musically and mechanically perfect. The Krnich & Bach reputation
insures those unfamiliar with the differe!lt pianos that they can pur-
chase this reliable make with every assurance cf getting a piano com
plete in every essential. '
Krenich & Bach Pisnos aro arl erections in" the highest sense of the
Let us send you a catalog of tho many styles cf K. & B. pianos, with
an explanation cf our easy method cf purchasing a piano on small
monthly installments.
Eetter write now before you forget it.
Steinway and Kranich GX Bach Agts.
For &11 of
Southern. California and Arizona,
345.347 S. Spring St., Los Angeles
The food is good and people too, at the IMPERIAL, and only a man of poor
taste can gainsay either. Nothing disguised by over P.avored sauces. Every
thing fresh, honest, substantial.
243 S. Spring
242 Broadway
'The Smartest ever produced ready-to-wear,
but custom made, hand-tail-orcd
throughout ty the most skilled
Nono compare with them in exclu
siveness cf style, correctness of fit.
Tre enly ready-to-wear in the cus
tom m;.c class. .'
$15 to $20
Wood Bros.
The Clothiers
Not connected in any way with ny other in California.
343-345 S. Spring St.
"Herbert has been running an auto
so long that he h3S forgotten all about
horseback liding."
"What ifid he do when the hTse
"Ho crawled under it to see what was
Ihe matter." Cleveland Plain Doal- r.
Tax Assessor What is tho senator
The Senator's Secretary (absently)
It's accordirg to what you want him to
vote for.
Tf some men who go wort to g.ow ur
with the country wou'd o ly grew ur
to it, they'd btand Feme chance of b.
ing big. Philadelphia Itccord.
7t 77 Cy e 1 It feels so uncemfort-
lVllI OtOJJiaCn JMc. Food distresses mc.
J I get blue and despondent.
My doctor says it's my stomach." And what did your
doctor tell you to take ? Ayer's Sarsaparilla. t..rS:
Various Styles
In heart of city. Summer rates $3 week and up t-t
Arizonians and tourists. Elevators, free baths and
the- same first-class sarvice In all respects as at all
leading hotels.
MILLING 22 NICKEL, Managers.
Los Angeles, CaL
We have a very complete list of fur
nished houses for rent in Los AnxrliM
and at adjacent beaches. For particu
lars call on or address
Largest Rental Agency l:i Southern
Californhu Est. 15S5. Members L. A
Realty Board, 216 West Second SL
Los Angeles, Cel.
Whn a girl wants to rid ho se" ack
straddle, generally' you curt s-e th
reason for it when she docs it Ne
York Press.
' jjj

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