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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, March 15, 1914, SECTION THREE, Image 20

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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gchaeffer's suits
are always exclusive in
design, original in conception, and
unrivalled in fine finish and make
Spring Exhibit of Surpassing
Styles Awaits Your Inspection.
217 North First Street. Phone 717
One Hundred and Fifty
Members of Nati o n a 1
Ticket Agents' Associa
tion Fall in Love "With
S. I?. V. Right Away
Free Exhibition
of Paintings by
Kate I. Cory
Desert and Indian Subjects
At Hotel Adams, Monday and Tuesday, March 16th
and 17th, day and evening.
The public is cordially invited.
Mrs. Ackenback
A New Gas Range
Will Cure Your
All the little labor savers
ate on our
new 1914 models.
A full car load
to select from.
They are cheaper than any other range.
Gas is cheaper than any other 1'nel.
Pacific Gas and
Electric Co.
One hundred and fifty ticket agents
from all parts of the United States
Stopped off in Phoenix yesterday for
a bare hour and one-hall. Hut in
that time they fell in love with the
Salt River Valley, Phoenix, and es
pecially the Arizona brand of hospi
tality as delivered in this city
According to ihe testimony of all,
they were treated in Phoenix as they
have never, in the history of their
organization, been treated elsewhere.
They left in love with Phoenix, and
more than one stated that he would
return at the earliest opportunity.
At promptly 9:.1o the train bearing
the 150 boosters and ticket punchers
rolled into the local depot, and the
members of the visiting crowd wero
piled into the waiting machines which
had gathered at the depot to show
the isitors all about the Salt River
Valley. They were taken first to tho
Adams Hotel, where an elaborate
Phoenix luncheon was awaiting their
arrival. Following the banauet the
whole number was taken in Phoenix
machines to the several places of In
terest about the city.
And in the meantime Tucson was
nxiously wiring this city telling the
locals how stingy and hateful things
they were for holding the visitors so
long after, the train was scheduled to
leave. The visitors liked it here so
well that regardless of the schedule
under which they were due to arrive
and leave they stayed a full hour
past departing time.
"This is the best thing 1 have seen
since 1 bit Pittsburg," said it S.
Dare. "There is not a spot on the
whole of our visited journey where
we have seen the beautiful lands, tin
many beautiful homes, the prosper
ous appearance, that is shown her.
in Phoenix. There is nothing in the
whole country to equal it."
One of the tour members examined
the leal estate values in the valley.
Later he made financial arrange
ments for buying a piece of the
famous land in the orange belt, on
which he states he will make his
home after he has unit the ticket
business. That was (!. J. Higgins of
Shamokin, Pa., who will in all proba
bility come to the Salt River Valley
soon, as he is nearly ready for re
tirement. The party had heard of the Phoe
nix ticket punchers lung before they
hit this part of the state. Conse
quently they hunted up -several of the
Phoenicians and immediately- Dinned
litle red ami blue buttons on their
coat lapels, announcing the fact that
they had the high honor of being
members of the Ticket Agents' Asso
ciation. Archibald R. Oatter pointed
out the several curves of the button
to all his friends and paraded it from
the lobby of the dams all over town
yesterday afternoon.
The party continued their journey
a little after 11 o'clock, going first
to Tucson. Prom tehre they wfQ
Continue eastward on the Southern
Pacific, ending their journey in th'
places from which each started in
about one week.
Letter From Purchasing Paige Detroit
in Regard to Missing Part
Try A Republican Want Ad.
Deer Automobile Factry.
1 own a paige five seets touring thirty
six car and j rite you to make a kick,
this car she run fi tonsand mile since
i got her purty well and the self com
mence she work fine to but i am dis
ss point cause i got no hundred sixteen
inch wheel base with her. my fa ruder
is a sailor and he nose a hole lot about
automobiles and he say she has to have
one. i look under the sects and in tule
box but nr. hundred sixyet inch wheel
base was there, i rite theagent but he
no answer so i rite the factry and they
say she must have hundred sixteen
inch wheel base or she could not get
out of final test, anyway she aint got
none and i want one for her as i'no it
dont do no car no good to run without
one i saw your represent Mr. A. W.
Xewton. Phoenix Show an he say
hundred sixteen inch wheel base is
tneasHre from center front ax to center
rear ax he is fine feller but he try kid
me. plese send me a hundred sixteen
inch wheelhase by expres if it dont way
over ninety pound and i will pay duty
and freight but send her along quick as
i dont want my paige car to go hroke.
yours respekful.
Salt River Ranch Worth Several Par
cels of Los Angeles Property
N". H. French, recently arrived in
the Salt River Valley, has bought a
ranch in the Glend&le neighborhood,
where he will make his home. Tht
new home represents an exchange of
several houses anil lots by Mr.
French to F. U. and H. A. Martin,
for the past year owners of the f!!en
dale property. Two of the houses in
tile trade are hoe Angeles property
and one is Phoenix property. French
will at once start in improving the
property he received in the exchange,
tt5rT" -
Model Glen wood "36" -Electric lighting
and starting $1275
Model Brunswick "25' 5-passenger-Ek
trie lighting and smarting $975
ANY of the structural features of the Faige car are
found ordinarily only in cars of much higher price.
Take the outward a'ppearance of the car bigness
and power and grace in every line richness and
luxury in the finish.
Dig into the structural features note the multiple
disc cork insert clutch, the silent chain drive to
motor shaft, the large unit electric starting and
lighting system all features that you naturally ex
pect to find only in cars costing S2000 or more.
Look for the reason and you will find that the Paige
Detroit Motor Car Company has no bonded indebted
ness on which it has to pay interest no excessive
capitalization oh which it has to pay dividends no
heavy overneaa expenses of any kind.
Hence when you buy a Paige you pay only for the
car itself
Investigate these things for yourself
Then get your name on an order blank as quickly as
you can the Paige is going to be oversold again this
The Pitlgc-Defcrolt Motor Ca- Co:.:pauy, Deiroii, Mich.
A. W. NEWTON, State Agent
J:!.") West Washington St. Phone 1545
.mil he expects
.1. Fitzgerald, mining e
the 1'lifton district, has a
that the Salt River lands
to him. and consequently
chased in the natigewood
five-acre tract, which h' w
definitely and will
Thomas A. Bark.
to make it his future
nglneer in
iso decided
look good
has pur
district i
ill hold in-
later improve.
, who has recent
ly came out here from Cleveland
looking over the country and a pros
pectlve buyer, decided that he would
make the Salt River Vallej his home
after this summer, and bought from
William M. f'ostlev- his own Centra
Avenue residence. He will occupy
the house in the fall, bringing his
family to l'hoenix at that time.
To J. W. Garnett of Aurora. Mo..
'ostley, in addition to (he above, also
sold the five-acre tract belonging to
Miss Ethel Donn, and located in the
Lincoln district.
much enthusiasm.
Our first speaker
extended our he
Brother Wheatnn,
ficers and visiting
Brother Langston,
irty welcome to
ur grand lodge of-
knights. Brother
I.oper was next with his usual stirring-
remarks. lie read a telegram
from Supreme Chancellor Carllng
voicing his good wishes anil continued
prosperity of the Pythians in the Do
main of Arizona.
Our next speaker, the grand chan
cellor, complimented us freely upon
the splendid body of I'ythians in Salt
River Valley in genera and the grand
records and
ioke at some
irks with a
activity of
the hcauti-
. future that lies before us
I Our supreme keeper of
seal. Brother Wheaton, sr
Uength, starting his rem;
I splendid tribute to the
l'hoenix Lodge No. 2 and
jful valley of the Salt.
! Being the one man closest to tho
I workings of our order. Brother Whea
ton was able to spew witn aurnorm
upon the progress of Pythian ism since
the founding of the order in Wash
ington. D. C, Feh. lath, 1S64 to the
present day stating that we are now
g&MMM) strong and the third strongest.
in number of members of all fraternal
organizations in the world. For the
benefit of the pages present Brother
Wheaton told of the ofaject of our
order and the splendid work we have
done, are doing, anil expect to do in
the future. Closing his remarks he
extended his sincere thanks to the
members for the splendid way in
which he had been entertained and
hoped it would be his pleasure to
visit us again in the near future.
Everybody shall long remember our
doings of Friday night. Next Friday
the rank of esquire will be given.
(Continued from Page One.)
the pages and a pleasure for us to
hear Brother Wheaton promulgate
this oath, a man of goodly present
and courageous bearing, well fitted
to be a leader in the Pythian world.
The "Rathborne Bible'' is small in
size being only six inches square,
upon the fly leaf is the protrait of
the founder of the Order Justus Hen
rv Rathborne. immediately mulct -
ncnlh lha tiietor, is his oersonal !
signature and a few brief words pre
senting the Bible to the supreme
The pages who had the pleasure of
being proven in this rank by Brother
Wheaton shall ever remember and.
cherish the beautiful services. Fol
lowing is the class of pages:
Albert Bergauer, Win. .1. Oliver,
Earnest A. Smith. O. It. Linstrom,
Merry K. Behn. Alex. ('.'Thompson,
M. J. Hinton, Fred W. Leslie. H. J.
Sherrick, Arthur .1. Wilson, H. K.
Flitton, Lee R. Callahan, Will Mosser,
8. E. Billingsly, George Ehler, Dr.
Allen H. 'Williams. A. L. Rutrough,
.Tames E. Simpson, Floyd M. Stahl,
Jessie M. MeUhee, Fred C. Ueri
shnw, Garfield Christiansen, J. A.
Jacoby and Hawthorn.
Chandler the baby k
domain was strongly
bringing along with the!
eight pages. Tempe Wl
represented having a
candidates in the class.
Owng to the time consumed in get
ting the class ready to take the work
our business session suffered. The
only matter of business being trans
acted was the permission granted
our grand keeper of records and seal
the use of our paraphanalia in in
stituting a lodge at Hayden.
Ten-thirty having arrived we closed
our lodge and .adjourned to the
Adams Hotel, where a sumptous
banquet was served. Deputy Grand
Chancellor Cisney acted as our toast
master, his witty remarks promoting
dge of this
l a class of
s also ably
number of
John Hyder Says:
"We Don't Criticise and
We Don't Antagonize
We simply saw wood,
make sales and 'de
liver the goods'
Haberdashery De Luxe
Wilson Brothers and Excello Shirts
Arrow Collars
Stetson Hats
Dent's and Fowne's Gloves
"G. and M." Underwear
Cheney, Carter and Holmes, and
"Gray" Fine Neckwear
Holeproof and Wilson Brothers
N. Central
Regal Shoes
At $4.00 to $5.00, guaranteed. The
new Spring Oxfords are very
HirschWickwire and
FiHForm Clothing
At $20 and $25 the suit. You
should see the' classy patterns.
N. Central
Arizona's Exclusive Specialty House

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