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S a v a n n a li Motorcyclists
Will Ride to "Washington
to' ho in Parade That Ac
companies President "Wil
son to Capitol.
' When Governor "Wilson becomes
PresMt-nt Wilson, and rifles down
Pennsylvania avenue in Washington
en he fourth day of next MJ-reh, thirty
ntf toreyclists from his old home state
-, undoubtedly he part of his escort.
.'Yhe thirty motorcyclists are mem
bers f the Savannah, (Jo., motorcycle
club, and each rider has affixed his
name t written request, that the
niotoix ."'e escort be accepted by Gov
ernor Wilson. This request lias been
forwarded to the governor and the mo
torcyclists are confident that the re
quest will be granted.
, Governor Wilson was born in Geor
gia. Mrs. Wilson at one tune called
Savannah "home."
It is for these reasons, - particularly,
that the Savannah motorcyclists de
sire to do honor to the in-coming pres
ident by forming part of his escort
on the day of his inauguration.
It is uYiderstoo-d that the Georgia
Hussars, the oldest military organiza
tion in the state, will also escort Gov
ernor Wilson on March 4.
So confident are the Georgia motor
cyclists that their request will : be
granted, that the club js now making
preparations for the event. The thirty
riders are planning to ride to Wash
ington from Savannah, starting on Feb.
25 and taking one week for the trip.
They would expect to proceed in a
leisurly way. The club of which they
are members will give them a big
"send -off."
Every member of the club is a mem
ber of the federation of American mo
torcyclists, and the club itself is af
filiated with the F. A. M.
It's the car that has. "made
good." Since the dawn of the
automobile age in nnnihers far
exceeding any other car on all
sorts of roads and under all
sorts of conditions in all coun
tries, climates, altitudes it has
stood - the test it has "made
,, .
Every third car n Ford and every Fii'd
user a F.rd "booster." New prices run
about, ''!' touring car, $(i00 delivery car
$62o town car, $skO with all equipment,
f. o. b. Detroit. Get particulars from Ford
Garage, 417 and 419 West Washington
street. Phoenix, Arizona fir direct from
Detroit factory.
Is the choice new residence tract that has set the
pace for high class homes in Phoenix. Already a
dozen of the most beautiful residences reflecting
art and taste in modern home life' are completed.
This tract is 80 acres protecting a large area
all wide avenues, palm lined, improved streets with
all modern city conveniences. Fifth Avenue street
car line passes through middle of tract. It has the
right close-in location.
We will give special discounts and special terms
to prospective home builders..
The air is better in KeniHvorth it is the high
part of Phoenix.
Take Second avenue car; go out and see Kenll
worth; the" right place for a home.
17 West Adams" SU
35 E. Washington St.,- Phone -Overland 8449
The "Mile High City"- the 'leading
hotel of northern Arizona. First-class
accommodations. Fine restaurant
connected with hotel. Terms Reason
able, n
ED. SHU MA TE, Proprietor
Rooms 7 and 8 Board of. Trade Building '
All That MeCondra Says is
"Come and See," for the
First Hudson "54" in
Arizona Is- Here. A
'."Wonderful Car.
AVhat will Howard Coffin do when
he builds a -six? Well, the answer is
just as satisfactory and complete as
that oft asked question has been in
teresting' and puzzling. When you
bee that great, long, beautifully pro
portioned "54" gliding along so easily
and silently, with its luxurious and
comfortable appearance, you say to
yourself, "There is a real automo
bile." Everything is all right again at
the M. and II. Sales company garage,
for the boys have some cars to sell,
having had the best kind of a time
Friday unloading a car of Hudsons,
including the aforesaid Six and two
of the famous 37s.' These 37s are
the same model .as those sold recent
ly to Dr. Tuttle of Glendale and
David Devore of Globe. One of these
S7s is sold, but it's for Christmas de
li very, so the buyer's name is a
MeCondra himself was at the wheel
of the big "54" when it was tried out
and says one simply has to drive it
to b convinced that so powerful a,
car can be so simple in its control
and so easy to drive. On high gear
the motor is practically silent, and it
is this quiet motor, combined with
the elegant finish and luxurious
cushioning of the car, that has al
ready given the Hudson Six the
name of being one of tln finest cars
rnade in America.
About the middle of the sixth cen
tury before our era a son was born
to a chief of the Rakiyas in the val
ley of the Ganges and given the in
dividual name Sldrthatta. To hund
reds of millions Since that time he
has been known as the buddha.
meaning the Knlightened One by no
means the first Buddha, but the one
of this cycle and the system of re
ligion which he established is said
to have nof more followers than any
Other religion, except that of Jesus.
Throughout the Buddhist world the
present year is being celebrated as
the twenty-five hnnrdedth anniversary
of Buddhism not of . the birth of
Buddha, but of his "enlightenment"
that is his renunciation of the world
and his entrance ufjon his career as a
prophet and teacher, which continued
until his death at the age. of 80. His
followers da .not- honor --him as a god.
but ifs a great leader, and as their
ideal of what a man may become. Be
yond dispute he has exercised a wider
influence than any other man that
India ever produced.
Buddhism has suffered many divi
sions and sub-d'visions, and the an
cient faith has been complicated by
many change sand conditions. In its
orinin it bore much the relation to
the Brahmanism of India that early
Christianity bore to Judaism. It was
a reaction from the exclusiveness: of
caste and a protest against unneses
sary form and ceremony.
The intricacies of the Buddhist doc-
L trine are obscured by an Oriental
mysticism when viewed by the West
ern mind. But it its essence Budd
hism deals .with the rules of right
conduct,- rather than with God or soul
It is intensly practical, and breathes
the spirit of universal charity and
sympathy. Its ideal is the cleansing
of the heart.its theory that every man
is his . own savior. The doctrine of
transmigration, or at least, the link
between one life and another, is an
essential part of the faith, and pun
ishment. - ' . t
A religious faith which- is the ex
pression of the Indian wisdom of
many centuries, and which serves
and satisfies . untold millions of , fol
lowers, is worthy of more respect
than it is sometimes given in the
Christian wolrd. Boston Herald.
An Englishman has Invented a Sub
stitute Material for Matches
- .-
Try a Republican Want Ad.
The annual consumption of wood in
the manufacture of matches is almost
incredible. In view of the scarcity of
lumber and its consequent high prices
Carre, an Englishman, offers what he
claims to be an efficient and ecnom
ical substitute. It is a composite
made of straw and dried grass and is
calletl artificial wood. , -
The stray & passed through crush
ing rolls, thence through cylindrical
cutters which divide it into strips, aft
erward supplied with xan adhesive
The strips, inclosed at both ends with
layers of paper, are forced through
other rolls 4nd through linked molds
in the form, of a chain, where they
are subjected to heat and pressure,
when they emerge in the form of
round splits and are then cut to the
proper length for matches.
It is thought that this product may
be used for building purposes. : Amer
ica. o
Their tents were closed in silence;
They have passed the lonely way;
Their war flags gently folded.
Their is lew on Blue and Grey!
There is rust on sword and musket
Where the legions passed from sight
Till the--trumpet f the morning
Breaks the ichallenge of the night.
Through the gloaming of the twilight,
'Tween the 'valleys and each star.
They shall see the fisher's rush light
Set to guide them o'er the bar,
There to lift a bright new banner,
'Where the light of peace is shed
In the green fields of the living;
Not the bivouac of the dead!
Henry Denver. -
Partner in Buick-Apperson 'Firm
Looks Over Auto Situation in
"54" HUDSON a Six
65 miles an hour. To 58 miles an
hour in 30 seconds, from standing
start. -
; Billy Ferguson of the Ferguson
Mohn company, handlers of the Buick
and Apperson cars for this part of I
inr world, wont to Tucson in a new
ear the first of the week to look
over the motor situation in the south.
It was not his primary purpse to dis
pose of the car he took down, but
he had a sale well under way in no
time after his arrival.
' The Buick has caught on like a fa
vorite among the Phoenix motorists.
Some of the records for its efficiency
mane in an parts of the country and
under all possible conditions of road
and weather, speak so favorably for
the ear that a vogue is being estab
lished in many cities. Local .sales
have been very encouraging the last
wc.k. All the cars that can be .got
ten from the manufacturers can be
sold outright. It seems that the
most trouble lies in getting the ma
chines. The customers are already
Some surprising announcements
will be made soon about the new
lines in both the Apperson and the
Buick. The ' '-jackrabbit" . that came
so near winning the San Diego
I'hoenix road race, is still in her .rac
ing costume and is seen about, the
streets every day.
"My theory," said the eminent stu
dent, "Is that the Venus of AIIIo was
holding her drapery with one of those
lost arms."
"I fee," replied the man who
knows nothing whatever about art;
' and signaling for a laxieab with
the other." Washington star.
Belong to a Boy and Make
Money for Him
A boy I know of grows a superior
variety of new potatoes of most un
usual texture and delicacy of flavor.
He has been doing it for three years,
and is ah-eady planning to pay his
way through a first-class agricultural
college with what he "calls "my po
tato proceeds."
. Two years ago he found a heap of
potatoes in a perfectly dark room in
the stable." Instead of being decayed
each potato was surrounded by
bunches of almost perfectly white lit.
tie potatoes about the: size of hick
ory nuts. They looked so good.-he
cooked some of them in a dipper on
a tin stove in the barnyard and be
cause they tasted much more delicate
than the usual "new potatoes" he de
cided all on his own hook to experi
ment systematically with them and
vyaste no time on a paltry , dozen or
two. -
'Selecting;- large, perfect, potatoes
without the slightest blemish, ho
The Two New HUDSON Cars
That 48 Engineers Built
The picked engineers from 97 European and American automobile factories combined in building
the New HUDSON cars. -
There are 43 experts in the organization, at the head of which is Howard E. Coffin, America's
leading automobile engineer and builder of six famous cars. '
Combined, these men had a hand in building more than 200,000 motor cars.
No car can be greater than its engineers planned It to be. Ve believe mechanical perfection is
more quickly and thoroughly accomplished through combining the experience and skill of many
men than 16 ever possible if dependence is placed entirely upon one man.
The Six
The "54" HUDSON supplies every demand mc.de of
any automobile, in speed, get-away, fcafety, power, lux
urious equipment, distinctive appearance and comfort.
It is not merely a "Six" made so by the addition of
two cylinders to a good four-cylinder car. At is capable
of a speed of 65 miles an hour with full equipment and
will jump to a speed of 5S miles an hour in 30 seconds
from a standing start. . . '
Its equipment is complete in every detail, which
includes an electric self-cranking, electric lighting
dynamo type and ignition system, known as the Del
co, patented. Illuminated dash and extension lamp,
mohair top, curtain, rain vision windshield, speedo
meter, clock, demountable rims, oGxiJ-o-inch tires, 127
inch wheel base, etc.
The seat cushions are 12 inches deep. Turkish type.
The finest materials are used throughout. No detail of
finish or equipment is skimped or overlooked.
"54" HUDSON Models: Fiva-passenrr Touring Car and
Torpedo and Two-pnitn(tr Roadster, $2450 each, f. o. b.
Detroit. Savan-paasencar Touring Car, (ISO additional.
Limouiint, 7-passangar, $3750; Coupe, 3-passenger, $2950.
Open bodies furnished with Limousine and Coupe at extra
The Four
No man need be told that Howard E. Coffin leads all .
in building four-cylinder cars. No designer has built
as many succssful automobiles.
In building the HUDSON "37" all his skill and ex
perience contributed to its perfection. But in addition
there was also" or ked into the car the skill and exper
ience of his 47 expert associates.
Thus was produced a car such as no one man is cap
able of building. It is truly a composite masterpiece.
The "37" combines all that these experts know in the
art of automobile building. Its detail of comfort, beau
ty, distinctiveness and equipment is precisely the same
as that furnished on the "Six."
The car has sufficient power for every requirement.
It is quiet and free from the degree of vibration common
to most automobiles.
It is a simple, accessible, durable car the best our
48 engineers know how to build ; therefore we unhesitat
ingly recommend it as the Master of any four-cylinder
car, regardless of cost, power or make.
Models are Five-passenger Touring and Torpedo'and Two
passenger Roadster at f 1S7S each; Limousine, $3250; Coupe,
$2350; f. e. b. Detroit. Open bodies with Limousine and
Coupe, extra.
Seethe Triangle on the Radiator ' ,- -
Sfl. & H. SALES CO.
219-221 North First St. Phoenix, Arizona
spread uniformly dry vegetable mold
sifted .'ine and three or four inches
deep on thr- bare floor of th same
dark room from which every partielt
of lipht wan excluded. He half bur
Jed the potatoes in rows about four
inches apart, never allowing a ray of
daylifrht to touch them, and within
three weeks of the first . planting
many pure white "new potatoes"
about the siz'of a .walnut had de
vt loped on the ild potatoes ana made
gifts to his friends. In a few weeks
more a second crop was gathered and
after this a - third from the original
His "dark Rardenl' spread to thi
cellar ar.d an old loft, and , today the
Joe Hawkins potatoes sell ' like esgs
for so much a dozen in the open vil
lage market and within two years
Jce ' has ' about fifty private-cuato--ruers
to buy all the new potatoes ho -can-
raise. - -
TTt IT TTT jTi TfT ' il U T
i i - . .
- $1400, F. O B. Phoeni::
$1175 ;F. 0. B.: Phoenix
Bu'uk oars have liu-kel finish, top, speedometer, - windshield 'demountable rims, extra rim, self -starter eie.
The lOKi line represents: - ' ; . ' ; '. ,' ' , ,; '
$1075,. 00
$t250.oo :
$1800 .60
Model 21 2-Passeimer
.Model 25 -5-Passenger . !
Model DO New Type Roadster . . .. . . . . ..... .V. .. . . .v.
Model ol 5-Passenger . . . . . .'. ". ...
, ..Model 40 5-Passenger . . ... .. .v..'..'..".... . . .
APPERSON Fully Equipped Including Wilson SeStarter ;
f l am weu. aAuaaoX . . . .
s-.. V "3 i ----a'l iiiiP prs. vr-'j e-a.
' -
Five-Passeiiger 4-45sTonring Gar " . .4
(1ompletely Equipped F.' O. B. Phoenix
fe n
Completely EquipDed. (). B. Phoenix ;
Five Passenger 4-55 Toiling Oar, - ,
Completely Eqiiipped FnO. B. Phoenix
Seveii-Passenger 4-45; Touring Car,
Completely Equipped F. (): B. Phoenix
- Exclusive Arizona Distributors for Appersoii and Buick Oars
, First Avenue and Monroe Street; ) N 0 :-

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