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The Only Certain Thing is the Nomination
of Secretary Taft
The Vice-Presidential and Tlatform Situations Cloud
ier. Than They Seemed Twenty-four Hours Ago.
W. S. Sturgis National Committeeman lor Arizona.
Chicago, June 13. The eve of the
republican national convention finds
Chicago on , tiptoe with anticipation,
with 'final preparations well matured
for the candidates and the platform,
except the ever doubtful vice presi
dency and with the whole city astir
with these tumultuous scenes which
usher in a national convention.
Tonight the streets are ablaze with
lights. Flag day brought forth a
wealth of color in he tall buildings.
The. bands tonight vie with the glee
clubs in the packed headquarters of
the candidates, and the open air.
Marching clubs in fastastic regalia pa-
rade the main thoroughfares, singing
Ian, Tart, or Knox, Knox, and
there is a universal pandemonium
which befits the night before a nation
al convention.
The main force of the Invading army
are now here leaders, followers, dele-
gates in rank and file, marching clubs,
glee clubs, bands and drum 'corps.
The last state delegation from the
far south arrived tonight.
But while the din proceeds without
the final preparations of the leaders"
proceed within. Their plans are well
laid, probably with better precision
than has ever been known before a na
tional convention met. Unless the un
expected happens or the specture of a
stampede rises from its grave, the con
vention of 1908 will establish a record
for the methodical execution of well
established plans.
Senator Burrows arrived today. In
view of reports that the senator's
speech omits a tribute to President
Roosevelt it Is being conjectured to
night that the senator will depart from
his prepared text. With Mr. Burrows
arrived Asher C. Hinds, the expert
parliamentarian of congress, who will
stand at Mr Burrows elbow. His gen
ius is for . immediately solving the
knottiest parliamentary tangle. Should
morrow. Hinds will be relied upon to
throw against it the full force of pre
cedent and established procedure.
After the preliminary gathering to
morrow, there will be a period of sus
pense of practically two days, during
which the committees will meet and
organizations be perfected so that the
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actual nomination for president is not
liable to occur before Thursday.
The business of today was divided
chiefly between canvassing the states
for the selection of officers and repre
sentatives for the various committees.
These selections will have a decisive
influence in determining the complex
ion of the various controlling commit
tees of the convention.
The caucuses today lcftxlitt? room
to doubt that the Taft forces vill be
substantial control of the organization
which the full committees are assem-
j Among the more Important state
! conferences today were those of Ohio.
,iova. Indiana and New York as each
had some bearing on the, perplexing
question of the vice presidency. Each
of these gatherings brought forth an
odd negative conclusion declaring not
jto be in favor of any candidate for the
vice presidency. Other state caucuses
were equally fruitless in solving the
vice presidential mystery which deep
en3 as the ballot approaches. '
The Dolliver movement experienced!
varying fortunes today. Early in the
day it was reported that, the White
House favored an Iowan either Dolli
ver or Governor Cummins which sent
Dolliver stock up with a bound. But
this was offset by the action of the
Ohio managers who are supposed to
reflect's Taft's wishes, formally declar
ing that the Taft forces are scrupu
lously avoiding the support of any vice
presidential candidate.
Moreover. Chairman Perkins of the
Iowa delegation, and Congressman
Hepburn of Io,wa called on Ex-Gover
nor Herrick, chairman of the Ohio
rorceSj anj tney tol(1 nim positively
that Dolliver could not and would not
be a candidate.
The movement for Sherman or
some other New York man, was sim
ilarly discontinued by a decision hy
the state not to present a candidate
for second place until Hughes' name
is eliminated for the first place,
either by ballots or by withdrawal.
Congressman Parsons of New York
in a telegram sent to the governor
today sought to draw his attention to
the opportuneness of his withdrawal.
Governor Hughes Is reply said he saw
Phoenix, Arizona.
Res. Main 320.
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and Precious Stones
liington 8treet
no exigency at present which calls for
his retirement. -
Speaker Cannon remained in Chi
cago all day and took a most active
part Jn the conferences on the plat
form. Mr. Cannon's friends believe
that the injunction and trust planks
will .be modified if not eliminated, but
the custodians of the draft have given
no evidence of making any notable
The name of Herrick is the latest
one to be brought forth for chairman
of the national committee to manage
the coining campaign. It has been
received, with much favor, owing to
Herrick's close relations with Taft.
There Can Be No Headway Unti
That Is Solved. "
Chicago, June 15. The vice presi
dential question continued today to
maintain a puzzling position. It was
presented In a new aspect almost
every hour of the day, but at no time
has it shown a disposition to become
less complicated. Dolliver has been
the center of the complication, and
it was generally conceded that there
would be no solution until he wan
either nominated or entirely eliminat
ed " from the equation. All told, the
developments in the Dolliver candi
dacy were not satisfactory. It was
generally, conceded that Senator Long,
still the champion of the Iowa sen
ator, had siKkeh correctly when he
expressed the opinion that time would
be necessary to solve the Dolliver
The announcement that the presi
dent would ask that Cummins be
nominated, if Dolliver should not be,
aroused interest, but the members of
the Allison-Dolliver faction, would not
for a moment consider that contin
gency. If Dolliver should be eliminated, the
contest will be between Fairbanks and
Representative Sherman of New York.
Both received much encouragement
during the day. It is stated in behalf
of Fairbanks that if nominated he
would not accept.
Speaking of the report that Pres
ident Roosevelt had expressed a de
sire for the nomination, of either
Dolliver or Cummins for the vice
presidency. Congressman Hepburn to
night said in a conversation last Fri
day with the president, the subject
of the vice presidential nomination
was discussed. His impression from
the conversation was that the latter
had no particular desire for Dolli
ver to be the candidate. Moreover, he
had no desire to express a preference
in the matter.
It was announcd at the Iowa head
quarters tonight that Dolliver had ex
pressed a preference for the nomina
tion of Fairbanks.
The Member From Arizona Will Re-
"""" tain His Seat.
Chicago, June 15. The national re
publican committee was nearly made
up today instate caucuses. In some
instances the delegations will not get
together until tomorrow morning and
others decided not to make a selec
tion until tomorrow. The following
are among members chosen today and
California George A. Knight of San
Idaho Wm. E. Borah.
Indiana Harry S. New of Indian
apolis. Massachusetts W.' Murray Crane
Minnesota Frank B. Kellogg of St.
Nevada P. I Flanigan of Reno.
Ohio A. L Vorys of Lancaster.
Pennsylvania Boies Penrose of
Arizona W. S. Stnrgis of Tucson.
(Continued -on page 5.)
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Attack Upon" the Anti-Injunction
It is lielieved That It Will
Be Eliminated or Greatly
Chicago, June 15. Five of the most
important planks of the republican
platform formulated by President
Roosevelt and Secretary Taft and
drafted by Wade H. Ellis and now In
possession of the prospective members
of the resolutions, committee, for con
sideration, have been given out. They
are the planks relating to the trusts,
anti-injunction, railroad rates, tariff
revision and the currency. The fight
(over the anti-Injunction plank promis
'es to be one of the features of the con
tention. The preliminary skirmish on
; this plank In fact has been waged with
intensity from the moment the provis
ions of the plank became known.
I Speaker Cannon directed the fight
against the plank throughout the day
, from his quarters at the Union League
club. Just what progress has been
' made by the friends of the opponents
' of the provisions is one of the ques-
Hons which will not be ascertained un
til the plank Is finally passed upon In
the committee.
Mr. Hopkins, slated as chairman of
the platform committee, Is known to
favor the elimination of the plank from
the platform. Failing in this, it is un
derstood that he will favor muc h more
mild expression on the question.
It was reported to Mr. Cannon today
that the delegations from New York,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana
and Illinois had formally declared
against the injunction plank and ef
forts to obtain similar action by other
delegations gave promise of success.
A compromise measure which the op
ponents will urge if it becomes evident
that a pronouncement on the subject
will be included in the platform, has
been determined upon. It will be a
simple statement that the party be
lieves that federal court procedure
should be so amended as to provide
against arbitrary orders being made by
the court, but at the same time noth
ing should be done to interfere with
the authority of the court over its own
orders. Those who are arguing for the
elimination or amendment of the pro
vision maintain that their policy, if
foltowtd out will give the party many
more votes than to make an injunction
declaration. "For no matter what the
republican party declares on the sub
ject, the democratic party will surely
go them one better" was the way it
was expressed. From this viewpoint it
is claimed that it Is better to say noth
ing than to nut forth a weak or mean
ingless declaration.
The trust plank which first aroused
some opposition, is now understood to
be acceptable to all elements of the
party. The explanation is that upon
first reading, the plank seemed by ex
emption extended to labor unions and
farmers 'associations to free them from
responsibility under the law. This is
not the intention and the language of
the plank upon closer scrutiny passed
as unobjectionable. The plank in
tends to pledge the party to establish
affirmatively the doctrines that a far
mers' union or a labor union, in fact
any duly organized aggregation of in
dividuals. Is not, from the simple fact
of its organization and existence, il
legal. Tills declaration was declared
necessary to avoid the conflict of opin
ion said to exist on the point. Recent
decisions have been interpreted by
some labor leaders as well as by a por
tion of the legal fraternity as estab
lishing the doctrines of illegality in the
existence of such organizations.
While It was the Intention of the
framers of the plan to clear up that
point, it was decidedly not their inten
tion, so it was explained to go farther
or to the extent of declaring exemption
of such organizations for overt illegal
acts. In this connection, it is not to be
held an illegal act for a labor organiza
tion to fix a price for which the labor
of its members may be sold. BuMt is
held to be illegal for such organiza
tions to enforce a fixed price for labor
through a bovcott, blacklist or other
methods of force.
Opposition to the tariff plank seems
to have disappeared absolutely and the
ground that the party has irrevocably
pledged itself to tariff revision at a
certain time along indicated lines.
As to the railroad rate plank the op
position will be keen on declaring in
favor of the proposition of federal sup
ervision of the issuance of stocks and
bonds. Biit this phase of the fight has
yet remained- under cover.
The currency plank pledges the
party to continue a- development of
the subject, and the pledge, it will
be claimed, is already in process of
fulfillment in the existence of the cur
rency commission.
Important conferences on the plat
form situation today embraced, first,
that held this morning between
Messrs. Cannon and Hopkins, follow-
ed by a four hours' conference in the
Auditorium Annex, participated in by
Messrs. Hopkins, Long of Kansas, El
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ferences were held during the even
ing. President Gompcrs, accompanied by
other members of the executive coun
cil of the American Federation of
Labor, paid their respects to Mr. Ellis
during the day and gave notice that
a definite demand would be. laid be
fore the committee. What proposi
tions are to be contained in the de
mand of the labor leaders, he refused
to divulge. A vigorous protest against
the anti-Injunction plank was filed
with Mr. Ellis y Geo. E.. Corey, pres
ident of the National Commercial In
dustrial League, representing the
Commercial Travelers and the Manu
facturers and Employers' Traveling
Men. The plank in question, the pro
test set3 forth, would constitute a
sinister reflection upon the highest
The final touches to the resolutions
will be made by a subcommittee
which has already been practically
decided upon. It will be composed of
nine members and it Is said that at
least six of these have been selected.
These are: Messrs. Hopkins, chair
man; Long of Kansas, Ellis, Crane,
Payne and Dalzell.
It Is intended that the subcommit
tee shall Im composed of representa
tives of various interests, but will be
so composed as to make sure the pro
tection of the central idea that the
president's policies shall be endorsed
in no half-hearted way.
The New Anti-Gambling Laws
Discouraging to Audiences.
Xew York, June 13. There was no
change in conditions on the Graves
end race track today. A huhdred and
fifty uniformed policemen were in the
grand stands and in the paddocks and
lawn, and In the clubhouse, while fifty
plain clothes men strolled through the
crowd. The police had strict orders
to airest anybody who attempted to
make a bet of any kind. The crowd
was very small. Not more than 2,000
persons attended. There was no dis
order. Joseph L. Rhinock, president of the
Latonia Jockey club, announced at
Grtivesend today that he had sent the
following telegram to John Hakesmin
stcr: "Inasmuch as th.e Latonia Jockey
club has been losing money, it is an
nounced that, beginning on Saturday,
June 20, booking will be reinstituted
at Latonia. The eastern system of
betting will be used. Mutual machines,
straight, place and show will be re
tained for the public desiring the mu
tual system. The new price of ad
mission will be one dollar."
The Warring Indians Bottled Up In
Their Stronghold by an Overwhelm
ing Force.
Tucson, June 13. A prominent rail
road man arriving from Guaymas says
it is reliably reported that troops
numbering 4.000, under Gen. Torres,
have surrounded the Yaquis in Bace
tete mountains, about 100 miles from
Torin,on the new line, in the strong
hold to which they retired after the
conference. The soldiers claim to hold
all the water holes and expect to
maintain the siege until they sur
render. The Yaquis number 500 to 1,300, and
are provided with suppUes given them
by the government while waiting the
arrangement of peace terms, and are
well armed.
It is considered that the present
hostilities cannot last long. They will
end in the extermination or surrender
of the Yaquis and their deportation to
Yucatan, with the possible alternative
of disarmament and confinement in
the district of South Ures, in Sonora.
Escaping from a Penitentiary, He Put
His Neck Into a Noose.
Butte, June 13. George J. Rock was
hanged this afternoon in the peniten
tiary at Deer Lodge for the murder
of John A. Robinson, head guard at
the prison, on Jiarch $ last. Rock was
the chief in a conspiracy to kill Rr.b
inson and Warden Frank Conley and
escape from the prison.
They kliled Robinson and badly
wounded Conley, who shot and wound
two convicts, including Rock. Cf
Rock's companions one Is under sen
tence of death and the other was sen
tenced to life imprisonment.
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The Claim That the Convention Will Be
Primed for a Stampede
r ,
A Man Whose Name and State are Yet Secret, Chosen
to I'resent Roosevelt's KameTaft Loses an Ohio
Delegate to Foraker.
-'Chicago, June 13. Promoters of the
Roosevelt boom movement now claim
that they have secured the services
of a delegate "from a state other than
Alabama, that will be reached early
In the roll call," to present the presi
dent's name to the convention. j
Ex-Representative Thomas W. Phil- J
lips of New Castle, Pa., declared to
night that Roosevelt's name would
unquestionably lie sprung in the con
vention, but he declined to give the
delegate's name or the state he rep
resents, even In part. These facts, he
says, will remain a secret until the
candidates are placed in nomination.
The Roosevelt boomers are count
ing on a stampede of Taft delegates
to the president, if they can get the
latter's name before the convention in
a forceful manner. The opinion was
expressed by Phillips tonight that the
boom which he is engineering for
Roosevelt is growing.
Two members of the West Virginia
delegation who claim they will remain
Four Carried by a Runaway Machine
Into North River.
Xew York, June 13. Four persons
were drowned tonight when an auto
mobile carrying a pleasure party of
six became unmanageable and shot
with wild speed down West Fifty
sixth street and bounded from the
open pier into North river.
The machine turned over In the
plunge from the pier, holding four vic
tims fat in their seats.
The dead are: Adeline Berlein, 19;
Mrs. Rose Coleman, 23; John Coleman,
aged S years; Virginia Knight, aged 8
The chauffeur. John BaiHer, was
carried into the river with the machine
but managed to free himself and swam
to safety. John Nolan, one of the
Party, jumped from the runaway ma
chine as it neared the end of the dock.
After taking the employer home to
night Bailier invited his friends for a
pleasure ride. With the party he ran
the machine down Fifty-sixth street at
a fair speed. In some -manner the
Phoenix, Arizona,
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Navajo Silverware is as characteristic of the Navajo Indian as
Navajo Blankets. No other Indians have these weaving and ham
mering instincts. It Is hard to say where the Navajo derived his
knowledge of the silversmith's hammer. But anyone who ha3 seen
an Indian bracelet or an Indian necklace can not doubt for a mo
ment that the knowledge is there in great quantity
A Navajo is a superstitious animal. He thinks that the "Great
Spirit" wields a mighty influence in this mundane sphere. Ho also
thinks this Great Spirit objects to the removal of minerals from the
earth. As a result of this belief you have never yet seen a piece of
Navajo jewelry that was made of bullion silver. It la all made from
Mr. Navajo thinks that the punishment from the Great Spirit goes
into the first man who works up the bullion and that after the Spir
it has avenged himself upon these unsuspecting sons of the pale
face he can proceed to cut any kind of dido with the silver and yet
be immune from punishment. American coins were formerly used by
the Indian for the manufacturing purpose but he has lately learned
that Mexican coins cost only half as much as American and that
In addition to this they are better for his purpose because they are
softer. Therefore you can pretty well depend upon It that your brace
let or necklace has at one time or other passed as "coin of the
realm." I will be giad to show you how to prove this theory if you
will take the trouble to call at the Big Curio.
R. L BflLKE,
Proprietor the Bis Curio
loyal to their Instructions for Taft
that the Taft men are in the minority
and that the deflection will be great
if a Roosevelt stampede is started.
The hotbed of the Taft defection is
at the Lexington hotel, where the.
West Virginia delegation is quartered.
A meeting was had there tonight un
der the leadership of Phillips, . but it
was attended by only a few delegates
and a large number who will have
no vote in the convention. 'Wm. II.
Taft lost a delegate from his own
state tonight, and Foraker gained him,
according to the statement of Charles
Kurtz, manager of the Foraker cam
paign. This man Is Zane Burley of the Ninth
Ohio district, under instructions to Vote
for Taft. He declared, however, says
Kurtz that ho does not believe Taft. if
nominated, can be elected, or even car
ry his own state. He thinks Foraker
can carry- both the state and the coun
try and decided to bolt the Instructions
for that reason.
brake failed to work and the machine
began to skid. Down the dock it flew
and Nolan leaped just in time. The
four victims were carried" down into
the water. The body of Mrs. Coleman
was recovered: shortly before midnight
After swimming to the pier Bailier
went to the police, notified them of the
drowning and surrendered himself.
New Jersey Court Refuses to Name
One for the Old Dominion.
Trenton, N. J., June 15. The court
of errors and appeals today affirmed
the decision of the court in chancery
in refusing to appoint a receiver for
the Old Dominion Copper Mining and
Smelting company of Arizona. Suit
was begun by John H. Pierce more
than a year ago.
Washington, June 15. Arguments to
the jury were begun when the trial
of Hyde, Dimond, Benson and Schnei
der, charged, with conspiracy to de
fraud the government of timber lands
in the west, was resumed today. The
arguments will consume four days.
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