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Wj ' . ; : n I ' I WJ
i : k m ' MONDAY'ENDS OUR REMNANT SALE M , . '-'ffl
M M Iff I? KY A positive -clearing out of all the odds and ends .accumulated dur- ffA Vtoahwf M
MSB f llninn SllltS 1 V ins: the past two months. It will be a bargain day with a von- ',! "WI Jl UUIUCU M
A New Line of Women's Un
ion Suits Umbrella and
ankle length styles, low neck
and sleeveless, armholes ami
neck drawn by mercerized
tape, an excellent 7oe value
For Monday at 49c
A positive -clearing out of all the odds and ends accumulated dur
ing the past two months. It will be a bargain day with a ven
geance a veritable bank of savings ,fr those who know values.
Everything is seasonable everything practical and every reduc
tion is bona tide, liemnants of Laces, Ribbons, Embroideries, Lin
ens, Muslins, Swisses, IJurlaps, Kilkoline, etc., at One-Third to One-
y 1 1 a 1 1 less than former prices.
"Queen Quality" Bronze But
ton Oxfords Advance styles
of fashionable footwear; they
have brown eravenette top,
large pearl buttons, welted
sole; a' swell assortment Per
pair, only $4.00
While you are looking for
Remnants Monday be sure
to see the big line of Em
broidered Muslin Petticoats
worth $l.0 each that are
on sale at
fw We have a big line of Boys'
iiNi nuns iiere jii M.r
from 2 ' to (5 years, made in
various styles, of white
dink, colored madras and
linen. Just for Monday you
may take your choice at
Crepe Kimonos
iQFor Crepe Kimonos In laven
A II der, pink and skyblue -just
solid Colors, trimmed in dainty
Persian border bands and well worth
Tub Suits
in For $7.50 and . $8.00 Tub
Suits A large collection of
up-to-the-minute styles, white
and many desirable colors, all
man tailored and absolutely perfect
Wash Dresses
(jg For $20, $22.50 and $25.00
Wash Dresses One-piece
styles made of either pure Linen
or Linene materials, white or
colors, latest models in tailor made as
well as elaborated trimmed effects.
n! -Iffy I V
Shirt Waists
ifjFor $1.50 and $2.00 Shirt Waists
Lingerie and tailor made,
made of white and fancy mad
ras; our banner line, noted for their
absolute correctness in every particu
lar. We are adding new styles from
dav to dav.
Silk Dresses
no 'or $iz.50 and $15.00 suk
Dresses 3iaue oi ueiiiiu-
able quality Taffeta, in either
black or colors.
Shirt Waists
For Shirt Waists A regular
dollar quality, made "tailored"
style with Dutch collars. Light,
medium and dark colors (some plain)
in all sizes. A real bargain at Mon
day's special price.
Strictly fast black (Gordon
Dye) Gauze Lisle Hose in
all sizes. They're fine and
silky and in an ordinary
way would retail at JjOc a
pair. Monday's special price
A great big assortment of
Lace and Embroidery Trim
med Pants, worth uVjc and
75c (all sizes), will be found
on the bargain table Mon
day at the special low price
Men s Straw Mats
It will be a long time yet before cool weather and
you might as well get a fresh Straw Hat." A big
line of ujj-to-date Straw Hats for Men here Monday
at exactly
'A Price
in,,--" .--wf7-- -f rrTTi m--i ii m ,in l-mi iimi i. iiiiiiii
f50c EHER
A Magnificent Aggregation of Dainty Patterns
Hundreds of pieces of iinest Swiss and Cambric, all
widths including those used for Corset Covers, val
ues in the assortment ranging from 33c to 50c For
Monday, choioe, yard
"Variety Isle" by Request Tomorrow
Night. ; , t i
PRfisnl nr-iin, anil better than ever,
tin' Tfai musical comedy nimjiany
Kai- r.nothr old fashioned minstrel
l i t riht to a iirn-kf-il hutiso. Npw
ii, and nfiv jil;r-s uvro mlminis
t. -n-il to an andii-nif whirh from Hip
first rise- of thr curtain Ind icatfil its
Iiainnnl Tral Tiovrr apioaroil so
ftifin.y, so c!-vr. so lavish fin coinod-
in-tbf-sjot w ittitismf. X-tt has he
lianU'-(l ra!tinici as last nigtit. and his
ivorli will rciii:iin in thn infcnds of tho
la- t tiifflifs am'ii-nr-o lonfr sif tix he has
;on-r as tho.finist blark -f:re work
in n. ln a l'nS time.
'rr?h Kni'it, one of thr nost ic-
j romplinhod romodians of thi day. was
I also c-sperially k-yi-l up l ist niKht to
his work, and In his "Middy" olio art
h had to stop and wait for his aiuli
j (-no again and again,
j Kvolyn Hrunnin rausht 1h frvrr
j f or work, and provod for all timr to
I rhMnix th-atrr-go rs, that ho Is one
! of the best bits of femininity ever
j seen in the city. Alithough she dors
not pet the renter of the stase very
often, when she ibKs. it is never neces
sary to throw the lime liRht uiwiti her
to hold attention. She rreates an at-
I mosphere, that rsin only be treati d by
' one with the "trmp.1ment."
I Xan Halpcrin made hrr audleni-e sit
; iij) and take notiee with her Kiddo Im
personations. For child studies, .Nan
cannot be beaten.
Oeorpe Hurton "on the end." with
his story of his first pair of long
trousers, and "no" little fly," was
O. J. Post's sinRinfJ received consid-
I erab'e comment as did Grace olfe
with her ragtime sons' and danrinp.
"Canal Sal," the farre of the second
! part, though one of the old one-act
standard sketches and seen many
times by the majority of '.he audience.
hast never been handled more smoothly
than by the Teal company. There is
a lot of wholesome humor and com
edy, with now and then considerable
horse play, which the cast knows, how
to play up. It is Rond.
Tuesday night "Variety Isle," will le
repratl -by special request. This is
the leading production of t,he Teal
company, and has been run on, week
stands. A large portion of It will be
entirely nfW, nd different from the
first time il was placed birr. Miss
Javis, who is considered the best
ballet artist of the chorus will again
furnish, the vivacity In the chorus
work, and with her smiles and go will
make the production have the same
action that it had on Its first stand.
There will be man" changes in the
score, and also the specialty work.
The piece itself will stand a week's
nightly repeating without monotony.
Phoenix Hospitality Appreciated
Traveling Man.
HiKgin barber simp, which would
have oprned last Friday or Saturday,
had the appointments arrived in time,
will open for business some time to
day, at Its new location between First
and Second avenue.
An (improvement over many Couch. Luna and Bronchial Remedies, because it rids the
ysflem of a cwld by acting as a cathartic on the bowels. No opiates. Guaranteed to Jive
is faction I or money refund d. Prepared by PINELLE MEDICINE CO.. CHICAGO. U. S. A.
"Who said there are no mos-iuitoes
' in I'hoenix? When- is the man who
(told me the other day that all flies
' and mosiuitoes leave this vicinity uf
1 ti r the first of July?" gasped a large
I and red fi.ci-d traveling salesman
' yesterday morning, as he bounced in
I to a chair in front of one of the ho
j tels. at four in the morning, bumped
I all over with mosquitoes like a small
j boy who had made a fizzle of an at
i tempt to rob a bee hive,
j "Why. are you troubled with tnos
j iinitoes?" whispered the tindd hotel
1 clerk in an excusable tone of voice.
' "Troiibeld troubl'-d did you :isk if
' I have been troubled? ( h, no, I
! havi n't been troubled not in the
1 least- They have only been keeping
me company all night, crooning their
nocturnal lullabys into my receptive
ear, and Inserting their bedoped stick-
ers into my anatomy at all points not
covered two inc s thick with russ.
and every thing I could find loose in
the room. Xo they haven't troubled
me in the least. In fart I like it That
is what I procured a room for. I
had no intention of sleeping. I ivas
only lonely and wanted something of
this nature to relieve
after having been on
nights without sleep."
"I'll tell you what t
to keeii ."
"Xo you can't tell
know the best thing
them and I'll use it,
a flier that will take
ilred miles in any
Phoenix. That will
thing the best way
the monotony
the road five
use after this
me anything I
to get rid of
it is a train
me five hun
direction from
be the best
to get rid of
Kansas City, .'.ug. 8. I-ast week
w;is-more satisfactory to cattle sellers
than the previous week, as re--ipts
were very much smaller. Substantial
gitins were secured the first of the
week, and while most of these were
dissipated before the close, the aver
age for the week was 10 to "0 cents
above the average for the previous
week. The run today is 14.0it head,
including 2mii( calves, whirh is be
low the estimate for today, and is
light for this period. The market is
strong to 10 higher, late sales strong
est, and unless unusual runs come in
later in the week, the market Is
likely to be pretty pixxl balance of
this wrek- The' run of fiuarantines Is
only about half as heavy as it was p
month ago. and shipper from Native
territory this month will be relieved
of the burden of competition from
cheap grass cattle from the south to
a great extent. Another feature fav
orable to the market is the more
settled safety of the corn crop, and
the rapidly developing demand for
stock and feeding cattle, which will
reach huge proportions this fall. Fan
cy yearlings sold at $7.40, not quite
as good as the top yearlings last wei-fc
at $7.6.".; prime heavy steers worth
tip to $7.2.1; Kansas grass steers at
$4.40 to $i;.10; grass cow and heifer,
$3.00 to $4.ii0; calves, 50 to 7r cents
cheaper than a week ago; top veals.
$H.7."i; stock steers. $:t.2f. to $4.7"i;
feeders, $4.00 to $r 00; stock cows and
heifers, $2.21 to $.1.75.
Slurp and lambs had an unprofit
able week of it, and closed 21 to alt
cents off. account of glutted meat
markets in the east. Dealers figure
that the bottom has been reached, as
the conditions that have hurt the
market, namely, big runs of southern
stuff at Louisville and Jersey City,
will change within a week or two, af
fording some rt-lief. Another strong
prospect is the surety of an unpre
cedented Ci.ll for stock and feeding
gradis this fall. Top lambs are qu-it-able
at $7.00 or a little more, wethers
and yearlings up to $5.21, ewes $5.00.
Utah feeding wethers are selling at
$1.40 to $4.75. a big string at the
former figure Thursday. feeding
lambs around $5.75. breeding ewes
most any price 'up to $5-75. according
to age and quality. Arizona is still
furnishing a fair quota, and I'tah is
starting a small number marketward.
but bulk of the supply is still small
mixed lots of natives, which buyers
Becoming a mother should be
a source of joy, but the suffer
ing incident to the ordeal
O Q makes its anticipation one of
dread. Mother's Frinnrl i
the only remedy which re-
lipvp U'cimen nFmncli rf tb a
pain of maternity; this hour, dreaded as woman's severest trial, is not
only made less painful, but danger is avoided by its use. Those who
use this remedy are no longer despondent or gloomy; nervousness,
nausea and other distressing conditions are nvprmmp nnH thr tuctpm
event. ItisworthitsweiPht
in gold," says many who have
HSPlt it $! 0U cr bottle at liruKaUira.
il. K,H,kuf vluetollMijeiUat
mother mailed freo.
'Good Morning' Madam! Do You Use $oap?
If You don't, pass this up. If you are content to pay from 15c to 25c per cakethe usual
price for toilet soaps-this ad won't interest you, but if every dollar looks to you like 100 cents'
worth of sweat and foil and you wish your dollar to go twice as far as it does now, then read on.
1 Box, assorted toilet soaps, 8 cakes, at 10c. .80
(guaranteed under pure Food & Drug act serial no. 20,412)
1 Premium, useful, durable, valuable 20
Total Value $1.00
Phoenix Soap Go
2 FOR. 1
, . "
Our representatives will call on every family in Phoenix, begin
ning next week. Wait for them,, Watch for them, Buy of them.

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