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The Art of Good Penmanship.
,! Many mea are confronted with tu
BcltT or the desire of entering cleil
fl wwrk 'tor their life's Tocation. Or, tf
tbeir sphere of activity lie In other plaows
there 1 till the desirability of being
food peniian. even though they do not
earn tbe'r livelihood In that manner. It
la a real'y Invaluable asset, for everybody
appreciates a correspondent whose writ
ing are legible, and who Is there among
oa who Inrariably write so that the per
son wbo receive the letter can read
sch an! every word without belnjr corn
palled t fjuaile soro. of them out? It
may t 'bat following out the Ideas which
are benwltn submitted for the asalat
anca of the man who really desires to
t a goid penman may acem difficult or
aburd o remember and utilize, but the
added quality of penmanship secured will
W more than a reward for all the trou
ble or .nconvenlence encountered. The
feet ch'Uld alway be flat on the floor,
he bod" erect and slightly Inclined for
ward. Marly all of both forearms rest
ing on :be desk or table, and the upper
and lifter arms should form right or ob
tuse iigles never acute angles. The
paper which you are writing should be
turned that the forearm Is at right
iuglea with the lines that actually are
or th.retleally may be on the paper. If
la wrJlug you find tbnt you are ueartug
the btom of the paper and to continue
write you must take your arms off the
desk r table, you should Instead push
th pper up so that the arms remain on
a loll foundation and not on air. Keep
yourtft hand at the left edge of the paper
oppete the right hand. In holding pen
or rncl! keep your forefinger one Inch
frogth point of the lead or the pan, the
tba4 being bent considerably and half
an oca further away from the point
tha the forefinger. The band la about
hal closed, the third and fourth fingers
twlf taided back a little, the ends rest
D on the paper and supporting the
hJ. The hand. Itself and the wrist
mt not rest on the paper. The pen
pit Is squarely on the paper, and the
piholder or pencjl must point over the
ar arm. . '
lea' who know 'whereof they write or
s-ak are united In aaytng that correct
iltton la an absolute necessity In at
tains to good penmanship. When this
been mastered It Is time enough to
cure the correct movement. ' This Is In
rtably a combination of arm and Auger
orementa, the latter playing a small
irt In exercises which call for figures
bile In making capitals and loop Ul
tra It la much In evidence. Under ordl
sry circumstances both movements
bonld be done together, being. In fact,
mt one. Trsln the two to work together.
letting the arm do t;.c major portion of
the work, lint not neglecting the finger
sa that the result will be a gracetn'
sweeping movement across the page, an
not a series of short. Jerky movement'
as Is usually the case where the finger
do the writing and the arm merely serv.
to carry the lingers along to another place
on the paper where the same perform
ance Is gone through. Practice wonl
with letters far apart at first, then wltl.
closer spacing, and you will obtain tin
desired result. Narrow, well formed let
ters are preferable, and this la what th'
writer should strive for.
Queer Reason for Divorce
Many and weird are the excuses sd
vanced by couples who fiud the inarlta
yoke weighing too heavily on their shoal
ders, but I doubt If any of these cai
compare with the one offered by a Maa
sacbusetts wife. Her husband Is a nava
officer, and being sent to the Pnclfli
Count for duty, did not take his brldt
with him, she going Instead to her par
ents. Now In Bun Krnncisco he sues foi
divorce for some reason or other, atid shi
has brought a couuter-sult. alleging for
her part that he is "bow legged," und, as
though- that were not enough, bis uni
form largely concealing his curves, adds'
"And be has green eyes, and now that 1
think of It. I never did like green eyes,
anyway." The outcome will be awaited
with Interest by the green-eyed, bow
legged mou'a brigade, wbo will quite nat
nrally waut to know if- tqelr matrimonial
stock Is to be depreciated or not.
-, ,
Bringing Up Boys Right
New York will probably permit hei
schoolteachers to punish refractory pupl
with a rod hereafter, luatead of trying
to accomplish the same result with kind
words. This Is wise, for It I particular
ly true In a city like New York, with n
cosmopolitan population, that moral sua
sion can never be one fractlou as effec
tive as corporal punishment. It la noi
the actual physical hurt as much as It Is
the humiliation of being beateu ever so
gently that counts. Much of the school
teacher's trouble would be obviated If
parents would use the rod more often
at home, and Inculcate the right Idea
of obedience there. Alt does not make
criminals or sour dispositions, certalu
wiseacres to the contrary notwithstand
ing, as most adulta today bare been
through this aame course of treatment li
their youth. ,.
Pasly IPashion Yalks
UNIC skirts are constantly growing in favor and this model is to graceful
and attractive tnat tn ttaeii it goes lar toward extending the vogoc.
i tie point at tnc front an i toe DacK m;an lonj, graceful, becoming
unes wduc tne pcrtecuy amootn
effect over the hips mcanathat
slenderreu of figure wh!ch Is
essential to present styles. In
this instance the skirt is com
bined with an exceedingly
attractive over blouse and the
material is porcelain blue
foulard dott-d with self color
and trimmed with black and
white striped silk, this use
of black and white stripes oo
color being a notable one which
brings about exceedingly de
sirable results. The ever blouse
includes inner portions that
give the surplice suggestion and
which in this in-tancc are made
of lace. It can be worn over
any guitrpe, either one of lace,
as illustrated, or of the tucked
net that is so fashionable, or of
simpl.r lingerie material, or of
chiffon in matching color. The
tunic U made over a foundation
skirt, to which the circular
flcunce is attached, and the over
b'cuse is finished with a wide
draped girdle. The pretty
light weight silks, that are io be
so much worn throughout the
summer, the voiles that are so
iumy as scarcely to mean ap
preciable weight, the tissues and
the various similar silk and cotton
mixtures all are appropriate.
For the medium site will be
required, for the over blouse 2 '
yards of material 21, 2 yards 27
or I yard 44 inches wide with
i yard of lace lor the surplice
portions. 1 yard of silk lor the
plain bands and girdle I for the
tunicand llcjnce 8 yards 27, 6 V
yards 44 inches wide with 3'X
yards 2 1 or I X yards 36 inches
wide for the uprer portion ol the
skirt 3 yards of i ilk for the bias
folds on botb over blouse and
skirt. A May Manton pat'ern of
the over blouse. No. 59 (, sixes 32
to 40 inches bust, cr of the skirt.
No. 5997, sizes 22 to 30 Inches
waist, will be mailed to any'
address by the Fashion Department of this paper on receipt of ten cents lot
each. (If ij haste send an additional two cent stamp for letter postage which
tosures more prompt delivery )
Please order for me. 10 cents herewith to cover your charges:
Pattern No Size
- Name :
NOTE: These Patterns are ordered for you from Chicago and require
about 10 days to ret them to you.
Col lings Veico and Harness Co.
la receiving nr'w goods dally. Staver. Union City and Dut Buggies.
Bain and Ti'.rnbuU heavy Wagons. A big stock of light and heavy
Spring Wagons.
We myjiufactrjre all of our Harness and carry a big stock to se
lect frorr.. Trunks, Suit Cases and everything In leather, goods. Na
vajo BKankets In all sizes. We do all kinds of upholstering of Furni
ture aad Buggies.
Colliags Vehicle and Harness Co.
' . Xaat lAdams St, mext door to Adams Hotel.'
Result of the Recent Conference With
Railroad Traffic Men Was Reviewed
In Detail.
The Maricopa County Commerical
club held a meeting last evening In
Melczer hall at which the entire mem
bership and all interested had been In
vited to be pres ent Though there
was a goodly gathering of the city
merchants there was some disappoint
ment that more were not present and
especially more farmers and fruit
raisers from the country who It Is ex
pected will be the largest individual
beneficiaries of the work of the club,
through the fact that Its efforts will
make it possible for them to secure
good markets for their products.
The primary purpose of the meeting
was to give the members an opportun
ity to hear the report of Traffic Man
agor Jones, concerning the recent con
ference between the directors of the
club and the traffic officials of the
Santa Fe and Southern Pacific rail
roads. Mr. Jones read his report,
which was culte exhaustive and en
larged extemporaneously upon each
subject as he came to it so that those
present could gather the details of the
conference more fully than they could
be set forth In a newspaper article or
even in a typewritten report of rea
sonable length. He recited the griev
ances that had been made in the name
of the club and told how each was
met by the railroad men. In many
instances the admissions of needed
changes in the rates fere prompt and
were accordingly promises). In re'
spect of others however, there were
conditions that will require much con
slderatlon and in respect of these the
railroad men promised the most care
ful attention and the earliest possible
In many cases the rates for local
products could be fixed without any
Interference with schedules elsewhere.
These new rates are the most import
ant for they inean a market for pro
duce that otherwise m!?hl be jraotU
a'.ly worthless or unurofitable t the
grower. There was a foellng cn the
part of one or two of the members
that a demand should have be?n made
for equal rates with California from
eastern polntn. To these It was pjlnt
ed out that sncn a demand would have
been of little use. It Would come un
der the Ion;: and short haul subject
which the mercbants of Spokane have
been fighting for a couple of years
and which Is now pending for settle
ment. It was explained that If they
get a favorable declsloji this vailey
would naturally be accorrlt.i the same
consideration upon application as it Is
similarly situated. If the decision is
against Spokane it would be against
Phoenix and anvhow the courts would
be the only Dlace to work the irues
ticn cut, a proceeding that would be
expensive and annoying in view of the j
fact tnat it is already up for settle
ment. It is believed bv the club however
that it has secured whut is almost as
good and will not necessitate a dis
turbance of the railroad schedules fir
tide water competition. Thnt oiiovs- I
sion was the promise of the railroad
men to grant a rate sufficiently less
than the present rate of "cuast sche
dule with local tariff added." on the 1
commodities shipped In car load lots,
that will enable the valley shippers to
compete with the coast in the home
field at least, or in other words pro
tect the local mercahnts on lucn
things against the tidewater rates en
Joyed by coast Jobbers. While these
rates are not named yet and wiil not
be until they have been submitted to
the club, the railroad men are work
ing or. them and the club has)
confidence that they will deal with the
valley as liberally as possible. It Is
believed that these advantages will
mean hundred of thousands of dollars
to the valley and is all the club can
reasonably hope for at the present
time. After there are secured -It will
be time enough to see if any better
arrangement can be made. Some dis
cussion was had In the freight confer
ence regarding livestock rates, but the
club had little data to work on and
was not certain that changes could be
expected, except in respect of some lo
cal or territorial shipments and that
subject was quite easily gotten over.
Since then there has been some addi
tional information secured which leads
the club to hope that a better rate
may be secured for the coast. More
over it is believed that a new market
for butcher stock can be opened up In
Colorado and New Mexico by securing
rates to Denver. Albuquerque, Colo
rado Springs, etc., that are better than
present rates and that this can be
done without any disturbance of
through railroad rates from coast to
Mississippi or Mirrouri river points.
There was considerable discussion
among the members concerning club
business and a gentle expression of
dissatisfaction at the neglect of some
who should be interested. In attending
the meeting. Stress was laid on the
harmonious relations existing between
the club and the railroad men and the
desire to continue this feeling in the
belief that the matters at issue are of
concern to both sides and both are to
profit by finding the best possible
basis of settlement In all cases.
There was also some discussion of
plans for facilitating the claims of
club members against the railroad
companies, by club cooperation, but no
action was taken to that end. The
the need of a more replete treasury to
meet current obligations was dwelt
upon, and It was announced that there
is plenty of money subscribed for the
maintenance of the club if it Is only
collected. Members have been negli
gent in this respect though they have
been willing enough when approached.
A committee on collections was ap
pointed to serve for the present quar-
er and to be succeeded by a new com
mittee each quarter.
Hong Kong, May 18. According to
a dispatch received here the rebellion
in Yun Nan province Is becoming
more serious. The revolutionists
have captured the railroad and have
defeated the government troops. They
are continuing to advance and urgent
requests have been sent to Pekin for
Tee Yesms
Tee GaieS'
' i
Tee Millions
it The achievement of success is often attributed to luck, but
no commercial success can be maintained for a period of ten
years, unless back of it there is real strength and merit.
Our Company was organized in J 898. Since that time
the country has enjoyed an era of great prosperity. In J 903
however, there was a period of unrest; but the money panic of
last year was the supreme test. To survive required ability, and v
strength to overcome difficulties and go forward, while others
We met the emergency and by putting forth the greatest
effort, maintained our business record of showing gains every
year, regardless of conditions.
We take pride in announcing to our customers and friends
that shipments for our Tenth Year were $10,041,385.65, show
. ing a gain of $15,220.30 over 1907; though small, we are as
proud of this gain as if it were the largest we had ever made,
because it was accomplished by overcoming many difficulties.
The honest construction of STAR BRAND SHOES and
the! loyalty- of our customers and friends have gone far towards
enabling us to make this record, and we thank them for their
We own no iriterest in retail stores. The shoes made in
our ten big specialty factories are sold on their merit direct to
retail merchants. THREE MILLION PEOPLE (or an average
of one person in every thirty-two in the United States) wear our
shoes, all the time. They know that our Star trade-mark stamped
on every heel stands for honest shoes no substitutes for leather.
We enter our Eleventh Year feeling that the resources of our
great country will sustain a steady demand for honest merchandise.
Every manufacturer, jobber, retailer or consumer is responsible
for his share in the advancement or decline of commerce. We
accept 'that responsibility and will work harder than ever to make
this the best year'of all. The man who shirks is not a good
citizen. The world does not need the man with his hands in
his pockets.
Our Leading Advertised Brands
"R. J. & R." $5.00 and $6.00 Shoe for Men
"Patriot" -$4.00 Shoe for Men
"Pilgrim 99 -$3.50 Shoe for Men
"Society Star" and "Society "-$3.50 and $4.00
Shoes for Women
"Mayflower" and " Quaker "-$2.50 and $3.00
" Shoes for Women
: "Our Family" Line of popular-price every day Shoes
for all the Family
"Eternity" School Shoes for Boys and Girls
"Stromjer-than-the-Law" wear-resisting, water-proof ,
Work Shoes for Men and Boys.
Sold by over fifteen thousand good merchants. If your
dealer does not handle Star Brand Shoes write us and we
will tell you where you can get them.

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