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world o.portJ
IT TO 3-2
Glendale Loses in Close Hard Fought
Game; Best of Series
Jolm Holil and
Committee Select!
Competent Men to Handle
Century Grind On Mile
Enthusiasm Runs High;
Many Hacks Seen Cir
cling Oval In Practice;
Tuning Makes Hideous
Nights and Davs
V a-
Officials for the 100 mile mo-
torcycle race were named' as fol-
Referee John Hohl, F. A. M.)
Judges J. H. Lane, L. G. Smith,
I Herbert Worcester.
Umpires R. J. Orput, Maurice
Clerk of Course Virgil Bohn.
I Starter Dr. L. Boido.
I Timers James Barker, J. W.
I Thompkins, Bob Evans.
Checkers Lyle Abbott, J. Red-
j dington, Harry Lane, AVally
Twitchell, Bill Doheney.
All officials are members of the
! club and of the Federation of
I American Motorcyclists.
Things went forward with a rush
at the meeting of the Phoenix Mo
torcycle Club last night. The entire
official corps was named by the spe
cial race committee. The reports of
progress showed that the sanction
had been wired for, the advertising
nrenared and distributed, the tickets
ordered, an other minor details at- I win be J- c- Blaine, M.
mile race next Sunday.
Craig Pottinger, Ben L. Ruddison,
Ellie Wilson, C. K. Elliott.
Assistants were named. Chas.
Gardiner, Fred Ehrick. On the gate
W. King and
Chas. Kezer.
The Phoenix High baseball aggre
gation put over another victory yes
terday when the Sugar Kings from
the Glendale reaches were conquered
to the sweet tune of three to two.
For High school baseball the game
was simply there from the call of
"play ball." For awhile the Sugar
Kings had the best of the argument,
but a reserve pitcher for the Coyotes
placed the necessary additional
amount of pep on the coats 'of the
'Coyotes and Uiey "high lifed it" away
'with the long end of the score,
j On Saturday the self same Coyotes
! will again cross bats with the Tempe
product, for the second time this
season, a game distinctly out of the
'ordinary is expected and the Coyotes
are working hard that the colors of
Phoenix will not go down in defeat
before the onslaught of the South
aiders. I The score: "
H. R. E.
Phoenix High 3 7 3
.Glendale High 2 3 5
Batteries Brown, Peters and Harri
'son; Grassy and Pitts.
mechanic, he replied
r.iiujusiusiii is running mgn lor me after tach
evpnt which 1 luinnrl rn TtiUt. il 1
place in motorcycle racing annals as
another, stunt accomplished for at
and by Phoenix.
Entries recorded last night:
"I am just fixing her up for that
hundred miler. D'jou think she will
stand a hundred turns?"
On beins- assured that the soeed
Ellie Wilson, who announces right i.,nd en(urance possibilities of the
motorcycle race that it
i has been his last, was found at the
workbench of the Indian agency yes
terday grinding in the valves of a
fast hack of the aboriginal breed.
J. T. Allbright, F. H. Sellner, H. C. I When asked when he quit being a
ranuan, t,. i. rsaKer, Lorenzo Boiuo, policeman to become a common or
1'iicient but reputable old battleship
were a matter of great mystery to
the inquisitor, Wilson saw lit to
launch forth into a long oration
about his boat. He said "she is sure
fast" in one hundred and three dif
ferent ways, and added a lot of the
iibual stuff about how well "she"
would stand the tearing miles.
I'l At the Excelsior agency in the Pio
neer Cycle company, Ted Elliott is
hashing over a likely looking mon-
Gem City to Make Ample
Accommodations for the
AVhite Sox Exhibition.
Safety ami Comfort Doth
to be Considered
Now Cometh Dr. H. A. Hughes to
say that he will abandon shooting
the regular army rifle in the Phoenix
Club matches just as soon as he has
shown up the youngsters once mere.
That once will be on Saturday, when
the rifle club shoots for the National
Rifle Association's state medal. Al
though of several winters, summer's,
springs and other seasons of the year.
Dr. Hughes is some sh'jjt. He boosts
one of the clearest eyes and a com
plete set of the steadiest nerves in
the club. He declares that he will
have to drop the pastiihe of shooting
tit a target on the hill and start
shooting at some political marks.
Tennis at the T. M. C. A. is pro
gressing into another tournament
stage. A series started yesterday,
with a game In which Physical Phyla,
the athletic director found himself
eliminated right at the start by
Townsend. Wilkinson and Coggins,
who each drew a bye in the first
round have been advanced to the
second without play. The tournament
lies between Wilkinson, iioron, Hor
rell, E. Munson, Herrett, Townsend,
Fast, Judson, Marshall,- Peatiws
Byers, Blair and Coggins. S
some auto races, is taking effect. The
Maricopa Auto Club is taking tile
matter up with a view to making it
a state-wide event, and inviting the
motorists of the several larger towns
to join. The Elks reunion here will
be made the occasion for a state
meeting, at which it is quite possible
that an Arizona Motor Club can be
formed. The urging of Secretary
Jack Holmes for a big attendance at
the Friday night meeting at the Ari-
izona Club cannot be too highly crr
Jphasized. It is important that the
motoring fraternities of Arizona, botli
from the consuming and from the
sei'.ing end get together and work for
the bigger desert races to the stut-3
fair next fall.
It seems that the suggestfti thrown
out by Wild Bill Tremainfe; through
the columns of The Repuhlfcan, as id
There is nothing like a little per
sonal excitement over the powers of
a carburator to start things. When
Jack Smith snd Bill Tremaine matie
their little wager over the economy
possibilities of the Master carborator,
no one thought that much would
or.ie of it. It was a . conversaiijn
between Bill Tremaine and Erwin G.
Baker in The Republican office the
night before Smith left for Globe that
started the proposition of boosting for
some auto races around here. For the
two wheelers. Baker pledged support
to the scheme, and it grew and it
grew and it grew.
We are now confronted by a scrap
between a small Phoenician and the
large city of Tucson. It is over the
motorcycle race that Baker rode to
Vail and hack. Considering the court
esy that Tucson extended to Phoenix
in face .of the fact that Phoenix
went down there and grabbed all the
prizes it seems to us that the min
ute motor maniac might be a little
more charitable. The Phoenix Club
depends'on the Tucson Club to come
up here and lick the spots off us if
it's possible, and in order to success
fully perform that act, the two par
ties ought to have the best of friend
ly relations.
ster. Now that Jack Stokes, on an
Ex, has cleaned up the world's hour
record, taking it right out of the
hands of E. G. Baker, of Phoenix,
who established it, the makers and
riders of the big X machine are con
f'dently looking to a run on the
Indian. That is, they figure they
can have the red racers on the run.
if they just follow up the advantage
gained at Bakersfield.
These two shops are not the only
places where the fixing of motor
cycles is being carried on with blood
in eye and many delicate tools.
Pretty nearly every rider in the
club has a gnawing ambition to
swoop around the track, flirting with
death and the pretty girls who are
sure to throng the grandstand, and
carry off the honors. It is not mere
ly a case of getting a name in the
paper, either. To win one of the
Phoenix Motorcycle club's events
nowadays means something, for rec
ognition of the club's work is pour
ing in from every quarter.
Rumor hath it that Don Johns.
Jack Stokes and other coast riders of
note are quietly tuning their mounts
for a late entry here. This is very
bad news, for it means that there
will only be about one-half again as
many people go see the race if some
foreigners come to enter. Still, con
sidering the added revenue made pos
sible by this thronging of the stands,
the club should not worry.
(Special to The Republican)
MESA, March 24. Seats for lliOO
people will be provided at the Mesa
ball park March 31st when the White
Sox appear here to play an exhibition
game with the Mesa Jewels. The
grandstand, which has a capacity of
i('0, is being overhauled and a wire
netting will be placed in front so
that absolute wifely will be insured.
Not only are the benches and grand
staml being nrianged to accommo
date a large crowd, but the park is
being overhauled and worked over so
as to insure us fast a ground as pos
sible. It is the idea of the manage
ment that the work will not be lost
because the Central Arizona League
players are deserving of the best
grwunds to be obtained anywhere.
There is another feature of the
game, and that is that there will be
plenty of refreshments on the
ground. The concessions are owned
by Leo Matthews and he is guaran
teeing to the management that there
will be plenty of liquid refreshment
to be had on the afternoon of the
It has been practically assured that
Morris will catch the game or at
least a part of it. He is anxious for
the tiyout and on account of his
batting ability and his experience
with fast pitchers the team as a
whole is very anxious for him to get
in the game.
Frank Goss, the pitcher signed by
Langowski, is expected here thi.
morning. He was wired transporta
tion yesterday and it is understood
that he exepects to start immediately.
Langowski considers that be has a
find in Goss. He has seen him work
in the coast leagues and is sure that
he will be able to carry off the hon
ors of the valley pitching staff. The
tuna are ready to give him their
support for with the departure ol
Goodman there remains only Camp
bell. There is no question about
Campbell's ability to equal any twirl-
er in the league but he can't always
pitch. He needs someone to help out
once in a while.
V Copyright Hwt Sciuffhcr & Marx
The latest and
best in classy
Spring Togs
40 - North Central .
Stetson Hat Headquarters
The 100 mile motorcycle race next
Sunday on the Phoenix track needs
all the support Phoenix and the state
can give it. Because the club is try
ing to collect dollars with which to
start the Los .Angeles to Phoenix
motorcycle race next fall, it deserves
the consideration of everyone. The
more money the club takes in at the
gate, the less It will have to ask from
the Board of Trade.' Phoenix practi
cally supported the first race, and it
may have to do a large share of sup
porting this one.
A medal shoot, one of those club
affairs in which many Phoenix busi
ness and professional men will take
, part, is slated for Saturday after
I noon on the range at Hole-in-the-I
President Redewill with a number
I of riflists will repair to the range
I shortly after noon, and put in sev-
eral hours pegging away from the
short ranges. The trophy is one
worthy of unusual effort. It is the
medal of the National Rifle Associa
tion, a mark of honor to be awarded
to the club member who makes the
highest individual score.
If John Nutt were not so fond of
being a large pebble on a small
stretch of beach, Abej Lukin would
have a lovely time trying to induce
the Kansas backstop to come and
perform for the rest of the Bears
this spring. But John believes he
would rather be an awful youngster
in the little league than to be one of
many in several more pretentious
organizations he has been aksed to
join. So Lukin may have a large and
strongly handsome chap working op
posite his best hurlers within a few
It was to save the reputation of
Fred Myers as the supremest bum
backstop in the world, that The Re
publican refrained from relating the
narrative of Harrell in the Sunday
Pirates-Indians contest.
LOS ANGELES. March 24. A
thousand dollars is the price paid
by Jimmy Clabby, the middleweight,
for the pleasure of beating up Fo
liceman Laurance.
That amount was agreed upon to
day in police court, when the judge
gave the fighter and his trainer, Ar
thur McQueen, the option of settling
with the officer or going to jail. The
fight occurred before dawn, Febru
ary 28, in a brawl with taxicab
drivers. Clabby and McQueen plead
ed guilty.
Laurance said he lost thirty pounds.
The automobile is getting all the
improvements. A self-starting furnace
would help a heap.
I BALTIMORE, March 24. The
t Federal League season opens April
13 with Buffalo playing here.
I Brooklyn plays at Pittsburg April j
I 14, and Chicago at Kansas City
I April 16. j
, ' The schedule is for 164 games, j
, ,
To the sporting editor of The Re
publican, sir heads a short but pow
erful sermon on backing up a good
bet when you see it. The communi
cation contained these thoughts:
"We never dreamed of starting
anything when we made a little
friendly bet with Bill Tremaine,
about what mileage could be ob
tained with a Master carburetor, but
there are some people that have al
ways got their little hammer out
teady to knock. There has been con
siderable noise made by some carbu
retor, and carburetor accessory deal
ers about hidtlen gas tanks, etc.
"Now we are willing to donate $100
to any charitable institution if the
noise makers will prove to a repre
sentative of The Republican that any
gas was used, other than that which
was put in the tank at the Buicl;
garage that was inspeced and sealed
by Bill Tremaine.
"Of course. Smith did his best to
economize through the trip, coariting
wherever he could, and I will say
that there are few cars that can
coast or run any easier than the
Cadillac we used.
"We did not claim we couhl make
2'J'4 miles on a gallon of gas, but
we do claim that we can average 20
miles to the gallon from Phoenix to
Globe and if some of these boys who
are making this noise have any
change to back it up with, we will
be veVytglad to take them on.
"We will also go on record ad
saying that there is no other car
buretor built besides the Master that
vill average twenty miles to the gal
lon under the same conditions as the
record made last Sunday.
See our
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Fitzgerald, Herrett and Marshall Elim
inated in First Round Three
More Games Today
Y. M. C. A. tennis started for the
spring season yesterday with three
snappy games in which some high
class racquet swingers were eliminated
from the running. Munson, Peatross
and Townsend were visitors in three
fast matches over Herrett, Marshall
and Fitzgerald.
The scores were:
Munson-Herrett: 7-5. 6-0.
Peatross-Marshall: 2-6, 6-1, 6-3.
Townsend-Fitzgerald: 6-1, 6-4.
The matches for today are:
Doron-Horrell at 4:00 p. m.
Judson-Fast at 5:15.
Byers-Blair' at 5:45.
The Trades and Iabor Council of
Vancouver gained 1500 members in
17 8outh Center
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