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VOL XXII. NO. 147.
or any oilier color, wo liavo the paint
and the price removes all oi' the hard
times excuses you have offered your
self for neglecting to paint that shabby
fence or house.
Long Hardware Co.
Equitable Life Assurance
Society of the U.S. A.
Is Strong for Arizona
The society of over TWn MILLMXs invested towards the de
velopment of this great state, including n-al state loan:-, in l"iioc
nix. It off.-rs the lust lit" insurance oht.iin il.:.-. j-itest policy
forms including every Itonefit that ran properly le combined in a
single contract, and back of every contract in the Great Financial
Strength or tlie society and its words extending; over half a cen
tury of fair dealing and prompt service. The society is paying
Large Dividends to Policyholders. beginning at the end of the first
year. $12.7fif.:.'29.Mi to be paid out in Dividends this year. You
want the BFST? Then insure with the IXil'ITABLE. For rates
and sample jM.Iicies apply to
Agency Manager, Rooms 203-204 Fleming Bldg., Phoenix, Arizona.
Overland 1414.
Peters Shells
Seifoy SKells
We liavo just opened our new line of shotgun
shells. Our stock of both the above makes is
complete and absolutely fresh
Talbot U Hubbard
Commercial Hotel Building, Rear of Our
Washington Street Store
take it from us there is no mystery about obtain
ing it it is widely different from ordinary print
ing but if your progressive neighbor can make a
success in business by using it, why not you?
is it not worth while to know this; to know where
to obtain Good Printing at fair and reasonable
cost? Our work and prices are worth investigation.
"We assure you if you need printing of any descrip
tion it will be to your advantage to ring up or call at
Main 47
Overland 422
Tr.y a Republican Want Ad
Many traditions with regard to the
feeding of tuberculosis patients and
with regard to food in general, are
given severe blows in a series of
articles published in the October num
ber of the Journal of Outdoor Life,
the official organ of the National
Association for the Study and Pre
vention of Tuberculosis.
Dr. John R. Murlin. of New York,
assistant professor of physiology at
the Cornell University medical mi
lt ge, holds in an article entitled "The
Dxnamic Principles of Nutrition,"
that a consumptive will gain weight
and do well on three pints of whole
milk, eight ounces of cream, five
ounces of milk sugar, six eggs and
two slices of buttered toast, as a ra
tion for each twenty-four hours. The
entire diet, with the exception of the
bread and butter, could 1h prepared
in advance and served for a cost of
about 50 cents per day.
Miss Cecilia Flick of the Henry
Phipps Institute of Philadelphia also
offers some sample diets which tne
ordinary family can prepare for even
less than f0 cents a. day.
Dr. David It. Lyman of Walling
ford. Conn., and Dr. Paul B. Johnson
of Washington, D. C, lKith agree that
the ordinary person eats too much,
and that the old notions nlM.ut stuff
ing a tuberculosis ixitient at all times
and seasons have been proven talse.
Dr. Lvman holds that eggs are not
a necessary article of the consump
tive's diet, and that a tuberculosis
nntiom should eat anything that
agrees with him that is nourishing.
He thinks that a tuberculosis patient
should eat only a little more tlmn a
person in ordinary good health.
Dr. Murlin compares the tooi we
ent to the fuel used in furnishing
steam and power for an engine. In
selecting our food, he says that we
should eat enough to furnish energy
for the day's work, but that much
more than this is not needed. He
holds that the appetite is not a ne
cessity for good digestion. "There
is no fallacy of nutrition." he sajfa.
greater than that which supposes
that a food cannot be digested and
utilized without apatite." Most of
th.. food we eat. fully four-fifths
res to supply energy for our every
day tasks, while less than one-fifth
goes to supply building material.
He Knew Him Well and Had a
Great Appreciation of
His Work.
In itc issue of October S the Chica
go Record Herald pays tribute to the
int William K. Curtis by publishing
a series of short interviews with men
of affairs who had known him mti
matelv during the activities of his
life. Among them was the following
expression of General Archibald J.
Sampson of this city who was men
in Chicago:
"The death of W. E. Curtis seems
almost a personal loss, for I knew him
r. ..i.-inv venrs. His writings were
instructive. true, entertaining. Dur
ing the time I was in the diplomatic
service he gave several columns of
-write-iiiis" for the Republic of Ecu
ador that were most interesting, true
t nr. fnirlv renresenting that na
tion in its resources, people and fu
ture prospects, as is very ireo.uemi
t tlie case. He had given . me
assurances of another visit to Phoe
nix and a "write-up" of the new
State of Arizona, with its climate, su
perior to anything else in the United
States: its mines, rich in gold, silver
and copper; its stock and farm re
.,mr nlnindnnt: its citizenship, not
surpassed by any in our nation.
Hundreds of thousands win mi:-b
interesting letters."
. o
DR R. M. TAFEL has moved his
office from 10 E. Adams St. to Room
-in vntinnnl Hank of Arizona Build
ing Phones, Overland CCS. Con. Red
2041. "s
Favors Public Playgrounds For the
Tho child's nlavground movement Is
ono of such merit thnt it spreads rap
idly after the attention of tne pumic
has been called to it. the very men
tion of it enlisting attention, it nas
only started in Phoenix but it is
growing every day. At a meeting oi
t.r Aninr of the Order of the Eastern
Star, held Thursday evening after a
discussion of the subject whien was
introduced by Vernon L. Ciaru. on
motion of R. E. Marks the following
resolution was unanimously adopted:
"Whereas there has been started in
this city, a movement to secure pub
lic playgrounds for the children: anil
Whereas we firmly believe that the
establishment of public playgrounds
will result in much good to the young
people of this city and vicinity;
Therefore, Be It Resolved. That
Phoenix Chapter Xo. r. Order of the
Eastern Star, docs heartily endorse
said movement and pledges it support
to the same."
Turkestan alfalfa seed for sale at
Sturges Hay & Grain Co, 125 East
Jefferson St. bin
Early Opening of Adams Hotel "Har
vesting" the Feather Crop.
Secretary Harry Welch of the board
of trade, as announced some time
agf), is getting out a series of special
bulletins on events in this city, in
addition to the regular monthly bul
letins issued by the board, which
have been quite liberally published
in different places. The special bul
letins are now leing received with
equal favor, and Mr. Welch is re
ceiving papers containing them. The
latest is issued under this date, and
is as follows:
Wireless masts on the roof of the
new Hotel Adams are now ready.
The system that is lx-ing installed
will transmit messages to great dis
tances and is unlike the wireless used
on vessels. Messages can he sent by
this system at any hour of the day.
and will connect with stations already
established at San Francisco, San
Diego and other important California
points and at El Paso and Kurt
Worth, Texas, and at Kansas City.
San Francisco's world's exposition
for 1815 and San Diego exposition.
1915. will have delegates attend the
opening of the Hotel Adams, and the
chambers of commerce of San Fran
cisco, Los Angeles and San Diego
will also le represented. Greetings
all over the country will be sent and
received by the new wireless system.
The hotel will be opened Xovemler
Cth, the first day of the Arizona fair.
Modeled on the lines of the U. S.
Grant hotel at San Diego, the Hotel
Adams will the finest hotel in the
All Arizona is getting ready for the
annual "recall" to Phoenix to attend
the Arizona fair. The auto desert
run Los Angeles to Phoenix, is the
biggest motor event in the west, and
drivers say the run this year will be
"the hardest grind on the continent.
There are twenty entries for the
prize, which totals alKHit $7,000. Track
conditions are splendid and there will
be some upeeily events The horse
will be represented by the famous
"Uhlan" and many other fast an -mals.
Racing between ostriches is
suggested. There are S.0O0 ostriches
on farms near Phoenix, and there is
trreat rivalry between the ostrich
fanners! The feather clip trom S.000
birds is now ready.
Turkestan alfalfa set: fr sale at
Sturgew Hay & Grain Co, 125 East
... bin
But Some of Them Are Finding It
a Pretty Hard Job These
aii the officers alwmt the court
house who are in anyway connected
with the work of preparing lor uie
coming primary election, are alxuit
the busiest individuals we have m
ftive midst these more or less
joyous" days. In the sheriffs office
thev are issuing the primary iu.ut.-t.
and in the office of the board r su
pervisors they are getting ready the
sample ballots.
o ,..tter of fact, there is so
much work connected with this clec-
tion affair that some or Uie on c
.. .i,.,...t io vtho are also candidates.
'have been almost compiled to neglect
their electioneering dimes h.i
,rose of looking after the routine
of their regular jobs-
Lure of the Political Persimmon Was
Discussed At a Meeting Held
Last Night.
m. .i ..!,. liirrni1romO. COU1-
J lie Oei.MH. WlHV a'l
posed exclusively of candidates for
countv offices, appeared at the Mur
phv school house last night. As usual,
it was a success the candidates ad
mit il- , . r
Vernon Vaughn, candidate for re
corder, was one of the le.nucrs
last night. He did a monologue stunt
entitled. "The Lead Pipe Cinch, or
How It Feels to uwh - -
T AsKVaughn has no opposition for
. i, feels reasonably
tne nominal."". . ,
sure of winning at the. primaries, and
that's where tne cmtn
lo the election, he says that is too
far awav to talk about.
faHon. "James Johnson. P
known as "Uncle Jimmy. i e or
S ngly convinced he should be
nominated for the state sena e an
he confided that fact to 1 is J"-1
iess audience. Johnson's platform is.
-novcott the Barbers."
John T. Bone, who is irreverently
caSd by his friends T-Jone because.
thev explain, he isn t a i one r
I ouse U "also there. Mr. none ,
running for assessor, but he isn t
Trlua never'con
hPS W f' :,nnd-and-that speeches
;;naSShr doses are not absolutely
C?.nUOrme wasthere. too. but he
Js'onVy a super. He expects to be
Is Measured By Count of Satisfied Pa
trons; Twice as Many Men Wear Our
Clothes Now as Did a Year Ago
"The Shop That Satisfies."
in the chorus at I .is-t. I.. fre the sea- i
sun is over.
The candidates who p'-rf'Ttned at
the last meeting st.i-d out of the
cast (by request) at last night's affair.
I pick Xew York to beat the Ath
letics on speed, and sptrtl alone."
aays Cy Young, veteran pitcher of
the Boston Nationals, who has pitch
ed against both t turns. "In my opin
ion the two leagues are evenly match
ed. In a short seven game series,
therefore, the. team which can iwess
the greatest amount of sieed into a
limited time should be certain win
ners. I odn't think the Athletics pitch
ers can keep the Ciants off the bases,
and once they get on neither Thomas
nor Iapp can stop ihvm. On the de
fense Mathewson will be a'bh to work
three games, and will take cart- of
all three, leaving only one to be won
out of four by his colleagues.
"Even al'owing the pitching, field
ing and batting to sie up equally,
the advantage rests with the Giant
with their base running, and so I
figure them to win."
The only republican
Who can carry Yavapai county!
That's what the democrats in Judge
Wells' home county say about the re
cently announced candidate for the
republican gubernatorial nomination.
With due deference to the other re
publicans in Yavaimi. we could have
jaid no higher compliment to the abi
lity, capability, and Kipularity of
Judge Wells than is embodied in the
voluntary statement of the candidate's
political enemies.
The way those democrats up in Ya
vaiai rally to the supimrt of Judge
"Wells, the way they forget iKilitical af
filiation when they sent him as their
representative to the constitutional
convention, the knowing manner in
which they smile when asked if they
would support the judge in event he
is nominated, all savor of victory at
the polls in Decerning and carry a
cheerful message to residents of
Cochise county who have never h.ul
the opportunity of meeting the recent
entry in the contest for governor.
There are two officially, announced
candidates f. r the republican nomina
tion and the comment aboe is not to
In- taken as cxpressTng a prt-ft rrn nt
Uti.rge 1" Young is jersonall and
offitially well known in Cochise coun
tv. He will hac strong support here
He will have strong supjH.rters in Ya
vapai county but we want the repub
licans in Cochise county to know
something about all the candidates in
which case only can th voter intelli
gently cast his ballot in the primary
now approaching. Douglas Dispatch
The Children of These Supposedly
Wild People Are Taught
Bontoc in particular and the It;orot
country in general will soon have its
first permanent Christian church, for
the building planned by the Belgian
missionary fathers is nearing comple
tion, according to advices brought by
Father Sepulchre, a member of the
The new church is a substantial
stone structure and will cost 30,000
pesos. It is notable for the fact that
Igorot mechanics have participated
in the work of construction as car
penters, masons and plumbers.
Four years ago the liev. Father
Jurgens began the building, since
when with the assistance of Father
Sepulchre, four Belgian sisters and
one brother as a teaching staff a
remarkable record has been made by
the fathers as very industrious and
Some two hundred and fifty Igorot
Ik.vs and girls have been instructed
in the ordinary school grades and
additional instruction has been given
in industrial work. Thus there are
in Bontoc some seventy artisans,
practical shoemakers, horseshoers and
the like, who owe their training to
the fathers.
The girls are instructed by the sis
ters in domestic sciences, cooking,
dressmaking. lacemaking. weaving
and the school today numbers thirty
eight of these students. The latest
addition to the curriculum is agricul
ture and this has had a very marked
ffYect on the prosperity of the nelgh
iHirhood. Manila Times.
Turkestan alfalfa seeel for sale at
Sturges Hay & Grain Co, 125 Eaat
Jefferson St. bm
In Four Per Cent.
It is the Sure and Safe.
We Pay it on Time
National Bank of Arizona
Co-Operation With Depositors
The Thocnix National Bar.k co
operates with its depositors in the
furtherance of their financial affairs
by conferring and advising with them
whenever they care to call upon its
officers for information or sugges
tions that the bank may be able to
extend. --.ccounts? oth large and
small Invited.
The sudden advancement which
some men make from ordinary posi
tions is frequently called luck by the
public. In practically every instance
of this kind it was not mere luck
but rather the reward of persever
ance in economical methods the re
ward of having saved money with
which to take advantage of oppor
tunities. We invite you to open a
Term Savings Account with this bank
and prepnre yourself for advance
ment. $1.00 is enough to start. 4
per cent compound Interest is paid.

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