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Notice is hereby given tlit-i a Gen
eral Primary Election will b-i held in
the County of Maricopa, Territory of
Arizona, on the 26th day of Septem
ber,'' 1908, between the hours of 8
o'clock A. M. and 5 o'clock P. M., for
the purpose of electing uelcgates to a
Democratic Convention, and to a Re
publican Convention, and to a Social
ist Convention, to be held in the City
of Phoenix on the 6th day of October,
190S, at which conventions nomina
tions will be made for Legislative,
County and Precinct officers.
Said Democratic, Republican and
Socialist parties shall hold their pri
mary elections at the time aforesaid
and in the following precincts and vot
ing places, viz;
Phoenix precinct, voting place No.
1 at 33 East Adams street.
Phoenix precinct, voting place No. 2
at room on Second avenue. Ford Ho
tel. Thoenix precinct, voting place No. 3
at office of J. T. Dunlap, 19 South
First avenue.
Phoenix precinct, voting place No. 4
at 25 and 27 South Center street. Com
mercial Hotel.
Creighton precinct, voting place at
Creighton schoolhouse. District 14.
Murphy precinct, voting place at
Murphy schoolhouse. District No. 21.
Heard precinct, voting place at
Heard schoolhouse. District No. 35.
Trmpe precinct, voting place at
Curry Hall.
Mesa precinct No. 1, voting place at
City Hall.
Mesa precinct No. 2. Granite Reef,
voting place at schoolhouse.
Lehi precinct, voting place at school
house. District No. 10.
Alma precinct, voting place at
schoolhouse. Distrfct No. 19.
Wickenburg precinct, voting place
No. 1 at justice court room.
Wickenburg precinct, voting place
No. 2 at Morristown, Cox's Hotel.
Agua Caliente precinct, voting place
at Lund's store.
Cave Creek precinct, voting place at
J. D. Houck's store.
McDowell precinct, voting place at
McDowell schoolhouse.
Meridiai precinct, voting place at
Meridian schoolhouse.
Riverside precinct, voting place at
Riverside schoolhouse.
Alhambra precinct, voting place at '
store building.
Isaac precinct, voting place at Isaac
Oshorn precinct, voting place at Os-
' n schoolhouse
Cartwright precinct, voting place at
Carl wright schoolhouse.
orme precinct, voting place at West
End scholhouse.
Huckeye precinct, voting place No.
1 at justice court room.
Buckeye precinct, voting place No.
2 at Liberty, J. G. Schweikarfs s'. jre.
Buckeye precinct, voting place No.
3 at Arlington, store building.
Fowler precinct, voting place 8t
Fuwlt r schoolhouse.
Sottsdale precinct, voting plce at
school'i. .,:, District No. 43.
Gill Iiend precinct, voting placa at
schoolhouse, District No. 24.
Glendale precinct, voting plac No.
1 at schoolhouse.
Glendale jirecinct. voting placa No.
2 at Peoria schoolhouse. No. 11.
The number of delegates to be elect
ed by the Democratic party are as follows:
Phoenix No. 2 It H. McNeil, In
spector; A. D. Leyhe and S. P. Hocfer,
judges; and Sid Orborn and P. P.
Parker, clerks.
Phoenix No. 3 J. T. Dunlap, In
spector; Andrew Toman and Eugene
Hackett. Judges; and W. D.Bell and
Sims Byers, clerks.
Phoenix No. 4 A. II. Davidson, In
spector; W. T. Smith and W. W. Kun
kle. Judges, and Jos. Bush and Joe Mo
rales, clerks.
Creighton T. T. Powers, Inspector;
J. Osborn and Wm. F. Mathers,
Fauley and Win.
Phoenix No. 1
Phoenix No. 2
Phoenix No. 3
Phoenix No. 4
3 !
judges; and Chas.
Munch, clerks.
Murphy W. E. Williams, Inspector;
W. P. Hughes and W. W. Bradshaw,
judges ;and M. D. Novlnger and John
Bradshaw, clerks.
Heard Sam Probst, Inspector; C.
W. Cosner and Joseph Lovell, Judges;
and W. R, Roberts and R. H. Woolf,
Teinpe A. Nollson, Inspector; I.,. E.
Redden and S. S. Warner, Judges;
and C. W. Miller and Z. M. Krizzell,
Mesa No. 1 W. J. LeBaron, in
spector: Fred Maier and H. L. Chand
ler, judges; and James Miller and Joe
Noble, clerks.
Mesa No. 2, Granite Reef W. A.
Macdonald. Inspector; Eernest Crlsmon
and F. Pomeroy, judges and clerks.
Lehl Harvey Harper, inspector;
Wm. Nelson and T. E. Jones, judges;
and George Rogers and T. W. Jones,
Alma A. Hunsaker, Inspector; C.
O. Pugh and Jos. A. Stewart, Judge;
and Orrin L. Standage and R W.
Westover. clerks.
Wickenburg ?. 1 H. W. Baxter.
j inspector; John Riggs and J. K. Mur
iphy judges; and Felipe Garcia and
I. B. Wood, clerks.
Wickenburg N. 2. Morristown Sam
Rodgers, inspector; Thomas Crooks
and Swan Nelson, Judges; and Andy
Selene and Wm. Barnes, clerks.
AGUA Caliente Andrew Pancrazl,
inspector; John W. Cameron and Wal
ter Lund, judges; and R. H. Louder
:nilk and Jas. Caswell, clerks.
Cave Creek Ed Howard, Inspector;
W. T. Linville and C. E. Philes.
judges; and W. H. Linville and W. F.
Lewis, clerks.
Isaac S. J. Roach, Inspector; Rob
ert Jackson and Thos. Walker,
Judges; and John Casey and Wm.
Rice, clerks.
McDowell Frank Asher. inspector;
Refugio Ochoa and Rafael Sota,
Judges; Jose Burian and Bear, clerks.
Meridian Dan Martin, inspector;
James Gilson and N. W. Haggard,
Judges; J. R. Holmes and Sam Webb,
Riverside Wm. Wallace, Inspector;
G. Stickly and Hugh Mclntyre,
judges; Peter Pezzonl and W. E.
Clark, clerks.
Alhambra ft. Hill, inspector; L. M.
Acuff and Geo. Brewster, Judges; H.
Renaud and John Wright, clerks.
Osborn Lon Teal, inspector; J. W.
Vaughan and L. B. Morrell, judges;
Joseph Geire and Jesse Hedgepeth,
Cartwright J. F. Doyle, inspector;
R. C. Shiflet and J. A. Vinson.
Judges; P. D. Gardiner and Horace
Ellison, clerks.
Orme H.-nry Welborn, inspector;
Charles Pendergast and Floyd Smith,
Judges; Joe Kimber . and Hosea
Grenhaw, clerks.
Johnstone Sam S. Stout, Inspector;
Dan Kinney and West Walker.
Judges; M. T. Flynn and James E.
Bacon, clerks.
Buckeye No. 1 T. N. Clauton, In
spector; Riley Johnston and C. M.
Zander, Judges; Phil Moore and
Frank Couch, clerks.
inspector; H. F. Bartlett and (1. W.
Walters, judges; W. J. Osborn, clerk.
Meridian George Washington, Sr.,
inspector; George Washington, Jr.,
and Otis Amator, judges; Fred Amu
tor and Burt Amator, clerkM.
Riverside John Nelson, inspector;
Peter Nelson and George McLellan,
judges; Charles McLellan and Oscar
Roberts, clerks.
Alhambra Ray Isaac, inspector;
Georire Helm and Thomas McAvoy,
ARE the Dead Alive? ;
In the October Delineator starts a
remarkable account of what has been
done to date by various scientists
working in various countries to unrav
el the mystery of life as it is revealed
to us by the agency of death. Do the
dead really live? You are confronted
by a subtle question here. Strange
things are happening no doubt have
been happening these thousands of
years, but only now man is beginning
juages; Aiirea crauD ana tmot iw- to get a faint understanding of what
ans, clerks. they mean. Telepathv, claiivovance,
Oshorn George Alkire, inspector; elairaudence. trance and si.irit writing..
W. Gregg and Victor Norris, )u;li personality, possession, levlation.
it re -. i i t- v, ! ...
judges; H. R. Tritle and Ernest Ben
nett, clerks.
Cartwight C. E. Cartwright, in
spector; Asa Graham and C. T.
Root, judges; A. K. Cartwright and
R. R. Root, clerks.
Johnstone J. G. Hardin. Inspector;
G. L. Sturgos and Wm. Grier, Judges;
Wm. Etter and Jos. Grier, clerks.
Buckeye No. 1 W. W. Jones, In
spector; W. B. Long and Walter Jones,
judges; J. R. Gibson and Ed Kell
Buckeye No. 2, Liberty W. R
Blackmer, inspector; Wm. McDonald
and Dan Dawson, judges; George Har
rer and Carter Hazelton. clerks.
Buckeye No. 3, Arlington John B.
Montgomery, inspector; J. G. Mont
gomery and John Henry, judges; C.
G. Denting, clerk.
Scotjtsdale Winfield Scott, Inspector:
V. X. Vanderhoof and K. O. Brown,
Judges; Percy Smith, clerk.
Gila Bend James Coyle, inspector;
John Anderson, judge, clerk.
Fowler L E. Graham, Inspector;
Frank Creswell and G. It Newton,
judges; Ed Conger and Harry Cres
well, clerks.
Isaac Alfred Crabb, Inspector; Wm.
tossing and Ed Graham. Judges; Oli
ver Isaac and J. E. Ranton, clerks.
Heard Inspector, judges, clerks.
Thoenix No. 1 J. M. Fike, Inspect
or; J. D. Martin and Peter Mohn,
judges; Charles Schendler and J. F.
Spence, clerks.
Phoenix No. 2 F. A. Shaw, Inspect
or; Geo. Newsholme and August Hag
elaud, judges; E. S. Gauthrop and M.
M. Elder, clerks.
materialization these are strange and ;
new terms to which is being added an I
even stranger and newer significance.
Ware living in a time when brick
and stone are not hear as solid and
impenetrable as they used to be, and'
space is not nearly so empty. The
clouds are hardly more evanescent than
we. and our houses and the- things
which we consider so solid and durable'
are as shadows only. All the world is'
awakening to the idea that force is
the great thing a strange great ocean
of unknown force, which storms and
rages about us. And man. on his little
planet. Is like a sailor in a little boat,
orNi bird in the ocean of the air.
Whither comes he? Where does he
Scientists are asking this question.
but not in the old way. Now they !
watch and weigh and prepare tests!
and set traps in a subtle effort to sur- I
prise the Great Artificer at His work'
and to make Him reveal how it is done. I
That it is for which they are striving. j
That it is for which you and. I are!
waiting their reports. We want to
know how it is done.
Have patience. The world is acutely
interested in this problem now, and
will find out not everything, not ex
actly how it is done, but something
more than we now know. The world
is at work, and we shall know not as
the old phrase has it, "what we shall
know," but a great deal more than
we have ever dreamed of in our phil
osophy and that ere long. ,
A thousand dollar bullion shipment
iwns made by the Mount Elliott Con
Phoenix No. 3 Dr. G. S. Reed, in- j ROj Jatej Mines eompanv Wednesday
spec-tor; J. C. Shepardson and W. C. the second one of this size last month
aii.Ness, juuges. tnas. ,ncKSOn ana 1 A carload of concentrates is 1
' Buckeye No. 2, Liberty Edward
irlT, t,i-;."x-V"; ; Brewster, inspector; A. F. Lafferty
(and W. R. Beloat. Judges; Fred Walls
j and June Brewster, clerks.
Buckeye No. 3, Arlington C. W.
j Peterson, inspector; Geo. F. Cocke,
I judge and clerk.
i Fowler J. M. Harmon. Inspector;
James Ivy andVJ. J. Harris, Judges;
j Harry Hilbers and L L. Jackson,
Scottsdale T. Philben, inspector:
Wilford Hayden and It L. Underbill.
Judges: W. A. Pankinn and Claud
Marlar, clerks.
Gila Bend H. C. Miller, inspector;
W. T. Williams and S. L. Combs,
judges and clerks.
Glendale No 1 Walter Kimber. In-
fcuckeye No. 1 3 Rector; J. H. Coffelt and J. B.
KuM-)e.Mi. Auumy Roach, judges; Chas. Barkley and
Buckeye No. 3, Arlington lIra Mo,.re, rUks.
Fowler . . . 3 j oiendale No. 2, Peoria W. A.
Scottsdale 1jHood. inspector; F. A. Woolsev nnd
Gila Bend 1 A j straw, judges; R. W. Wagner
Glendale No. 1 2ana Juhn -V LiveIv clerks.
Giendale No. 2. Peoria 1 j REPUBLICAN.
Phoenix No. 1 E. W. Potter. in
Total 15' spector; L. J. Rice and P. C. Ensgn,
The number of delegates to be elect- judges; George Kirkland and Oar
ed bs the Republican party are as fol- lence Barnett, clerks.
lows ) phoenix No. 2 Rov S. Goodrich,
Phoenix No. 1 I" inspector; H. A. Diehl and N. A.
Phoenix No. 2 10Morford. Judges: J. M. Jamison and
Mesa, Precinct No. 2, Granite Reef. 1
Lehi 2
Alma 6
Wickenburg No. 1 4
Wickenburg No. 2, Morristown 1
Agua Caliente 2 '
Cave Creek 2 j
Riverside 1
McDowell .. l!
Meridian 2 1
Alhambra 3i
Isaac 3 i
Osborn C i
Cartwright 3
Orme 3
Johnstone 1
E. L. Straw, clerks.
Phoenix No. 4 John Earl, inspect
or; J. A. Fulwiler and A. L. Strait,
judges; J. L. Fulwiler and Geo. Wool
dridge, clerks.
Th democratic convention shall be
held at 10 o'clock a. m.. on the 6th day
of October, 1308, at Phoenix, in the
Olympic theater.
The republican convention shall be
held at 10 o'clock a. nr. mi the 6th day
of October, 1908, at 1'hoenix, in O'Neill
The socialist convention shall be
held at 10 o'clock a. m.. on the Cth day
of October. 19i'S, at l'hoenlx. In room
D, Valley Bank buiMing.
Said conventions shall each nominate
candidates for:
1 Member Council,
4 Members House Representatives.
District Attorney,
Probate Judge,
County Superintendent of Schools.
2 Supervisors,
Justices of Peace for various pre
cincts. Constables for various precincts.
Each of said political parties shall
hold primary elections on the same
day, as heretofore stated, and In the
same room. In accordance with Chap
etr CS of the Session Laws of the
Twenty-third Legislative Assembly of
the territory of Arizona, entitled "An
Act to Provide for I'rimary Elections
and the manner of holding the same,"
approved March 16, 190",, and said pri
mary elections shall be conducted, in
strict accordance with the provisions
of said act.
By order nf the board of supervisors,
Maricopa county .Arizona.
(Seal) WM. E. THOMAS,
Clerk Board of Supervisors, Maricopa
county, Arizona.
Dated at l'hoenlx, Arizona, August
18. 19(8
loaded for shipment to the El Paso
smelters. This makes the fourth car
load shipment in the last three
months. The estimated value of the
concentrates being loaded is $:i.0"0.
The bullion nnd concentrate ship
ments are the result of a recent clean
up in the mill. Tile plant will be
running again steadily in a few days
when some minor repairs now under
way are finished.
The company's properties, compris
ing eleven patented claims, are lo
cated west 'if and adjoining the Jessie
group and north of and adjacent to
the Lekm group, both proven proper-
j ties of merit. The Dividend mine, the
scene' of present underground opera
tions, is opened by a shaft to a depth
of 400 feet and by several hundred
feet of drifts. Large bodies of mill
ing ore are exposed in the workings
and besides the mine has produced a
large amount of very rich ore.
Visit MacDonald's College of Beauty
Culture, 204 M.-rcantile Place, corner
Spring St., Los Angeles. Cal. Hair
Dressing, Manicuring, and Facial
Massage 15 cts. each. All branches
taught. Hair manufacturing our specialty.
A Sailors' Christening.
"The late Bishop Potter once in his
early days had occasion to officiate at j
a christening in a small fishing village j
on the Massachusetts coast," says a )
writer in the current issue of Harper's i
Weekly. "The proud father, a young
fisherman, awkwardly holding his first-
born daughter, was visibly embarrass.
ed under the scrutiny of the many eyes
in the congregation, and his nervous- '
ness was not decreased by the sudden '
wailing of the infant as they stood at
the font.
"When the time for the baptism of
Ihe babe arrived the bishop noticed
that the father was holding the child
so that its fat little legs pointed toward
the font.
" 'Turn her this way' he whispered,
but the father was too disconcrted to
hear or understand.
'"'Turn her feet around.' the bishop
whispered again; but still there was
no response. The situation was fast
becoming critical, when an ancient ma
riner in the back of the church came
to the rescue. Putting' his weather
beaten hand to his mouth he roared
across the room. 'Head her up to the
wind. Jack." "
Phoenix No.
Phoenix No.
Creighton 2
SW. It Black, clerks.
9 Phoenlr N'n. 3 C
W. Johnstone.
inspector: C. S. Blaine and B. E. i
n The Salest Menrh", dHncinx
fishillK. imating. skating. flj
I, 1 -nhin- -Ini'r tmi il I'
D "" ' ncerts. B
Q Villas and nimeS " I I
fi lows biy reduction in rcnt B
jflMMMWTTniirmnrn nrn iiei ii "
No Error.
Herbert had a way of telling make
believe stories about things he say, and
his mother wished fit convince him
that they were not true. S, one day,
when he saw a dog pass and began a
story about it being a grizzly bear, she
hade him run away and pray God to
forgive him for telling an untruth.
Very soon he returned and ex; laimed:
"God says that' all right, mother.
He thought it was a grizzly, too."
Murphy Sharks, Judges; P. K. Hickey and
Heard 1 jand James Matthews, clerks.
Teinpe 7 phoenix No. 4 C. M. Sturges
Mesa No. 1 "ispector; J. A. Johnson and
Mesa No.
Wickenburg No. 1
Wickenburg No. 2
Granite Reef
Caliente 1 ison, clerks.
Cave Creek
Glendale No.
Glendale No.
McDowell 1
Meridian 2
E. E.
j Kirkland, Judges: J. M. Melendrez
2 and Earl Moss, clerks.
1 I Creighton C. M. Etter. inspector;
2 Wm Creighton nnd It It Creighton,
1 Judges; Thomas Etter and Roy Clay-
i Murphy F. H. Parker, inspector;
2jC. E. Justis and J. M. Hall, Judges:
1 H. A. Bustrim and Ernest Hall,
2 ; clerks.
Tempe J. B. Mullen, Inspector; I.
V. Stewart and Samuel Brown.
Riverside 1 Judges; J. B. McNeil and Chas. P.
Alhambra .
2 I Mullen, clerks.
Orme 1
Johnstone 1
JJu k 'ye Precinct No. 1 3
Buckeye Precinct No. 2. Liberty ... 2
Buckeye precinct No. 3, Arlington. 2
Fowler 2
Scottsdale 1
Gila Bend 1
Total 94
The number of delegates to be elect
ed by the Socialist party are as fol
lows: l'hoenlx No. 1 2
l'hoenlx No. 2 2
Phoenix No. 3 2
Phoenix No. 4 '. 2
Total 8
The election officers for the primary
election shall be as follows:
Phoenix No. 1 W. B. Lount. In
ppector; Geo. Bellas and M. J. Pettid.
Judges ;and Frank Loveitt and Sid
Goldman, clerks.
Mesa No. 1 Ben Noble, inpsector;
Dan Hibbert and P. A. Williams,
judges; G. M. Fryer and Clarence
Baldwin, clerks.
Mesa No. 2, Granite Reef Hector
Gillls, Inspector, judges, clerks.
Alma E. E. Lewis, Inspector; J. L
Coffin and Lafayette Dana, Judges;
Louis Cuber and George Allison,
Isehl R. W. Simpkins, Inspector;
II. Simpkins and Thos. Byers, Judges;
Milo Shlll and Thomas Steele, clerks
Wickenburg No. 1 It Harmsworth,
Inspector: It Cowell and J. C. Reed,
judges; Dr. J. J. Fleming and Chas.
Meller. Jr., clerks.
Wickenburg No. 2 It N. Cox, in
spector, judges, clerks.
Cave Creek T. C. Houck, inspec
tor; J. D. Houck and E. P. McCor
mlck, judges; A. C. Wernden and
Sam M. Taylor, clerks.
Glendale No. 1 A. V. Bennett, In
spector; S. O. Furrey end S. V.
John, Judges; Roy Wlegold and Paul
Beaver, clerks.
Glendale No. 2, Peoria II. C. Mann,
Iwrvrirr nc je:;3i MccTimn nc
m x m ,
Mf I If. 1.! lt
and up tSS&gSEZSk V-W"?
Los Angeles, Cal.
fourth mid .Muni Sis
American Plan
Per Day
Rooms With Bath
S3, $3,50 and $4
European Plan
Jl.on per 'lv ami up
With bath ll.ro ami up
Notice is hereby given that the reg
ular annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Appropriators" Canal com
pany will be held at Melczer Hall on
October Dth, 190S, at the hour of 1:30
o'clock P. M., for the election of a
board of five directors to serve for th?
ensuing year or until their successors
are duly elected and qualified and for
;he transaction of such other business
ns may legally come before the meet
ing. By order of the Board of Dir-Vtors,
For hauling a-pproximately 6S0 thirty-foot
jM)les which are now on ground
of right of way between Arizona Falls
and Granite Reef Dam, to a ooint in
the city near company plant. Hauling j
Are an invaluable combination to every home and
housewife the two most needed publications
by the American Woman.
THE DELINEATOR s net only the greatest magazine of fashion
, published, but of household helps and literary
context. It tellG a:l there is to be told of the fashion world, making
complete each monlh every woman's fashion information. In each
month's issue there will be found Mrs. Osbom's fashion letter illustrated;
Dressmaking Made Easy, by Eleanor Chalmers; our Paris letter, etc
F. Marion Crawford's serial story entitled "Stradella" is the
biggest hit of the season in fiction.
BUTTERICK FASHIONS a great fashion book published
quarter showing over 2,000 illus
trations of the most up-to-date garments of every . kind, for every
occasion. It is the one book necessary for the sewing-room; a guide to
every stitch, furnishing just the information and helps to make your
sewing a success. Each issue contains a certificate good for one Butterick
pattern free, which will be honored by any merchant selling Butterick
patterns or you may send it direct to us for exchange.
THE DELINEATOR, One Year .... $1.00
BUTTERICK FASHIONS, Four Issues - 1.00
FOR ONLY $1.50
Subscribe to-day with any merchant selling Butterick Patterns or send to ,
within four months after the first
publication of this notice to the said J.
H. Langston, Administrator at the
office of Pinney and Langston, in the
Treighton I!!dg., N". 1st Ave.. City of
l'hoenlx, the same being the place for
the transaction of the business of said
estate, in said County of Maricopa.
J. H. Langston.
Administrator of the Estate of Henry
K. Shirk, deceased. j
Dated this 2.r.th day of August, 1908.
Having terminated all business con
nection with Ir. Wylie. I take pleasure
to commence at far end of fine and be, to inform all my friends and patrons
that I will soon move into new quar
ters. Meantime communicate with me j
at the Redewill Music Co. s store.
completed by the 25th of October. A
certified check of 5 per cent must ac
company aP bids. The company re
serves the right to rojrct any or all
l ids AH bids must be in by 12 o'clock
.Monday, September 21st, 19C&. Ad
dress Pacific Gas & Electric company,
marked "Bids for hauling."
Signed F. H. ENSIGN,
Manager Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Estate of Henry L. Shirk, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the under
signed. Administrator of the Estate of
Henry L. Shirk, deceased, to the credi
tors of and all persons having claims
I against the said deceased, to exhibit
them, with the necessary vouchers,
w-h-h-m : ; m i 1 1 1 1 : i : : ; 1 1 h-h-m iiiiinMiniiiiiiij
t t
Standard Furniture Co.
New and Second Hand Trunks, Suit Cases, Telescopes, Ice Cream
Freezers, Refrigerators, Fruit Jars. We pay highest prices for all
kinds of Second Hand goods.
42-34 W. Washington St. TeL Main 351.
44Mi-Hi-i-; i;n.i t.ni I I t"H"I"i-H"i"M"t t-M' I 1 1 1 I t 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 i'i
Scott's Santal-Fepsm Capsules
or the lilaiidor and i)i4a-t-
Kidneys. No curr no pay
Cures quickly aud l'erma
ncntly the worst caej et
Gonorrhoea and Girct, ni
Platter of how long stand
in?. Absolutely harmU'Hi
Sold by riruifststs. Prut
or by rail. postpa ii
,1 id, 3 noies
KULETT. Agenta.
The W00D3URY now occupies its new
and superior quar
ters in the mammoth new Hamburger Build-
in?. Ilill-Eighth-nroadway. This new Woo.ll.ury home has advan
tages and merits tinequalcd in the entire west and possibly any
where else in the worid: furthermore, the school maintaining in a
more marked degree than ever its virility and efficiency as u hiKh
grade business training institution, we take special pride in inviting
and welcoming to our school all who desire to pursue a business
college course under the most favorable and effective conditions.
Write fcr oatalogue.
New Hamburger Building, Los Angeles, Cal.

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