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A Gentleman's
Now Open
New Baswitz Pool &
Billiard Room
42 East Washington Street
Come and See Us
that to prolong the life of your ma
chit? (and possibly your own life) you
she Id have it thoroughly inspected
E. W. Bacon, Manager.
Ffl SALE 10 acres on North 7th
St J3.000.00. 5 acres North Center.
$;50.00. 25 acres on Tempe road,
J-00.00. Five room residence Grand
Ae., windmill and tank, two lots,
brhly improved, $1600.00. 80 acres
vll Improved, $80.00 per acre. 160
ires Buckeye, Improved, $40.00. F.
rr, 4 -West Adams.
Whtn in Loi Anrfalam
Stop ait th
European Plan
Sl.OO per day and up
With bath $1.5 O and up
Moderate Priced Cafe
Unexcelled Cuisine
Centrally Located
100 Room with Bath
4th and Main Sts.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Finest Beach Resort in the world.
Bathing, Boating, Fishing, Dancing,
daily, tree concerts,.tc. .- .. -
Villas and Bungalows clean,-, .cool
and complete. $17.50 to $35 per month;
Apply Villa Office. Venice, Cal. .
Cor. Sixth & Hope
. European plan.
Every modern con
venience; elevator
y-' ' U sen-Ice. Low sum-
mer rates.
Ben H. Crow, Prop., Los Angeles, Cal.
Southern California
t at f' -late
Our Free Daily Market Letter
mailed every night after the close, Is the only way for out-of-town traders
to keep posted. Write for It. Also our book, "How to Buy and Sell Mining
Stocks." Only Mining Brokers in Los Angeles operating private wire to
San Francisco and New York. -
Los Angeles Stock Brokerage Co.
Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg. Los Angeles, Cal.
A. C Billcke. John S. Mitchell.
Fifty Thousand Dollars worth of Improvements made this seasom
for the comfort, safety and convenience of our guests.
Season 190S.
Auspices "Tuna" and "Light Tackle Clubs," Boating, Bathing, Hunt
ing; Golf, Tennis, etc.
CANVAS CITY Hundreds of tents In shady groves.
HOTEL METROPOLE European and American plan.
ISLAND VILLA HOTEL Rooms single, $3.00 per week upwards;
$8.00 for two.
BANNING COMPANY, 104 Pacific Electric Bulling, Los Anegles, Calif.
,.'. -- .v
S09 So. Hill St, Los Angeles, Cat.
Strong, Original, Practical, SUCCESSFUL. Belongs to no "chain" or trust,
elass or clan absolute MERIT its only alliance. Concentrated, enthusias
Prestige of long experience, thousand of graduates every one a WOOD
BURT testimonial and a vital force In the world. "BETTERNESS" Its
distinctive quality. "The Success of the Student" Its slogan. Entire year
begin when ready. POSITIONS SECURED. Write for "Catalogue W"
It Is Illustrated. Interesting, Instructive. INSPIRING. .
L. C. Hill Named by State Department
to Represent the United States in
Conference With a Mexican Engi
neer Concerning Colorado River Dis
pute. L. C. Hill Is no longer a mere inter
state official in matters of reclamation
and irrigation but has been projected
into the international field of activi
ties as a representative of the United
States. This Is not the result of any
previously conceived ambition on his
part and it was all fixed before he
knew anything about it. When he drop
ped into the office of the secretary of
the interior the other ray Mr. Garfield
asked him if he had yet undertaken his
work in Colorado. He replied that he
had and had the Laguna dam well
along In construction.' His chief re
plied that he knew all about that but
meant something else entirely, having
iii mind the settlement of the respec
tive rights of the United States and
Mexico, to the waters of the Colorado,
which business said he secretary, had
been turned over to Mr. Hill bv the
state department. It was then ex
plained to him that by an arrange
ment with Mexico a commissioner was
to be appointed by each government to
inquire into all the facts In the case
and report back their recommendations
as 1o the rights of the two nations.
Mr. Hill had not previously heard of
the matter and so informed the chief.
explaining that he had been moving
around pretty rapidly of late and his
mail had not yet caught up with him.
When he returned to Phoenix Satur
day night he found awaiting him a
commission appointing him to the of
fice mentioned signed by Acting Sec
retary of State Bacon. Asked yester
day who the Mexican commissioner
was or when he would undertake this
work, Mr. Hill said he had not yet been
Informed as to the identity of his col
league. The matter under dispute Is
one the southwest is more or less fa
miliar with. It grows out of the fact
that the Colorado's lower reaches run
through Mexico and to the west
Mexico has quite an area of irrigable
desert land. Naturally that govern
ment desires to retain control of as
much water as possible. Xo better
man for the purpose could have been
selected than Mr. Hill for he Is what
might be called the general superin
tendent of the Colorado and comes as
near owning it as anybody could. More
than that, he hopeB some day to have
it thoroughly tamed and brought un
der control so it will practically eat
out of his hand, though it was mighty
recalcitrant down Imperial way a while
back. Mr. Hill is not only supervis
ing the Laguna project but he has in
his official territory the entire water
shed of the Colorado. That includes
the sites for many reservoirs that will
probably be built some day. One of
them will store a great deal more wat
er than will the Elephant Butte dam
shortly to be built on the Rio Grande
river. The Elephant Butte in turn will
hold twice as much water as the
Roosevelt basin is designed to hold and
the Roosevelt basin as everybody
knows will be the biggest artificial
lake of water in the world when it is
Returning to Mr. Hill, this commis
sion was no part of his business to
Washington, as explained. When he
left here he had no notion of going to
Washington but did so when he saw
the need of it, in connection with the
effort to secure a little more money
for the Arizona projects. In this he
was entirely successful. The rate of
construction by Mr. O'Rourke's force
at Roosevelt has been so great during
recent months that the fund for ev-
Hotel Ingraham
A full-fledged city hotel on the Amer
ican and European plans. New,
luxurious, restful. Beautiful lawns and
Mission Piazza. Always cool and free
from dust, and noise. Take Seventh
St., car on Broadway to Bixel.
B. BEYER, Prop'r.
Time and again we have dwelt upon the greatness of our Embroidery collection. The biggest Embroi
dery business of our career was the result, yet it has seemingly not decreased our stock toi-any great extent.
Patience has ceased to be virtue. Something must be done to sell the bulk of our Embroidery stock.,-
So today we start the slaughter of the innocents consideration of either Cost or Profit Having been
eliminated and kindly bear in mind that this is not a half-cock affair every single solitary piece of Embroidery
'''v' : -t -
in the house, not especially mentioned in this ad., is subject to a large special discount. INVESTIGATE!
For 7Hc and She Embroideries
Hundreds of yards of Hamburg edgings and Insertions, in
a large line of open and blind patterns, widths ranging
from 1 to 2 1-2 Inches.
For J 5c and 20c Embroideries
A banner collection of Hamburg, Swiss and Xalnsook embroideries-edgings.
Insertions and headings in blind and
open work effects. In a broad assortment of patterns,
from 2 to 6 inches wide; about 3000 yards in the lot.
25 Discount
On all our Embroideries not es
pecially mentioned in this ad.
penditure this year was getting low and
it was feared there would be insuffi
cient money to finish the construction
of the Granite Reef dam, to aay noth
ing of the canals, unless the work at
Roosevelt were stopped, and that was
not to be thought of. He was success
ful in securing an added amount suf
ficient Tor the necessities both here
and on the Laguna project.
The Eelephant Butte project on the
Rid Grande river, said Mr. Hill, is go
ing to be a wonderful thing when it is
well under way. One of the marvels
of the reclamation work is the variety
presented in the various projects. Only
in certain general ways is one any cri
terion for another and each has Its
problems of detail that must be work
ed out without precedent. The Ele
phant Biltte dam will contain about
twice as much masonry as the Roose
velt dam and will impound twice as
much water. The land to be irrigated
is a long and comparatively narrow
tract along the Rio Grande, the Irriga
tion district being a matter of 180
miles in length and being supplied by
three diversion dams of no small size,
the water for all being stored by the
Elephant Ilutte dam. One of the.ie )i
. ersion dams is already finished and
supplies water for about 20,000 acres
cf lard ir. the vicinity or Las Cruetr.
The surveys are well along on the Ele
paant I ntte project and tho excava
tion lor the big dam has begjp. Thero
is no cement mill or power canal in
connection with this project but tho
bidding of a railroad to the damsite is
one of the preliminary constructions.
It s ;iot decid ed yet whether the San
ta Fe v ill build this line or whether
it will be built by the govern.nc-n:. Xor
is It decided whether it will be a short
line of twelve miles mainly for pur
poses of dam construction or v.licthc-r
it will be built with trade and com
merce in view and run over a different
Mute, some loitv miles long.
Y. M. C. A. RECITAL The Y. M.
C- A. recital last night at Lamson
hall, in which the Victor talking ma
chines of the Miller Sterling company,
was attended by a fair sized audience
and was greatly enjoyed by all. The
management is arranging for a series
of entertainments and proposes to
make the next one a novel affair,
probably in the open air, announce
ment of which will be made later.
There Is more Catarrn m this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable. For
a great many years doctors pronounced
It a local disease and prescribed local
remedies and by constantly failing to
cure with local treatment, pronounced It
incurable. Science has -proven catarrh
to be a constitutional disease and there
fore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the
only constitutional cure on the market.
It is taken internally In doses from 10
drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly
on the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. They offer one hundred dollars
for any case It fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials. Address:
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio,
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
Special rates for lessons by Prof.
Fountain, guarantee you to play in
one month. Call at Prof. Fountain's
Music store, E. Washington street.
and take advantage of the Greatest Embroidery Bargains on
The Elks' Barbecue and Other Events
Along the Hassayampa.
Wickenburg, May 17. (Special Cor
respondence of The Republican ) Jack
McQuade, the short order man, moved
into his new residence last Wednesday.
He also purchased another lt giving a
frontage of 150 feet by 140 deep.
The barbecue and picnic held by the
Wickenburg Elks at the Brill grove
last Sunday was the event of the sea
son. The special train from Wicken
burg made two trips to the grove be
sides many rigs went down. J. W.
Munchus attended to the roasting of
the beef, pigs and sheep. Paul Re
nau Ingles, exalted ruler and other
prominent Elks of Phoenix came up
for the event. There was an abun
dance of all kinds of refreshments and
good things to eat. After partaking
of the refreshments Harry Cowell
prompter of the racing events, called
the first event which was the sack
race, by the little boys. This, race
was won by Louis Holden. The egg
race was entered by ten little misses
and was won by Mary Piatt. Myron
Genung and Pete Michelson won the
three-legged race. The fat man's race
was the race of the day and was par
ticipated in by Harry Cowell. E. S.
Jones, Angel Contrare and Charles
Piatt and a few other heavyweight
runners. As C. W. Piatt used to prac
tice running with the Prescott hose
team a few years ago he came in un
der the wire an easy winner. As two
of the heavy runners stumbled over
each other in trying to get to the front
and one accusing the other of trying
to pull him back so he could forge
ahead their seems to be a question in
the minds of these two runners as to
which is the fastest. The people of
Wickenburg can expect to hear a chal
lenge most any time now. Charley
Goddard came in close second in this
event. The sack race was the most in
teresting. H. N. Cox, the mayor of
Morristown, Is a fast runner, but- un
fortunately as he had a good start he
stumbled and fell but as a . roller he
beat them ail. When he got to his
feet again he had several pounds of
sand in his sack. As the day's events
were brought to a close the visiting
members and the guests from Hot
Springs Junction, Phoenix and Wick
enburg united in saying that they
would not have missed the day for any
thing. Since the barbecue you can hear all
kinds of rumors about a baseball nine,
the married members playing the sin
gle ones and even challenging the
Phoenix brothers for a game.
Felize Garcia is remondeling his
house on Center street. He is having
one of the finest porches built in the
Mrs. R. W. Baxter, Bernice and
Richard, are visiting in Phoenix for
a few days.
Captain Connell of Phoenix was a
Wickenburg visitor. The captain was
out to his placer property where he
has a large machine taking the gold
from the sand and gravel. From all
reports he is getting the gold.
19c yard
For 30c and 35c Embroideries
Elaborate designs in edgings, bands and insertions a ban
ner group of Swiss embroideries in blind, open work and
English eyelet effects, from 2 1-2 to 8 inches wide. In
cluded are 2000 yards of corset cover embroideries firm 13
to 18 inches wide.
29c yard
For 40c and 50c Embroideries
Thousands of yards of exceedingly fine needlework in edg
ings, bands and Insertions, a multitude of charming and
elaborately worked designs to choose from, from 3 1-2 ta
10 inches wide. . .
J. C. Anderson and Tom Griffith of
the Interior cam) came in on Tuesday
on their way to Mexico where they are
going to investigate a mining proposi
tion. Wesley Hill of Tempe was circulat
ing among our good people placing
risks on their lives. He represents
the Pacific Mutual Life of California.
Miss Ruth Reed celebrated her tenth
birthday Saturday May 16th. when all
of her playmates met at the Reed res
idence on Jefferson street to help her
celebrate that noted event. After en-
I joying themselves at play for a cou
ple of hours the little ones sat down
to the refreshments prepared by Mrs.
One of the largest real estate deals
in Wickenburg for some time was
made last week by Mrs. Mary A. Rob
erts and husband who sold to Mary A.
There is nothing: that
costs so little, both money
and work, and that goes
so far if it has the chance.
Your rroeer returns your morny if jau dosl
t& SciaUloff't Bu; pair bua.
House & sMurse
Light ground with small black figured effects and
navy blue figured house dresses for ladies. Each..
S2.23 & S2.50
Gingham house dresses in gray and blue checks.
Full skirts and neatly embroiderey trimmed waists,
sizes complete. Each S2.75
Men's Furnishings at Bargain Prices
Complete linos of men's- negligee
B shirts, with or without collars.
Prices each 3.00 lmvn t0 50
Patterns for
June now on
Summer style
book 20 a"d
one pattern
June Designer
now ready
10 copy
39c TARD
For 60c and 65c Embroideries
Pieces upon pieces of rich, high-class embroideries worked
in the newest, mist artistic patterns you have seen for
many a day. Handsome -Swiss and Nainsook embroideries
from 4 to 12 inches wide.
For a lot of 75c Embroideries
An aggregation of Swiss -styles that outclasses them ell.
Finest, sheerest enib rokUcios in edgings, bain's, insertions
and demi-flouncings from 5 to 5 inches in width.
Mail Orders
On any of these items will be
promptly and accurately filled.
Order today. -
Patte of Florence, part of lot one, block
six. This is one of the best corner
lots in Wickenburg.
Savers & Co. opened a saloon in the
old stand of Clark & Savers last week.
P. S. Wren of Constellation went
through to that burg on Thursday
Matt Canfied. the sage of the Upper
Buck Horn, was tarrying in town for
several days last week.
Mr. Widmeyer moved into the Can
field house on Jefferson street last Fri
day. Oscar Scott will occupy the Thomp
son residence on Washington street.
Of selling Pianos is the right way. It is the fair
and honest method.
We are out for your business, and there are abund
ant reasons for our getting it. It's a question with
YOU of getting the best for the money with US
only an opportunity to provir" our position to be to
your great advantage. It's up to you.
Xcw lines of men's ties in wash and
silk. Xew colors and styles. Tric
es, each r0C and 35c
C. E. Arnold of Phoenix representing,
the Mutual Life Insurance company,
was- a visitor on Thursday, Friday and
Wickenburg is to have an opera
house. R. v. Baxter has let a con
tract to Eugene Baily for the erection
of it. It will be 32x80 feet. This will
be the floor space. The stage will be
an addition. Mr. Bailey expects to
have it completed in sixty days. This
is one of the most model improvements
that our little city needs.
F. X. O'Brien has let a contract for
a residence on his ranch, 3'2x49, to
Eugene Bailey, the contractor.
Xurses dresses of plain waist and skirt effects in
regular stripes. Solid blue and gray patterns
Each S3.30
White dresses f. nurses in exceptionally fine and
serviceable material. Plainly made. Value is in
material, workmanship and style. Each ....3.00
Summer underwear for men in va
ried assortments'. 1 Mesh woven.
Nainsook and Balbriggan. Per
garmer.t up from.' 3oC
Vals. and tor
chon lace in
values up to
12 l-2c in
edges, insccr
sertions and
matched sets.
Per yd.... 3

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