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Carmi A. Thompson, Presi
dent Taft's Secretary.
I have Jn my possession a prescrip
tion for nervous debility, lack of
vigor and weakened manhood, failing
memory and lame back brought on
by excesses, unnatural drains, or the
follies of youth, that has cured so
many vrn and nervous men right in
their own homes without any addi
tional help or medicine that I think
every man who wishes to regain his
manly power and virility, quickly and
quietly, should have a copy. So I
have determined to send a copy of
the prescription free of charge, in
a plain, ordinary sealed envelope to
any man who will write me for it.
This prescription conies from a
physician who has made a special
study of men and I am convinced
It is the surest-acting combination
for the cure of deficient manhood and
vigor failure ever put together.
I think I owe it to my fellow man
to send them a copy in confidence
so that any man anywhere who is
weak and discouraged with repeated
failures may stop drugging himself
with harmful patent medicines, se
cure what I believe is the quickest
acting restorative, upbuilding, SPOT
TOUCHING remedy ever devised, and
go cure himself at home quietly and
quickly. Just drop me a line like
this: Dr. A. E. Robinson, 4270 J.uck
Building, Detroit, Mich., and I will
send you a copy of this splendid
recipe in a plain ordinary envelope
free of charge. A great many doctors
would charge $3.00 to $3.00 for merely
writing out a prescription like this
but I send It entirely free.
1 Bkln of Beauty is J07 rtarevr
,R. T. Felix Goureud's Oriental
Cream or Magical Beautifies.
Removes Tun, JMwple.
freckles, iloth Patches,
Rush, and Skin Diseases,
ana every Diemisa
on Deauiy. ana ae
I lies detection. It
has f'H)d the tut
of 62 years, and
in fo harmless we
taste it tobesureit
Is proporly mace.
AceeM no counter'
felt of similar
came. Dr. I. A.
Savre said to &
l&uy of the caut
ion (a patient) :
"As you ladies
will use them
I recommend
Gonraud'n Crpfctn as the least banuful of ail tM
tkiD irrepaxaiioQA." For sale by all drueg:sts and Fancy
Goods Dealers in the Uult-d ht&tea. CaujJa and Europe.
ISH. T. HEPKINS, PrGD 37 Great Jon Sired Xswfa
The Best Bib Overall 0
Two Horse
A New Pair
If They Rip
Round Trip
Atchison, Kan J 55.00
Baltimore, Md 102.50
Boston, Mass 105.50
Chicago, 111 67.50
Colorado Springs, Colo 45.00
Council Bluffs. Iowa 55.00
Denver, Colo 45.00
Duluth, Minn. 74.50
Kansas City, Mo 55.00
Leavenworth, Kan 55.00
Memphis, Tenn 65.00
Minneapolis, Minn 68.50
Montreal, Canada 103.50
New York City, N. T. 103.50
Omaha, Neb 55.00
Philadelphia, Pa 103.50
Portland, Me 108.50
Pueblo, Colo 45.00
Quebec, Canada 111.50
St. Joseph, Mo 55.00
St. Louis, Mo 65.00
St. Paul, Minn 68.50
Toronto, Canada 90.70
Washington, D. C, 102.50
Tickets at the above rates are on
sale August 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, 16, 22.
23, 24, 29, 30, 31.
Pull information regarding routes
Pullman berths, stopover privileges,
etc., will be cheerfully furnished by
your 4u?ent, o" by
General Passenger Agent,
; El Paso, Texas.
Carmi Alexander Thompson of Ohio,
who succeeds C. D. llilles as secretary
to President Taft, was formerly a coal
miner and sot his first start In life as
a wieldcr of the pick. Since that long
ago day, however, he steadily moved
upward and for many years has been
a prominent figure in Ohio politics.
A native of West Virginia and forty
two years old, Mr. Thompson has
spent most of hi3 life at Ironton, O.
By working In the mines he earned
enough money to get a high school ed
ucation and then took an academic
course in the Ohio State university.
Two years of teaching and more sav
ing enabled him to take a law course
at the same institution. In 1S03 he
was admitted to the bar, and he began
practice at Ironton. After a term as
city solicitor he went to the legislature
and was speaker of the house in
100G-7. Then he was elected secre
tary of state and re-elected two years
later. At the close of his second term
he was appointed assistant secretary
of the interior at Washington, from
which post he resigned to take the
place made vacant by the selection of
Mr. llilles to manage President Taft's
Judge Dillon of Ohio.
Judge Edmund E. Dillon of Colum
bus, who was nominated for governor
by the Ohio Republicans and subse
quently withdrew from the ticket, took
that unusual step because of the de
termination of the Roosevelt party to
put up a third ticket in the state.
The nomination of Judge Dillon was
made against his own wish. When
the delegates were gathered for the
state convention he steadfastly re
fused to allow his name to be used
In connection with the governorship,
wanting only the nomination for Judge
of the supreme court. After several
ballots had been taken a stampede
was started for Judge Dillon, and he
was on the fifth ballot nominated.
Judge Dillon thought when he was
nominated that his selection marked
the end of the new party movement
fn the state, and in a brief speech to
the convention accepting the nomina
tion he said, "I will give to the party
and the people of the state the best
that Is in me."
On the bench Judge Dillon has won
an enviable reputation and is now serv
ing his third term in the court of com
mon pleas. He is a native of the Buck
eye State and is forty-three years old.
His education was acquired in the
schools of Portsmouth, O., and at Ohio
Wesleyan university. He studied law
at London, O., and was admitted to
practice in 1S91, hanging put his shin
gle at Columbus. Before his elevation
to the bench in 1002 Judge Dillon was
for several years attorney for the dairy
and food department of the state of
Which is the easier popping the
question or questioning pop?
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J hf - f'v
I i , K , ,
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Local Lodge Lore
"Social evening" usually means the
cutting short of business to put
things in readiness for a jolly good
tirm, but not so with the meeting of
last Saturday evening for there was
a class of fourteen to be obligated
and with this work to be done every
member in the lodge hall became so
enthusiastic that good times were not
thought of until the great volume of
business had been properly disposed
of for the evening.
Mr. Kinney and Mrs. Whit'e, who
compose the committee that was ap
pointed to attend Sister Rhinehart
during her illness, is proud to report
the sister is improving and it is ex
pected she will be strong enough to
sit about her home the early part of
this week. Sister Rhinehart has
suffered much pain but it seems cer
tain now that the worst is over.
Brothers Chas- E. Shue. captain of
the escort team; J. F. Langston,
sargent-at-arms, and Lee Donn,- sec
retary, have returned from Fort
Himchuoua where they spent fifteen
flays in camp as members of the Ari
zona National Guard. The boys re
port having had a good time and
learned a few more things about
modern warfare. They are brown as
berries and look fine and dandy.
Mr. Kinney, Mrs. Arendall and Mrs.
White has been appointed to serve
as the refreshment committee for the
term. They believe in keeping cool
during the evening and have already
arranged to serve something cool this
Saturday evening.
The lodge rejoices over Mrs. J. H.
Kinney's visit to the lodge last even
ins. Mrs. Kinney has been ill al
most all summer, and for the first
time during the season has been able
to attend lodge- The lodge is glad to
have her with them once more and
hopes that she will remain strong
enough to attend regularly. A class
of thirty will ride the "goat" Satur
On last Tuesday evening J. O.
Shirley of Medford, Ore., visited the
lodge and told of how they did things
up in Medford. Brother Shirley likes
Phoenix and thinks that we have a
most delightful valley with wonderful
Brother David Heidelberg, a mem
ber of the Odd Fellow's lodge at Blue
Springs, Mo., also paid the Phoenix
brethren a visit. Like Brother Shir
ley, he is charmed with the beauty of
the state, and will remain and be
come better acquainted with local
conditions,- and the people as well.
Brother Chas. H. Papen had the
honor and pleasure of taking the
first degree last evening.
The enthusiastic Odd Fellows of
Miami, Ariz., have formed and are
organizing. They have made applica
tion for their charter and every thing
possible is being done to make the
little mining camp one of the strong
lodges of the state. Miami is a
hustling little camp and there has
always been quite a large number of
Odd Fellows, but until recently the
spirit of Odd Fellowship has been lost
in the hustle and bustle. The spirit
is too grand and noble to be kept
down all the time, and it has now
come to the top with new life and
It is the same standard high-grade goods
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J L J L J tl
renewed strength and will eventually
be known as one of the foremost
lodges of the state.
The Floral encampment met Sat
urday night and conferred the Royal
Purple degree on a number of mem
bers. The evening was mixed with
business and pleasure and everyone
hatT a good time.
Members of Arizona Canton No. 1,
of the Parriarch Militant will meet
next Tuesday evening for the purpose
of electing officers for the coming
Samuel L. Kasterling left last Fri
day evening for Long Beach, Calif.,
where he will join Mrs. Easterling
and spend a few days vacation.
At the last meeting II. W. Warren
from the Nebraska jurisdiction was
reported to be ill at the Angeny Hos
pital on North Third avenue.
C- E. Harrelson of Winslow lodge.
Winslow, Ariz., was also reported ill.
Brother Harrelson lives about one-
quarter mile south of East Lake park.
Maricopa tribe, No. 19, of the Im
proved Order of Redmen met at the
Council chamber on the twenty-second
"Sun" of "Sturgeon Moon" to
kindle the council fire for the big
"pow-wow" of these "hunting
grounds." The Sachem, senior and
junior Sagamore, Prophet, Braves,
Warriors, Sanups and about twenty-
five tribesmen smoked the "pipe of
peace" and drank "fire water" (which
happened to be ice cold lemonade)
find danced the dance of the retreat
ing season to the measure of the
'tom-tom" and the chant of the "me
dicine man" until a late hour.
The meetings of Phoenix Camp of
the Modern Woodmen of America for
the past few weeks have been more
or less for entertainment, only such
business as was of an urgent nature
being disposed of each week.
Although the warm evenings of the
summer have frightened a few from
the meetings, there has been an un
usual good attendance during the en
tire summer. Each night has been
made pleasant with a few good cigars
and soft drinks, and an occasional
watermelon supper. The Camp is
not complaining of the summer, in
fact, they dislike to see it go for it
is marked with many pleasant even
ings, but they are very glad to see
the winter months approaching for it
is then that the lodge gets down to
business and does things that make
for them a good record.
At the meeting of Phoenix Lodge
No. 2, Friday night, the 23rd instant,
five candidates were given the work
in the rank of Knight, and the wor
was exemplified in all its character
istic beauty and impressiveness.
Another campaign for new members
is soon to be launched and it is ex
pected that by Fair week a class of
Jane hundred candidates will be given
the work in the various ranks. The
lodge has always maintained a high
-standard of membership, and it Is
anticipated that the addition of one
i j .1 i ...in rocnlt in mak-
riiuiiuxeu iiieiiiuci win . t. .
fing Phoenis Lodge Number Two,
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m - .. 1- in 1 1, I. - a
Knights of Pythias, the largest fra
ternal order in the state. And every
new candidate taken into the lodge
becomes at once a worker and a
booster for the order.
Knight J- H. Langston, having just
returned from the Supreme Conven
tion of the Order of Knights of
Pythias, at Denver, to which he was
sent as one of the supreme represen
tatives from Arizona, gave an ex
tremely interesting and entertaining
report of the proceedings of the con
vention. Brother Langston was very
favorably impressed with the hospi
tality of the city of Denver. Winni
peg, Manitoba, was chosen as the
meeting placce of the next Supreme
Convention of the order, which is to
be held in August, 1914. Another
great event in the Pythian world
which is to take place in the year
1914, is the celebration of the Golden
Jubilee of the foundation of the order.
This Jubilee celebration will occur in
the city of Washington, D. C, the
birthplace of the order, on the 19th
day of February, 1914. It is hoped
that a large number of Knights from
Arizona will be present at this Ju
bilee celebration.
After the closing of the session of
the lodge, light refreshments consist
ing of sandwiches, coffee and cigars
were served to the members in the
lodge banquet room. All present re
ported a very enjoyable evening.
Dictator J- A. Crozier of the Phoe
nix Moose left last Thursday evening
for a trip through the east and into
Canada where he will visit relatives
and gather information for the up
building of the Order of Moose in
the State of Arizona. While gone
Brother Crozier will visit the Moose
lodges of the following cities in Can
ada: Vancouver, Banff, Calgary
Moosejaw, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto,
Montreal, and St. Johns. The greater
part of his visit will be spent at
Prince Edward Island where he will
visit his two sisters, Mrs- W. Waddell
and Mrs. J. E. Bernard. On his re
turn he will visit his brother W. S.
Crozier of Boston, Mass., and will
also address the Moose lodge of that
Walter J. Hayt will officiate in his
absence, which will continue about
sixty days.
The Moose are planning for a big
celebration during fair week and the
indications are that the success of
their entertainment will far exceed
that of the Fourth of July. The !
Moose will endeavor to do their part
in making the coming fair the most
successful for years, nothing will be
left undone that will furnish comfort
and enjoyment to the fair visitors.
Brother Crozier , was given a very
pleasant surprise on the eve of his
leaving by members of the order.
The substance of the surprise has
been kept as secret.
Drink! Is it possible that 40 per
sons were killed and 60 desperately
injured by the accident on the Lack
awanna railroad becausee an engineer
drank too much on the Fourth of
July? The tesstimony to that effect,
at the coroner's inquest, seems al
most incredible. The Lackawanna
has gone along for nearly half a
century without a fatality. Its man
agement has been conceded to be the
most conservative, and its equip
ment included every device for the
safety of the passengers. All safety
devices on any railroad, or in any
factory or private home would be of
no avail if at the throttle of the
engine of the establishment wre the
trembling hand of a man addicted to
drink. We need not dwell on the
moral lesson. Leslie's. t
that has given the
none but the best
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We also solleit vour bank account.
National Bank of Arizona
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tobacco or tnafT. One man in 10 can um tobacco without apparent iutury, 10 tbo other U i puitonouw and r
louaLy Injures the health in screral way, causing such disorders as nervous dyapepsia, aleeplesanesa, gas.
Dewniug. gnswmf, ar oiucr nnoomionamo sensation in iiomacu, eoDiupaiiunt neaiisenc, CTAD
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heart failure lunar trouble, eatarrh. melancholy, neuratabeuia. iiupotency, loss of mem- DIM Ml lift
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