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18-20 . Wt Washington
Owing to the passage of the Payne
Tariff bill, prires of woolens for next year have already
risen 32 . This means that next year you will have to
pay almost one-third more for as good a suit as you're
wearing now or you'll buy greatly inferior clothes for
the same money. There's just one relief from this con
dition and here it is; .
We're still selling every suit of clothes
in the store at a reduction of 25 including two or
three-piece suits half lined or full lined; all the swell
gray, tan, olive, slate and green effects, and plain blues
or blacks. Every suit in the lot is of the very highest
quality made by Alfred Benjamin & Co. and Hirsh,
Wickwire & Co. and not a single one is reserved. This
reduction means that you can buy a suit now for next
summer for about One-Half what it will cost you a year
from now ,
25 Discount
Means that here's a bargain opportunity you can't af
ford to overlook. -p.j ..wi
In the Drawing for Indian Lands
i f HHiiiiiiiiiiiiiMnimniiiiiiiiiiiiinii.i
4 t I I 1 II I H I I I I I I 1 I I I 1 4 HH I 111 I I I 1 I I I I I 1 H H
Tha Saranadars Sat up AM Night to
ba Raady.
Wlckenburg. Auk. 8. The dance
a;iven at the Baxter Opera house
Saturday night wan one of the most
successful of the season. Inatead
of the usual orchestra, two extra
members were engaged. O. H.
Mott. drummer, and Earnest Love,
violinist This made an orchestra
of five pieces, and the music ren
dered was some of the best heard in
Wlckenburg. Arter the dance the
fun began. Rome one got wise that
Mra. H. Sprunger. who was married
a few days ago at Prescott, was
coming in on the midnight train.
The entire crowd present in the hall,
headed by the orchestra, made for
the station. Of course Mr. Sprunger
was there to meet his young wife.
On the arrival of the train the or
chestra began to do its work. The
band played many appropriate songs,
and the young couple were escorted
to the Ike Woods residence where
they will make their temporary home.
The merrymakers got very little
sleep, as it was three a.m. before the
party :of serenaders broke up. and
then only from sheer exhaustion.
C. Straub. superintendent for the
Arizona Copper Belt Mining company
left for camp today. A car load of
building material is here for the
O. H. Motts. not feeling well, took
a day off Saturday. Guy Bozarth
took his place at Neagle A Bozarth's.
Mrs. J- W. Towers, who has been
til for almost a week is again able
to attend to her household duties.
Mining Engineer and U.
S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
When In Wlckenburg atop at the
The best In the city. Commutation
tickets. IS meals for 16.50.
J. A. Wilbourn, Mgr.
j Mine Work a Specialty.
Phono Main SX
Harry Klawans of the American
Reduction works, has returned from
the coast, where he went on a plea
sure and business trip combined. He
saya fishing on Catalina Island is
excellent. He remembers one lucky
day In particular, when, with the help
of a friend, he cashed in 420 pounds
of fish. That's going some for
fish story.
Pete Mlchelson Is here from Pres
cott to spnnd a few days with friends.
John Sayera of Sayersvllle is here
on business for the Black Rock mine.
The youngsters of the Presbyterian
Sunday school class enjoyed a nice
little party at the Saunder s residence
Saturday afternoon. The party was
given by their teacher. There was
plenty of sweets and other good
things for the little ones to make
the affair a thoroughly enjoyable
There Isn't any. Their wonderful
effects are simply the results of a
scientific combination of the best rem
edies that are known In medicine for
the upbuilding and rejuvenating of
tired, weak and worn men and women.
They act on the blood In such a man
ner that the user Is soon imbued with
new life and hope and happiness.
Price $1 a box; six boxes J 5. fully
guaranteed on the money-back plan.
Address or call Elvey & Hulett, Drug
gists, where the sell all the principal
remeClea and do not substitute.
Tellurlde. Aug 8. Three workmen
are dead and four In a critical condi
tion as a result of lightning striking
the power' house at Bells this after
noon. The power house and buildings
at the mouth of the shaft were burn
ed and the mine filled with smoke.
The dead were suffocated.
Toklo. Aug- 8. It Is believed here
that the Chinese minister to Japan
has received Instructions from Peking
In which the objections of the Chinese
government to the reconstruction of
the Antung-Mukden railroad are conk
pletely withdrawn.
Chicago. Aug. 8. According to the
outlook tonight there will be no strike
of the street car employes of Chicago.
An amicable adjustment is in sight. It
is said that an offer of wage Increase
based on the employe's time of service
wilt be made.
Council. Idaho. Aug. 8. Two chil
dren of Tom Doughty were cremated
last night in a fire which destroyed
the Doughty home. The babies had
been put to bed upsalrs and the fire
l....lr. An as. MiMnnli' that It vrmm Int.
Wickenburg, Aris. possible to rescue them.
Spokane. Wash.. Aug. 8. Arrange
ments have bren completed by the
Spokane chamber of commerce to
provide full postage for all the un
stamped envelopes, containing appli
cations for registration on lands In
the three Indian reservations, mailod
in Spokane, Copur d'Alene, Idaho,
and Missoula and Kallupell, Mont.,
thus assuring to every person regis
tered before midnight on August 5,
an even chance in the drawings he
ginning tomorrow morning.
Frank W. Smith, baseball fan ami
patron of amateur sports, originated
the plan and was the first subscriber
to the fund, which was raised In an
hour. When he learned that more
than 1,400 unstamped envelopes were
held In the Spokane post office and
as many more at the three other
registry points he realized that sever
al thousand persons would thus be
deprived , of the opportunity to partici
pate in Uncle Sam's big lottery.
He brought the matter to the at
tention of U. C,. Monroe, secretary of
the commercial organization, with
the result that sufficient funds were
forwarded to the postmasters of the
four cities to insure the delivery of
every unstamed letter to James W.
Wltten, superintendent of the opening
at Coeur d'Alene. Idaho.
"More than 295,i0 persons were
registered ami it is a conservative
stlmate that at least two per cent
neglected to provide postage to carry
the applications, which many come
thousands of miles to procure to their
destination." Mr. Smith said. "it
would be unfortunate to deprive
these people of. the chance to take
part In the drawing, as would be
the case If they waited for the re
turn of the applications from the
dead eltter office, raying for all the
letters held for postage is the only
way to make certain that none was
left out. as there are no marks by
which an individual envelope can be
Spokane, Aug. 8. Krom a heap of
more than l5.ono envelopes the
drawing will be begun at ten o'clock
tomorrow to decide the fate of appli
cants for lands thrown open en
try and settlement In the Coeur
d'Alene reservation. The envelopes
are now In scaled cans in the land
office. The cans will be cut open
publicly on a large platform. The
envelopes will be mixed with shovels
and the selection of the first lull will
be made by Miss Helen Hamilton,
t- - k. .nrnlnnn will he drawn and
opened separately and the name an
nounced. The drawing or t''i appli
cations for the Flathead reservation
will be on Thursday and Friday an.l
250 for the Siokane reservation on
Monday. August 16. After 10 for the
Coeur d'Alene reservation have been
drawn by Miss Hamilton, two other
girls will help her until 1500 have
been taken.
These exceptionally low prices cannot last
long. Come in today and see the hundreds
of bargains. Prices were never so low
before. Every odd piece of furniture and
all discontinued lines at great discounts.
Many articles at half price. Just a few of
the many bargains given below.
One-Fourth Off
All refrigerators must be
closed out. To do this the
entire line has been reduced
25 per cent. All sizes and
styles. The one Illustrated
above has a capacity of 100
His. Well made and an eco
nomical user of ice. Sale
price only $17.00.
iv. uSm
T ! :
' II
I & 1
.4 I
.... jrsi ji
r ,ip
Mission Dining Table
The fine dining table illustrated above Is built on true
Mission lines from selected quarter sawed oak. Fumed
.. f.l Ptwlpufal 1(1
l.eunt rnl tirown. i-xteiias 10 o icti. i cuc-i". .
Inches square. A good value at our
regulsr low rent price. A bargain
at our sale price of
New Method Gas
Ranges Reduced
Our entire line of gas ranges go at reduced prices
during this sale. These are the famous NEW METHOD
gas ranges. They reduce your gas hill 25 per cent;
guaranteed to bake perfectly. The range shown above
is a 4-burner model with oven and broiler. Warming
shelf on back. &ale price only $25.00.
"Just a Short Block
From Broadway
But It Means a
Big Saving to You"
May Boley. who has Jnst lefi a long
engagement with the Princess musical
comedy stock company, of the Prin
cess theater. San Francisco, for an
other season in vaudeville, appeared
for the first time In Phoenix at the
Airdome last evening. To say that she
pleased her audience would be tame
tame comment. She threw the packed
house Into a seance of delight and held
it there with her beauty, wonderful
voice, and clever wit.
Her Parisian gowns, are the most
stunning seen in Phoenix since last
fall. And she has a goodly number of
them, a change for every performanee.
And aha knows how to dress. Her
stage attire Is not startling, gaudy, or
blase, but bewitching, attractive, and
simple. For Hav Boley knows that
she needs no artificial touch to make
her charming. She is really pretty
just as Miss Simplicity. Her beauty
is one of the avenues by which she
has won International fame in vaude
ville. Her very appearance proves her an
artist, not made but born so. Her Im
personations show a wonderful insight
Into the ways, oddities, and peculiar
ities of the human being. She has a
fine sense of humor, she sees the fun
ny side of life, and what's better.
knows how to present her observations
to the audience naturally and truth
Your Children's
Pursuant to. atiiact passed by the
last legislative asaeinhly. entitled "An
act relating to the construction of
bridges across non-navigable streams
in the Territory if Arizona." whereby
the county of Maricopa Is authorized
t construct a brUJge across Salt river.
and pursuant to paragraph 3560 of the
revised statutes of Arizona, 1901, the
board of supervisor of Maricopa
county advertises for and Invites plans
and specifications In detail ' for the
construction- of a bridge across Salt
river beginning at a point at the north
bank of said Salt river, due south aa
may be practicable of Center street in
the city of Thoenix. Maricopa county,
Arizona, said point being in the south
half of section seventeen. T. 1 S, R. 1 E
of the O. A S R. B & M. line, county
of Maricopa, territory of Arizona; said
bridge to extend south across the said
Salt river and to be. together with the
causeway on the south end and the
rip-rap and protection of the bank on
the north side of the river, about
three thousand feet In length and to
terminate on the south side of said
river at a point ou the north half of
section twenty. T. .1 X. K. 3 fc. it. S
R. R. & M. line, county of Maricopa,
territory of Arizona.
Said bridge to be a wagon and foot
bridge of concrete reinforced with
steel. These plans to be complete in
every detail and accompanied by full
specifications setting forth in full the
material to be used and their con
stituent parts and estimated time re
quired t complete the same: said bids
to be submitted on a competitive basis
to the board of supervisors. Said
bridge not to exceed in cost the sum
of ($95.00000 ($50.00000) of which
the county' of Maricopa Is to pay and
he restKinslble for. the balance of
' which said sum of ($95.000 00) being
raised by subscription and bonus.
The amount of premium to be
awarded to the architect whose plans
and specifications may be adopted
shall be 5 per cent of the cost of the
construction of the bridge; 2Vi per
cent to be paid on the adoption of the
plans and specifications, the balance
of IVi per cent to be paid on the com
pletion of said bridge and the accept
ance thereof.
Said premium to be in payment in
full for the services of said architect
In drawing said plans and specifica
tions and in. supervising the con
struction of said bridge and during the
construction of said bridge the same
shall be subject to constant and per
sonal supervision by the architect
whose plans are adopted or by his or
its representative. Said premium shall
not. however, be pain ny the board of
supervisors to the architect whose
plans are accepted unless after due
advertising some responsible contrac
tor shall contract to construct said
bridge according to said plans and
specifications at a cost rt"t exceeding
($100,000.00) including the price of
premium paid to architect and the
architect whose plans are accepted
shall also give the bond required by
paragraph 35S1 of the revised statutes
of Arizona, 1901.
All plans and specifications must
be received and filed in the office of
the board on or before 2 o'clock p.m .
Tuesday. Sept. 7, 1909.
The right to reject any and all plans
Is expressly reserved by the board of
supervisors of Maricopa county, Ari
zona territory.
For complete conditions of competi
tion and full information as to pro
posed bridge address said board at
Phoenix. Arizona.
Mated at Phoenix. Maricopa county.
Arizona, this 4th day of August. 199
Chairman Board of Supervisors.
Clerk Board of Supervisors."
We are closing business on Au
gust 31st and sacrificing all Jewelry
at a 35 per cent discounL Do not
lose opportunity. Call at once. Those
having Jewelry repaired, please cali.
213 E. Washington St.
Is your boy or your girl studying
too hard? Are they being deprived
of the exercise that keeps their laces
glowing and sparkling with ruddy
color ofperfect health; or are they
languid and pallid? Be on your
guard against anaemia.
Fabst Extract
retaining all the food values of rich,
sun-kissed barley grain in piedi
gested form, carries in it muscle
and tissue. The nourishment thus
received is rapidly transformed into
rich, red blood, strengthening and
invigorating. - ,
Order a
Dazea from Your
Local Drug git
"Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow"
And as surely will a small investment with us bring you hand
some increase. Opportunity comes but once and YOU should
not fail to grasp it.
Just south of Indian School on Indian School car line. Tho peer
of all Phoenix sub-divisions, is the ideal spot for a cozy home
and the lots we are offering for
$10 Down and $10 a Month
Are worthy of anything you could build.
As An Investment
Their unequalled location arid desirability in every respect make ,
them sure to advance very materially in both value and demand.
Lots 50x185. No city taxes. Water piped to each lot. Build
ing restrictions. Now is your chance. Will you take it?
End of Indian School Car Line.

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