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When you cat toasted corn
flakes you may as well get all the
benefit of experience in making
and of purity, cleanliness and
quality in the product
Toasted Corn FlaSks
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looks best, tastes, best, is b'est
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The Quaker Oats Compahy
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To the Patrons of
East Lake Park
and their friends
Sheriff Hayden's Impression of the
. Democratic Convention.
will be given from 8:30 to 10:30,
Tuesday Evening, 14th Inst.
- - " ' ' . ' :1 ,.
The Massie and Oakes Orchestra will
furnish music and our friends are
invited to - come and enjoy
the evening.
Our new stock company, The Ray
mond Whitiker Co. consisting of J 4
people, all artists in their line, will ar
rive in a few days and we will try to
entertain you awaiting their arrival.
Possibly another FREE DANCE
next Thursday evening.
Strictest Order Maintained.
Sheriff Hayden returned yesterday
morning from Denver where he at
tended the democratic national Con
vention. He is the first of the return
ing Phoenicians. Dr. Hughes and Dr.
Dameron will arrive tomorrow. Sellm
Mlchelson immediately after the con
vention left for Dallas to attend the
grand lodge of the Elks.
Mr. Harden says that last week
was a period of constant excitement
at Denver though there was never at
any time the slightest doubt asto what
would be done in the nomination of a
candidate for-the presidency, or the
adoption of the platform. All thai was
as well known at the beginning of the
week as at the end of It.
There was at all times more or less
speculation as to the running mate I
and . all the time also Gray was the J
choice of the convention. It was be
lieved that with his conservatism he
would add greater strength to the
ticket than any other man and he
would have been nominated even with
out his consent If the convention could
have been assured that he would not,
after it was all over, decline to go on
the ticket.
At the last moment, before the nom
ination of Kern his representatives
were visited and asked to give assur
ance that Gray would not "throw the
party down." They were unable to
say that he would run if nominated
and then Kern was decided uoon.
Towne was always a foremost cand-
1 idate, but there were two obstacles in
his way. One was his radicalism and
h iff former populism and the other was
I the fact that he could not get his solid
lielegatiVin. Parker and others held
out against him and that was regarded
'as a certain sign that he would not
; attract any conservative support.
! As to the Guffey episode, the sheriff
I said that the Guffey delegates had all
jthe appearance of regularity on their
slffe, but the evidence before the com
mittee of credentials left no doubt that
the delegates did not represent the
majority of the democrats of the six
Philadelphia districts which were in
The evidence disclosed a condition
of things such as exists nowhere else
in the country, a condition established
by .the late Senator Quary under which
there is an understanding between one
of the democratic factions and one of
the republican factions.
There is an arrangement in the state
by which the minority party shall be
presented on every board or commis
sion. Kven the minority is entitled to
a certain ratio of certain elective of
fices such as justice of the peace.
Ever. since this arrangement was puj
into -effect the democratic holders of
these offices and positions, notwith
standing their records as democrats
may be all right, are known as
Quay democrats.
They belong to a faction of the party
which may count on republican help
in time of need and in turn they are
expected to deliver; help to the friend
ly faction when it Is needed.
In one of the contested districts In
Philadelphia, the normal democratic
vote !s about SOD. There were cast
for the contesting or Bryan delegates
more than 600; yet the Guffey dele
gates were chosen by a vote of 3500.
"Ho attempt was made to deny these
figures before the committee on cre
dentials. It was . admitted that the
-oto had been swelled by many re
publicans, or bv manv who had been
! renuhlirans. but who had seen the er
ror of their ways and had come over to
the democratic party. The committee
could not bring itself to believe that
such a sweeping conversion was gen
uine. '
Mr. Hayden, while at Denver, got
the. Impression recently expressed by
Chairman Hitchcock of the national
republican committee, that the battle
ground is to be in the west, that is, in
the middle west. On that theory Kern
was made candidate for vice president.
It Is the Impression of democrats that
there is no doubt about Indiana, Ne
braska and Kansas; they are hopeful
of Illinois and a little less so of Ohio.
The New Yorkers brought word that
Bryan would 'do well up state and that
this year he will receive the cordial
support of Tammany in the city.
Mr. Hayden gathered from the
speeches that there will be no attack
upon Roosevelt policies, but that . on
the contrary they will be commended
throughout the campaign. It is to be
contended though by Mr. Bryan and
his orators that, though Mr. Taft has
the endorsement of the president and
has pledged himself to carry out -the
Roosevelt policies, the logical man to
carry them out, is the man who In
vented them, one William Jennings
Bryan, of Nebraska, whose name it
will be claimed is blown in the neck
of the bottle which is non-refillable.
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Is so harmless we
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Accept no counter
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name. Dr. L. A.
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of the baut
ton (a patient) :
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K - a
The All-Stars and Grays Matched For
Fiva Games Beginning Next Sunday.
The Prescott Grays will be in
Phoenix ne;t Saturday and Sunday
for ball games with the Phoenix All
Stars at Eastlake park,' the' games to
be called promptly at 3:30 o'clock. The
game In Prescott last Saturday and
the one planned for the next day, were
arranged merely as return games for
the last visit of the Prescott team In
Phoenix. That squares the courtesies
of the situation. The Phoenix City
League having served its purpose has
disbanded for the season and the slate
is now wiped clean.
The only thing before the house in a
baseball way; is the forthcoming series
between the All-Stars and Grays, ar
range:", for last Sunday. Five games
are proposed. Two will be played
here next Saturday and Sunday. The
next two will be played in Prescott on
the following Saturday and Sunday.
The fifth game will be arranged for af
ter the other four have been pulled
off and the teams know better where
they stand and what the conditions
are In the local baseball world.
It Is a little warm in Phoenix, but
it never gets too hot for baseball fans.
The All-Stars aggregation Is com
posed of twelve Phienix players,
cracks from the various teams, or
ganized for the purposes of this and
any other games they may see fit to
play, as successors to the league.
They were league players but the
league is out 'of business and these
players want a little more ball. Messrs.
Tebben and Warner of the All-Star
aggregation aj-e regarded as the man
agers of tne'ft-am and are attending
to details.v M-.'VVarntr captained the
team Saturday last, and though the
game was lost it was a very good one
and no disgrace to anybody. There
was a little hard luck in Tebben's ab
sence, but it was unavoidable and the
score might not have been changed
even if he had played for the Prescott
hunch put up a pretty good front.
were on their, home ground and got up
fresh and frisky, from their little beds
while the Phoenix contingent sweat
all the day before and rode the train
all night with little sleep.
Prescott seems to be enthusiastic
over baseball and the summer is the
best season for it there. The fans
and players all treated the visitors
courteously and It is believed the
acrimonious past has all been forgot
ten and that the. coming series will be
a hummer. . ..
I. Lot 8.50 Skirts at S4.25
Lot 16.50 Skirts at S3.25
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Lot J2.S0 Waists
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Lot $1.73 Waists
Lot $1.00 Waists
Lot $2.23 Petticoats at $1.50
Lot $1.50 Petticoats at 7Z
Lot $1.23 Tctticoats at 65c
Lot Trimmed Hats
Uit Trimmed Hats
Lot Trimmed Hats at
Cave Creek, July 12. (Special Cor
respondence of the Republican) The
drourl. that has :revailed since May
is broken up here. Last Tuesday.
Wednesday and Thursday refreshing
but not co;ious showers fell on the
creek from the Phoenix mine to the
head of the stream. On Friday a
heavy black storm managed to get
down to the station and drop In a
half-hour 54 hundredths of an inch
which soaked In, but little water run
ning off. However, as quite a swell
came down the creek. It was plain
that the tall up stream was much
heavier. This storm seemed to go into
tatters after passing about four miles
south. At that point the. dry atmos
phere devoured the clouds and dissi
pated the precipitation before It
reached the earth. The range Is now
in fair condition.
Of late years we do not have such
spectacular storm and cloud effects
nor near so many cloudbursts. Far
ther up the creek there are small
area and reveal how clouds bursted
and in a few moments let down rain
drops that would fill a tub, and men
The Cool Route In Summer
To Los Angeles and San f rancisco
Patronize Our Train of Luxnry
Leaving Phoenix Every Afternoon at 4:30 p. m. City Time
212 East
Wash. St.
and beast caught in such would prob
ably suffocate, because the downfall
had displaced all the air. However,
cattle seem to have forewarning of
such perils and either leave the space
or get under deFise foliage that keeps
them under a reservoir of air. I have
seen dense black storms drift against
Black Mountain and go to rags in five
minutes. The peak, like a bull calf,
sucked and butted out of the storm its
fluid and sent it flying in exhausted
tatters southward. And the seismic
waves (incorrectly named sandstorms)
have not passed over this region for
three years. These spectacles as
viewed from a mountain slope and
passing over Paradise and Salt river
valleys, are incomparably grand.
And what has become of our
noxious varmints? Early this spring
a few rattlers and hydrophobia skunks
carne out to inquire If Arizona had
been admitted to the Union. Informed
that it was in statu quo, they ex
claimed: "Well, Los Estados Unidos
for us!" 1 have not seen a Gila
monster for three years, nor a taran
tula. Seldom now does the common
pole cat call, and scorpions and cen
tipedes are not any more encoun
tered. Glory be! Let them stay In
the United States, and Arizona stay
out. Apparently some of our wild
cats have been attending the late na
tional conventions, and God forbid j
their return. It is true that these !
venomous things are conspicuous by
their absence. Late reports of the
crazy noises at Denver and at Chicago
indicate that some of our mountain
lions and wild cats were metamor
phosed into yelling delegates. "Those
from this region were singing against
injunctions against themselves and
the same for Mrs. Cooney, our Diana.
Since she went to the coast wild cats
are becoming bolder and more num
erous. The Phoenix mine is yet !n opera
tion. We are eagerly anticipating the
promised resumption of development
on the Ren Hur. A little later the
Mormon Girl may resume.
The resources of this resion may
be estimated from this account. Last
October 1 a money order privilege was
ordered for this postoffice against the
advice of the postmaster and some of
its patrons, for no business of that sort
worth mentioning was expected. The
first money order was drawn in the
last week of November and since then
the postmaster his sent to his de
pository and paid on orders received
rather more than $100 per month.
That is something to offset the sum
mer quiet here. The postmaster is
rapidly failing in health and after
nearly twelve years' service is gloom
ily anticipating the near future.
I was surprised to read of the re
cent death of Sir. Bunco, late of the
Phoenix postal service. He was up
here for a few weeks and went away
looking as if he might eventually re
cover. What a Moloch is tuberculo
sis! Three of these victims lingered
here last winter until they felt the
hand of death'on them and still they
hoped. One we got into the Sisters'
hospital but a few hours before he
died; another entrained for his home
and the third, after, leaving here, hid
himself in a cheap lodging house of
Phoenix, where on my request the
Franciscan brothers found him. took
him In and revived him so' that he
might return home to die. Father
Xovatus lias written me that he
wants to be advised of all Catholic
tuberculosis victims In the regions
around" Phoenix who may be in needy
circumstances, so that he can admin
i1er to their bodily and spiritual
needs. Father Novatus la a pious,
energetic and generous priest, to
whom the sick and dying can confi
dently apply for bodily and spiritual
:; Personal Mention
Those registering at the Hotel Ad
ams yesterday were: "L. S. Stillman,
M. Stillman. New York; Tom camp
bell, Prescott; Frank K. Curley, Tuc
son; J. S. Rogers, New York; H.
G. Hold. Denver; O. Longacre, Jr.,
Los Angeles; K. J. Dryman, S. F. P.
& P.
Frank 15. Good of the Fortuna
mine and F. L. Zander of Denver
registered at the Ford hotel yesterday.
Contrary to the plans made at the
last meeting of the Fraternal Brother
hood, there will be no meeting of the
members tonight. The reason will
be satisfactorily explained to nil
members present at lodge a week
from tonight.
If the carrier fails to leave The Re
publican at your address any day noti
fy us before noon and a special mes
senger will deliver it. We expect sub
scribers to get their paper every day
in the year, and unless they advise us
of poor service we cannot properly
serve them. PHONE MAIN 47.
The following , transcripts of the rec
ords t the offices of the district clerk,
theprobate ?ourt and the county re
corder are furnished by the Arizona
Abstract & Title Company.
The records for yesterday were:
Ira A. Moore and wife to John M
MesSinger, lots 10, 11, block 30,
E. B. Kearley and wife to Charles
W. Baldwin, southeast quarter of
northeast quarter 8-1N-5E.
Henry Kettman and wife to James
Helmer, lot 2, Sunderland's sub.
H. M. Montgomery to E. J. Bennltt,
lots 1 and 2, block 3, Porter & Bax
ter's sub.
A. S. Estill et al to E. J. Bennltt.
northeast quarter 1-1N-3E.
C. L. Montgomery to E. J. Bennitt,
Fl RETTY bordered stuffs of the simplest possible kind are being extensively:
' used for little girls' dresses Just now and this one is pretty and dainty
a Yet so easy to make that not even the busiest mother need be alarmed:
Met- ' , . thereby. It can!
be worn over any ;
gufo-.pe. either a !
fancy one as &
illustrated or a
simpler of
lingerie materi
al. The oven
blouse is tucked
over the shoul
ders while thd
little skirt iai
made with twoi
flounces, t bet
lower of whicU
is Joined to m
gored foundaH
tion while thd
upper one fear-j
ranged over 1U
The belt cco-
nects the blousd
with the skirt'
and it can be'
left plain oei
trimmed with"!
ribbon bows, or
a sash can be'
worn over it asi
liked. Embroi-i
dered flouncing;
makes an ex-i
ceedingly pretty
and somewhat
elaborate dress
and plain mate
rials can be
trimmed at their
edges and con
sequently every-!
thing seasonable
can be utilized
For a girt of I
ten years of age4
will be required j
5'A yards ofi
bordered mate-i
rial 13 inches j
wide with 51
yards S inches
wide, yard of
plain material
32; or 6'4 yards
of plain material
24, A yards 32
or 3i yards 44
Inches wide. Ai
May Manton;
pattern, N o i
6056. fee to 12 years, will be mailed to any address by the Fashion Efeprt
ment of this paper on receipt of ten cents. (If in haste send an additional two
' cent stamp for letter postage which insures more prompt delivery.)
Please order for me, 10 cents herewith to cover your charges:
Pattern No Size ....
NOTE: These Patterns are ordered for you from Chicago and re
quire about 10 days to get them to you.
northeast quarter 1-1N-3E.

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