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Leading' Builders and Building' Supply Houses of Phoenix
Pratt-Gilbert Company Moves Into
Handsome Central Avenue Property
The iliiy for which Pratt-Gilbert
company has been looking for many
months arrived yesterday when the
voneern took up the gigantic task of
moving into the handsome, rein
forced concrete structure on South
Central avenue at Madison street,
which although still in the course of
construction has reached that stage
where only the finishing touches ale
required to make it complete. All
tiny heavy trucks formed a constant
stream between the old ouarters at
ever, there are parts of the building
.-o remote fiom the office section
that it has been found necessary to
provide for the installation of a
complete intercommunicating tele
phone system so that clerks may be
communicated with from the office
or from any part of the structure.
This telephone system will extend
into the basement as well aa into
the general warehouse just across the
alley to the south.
It is planned to install display
i-irst and Jetfeison streets and the windows that will be a marvel in
site of the new building. Before beauty and utility. The plate glass
darkness put a stop to the work, so for these has already been installed
systematic had been the moving plan, but the wood work is yet to be put
the big concern was pretty well es- in place. The window display cases
tablished in its new home and will j will be taised from the level of the
be ready for business this morning, floor and underneath will be left an
This does not mean that the work j open space which will permit free
of "settling down" has been complet- , ingress of pure air to the basement
ctl. It simply means that the great , below. There are two large en
stock that filled two floors and the trances on Central avenue and provi
basement of the big structure at sions have been made 'so that an
J'irst and Jefferson streets is now 'other may be constructed on the
lioused at the greater stiucture on , Madison street side if "necessity re
Ccntral avenue. It will require many -: uires.
days, if not weeks to arrange this I In the way of toilet arrangements
stock in conjunction with the car-1 nothing that is modern and prac
loads of new goods that are arriv- i ticable has been overlooked. There
ing, and make of the establishment 'are two sections devoted to toilet fix
the well arranged institution now ex-jtures, which are of white enamel and
isting in the mind's eyes of the strictly sanitary. The office arrange
members of the firm and its em- ment is spacious and well lighted,
ploves. j and while so located as to be easy
The new home of Pratt-Gilbert of access, are just enough out of the
covers an immense floor space. It way so that the regular business on
extends from Madison street back , the main floor will not interfere with
to the alley to the south, a distance the accounting and correspondence,
of 137'4 feet, and from Central ave- A carrier system is to be installed to
mie 10 feet west. The basement ex- take care not only of the cash busi -tends
tinder the sidewalks both on ' ncss but to insure receipt and dis
the north and east, adding fourteen j patch of orders both from the main
feet to each of the main floor di-! building as well as from the ware
mensions. The only way in which house.
a. correct idea of the massiveness ! The warehouse occupied praeticall
and extensiveness of the structure .' the same space as the new structure
may be attained is by a personal ' and is well filled with a big stock of
visit. heavy hardware, pipe, fence wires.
The entire north and east sides of ! and small engines. The south end
(he building are constructed of plate J abuts upon a spur of (he Santa Ke
unil prism glass, affording abundance laiiroad and removes the necessity of
of light for every section of the j lunilinsr goods after being unloaded
building. The west wall uses a solid ' from the cars. As now arranged the
Piece of concrete. 137!A feet long. ' car is shifted right up to the ware
raised in a single block. Massive , house and unloaded without delay,
concrete pillars are placed in the j An overhead carrier system of the
basement at regular intervals. There heavier type is planned for the ware
are no partitions, the basement and house and this will extend through
the main floor each presenting a the warehouse, across the alley and
single gigantic room, affording op- into the main building. There it will
portunity for display and depart- ' encounter a big freight elevator run
mental anangements in no other . ning up and down from the cellar,
manner attainable. A temporary roof has been placed
On the main floor there arc the, over the present structure, as it is
same number of great concrete pil- ! planned ultimately to continue the
lars as are to he found in the base- j building up for at least two stories
ment, these resting at a point di-jfnd to make of the upper stories a
rectly above those in the basement. modern hotel. When this is done, a
Around the west and north sides of j portion of the southeast corner of
the interior extends a fourteen-feet j the main floor will be utilized for
wide mezzanine floor, where will be a lobby, an elevator space and broad
located the general offices and some stairs. The foundations have been
special display spaces. The mezza- , constructed to carry as many as six
nine floor alone presents more floor stories.
space than is occupied bv the aver- The Pratt-Gilbert
age mercantile establishment.
From the mezzanine floor an un-jmany years and is known throughout
obstructed view may be obtained of the southwest as one of the leading
every portion of the interior of the hardware and farm Implement con
building on the main floor. How- cerns. Kstablished in its new home
it will jump into first position, no
other establishment between the
coast and Denver anywhere nearly
approaching it in point of extensive
stock carried or actual space occu
pied. The new building was constructed
by the Arizona Construction company
of Tucson and its cost when com
pleted will be not far short of
5100,000. It is absolutely fiieproof
and will long be one. of the most
important structures on South Cen
tral avenue.
The weekly luncheon of the Rotary
Club will be given today, at the Ari
zona. Club under the direction of E.
Power Conway, chairman for the day.
The speech of the occasion will be
delivered by United States Attorney
Thomas A. Flynn, upon the subject
of "Co-Operation." Mr. Flynn is a
pleasing, forceful talker and some
thing is doubtless in store for the
members and friends at the lunch
eon. R. W. Kramer of Flagstaff, sec
retary to Mr. Flynn, will also be in
attendance and will deliver a short
talk. Both the visitors have recently
moved to Phoenix to make the city
their home.
j a r inii-uiiut'i i company nas
i been in business in Phoenix for
I Directors of Phoenix-Tidewater Road
To Be Feted by Comemrcial
Organizations; Arrive
To entertain the representatives of
the new railroad that is building
from Tucson to Phoenix to the sea,
the Phoenix Board of Trade and
Merchants' and Manufacturers' Asso
ciation have named strong entertain
ment committees as follows:
Board of Trade.
Ancil Martin, H. B. Wilkinson, H.
P. De Mund and Aaron Goldberg.
Merchants and Manufacturers.
C. H. Pratt, II. S. Ryder, Charles
O'Mallty and Charles Goldman.
"I have heard a great deal of people
borrowing trouble, but my wife will
beat anyone in that."
"How so?"
"Well, our baby Is six weeks old
and she's worrying for fear he may
marry a girl we don't like."
Hire a little salesman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
more customers than you can.
Big Stock' of Granite and Marble
Salt River Valley Monumental Works
V. E. Lindsay, Prop.
Granite from our Quarries at Frescott, finest made
423 W. Washington St. Phone 1327
James N. Petty
Marble and Tile Contractor and Jobber
A full line of Tile for Mantels, Floors and Walls
407 West Washington. Phones Home 2739 Office 1327
A durable roofing, made from Asbe3los, the best wool
Felt, and Trinidad Lake Asphalt. The best Water
proofing known.
Fireproof, Waterproof, Acidproof, Gasproof. Does Not
Dry Out and Become Brittle
OTIalley Lumber Company
Specialty of Heavy Building Construc
tion and High class Residential Work
Rooms 1 and 2 Central Bldg.
Phone 494
Immediate issuance on application
Employers' Liability Insurance
Satisfactory Service Guaranteed
M. M. f ICRflS
17 North First Avenue.
Phone 603
Now on the Market ,j
At All Dealers
A Perfect
Portland Cement
The Valley Lumber Company
P. Corpstein, Manager
Phone: 760 and 1S2.
Madison and Third Sts.
T. W. Schock Nurseries
Growers of and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Deciduous and Citrus Fruit Trees. Crape Vines, Kerry
Plants, Eucalyptus, Ornamental Trees and Plants,
Roses, etc. The largest, the most reliable and up-to-date
nursery firm ot the southwest.
Building Operations Con
tinue in Phoenix With
out Any Apparent Abate
ment Some New Struc
tures Planned for Future
129 N. Central.
Tel. 1378
Building progress in Phoenix gees
right along without abatement, partic
ularly in the residential districts where
many handsome structures are either
in the course of construction or are
planned for the immediate future. A
glance at the long list of building per
mits issued the past week by Building
Inspector Howard B. Claflin will indi
cate that despite the statement of that
official that it was an unusually quiet
week, there is still much doing in this
But notwithstanding the activity in
the construction of smaller buildings,
there are persistent rumors of greater
things to come in the near future. It
is said, in this connection, that the fi
nancing of a project to give to Phoenix
a handsome six-story, steel construc
tion hotel not far from the heart of the
city, has progressed to the point where
it is practically certain that the build
ing will become a reality in the not
distant future.
Work upon the new building of Selim
Ackel, at Central Avenue and Jefferson
Street has progressed to the second
story. It is now understood that Mr.
Ackel has architects at work preparing
plans to extend the structure two or
three stories above the three originally
Here is a list of the permits issued
the past week by Building Inspector
Howard B. Claflin:
Buntman & Piercey, permit for
one-stoiy plastered brick residence.
2J34 West Monroe street, $2,0H0; V.
H. Snell, contractor.
Buntman & Piercey, permit for one
story brick residence, 2138 West
Monroe street( J2.000; W. H. Snell,
G. . Adams, permit for one story
screen addition to frame cottage, 911
East Van But en; ?S0.
Mrs. Clinton Lauver, permit for one
slory frame cottage, lladley and
First avenue, $1,200; Alex S. Camp
bell, contractor.
William Bevin, permit for one
story brick residence. 1040 East Wil
ietla street; 11,000.
Mr. Ilayman, one-story brick store
building, FUst and Jefferson street:
$300. John Davy, contractor.
C. W. Harms, permit for one story
brick residence, 2115 West Madison;
Mrs. Ida Morris, addition to one-
story frame cottage, 1200 block, East
Jefferson street, $200; Tom Bertram,
E. J. Heirington, permit for one-
story brick residence, 707 East Brill,
$3,100; Lutgerding & Eagan, contractor.
G. Bright, permit for addition to
residence, 1342 Grand avenue; $500;
David Close, contractor.
Eugene Brady O'Neill tenants, (lly-
man Amusement Company) permit
for two-story brick, reinforced steel
md concrete theater buihling, 108-110
West Adams street: $10,000; Arizona
Engineering and Construction com
pany, contractors.
C. C. McEwen, permit for one story
leinforeed concrete store building, 703
South Central avenu; $52.50; John
son Concrete Construction company;
A. G. Utley, permit for two-story
plastered brick residence southwest
corner McDowell and Eleventh street:
$12,000; Higgins & Daniels, contractors.
Jennie L. Sampson, permit for one-
story frame cottage, H21 East rill-
more, $C00; O. II. Sampson, con
tractor. A. C. Horton, Jr., permit for one
story plastered brick apartment
house, Linwood street; $4,515; Home
Builders, contractor.
Frank Van Haren, permit for one-
story frame cottage, 218 Xoith Elev
enth street; $50; Peter Van Haren,
Ernest E. Shute, permit for one
slory temporary cottage, 1524 West
Taylro street, $25.
G. Frank Sharp, permit for addi
tion to two-stoiy brick store build
ing, 414 West Van Buren street; $400.
Carnival Company Gets Week's Work
Here Under Auspices of Phoe
nix Team.
The Phoenix Baseball Club, under
the management of Frank Bauin, has
secured the Campbell United Shows
to play here one week beginning
March 30th. This is one of the best
carnival companies traveling, it is
said, and comes here highly recom
mended, and will play this season
equipped with several novelties that
will make its appearance one of the
outdoor events of the spring. They
Are you looking for an investment that Robert M- Peabody 0rnan B- Smaft
will pay you more than 8 per cent? . . c
Are you looking for a home? PeaDOOl & Smffl
We will build it for you. Our terms are easy. ARCHITECTS AND STRUCTURAL
Southwestern Buildings Investment Co. engineers
17 West Adam. Street 9"11 C"tral Bld9- Tel. 1794
cokSTcS?!., Valley Machine Works
r , , , - , , , C. F. Johnsen, Proprietor
eeneralCementandConcreteUntractors GEAR cumN( general ma-
Cement Sidewalks, Curbs and Foundations Our Spe- CHINE WORK AND HEAVY IRON
cialty. Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Tirn'DXr
Office 16 East Adams, Adams Hotel Building WUKJV
overland phone 386 306-308 South Seventh Avenue
SiinpriorWorkmanshiD mpR0VE your parking; re.
kjULiti lui wui nuiuiiamj place your open ditch with
fall For Fstimates cement pipe
Villi I Ul Lu 1 1 IIIU IVu our machine made cement pipe is the strongest, has
n i r 1 fx the smoothest joints and is absolutely water-tight.
Republican Job Printing Dept e m2 fr p
Prices Reasonable c piPe ComPL,,
C. W. CISNEY Thornton Fitzhugh L. M. Fitzhugh
Contractor and Builder FIimXUGH
General Jobbing I
Boom 10 Board of Trade Euilding, Phoenix, Arizona
228 East Jefferson St. PHOENIX, ARIZONA Los AnEe,es ffice 482 Paclfic E,ectric Bld'
Cons. Phone, Main 117 Overland Phone 712
Architects Plumbing and Sheet Metal Work
" " Cor. Second and Adams Sts. Phoenix, Ariz.
National Bank of Arizona Bldg, Phoenix, Ariz.
bennett lumber co. Plaster and Cement Work
The big Phoenix Depot of
nall. n , . wi n Foundations and Walks of all kinds. Try me out. Call
Buildin? buoDlies ot Lvery Description
me up for an estimate.
It's a W ise Man that Figures With Us. iff Q POTTEIGER
Cor. of Jackson and 2nd Ave. phone, 2271
Thone 1211
M. L. Vieux Residence Phone 2106
Office Phone, Overland S525
Contractor and Builder
Manufacturers of Artificial Cement Stones, Bricks,
Headgates, Pipes. All Sizes. White Sand
High class residence work a specialty. and chicken Grit
Room 317, Goodrich Bldg. Phone 1210 works m south First st., phoenix, Ariz.
Re-enforcing Bars. Structural Shapes, Metal Ceiling, JJ ITS
lly-Rib, Metal Lath, Sidewalk Lights, Concrete Miners,
Planing Mill Work
Arizona Hardware Supply Co. Estimates Furnished
Tel. 1231. Office and Warehouse 3rd Ave. & Jackson Phone 1188 First Street and Harrison
He are now employing men and con
tracting painting and papering.
e.Euarantee on your 3ob and 8ave ume and an" Everything Electrical '
Phoenix Hardware Company
37 North First Avenue 208 WeBt Washington St.
Phone 210G Phone 210
The only Pure White Roof on the VIEUX & TREAT
mdlUt Cement and Plaster Contractors
J. D. Halstead Lumber Co. and Ornamental Work
Telephone 1151 j P. O. Box 192 PHOENIX, ARIZON
will hold forth on the lots on Wash
ington, between Sixth and Seventh
avenues. The free attractions are of
the highest order and will include
the "Peerless Greggs," the autos that
pass in the air, which will be re
membered as the big feature act on
the occasion of the state fair here
last fall.
The baseball boys will endeavor to
make this proposition pay them a
sum to start the season of baseball
in Phoenix and the cause is worthy
enough to enlist all who are in fa
vor of a team for the city this sum
mer. A part of the receipts of the
week will go to the club and it is
expected that the show will realize
a tidy sum fof the boys. It is the
intention of Manager Baum to in
sure his team playing winning ball
the coming season and he can't run
it on promises so the fans will be
asked to help make the week one
that will help finance the baseball
season here.
Timid Youth What do I have to
pay for a marriage license?
Facetious Clerk Well, you get it
on the installment plan.
Timid Youth flow's that?
Facetious Clerk Ten shillings
down ami most of your salary each
v. eek for the rest of your life. Til -Bits,
(Continued from Page One.)
politics. He is the father of the new
State primary law and two years ago
he sought to go to the United States
Senate as a progressive Republican,
but met defeat in the primaries. He
now seeks the governorship as an in
dependent Republican. His home is
in Huron. The choice of the Demo
cratic majority for the governorship
has fallen on J. W. McCader of Edr
monds, who is well known as a politi
cal leader and is popular with the rank
and file of the Dcinocratie party.

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