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Arizona republican. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, April 14, 1912, Image 2

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Catarrh and Stomach Trouble
Relieved by Peruna.
"Mrs. Joha
TJ nderwood,
It. F. D. 2,
Box SO.AA'av
rly, Ohio,
writes! j "Havinjj
had catarrh
and stomach
trouble and
-liaving suf
fered very
much T, af
ter - beinK
- doctored a
long . while,
as a last re
sort, took
-Peruna. The
result v a s
wonderful. I
would highly
recommend it
as a good
remedy. ' 1 Wtfi'Tnn ?
still use Pe- Mrs. John Underwood
runa and would not be without it. I
always have it in the house."
Catarrh of Head and Throat.
Mi?. L. A. Gray. 1ST Main St., lip
nasha, AVis., writes: "I was troubled
with catarrh of the head and throat
for so many years that I thought
there was no cure for it. Mother
FUggested that I try Peruna. I bought
a couple of bottles and decided to
see what it would do for me. I am
a healthy woman today, thanks to
Forty-Five United States
Prisoners Will Arrive
This Evening; All Ready
for Term of District
Round Trip
-if TO
Atchison, Kan $ 55.00
Baltimore, Md 102.50
Boston, Mass 105.50
Chicago, 111 C7.50
Colorado Springs, Colo 45.00
Council Bluffs, Iowa. 55.00
Denver, Colo 45.00
Duluth. Minn 74.50
Kansas City, Mo 55.00
Leavenworth,, Kan 55.00
Memphis, Tenn C5.00
Minneapolis, Minn .' C8.50
Montreal, Canada 103.50
Xew Tork City, X. T. 103.50
Omaha, Xeb 55.00
Philadelphia. Pa 103.50
Portland, Me 108.50
Pueblo, Colo 45.00
Quebec, Canada 111.50
St. Joseph. Mo 55.00
St. Louis, Mo 65.00
St. Paul,- Minn 68.50
Toronto, Canada -. 90.70
AA'ashlngton, D. C 102.50
April 25, 26 and 27 (To Minneapolis
and St. Paul only).
May 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 29, 30.
June 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20,
24, 25, 27, 28, 29.
July 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30, 31.
August 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, 16, 22,
23, 24, 29, 30, 31.
September 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12.
OCTOBER 31, 1912
Full information regarding routes,
Pullman berths, stopover privileges,
etc., will be cheerfully furnished by
your agent, or by
General Passenger Agent,
El Paso, Texas.
Standing room only will be the or
der at the county jail by the time
the evening trains are all in tonight.
Space reservations must be made ear
ly or there will be no place to even
stand offenders who infract the laws
between now and the time when the
trials begin.
In addition to the seventy-five de
fendants at present in the jail and
who fill, that institution just about
as completely as it should be filled
will be added tonight firty-five ad
ditional prisoners of the Unite'
States being brought to this city from
the southern tier of counties for trial
at the forthcoming term of the dis
trict court.
These prisoners are tinder com
mittment for a wide variety of of
fences but a large percentage of them
nvolve the illegal sale of liquor to
The prisoners will be in charge o
United States Marshal Overlook. Chief
Deputy, Don Arillett; Deputies Hud
son and Harold ami half a 'lozen
guards. Deputy Marshal Bush An
derson who has the northern coun-
ies under his wing already has his
prisoners safely in limbo, the latest
addition being Charles M. McDonald
whom the "deputy arrested about nine
miles from AA'inkclman and who is
charged with improper use of the
United States mails."
. The influx of prisoners expected to
night will be housed for the most
part in the upper tier of cells at the
county jail, extra cots and bedding
having been prepared for .their re
ception. " This will make the record
number of prisoners for the jail an"l
fill that resort almost to bulging ca
For the term of .federal court soon
to begin witnesses have been subpoena
ed from air parts of the state, and
some of them living long distances
from the railroad have already been
on.thfir way for a couple of days,
The expense involved in clearing- the
initial calendar of the district court
will be heavy.
Judge Hunt, of the commerce court
at AVashington who has been as
siged the duty of conducting the term
and trying the hundred and fifty or
more cases is en route and unless
detained by floods oV snow will recch
Phoenix early Tuesday morning.
Court will be convened ax ten
o'clock on that day. the grand jury
called and charged and the long grind
commenced. The work of the grand
jury is expecte;! to ocupy the re
mainder of the week. The trial jury
lias, fceen summoned for April 23rd
when the trial of the men against
whom true bills have been found will
be commenced. Many will plead guil
ty if former records are followed.
bu there will be plenty for the tria'i
juries to do, and over three hundred
witnesses have been summoned to
appear in the several cases.
On April 25th the grand jury for
the superior court will report, and the
trial jury for county business will
assemble on the second of May so
the attaches about the court house
are preparing for a long series of
busy days.
Deputy United States Attorney For
rest arrived yesterday from Prescott.
and his chief J. B. Morrison and
other federal officers will be here to
day or tomorrow.
Deputy Marshal Bush Anderson has
removed his effects from his former
office in the O'Xeil block to quarters
n the court house formerly occupied
by the territorial supreme court and
here the marshal and his assistats
will be at home.
See the Postoffice Xews Store ad
ertisement in today's classified Ads.
under "business chances." This is a
good chance for somebody. bk
Phoenix Store De Luxe .
The Hyder Brothers Phoenix Store de Luxe tho one of the
newest institutions in Phoenix. Has alreadv taken thorough
root and is one of the solid institutions of the citv. John Hvder
is- in charge. He is no stranger to the people of Phoenix. He
has frequently traveled the streets and Avatehed its growth sinee
June 1893 and realising that Phoenix is destined to become the
great center of the southwest, set a firm foot in a good location
on jtforth Central avenue and his clientele U already one of which
any institution may well be proud.
The Phoenix Store de Luxe has a tone of its own and Phoenix
men are realizing this. Being in the Capital City and not visit
ing the Store de Luxe is just like going to Europe without seeing
Paris. The Store de Luxe is a beauty and merits your patronage.
Quality De Luxe
n'i. i
j m-bf nouses carry ex
clusive and standard lines
of high grade men's fur
nishing goods, that will
interest every lover of
neat and good dress. You
will make the right ap
pearance if you wear Hy
der goods.
Wickenburg Business
The third institution which the
Hyder Brothers have built up in
Arizona is that in AVickenburg,
the radiating point of the central
mineral belt of Arizona. This
consists of a hay, grain and livery
business. Chas. Hyder is in
charge. If you do not know him.
you will not havo to ask for him
when you get to AA'Ickenburg. Just
look at the first big man you
come to when you get off the
train, and the chances are that it
is Chas. Hyder.
Tempe House of Quality .
Hyder Brothers' Tempe House of Quality was established in
1.001, since which time, this institution has grown to be one of the
most successful in Maricopa County.
The Hyder Brothers attribute their success to the fact that
they at all times work in harmonv and co-operation and with
vigor and energy at all times with the citizenship of Tempo and
its institutions. Always looking for the very best for the least
money, giving a J'ull dollar value for every dollar received and
square dealing every time has given the House of Quality a clien
tele of which its owners are ' extremely proud.
A glance at the picture herewith will show the appreciation of
the Tempe People at an entertainment recently given by the pro
prietors. Kelly Hyder is in charge and when calling in Tempe,
give him a call. He will return a smile whether vou buv or not.
Being in Tempe and not visiting Hyder Brothers House of
Quality is like being in Chicago and not visiting the Marshall
Field Store.
.iJk'&v&y'" 'v
THE ART of the Indian finds J
its highest expression among the
tribes of the Southwest. You can
obtain the genis of this art
Xavajo blankets and silverwork,
baskets, pottery, beads.- curios, at
Indian Shop
Opp. Hotel Adams.
Xine-foot bed sheets by all means.
A bill introduced at Albany would
make it a misdemeanor for a hotel
proprietor to supply guests with bed
sheets less than nine feet long. Better
make it ten.
There are three sound, simple, home
ly reasons for a big bed shout.
First, it can be tucked in securely
at the foot of the bed. Nothing is
worse than a sheet that pulls loose
over the feet during the night.
Second, the upper sheet can be
turned bak a good three feet over
the blanket, thereby making a smooth,
soft, clean surface against neck, cheek
and hand. Every good hotel bed in
France and Germany is always arrang
ed for the night with' such a broad
band of clean linen at the top.
F.inally, the more the woolen blanket
is covered and protected by washable
linen, the less chance for germs and
dirt. In German hotels they even go
so far as to buttcn up the coverlet
completely in linen. The sheet is like
a big pillow case.
Since wc spend a third of our lives
in bed, let's make sleeping away from
home as clean and comfortable as w
can. New Tork Evening AA'orld.
Three Thousand One Hundred and Sixty-Nine Miles
At a Total Cost of Sixty-Five Dollars
St. Louis Republic: If wo, are to
have the murder of a husband by a
wife every day or two there is no
use of talking about making divorce
more difficult. Let us malceit easier.
Cleveland Leader: If the Mexi
cans don't quit knocking boards off
Uncle Sam's back fence he is going
to take one of them and apply it
where it will do the most good.-
R. C." H.
Motor 4 cylinders, cast en bloc 314 -inch bore, 5-inch stroke.
Two-bearing crank shaft. Timing gears and valves enclosed.
Three-point suspension. Drive Left side. Irreversible worm
gear. 10-inch wheel. Control Center lever operated through
II-plate, integral with universal joint housing just below.
Springs Front, semi-elliptic; rear, full elliptic and mounted on
swivel seats. Frame Pressed steel channel. Axles Front,
I-beam, drop-forged; rear, semi-floating type. Body English
type, extra wide front seats. Wheel Base Touring Car, 110 in
ches; Roadster and Coupe, Rfi inches. Full equipment quoted
Here's the Great little
Gar that Made the Trip
Model SS '
TAUNCII, sturdy and reliable as a car could be, it came through
with flying colors where many a more pretentious car would have
For there is no better-built car in tho world than the R-C-II
no matter what Its price. Such a gruelling trip as that made by the
Exposition Car called for two things. The -first-was a construction ab
solutely sound, to resist the jolts, the jerks, the strain that accompanied
almost every foot of the journey through the deep mud and clinging
sand of the California hills. The second thing necessary was a motor
powerful enough to pull the car anywhere there was ground to travel on.
R-C-II construction stood the test witout a flaw or fault. And tho
exclusive R-C-II long-stroke motor never failed to develop every ounce
of power needed, all the time.
The trip was a wonderful triumph for tluv long-stroke motor, which
was first incorporated in an Amer- - "
lean car on the R-C-H. It showed
top, that the ratio of motor bore
to stroke (3 "4 xb) used in tho R-
C-II develops the maximum of
power per fuel unit.
Is it any wonder that the R-C-II
has taken f ho 'mo"toring world
touring car
wheel 'base ' '"
- '"
by storm that its sales during four months are thousands greater
than those of any other car in the history of the industry during a
like period?
The R-C-II is made in four models two types of each model. The
SS models are equipped with Hanna self-starter, 32x3i tires, dual
ignition, demountable and quick-detachable, rims, gas tanks, extra
rim, top, windshield,- S lamps, horn, tools, and tire repair kit, long
stroke motor, 3 speeds, enclosed valves, magneto.
They arc priced as follows: Roadster, $S00; Touring Roadster, $900;
Touring Car, $950; Colonial Coupe, $1150.
The standard models of the RG-H are equipped with top, side
curtains, windshield, generator, horn, lamps and kit, "but do not have
the ,solf:starter or other equipment mentioned above.
The prices are: Roadster, $700;
i Touring Roadster, $S00; Touring
Car. $S50; Colonial Coupe,- $1050.
All prices f. o. b. Detroit.
You can pay $2000 but wnat
more can you get? Compare the
car with others and judge for
touring car
wheel base
345-347 East Washington St.

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