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The Only Thing in the Vay is a Fear ' -
that Extravagant Price Will Be ' A Very Clever Vaudeville Show With
Charged for Accommodation. Unusual Features A Small Attend-
I ance.
Attorney Alfred Frar.klin returned
ytrt!a from j. 4 to Notcaie on j ui' a Vt'r' small audience greeted
J-rl butr.i. He found Japer robb u'e Yuma Athenaeum company at the
Un-re Lj.ily rngagrd In advertising L)orris offra house last night. It was
IN tentorial fair. He wa at it n-V most unfortunate, too. for the perform
ed day ar.-I h- the ir,terr,ai:-.n..: ance presented was an entirely worthy
J r.- a-.-t.-.l vtlih f.ori.l ttr .U i or"e and ,hp company was deserving of
Dof-M i
. r.";inK -x- '
r i i.i r.r !. sr!. if if ,f the r.'r:iriK ex
Mr I..hb' activity r.e;-r!y led him
1 . v. . t r ...... t ....
i.:r.,1 i ... or, v..n :
t 1
j -,!.:
Hon ..f a. I
cant p:ae
a t e an l
the pii
T.V Mexl
Lhat sort of
t h.-
are tn
M .rip
th,- r,
'J ri.ucr;
" l'i They J.. k-d ujx-u Mr. 1 obhs
! a tit!t de.-erator ar.d rc aU'Ul
II run him Ir,n th- arel from
vr.i.-t, hr ua tm u-J by the repre-
Jit . 1 1. -fi
f-r pi-nji. wr... t.T.Mnce.,
U!;i'iriti" tilat l e bad OlliV
!-. n
-n follow in 4.ut an American cu- j MjM ijoliie o.!e was introduced as
,,,r!1' ! America's greatest female baritone.
There ! a rt deal of iu'ere-i in j tdd as it seemed. Hiss Cole tripped on
t! - fiir an j m. ,vll many u iii ome j tt stagl. humming a little tune in
fri.m ttet i-t i f the t--ritory. Com- higher key. and after a few spoken
p aint r.a t-e-n mad - of the hoKt-ih j lines drifted 01T into a rich baritone
i. -th ,i f -vrs! I'h'-et.i l-xJ'ir-g ?olo that brought her tremendous ap
1 '-uwe, i.j rti'. iurar.lt at tiie time of i clause. The sketch in which she and
'. U: fair ai.d r.. doubt tiiat repu- ! Robert Warwick were the chief per
t .t.rj ru! in keeping many formers showed both of them to be ar-
aa-. v).a o(f.erwiie ome. lists of tak-nt.
Tt i .rr.r t wft.p'.a.r.t !.a come from ; This was followed by Yuma, the
itioj parts of ti.e territory where it ; mystery, an automaton performance by
).; Uffi re;. rted thut many of the j a human machine. Yuma is a contor
i''..r.ji i.i.jf j r5 t U t r- are Kettins j tioni.t. and a most unusual and ac
i ..! ajjirt t.t feather their net arid 1 cornplislieil one at that. After his
I'tirr in f::'jrtiic af.er y-ix days j "mv stery" act he proceeded with an
puf.-urir.g the gi-p' !exhib.ti.n tiiat was both Weird and
Iti' i.jt fmii n !u Ixeri
th !! -r-.a .'-a gefn.-r. t taWe
ter i.p fchd inurr J-eop:
made that
this TM-
of oiler
t"r that !ri,'!'n:tnti will t- made
by t.f fir: i te I rote red.
i:!:ffiitrf:!: s kii j:.
Fu!i 1J lle.'sj-etri aid huxbrind to
I'rar.t i u. de-d to part f-itith-
1 e t ffuarir -iion ; 7 .
rartr J t.
I'ln-AfTHM n 1 mtrii !i
A:.rt- I.r.4 nj Cattl
t o'.v p
or; . pa iiy
pat.y. i!.
to t ?-,e t i,i;r!c e.' ! ion
1. rw
fci; J v.t.t ari(e 1 e.i!
!urph or.- pahy ii.r.te.j to V. 1 .
uiUer. f-t r ri n'-t t tt v -t .juart--r
-Ti..i Z"f t.jrf. p 2 north, un:e 4
Tor r.r.t4i?o a- res. nine miles wejit
rt I't.oer ix, with water in Maricopa
car.al; all lmrrm.J; 24 0 ocres in sod
a.'iifa; f-r r-'l ar.d rro-ferici-d; house
and o'athiMMir.y. i'r.ei.ior! Kiven af
ter f.rt'.t-r H. iVl.l lean fr.r tine or
I'icrr year. IZ. V. Iei.i. National
l:Lk of Arlrir.a bu-Uirt.
Hei.ry M.--.':a.-! famous ."eiv Tork
rntie renicl fr ery week at
the rta-.;i iiik- ry.
A lot Ot
WHite Star
A Line of Fine Sateen
Petticoats At Cost.
11L1 A
212 C Whinstn 6trt.
Ladies, don't fail to look
at our new line of
N'!1- Is helhy IflVen that a rutllrai.t
lil lt frii Of-i,.h.r :i. isv6. at :
a m at the office ,f the Hoard .'
i.r.trol. In the Capl'oJ building at
l't.'-r;ii. Ariz, f'-r tie j.!.-ter!ng "f
r.J f i.:rij and ude walls M
th T-''i'--r:.i! !r..tu'r.al Si 1.h. :.t
'.. r.'.n A uor. 4. .he j UMerir, to n.n
tt i t three coat, the third coat to to
a fcat. 1 fir.l'h Th piai-ter is to ler
r.) from lean t ut Ka.rbar.M sand
u g'y-l ,uai-ty of Pt;r:tenf r Cahfor
r.a li'r.e. c-.fi'air.i.'.g a Manila fibre of
f..t e th.ifi pjurid to each bar-
Mi -f lirr.e Ali r.at lo Ire Ihoroughly
:re,l --f..r the f :io-injf co.it 1 ap
I ie,! AH l '.aMerir.K thail t-e mud-'
I'.h't.U ?rjirhl and true, and the wot k.
when itot.e. Vil t f:rt Ha" In every
pjrt ir uia r , utji-t to the approval if
1. p..ijr 1 ? lir,tr.l
71,, (i,t.'rii ! t-- let n the lowest
1. r .1 t-i-.r t i.'.'er. pud tV- lard reserves
t 1 n' l to ri jM! tj.'iy arnl all bids.
Pe( re'ary.
N -! : l 1 i-rrl y Kiven that a fori -(rut
trf- i.-t by tie board of con
trol f Ari'.r.j. .11 luto'-er Zi. at
la rri a! lt i-ffii In the Capitol
bolM rc l'! '-r:i. Arizona, for pamt-
irg the r--f t ttie Ci.jlt.-! bllililiti
Th" rva? rial w- 1 to rit f th-'
t-et ifra l- ra '.! uti 1 "ne pirt white
1. .1 t- or.e .4rt fc'ray tnlr.eral; rul'i'
I.. ate ..:..r; : Tiru i:i.itf r M be
:.'-ip ft k fch-! r.-t other ingredients
ti - a-t In i1 paint without the
r.awfit 'f tf e f,..,.r i .f orir.! Two
f r to l-e appiied. tf;e fir-t t.i b-
t h-.r--.J: !y i!r'.e! ty one iri'mtl.'s ex--.
e f' r,- y pe. i.riil i-t apj hrd.
Zt- o-.'rid r.l le i-t to the !o
-l ai. l I...'. !er an-! the tear 1 re-
r . r j!e li't !. r. Je. 1 an and ail
r.Vt V. TP.t'MAW
ne and ,hp company
,ir''ral patronage. The entertainment
wan strictly of a vaudeville character,
hut it was high class and Interesting.
A -moving; - picture prelude was all
lnat roulrt be expected, and greatly
pleased all who enjoy the work of this
most wonderful invention. A couple
; 'f bia k-face comedians followed, the
) Carl brothers, and their stunts were
I most ludricrous and mirth-provoking.
; Tht-ir best work was dancing, and
there are few if any who can excel
them in this art.
prano BH(.otins etc ,f all' the musi-
ii..-;t.al numlK.rs ln? mopl entertaining was
: lro.i l.-.,r.h in oT to u-V-.w-h
onderf ul.
In All Fishing Controversies on
Great Lakes.
; Washington. Oct. 16. The contro
versy which had been waged between
the American and Canadian lake fish
; errr.en fr the past two years has been
! placed in an entirely different light by
a report made to the state department
I by Captain K. C. Chayler. commanding
i the l"hit-d States revenue cutter Mor
rill, on the great lakes.
, The report shows in substance that
the American fishermen have been the
I transgressors and that they have been
j treated with the greatest consideration
by the Canadian fishing patrol.
United States Marshals Raid a Mexican
Nest irs Texas.
San Antonio. Tex.. Oct. 16. Un'tcd
.States marshals today arrested at Tel
Kio Texas. Pedro Gonzales. Demetria
Castro. Crescencia Marquez and T.
: f;arr-ia. charg.-d with fomenting a rev
olution and supplying arms for the
1 revolutionists who recently captured
the of?k-.-s of Jiminez. Mexico, and held
the -it;. unt.l driven out by troops.
The mthUtes captured show the pris
oners to be at the head of a plot to
overthrow the Mexican government.
The ju:ua had branches at El Paso,
'Laredo and Lirowtisv ille, and had taken
: up the work of the junta recently
driven out of st. Ionis. other raids
on border cities are looked for.
I-eadvllle. Col.. Oct 16. A posse of
eleven 11. en. headed by Sheriff
o'Mahoriey. is in pursuit of the han-
jdits whose description tallies with that
r.f the two men who blew open a safe
; at White Sulphur Springs, in Summit
county, a few nights ago.
Mlsa Emma Cols Says that Lydla E.
Plakham's Vegetable Compound has
foaved Her Life and Made Her WelL
How many lives of beautiful yorang
girls have been sacrificed just as they
were ripening' into womanhood 1 How
many irregularities or displacements
have fceen developed at this important
period, resulting in years of suffering I
Emma Cole
A mother should come to her child's
aid at this critical time and remember
that Lydia K. IMnkham's Vegetable
Compound will prepare the sj-stem for
the cominp change and start this try
ing' period in-tt young girl's life without
pain or irregularities.
.Mis Emma Cole of Tullahoraa.Tenn.,
write :
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" I want to tell you that I am enjoying bet
ter beaJih than I have for years, and I owe
it ail to Lydia E. 1 li ia ni 's"V egetabie Com
j m nd .
When fourteen years of age I suffered al
oi'wt constant pain, and for two or three
vtsam 1 Lad sorene-js and pain in my side,
hailache and w as dizzy and nervous, and
Jii-tr all failed to help me.
' Lydia K. Ilnkham's 'epetalle Compound
reomimeiidwl, and after taking it my
bedith tieiui to inifirove rapidly, and I think
It saved my life. 1 sincerely hope my experi-erv-e
w iU le a help toother girls who are pass
ing from girlhood to womanhood, for I know
your Conijjouiid will do as much for them."
If you know of any young girl who is
sick and needs motherly advice ask her
to write Mrs. I'inkham, Lynn, Mass.,
and she will receive free advice which
will put her on the right road to a
t roup, healthy and happy womanhood.
Mrs. Pinkham is daughter-in-law of
Lydia E. I'inkham and for twenty-five
years has been advUiog sick women
free of cJiaj-ge.
4- 4
Of Local Interest :
NEW NOTARY Fred C Moore of
Prescott. was yesterday appointed a
notary public.
Shibley of Roosevelt, an employe Of the
reclamation service, is In the city for
a week's stay.
B. A. Fowler, of the Water Users' as
sociation, left for Roosevelt yesterday
for a short stay, in company with
Contractor O'Rourke. who had been in
Phoenix since Sunday.
has received word from I-os Angeles,
announcing the wedding there on Sun
day, of Frank Iambert and Miss Grace
Pressei. The bride, whose home is in
Los Angeles, is well known in Phoenfx.
having spent last winter here.
Dave Crichton of Mohave. Cal., are in
the city, guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. George Klotzbach. They
have recently been traveling in the
east and are stopping here on their re
turn home. Mrs. Crichton. who is a
sister of Mrs. Klotzbach. will be re
membered by her Phoenix friends as
Miss Eva I'nderhill. They will remain
in Phoenix for several weeks.
Phoenix resident who recently return
ed from the coast, speaks very com
plimentary of the work of Miss Amina
McN'aughton who is achieving a high
place in educational circles. She Is th"
daughter of Prof. James MeXaughton.
formerly at the head of the facul'.y
of the Tempe Normal. Miss Mc
Naughton graduated from the Tempj
Normal during the residence of the
family in Temp. From there she en
tered Stanford University and gradu
ated with honors. She now has charge
of the department of algebra and high
er mathematics in the Pasadena high
school and is rapidly gaining first rank
as a teaceher.
who for the past nine years has been
in charge of the books of the P. T.
Hurley company, left ihts morning for
lHumboldt. accompanied by his wife.
and they will in the future make that
town their residence. Mr. Hackett has
accepted a position with the Humboldt
Commercial company and will be in
charge of the office and accounting re-
partment. The Humboldt Commercial I
company operates a general merchan-
dise store and is one of the principal j
firms in the city. Mr. Hackett recently
let the contract for the construction j
of a residence at Humboldt, the plans j
of which were drawn by local archi- '
tec ts. I luring his connection with the '
iHu:ley company in Phoenix, he has'
had but one vacation, that one for '
three months. !
j cent issue of the Santa Fe New Mexi-
'can says: "At Monday night's meeting;
! of the board of education of the city of
. Santa Fe. a communication was read :
I from the Atchison. Topeka & Santa
jFe Railway, enclosing an order for $4".0
which has been generously donated to
help defray the expenses of furnishing '
the new school buildings." This j
brings up two ideas. One is that cor- 1
jporations are not an unmitigated evil!
I in a community and are not always 'from the years he spent in the east at
supremely selfish. The other Is the
poverty of the New Mexican schools. ; and is at present city attorney of Phoe
They are bud enough even w ith the ' nix. Miss Murray came to Phoenix
patronage of friendly corporations and
the incident serves to illustrate a point
that has been so often and so well
made in the anti-joint statehood cam
paign. That is, that with jointure,
Arizona would be taxed to do for al-
Imost the entire territory of New Mex
ico what the Panta Fe has found it
desirable to do for the city of Santa
INSTINCT Kagle-eyed officers of
the law, who are successful in their
business, finally come to have a sec
ond nature that amounts almost to an
instinct. When things are wrong any-
I w nere in ineir viciimy mej tiein iu
know about it intuitively and the cor
rection of the wrong follows in the
natural order of things. like water
running down hill. Monday morning.
Captain Rynning, who had Just arriv
ed here from the south, was talking
to W. T. Uarr, who told him he would
leave on the evening train. Ten min
utes later Captain Rynning was cross
ing the street and saw a pair of spec
tacles in the road. He picked them
up and was about to throw them away
again, thinking they were of no spec
ial value, when he had an impulse that
he had better keep them and give them
to somebody. Five minutes later Mr.
Barr met him again and said he was
sorrv his trip would be delayed a week.
j He had Just lost his spectacles and
would have to lay around town until
he could get another pair made for
him. "Perhaps these will help you out,"
said the captain, as he handed the pair
he had found over to the owner.
LANE-YOUNG Yesterday after
noon, at the parsonage of the Central
Methodist church. Rev. Harold Govette
united in marriage Harry S. Lane of
Kelvin and Miss Edith H. Young of
Santa Ana. Cal. Miss Young had ar-
rived in the city on the morning train
from her home, and the marriage was
performed without the knowledge of
her parents. She had left Sanfa Ana
ostensibly for the purpose of visiting
friends in a nearby town, but in reality
to come to Arizona and wed the man
she loved. They had known each other
many years in California. The' bride
is the daughter of a prominent family
of Santa Ana and one of the popular
society girls of the town. The groom
is manager of the McKee company
store at Kelvin and is well known in
commercial circles of this city. Fol
lowing the service the couple went to
the Hotel Adams, where they will re
main for several days, or until the
bride's parents in California have been
heard from. A message was sent them
shortly after the wedding ceremony
had been concluded. The couple will
later leave for Kelvin, where they will
make their home.
ment has been made of the approach
ing marriage of Roy S. Goodrich and
Miss Estelle Murray.. The event will
bo celebrated near the end of this
month. As planned, the affair will be
very q,uiet. none but the most intimate
friends of the couple and their families
to be in attendance. The groom-to-be
is the son of Dr. and Mrs. L. H.
Goodrich and is a Phoenix boy. having
spent a larte part of his life here aside
' g
f h Agent
Doherty's Old-Fashioned
S fl fZ (fi r;C
Absolutely Guaranteed for
Two Years
At last there has been
that will not split. It
cause it is lilie the beautiful silks of olden times, the
silks that would stand
handed down from mother to daughter,
several times, and never known to split.
There are a great many silks with the wor.ls
"guaranteed to wear" or "wear guaranteed" woven in
the selvedge, but Doherty's Old-Fashioned Taffeta is
as far superior as the electric light is to the tallow
candle, and so confident is the manufacturer that this
taffeta will never split that he gives a guarantee with
every yard as follows:
If it splits inside of two years, come and get your
money back.
Come and eximine "it. Dressmakers are especially
Invited to compare this silk with the other silks sold
as "guaranteed" 27 inch and 36 inches wide. None
genuine without the words. "Doherty's Old -Fashioned"
woven !n the selvedge.
college, lie is a graduate 01 tianaro
two seasons ago rrom pnngneiu. in.,
! accompanied dj ner momer, ior trie
purpose of spending the winter here.
It was during this visit that she met
Mr. Goodrich. She returned west sev
eral weeks ago. Last Sunday morning
her mother arrived in the city, to be
present at the wedding. Following the
wedding It Is the plan of the couple to
make a short trip to the coast, after
which they will return to Phoenix and
make this city their home.
TER Arthur Davenport and family
wil spend the balance of the winter at
Redlands. Cal., where Mr. Davenport's
sister will join them later, from Los
Angeles, where she Is at present. Mr.
Davenport has not Improved as rapidly
as It was hoped he would after his re
turn from a summer trip in the moun
tains, and It Is thought the change of
climate will be of benefit to him.
Spalding's Official Basket Ball Guide
for 1906-7 has just been published in
the Spalding Athletic Library series.
The editor Is George T. Hepbron. sec
retary of the Amateur Athletic Union
Basket Ball committee. In addition to
the newly revised rules the contents
comprise articles on the game from
every section of the country. The re
port on the Metropolitan A. A. V.
junior championship has been written
by Chairman Mitchell of the A. A. I,
tournament committee: the Central
Association A. A. U. championship re
port by L. O. Gillesbyathletic director
Northwestern university; Basket Ball
in the Public Schools of New York
City, by Lee F. Hanmer. Inspector of
public schools athletics; Church Ath
letic League (New York champion-
j ships, by John H. Poggi. Xavier Ath-
letic association: Inter-Settlement
(New York) Athletic Association
Championships, by Charles H. Warner.
Clark house: Basket Ball in the New
Haven Public Schools, by W. R. Pear
son; Inter-City League (Jersey City.
Hoboken) Championships, by J. Calla
han. Jersey City; Church League of
Cleveland, by H. E. Pearse; Southern
California Interscholastic Association,
by Edward P. Murphy: Southern Cali
fornia Basket Ball, by John F. Torrey;
Basket Ball in the West and Far West,
by E. P. O'Neill: Connecticut Valley
Championship, by C. W. Hardy of: possible the joining of this territory j
Springfield: Syracuse Amateur Basket with New Mexico. He knew the people j
Ball League, by Vice-President F. W.Jof Tempe would not want to have the)
Knowland; Basket Ball on Roller. Tempe Normal made a secondary!
Skates, by John II. Poggi. Suggestions I school when It now occupied such a
for scoring and hints to officials are
instructive chapters, and the records
comprise the scores of every team of
importance throughout the country.
The pictures, as usual, are a feature of
the book and include the portraits of
nearly 20o0 players.
Spalding's Official Basket Ball Guide
will be sent to any address in the
Fnited States or Canada, upon receipt
of 10 cents, by the American Sports
Publishing company. 21 Warren street.
New York city.
You may get the prize ask for
Daisy Flour.
m Ms k: 9
prriuiiced a black taffeta
is called "old-fashioned"
alone; the silks that
made over
The Meeting Last Night Said to Have
Been the Best Political Gathering
Ever Held on the South Side.
The whole town of Tempe last night t
turned out to hear Will F. Cooper, the
republican nominee for delegate to '
congress. Old timers of the city say ;
there never before was such a demon- j
stration accorded a political candid-!
date. Mr. Cooper, accompanied by J. )
Wight Giddings. former governor of j
Michigan, had arrived in the city on j
the noon train from Phoenix, accom- j
panied by a committee who had gone
to Phoenix from Tempe for the pur-1
pose of meeting them. All afternoon j
Mr. Cooper spent in and about the city.
He met many friends of former days,
and those with whom he was not ac- j
quainted he met for the first time.,
There were few voters in the city he j
did not have an opportunity of seeing j
during the afternoon. j
In the evening, as early as 6:30;
o'clock, the celebrating was begun by j
the touching off of quantities of giant,
powder. The citizens generally partici-
pated in this part of the program, and
as the hour for the meeting drew near j
a serenade by the Pioneer band was j
given the speakers of the evening at j
their hotel. A procession was then j
formed and the drive to the hall begun, j
Red fire was used in large quantities !
and the cheering was tumultuous. !
Curry hall had been in the hands of j
decorators during the greater part of
the afternoon and had been trans- j
formed from its former appearance In-
to one of beauty. At the back of the;
stage hung two immense flags, while
smaller flags, roses and greenery made 1
up the other decorations. The pictures;
of Governor Kibbey, and Presidents j
Roosevelt, McKinley and Lincoln were j
given places of prominence In the hall. 1
Dr. Charles H. Jones was the chairman !
of the meeting and preceding his In- j
troduction of the speakers made a few j
very appropriate remarks.
The tirst speaker w as Mr. Giddings. !
He told of his visit to Phoenix and of'
the magnificent buildings of the cap-1
ital city- He had that afternoon seen,
the Normal school, and in that insti- j
tution he could see for the residents, of
Tempe the best argument in the world !
why they should oppose in every way 1
supreme position, but he predicted that
that would follow if a state composed;
of the present territories of New Mex-j
ico and Arizona were formed. He told j
of h'S acquaintance with Mr. Cooper j
and made a very strong plea in his be- j
half. He told of what Mark Smith had j
not accomplished for the territory, and
he hoped Mr. Smith would bring to
light something during the course of;
his campaign of w hat he had done dur-
ing all the years he has sat as a dele- ,
gate from this territory in congress.
Mr. Giddings was cheered for many ,
minutes after he had concluded his i
speech. He had used as illustrations;
Be Sure to Visit Our
Our New Fall Line Has Arrived
Is Now on Display
If there Is a woman in this town who has not Men our
new fall line of ready-to-wear garments, it's time she
came to look. We guarantee to show in this depart
ment at present more high-class garments than all
the other Phoenix stores combined.
When you ned a riew garment, why not come
where the variety is?
No use in choosing your new suit or coat from a
poor "little handful- assortment when you can come
here and find hundreds upon hundreds of the sea
son's favorites in every size and shade. Another thing
that will please you is the fact that all our suits,
coats and skirts are man-tailored and priced consid
erably lower than you've been in the habit of paying
for these high-class goods.
Come In
And Look
Alterations free on any garment you select.
numerous stories during the course of
his remarks. There have been few
speakers who have ever visited Tempe
who so delighted their audience.
Mr. Cooper, as he rose to speak, had
to wait a considerable time for the
applause to cease. He dwelt largely
on the question of statehood and the
taxation policy of the territorial ad
ministration. He also showed how the
joining of Arizona with New Mexico
would work to the immediate destruc
tion of the plan formulated for the re
adjustment of the system of taxation
in Arizona. Speaking in the frank,
earnest and convincing manner of
which he is possessed. Mr. Cooper
drove home point after point with tell
ing effect, of the necessity of having a
republican in congress the coming two
years. He was frequently applauded
during his remarks. Hundreds of vot
ers were in attendance, and the party
leaders of Tempe were last evening
confident that Mr. Cooper had added
much to his already long list of sup
porters. Following the meeting the crowd,
headed by the band, escorted Mr.
Cooper and Governor Giddings to the
depot, where they took the train for
the south. Mr. Cooper en route to
Yuma, where he speaks tonight and
Mr. Giddings to his home at Tucson.
There was more red fire at the depot
and as the train pulled out from the
station a mighty cheer went up from
the hundreds in attendance, for Will
Cooper and his success.
Meeting Held Last Night to Formu
late Plans for Municipal Welcome
to Visitors.
There was a meeting of the mem
bers of the board of trade last night,
called by the vice president, A. Rede
will, for the purpose of considering
various public matters in connection
with the coming fair. There was not
a very large attendance but all pres
ent were willing to perform such work
as appeared to fall to their lot and
were anxious to lend the influence of
the board to making of the fair as
gTeat and if possible a greater suc
cess than last year.
The matter of decorations was first
taken up anld it was thought desirable
to have the public buildings and mer
chandising establishments of the place
decorated during fair week, that ther?
might be an appearance of festivity in
the city. A committee, consisting of
Vi'alter Talbot. H. A. Diehl and Gar
rett Ryan was appointed to wait on the
merchants and the city and county
officials, and induce them. If possible,
to fall in line with this Idea. The
decorations need not be extravagant o
very expensive but a very little ef
fort will result in a creditable show
ing. A motion was passed also request
ing all the business men in the city,
who are disposed to help advertise the
fair, to stamp or print on their sta
tionery, the dates it will be held, No
We're doing an immense
business lately. Probably
we're never out of any size
number you select. McCall
are the easiest kind to put
Try them.
in any
vember 12 to 17. Superintendent Ch. 1 k.
of the fair, announced that he would i
once have a quantity of enveloi s
printed bearing th? fair advertisement
These will probably be distribute, 1
free to those who will aree In 11... he
good use of them.
Action was taken on one other mat
ter, that of the entertainment of t i,
crowds which are expected to be In
Phoenix during fair week. Varioii
plans for the aiding of visitors to se
cure good rooms at reasonable prkes,
were discussed, and the entire mat
ter was left to a committee consisting
of R. H. Greene. Dw Ight B. Heard. C.
S. Berryman, B. G. Pecka. H. I. L.i
tham and J. Ernest Walker. This
committee is expected to get together
and work out some system thai wi.l
meet the exigencies of the case. T!.-'
committee was made up entirely of
men who are in the house renting n:..l
selling business and who ought '.a
know better than anybody else, wh- r
the vacant rooms of the city ar lo
cated and how this busiin-ss ran
best handled.
In the Event of Any Irregularities in
this County, a Special Federal Grand
Jury Will Possibly Be Called.
It was reported yesterday that Unit
ed States Attorney Alexander would
hold the grand jury which Is. now in
session until November ". in ord r ''
Investigate any election frauds wh'uh
might be charged, such alleged frau is
to consist of irregularities on election
day or the purchase and sale of vote.
at any time prior to election.
When asked about the report (':,
tain Alexander ssid that he would r.ot
hold the grand jury for that purpose
but that he would take notice of auy
alleged frauds and that if he found
that they were covered by any fedeia!
law he would call a special session
of the grand jury for their investig.i
tion. In the event of any persons in
dicted for frauds he would prosecute
them as vigorously as possible.
"While the laws of this territory or v.
er election irregularities, they are re
garded only as misdemeanors. I'r. ! r
th federal law they are felonies.
Stearns Electric Rat
and Roach Paste
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