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Arizona Publishing Co
GEO. W. VICKERS. Pre, and Gen. Mgr.
Exclusive Morning Associated Pre
Tim onlv Pprfectlna Press In Aruona.
The only buttery of Linotype in Ari-
'Yubllcatlon office" M-S8 East Adaml
street. Telephone No. 47
......I mt the nnstofflce at rnoealx.
ArUona. as mail matter of the aecond
By mall, dally, one year tJ W
Wekly, one year
Cash In advance.
Dally, per month & Cts
Arlrona visitors to the Coast will find
The Dally Republican on aal at me ioi
iiaia niAiAit in Los Anneles: Hollen-
beck hotel nws stand, and B. T. Gard-
r. 2& South Spring: street.
Every year scores of Arizonlans re
turning from their vacations express
rep-ret that they failed to order The
Republican sent to them during' their
absence. They did not appreciati;
what they were missing until they were
away, and then they neglected to send
In their orders. Most of the people who
leave for the summer take the necessary
precaution to provide themselves with
tlieir favorite paper, however. We de
sire to remind all our readers that The
Republican will be sent by mail to any
address in this country or abroad, and
address changed as often as. desired.
Subscriptions may be given to your re
gular newsdealer before leaving, or,
If more convenient, orders may be sent
by telephone or mail. A postal card
will do the business and you will b
Balloons in War.
The InternationaJ Peace conference
at Tup Haicue five years ago placed a
! vhibii inn on the use )t )' ojet tiles
v. iiu ii might be dropped from balloons:
of liomos which upon explosion uould
i.ifupe suffocating gases, and of x
l !'i;ive bullets. The prohibt'on r-gair:st
l!it use of explosives from batiooii was
limited to si duration of five years. :;'id
tilts limit expired a week ago July
'nneeqiiently, th"re is now much spec
ulation -is to what action, if any, ltur
fia and J.tpan will take to utilize bal
loons in the present war. The situa
tion of Port Arthur offers a. fine op
poitunity for Japan to end the siege
by a new and horiible method, pro
vided tho Japanese have provided
themselves with the necessary equip
ment. The jace conference placed no time
l.jnil on the prohibition of ga-eous
bombs ;ind explosive bulle:, and why
the civilized ro'eis of the earth repre
sented at The Hague comprising more
than twenty nations thought it unnec-ss-ary
to prohibit balloon' warfare be
.!,. 1 July 9, 1904, has never been sat
lsfat tot ily explained. The prohibition.
Mas adopted unanimously, and there
appears to have been no division on the
uestion of time limitation. The Unit
ed States and Great Britain opposed
the rule against the use of the objec
tionable bombs, but assented to the
exclusion of balloons and explosive bul
lets. Some of the military possibilities of
the balloon were promptly perceived
immediately after It was invented. The
first notable ascent by the Mor.'.golfler
brothers occurred in ITsC. Within ten
years thereafter a regular school of
aerostation was established at Meudon,
under the auspices of the army, and in
17H4 the head of it, Colonel Countelli,
took up with him to a height of over a
mile a general and adjutant to ob-i-erve
the position and strength of a
hostile force. This incident occurred
on the eve of the battle cf Freurus,
and the reconnoissance gave the
French a distinct advantage over the
Austriajis. Telegraphy had not then
ome into use. Hence this information
which was secured was transmitted to
t!ie commander only alter the descent
i f the balloon. Nevertheless, it contiib-ut-d
directly to the decisive victory
whieh followed. On that, occasion thf 1
airship was prevented from going
astray by means of a roie and wind
lass an exedient which has been gen
erally adopted ever since when balloons
have been employed for observation.
At Sat.olago in 1S9S there was, In ad
dition to the rope, a telegraph wire, by
means of which tho signal ofllcer aloft
could ommunnk-ate directly ami in
stantaneously with headquarters.
i:.illi ons hae Le n used :n alrro.-t ev
ery great war for a century. The first
Nap leon took a number of them into
Egypt in order to Impress the Arabs
with Ihe superiority of Kuropean ideas,
lis the sieg.-- of Paris, 1S70-'71, the at
tempt was made to establish postal
communication by means of airr.hijs
Iwtween the beleaguered city and the
national Authorities outside, but this
(ill not wo:k so satisfactorily as the
artier pigeon service. After all. the
principal military use of the balloc
hitherto has: been reconnoissance, and
one officer afier another has testifi?d
to the help thus received. Iord Wolse
ley has as.-crted that he finished his
campaign in the Soudan far more
quickly than would otherwise have
been possible because of such aid.
An observer in a captive balloon is
rxjxised to great danger from the ene
my's guns. Even Coutelle, over a cen
tury ago, was threatened by a cannon
shot, and was obliged to let out more
rope to insure safety Today the Mau
ser and other tiller carried by infantry
soldiers have a range of three miles or
mote. At Santiago showers of well di
rected bullet flew around the tig
officers who were on duty and wliosa
elevation was at no time over 1,500 feet.
There were narrow escapes from in
ranl! dea-th on that account to say
nothing of injury from premature de
scent had the balloon been bndly punc
tured. Such risks have furnished an Impor
tant incentive for experiments with air
ships which could be kept moving by
suitable machinery. In the United
States the war department has lent en
couragement 'to Professor Langley for
that reason, and several Kuropean
powers have pursued similar policies
for at least twenty years. The pro
totype of the Santos-Dumont machine
was? developed by two French army of
ficers, Renard and Krcbs. They used
electric power Instead of gasoline en
gines to d'rive their screws, but they
adopted the cigar shaped gas bag. in
order to lessen the resistance encoun
tered from, the atmosphere while Hying
horizontally. They are said to be the
first aeronauts who described a com
plete circle while In the air aloft, thus
demonstrating the feasibility of steer
ing and propelling craft of this kind.
No speeds have yet been developed
which, exceed fifteen or sixteen miles
in hour, and no voyaire has yet ex
tended over an hour and three-quar
ters. Little further Improvement In
these direction Is needed, though, to
put in the hands of military men an
agent of largely increased power. Not
only will-a good flying machine, prop
erly managed, be able to keep out of
the way of an enemy while engaged in
reconnoissance, but it should be able
to. assume the aggressive and work
fearrui navoo.
The kind of service which now b?-
comes permissible has xkH hitherto
been attempted, for a variety-of rea
sons. The argument made at The
Hague five years ago has Interfered
temporarily. Before that prohibition
took effect there had been no import
ant war for a considerable period. Be
sides, the airship had not reached its
presenT state of development. Howev
er, both ini Europe and America a num
ber of wide-awake men have consid
ered pltins for making trouble for an
enemy in new ways. One scheme Is to
oierate In the air a mechanism akin to
the Whitehead torpedo. The latter
propels and steers itself after being
launched irt the water. The aerial tor
pedo, if designed for horizontal flight,
could be liberated from a captive bal
loon or an elevated station cn land, or
from a self-propelled airship of the
Santos-Dumont type. It has also been
proposed to drop torpedoes from craft
of the latter kind, a convenient posi
tion first being reached above an army
or a town, or even over a ship at sea.
The possibility of the adoption of
this kind of warfare by either Russia or
Japan during the present struggle de
pends upon a number of things. One
Is the duration of the contest itself.
Another is the degree of preparation
for it whic-h the combatants may have
made lrt secret. The generally back
ward state of the Russian provision for
the war and the limited amount of at
tention hitherto given to aerial navi
gation by the czar's army officers dis
courage 't;he expectations that they
have anything "up their sleeve" which
cant be produced on short notice. On
the other hand, it shou'.d not be for
gotten that the French, who have al
ways been conspicuously devoted to
aeronautic ventures, are friendly to
Russia, and might co-operate wLh her,
had they anything new to offer. Again,
Japan, though wonderfully alert to
modern methods of fighting, has giv
en fto Indications of a purpose to avail
herself of the privilege now open to
her. Perhap3 the world niiy be obliged
to wait until the next great war Is
fought . before it witnesses a trial of
the areial toi pedo. Nevertheless, free
dom to use the latter will doubtless en
tourage inventors to present a number
of fresh ideas to the military authori
ties of the leading powers. That nona
cf these propositions may prove ac
ceptable and i evolutionary cannot
safely be affirmed.
Hill On the Rear Seat.
"You can say that I have a back
seat on the band wagon," quoth, the
Hon. David B. Hi'.l the other day af
ter the Murphy-Parker conference in
New York at which the Tammany boss
was the "lion of the occasion." The
reports say that Murphy was sur
rounded by a group of Interested poli
ticians who listened for every word of
wisdom that dropped from his lips
while the Hon. David Bennett occupied
a corner of the piazza alone. And the
shrewd and sharp David does not ap
pear to have been of much importance,
so far as the public Is concerned, since
the convention. He has been the sub
ject of a storm of criticism because
he did not force a gold standard plank
into the platform. And yet Parker
cannot afford to throw Hill overboard.
It would be ridiculous to think that he
would do so. Hill probably realizes
that he has been made the target for
the attacks on the Parker crowd and
hence has decided to stay in the rear
for awhile.
But should Parker happen to be chos
en to the White house. Hill would un
doubtedly be his right hand adviser.
Hill discovered Parker. He made of
him what he is. He put him upon the
court of appeals bench. Hill managed
the Parker campaign throughout the
country which resulted in the over-
throw of Bryan's forces. lie did It
with a candidate practically unknown
througout the : country. - If Pa.rker i
chosen, X I ill will be tooting the fi:s
cornet in the band wagon. He is sub
merged for 'the time being, for politics
effect. He can afford to let Tammany
occupy tha stage. It would be diffe
ent with Parker in the White house.
Aged Statesmen.
Henry Gassuway Davis, the demo
emtio candidate for vice president. Is
the oldest man ever nominutcd for the
office, his age being 81. But there are
a numbc-r of other notable America n
of today, old in years nnd experience,
but full of energy. Among these are
Galusha A. Grow of Pennsylvania.
ex-speaker of the houso of representa
tlves 80.
Levi P. Morton, banker and financier,
ex-governor and ex-vice president-
John T. Motgan of Alabama, United
States senator 79.
Edmund W. Pettus of Alabama,
United States senator 83.
George Frlsbie Hoar of Massachu
setts, United Slates senator 78.
George S. Boutwell cf Massachusetts,
cx-cabinet minister and ex-governor
William P. Frye of Maine, president
of the United States senate-r-73.
Edward Everett Hale, clergyman.
writer, and public speaker; chap'.ain
of the United States senate SL
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, au
thor, lecturer and thinker SO.
Russell Sage, financier 87.
Alonzo Gaicelon of Maine, ex-gover
nor; s?till In active daily practice as
a physician 94.
Conditions Daring Last Month and
Comparisons for Mine Years.
The following is the monthly sum
niiary of weather conditions lor July,
19iH, as issued by Section Director M
E. Blystone of tne weather buieau ser
Atmospheric pressure (reduced to sea
level; inches and hundredths): Mean,
1:9.74:;; highest, 29.94; date, 21; lowest
19.56; date, 12.
Temperature: Highest, 112; date, 11;
lowest, C9; elate, 1J; greatest daily
range, 8; date, 20; least daily range,
16; date, 20.
Mean for this month in 18UC, S8; 1897,
90; 1898, 92; 1899, 91; 1900. 91; liKil, 93;
1902. 89; 19u3, 90; 1904, 88. Mean of this
month, for nine year.;, 90.
Average daily excess this month as
compared with mean of 9 years, 1.6.
Accumulated excess since Jan. 1, 1.70.
Avei age dally excess slr.ee Jan.l, 0.8.
Wind: Irevailin direction, east; to
tal movement, 3S24 miles; maximum
velocity (for five minutes) 33 miles per
hour, from east, on 23rd.
Precipitation : Total this month in
1896, 4.25; 1S97, 0.5K; 198, 0.21; 1899, 0.S7;
19T0. 1.70; 1901. 0.35; 1902, 0.32; 19ct3, 0.70;
1904, 1.89.
Average of this month for 9 years,,
Excess of this month as compared
with average of 9 years, 0.C8.
Accumulated deficiency since Jan. 1,
0.7j. ,
Sunshine and cloudiness: No. of clear
days, 20; partly cloudy, 8; cloudy, 3;
on which 0L inch, or more, of rain fell,
Meaji relative humidity, 31 per cent.
Weather Buieau.
The Sale Yesterday of the Last Ret 1
There is no more Rourke estate now.
The dissipation of it was completed
yesterday by the sale by the adminis
trator of the remaining real estate con
sisting of a ranch south of the capltpl
grounds, the property on North Center
street occupied by Davidson's black
smith shop and a three fourth's in
terest in a cattle ranch In , Yavapai
The ranch, consisting of forty acres,
was sold for S4.250 to C. T. Hirst and
the city property was sold to K. M.
Mognette for $2,800. More - money
was realized from the sale than the ad
ministrator, O. H. Christy, expected.
It was also shown that the assessment
of property for purposes of taxation In
this county is not too high. Tha
ranch had been assessed at $2,000 and
the black smith shop property at th
same sum .
(The Yavapai property, which was of
uncertain value, was sold to William
J. Roarke, the owner of the other one
fourth interest, for $100.
The estate of James Roarke has been
in the probale coui t and also in the
district court for the last seven year':.
A considerable part of the propeity
which was originally valued at $50,
000, has been spent In litigation pr
cipitated by the heirs.
The first Important litigation was
an attempt to introduce a will, th"
c hief beneficniry of which was William
J. Roarke, a nephew of James Roarko,
who had been brought from Ireland
and for three years previous to the
death of Roarke had been employed
by him and had been given a certain
interest in his cattle business. It wa
shown that the will was a clever for'
gery perpetrated by a drunken Irish
man, who was well acquainted wiib
Roarke and had learned many of
his expressions. He had also copied
his chirography so that when the win
was first presented even the court wa
deceived and was inclined to believf
that it was genuine. It failed, how
ever, not so much on account of an
defects discovered in the document a?
on account of the manner of the mai
on the stand who said that Roarke
had dictated it. He and the witness
to It practically admitted the fraudu
lent character of it. Neither of them
were arrested, both leaving the country
while the authorities were thinking
about taking them into custody.
The first administratorship wa.
vested in a niece of Roarke, who as a
result of litigation begun by other
heirs was removed and O. II. Christy
was appointed. There were sever j
suits after that, the last one being be-
wf Pi&7
li'The letters of Miss
ture is printed above, and Miss Claussen,
prove beyond question that thousands of
cases of inflammation of the ovaries and
womb are annually cured by the use of
Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
"Deati Mrs. Pivkiiam : Gradual loss of strength and nerve force
told me something was radically wrong with me. I nad severe shooting
pains throught the pelvic organs, cramps and extreme irritation com.
pelled me to seek medical advice. The doctor said that I had ovarian
trouble and ulceration, and advised an operation. I strongly objected to
this and decided to try L,ydia 11. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
I soon found that my judgment was correct, and that all the good
things said about this medicine were true, and day by day I felt less
pain and increased apjwtite. The ulceration soon healed, and the other
complications disappeared and in eleven weeks I was once more strong
and vigorous and perfectly well.
"ily heartiest thanks are sent to you for the great good you have
done me." Sincerely yours, Miss Makgaket Mekkley, 275 Third tit
Milwaukee, "Wis.
Hiss Claussen Saved from a Surgical Operation.
'! 1 liai j. nam. a
v -. : . tv pi '
T- - -!'K7Z'J pound did.
'f''yi :i "' eu, ueauu umi leei sure uiatnaai Known oi its
4 ;)' i ' s value before, and let the doctors alone, I would
w have been snared all the rain and pxnpn.w that.
fruitless operations cost me. If
the doctors do not help them, will try Lydia E. I'inkham's Vege
table Compound, they will not l disappointed with the results."
Jdiss cuira ji. claussen, 13U7 I'enn
FORFEIT if cannot forthwith produce the origlcal l?er and ilgnataref of
aUjYo tealiiuooiaU, wiiicu will provn their absolute UKiiuinciiftSB.
- w . IttUs U. l'iu kliam Aled. Ccu Lynn, MM
pun by William Rojrke, a brother of
J&iiii-s Roarke. who churned to be a
partr.cr of James Ronke in all of his
enterprise.?. A curious thins happen-
d In collection wltli fhis suit. For
onie reason which hvis not yet been
made clear Wiiliam Roarke was charg-
d by his friends with insanity and the
appointment of a guardian was pro-
ured in the probate court. On ac
count of his insanity William Roark
could not testify as to the business re-
ations . between him and his brother
nd as there was no other witness hi
ase fell to the ground.
Shut your eyes when you look at th
faults of a friend. Chicaeo Xews.
Nearly every time a man displays hi.?
emper he 103C3 It. Chicago News.
To cure a weak stomach Is to take
Hostetter'B Stomach P.itters at the
ery first symptom. It does away with
starving and dieting yourself, because;
it puts the. stomach in proper condition
to digest the food. In this way It
cures Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Consti
pation, billiousness, Heartburn, Insom
nia, Headache, Cramps or Diarrhoea,
Nervous and sickly women also find
he Hitters unequalled as a regulator
nd tonic. We urge a fair trial.
For sale or rent with me and
will find you a customer.
I will also look after your
insurance and collect your
42 N. Center St.
Merkley, whose pioU
"Deak Mrs. Pixkram: It seems to me that
all the endorsements that I have read of the value
of Lvdia E. Pinkham's Compound do not express
one-half of the virtue the great medicine really
possesses. I know that it saved my life and I
want to give the credit where it belongs. I suf
fered with ovarian trouble for five years, had three
operations and spent hundred.3 of dollars on doc
tors and medicines but this did not cure mo
after alL
" However, what doctors and medicines failed
to do. LiVilia 1Z. Pink linm -pflil. fniii.
Twenty bottles restored me to per-
the women who are Kiift'erinsr. and
St., Kansas City, Mo. .
Re-imported spring 1890 5
la bond or tax paid la loti to tail.
Samples and prices on application
- 418 Sacramento st. San Francisco
World's Fair, St. Louis
Stone's throw from main en
trance of "World's Fair Grounds.
European Plan,$1 per day and up
American Plan, $2 per day and up
Send for souvenir map of
World's Fair Grounds Fit EE.
American Hotel Co., St Louis
Huntington Beach Company
Byrne Bldg., L,os Angeles, CaL.
J. V. VICKERS, President; WALTER
L. VAIL. Vice-President; C. W. GATES.
and their
The Pacific Electric Railroad Is now
running from Los Angeles to Hunting
ton beach hourly, on the even hour
making the trip in about 60 minutes,
which will be cut to about 45 minutes
when "cut oir is finished and "fliers"
Buys a good lot now. 1-3 cash, 1-3 6
months, 1-3 12 months. 6 per cent
Southern California Advertisements
A Reliable Business College
The largest one in Los Angeles. The only one with shade trees or lawns.
Our grounds are as beautiful as thos of any private residence in the city.
Investigate. Send for catalogue. F. BROWNSBERGER, Principal.
The largest and best business school on the coast It leads them alL Send
for catalogue. LACKEY. HOOD AND HOLLMAN.
Health Giving Baths
The best baths in Los AtistoIps can be had
at the Mrs. L. S. Burt Electric Bath and
Massage Sanitoriurn. 225 W. Firt St. It
has just been thorcuphly renovated and
refitted and is now under new manage
ment. Only experienced, graduate oper
ator employed. Vapor, electric and tub
baths,- facial massage, chiropody and
manicuring. Special attention to Arlr.ona
patrons. MRS. M. HERBERT. Mgr.
The food Is good and people too, at the IMPERIAL, and only a man of poor
taste can gainsay either. Nothing disguised by over flavored sauces. Every
thing fresh, honest, substantial.
243 S. Serins
242 Broadway
Central Location excellent Caf Reaionaole Prices
German-American Savings Bank.
Main ind First St., I.e Anla. Cssl.
Capital and Surplus PAYS
$430,000. 4
Assets Over Per
S4.7oo,ooo. Cent
Offers every facllitly for saving and the earnings at the above rate equal that
offered by nnv other Savlnp Insiltutlun.
Everything new. Everything perfect.
4V DtS ffB r V
185 ft. above
the Sea, overlooking the
City, Bay, and Coronado
Neither Dust Noise, nor Fog. Two Min
utes from the Heart of the City.
Los Angeles
Free Bus.
Arizona headquarters, rentral and
up-to-date. 1'iO rooms, well lighted.
Elevator and all modern conveni
ences: private bath, all tilted.
American plan $1.50 to $Xl0
Euroian plan 50c and up. Los
Angeles, Cal.
Gool and restful nt this popular moun tain resort.
SPLENDID HQTEL and Newly Fur nished Tent Cottages. Six trains dally
to Los Angeles.
For Literature write General Passen ger Department,
vSanta Caialina Island
New fast steamship "Cabrillo" make daily trips to this charming summer
resort of southern California. 2 3-4 hours from Los Angeles.
Ideal camp life, In shady grove, coy canvas cottages.
The Hotel Metropole overlooking the picturesque bay of Avalon, Is strictly
first class American plan.
Our Marine band of 28 artist furnishes daily concerts.
New Camp Cabrillo at the Isthmus now open. Rev. Benjamin Fay Mills
gives lectures and entertainments
For further information Inquire, v
Los Angeles. Cal. 222 South Spring Flreet.
Don't register before you call at
Hotel Clarendon
corner Fourth and Hill streets, Los
Angeles 50c to $2.00 per day. Meals 25c.
Special rates by week.
PATENTS Hazard A Harphaai, Ls
Anrelea. Bnnd for trt rook on pataata.
M. N. AVERT, President.
OATL, B. JOHNSON, Vic e-Prasldect.
a. S. FT-.TNT, Vlc-Pres1dent-
y. F. SCHUMACHFP., Cashier.
W. F. CALLANDER. Asst. Cnshler.
San Diego, Cal.
Special weekly and monthly rates.
The largest and only first-claes hotel
in the city. The best location, appoint
ments, service and table on the coast.
C. W. ROBINSON. Tropr.
Sixteen years steward and assistant
manager Hotel del Coront-do.
Popular Hotels.
A home for Arizonlans: modern,
comfortable. In the heart of the
shopping district; rear all theater.
European plan 75c and up. Excel
lent cafe in connection. Los An
geles, Calif. Free bus.
E. H. HESS, Mgr.
Kodaks and Photo Supplies,
We make a specialty of Developing, Priatinj and Enlarging.
Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention. Send for Catalogue.
Fira Fialls Sliot't L,in
Weekly tourist car Santa Fe to SL Paul; weekly tourist
car Southern Pacific to St. Louis. The only line passing
and landing passengers at main entrance to the World'
Fair at St. Louis.
BOSS a CXINE. P. a P. AtU Xoa Ancele.

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