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The Clara Consolidated Road
Building in' full Headway
Bouse Is Betting Its Bot
tom Dollar on the Little
Butte Under Its New
Management Activities
in Adjacent Properties. ,
Bouse. Ariz.. July 3 (Special Cor
respondenee of The Republican.) The
building of the new railroad rrom
Bouse to Swansea Is now practically
under full headway and just as fast
as men and teams can be gotten to
gether and the work put through the
railroad will be completed and then
Bouse will be the proud possessor of
two railroads or rather two systems,
because the new line to Swansea Ls be
ing built by the Clara Consolidated
Gold and Copper Mining company and
will be owned by them. The estimated
cost of the twenty-five miles of rail
road is $200,000 and George Mitchell,
president of the company has cabled
from England that the money has been
secured to complete the railroad. There
is considerable talk that the line is be
ing built by the A. & C. or Santa Fe
people but that Is a mistake. It Is
true that the engineering corps which
has charge of building the line Is com
posed of engineers who were formerly
in the employ of the A. & C, but they
are on the pay roll of the Clara Con
solidated and have no connection,
whatever, with the A. & C. engineers.
In the past the A. & C. made several
survejs from Bouse to Swansea. Plan
et and other mining camps but the
new railroad which is now being built
does not follow any of those surveys.
The old surveys went west of Bouse
about six miles and started thence to
run the branch line. The line now be
ing built starts from Bouse and goes
west along the right of way of the A.
& C. whence it strikes directly for
Swansea following practically the
present wagon road. In order to get
the new road to build right into town
and build a separate depot and yarJs,
the citizens of Eouse have raised a
bonus of J1500. The site for the depot
and yards has not as yet been deter
mined upon but it will likely be near
the present A. & C. depot which is
right in the middle of the town. Bouse
will be the headquarters for the rail
road and will reap many valuable ben
efits. Several carloads of ties and rails
have already been received and many
more are on the way. Some forty
teams are already employed on the
grade as well as a small army of men.
Clara Rushing Development Work.
The Clara Consolidated is rushing
development work at the mines. A
full force of men is employed under
ground, sinking the large three com
partment shaft, driving crosscuts and
tunnels and blocking out ore to be
stoped down as soon as the smelter is
blown In. The new smelter and con
verter .is practically done but all hands
laid off until the railroad Is completed.
Iast spring when the smelter was
started it was the intention of the
management to freight in all supplies
for construction also the necessary
coke and oil for operating but after
several months' trial It was found that
the freighting charges were too high
to operate the mine and smelter at a
profit, consequently it was deemed ad
visable to build the road at once and
discontinue freighting by -wagon. Con
sequently all work on the smelter and
top work has been suspended until the
railroad Is completed which will be
within four months. As soon as the
road is completed the smelter will be
finished and., blown .in and there will
be enough ore blocked out to keep the
smelter running steadily.
Little Butte Continues a Favorite. -
Sometime Overlook a Point.
The psysician is such a busy man
that he sometimes overlooks a valuable
point to which his attention may be
railed by an intelligent patient who Is a
"About a year ago my attention was
called to Grape-Nuts by one of my pa
tients," says a physician of Cincinnati.
"At the time my own health was bad
and I was pretty well run down but I
saw at once that the theories behind
Grape-Nuts were sound and that If the
food was all that was claimed, it was
a perfect food.
"So 1 commenced to use Grape-Nuts
with cream twice a day and in a,short
time I began to Improve In every way
and I am now much stronger, feel bet
ter and weigh more than ever before In
my life,
"I know that all of this good is due
to Grape-Nuts and-1 am firmly con
vinced that the claims made for the
food are true.
"I have recommended, and, still rec
ommend, Grape-Nuts to a great many
of my patients with splendid results,
and In Some cases the improvement of
patients on this fine food has been
"As a brain and. nerve food. In fact,
as a general food, Grape-Nuts stands
alone." ' .
Look In pkgs. for a copy of the fa
mous little book, "The Road to- Well
vllle." "There's a Reason."
Ever. read, the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
re genuine, true, and full of human
Everyone In Bouse has always stak
ed everything on the Little Butte be
ing a sure winner and, today, this feel
ing Is stronger than ever. The new
owners and management are " going
right ahead with development work as
rapidly as possible and new bodies of
ore are being constantly opened up.
When actual mining operations were
started on the Little Butte last Feb
ruary every one thought the property
would develop into a big rich mine, if
properly worked but all calculations
have been more than realized because
the property has revealed more rich
ore at a much shallower depth than
The new management has taken;
hold with Increased activity and is
working a full force in every place
possible. Sixteen men are now em
ployed undergroundln the old incline
shaft. Drifting is being done on the
vein at the 100 foo( level as well as on
the 200 foot level. Also the shaft is
being sunk and will be continued down
for at least 200 feet more with cross
cuts and drifts on each 100 foot level.
At the 200 foot level a cross cut was
run through the vein which was reach
ed at eighteen feet and continued
through the vein for , eighteen feet
This cross cut cut sixteen feet of
gold ore which averages $9.60 gold for
the entire distance. On the hanging
wall side of the vein the rich copper
ore was cut for a distance of two
feet. This copper ore is very' high
grade and is being shipped, as fast as
taken from the mine. Running In the
rich copper vein there are three
stringers or paystreaks df very rich
glance, in fact some of these speci
mens of glance are the finest ever seen
in the southwest and assays run Into
the fancy figures.,. Outside of the rich
copper ore the main Interest centers on
the gold ore. This ore is easily work
ed and is getting richer with depth. .It
lays along the granite foot wall and
has every indication of permanency.
On July first the new double com
partment verlicle shaft was started
about five hundred feet east of the In
cline shaft. It Is proposed to make this
the main working shaft and to cross
cut to the various veins on the one
hundred foot levels. A cross cut will
be run to the Incline which will then
be used for an air shaft. The verticle
shaft will be sunk straight through to
the sulphide zone. The verticle shaft
will cut the three veins which outcrop
on the surface, the vein now being
followed by the incline being one of
several hundred feet by an open cut.
This vein on the surface produced
some very high grade glance and cop
per carbonates.
Col. John W. Sharpe, president of
the new company which Is to be called
the Little Butte Consolidated Mines
company accompanied by C. B. King,
a director and heavy stockholder were
at the mine this week and were very
well pleased with the progress being
made. J. E. Meyer, formerly president
of the Arizona Bouse Copper company.
which owned the property was in from
Los Angeles. He expressed himself as
more than gratified with develop
ments. Mr. Meyers Is still a director
In the company and has charge of the
Los Angeles office of the new com
pany. He states that all the mining
men of Los Angeles are inquiring re
garding the Little Butte and are
watching its developments" with great
Heart's Desire Development.
The Heart's Desire nine which is lo
cated about one and one-half miles
south of the Little Butte is. a property
of great promise. This property is
owned by the Pioche & Arizona Cop
per and Gold Mining company and the
majority of the stock Is owned by the
Scott Mines company of Salt Lake
City. The control in the Heart's De
sire was bought by Mr. Scott about
four months ago and since that time
he has been getting things In shape
end is now doing real mining and do
ing it in a way that means success.
T. C. Varden has charge of the prop
erty and Is making evcellent progress.
During the month of June he started a
double compartment verticle shaft,
five by ten in the clear, and sunk 100
feet during June, working three shifts
per day. At present the rock Is being
raised with a winze but a big gasoline
hoist Is expected in a few days. The
engine house Is being built for the en
gine and hoist. The shaft will be sunk
straight through to the sulphide zone
as fast as possible. It Is Mr. Varden's
intention to sink one hundred feet per
month and keep the shaft fully tim
"bered. Down to the one hundred level
the shaft is completely" timbered all
the way. 'At the hundred foot
station a cross cut will be run to the
south to catch the veins of which there
are several outcropping and drifting
will be done on the veins as they are
encountered... Cross cutting and drift
ing will be done at each hundred foot
level. '. . . '.(. -
Considerable open cut work has been
done showing up some high grade
copper-gold ore In lenses ranging from
two to four feet wide. The formation
is diorite foot and the ore Is found on
the contact with schist. The schist
has the appearance of metamorphosed
shales and Impure limestone. The
Heart's Desire has every Indication for
a big mine and it is In the hands of
big mining people who have the cap
ital to fully develop the property. The
Heart's Desire has nine full claims In
a group.
Started by a Prematurely Patriotic
Salt Lake City, Utah, July 3 Word
from Nam pa, Idaho, says fire there to
day destroyed 3250,000 worth of prop
ertry. No lives were loBt, so far as
known. The firse started in a cigar
store opposite the depot In which a
Greek was setting off firecrackers.
New York, July 3. The principle
event at the track and field games at
Brighton Beach today was the inter
national one mile run, in which Eme
lio Lunghi, champion of Italy, . and
H. W. Wilson, the English champion,
were defeated . by J. .Bromllaw, of
the Irish-American Athletic club, 4
minutes, 47 seconds.
o i .
. VIENNA. ,. " .
Vienna, July 3. It Is announced
here that former President Roosevelt
will visit Vienna next April durfng the
international field and hunting exhibition.
Indian School Band Becomes
. Bone of Contention
Files Protest Against Na-
tive Organization Partici
pating in Los Angeles
Convention Parade Lo
cal Lodge Stands Firm.
Not only has the Indian School band
won a reputation all cver the United
States as one of the military bands,
but it also has the distinction at the
present moment of creating consider
able excitement in all the leading band
circles of the country. So much dis
tinction has It won that the American
Federation of Musicians have taken
the stand that if Uncle Sam's Indian
band is allowed to take part in the
Elks' parade at Los Angeles all the
rest of the wind Instruments, tagged
with a union label will keep a sicken
ing silence. If this is the case, and If
the Phoenix Elks continue to hold the
stand taken yestenday afternoon, the
Indian band will have the honor of be
ing the only band In the Elks' sitectac
ular parade, or else the finest drilled,
and costumed lodge of Elks will not
participate In the parade. The master
has already assumed proportions that
are not st a!l small.
Yesterday afternoon, George P. Dris
coll. exalted ruler of the Phoenix lodge
of Elks received word from Joe Weber,
president of the American . Federation
of Musicians at Omaha. Neb., telling
him that If the Indian band plaved In
the parade, all of the union bands
would strike, or words to that effect in
the following telegram:
B Oinaha, Neb., July 3.
Exalted Ruler of Elks,
Phoenix, Ariz.
If your honorable order insists on
bringing Indian School band to Los
Angeles, hundreds of federation musi
cians will 'find it Impossible to partic
ipate in festivities. I respectfully ask
reconsideration of this matter. Kindly
wire answer today, care of Hotel Hcn
shaw, Omaha.
Mr. Driseoll and his council Immedi
ately met, and discussed the matter
from every point of view, and after
much thought wired back that the
Elks of lTioenix would take the Indian
School band to Los Angeles, In ex
pectation of having it in the parade,
and should such a step cause an In
harmonic note amongst the union
bands, the Phoenix Elks will keep the
band out of the arade, also their sec
tion of the parade. In other words, the
Phoenix Elks will have the govern
ment band in the national organiza
tion's parade in Los Angeles, or else
the Phoenix lodge will be a minus
In Interviewing Mr. Driseoll last
evening, he stated that the Indian 1
school Is a federal institution, belongs
to the government and Is the official
band for the Indian boys regiment.
The government is not a union Insti
tution, and does not employ union mu
sicians exclusively, in fact the Indian
band Is not a paid organization. Only
its expenses are paid to Los Angeles,
the permission of the government hav
ing been necessary before the band
could be allowed to go. Mr. Driseoll
thinks that the American Federation
should take this matter us with, the
government as well as with the Phoe
nix Elks as this is sort of an outing
for the Indian boys.
Trainer Lewis of the Indian Mara
thon runner, Harry McLeane, Is wor
rying for fear that he will also be com
pelled to withdraw because his men
have not got cards from the federation
of amateur athletes.
. o
Scottsdale, July 3. Nichols' thresh
er finished , the grain in this neigh
borhood and pulled back to Tempe
Wednesday. The grain, while not a
real large yield, was a little better
than we thought All of us got a
few more sacks than we really ex
pected to get. Nichols does good
A. B. Tomllnson made a business
trip to our neighborhood from Tempe
W. O. Berry of Tempe was In our
neighborhood Tuesday and purchased
a. milk cow for his family use.
Lon Harmon recently purchased
some fat cows here, which he ship
ped' to Clifton.
Irvin Thompson, of Mesa, was here
a few days ago dispensing stock and
poultry medicine and condition pow
ders. Mr. Claud Marlar left- last Satur
day for the coast. She expects to
run up to the fair before returning
About thirty of the young Indians
from the reservation gathered at the
home of the Vanderhoofs Thursday
evening and enjoyed : a nice social
Mrs. W. Hayden and Miss Ethel
made a business trip to Phoenix Sat
urday and they all took In the camp
meeting Sunday. . . .
Mr. Ellingson, of Tempe, was over
here looking for grain.
Mr. Brown just baled up twenty
acres of hay.- George Jiutts did the
F. E. Cotton sold his barley to Mr.
A. J. Peters, of Tempe, is storing
grain for some of us.
Vgp TV V
For any "ANT DESTROYER" that
lasts or is equal to
in killing power. Willing to accept
any fair proposition to prove the
value of
The Bear Drug Store
Potter & Roziene, Props.
Opp. City Hall.
The Hero of a Conflagration in a
Street Car.
Having traveled far and wide In
search of "adventure, Hairbreadth
Harry" arrived In Phoenix last even
ing and. as usual, proved himself the
hero of the occasion.
Boarding one of the sumptuous trac
tion cars he proceeded to make him
self agreable, and In harmony with the
occasion he was looking peacefully out
at the merry throng going hither and
yonder, and wondering if it could be
possible that anything of an exciting
nature could take idace at such a time
and on such a lovely evening, when all
at once "a terrible thing happened."
A spurk from a patent cigar lighter,
which a man was using to light a flor-
de-alfalfa, flew with lightning-like
speed and became entangled In the
hair of a woman who unsuspectingly
sat directly in front of him on the car.
"She's a goner," thought our hero.
for In less than the thousandth part
of a second the spark had ignited the
woman's hair and a threatening iaze
had began to envelop the roar portion
of her silken tresses.
"I will save her!" shouted the hero.
and with one mighty bound he reached
the side of the victim, and . with his
bare hands smothered the flames which
by this time had developed serious
proportions ami were leaping about the
head of the" victim.
With the expressions of sincere
gratitude which were showered upon
him, the hero felt richly rewarded.
He alighted from the ear in time to
dodge the blows from a hatful of coins
that were showered about his head
from the hands of admiring passengers.
President Taft Leaves For His Sum
mer Home.
Washington, July 3. President Taft
today disposed of as much business
as possible in anticipation of his ab
sence from Washington for nearly a
week. He and Mrs. Taft left here
at half past five for their summer
homo near Beverly, Mass.
The Fourth of July to Be Celebrated
in a Danish City
Copenhagen, July 3. Aarhus city
is a mass of Danish and American
colors In honor of the celebration of
Independence day tomorrow under
Danish-American auspices. The lead
ing Danish weeklies issued special
American editions . today. The dally
newspapers will print American tx
tras tomorrow.
How To Get -
of Fat
Let lis Send Ton a Trial Package Free.
You WillJBe Delighted With It
r, i
This Illustration Plainly Shows What
Rengo Has Done.
This Illustration Plainly Shows What
Rengo Has Done.
Use Rengo. It Is perfectly safe.
Tou eat it like fruit or candy and
easily and safely reduce your fat a
pound a day. .
For. sale by all druggists at $1.00
per full sized box, or by mail prepaid,
by The Rengo Co., 3364 Rengo Bldg..'
Detroit, Mich. The Company will
gladly send you a trial package free
by mall If you will write them direct
to Detroit; no free packages at drug
Rengo Is for sale and recommended
In Phoenix by A. L. Boehmer.
Yale Wins From Harvard Annual
Championship Game.
At Philadelphia First game
It. H. E.
Philadelphia 11 5
Boston 6 8 3
Batteries Mcquillan, Covaleski and
Dooin; McCarthy, Ferguson and Gra
ham. Second game . R. H. E.
Philadelphia 0 2 1
Boston 4 9 1
Batteries Ferguson and Bowerman;
Sparks, t'..va!cski ami luoin.
At Brooklyn 14 innings
First game It. H. E.
New York 5 7 1
Brooklyn 3 9 2
Batteries Raymond, Mathewson
and Schlei; Mrlntvre and Bergen.
Second game R. H. E.
New York 3 5 0
Brooklyn 1 7 2
Batteries Anus and Schlei; Rucker.
Marshall and Bergen.
At St. Louis First game
0 R. H. E.
Cincinnati 10 14 2
St. Louis C 6 1
Batteries ImiImv, Kwing and Mc
Lean. Roth: lVckiuan. Miller, Bres
nalian, Phelps and Bliss.
Second game R. If. E.
Cincinnati 13 13 3
St. Louis 7 11 9
Batteri'-s G:Lsper. Dubcc and Mc
Lean: Lush, Iiudermilk, Harmon and
I "helps.
At Boston First game R. H. E.
Boston 6 11 '2
Washington 4 10 3
Batteries Wolter, Ryjn. Arellanes
and Carrigan, lionohue; Tannehill and
Second g.-imf R. H. E.
Boston 5 14 3
Washington ' '. 1 4 3
Batteries Arellanes, Rahe and Alt
rock; Gray and Street.
r r . .
At New Y'ork first game
R. H. E.
New York..., 2 2 2
Philadelphia N5 10 1
Batteries Warhop and Sweeney;
Morgan and Livingstone.
Second game R. IX. E.
Philadelphia 7 14 0
New York 0 S 3
Batteries Coombs and Thomas;
Quinn and Sweeney.
At Cleveland R. H. E.
Cleveland V..4 13 2
Detroit ; 1 8 0
Batteries Young., and Easterly;
Mullin," Works and Schmidt.
At Chicago : R. II. E.
Chicago '. .0 2 1
St. Louis .4 11 2
Batteries Smith, Burns, Scott' and
Payne; Dineen and Criger.
New York, July 3. Yale won the
THE first of the month will soon be here and your monthly trouble with collections will
commence again. Why not da away with all these difficulties of getting your money
by turning! over your bunch of bills to me? I will make your collections much better
than you can afford to do it yourself. I will do your work at a more reasonable rate than
you can by any other method of collecting. Phone Main 47 after 3 p. m., or write Box B,
City, and I will, call and explain my proposition
Auto fHaiio
The musical instrument that all can play and enjoy.
Transformed from a fine piano to an artistic player
piano in '
Your old instrument taken in exchange.
Terms to suit.
222 West Washington St.
Garden City Restaurant
Coolest and Cleanest Place In Town to Eat Nice Private Rooms for Parti ee
and Families, Short Orders at All Hoars.
No. and 14 last Washington St. MARK LAND, Proprietor
Is the way you will find the cooking at
California Restaurant, 33 N. 1st Are.
college championship In ten inning.
Yale, S; Harvard, 2.
At Los Angeles U H. E.
Los Angeles 4 ) 2
Vernon 3 11 1
Batteries Nagle and O'cndorff;
Hitt and Hogan.
At Oakland R. 11. R
Oakland f. r 1
Portland 0 S 0
Batteries Boice and Latonge; Guyn
and Armstrong.
At Sacramento R. II. E.
Sacramento ; 3 5 0
San Francisco I C 1
Batteries Baum and Graham:
Henley and Berry-
Tucson, Ariz., July J. W. B. Keel
ing, the director of the magnetic ob
servatory being built here, fell down
a 100-foot well and sustained serious
injuries. Keeling came here from
Baldwin, Kas.
Phoenix sufferers from other human
Ills, subscribe 50c for Petter's Nature
aid Health Magazine and cure your
self. A request brings one free copy.
217 Mercantile Place, Los Angeles, Cal.
From the States
These are on the "States Register":
J. B. Yearick, Butler, Pa.; J. y.
Hutchison, Deadwood. S. D.; Mrs. R.
J. Randall, Houston, Tex.; W. E
Head, Seattle. Wash.; Carl Reger,
Biickhannon. W. Va.
Call and register. Who's here from
your state?
Fourth of July Post Cards In large
. Flags for decorating. Fast color
Flag. 5x8 feet. 32.00.
We have discontinued keeping open
evenings. Not enough travel on Cen
ter street. Close at 7 p.m.
Postoflfice News Store
Excelsior into Cycle
Wins again, defeating air other"
motorcycles and automobiles in
two great Hill Climbs. At At
lanta, Ga two Excelsiors, First
and Second winning by a wide
margin over stripped racers. At
Redlands, Cal., four Excelsiors
finished 1, 2, 3 and 4 on a hill
15 miles long and one mile high .
in 18 min. 5 sec The winning
automobile, a 60 H. P. stripped
racer, required 24 min. 12 cec ;
These were all strictly stock
Excelsiors aryj their accomplish
ment tells the story of Excelsior
The Bicycle Man.
23 E. Adams.
Phone Main 47
Phone Main 269.
Tou can always get a nice fresh
smoke at Jones pool room when In
Flagstaff. Opposite depot.
nothing can be more desirable or ap
propriate than the Teco or Van Brig
gle Pottery, on sale at the
Furniture- Sales Rooms,
33 Polk Street.
all of the good qualities of other
brands and some extra ones of Its own.
The Perfect is not a flour that Is su
perior in only one or two qualities. It
Is superior all round. It bakes better,
goes farther and stays moister than
any other. Try a sack just to see
what the best of all flours is like. Ask
your grocer.
II 1 11 I 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 Ml H 1 I 1 1 1
jr ur oca it: t
T The following Machinery la
for sale. In good condition:
One General Electric Co. Mo-
tor and Starting Box, 10 H. P.
One Dynamo, I.I KW, 12 S T
volts, 60 lights.
One General Electric Co. Mo- j
tor. 2 H. P 110 volt
I One General Electric Co. Mo- T
tor. 2 H. P, 600 volts.
Two Electric Meters.
Two Switches.
Two Starting Boxes; they go
with motors.
Also a quantity of Shafting, ;
Pulleys, etc, may be seen at '
' Republican office, or at the )
T shop of
iKunz Bros- &
41 I Mil 1 II 1 t 1 I 1 I 1 Mi 1 1 1

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