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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, June 22, 1913, Image 10

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1 Ul'.! - I'd the I'.t'U Comet' by li.-' lUlpe
jut' tiic iiivli and ;t new ball ab.ut
the middle : i ml ruslu'il them in a
! ci n rii it'll t open spai e. There hi'
! ) . i it t i 1 Hailing the now ("hut Mini
(himself. II,- pruduced a bi mitt ami
(said, "'mi' ahum' with Vr." 1 a I -'rain.'
al"ni;" with a feu that
; mail.- 'barley wince u lien they im
! pai ted n his Lilove. but In- Kept lml-
1 -i in jr. ;imm- s"tne innri' like that."
'Ami In ten- loiiil. it was announced
I that tin- Colts hail that southpaw
!they liac been lookim; for so lonir.
jllis iianu-'s i- Ini'liutr ami lit- is a
, full' ki'l.
National League
'luh v.
Philadelphia :tr,
Now York :2
Chirac,. :;i
I 'i 1 1 sbu ix :p;
Host on J i
St. Louis. L'4
Cincinnati Jo
T . ... ! That is the bunch .McKinney 'will
I - - ! le.llll I II 1 j 1 IVCS t , ,:,k,. to T.mpe this Mlli'i n i tor
derfullv- Adds New Mcii'"'" " :"-' -N,,s-' ,is
... V.- , ,,.. , , . ""I "I" the way. or the H.ht miirht
lo rl;ill, l 1 1 t Will I ;llt' occur between the Highlanders an. I
nil tilt1 Terrible di
T m1, V
( 'S
t ;
f l.-
'.'.in '
t.-l !.
Mr l'.'t,
i- ;
1 .:.
l: t :
a n.
' ; t
I !
l'ep.rter Vest,-!-.
n't ! as bully
i r tossei! a
:i!.-i-:i.i:'ia.iin pers.ui at
i ' ; st in was fii a .i n i i t -
era i 'i ! v alii c i ;a a v.
Mi'Kir.PeX had S'.l.'ll e.-ks J
.r.-b-ti and I:'''!'. I : 'Ueiu .- j
' ; : i ' .' 'if the st me. Then j
of the m w IMmet.ix b am
like a Puid father talking j
! lop. l'als. It s,ms that if I
a b-Mb r int'ie-.l w as Slathered!
r. ; t w a s only in heaven.,
"me b.i lipla vers, at least fi- j
.1! a SoM.-n bat an, I a pei' l I
n,n ; i ' t. Tile out lieli! ,-a mi' t - - !
it; : .11 not be beaten. either I
.-p. '. -.li-, n. ss. or jii.l!,'m,Tit. And
it is a i.-a a; of hitt-rs, p". As for '
;! !: .:!i"i:,l staff, it is fine. Three j
.-!!. lights a';,! ,.ii, southpaw form t!ie I
iy end of tp.e buttery. anil j
t'r.re are two w 1) . names i t i .-
--ion-, v :: ta!.d benind the p!at
t er.
I n ri M ok. enthusiast said y.-s-
' C I: the Colts ilo not b. at
T, !';. w,- will Ret together a team
t : 1 1 It is my ambition to hum-
i t pri-le of ih- Hears, and I
w:'l f:l.t .nit the iiiii,iiifiii .ibii,'
imes if ir takes all summer."
W ha h ;s pr. tty srood for Mack.
The nam that will p. Tempi-
?!" t'i- . , ft . :';! ' 'il's Mrilirale is i',i -
....... ..:'
i : i r ',... i apt. tin an,! eat.iier. II
' o:;nst, is ith a haivl
! a. ,', i: it is T'.i.Meil with 'Tie of
Mr. S..i':l!ii:i; best, his fin is mer-
p. t!:.. shirkers, who are f.-w.
lie !ie,pa nti' ealls infiehlers to h; :
irs. lnnse two learns never were
jab'e to pass a. Siinilay or holi.la.'.'
'without fiyimr at i aeh other's
ihroat-. 1'ait the re v i v i f ie, 1 Phoenix
i',. Its will be the Hears" meat this
; a 1 1 rnooii, anil it is a problem
whether the ursiiies will be able to
: swalhuv it. Many Pii"eiiix fans will
uo to TempV- to see the same, whii h
' start sat t hree pi', m pt 1 -
American League
Club V.
I'hil.nli I ph in 4 J
Host on ,! 1
'hiea j;o .", j
Detroit 2i
St. Hon is
New York IT
I-iulit Promoter Faces, the
- Problem of (Jetting ( Jae
and Daly into lv To-u-etber
for Next Fridav
Coast League
Club Y.
I. os Angeles It!
( laklaml
San Fiamisro II
i niee .'IT
Saera nieiito ','.',
I'ortl iml :;j
1 1
. f.f.S
. lf.K
. 404
. 7I!7
. f,t 4
. f, 4 1
. S7
iv t.
. .".'.IT
.f,l:: ?
. 4;;:
. i f, l
National League
l'ittsburtr at ("ineinnati.
Chieas" at St. I.ouis.
American League
St. I .on is at 'h iea ni
lietroit at 'levelaml
11, rl, (e'reister, the niateli maker for
the firm of (loreister ami Memsie,
boxing ,romoters, is coiuronteil with
a Iml, lout that makes that of the
I'i rless Ty pale by comparison. Pete
laly, vlii outshone Walter Kane in
I-Ti'iay night's pi .ml bout is stainlin
,,ut for his extra aV'.inliip 'is, whieh
it irks him to lose. Prankie tlap',
easy l."3 pounihr, is staliinic to make
Pt te do 14f. at five u'clm k. And tho
possibility of these two mixing it iti
tlu rmy June 17 grows tvi-r more
Coast League
Oakland at Saerameni,.
I'ortlanil at San I 'i am ise,.
Venice at Ims. Angeles
li 1-:
At Hoston
Philadelphia " H 1 j
Hatteries Kudolph, Perdue and Par- j
iib n; Kixey, Chalmers. Mayer, Sea-
ton and Killifer. Oooin. j
same I: 1 1 K
n 2
Philadelphia ". '
M ittnies - -Perdue, .lim.-s and Uari
den. Whaling; Moore, Mayer and Killifer.
hi, 1 administers blistering Ian - I remote.
until the j r b'.nehe.oi js lien- is th
p l-e tractable
i'i .: p'a's
,. . i i i a -1 I e
is '.. r, ;'i!:ir
At New York
New York
Patter ii s Maniuai'i
edit t from one wh
: knows: Daly can make 1 ! ami bi
in th.- short!:. -Id nap ; bi tt.-r for it; Cage can do i:JS and j M-y, r
ike a leaguer. Myers 'serai, like a bear. Dalv is averse to
'.! ! physical exercise. In Kngiish that At Cincinnati
1 'HaCfetSi"
I yjiTrTV-W-,
Itiuker and Miller
Will find their needs supplied very satisfactory at
Hanny's. In suit-cases our line ranges from the $1.50
matting cases to splendid leather ones at $25.00, and
everything in between. All at Hanny's close price.
TRUNKS are priced here at $7.50 to S35.00. We feature steamer trunks
at medium prices, and have some splendid all-fibre, non-destructible, guar
anteed trunks. '
Summer Togs For Men
TROUSERS in white and cream Serges and Flannels. Stylish patterns,
some with the nifty hairline stripes. Our prices are the most reasonable ever
made here on similar goods, $4.00 to $6.50 a pair. Some very nice H. S.
and M. trousers included.
STRAW HATS in the cleanest, newest line Phoenix ever saw, $1.50 to $5.00.
We are exclusive agents for the Christy, London made, the world's best
straw hat.
nd signalman.
indifferent of v.lio is upon his (means Pete is just a mite lazy. la ge J Ci ncinna t i
- ' I'.nd ami upon bis left. Kern. ; sii the advantage of being naturally
:- ' ;ii:r. .pi. ntlr -t"ps- in Krai.::"s j jihtf-r. and can do weight with much
',-.. and is just as fast in all way; Igr.ater ease than Daly. Put it is the
I k Yat. s has all the .italitie of a ; belief of most of the fans that Daly
l!.,l I'.ias.-. but is getting to., aire 1 j t.all ), just iis fast as Cage if he
t i:-e them --o he claims. lb- i win take off a few pounds of beef.
'!''- r of th- te.im. about six In, Clln ,io 14f, at five o'clock and
thr.e m height and has a rea.-h that enter the ring fresh as a daisy at
heat - P.ig c.rif ten's of th" Pears. He j-,, thrf e or four hours later,
st. ps f.,t off the sack ami ta-- I His refusal to do 14f. yesterday ami
' '! r-.v ar.y where with in a m:!e. his forfeit r the weight money were
lb-,!. how is on th.- waiting hst 'or i mistakes on Daly's part. He could
'"Ver 1 : a of the plat" hile f liivt. c'.me through and et made his
! i ; tei.-.j larily ".it of , jot. a s . t-n wing against Kane. Kane was as
'.' er. i.e is making g,,,,,l in tm , g-ai,,,. ;l youngster as ever fought,
mi., al ! .-. mv is ,,n excellent '"n-j(,ut he simply lacked speed. He
t.-i fielder. P.. iider am! Hahihan a r- ; u-,,,i ru,t have had ;t better chance
) y h.ti.vs and great chokers 'f if I)ay h.ul Weighed 14.".
ai.i'-i:: : f!; balls. j The Phoenix Athletic club has some
And ia v. f..r th.- pitching st .-f: 1 stuff coming. If the Daly-Cage
;:::''' i" an "Id tinier her,. i '. u" , (.,,mbination lakes hold there will be
nil -rigs lie llaf till' S; I .1 ,., fj.ri.f Tievt I-Vicliiv. After that
Ki.-ie and more control than I'-'jCeTge Memsic is ready to take on
km-ws v.!:,t do with. Watt, 's hi - . tlit. winner. In case the June 27 go
ev hell! foil.-v. .T in e,,ntrol. bit U- s j : Memsic will br,v t .a 1 v .Ttilv 4.
Crcister has a man in I.s Angeles
1 readv to shoot some likely boxrs
l '
this way whenever the local situation
I clears up. Mark Lew at Albunueruue
W ' ' t i ! e i -1 . t . . . , rom i si 1 f .o n i s 'i'i n.:i n w b o
I fought at Ias Ve gas night before
Pittsburg ". 1-
Patteries Suggs, llarter, P.rown audi
Clarke; ('amilit.. lpilun.-on and Cole
ma n.
K I. K 3
" ' "; I iV I
- s " I 3 J
Pemaree and V ' A ' J
7 A fc4W
i V
SILK SHIRTS that we show at $5.00, made by Earl and Wilson, are of beau
tiful fabrics, finished very neatly with French cuffs, collar to match, pocket,
etc. Many handsome patterns. And we show all kinds of soft collars for
summer wear, in pique and soisette, at 2 for a quarter, a quarter each and
half a dollar.
Harvesters Helmets
Those split bamboo, Japanese helmets, light, cool and durable, sold here for
75 cents. Just the thing for outdoor workers. Our line of scoop and helmet
shape lightweight hats, duck hats, etc., is complete.
St. Puiis, a; Chicago, (i; name called
. . .... i
it urn end ot tin' mini inning' on ;tc
otint of darkness.
Yes, "It
pays to
pay Cash."
40 North Central
Hart Schaffner and Marx now at home again. We're much obliged to
everyone for staying "with us" through the dust, noise and confusion.
I ti'.n b President Pamu of an alterca-
' ti'.n between ihi in vesterduy.
;s he has the st 1 . f a
k l'k - Mislead of steam. He also ll'S
a L-ood head. Kelly is a newcomer in
t ms. i ut is making t;oo,i. Th--
At Washington K
Washington 4 7
New York 1 !
Patteries- .Mullin and Henry; 1'ish.i
and Sueenev.
V:. to ' 'li.ll ' White.
all ;! . j,. .. vers. lie
fail ; ml : . . n n k it a r
be I 111
'Hid '.is b ad 1
in HIS .PI T HAND "V...I re the
Hall Jol Ule" Sllouted W'll "e Mill
! last.
I.ouis Peese is waiting for
Catalogue Free
17 South Center
transportation hither Kid Schneider
and Steeplechase Morton. US and
1 4f pounders, are ready to hit the
train for Phoenix. Then there is Al
Jom-s, manager of the Yuma. Ath-
! h tic club and e.f Walter Kane, who
is ready to make -?m for Jack Mr
Ma hn of Prescott any old time and
pla re.
So the Phight Phans of Phoenix are
liable to see some interesting bouts
in the riot very distant future.
to announce the opening of the
Phoenix School
of Aviation
First term opens July 14th.
Course includes theory and practice of aeronautics.
A few pupils wanted. References required. Address
Phoenix School of Aviation
(Licensed Pilot Federation Aeronautique Internationale)
Carp Arizona I (.'publican.
Phoenix Arizona
Second gam,
New York " -
Hatteries Johns', n and Ainsmith
Keating, 'lark and Sweeney.
-. Seal?. 5: Beavers. 2
- - - l.-.V,'I'.'.. I .... . -.1
j j . . . N i I . , I . X , I ' . J U III 1 . "-" 1 1 I I
Irani'isco won from Portland this
'afternoon, to ::. I'anning ami Kraus.
i Were the . 1 1 -1 1 is. Klaus,- struck out
I ten nun and Punning five. In th"
icriff of 2Mt,r
s 1
At Philadelphia
Hatteries I lollek. Plank. P.etldel
Schang; Henna rd, Hedient, Hall
Can iga n, N una maker.
single, was t li.'l' s.ierit iced and stoh
third. Wh.n M-'Ardle .sacrifice, 1 ,
went home.
Coast League Scores
t Sa n I "ra in is, o H
K H i:
4 i'i :: I-
, ., ., i Sa ii Kra iicis, ,, . . . .
Hat t cries I 'a i n i in
Kraus,' and P.erry.
ii i:
Helt to Answer to Superior Court in
Sum of $1000 Each.
custody of tin-
count y.
j Tiic men who were tried yesterday
:uere Hair;. Kniulit alias ;i ill , rd
! im;to!i and Prank t',,1, b alias "Slim".
Tom Kaiiis a !'!!. w prisoner gave daiu
i aging test i in, -j, y .-(.-nnst the duo. He
:said that "Siim'' and another prisoner
i,o ,s now an inmate the state pen- state, that tl
ib-ntiury at Plor, m e canie into his c, !l
, which was directly underneath the on-
ie.-p.. n.,r.s -,he jaihr went to the cell and
'!:a'''' a thorough examination ,,f ti.
Tiie tv.ol.s iTmluci',! in court
"gnizid as those found in the
u ere I',
'riff Jeff Adam testified regard
bis knowledge of ihe escape a, id
io two men left the iail
without his permission and had m--
i nd
At Detroit it H K
'levelaml 7 in 1
Hetroit '' " "
P.atterie.s Kalkenhetg, .Mitchell and
Carisch; Hauss, Hall, Hake and Mc
Kee, Stallage.
'hicago-St. Honis game postponed
on account of wet grounds; two games
S- hmidt
Two accomplices of the two count, r
! iters, wh, ex ap, , j Irani t ! i - Marico
pa count;.' jail on May :; I, were trie!
in Judge Johnstone's court yestorduy
,'ii a felony charge tow it: assisting
convicted prisoners to escape from the
beted to leaVO their future ae,l,-,....t
from which Dawson ami Wagon es- , behind them.
eapeii. ami climbed up. the bars and
passed the toois, which he recognized
in court, to tiie two men. h,. also said
that for several nights the two pris
oners w ould come into his ell and hold
Knight-Hcvington an, Cobb called as
witm ssos for the defense S. K. Cutler,
J:. H. Perry and C.-nrg.- Hjlliard. who
that they had never heard or
a-ell anv attemi.ts at niiivi-i'vuii,,,,
:o ion,.,! I'l'iivi is at ion witli the coun- twceti t!ie accti
p-rlcu, fs. Clde Candy th
At Hos Atlgete.--- P II
I, os Angehs 11 PI 1
Venice 'i '. t
Hattelies !:,,h, Slagle ami Holes;
Kerguson, llarkiiiis, llaleigli, llitt and
The motor was kept running on low ; county attorni-v gave evidence a
..- gear and did not stop on. e during me tin.iing of the tools m the cell
the one hundred mih s ride which ; 'Upti d by the escape, prisimei
ended at a o'clock in the afternoon. Ii.amly said t
1 men and the cscaned
issista nt prisoners.
to ; Judge Johnstone after hearing the.
- j , vid. nce in the case remanded the nun
Mr. , to answer to ihe sima-i,,,' e,.,,rt ; .. ti
t he wilh Johnny O'ti-sum ,.f $ii.nu each.
1 1
Solons, 2; Oaks, 4
SACRAM KNT ). June L'l. The Sac
ramento Wolves did not solve .Malar
key in the eighth and ninth-inning
pinches today, anil Oakland won. 4
to taking the lead in the series,
three games to two.
Two pumes will be j. laved tomorrow,
the morning game being a play-off of
a postponed game from the first week
in the season.
Kinsella started on the mound for
the Wolves, but was hit hard for three
runs in the fourth inning. He was
relieved by a, pinch runner when he
doubled the last, of the sixth. Stroud
finished and was found for one more
Pitcher Shultz, a former University
of Pennsylvania star, was released
today for failure to get into condition.
Seraphs, 11; Venice, 6
HOS ANGBLES, June 21. The
Tigers' defense crumbled jn the sev
enth inning, and Hos Angeles, coming
up from behind, piled up six runs,
winning today's game, 11 to (k Venice
used four pitchers in an effort to win dctt
the fourth game and cineh the series
but ouch was hit hard. Hitt, win
At Sacrament" p II K
Sacra mentr 1! S 1
Oakland 1 1
Hatteries Kinsella. Stroud and
Hliss; Malarkey and Mitze.
Tes .Moines. ; Kincoln, 0.
St. Joseph. 0; Denver, 7.
Omaha, a; Wichita, 4. (1- innings).
Sioux 'it, r,; Topeka, 7, (11 innitiMS)
Toledo-Kansas City game postpon
ed on account of rain.
Columbus. :: ; Minneapolis, 0.
Indiana. olis, 2; St. Paul, 1.
Kouisvillo, ; Milwaukee, 1L'.
E-ifgagteaam-ia' wwaeVMHfgq
asarsstx. K'.sffKf'"""
a. irrner"
& ' k - ':P At the list of fresh summer field seeds ready for you:
At Hrooklyn It
Harvard f.
Yale 7 i 2
Hatteries -- Helton, Hitehcock and
Young; ;ile. Brown, Scott and Bur-
I Innter.
One hundred measured miles on
finished the game, received splendid . low gear made in exactly ten hours
support. I is the unusual record made by a
Roy Brashear, the Venice second Franklin 'Tattle Six" in St Louis. A
baseman, and the Angels' shortstop, party of four started out in the r!
Hrnie Johnson, were indefinitely sus- at 7 o'clock in the morning driving
ponded today, pending an investiga- from St. Louis to De Soto and back.
Seed Corn
Iowa Silver AVinc,
Yellow Dent
Hickory King
Mexican June
PIooly IJutclicr
Navajo Flint
Pima Indian
Karlv Amber
Hid, Top
New Kra
Milo Maize
Texas ( Ji'own Pure Dwarf
New Mexico drown Dou
ble Dwarf
Local ( row n I )wart'
Feterita (new crop)
Yalley drown Pinks
Yalley drown Tepargo
Hog and T e n 11 e s s e e
( Irown ( Jermaii
White Kaffir (urn and Shallu
All seeds have been carefully recleaned, have been tested, and show high ger
mination. Our prices are fair. Our ins at the
to answer questions" about summer cropterests are mutual; therefore "No trouble
125 E. Jefferson St.
rain Co

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