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(Continued from Page One)
licans who went to the polls as demo
crats had a right to have their votes
counted as democrats.
"No. no, nothing like that," came In
a chorus from the floor.
When Bellamy again got attention
he explained that the democratic party
was ready to open its doors to any one
who desired to adopt Its principles.
There was some applause at this and
the speaker soon Drought his address
to a close.
The closing speaker for the major
ity was Governor Haskell of Okla
' homa. He discussed with sarcastic
sentences the contention of Bellamy,
asserting that under that gentleman's
arguments he might as well have been
elected a delegate to the Chicago con
vention. After he charged the con
testees in the Pennsylvania cases with
collusion with the republicans, he was
interrupted by a voice from the rear
of the hall, saying, "Give 'em the other
barrel.- Haskell charged the Pennsyl
vania contestees with being the tools
of the Standard Oil company.
The previous question having been
'called for the chairman was about to
put it to a viva voce vote, when a roll
call was demanded and granted.
"The question is on the adoption of
a minority report in place of a portion
of the majority report, relating to
Pennsylvania," announced the chair
man as he directed the clerk to begin
a call of the states.
Alabama led with 22 votes in the
negative; Arkansas followed suit
with 18. Colorado split by casting
9 votes for and 1 against. New
York's delegates led the aiplause
which greeted that announcement.
Delaware cast all six votes "aye."
Florida cast 10 votes In the nega
tive and Georgia, always against the
Bryan organization, voted for the
minority. Illinois, voting under the
unit rule, cast 54 votes for the
minority, S6 being declared by Chair
man Roger C. Sullivan to be for It.
Edward F. Dunne of Chicago de
manded a poll of the Illinois delega
tion and instantly Roger Sullivan
was on his feet.
'Chairman," he called.
"Mr. Sullivan," responded the chair
man fh recognition.
'The vote of Illinois has been poll
ed," shouted Sullivan, "and what is
more, the gentleman Wmself polled
it. The only reason j-or which- he
now rises is to display his own con
spicuousness." The chair ruled that
any meniler of any delegation could
demand a poll of the state and or
dered a poll of the Illinois delega
tion. The poll showed 58 votes.
whereas the delegation was only en
titled to 54.
The chairman announced the result.
56 votes "aye" under the unit rule. He
corrected It later to 54. This discrep
ancy is accounted for by some half
votes of the delegation.
When Indiana was reached Chair
man Kern -announced : "Indiana does
not vote under the unit rule, but In
dividually casts her 30 votes "no." ,
Louisiana voted "aye" solidly. Maine
cast 11 votes for the majority and 1
for the minority. Michigan was divid
ed but the unit rule carried her over j
to the side of the majority report. Xe- J
braska went with the majority, as did
Nevada, and New Jersey called for a
xill of the vote. A number of dele
gates being absent the polls showed '
13. for the minority and 3 for the ma
jority, 8 delegates being absent. A
dispute arose between the members
of the delegation as to whether or not
the state was to vote under the unit
rule. It was decided by the chairman
that it was acting under the rule and
the entire Vote was cast for the mi
nority report.
New York threw Its full strength of
7S votes with the Guffey faction.
Chairman Murphy announcing it "aye"
under the unit rule. He said the dele
gation had been polled and stood ayes
6S, noes 10. Oklahoma cast her 14
votes for the majority report, not yet
baying come Into possession of the
four additional votes.
When Pennsylvania was reached a
demand was made for a poll of the
"Announce the vote," said the chair
man, "and then ask for the poll. Who
is chairman of this delegation?"
"I am," cried Guffey.
"Announce your vote," again said
the chairman.
Guffey walked down the aisle to
wards the chairman's desk, attended
by L. McQuisten, who also claimed to
be chairman of the delegation.
"Oh. you have two chairmen, have
you?" asked the chairman. "Well, re
turn to your seats and the state will
be polled "
"A point of order." shouted Repre
sentative James of Kentucky.
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"State your point of order," said
the chairman.
"My point is," said James, "that
the delegates whose seats are con
tested cannot vote."
"You had better mind your own
business," said Guffey, turning sharp
ly upon James, and the other Penn-
sylvanlans made further uncompli
mentary remarks about the man from
Kentucky who, however, sat in his
chair and laughed.
The chairman ruled, however, that
the point was not well taken, and
that the list of delegates as pre
sented by the national committee
must prevail in the poll.
Guffey's name was first on the roll
of the state. He lead with "aye,"
followed by a half score of similar
votes before a "no" was reached.
Each "no" was greeted with applause
from the galleries and from certain
portions' of the floor.
"Have you the unit rule?" asked
the chairman. "Xo," came the re
sponse. "We have mt been in unit
for a year." Pennsylvania's poll
showed 37 ayes and 28 noes, one not
voting, and two absent.
New Hampshire voted about even,
as did South Carolina. Tennessee
broke exactly In half, casting 12 for
the majority and the same for the
minority report. The tide then set
In steadily against the minority re
port and it was evident that it was
defeated. Idaho announced a desire
to change the vote from six for .the
majority report to two for the mi
nority and four for the majority. The
roll call then closed.
"Upon this question," announced
the chairman, "the ayes have 387
votes and the noes 615." The an
nouncement was greexed with great
cheering. The majority reiwirt was
then adopted by a viva voce vote.
Great confusion followed the an
nouncement of the roll call, but
through the uproar there filtered a
motion to adjourn until 11 o'clock to
morrow morning. It was seconded In
a Hash and greeted with a shout and
the delegates made for the door.
The vote announced by the chair
showed that a total of 102 were cast,
the full strength of the convention, in
cluding the absentees. It was evident
that this was an error as there were
eleven absentees. As the vote was
not close, however. It was decided to
make no further announcement to
night, but to declare the correct totals
A Continuation of the Advance
Stock Prices.
New York. July 8. The movement
for an advance In the prices of stocks
made material progress today al
though the result was not uninterrupt
ed and not free from some opposing
obstacles. Silling was particularly
notable in stocks which have been
speculative mediums, even while the
general list was lying practically dor
mant. Its consequence there was a
halting pnd irregular movement. Con
spicuous strength of individual stocks
had a sustaining effect on the general
list. The most important instance was
an unusually volatile rise of 3 in
United States Steel preferred. Some
restraint was thrown off the latter
part of the day when the general up
ward movement gained considerable
force During the final hour consider
able animation was shown and sub
stantial gains showed for the day.
Bonds were firm.
New York, July 8. Aiualgamatcd
Copper 68,, Smelting 81, Atchison
82 , St. Paul 137. New York Cen
tral 105, Pennsylvania 123'4, Read
ing 116, Southern Pacific Sivi. Un
ion Pacific 14!'4, Steel 40 Vs. Steel pfd
Silver 534, Mexican 46.
New York, July 8. Most metal mar
kets were firmer today. Tin advanced
2'4s on call to 127 7s fid and 21 on
futures to 128 10s. New York mar
kit was firm the higher spot closing
at $28r28.12.
London-copper advanced 5s closing
58 ls on spot a"d 58 2s 6d on
futures. Locally it was steady and un
changed. Lake J12.730 12.87V4. elec
trolytic fl2.50H2-62 casting $12.25
Lead advanced 2?s to 12 15s in
London, remained quiet and unchanged
at J4.42V4fi4.47'4 In New York.
Spelter was unchanged at 128 In
London and $4.404.50 locally. Local
Iron was quiet and unchanged.
Blow Hole Punctured In a Fatherless
Fable That Means Nothing to the
Well Informed. .
A ridiculous report for which there
is no foundation in fact, is In circula
tion In this valley, involving the Gran
ite Reef dam, and given as a cause for
the present shortage of irrigation wa
ter. No attention would be paid to it
only that it is understood the report
Is being given serious credence in cer
tain quarters. The story is that there
is ample water, in the river' but that
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the Granite Reef dam leaks like a
sieve anil does not stop the water or
divert it. The facts are that the Gran
ite Peef ila'ii leaks ro more than it
was planned to leak, the leakage is
getting less and less every day, and
the structure is all that it was expect
ed to be and is giving perfect satis
faction to the reclamation service that
built it.
The facts on which some uninform
ed person or persons have started the
story, are these: The dam does not go
to bedrock clear across the stream and
it was never expected thta every drop .
of underflow water that percolates
through the bandy channel in the
deepest place, woul d be stopped,
though the greater part.of It is. In
constructing the dam :m apron was j
built below the dam for from 50 to
75 feet, according to the conformation
of the bed, and there is a curtain wall
at the lower side of the apron. Some
water will percolate through the lower
channel and probably some more will
seep back under the apron through the
lower curtain wall. The engineers rec
ognized these facts before the dam
was built and therefore left cracks in
the apron for the water which accu
mulated there to escape. Had they
not done so, when the dam was first
put in commission and the lake above
it was first filled with water, the
pressure would have forced so much
water through the lower part of the
channel and under the apron that it
in turn would have been broken up,
washed out and destroyed. Many who
were present on the occasion of the
Granite Reef celebration, saw the wa
ter bubbling up through these cracks,
and supposed the apron was breaking
away. It is still "doing the same thing
but not so much so as in the begin
ning, and eveutually all these little
cracks will be filled With silt, and the
channel formation will also become
more solidified with silt and dirt, and
the seepage practically stopped.
The dam Is all right and the people
need have no worry on that score. The
water-shortage Is due entirely to one
thing and that is the shortage of wa
Carson. July S. M. R. Preston, in
the state's prison for murder who was
nominated for the presidency by the
socialist-labor party, declined the
For a Year and Is Still Alive
, played At Galpin's Store.
A. W. Galpin has displayed, in the
show case at his store; a very large
and choice specimen of a rattlesnake.
This rattler has quite a history for he
has boen In captivity over one year
and during that period has had onth
Ing to eat or drink. Yet he. Is alive
and apparently contented. The snake
w'as, brought to Mr. Galpin's store by
S. J. Ilycrs in a box where it had been
Alwut a year ago Mr. Byers cap
tured the snake on the desert. It had
at that time 14 rattles, four of which
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have been shed during its imprison
ment. It has also shed its skin once
during thac twelve months. When
Mr. ISyers caught the snake he nailed
it up in a small box and set it away
In his barn. There the box remained
till a few days ago Air. Byers thought
about the snake and decided that he
did not have any use for it and so
looked up some one who liked pets of
that nature.
It really seemed astonishing that
the reptile should have lived for that
period without food or drink but such
is the case, as Mr. Byers will vouch
for. It had been hibernating in the
pine box all the time and is little re
duced in size. It flashes it fangs but
remains dormant. It Is not as large
as the jumbo caught by Peter Mohn
which refused to eat anything offered
and finally committed suicide by bit
ing Istell' thrice. Considerable curios
ity is expressed as to whether after its
year of fasting this reptile will partake
of fond. Mr. Galnin will offer it the
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your choice.
and prove
the nicest
to - the - Minute
to S50.00
first delectable rabbit that he can se
cure as an experiment. This sight
yesterday called up all sorts of snake
tales, and A. J. Kent was one of the
bystanders who said he could take a
man to a place in Mohave county, near
Bill Williams river where in a small
tract of volcanic formation he could
point out a million snakes, sidewind
ers, domiciled In the holes and small
caves. He was willing to bet money
on it too, but no one volunteered to
make the trip.
The goodness of every
thing else at breakfast de
pends on the coffee.
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Uk Schilling's Best: par bin.

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