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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, May 11, 1909, SECTION TWO, Image 11

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- - -.i . ; - .- -r--.v r:-v
The M aterial
- r s . .
for MMng;
Cool, White, Fluffy Dresses, especially adapted for ''
Arizona summers in Lintex aud lin weave, a mate
rial as sheer as Persian lawn and with a finish- finer V.
than linen: .The LeSueur feibbons Co; sells Lintex
at, per yard from'."'. , . 16 2-3c to 35c
We are exceptionally fortunate in being able to sell
you Persian Lawn at, per ard from. . . . .10c to 50c ;;
Commencement exercises are approaching.
TTn "V "' Jl '" 1 11' l
wmte is rue omy mmg ior
Our line of Organdie and Silk Mulls is complete" t
and extra fine. "
In the Silk line we have the Japioka at 45 cts., - t
me ouvsiiie ai uu cis., uuu
per yard.
4--H H 1 1 1 M-H'l 1111 1 1 WW' I I
If it comes from
Everybody's Drug Store
It is the best. "Watch for the opening day.
. Mesa, Ariz.
will lake you through to Roosevelt from Mem In ten hour. On
f the most scenic stage routes In America, Five relays, Phons as
for Information. Fare, ft.OO.
1 1 ni iii i it 1 1 ; h iiniiniiiiiiiii in i H-H-i-i' i"i in ni'
I We are the leading Druggists is because all pre-
I scriptions are carefully
I drugs.
i 1 1 1 1 n n 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 ; i n i n i - t -
.lti ,i,.t,,t.,,,t,,i,,,,,.,.i.,H.-l"l.-l..:.ll-l'llii'l'H"l"l"l"I"H M 1M"H 1 1 III 1 !
"l-M 11 1 I I 1 I I I l-H-H'
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 H 1 1 iMl.tMl.;..!-;..!..!.!.;.
The new ankle strap
I m the suede at
l"l KIM MM ill H41S Hill I'i'Hl I I I I I I 1 I I I I 1 1 I 1 ! I 1 I 1 I I y
Mesa Butter
For Sale by All Leading Grocers in Arizona and Mexico.
The Best Meals in Town.
Short Orders.
North Side Main St.
Snap in School Land
1G0 acres with $2500
brick house; 120 acres
of alfalfa, balance grain
all fenced and cross
fenced with 2J2 shares
water. Close to Mesa.
Price for short time
$8000. Terms. -
240 acres 1 mile from
Mesa, with six shares
Utah water; all in cul
tivation. Splendid loca
tion for subdivision.
Prioe $25,000;' one-third
down, tenns;on -balance. .iJTfie Mgca Tafld fn i
PomeroyGothrie Realty I I
The Oldest Realty Co. in Mesa.
Box 247.
me tooiseiie ai ZO CIS. T
i-H 1 II 1 1 M M t-H-M "H-H 44
of "
LWe solicit your" patronage
compounded from pure
m - H"H - m - H"1 i -h i ; i m -i i i -t
A carload just received.
special price. Ask for
u. a. TAiiJi;x it uu. x
H"W"I"1"H"1"H"1"H-1 I' 1 1 1 1 I '1 1 '1 ! 1' 1 I I I t
0. S. STAPLEY 5s CO.
II 1 I I I I 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 M A
in patents and all colors t
A strictly fancy creamery product
for table use; always pure and fresh.
The Mesa Dairy & Ice Co.
- - Manufacturers.
1 1 1 11 111111 H"l"K"H"l"l--H"l"H-
I The Salt Rrver Yaller. Bank
; : The repre sentative i
; bank - of Mesa. We ::
" welcome your account.
nii"tn i ii i ti i.i.;ni..ii inn M'
ti l 1 1 M i 1111 1 ItHI 1 1 1 M l j;
Section 18, township 1 south.
range 6, oast, signed up under
; ; government reservoir at $75 per
jl acre. ' .
T 120 acres, a weHimprovcd":"J
I farm, 2 houses, outbuildings,
fenced and crossfpneed, 2Ya T
T shares Utah waterjargooa Duy j.
at $12,000.00 on the best of
terms.. ':
1 1 160 acres southeast of Mesa
T For sale or exchange" for I
jX Salt Kiver valley property, 20
y acres, of grapes and olives-ad- T
9 J . : : V, - A fir.n n rwn Italian
I -vinyard tn Cucamonga Ery I
Fruit Belt, Los Angeles County, :
Calif. Price $2500,00.
Insurance Loans
P. O. Box 475. Mesa, Arir.'
The- ynungeRt real estate
1 1 company in Mesa.
M-H-M i 1 H-8-M-K-H H 11 1 111 i 1 1
H-H ; , m ; i,I 1-8 M.1-M ! H
LY 2()0 IN D E BTS A R R E 8T-"
He Tried To Serve a High Priced Meal
For 25 Cents Restaurant
... Reopened.
W. W. Marshall, a young man appar
ently tet ween twenty and twenty-five
years of age. who has been conducting
the; Bon Ton restaurant in the Cris
mon block for the past three weeks left
for Maricopa Sunday night with debts
banging over him to the extent of be
tween one hundred and fifty and two
hundred dollars. The authorities were
immediately notified of the fact and
the deputy-sheriff at Maricopa arrested
him" yesterday while waiting for a
mam line train.
The -business men of the town who
will suffer most by the sudden flight
Of; Marshall are, LeBaron Bros., Shat-iuck-Nlmmo
and G. Frit Martin of
the- Mesa Meat Market.
Marshall had been employed as driv
er on a mHk route In the city where
it Is understood that he gave the best
of satisfaction and which he continued
to do until he went in the restaurant
btistness. He did a considerable amount
of "advertising and in a short time he
had a long list of customers. He made
a specialty of chicken dinners and
sometime fed as high as seventy-five
and a hundred guests. It aprears that
Marshall had considerable business
Judgment, was a close buyer and a
bargain driver only , that he believed
that he could serve a high cla.s meal
for 25 cents. It may or. may not be a
fact thaj a first class meal can be
served In the-Salt River valley for 25
cents but that at least is given as one
of their reasons that Marshall did not
succeed. He fed enough people to pay
splendidly unless he continued to give
them more than their money's worth.
The building and fixtures are owned
by Ernest Crismon. It is understood
that the restaurant will not close but
will continue with the same, cook, the
only exception being that Marshall will
not be cashier.
First grade. Miss Wilson, teacher
Oliver Demrick, Laura Baine, Guada
lupe Madrid, Olive Martin. Ilif Dana
First grade. Miss Kemp, teacher
Carlos Home, Irma Huston, Francisco
Kewiss, Don Lewis. George K. Lewis,
William Montgomery, fciirl Moricnsen,
Raymond O'Clair, Grant Peterson.
Second grade Miss Dobbie. teacher
Laura Bukey, Georgie Crismon,
Blanche Ellsworth, Lewis Fuller, L-
LBlie Kleinmau,- Aaron Mortensen, Cul-
cie Wallace. Merle Weeks.
Second grade; Miss Goodman, teach-er-rRuth
Huber, Erwin Stapley. Reuel
Pomeroy, Winona Marsh, Dorothy
Gray, Leigh Clark, John Fuller.
Third grade. Miss Haulott, teacher
Harry Brundage, Hazel Nelson, Lavon
Davis,. Marguerite Madrid.
Third grade. Miss Allen, teacher
Ruth Gaut, Gail Johnson, Ralph Mac
donald,. Amy Riggs, Charles Weeks,
Hazel Scott.
Fourth grade. Miss McComas, teach
er Merle Allen, Louis Diehl, Anna
Lewis, Zola Pomeroy, Monita Pomeroy,
Akeman McCollough.
Fifth grade Miss Huston, teacher
Myron Bailey, Theresa Brimhall. Myrl
LeBaron. Lora Jones, Merwin Huston,
Hazel Mortensen, Cecil Hostetter, Eliz
abeth Norton, Zina Guthrie.
Sixth grade. Miss Autrey, teacher
Pearl Shewman, ' Lawrence Ellsworth.
Phoeba Sanford. Lucile Peterson. Etna
Notley, Lueila Pomeroy, Pearl Felton
Seventh' grade, Mr. Jones. teachers
Beatrice Mete, Lucile Mortensen, Mar
tha Sanford. Lynn Thompson.
Seventh grade. Miss Pinkerton,
teacher Gertrude Barnett, Rachel
Brimhall. Rotha Gray. Blanche Mum
ford. Leota Pomeroy, Gertrude Phelps,
Frank pomeroy, Lenora Simkins, Ada
Shewman. Owen Stewart, Mary Wln
terberger. . .
Eighth grade, Mrs. Baker, teacher-r-Dilworth
Pederson, Alberta . Pederst n,
Angus Johnson, Mrs. Fuller. Ralph
Fuller, Karl. Macdona!d. Mabel Clark,
Marion Chandler, Luise Chandler
Cruise Rogers.
The members of the local W. C. T.
IT. are to enjoy a picnic today at
Drew's park, the losers in a member
ship contest doing the entertaining.
Some time ago a contest was institut
ed among the local Christian temper
ance ladies, Mrs. W. N. Amos being
captain of one side and Mrs. E. W.
Wilbur captain of the other. The con
test was the means of adding several
new members and of course one side
had to lose, Mrs. Wilbur was the cap
tain of the mpre successful side and
Mrs. Amos had to stand for the drinks.
Persons whose diet is com
posed of .most wholesome foods
are comparatively free from dis
ease and are active mentally and
is wholesome, nourishing, and
cleanly. Made from the whole
wheat ben-TP T
- rMH 1 I 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 Ml
Mesa Track Turn Paraphernalia Has
Arrived Fifteen Applicants
For Positions.
The plans for the field day exercises
to be held in thls"clty"on the 28th of
this month in which the different
schools of the valley win contest fdra
loving cup, have been completed. A
letter from Manager O. S. Stapley to
Prof. Claude Jones of the Phoenix high
school will be found .later on in this
article which will give in detail the
events and the rules governing same,
It Is highly important that these plans
for the meet are thoroughly understood
by every contestant before the. day of
the event so that- -there may be no
misunderstanding. There never-was a
possibility of righting a misunder
standing in regard to the rules after
the time has arrived for the entries.
The Mesa teams are " lining up in
splendid condition under the direct
management of Bert - Hunsaker. A
considerable of the paraphernalia has
arrived, that for the pole vault, shot
put. hammer throw and etc : There are
up to the present time In the neighbor
hood of fifteen applicants Tor the dif
ferent positions while only ten can be
accepted.' . ;
It has about been definitely settled
to put on the play "A Royal Slave?' at
the Mesa opera house on the night
of the 28th. This is a production
which is going to be well worth while
and would be a splendid way in which
to close the entertainment of the day.
The- following letter is self explan
atory: '
Mesa, Ariz.. May 7. 1909
Prof. Claude Jones:
Dear Sir In accordance with our
talk over the phone, below you wfll
find list of events and points for the
same which will take place May 28th,
under Jthe rules of T. M. C. A. Athletic
100-yard dash One man from each
team competing. ""'
. 50-yard dash One man from each
team competing ..
Pole vault One man from each
team competing. ,.
: High Jump One man from each
team competing. '
Broad Jump One man from each
team competing. ,. ,
Hammer throw One man Trom each
team competing.
Shot put One man from each team
competing. "
Hurdle race One man from each
team, competing.
Obstacle race (1200 yards) One man
from each team competing.
In all of the above events the first
man makes 4 points and the second
2 points. . ... .
Relay race Ten men from each side.
In the relay race the winning team
makes 12 points and the second team
6 points.
The team making the highest num
ber of points in ail the above events
6hall be entitled to the loving cup.
Explanation of obstacle- race: Dis
tance 100 yards. At the first 25-yard
line there will be a wheelbarrow for
each man set with the wheel toward
him. He shall run to the opposite end.
take hold of the handles and wheel 20
feet toward starting point, at which
place will be a mark. Then leave the
wheelbarrow at said line and run to
ward finish and at 50-yard line there
will be a canvas 10x14 Inches, stretch
ed tight 18 Inches above the ground,
underneath the runners must go. At
the 75-yard line there will be a wheel
barrow for each man. set in the same
position as the first, and runners must
wheel back 20 feet as in the first.
Explanation of relay race: Distance
100 yards; each team to have ten men;
one man from each team starting from
the finish which will be at the grand
stand ,and run to the opposite end,
touching his man, and so on until all
have run. finishing up at the stand.
AH entries must be in to me on or
before the 20th of. the month. - We
would like all Indians eliminated from
all teams.
Kindly let us know if you are not
sure of the events so that we can ex
plain and address.
Tours truly,
:' - - Manager.
MORROW. Mits Box Opening and Quarterly Tea
at the Home of Mrs. E. W.
The Home Missionary society will
meet tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon
at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. B. W.
Wilbur. It is particularly desired that
all members and friends contemplating
attending that hour for meeting has
been set for 2 o'clock instead of 2:30
as heretofore. This Is the time for the
mite box opening and the regular
quarterly tea.
One of the features of the meeting Is
''-". Miss Jacobs of the Tucson home
will be in attendance and tell of the
workings of that Institution- ,
Harry Burrier. for a long time with
the Holladay pharmacy has accepted a
position at G rover's place and will be
in charge of the fountain. Mr. Burrier
for a number of years was in charge
of the Holladay fountain and he is rec
ognized as one of the best mixers In
the valley.
R. A. Chase who has been employed
at Cirover's has accepted a position
with Sfliilehns at Phoonix' and will
leave for that place In a few days.
I M fr-fr-H I I 1.11 HI 11 1 I 11 11 II 1
Grinit Reef Youngster Pays Fine of
. -Quince Peso in Police Court.
. Ramona B. dfoaco, of. Granite Reef
swore out a warrant yesterday morning
for John Doe, a young man from the
land of manana charging him with
using indecent language In her pres
ence and making improper advances.
Richard Dixon, the deputy sheriff,
came down to serve the warrant and
after so doing he wired the timekeeper
to not pay the aforesaid John Doe un
til nine o'clock. ' This information was
observed by the timekeeper and sure
enohgh John Doe came into Mesa at
10:80 promptly where he was arrested,
tried and paid his fine of fifteen dol
lars In time for dinner.
Alfredo Valenzuela took on a highly
cultivated jaggette on the Sabbath day
and paid the fiddler to the extent of
$7 in police court yesterday.
- It is understood from - one of the
deacons of the Baptist church at this
place that the pastor. Rev. C. Sydney
Maddox has received a call from the
Baptist church 'at Clifton, Ariz.
Mrs. J. M.-Schuel is reported ill at
her home east of the city.
Mrs. M. L. Gibbons was a Phoenix
visitor yesterday.' " r '
; Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Gurley returned
to their home in Phoenix yesterday
after spending Sunday with Mesa rel
atives and friends." -,
The house of Hyrum Phelps located
east of town is nearing completion.
Mr, and Irs. James Kjrksey expect
to leave tn a few davs for theirold
home in North Carolina.
Dr. R. F. Palmer was a Phoenix ris
Itor yesterday. ' . '
. T. E. Pomeroy, of the , Pomeroy
Guthrle Realty company, was a pas
senger for Roosevelt via stage yester
day morning.
The shortage of water Inthe canals
continues to be one of the Important
subjects for conversation. ' . .
, How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollar Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. ,
F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O.
' We, ' te undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last Is years, and be
lieve htm perfectly honorable in all busi
ness transactions and financially able to
carry out any obligations made by his
- Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Testimo
nials sent free; Price 76c per ' bottle.
Sold by all Druggists
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
tion. - -
- - . of the
Know all men- by these ' presents,
That we, whose- hands are hereunto
affixed, do hereby associate ourselves
together for the purpose of forming a
corporation under the laws : of the
Territory of Arizona and to that end
make the following statement:
First The name of the corporation
SecondThe ' principal place In
which the. business of said corporation
within the Territory of Arizona Is to
be transacted Is Morristown, Maricopa
County, Arizona,, and the principal
place of business of said corporation
ouside 'the Territory of Arizona shall
be the City of Cleveland, In the
State of Ohio, at which place the meet
ings of stockholders and the board of
directors may be held, and the corpo
ration may have such such branch of
fices cither within or without the Ter
ritory of Arizona as may be establish
ed by the board of directors.
Third The general nature of the
business proposed to be transacted by
this corporation is as follows, to-wit:
To purchase, lease, - locate, bond or
otherwise acquire, own. hold and oper-;
afe copper, gold, silver or lead mines
or mining claims or rights, and in con
nection with the exploration, operation
and development of -such mines to do
In general all things necessary to the
proper conduct of the mining business
in the Territory, of Arizona and else
where; to purchase, lease, locate, or
otherwise acquire and own or Bell any
and all classes-of mining property and
real estate of every other kind and de
scription, including - mines, mining
claims, oil and gas lands, water and
water rights, and to acquire, build, es
tablish, maintain and operate all nec
essary mining -plants, reduction works
and smelters, and to build all necessary
lines of railway, and establish all such
lines of transportation or communica
tion as may Be necessary or proper In
carrying out its said business, not in
consistent with tha laws of th United
States and the Territory of Arizona.
: Fourth The authorized amount of
the capital stock -of this corporation
shall be One Hundred and Fifty Thou
sand Dollars ($150,000) divided Into
Six Thousand (6000) . Shares of the
par value of Twenty-five Dollars
,125.00) each. "At such times as the
board of directors may . by resolution
direct, said capital stock shall be Is
sued by Jthe corporation and paid for
either in cash, at .its par value, or by
the sale and transfer to it of any real
or personal property for the uses and
purposes; of the - corporation. In pay
ment for which, shares of- the capital
stock of said corporation may be. is
sued, and the capital stock so issued
shall thereupon and thereby become
and b fully paid up and non-assessable,
and the Judgment of the directors
as to the value of the property pur
chased shall be conclusive.
: Fifth The time of the commence
ment of this corporation shall be the
date of the filing of a certified copy of
these Articles of Incorporation in the of
fice of the territorial auditor, and the
termination thereof . shall be twenty
five (25) years thereafter, provided
however that the. life of -this corpora
tion mav be extended for additional
and indefinite periods-or twenty-five
(2") years each in perpetuity.
Sixth The afairs of this corporation
H H !! i r I I 11 11 1 1. 1 V M Hill
'1 1 1 M 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I t-
If 's the town
1 On the A. &C.
: It's the mines,
Look good to me.
It's the climate,
It's the water
: If you don't go
You had oughtcr.
H-H ' l i 11 1111111 m i i m 1 1 1
shall be conducted by a board of not
less" than five nor more than fifteen
directors, and the following named
shall constitute the board of directors,
until their successors are elected: A.
,T. Rogers, Francis L. Judd, E. A, Rich
ardson, George A. McGrath and L. F.
These directors and the officers of
the company shall hold their office un
til the first Monday In June, A. D.
1909, or until . their successors are
elected and qualified; thereafter the
board of directors shall be elected from
among the stockholders on the first
Monday in June of eaeh year. .
The officers of said corporation un
til their successors are elected by the
next board of directors shall be A. J.
Rogers, president; E. A. Richardson,
vice president; L. F. McGrath, secre
tary; L. F. McGath. treasurer.
Seventh The highest amount of in
debtedness or liability, direct or con
tingent, to which this corporation is at
any time subject is twenty-five thou,
sand dollars ($25,000), which amount
does not exceed two-thirds of the
amount of its capital stock.
' Eighth The private property, of the
stockholders of this corporation shall
at all times be exempt from corporate
debts of any kind whatsoever. -
In witness whereof, we have here
unto set our hands this third day of
February. A. D. 1909.
'. ; A. J. ROGERS (SEAL)
The State of Ohio. - - - -County
of Cuyahoga, ss.
Before me, C. L. Jones, a Notary
Public in and for the State and County
aforesaid, on this day personally ap
peared, Francis L.' Judd, L. F. Mc
Grath, A. J. Rogers and E. A. Rich
ardson, known to me to be the persons
whose names are subscribed to the an
nexed instrument, and acknowledge to
me that they -executed the same for
the purposes and consideration therein
Given under my hand and seal of of
fice this Jrd day of February. A. D.
1909.. .
(Notarial Seal) Notary Public.
My commission expires June 26, 1911.
Territory of Arizona.
County of Maricopa, ss.
I, C. F. Leonard, County Recorder
In and for the County and Territory
aforesaid, hereby certify that I have
compared the foregoing copy with the
original Articles of Incorporation of
"The Maricopa Mines Company," filed
and recorded in my office on the 8th
day of February, 1909, and 'that the
same is ar full, true and correct copv
of such original and . of the whole
, 'Witness my hand and seal of office,
this 8th day of February, 1908
(SEAL) County Recorder.
Filed in the office of the Territorial
Auditor "of the Territory of Arizona,
this JSth day of February. A. D. 1909,
at 10 A. M., at request of L. F. Mc
Grath whose postoffice .address is 1030
Williamson Building. Cleveland, Ohio.
Territorial Auditor.
Department of the Interior, United
States Land . Office. Phoenix, Ari
zona, April 20,-1909.
- A sufficient contest affidavit having
been filed in this office by Thomas J.
Webb, contestant, against Homestead
Entry No. 1009, Serial 02201. made
September 14, 1909, for N SE
NH SWVl. Township 1 N Range 1 R.
O. & S. R. B. and Meridian, by Phillip
T. Walsh, contestee, in which it Is al
leged that said Phillip T. Walsh has
abandoned said land for the tost six
months and has never made his home
thereon, nor has he made any improve
ments on said land of any kind what
ever; said parties are hereby notified
to appear, respond, and offer evidence
touching said allegation at 10 o'clock
a. m- on May '28, 1909, before Register
and Receiver U. S. Land Office, Phoe
nix, Arizona.
The said contestant having. In a
proper affidavit, filed April 16, 1909, set
forth facts which show that after due
diligence personal service of this no
tice cannot be made. It is hereby or
dered add directed that Such notice be
given by due and proper publications
- CHARLES E. ARNOLD. Receiver.
ADAMS ST. , " -,s
will, commencing Saturday, May 15th.
and extending until "Wednesday. June
1st. receive payment .' for irrigation
water service- from those lands en-
The New Remedy for Lung Trouble and
The one treatment that gives favor
able results. I'nder favorable climatic
or home conditions the effect Is in
creased manv -fold. 'The benefit -of a
Ten Days' Treatment is sufficient In
centive to continue until cured. Write
for book of results r 12.00 for 16
os. bottle prepaid. Two-fold action
builds up and destroys germs 6f disease.
Pleasant to take, soothing and healing.
One treatment will convince. Itook free,
830 N. V Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.
MtK'l 1 1 1 1 Hit 1 1 I H 1 1 M I til
'1 1 1 I 1 1 1 '! 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IU-
Our Best Argument ii
i for your . business is i
that we sell " the i; most Jt
up-to-date and stand-1
t ard lines of . . '
I Men's Wearing
Apparel i
J and carry the largest
stock in the city. Mail ?
orders receive our 3;
; prompt attention. ;f
: : This store is the home J
of Hart, Schaffner &'
J Marx Clothes.
Fiorsheim Shoes.
Stetson Hats.
, . Cluett Shirts.
11111 1 iih-i ; in 1 n 1 1 1 n 11
The Bon Ton Eestaurant
In Crismon Block. "
Under .new management.
Give us a trial.
Mesa Union High i
School - Building Sou- $
venir Spoons at ' J
t Mesa Jewelry. Store J
i n h 1 1 1 1 niin ii 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 ;
Ice Cream I
Regular Dance
at r
Saturday Night.
i" h M n i 'i 1 1 1 1 1 1 in n 1 1' 1 1 r
The best bread; the most gro- T
ceries tor the money at
Peterson ' A Horn.
t"HM"l--M"l"M"M 1 1 1 1IHW
I'M I'M H-l IlllltHlllHIIIt
11 Arizona Land Co. i!
I 11 M 1 Ml I I ! V IIMIIMI I'
titled to the same from the Arizona,
Maricopa. Salt River Valley and Ap
propriators' canals. The charge . for
the service of water wilt be Sixty Cents
60c). for the Summer season, or be
tween May 15 and September 15, 1909;
and will be payable at Room IS of the
of ices of the U. S. Reclamation Service,
Post Office Building, Phoenix. Arizona.
'Water delivery, will be suspended on
all lands that fail to make payment
prior to June 1st. " "
Flood water will be sold at the same
time to those lands entitled to the
same; the charge will be Thirty Cents
(30c) per acre for the- Summer season.
LOWS C. HILL, -Supervising
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to visit The Popular
when in Mesa. We are
the headquarters for
; ETC.
I The Pojpular

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