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State's Private Wealth Is
Now Estimated at $140,
338,191.08 as Against $98,
000,000 One Year Ago;
Figures by Counties
Movement to Secure the
1913 Convention of Wat
erless Farmers Was Be
gun in a Conference of
State Delegates Yesterday
But am a scrapper and will keep on scrapping
for your business until 1 get it. I have a right
to get it, for 1 .nil the only exclusive haber
dasher in Phoenix.
Read This:
It was a note left under our dour 1 ist w.-k.
....'Put my name mi the full cr-.wn Panama lint in window jr.. no
marked $2 50 size Will see vou about it Monday morning.
Needless to say, Dr. Woodward called and got
the hat. He, like hundreds of other Phoenix
men, has faith in the goods of the Store DeLuxe
and its proprietor's judgment.
Hyders' Store de Luxe
The property valuation as fixed by
the state board of equalization for
imposes of taxation this year, is
$140,338, 191. OS, as against about
VjS,o(),on) last year. The valuations
of each cIjss of protxrtv have not
y t been totaled individually afte:
segregation but will be in a few
(U.ys. Following are the figures show
ing thi' total valuation in each
c urty:
Ai.ache $ 2,2'-9479.06
Cochise ..2.f.00,761.7C
Coconino e,,8i;8,9r,C..12
(ii!a 10,601,644.2;
Ovaham 3.07(1,178.31
Creenlee 10,r,6S,765.52
Maricopa 27.r.99,785.8S
v.Vhave 5.973.264.1 1
Navajo 3,094,025.4.
Pima . 8.955.961.01
Pinal 5.123.446.8!
Santa Cruz 2. 418. 170. 0-'
Yavapai 16.111.921.2-
Yuma 4.4U.821.49
T..tal $14(1. 33S. 191.
The Electro-Stethoscope Transmits
the Sound to an Entire Clinic.
It is a common saying that if a cat
i dropped in any way whatever it
will always alight on its fcet. Since
a man cannot lift himself by his
boot straps, or a boat cannot propel
itself through the water, except by
pressing against the ' water in some
way, one may well wonder whether
this is not one of the common say
ings which is fallacious. The general
principle involved are of such inter
est that the question was taken up a
few years ago for consideration at a
session of a French scientific society.
Forest Hay Moulton of the University
of Chicago, says:
"It is a fact 'hat it Is dynamically
possible for a cat to turn over no
matter how dropped, and experi
ments have shown that they actu
ally do it. If a balloonist or air
man should fall from a great height
ard should find that h-e were descend
ing so as to strike on his head, h.:
r,.i.l.i turn himself over so as to
strike on his feet, if he knew the
proper means of accomplishing it.
But the distance he would have to
fall in order to have time to tn-n
over would be so great that he could
have only an academic interest in
striking on his feet rather than on
his head, for the final result would
be the same in either case."
K. M Turner, inventor of (he die
tagraph, which is playing such ai
important part in the conviction o:
, i.x.ked i.ublic officials, has invented
u new contrivance for transmitting
the heart-beat sound. It is to b
ki.own as the electro-stethoscope, ant
i. ..ni r-r.nvov nn entire clinic a(
ore time the heart action of a pa
tient during an operation. The steth
.1 convevs onlv to ont
s..iinil i.f the heart beat
The new device will convey electri
callv to different paits of the oper
atinr room the audible action withir
the bodv of the patient over a serie.-
mi" wires, to receivers in the form of
ear tubes similar to those with which
the ordinarv stethoscope is equipped
A cup-shaped sound-collecting device
ia romnressed to the part or in
chest inclosing the heart or lungs
a from this region if
i-.ncfr.rmed ' normallv or magnified
at the will of the physician control!
intr it. to a elas of any number o
. i. Mi- Turner has beer
..... -
wnrkire on the invention six year:
i w. v,iq int triven it the first
ttliU 117 lit.? J "
ri.m.mstration. It works successfully
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Hz n t-T If ft
35c Wash Goods
Special 10c Yd.
This is your last call for wash
goods. Irish Linette, Klaxon Voile,
old up to 35c yard, at 10c.
Phoenix will stage the 1913 con
gress of drv farmers if the move
ment started at the meeting yester
day hs any effect.
Called together by Governor
a number of gentlemen from
the state met at the board of
yesterday afternoon to devise
and means of luriner the arid
i ulturists to Arizona when mxt that
body convenes. J lie purpose m mak
ing the fight for the congress is to
bring Arizona's opportunities for the
,!iy farmer to the notice of the men
who indulge in that sort of soil till
ing. And besides, there is the re
sultant good of the visit of over 5000
delegates, their ideas, possible in
vestments and the advertising they
.v ill give the new state by their
presence. With the experts on the
ground, Arizona will be given the
hance to demonstrate the great lat
ent lands, waste now, but only des
ert because there is no way to get
men to settle them.
In forty other ways, more or less
.urcenary, the Salt Kiver valley wiil
; refit by the invasion of a congress
.f the nation wide standing the. Dry
farmery' enjoy. Actually, a great
lumber of visitors will couie and
leave lucre. Also they will go and
eave words. And that is what is de
igned to be the best plum of all, the
dvertising of Arizona in parts where
.ncn eagerly catch at news of a land
outdoor nromise, fruits of th
farm and a chance to live on ground
hat makes the real living ot the
The meeting was held under the
hairmanshin of Governor Hunt
Piesert were men of affairs, well to
farmers and publicity men of a.l
the state. Malcolm Fraser, secretary
.f the Prescott chamber of commerce-
was one of the most active members
1 the meeting. Phoenix' representa
tives, H. E. Marks and Al Moore:
those of Maricoita county. Vernon
Clark and Harry Welch; and others
iifid nn an enthusiastic set ot bust
ness getters
The afternoon's discussion was
i-vstallized in the motion of W. H.
f"urlt ,.t Ilolhn.ok to make a bid foi
the meeting of the International Dr;
Farming congress for Phoenix m
1913. When it was decided the ef-
lort would be put forth to bring the
invention here, the meeters pio
. ........ .1.. T . thic
.-ceded to tug oui meinour, m n...-.
connection, the matter of an exmoit
,i(!ii Maricopa county and Arizona
jt large t-o this year's congress was
oiouehi un. The state will be repre-
r,f...t l.v n car of material, to ue
athered and sent to Alberta, Can
:,rh. under the steering hand of Sec
ttarv Fraser. It was found necessary
lift the sum of $1700 to cover ex
,-..tie of the exhibit. It was pieugeo
ir. r. feu.- minutes, and Mr. Fraser
,,as unanimously chosen as superin
i ndent
L'lftv citizens, some named from
among those present, and others to
;e picked by the governor ami in
board of trade will torm a commit
t,, he nicked by the governor
jr.d the board ot traue win iumi
committee on ways and means, u
...... i.,. ran. to raise the sum
Will ' " v. .v.. - -- -
f $15,000, needed to insure the prop-
,. . , . ......'..!.! it ri In
er 1HIUUI...B --
T.niv rs.ntributions will be se
cured in various ways, depending on
nd men to whom appn
I lit WV,H I v,
cation is to be made. The counties
. vvnnn. Maricopa, Navajo, Apache,
" ' ' ..... r
Yuma. Greenlee, Pima, Monave, c,o
ri Cochise will all maKe
luavy contributions to me iuhu.
..... .h assurance of represeniaiive.,
r the subdivisions and those
. .... .i.u sifjte of rninn aim
WHO Mlt-v. i.-v
.,..,. fr. the counties without
it r InnrQt OS2
. r i tii w vear win ue m
xne iuhu
v, ..f w X FrederiCKS ot rrcs-
cott. The governor named those in
tA.nna and others to receive
notification later as members of the
fi,-o r.r committee on pians
CATV lui- .
- .r.rniiaion of state wide
choice,' the committee is expected t..
. : al n.irts wnere sucu
gei acnoc i..
,.. it Mpn nterested in ury i-nu
ng opportunities are sure to fall in
,;.i, the r.ioneers. In the time
Illir Willi - i
n.,i thm there Will ue a gicai
illiuitu ... . n
.... ..oiness accompnsiieu. c
volume o " " - .
.v.- tho Alberta congress is
ready to open Professor McOmie of
Tucson will have gatnereu .
show of dry tilled products for this
coming exposition.
The boosters in evidence at yes
terday's meeting were: Malcolm
Fraser of Prescott, H. A. Morgan
of Willcox, Glen C. Wheeler of Yuma,
n E Marks. J. S. Day, V. L tlark,
Harry Welch. II Tritle, A. L. Moore,
Governor Hunt and Professor Mc
Omie of- Tucson.
I 1 for backache, rheumatism, kidney or bladder trouble, and urinary irregularitlet.
Jl Foley's Kidney Pills yurifythe blood, restore lost vitality and vigor. Refuse substitute.
O'Keefe Staging Card.
16 Button
' i
Silk Gloves 75c
This is an exceptional value; they
;ome in black and white, double
Up regular $1.25 value, at 7Tc.
Korrick's English Long Cloth at 98c per Bolt
Evervbodv is wanting it the same identical Long Cloth which created such. a
furore a couple of months ago, just '100 pieces at this price 'Ml inches wide 98c
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1 7 Lingerie and Voile
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Linens, Lawns and Dimities 'tegu
lar $6.00 and $7.00 value?, to close
at $2.98.
Following his twenty-round bout
with Rudy Unholy at Victor, Labor day
Mike Maione will meet Young Erlen
born in a ten-round bout before the B.
P. O. Elks No. 607 of daho. Springs.
The exhibition will take pUce Sep
tmher ia ami will bee staged by John-
r'xrta - fipnree Pauldine, the
clever Italian, who appeared in the
D "A. C. last year, will meet Tommy
Ryan in a six-round preliminary, and
Burns will go the same distance with
U f hiil. l8f
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