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You May Fife Whom) Yu5ire Hoadljg said Dewey
I "jTHE first gun of the 1908 Embroidery Selling campaign was fired by the New York Store yesterday. Its detonation was heard in many homes in
I B Maricopa County. It will spread farther. Its praises will be sung by a score of Embroidery Enthusiasts away beyond the confines of this territory.
1 hat we are ready, may be confirmed by the hundreds of satisfied customers, who answered yesterday s roll-call.
Thousands of yards of fine, new Embroideries again today at j to less than what they are actually worth
display and a Sale of such extraordinary importance that it ought to create interest more widespread than any Embroidery Sale held here in many
years. No accurate impression, of its magnitude is passible without inspection right at the tables and counters. We can't be too. emphatic about it.
Yes, we want to go on record as asserting, that WE have never seen and YOU have never seen such a superb collection of high-class Embroideries at
the prices we are going to sell them. Here are the particulars briefly to save time and just as surely will you save money if you act "pronto" today.
For Hamburg, Nainsook and
Swiss Embroideries
their like you have never seen before
for less than 20c. If appearances don't
deceive, there must be about 9000 yards
in the lot. It's a dainty aggregation
of Edgings, Insertions and Beadings,
in blind and open work effects, up to
9 inches wide.
O yard
For Nainsook, Cambric and
Swiss Fmbroideries
well worth 25c, 30c and 35c per yard.
As near as we can estimate, there
should be about 7500 yards in this lot.
Elaborate patterns in Edgings, Bands,
Insertions and Corset Cover widths.
It's the banner group, embracing open,
blind and English Eyelet effects.
For Swiss and Nainsook
bought to sell from 40c to 50c per yard.
Exceedingly fine Needle work in Edg
ings, Bands and Insertions. A descrip
tion of this lot is difficult. Printer's
ink can never do it justice. Rest 'as
sured, a multitude of charming and
elaborately worked designs await you
here today.
For Sheerest Swiss and Nain
sook Embroideries
for which 75c would indeed be a con
servative average.There i whole
world of beauty in each and every one
of these. Edgings, Bands and Inser
tions, worked in the newest, most ar
tistic patterns you've ever seen. It's
a lot that outclasses them all.
Dress Trimmings today at l2 Price
The above heading will undoubtedly impart glad news to a great many of
our patrons. Think of it, fashionable trimmings, right on the very eve of
(he spring dressmaking season, at half price! Tou'd better make a note
c.f It. The assortment includes all our oriental edges, bands and Inser
tions; Point Venise Lace Bands: Baby Irish Kdges and Insertions, Kseurial
Lace Panels; Filet Edgings, Bands. Insertions and Allovers choice of cither
white, cream or ecru all at HALF PRICE
All 50c kinds for 25
All Toe kinds for 38
All ll.OO-kinds for 50d
All 31.C0 kind for 75
All S25 kinds for SI. 13
All $3.00 kinds for 81.50
All 60c kinds for.. 30
All Sue kinds for 45
All $1.23 kinds for 63
All $2.00 kinds for 81.00
All $2.10 Idnds for S1.25
AH $4.00 kinds for.
f rwiBITV HALL. There are ereal
l.reparations for the charity ball to
be given in Melczers hall tonight. It
is announced that at! the proceeds are
ti be devoted to the care of persons In
distress in Phoenix a::d vicinity. It
is an annual function and has result
ed every rear in a gTeat deal of com
fort for those in need.
A DINNER PARTY, Mr. and Mrs.
1!. A. Fowler last evening gave a little
linner party nt the Hotel Adams in
honor of Mrs. Josiah Evans Cowles,
the other guests being Bishop Ken
clrick and M:ss Kendrick. old friends
f Mr?. Cowles and Mrs. B..V. Cush
man, an intimate friend of Mrs. Fowl
At the Christian church last night, Mr.
Spiegel delivered a very helpful and
inspiring sermon on the subject "The
Infinity Dut;- and Destiny of the
christian." All Christians present
were encouraged In their Christian
living. Today at 7:30 p. m. the evan
gelist will preach again.
show window of the Arizona Saddlery
company on North Center street, dur
ing the rest of this week, may be seen
a few fine pictures of Indians of the
Navajo tribe. They were made by E.
A. Burbank of Oanado Arizona, who
1 s achieved an enviable reputation
as an artist, especially In depicting
Indian types. Mr. Burbank's pictures
are studies from life and it is said
that he does not co:-y or make dupli
cate pictures, preferring new subjects
for each.
Karraras and Apolonia Lopez were
fined $50 each by R-corder Thomas,
for gambling in the Redllght district.
When arrested they denied that thev
were gambling but in court they plead-
lljl be prepared for any emer
y gency. Take along
It's a penetrating, antiseptic
remedy for Toothache, Neu
ralgia, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts,
Burns, Insect Bites and
Rusty Nail Scratches.
Prie Sac, 60c., and ft. 00.
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Boston, Mut.
ed guilty and asked for the mere:- of
the court. The;- were given the min
imum sentence and in default of pay
ing the fine, went to jail. There was
talk of arresting the proprietor of the
house where the gambling occurred,
but it has not vt been done and prob
ably will not be. The two men in jaii
insist that the proprietor did not know
they were gambling for monev.
gold rlnz at the postoffice that the
owner can secure by proving proper
ty. It fell out of a letter and got
caught !i the electric stamp cancelling
machine, in such a way as to remain
there unobserved for two or three
days and without interfering with the
operation of the machinery. There
was no way of knowing whose letter
it Came out of, but any person who
has received a letter that should con
tain a ring, by bringing the letter to
the postoffice and describing the ring,
tmiv be ah'e to Identify it.
POST CARDS HERE There is now
at the board of trade room a consign
ment of 10,000 post cards on which Is
reproduced the Los Angeles Times
cartoon, showing Arizona to be !n the
lead in the copper race with the rvst(
of the world. The cards are for mail
ing for the advertising of Arizona and
were printed as a project of W. T.
Smith and V. R. Twitchell. the board
co-oieraUng. It !s desired . if possi
ble to get back the first cost of tiie
cards, which can be secured of the
board if trade or of W. T. Smith.
Members of the board and tourists who
desire to send cards away, will be fur
nished free, but residents not members
of the board, will be charged $1 per
hundred for them.
While the Phoenix Cantaloupe asso
ciation has not been creating much
vlsitble stir of dust, or latelv had
much to say. yet the fact is that there
has been considerable actiVity mani
fested and things are shaping up very
satisfactorily. One of the members
yesterday stated that fully 400 acres of
ground has been signed up, plowed
and placed in readiness for planting
soon. More Interest than at any time
has been taken In the proposition and
the prospective growers are pleased
with the project which promises good
financial returns. The representatives
of the distributors will be in Phoenix
within a day or two, when the business
dealings and contracts will be finally
dosed up for the coming season.
man, probably unintentionally, yester
day tried to buy a ticket to California
with a $50-Confederate bill, at the
Southern Pacific offices. After inquir
ing the rate for the round trip, he de
cided to buy, had the necessary strip
of paper as long as your arm made out,
which entitled him to a ride on the
cushions to the coast. The bill pre
sented to Agent Treathaway was dim
worn with age, and that functionary
thought it had come over with Colum
bus. The purchaser of the ticket had
a magnifying glass for examining ore,
which was called into service and Mr.
Gatter, who is an expert on most any
kind of hieroglyphics, deciphered the
stamp of the Confederacy and pro
nounced it no good on the F.spee. The
traveler was much abashed and dis
claimed any intentions to beat the rail
road company in these stringent
times. Ho said the bill had been
palmed off on him and he never knew
its utter worthlessness until yesterday.
Gaston who Is a contracting printer
located in Denver is a recent arrival in
Phoenix and will remain for sometime
enjoying the winter cllmu-te. His wife
will arrive in a few weeks to join him.
Mr. Gaston was formerly connected
with eastern newspapers in a reporto
rial capacity.
The sidewalk in front of the Adams
Pharmacy and the sewerage in the ad
joining gutter and orher things In that
vicinity were yesterday treated to a
highly efficacious bath in muriatic
acid. In removing a 110 pound glass
carboy of the fluid from the side
walk to the store, an lnadvertant drop
to the cement walk smashed the con
tainer and the acid flowed out. The
sidewalks of Phoenix were never treat
ed to such a powerful disinfectant. The
bystanders also got their share of the
escaping fumes. The loss ran up to
something like $10.
ble Ivy left yesterday with a warrant
lor Charles McDonald, who lives twelve
miles west of Phoenix. He has been
charged with poisoning three dogs, all
three Russian ox hounds and highly
valued by the owners; Two of them
were' the property of J. Horton the
other belonged to J. J. Addington, both
of whom entered complaints. Accord
ing to the general report McDonald
had purchased about eight vials of
strychinne with- which to kill coyotes.
This he administered. It is alleged by
placink it on meat and distributing It
generously over the country there
abouts. It is not known that he in
tended to kill the dogs but is said to
have confessed to placing the poisoned
meat where it could be found handily
by the animals. No felony charge has
been issued against him and it is prob
able that the case will be settled by a
reasonable fine and settlement to the
valuation of the dogs. The matter will
come, up In Justice Kyle's court. The
justice had before him yesterday Proto
Ayala charged with being intoxicated.
He denied the allegation but was too
drunk at the time to substantiate the
denial. He was assessed $7 and given
time to earn it.
Nature supplies force. Wind
turm the wind-mill. The brooK
turru the water -wheel. Coal runs
the engine and food runs the.
man. Some things contain little
force, some things much.
One substance full of power is
Nature put the power there. It
is a wonderful flesh-producer.
This is not oniy a matter of
nourishment but of new vigor
and activity in the tissues.
All Draccntil 50c. and $1.00.
! ta Fe has issued a new folder on Cali
fornia tourist sleeper excursions, well
illustrated, calling attention to the
scenic beauties of the route through
New Mexico and Arizona and giving
other useful information for the trav
Bushell and other Modern Woodmen
are doing what they can to boost the
benefit dunce to be given at Melczer's
haM Saturday night for the new base
ball team. The music will be furnish
ed by the Modern Woodman orchestra,
which has been organized with a good
Instrumentation and composed of a
number of the well known amateur .
musicians of the city. The attendance r,
promises to be a large one. '
THE CLINE CASE Judge A. C. Ba- :
ker has been retained to defend Juhn
Cline and sons, who are held in Globe
on the charge of killing Charles Ed
wards in Tonto. Basin. He left last
night for Globe to prepare, for the ex
amination which is set for next Mon
day. In this connection It may be
said that Ed Howell, who lives in that
section, was in Phoenix recently, and
stated that while he did not believe
the Cllnes were guilty there were some ;
circumstances that threw a great deal !
of suspicion on them. He said there i
was a story that Edwards and one of i
the Cline boys left Roosevelt together!
though it has been previously reported
that some hours elapsed between the
departure of the two men.
A RANCH SALE. Through the
agency of J. L. Irvin yesterday was
sold the Nelson Bradley ranch of 160
acres one mile south of the capital, to'
W. G. Tolleson for a consideration of
$16,000. It is well Improved, has fine
buildings, and about fourteen acres is
devoted to a pear orchard, the rest to
grain and alfalfa. It is considered one
of the best paying ranches In the val
ley. Mr. Tolleson recently came here
from Spartanburg, S. C, and made the
investment for his son, Ray Tolleson,
who will remain here and look after
it. Mr. Tolleson is engaged In the
wholesale drug business in the south,
but is so favorably impressed with
the valley that he may return here
later and locate permanently. Mr.
Irvin reports the realty business as
looking decidedly good Just now, the
prospective buyers being more nu
merous and active than at any time
since October.
Left Home on Monday Night for Few
Minutes and Has Not B?en S.en
matter to the offices of the sheriff and "
the city marshal from which the search !
was continued In every possible direc- I
tlon. The conductors and porters of
all the trains that left the city on and
after Monday night were sure that
they had carried no man of that de
scription. Word was received in reply
from the junctions at Maricopa and
Ash Fork that he had not been at eith
er of those places. j
There was no known reason why he
should have left town and the inquiry
at outside points was made only after
it was quite definitely known that he
was no longer In Phoenix. The first
fear, when he! did not return was that
he might have been waylaid as he had
a small sum of money In his possession
when he left home. There was a later
apprehension that he might have stif.
fered Injury at his own hands.
There is a possibility that he may
yet be found wandering about some
where in the neighborhood of the city
and to aid in the identification of him
if he should be seen, a description of
him has been given out by his friends.
He is twenty-eight years of age:
height, 5 feet, 8 1-2 Inches; weight 137
pounds, medium build; he wore a short
cropped sandy mustache; his. complex
ion is slightly florid and his eyes blue;
he wore a dark blue cheviot suit, made
by John Reed & Co., San Francisc o and
a soft black hat with the trade mark
of the Hub; his shoes were black, size
7 1-2 and he had a new I vers- Johnson
38 revolver.
Mr. Shiras had been connected with
.the reclamation service as payroll clerk
since last September and is said to
have been one of the most efficient
men in that branch of the service.
Previous to coming to Phoenix he
had resided at Los Angeles where he
was employed by the City Gas com
pany. Before that he had resided in
San Francisco and had been employed
in a clerical capacity both at the Union
Iron Works and in the offices of the
Santa Fe railroad company. Before
coming west he had been connected
with the New England National Bank
of Kansas City.
Any information concerning him,
forwarded to the office of the sheriff,
will be greatly appreciated by his
London. Jan. 30. Ceorge Hacken
schmidt of Russia, easily defeated Jo
seph Rogers, of America, in a wrest
ling match in tie Oxford Music hall.
this afternoon for the championship of
the world. The match was under
catch-as-catch-can rules, best two out
of three falls.
For Place of Honor and Activity in
the National Political Arena.
the county convention for whatever po
sition may be offered this county at
the territorial convention. They say
that he has an even break with ail th
otuer aspirants for home support and
that he ought to have a lead over
them in the territory outside of tha
county by reason of his more exten
sive acquaintance.
The selection of candidates for these
places of honor - promises to furnish
about all the amusement with which
visitors to the county convention will
be regaled. There was some little talk
at first of a fight over the question
of Instructing delegates to the nation
al convention for Bryan, but that is
understood to have been abandoned so
far as the county convention Is con
cerned and the platform of the con
vention will declare In favor of instruction.
The woods in phoenix and vicinity
are full of democratic patriots willing
to serve the party in almost any ca
pacity which will need filling when
the political season ODens. It is un-
dersteed that this county can furnish '.
as many as four delegates to the na
tional convention ct Chicago if that
many should be required of Maricopa.
Thev are Charles Woolf of Tempe; W.
D. Bell. W. T. Smith. Selim Michelson
and J. H. Langston of Phoenix.
There Is a fear among them though.
that Maricjopa will not be allowed more I
than one delegate and at least two of
them would prefer to be national com
mitteeman anyhow. It !s stated that
Mr. Michelson Is an open candidate
for that position and that Judge '
Langston is r.t present a receptive
candidate for that position, and that
he Is manifesting symptoms of becom- J
ing ar. active one. I
It !s further stated on his behalf,
that he will seek the endorsement of
Charleston, W. Va., Jan. $0. Nine
miners met death In the New River
colliery, forty-five miles from here,
this afternoon, in an explosion that
partly wrecked the mine. TwentYrfive
men were In the mine at the tune.
Eight were Instantly killed. The oth
er sixteen escaped.
Harrisburg, Pa. Jan. 30. Notice was
posted today calling to worK on Sat
urday 800 employes of the Pennsylva
nia railroad shops. The men have
been idle sometime.
Lansing. Mich. Jan. 30. The propos
al for state-wide prohibition was re
jected today in the constitutional con
vention by a vote of 55 to 39.
Public stenographer at Hotel Adams.
All kinds of typewriting, copying eta.
done neatly and quickly.
The friends of William M. Shiras, Jr.,
of 33 North Second street are greatly
worried over his unexplained absence '
: from home. He left home on Monday j
: evening between seven and eight !
' o'clock to'conie down town after med- :
I icine for Mrs. Shiras, saying ithat he;
would return in a few minutes: From j
that moment he lias not been seen by j
any one with whom his friends' have I
been able to communicate. ' j
Inquiry was made for him all of the I
following day without result and then 1
his friends reluotantly referred . the
On February ist we expect to occupy the West side
of the building now occupied by the Dorris-Heyman
Furniture Co. A sacrifice of our stock will be
offered on the following: Knit Underwear. Muslin
Underwear, Remnants, Ladies Skirts, Coats, Skirts,
broken lines of Hosiery, Towels, Yarns, Corsets,
Ruff and piece goods. A saving of 1-4 to 1-2.
GerardJones Dry Goods Co.
. on tar Aoams St. 5
m iMhrtlrilTimMltM I

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