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Advanced Case of Consumption Cured in
rour nontnt.
Lung-Germine Co., Jackson. Mich.
lear Sirs: I feel it my duty to write
you that 1 have been saved from the
grave by Lung-Germine. Every one
tliiit saw n:e thought I would die in a
short time, and my doctor told me he
could not help me. Analvsis of my
sputum by the State Board of Health
snowed that thousands or tuberculosis
terms were present. 1 was having
hemorrhages very bad, and lever H'3
every day.
I hoard of LunK-Germine and began
its use. At the end of two months my
cough was all cone and I was paining
very fast. 1 sent another sample of
my sputum to be analvzed and the re
ply came back that there were no germs
whatever. When 1 began Lung-Gor-mine
treatment 1 weighed s.1 pounds. I
used the treatment tour months in all
and today I am well and strong. I
weigh 115 pounds, and can truthtully
say that I am completely cured of con
sumption bv Lung-Germine.
Yours very truly.
1403 K. Sod Av., Denver, Col.
Gains 20 Pounds in Weight and Is Com
pletely Cured in Four Months.
September 2, 1907.
Lung-Germine Co.. Jackson, Mich.
lieur Sirs: Four months ago I was
down sick, and Lung-Germine has cured
me. When I lirst wrote you 1 was in
bad condition. I had night sweats,
coughed a great deal, spit up blood, had
rains in my sides and under shoulder
blades, and was Very weak. After us
in it two months' treatment of Lung
1 '.ermine' 1 could walk quite a space,
and had gaini-d considerably in flesh. I
e..!nir.eneed using Lung-Germine n the
iM.a day of April. I then weighed 15
I.,;nds: I now weigh li'5 pounds and.
that is as much as I ever weighed. I
aai lired and only four bottles of Lung
; r.-niri' cured me.
I wish to thank you very kindly for
whit you have done for me and the
kindness you have shown me ut all
i.tiics during my treatment.
Very gratefullv vours,
F. P. No. ti. Box 40, New Bethle
m, l'a.
Cta-ed of Consumption Five Years Ago;
Not a single symptom Mas Ap
peared Since.
July 30. 1H07.
1. ;ng-Gemiine Co., Jackson. Mich.
eieiitleuien: In response to your in
fi.ir. 1 can say that I,ung-Germine
. led me completely and permanently of
k :nt was pronounced by mv attending
jn.sieians. GKXT'IXK Tk"HERCl l.( (SIS.
I use,i only two loltles of your Lung
i ermine, and this I took in March,
i so you see It is over rive years
since 1 was cured, and there is not
ti.e slightest indication of a relapse,
and not a single symptom has returned.
iiefure using Lung-Germine 1 was los
ing liesh very rapidly, had night sweats,
an : 1 had two nemorrhages. 1 assure
"ii that I appreciate bevond expression
v. nat your medicine has done for me.
an I I hereby give you permission to
ji;:m;s!i my letter if you wish.
Vours sincerely,
19- Herbert Street, St. Louis, Mo.
Chronic Bronchitis and Lung Trouble
Cured Three Years Ago, and Pa
tient Remains in Perfect
Health to This Day.
Following are a few extracts from a
leti.-r which we received recently from
ilis. H. C. Boldt of Cuero. Tex.: 'I was
permanently cured of lung and throat
trouble by your Lung-Germine three
curs ago, and I am glad lo say that
I am lee.ing tine as silk, and 1 have
not even suffered with a cold to amount
to anything since I was cured. Before
u-ing Lung-Germine 1 had tried almost
every kno n remedy and several of our
Lest doctors, without relief, and I had
lost all hopes of ever tting well. I
recommend Lung-Germine as the only
medicine in the world that gives perma
nent relief."
Mother and Son Cured Five Years Ago,
Perfectly Well Today.
July 1. 1907.
Lung-Germine Co.. Jackson. Mich.
l;ear Sirs: As to the condition of my-
-r-eu tiller iii.iiici , i tail ni y mai we itir
IVoth in normal healtn. In the vea.r l'.i02
'.vi were cured of genuine consumption
' .c m.r I untr.ili.nninu T..fr,i- nuincr
J.ung-Gormine we were treating with
i.ae best physicians in Jackson, but
.-eemed to pet no relief, to say nothing
"f a cure, one physician told my father
that nothing could be done for my
mother, she being in the last stage of
consumption. J was in the second stage.
Soon after getting this information
Lung-Germine was recommended to us.
and we both began its use. The result
was that we were both cured com
1 ieiely and permanently. Xo trouble of
was kind lias been noticed since we
were cured, which is now just about
tiv- years ago.
I shall ever be enthusiastic over
Lung-Germine and recommend It to
anyone who has lung trouble in any
form. Xo matter how far the disease
is advanced. I believe it is never too
late to give this medicine a fair trial,
tor it certainly has been successful in
our oases, on of which was a most ad
vanced one. Yours verv trulv.
K. F. !., Jackson, Mich.
Suffered for Seven Long Months with
Abscesses on Lungs Was Cured
by Lung-Germine in 1906 Is in
Perfect Health to This Day.
In March. 15. Mr. W. II. Stebar of
X' wport. Virginia. liegan Lung-Germine
treatment after suffering seven
long months with abscesses on his
I'ings. Mi- bad tried almost everything,
bit nothing was of any avail. One
expression .'rem one of his own letters
m that he thought bis days on earth
were few and numbered, but after the
lirst month's treatment of Lung-Germine
had been used the abscesses were
about well and cougii had practically
He took three bottles of Lung-Ger-Tiiine
in all. when he was completely
nred. Below we publish a letter from
ilr. Stebar under date of October 5.
l'"'V proving the permanency of cures
stablisbed by Lung-Germtne.
OcL 5. i;m8.
I.nng-Germine Co., Jackson. Mich.
lH-;ir Sirs: Your letter of inquiry re
- ::ding my health rweived and I am
Truly glad to say that I have no trou
at all with my lungs and hope that
I never will have any more. I can not
' iank you enough for what you have
ion- for me. My lungs seem to .be as
-". as they ever were and I can do
a kinds of hard work without doing
a - any harm whatsoever.
Wishing you everv success. I am.
V. II. STKBAit. Newport, Va.
Wisconsin Man 71 Years of Age Cured
by Lung-Germine in 1903, Is in Good
Health Today, 5 Years Later.
SepL 8, 1907.
I. - e rmine Co.. Jackson. Mich.
'a' - men: I received your recent let
or. i ',; having changed -my address, it
dai not reach me on time. I am pleased
t'- ii;.- from you. and am glad to say
ll';,t I am in good health, notwith
standing that I am now 70 years of age.
It was in l'n3 that I was cured, and ,
my good Health today proves the perma
nency of my cure.
I have received four letters from
three different states from people ask
ing me in regard to vour Lung-Germine
and I gave them the truth, telling
them just exactly what it did for me
and also that 1 considered you as a re
liable company and sirai-ht men in ev
ery respect.
Hoping this will find voti in health
and prosperity. I am, vours in friend
ship. (Sig.) W. J. IllCALY. SR.
11' 'Chester. Wis.
Lxtract from a letter from Mr. IleaLv,
under date of OcL 11. lix.s, are as fol
lows: "I am now past 71 years of age,
and although 1 am not as" voting as I
used to be. I am woiking when I can
get any worn xo oo. At present I am
husking corn and am In good health."
Genuine Lung Trouble Cured in 1905
Enjoying Good Health Today.
Xov. 27 19fiS.
Lung-Germine Co., Jackson, Mich.
!oar Sirs: I b.'g to acknowledge re
ceipt of yours and venture to say I am
enjoying good health and have not been
troubled in the least with uny of mv
oul symptoms. I realise the fact fully
that Lung-Germine Is responsible for
my good health and I am now quite
r...uitie. to ir hua friron me a nornm.
nent cure.
Thanking you for past favors, I am.
Yours verv trulv.
221 N. Richland SL, Belleville, 111,
Are Your Lungs Weak" or Painful?
Do Your Lungs Ever Bleed?
Do You Have Night Sweats?
Have You Pains in Chest and Sides?
Baok Matter? Are You Continually Coughing and
Have You Pains Under Shoulder Blades?
You Spit Yellow and
These Are Regarded Symptons of Lung Trouble and
If you have any of the above symptoms you should
take immediate steps to check their progress. The
longer you allow them to advance and develop the more
deep-seated and serious your condition becomes. You
should introduce at once a treatment which will stop the
night sweats a treatment which will disperse the pains
in chest and sides a treatment which relieves the lungs
and bronchial tubes of the foul secretions and impurities
a treatment which will loosen your cough and by this
means discharge these secretions a treatment which
immediately relieves the pain and soreness under
shoulder blades. Lung-Germine is the treatment which
has successfully accomplished this in case after case in
every state in the union. Its action, although power
ful, is not in the least distressing nor dangerous. It
may be taken by the weakest constitutions, by people
of old age as well as children of five. Its accomplish
ments are the same in one climate as in another and
all the benefit which it gives may be obtained in the
privacy of your own home.
We want to prove to you that Lung-Germine, the
German Treatment, has cured completely and perma
nently case after1 case of advanced consumption (tuber
culosis), chronic bronchitis, catarrh of the lungs, catarrh
of the bronchial tubes, and other lung diseases. Many
sufferers who had lost all hope and had been given up
by physicians, have been permanently cured by Lung
Germine. It must not be inferred that this treatment
is only for the cure of Consumption, for it is a pre
ventive as well. If your lungs are merely weak, and
the disease has not yet manifested itself, you may,vte
vent its further development you can build irP y1"
In tip's and svst.em t.n their nnrma 1 Ktrenfrt.h and capacitv
Lung-Germine has cured ' advanced Con';HmPon
many cases over four years ago, and the ' -ic-main
strong and in splendid health to tli" :f Kead the
proof of this in the left-hand columr inis PaSe-
While the lcttfrs V'rom cured patients, in the left-hand column
of this page, "ampij' proof of the efficacy of Lung-Germine, we
do not want I vou to b- satisfied with these few recommendations. We
want to ser.ca vou ptvf of hundreds of cures from people all over
the United States and Canada. We will do anything you ask in the
way of proving to you the merits of Lung-Germine treatment.
'-We want to send you a free trial treatment of Lung-Germine,
and if you are interested in this treatment, we also want to send
you our new 40-page booklet, printed in colors, on the care ' and
treatment of Consumption and lung trouble. Remember, it is all free.
nd 'ne3 not cost you one cent. If you are a sufferer of any form
' lung or bronchial disease, our book and trial treatment may con--nee
you that there is still hope for you that there is yet a cure,
"1 that there is no good reason why you should give up the ftgtiL
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