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Anita Primrose A Complete Change Genaro and Theol I
English Music Hall
of Acts and Pictures
Flexible Equilibrist. The World's f
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We Play Pantage's Acts, Which Means a Good Show All the Time.
Philadelphia, June 28. 'Nine more
clciiths were added today to the list of
heat victims in this city. This makes
the tutal for the hot s:ell of more
than 40.
Don't Worry
Keep cool and comfortable by
JL using Bear's
ju Is cooling and relieves prickly
heat at once. Perfectly harm-
less and "non-irritating." Can
use it on the baby.
X Remember this Prickly Heat
T Remedy is no experiment, and
jjj is guaranteed by
l The Bear. Drug Store
4 (Enough Said.)
? Opp. City Hall.
HHH-H-K-H-H-HH-5- i
Better take a Look
next few days; we'll
For every man in the Salt River Valley for every man who wants best
quality in clothes, and cares anything for the way he gets it, and the cost
of getting it. There's no charge for courtesy, nor for the advantage of
the great variety of patterns, weaves, styles from which you may select;
nor for the certainty that whatever you choose is good.
The McDougall & Cassou Co.
' 30-32 AVost Washington Nr. .-
Experience of a Herd
Sunday Afternoon.
of Elks on a
What might have been one of the
most horrible tragedies In the history
of the territory was narrowly averted
I last Sunday evening,
j Soven Elks left Phoenix early Sun
j day morning in a red automobile laden
j with all manner of eatlets, drinklets
, and smokelets. and hied themselves to
one of the cool and jhady nooks of
j Camelback. Little did they think, as
. they rhug-chiiKgred through the cooling
morning zephyrs, that the shadow of
death lurked in the glowing 'naming
sunbeams; that far beyond them over
the red adobe wastes. In a crevice of
J. Camelback. lay one of the greatest dls
i coverles in the history of Elkdom.
Arrived at one of the shady glades
of Camelback, the party ran the ma
chine into a clump of rocks, leaving
the bountiful store of rations in the
bed of the machine. Taking shooting
irons the entire party set off in quest
of game before the sumptuous mid
day feed that was to be the event of
the outing. Many a good shot was
shot, and many a good chance was
missed, until shortly after IX o'clock
when all returned to where they had
left the machine. But the automobile
was gone. Not a trace of it was vis
ible. At first it was thought they had
not returned to the right spot, but the
tell-tale cigar wrappers, bits of lunch,
corks, and here and there a portion of
automobile tire told them that all was
not well. The Elks found themselves
in a predicament not to be envied
nothing to cat, drink, smoke, and no
means of getting back home.
Of course everyone became excited.
A conglomeration of suggestions was
'. made. Wild and unintelligible coni-
mands rent the air. Finally, after
j calm had been restored to some ex
; tent, the Elks separated into different
groups, to make a systematic search.
! And all afternoon they walked, scur
i ried, ran, hither and thither, in search
"f hat they really didn't know
We'll be glad to see you, and we'll take care of your
needs promptly and to your satisfaction. There's a
Good Deal to be Said About the Pleasure
of buying Clothes' as well as wearing them. Some
times it is merely in the way you are treated in the
1 store the spirit of the service the liberal way of do
ing business.
25 Discount Off the Regular Selling Price
considering the quality of the Glothing we sell, should
prove, and does prove a big inducement ot anyone in
need of a suit of the best Clothing "Made in America"
This Store Ought to be Headquarters
cept that they had lost everything, and
that they wanted help, something to
eat and drink. Twilight came on, and
as the blue sky turned golden, from
gold to red, and on into lavender, and
finally black, the exhausted men, hun
gry, tired, parched with thirst and
worn out from exceptional hardship,
the awfulness of their situation came
upon them with all its force. Some
yelled for help, others screamed, while
several cried. But only the ' echoes
from out the darkness answered them.
All night they searched, although
they knev it was useless, and as the
early streaks of the" awakening; dawn
came over the horizon the worn out
men found themselves bunched togeth
er. They had gone clear around on
the far side of the mountain and as
they looked off over the area of weath
ered rocks a small adobe hut like a
chipped brick-bat met their bloodshot
eyes. Making their way as best their
worn out bodies would allow them they
came upon it, held a council as to what
to do, and then decided to enter the
black blot called the door.
It was some time before their eyes
became accustomed to the early morn
ing light that faintly entered the bar-,
ren hut, but as they became able to
look into the dark shadows a horrible,
squirming mass of purple met their
eyes. Hundreds of purple reptiles,
rolling, twisting, writhing over the
floor of the adobe hut. Xo two were
the' same size. Some of the shiny pur
ple bodies measured over eighteen feet
in length. Each and every snake had
a Malr of antlers away out of propor
tion to the size of its body. All of the
squirming reptile mass was fighting
for the last piece of rubber from one
the rest with silver tipped horns, and
hung a long purple body suspended
from a rafter, different in form from
the rest of the silver tipped horns, and
bushy tail, presumably one of the
roval members of the snaky band. In
his mouth was a large and black Ha
vana, almost finished, and from the
lolling manner in which he irregularly
swayed from side to side it could be
plainly seen that he was under the
influence of heavy Burgundy. The
Elks were horrified, almost paralyzed
with fear. At this moment a hiss re
sembling a quickly drawn in breath
caused the men to turn and behold a
in on us within the
be very busy, but
H-M"H"H"M 1"r-WH-M--4"HH"H4"H
cloud of dust advancing up the rocky
pass. From out the dense and dusty
cloud of reddish hue protruded a pair
of antlers, over fifteen feet across, tip
ped with diamonds, but the party
never stopped to make further investi
gations; they simply ran. Where they
knew not.
The gentlemen have not yet found
out how, or where, the body of the ma
chine went. Neither will they tell how
they returned to Phoenix. They have,
however, a small, purple, slimy reptile,
with antlers, in their club rooms that
they will not allow the outside world
to even so much as get a peep at until
they place it on exhibition as their of
fering from the Arizona Lodge of Elks
as the tribute to the Los Angeles Elks'
San Francisco, June 2. James
Treadwell, former director of the Cal
ifornia Safe Depository & Trust com
pany for embezzlement of bank stock
valued at $65,000- was today freed,
the charge being dismissed.
Washington, June 28. President
Taft gave a dinner tonight on the roof
of the west wing of the White House.
Plutocrat and Poet.
Good old opulent John D.! He
would look with scorn on me; I con
sider I'm In luck, when I have an
extra buck; buying ice or buying
coal always keeps me in the hole, and
when I have paid the rent I am left
without a cent. Yet I'm always gay
and snug, happy as a tumblcbug,
having still the best of times, grind
ing out my blame fool rhymes! Old
John P., on t'other hand, frets away
to beat the band; he is burdened with
his care though he isn't with his
hair and is health is going back.
amf is liver's out of whutk. and his,
conscience has grown numb, and his
wishbone's out of plumb, and he's
trembling all the day lest a plunk j
may get away. Better be a cornfed
bard, writing lyrics by the yard, with
an appetite so gaq it won't balk at
prairie hay, than to- have a mighty
pile, and forget the way to smile.
Memorable Hearst-McClellan Mayor
alty Contest Ends After Nearly
Four Years and Great Expense
New York, June 23. (Special Cor
respondence of The Republican.)
This city now holds the unenviable
record of possessing the most ex
pensive street railroad in the world,
which affords the blue ribbon ex
ample of the methods of financial
Jugglery that brought about the
wrecking of the greater part of the
local traction system. Even New
Yorkers, accustomed as they are to
the Ins and outs of the city's trans
portation lines have had their eyes
opened by the report fn this unique
property which has Just been made
to the public service commlsfson. The
line in question which runs across the
city from river to river is of the
horse car variety. It is a trifle over
three miles in length, is equipped with
a single track with turnouts and
owns and operates rolling stock to
the extent of three horse cars. It is
in a word about the most antiquated
example of a surface transKrtation
line In the city, and yet the figures
on file with the public service com
mission show that the men in charge
of the company claimed to have
spent $1,063,244 a mile for equipment,
a sum, it is asserted, which would
replace the present outfit with tracks
of silver ard gold 'covered cars. The
franchise for this remarkable line
was issued, in 18S6. and ten years
later the road went into the hands of
a receiver. This was at the begin
ning of the receivership epidemic
which resulted in most of the surface
lines in Manhattan coming into the
possession of the Metropolitan clique.
Upon the acquirement of the little
road by these interests stocks and
bonds were issued to the amount of
$3,000,000. At present the line is be
ing operated, by a receiver at a loss
of 2.'!0 per cent, and altogether it af
fords a most striking example not
only of the traction situation here,
but of methods of high finance as
It is likely to be some time before
Father Knickerbocker can be expected
again to manifest much interest in
the luxury of two mayors, since ex
perience has show nsuch an indul
gence to be entirely too expensive. It
is only after three and a half years
that the city's only experiment in
this line has been closed, and the
comedy, which at times promised to
become tragedy, of two municipal
dromios closed. The final ward in
this exciting drama was only written
this week and It took the form of a
signature on a check which leaves
the city with J83.576 less than it had
before. Although it was nearly four
years ago that Hearst and McClellan
ran such an astonishingly close race
for the Job of being mayor of Great
er New York that each claimed to
have been elected. It was only last
year, after the famous recount of the
ballots and subsequent to the intro
duction of much testimony dealing
with all sorts of political scandal,
that Mf. McClellan was finally de
clared to be the winner. More than
$1,000,000, It is estimated, has ' been
spent by the city in Btralghtening out
this tangle, of which the check for
J83.S76 was a final payment to Mayor
McClelland by the city for his ex
penses In the recount fight. To be
forced to put up a million dollars for
the privilege of seeing two candidates
fight over the chief office In his city
government is an opportunity which
hardly appeals to Father Knicker
bocker, and it Is likely that if a re
currence of the situation ever takes
place there will be marked apathy
on the part of the city for the role
of referee.
The police department, whose mem
bers are variously known as the
"finest" or "de cops," according to the
part of the city in which one lives,
is apparently in for a hard summer.
Not a day passes now but some irate
citizen adduces all sorts of alleged
evidence of Dolice corruption. The
whole affair started by the arraign
ment of Police Commissioner Bing
ham by Justice Gaynor for the al
leged, arbitrary methods of the police
which has acted as an opening wedge
for all sorts of attacks on the
police department, many of which
are evidently the reiult ,of spite,
while others are simply ludicrous.
Perhaps the strangent of these
was recently made by a pickpocket
named Smith who admitted that he
had followed the profession for 12
years against an officer who was sent
to Detroit to bring him pack after his
nrresU there. According to Smith the
officer proposed a game of cards, hut
as neither had any money with which
to gamble, the prisoner . was turned
t 1 t - H - HH -
Amateurs Next
loose to go through the train with
the result that he quickly gathered- in
forty-six dollars, dividing equally
with the policeman as, he asserts, is
the regular New York custom. It
was not until the officer had won
some $106 from Smith who sup
posedly had only $23, that the minion
of the law became suspicious and
accused Smith of holding out more
than his "share. According to the
pickpocket's story, however, he had
merely been picking the officer's
pocket right along and allowing him
to win the same money over and
over again. The policeman's distrust
so keenly hurt Smith's feelings, the
latter alleges, that he decided to re
veal the whole affair. Sad as it is,
however, even the keenest critics of
the police department are ready to
makes Smith a dishonorary member
of the Ananias club.
If you want to make money, lose
it, or allege that you have lost it.
While it hardly sounds reasonable as
a financial proposition, this dictum is
likely to become so popular here this
summer that a regular epidemic of
purse losing is looked for by the po
lice. The reason for this unique
method of making money which here
tofore has not been regarded as suc
cessful, even in Wall street, comes as
a result of no less an authority than
that of a court decision. The case
from which this new means of ac
quiring wealth takes its inception is
that of an Italian who while return
ing by subway" from Brooklyn drop
ped the purse Just as he was leaving
the car, that It fell Just inside the
gate where be could not reach it
and that upon asking the guard for it
he was told he would have to apply
at the main office. At the "Lost and
Found" department he testified no
pocketbook answering the descrip
tion of the one which he had lost
had been turned in. He therefore
brought suit against the company
for the sum of $500 which he said
it contained. In spite of the fact that
Only 2 Days Left
The answers are coining in fast and the contest
promises to be a great success in every way.
Why is Real Estate in Phoenix and
in the Salt River Valley a good invest
ment? Give 10 Reasons
That's easv, isn't it? Anv one 16
years of age or under is allowed to
take part.
Contest closes on next Wednesday,
June 30th, and all letters must bear
postmark of on or before that date or
cannot be counted. The time is short,
Get Busy !
You may win one of the prizes.
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
The Barnes of the winners, together
with the reasons, will be published as
soon as possible after all letters have
been judged, so do your best. "Write
your name and address plainly and ad
dress Contest Department.
Yonr Money
Back if Any
thing We Sell
Yob Is Not
as We Rep
resent It.
26 N.IS ST.
H - H - H ! t !"! t I 1 H-M M tt-H 1 1
Friday Night
the guard in question testified that
no such incident ever occurred, the
court awarded $500 damages. As a
result of this decision and bearing ,ln
mind the weight of such a precedent
in the eyes of the law. it is a safe
prediction that there will soon be an
astonishing increase in the number
of lost pocket books for which in
demnification will be asked.
The Fortune Hunter.
By working early and late and other
people, a family had acquired a com
bined fortune of $80,000,000. Ob
serving this divers young women be
gan to contrive methods of getting a
share of the sum, "for," as they said
simply, "this thing of maintaining a
social status in the absence of dough
is a tax upon the feminine intelli
gence." Out of their ambition sprang
suits for alimony, exciting public re
gret that by no process of law could
both sides lose. Philadelphia Public
The Judge I grant the divorce.
Now, as to the custody of the child. I
will have to
The Plaintiff Your honor, we de
sire to wait a few weeks before you
decide that.
The Judge Please state your rea
sons for this extraordinary request.
The Plaintiff Gerald "and I want to
wait and see whether the child looks
like his folks or mine. Cleveland
It Was.
"I read The Count of Monte Cristo"
How-d you like it?"
"Very much. Reads as if it might
have been a six-best-seller at one
The Boof-ear.
"What's bogey at your golf club T
"The dues."
Five Dollars
Three Dollars
Two Dollars j
Yoor Money
Back if Any
thing We Sell
Yob is Not
as We Rep
resent it.

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