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1 1 WORLD of &P0RT ;
nnnT Tiiir innnmnnrn
sum lime nrrnuflints
15 and 25 Miles
Car. Owner. Driver.
Case. McArthur Miller
Buick, Babcock Sabra
Mercer, Murphy Murphy
Buick, F. Morton Hartwell
K. M. F. Az. Mo. Co E. A. Tracy
Ptudebakex. Thomas Thomas
Buick, Vogt Vogt
Cadillac, Horrell Horrell
Loco, J. C. Adams Truman
Comedy Raoe
Paahard Judge Kent
Ford Relay
Owner. Driver.
Ed Rudolph Charles Leach
Vm. CorpsUin Corpstein
C. IX Evans Evans
Twill be a race of blood, sweat
and gasoline. Also oil. The first
Maricopa. Auto Club track race will
happen at the state fair grounds this
afternoon at 2:30 remember the
time 2:30. Entries will be accepted
ur chanced up to 10 this morning, so
you can't really tell from The Re
publican's list who isn't going- to race.
Tou might sec your husband, brother
even jour best friend out there
grinding off the miles this afternoon.
That there will be more than the
aforesaid nine entries is probable,
seeing as there remain such excita
ble drivers as Tremaine, Smith, Na
juin on the outside of the fence.
The referee of the Vandy race is
here, and will act as the main power
this afternoon. He is Grand Prize
Bultard, the small live wire attorney
general of the state of Arizona. 'He
has the following official family:
Judges E. P. Conway and J. H.
Timers Cclora M. Stoddard, E. W.
Lewis, A. L. Moore, Lyle Abbott.
Clerk of the course Leon S. Jacobs.
Tou wanna watch that Buick.
She's fast, rm tellin' you. Why, 1
saw her do 55 an hour with the
top up.'
"Ida put in my car only I saw in
the paper that Stan Murphy and
Steve Goodwin were going to drive
the Mercer."
"Morton's Buick with Hartwell up.
Those the winner."
"Tea, but you're forgetting Charlie
McArthur's white Case. You think
he put that car in to get it dusty?"
"Well, I'm gonna go broke if John
r.jr Sabra doesn't show these poor
amachures the way."
"Thasa me. too."
But Bob Truman is a driver. Didn't
he win the Prescott loop race last
fourth of July?"
Being Soma Thought Enganderad By
Plan of Certain Woman Ra
' porter to Cover Races
"O Geraldine.' O Geraldinc,.
What Is a mag-nee-tow?"
"It U the brains, the 'lectric brains
That makes' the auto go!"
The carburetor, what is that?"
She asked ' lnquiringlee;
It la the heart, the pumpin' heart
Ot a motorcar, you see."
Ch, the "car went ' 'round
With its wheels' on' the ground!
(Well, how -did you- 'spect it would
gc? On ' its mag-knee-to and Its
-steering knuckle. Huh. .That's all
fcur?, ain't it?)
r ' l j PL AC E vH6W
V L ' - ' ' I-"" a 4 v., j f, KSSAGt !S To BE
Tne 6feATesT moimcmt 1 f v A"0 lm delivering
ffWBY i tr X'J if , KAessAee today.
-ZZs Wr mother- milucemt -v im Jt, vr p-J!
The keen-eyed center-shots of the
Phoenix Rifle Club cannot win every
thing, even from the university kid
dies. For the main kiddie shot all
around everybody yesterday and
grabbed the All-Comers match at
1000 yards slow fire. His score was
42. His name is Lindsley. President
Boido was second, with a score of
42, but he didn't make as many
'"fives" as his opponent so the Tue
sonian won. In the same way Gulley
won the Governor's Cup with 35. Ad
jutant General Charles W. Harris
also shot 35, but not as well as did
Gulley. Gulley is secretary of the
Phoenix Rifle Club.
Yesterday's scores and tomorrow's
Governor's Cup
C. V. Gulley (Phx. Rifle Club) 35
C. TV. Harris (Phx. Rifle Club) 33
5 I
McRae (Phx. Rifle Club) 34
All-Comers Match
(Slow fire at 100U yards)
Lindsley (U. of A.) 42
Dr. Boido (Phx. Rifle Club) 12
C. V. Gulley (Phx. Rifle Club) 37
Officers' Cup
(Phoenix Rifle Club)
Edens si
Gulley 76
Hurst 59
Harris M
McRae SO
Lindsley 48
Wakefield r,n
Vallor 67 j
La Tourette 54
Glennon 62 i
Adjutant General's Match
(For the Championship of Arizona. 7
"Huh, you're all looking at those
fast cars and those fine drivers. Don't
do it I got Bill Horrell and Vogt
picked in that long race. You can
have your old fifteen miler."
"Don't overlook those Studes any.
That little cuss of Thomas is there."
And so it goes. If everybody won
who's touted to, there would have to
be a stretch big enough for .'em all
to come down abreast on the last lap.
7 Y I I '... V, y Hf
fl if yH5rfjj5p'h rTTr rb771 tliS& 1 1l v ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCH
wTlij h A lY- -P-flr Xffiw'A 1 KANSAS CITY, April If,. A discus-
XlPPrt II I I I i.l YJ -.4 WZOTA sion of the proposal to lay the Illinois
fl U-U iJr x fll K M !jf 1 WJJ fSSytil
u I w "'"r W 11 1 1 tXCvPl IC ' PyfSSl central ana narnman lines strike ot
xW $r- jfj WJ f - V ' V0fr rV relations committee will be taken up
' s ' fMv - vPfliJ tomorrow by the convention of the rail-
TJ j " ay empiuj's dei,artment f the Amer'
' (will 'be cm a ere o uv
WMgTH, gAr
"Major"' Must Win or the
Cigars and Sonic Dough
AVill Change Hands Sun
Fete Matinee AVill De
velop Large Gobs of Fun
The Sun Fete matinee ut the fair
grounds tomorrow is going to be
worth several times the price of ad
mission, and the races will be all
sorts of fun to the general public, as
well as to the racing gentlemen.
Take the green trot for instance.
There is Giirrett Schuler's "Major."
Gam- Schuler is willing to bet any
reasonable amount up to anil includ
ing the Hotel Adams that Major wins
in one, two, three order.
Major has got to win or his own
er's veracity will be strained to the
breaking point and will drop below
par after the race.
Besides the Major in this race will
be Arlie L., driven by Charles Dobry,
and Delfino by Albert Lopez ami
Zona B by A. W. Sydnor. These
three are dependable goers ond in
their workouts show remarkable, form
and speed. Schuler's Major will have
to go some or the Hotel Adams will
pass into other hands after tomor
row. Besides the horses mentioned there
is another and no one knows how
slow or how fast he can go. and that
is "Scates," which will be driven by
that notable reinsman, George Nu
gent. George says his entry is
named Scates alright but that he is
not a "skate" however, and that Sun
day night lie proposes to come down
to the Hotel Adams and smoke all
the highest priced Havana." that he
desires at Schuler's expense.
The track boys say. however, that
the race will be between Zona B and
Delfino with Arlie L near ,by, and
that Geo. Nugent and Garrv Schuler
are wise about doing their bragging
now for they will have nothing to
brag about after the race over.
Open t,o teams of six men coin
posed of members from the United
States army stationed in Arizona, the
National Guard of Arizona, the rifle
clubs of Arizona, the cadet organiza
tions of Arizona. Teams to be se
lected by the various organizations.
Distances and kind of fire 200, 600
and 100 yards, slow fire.
Number of shots Ten shots for
record at each range, and two sight
ing shots at 1000 yards. Entrance
fee $10.
Prize "up. presented by Adjutant
General Coggins, (retired.)
Arizona State Match
Open to teams of five men.
.'.l"-":arr-!--. ' '-' X BTOVTV Jr DOTJTVOAU 1
Unofficial Howl Conies Over
from Mesa at Addition of
Soubrette to Coachiuc
Staff Barrett's Joke
Brings Big "Rise"
Red, reeking war is about to be de
clared maybe. Unofficial news re
ceived late last evening from Mesa has
it that the callow Jewels are fearing
that the addition of the new utility
pitcher to the Phoenix team will bo
jolly well disorganize the game that
their admittedly superior chances of
winning will be diminished beyond the
point of endurance. So far. Captain
Barrett of the Solons, whose idea it
was to sign Hazel Lake on the Phoenix
team, has received no formal protest
from the captain of the southside team.
He will act only on a regularly written
objection, he says.
The idea of adding Lake to the line
up was at first purely for the adver
tising value it would give the game.
The stunt has been pulled off in big
league circles before. In fact it re
maineth in the memory of the scribe
how the entire Lubin movie outfit went
on the field and surrounded First Base
man Hal Chase of the Yanks, and all
had their moving pictures taken. Hal
later appeared In the Lubin drama.
But Barrett soon got "offa" that idea.
He decided it was necessary to streng
then the Solons against the well known
hiting ability of Mesa, so the signing
of H. Lake became not so much a joke
as a necessity. Everybody knows
Lake's work. Every office boy who
ever ruthlessly slew a regiment of
grandmothers during nny league sea
son, has her batting and fielding aver
ages at the tip of his tongue.
The word comes out of Mesa that the
yotmgar heads on the Cottonpickers
aggregation are afraid the fair haired
hot spark coacher of the Phoenix team
Distances and kind of fire 300,
5v,i and 600 yards, slow fire .
Number of shots Ten shots for
record and two sighting shots at each
I range. Cash prizes. Kntrance fee $5.
Distance and kind of fire 500
yards, slow fire, with two sighting
shots to commence.
Cash prizes.
Special prizes for the highest total
individual score in individual matches.
Skirmish run, $10.
Long range, $7.50, 1000 and 2000
Mid range, $5, 500 and 600 yards.
Riipid fire, $2.50, 200 and 300 yards.
This will be the third time that Dr.
Boido, president of the Phoenix club
has shot for the Adjutant General's
' cup. Col. L W. Coggins presented
it three years ago. Boido, then with
the Tucson Rifle Club helped win it
from the state militia. Last year, he
journeyed to Tucson with the Phoe
nix club and helped win it back for
Phoenix. Now he is going to defend
it for the third time. The cup now
rests securely on a bookshelf in The
Republican office, where people can
icome anu see unu auniire it. rveij
body agrees that it is "Some
(Special to The Republican)
MESA, April 17. It's awful,
if Hazel Lake, tne Savoy soubretto
who played at Mesa with the Danc
ing Dolls company, walks out on the
diamond in the game Sunday dressed
in the natty uniform of the Phoenix
club, there is going to be a disor
ganization of the perfect working
machine of the Mesa team. MeGow
an, the Walter Johnson of the Mesa
team, who is under twenty and over
six, an awful age and an awful com
bination for bashfulness, had been
selected to officiate on the hound
against the senators but with Hazel
Lake on the coaching lines he is lia
ble to kill a few Phoenix batters, nil
of which would be purely in self
Langowski, usually a collected and
very calm sort of an individual, is
commencing to stutter as he discuss
es the signing of Hazel Lake. He
realizes that he has certain among
his stars, lads who are not accus
tomed to the ways of the new wom
an, and he trembles at the result.
He is going to make a valiant at
tempt to have the utility player who
has been secured for couching pur- .
poses removed on the grounds of ex
ceeding the statute of limitations or
some other such complaint. If he
does not succeed in that he is going
to prefer charges of exceeding the
speed limit a form of complaint ;
which seems to "work well against all j
Mesa autoniobilists who journey to j
the Capital City. At any rate the ;
stunt being pulled by the . Phoenix j
team is decidedly out of the ordinary I
land there is no doubt that a protest
will be lodged against such tactics.
will put 'em plumb off - their game.
They do not feel like sacrificing a con-
; test to the prowess of one high tension
I soubrette. They regard their so far
perfect score in the pencentage column
as something too sacred to be spoiled.
But, soliloquizes Martin, the sub
damager and his faithful late at night
conferee, Barrett, whether or not Hazel
plays, the team will have had all the
benefit of the publicity the move re
ceived, which is all same dollars and
Grant Park will be much Improved
shortly. It is barely convalescent now.
Put when George Martin gets his mer
ry men at work and finishes up that
i press box, and does a lot of other little
odd jobs around the place, then the
scribes will say, "Well done, noble fel
low." The team, too is being improved.
Practice every evening is the order of
Capt. Barrett of the magnetic gray
eyes. And the men are fast learning to
use that bulk and weight they have.
The hitting ability of the Solons will
soon Vie in the same class as that of
the Mesa outfit, than which there is no
hittinger nine in the state.
1 17 South Center
Ladies' New Spring Dresses
of crepes, flowered voiles, ratine crepe, crepe voile and tissue gingham,
white ground with stripes and figures, some are all-over embroidered
on crepe, beautifully trimmed with the new Grecian edged embroidery
on collars and cuffs, some have hand-embroidered collars and cuffs
while others arc trimmed with shadow lace, collars and cuffs, girdles of
taffeta and charmeuse $12.50 to 37.50
Ladies' dresses of white and colored linens and ratines at from
912.50 to S22.50
lagen and pink jackets, in plain colors with skirts of stripes and plain
white, for ages 14 to 10, at from
S6.95 to 10.50
MISSES' COAT DRESSES of natural lmen in the newest belt styles,
jackets trimmed with brown, tan and green linen pipings and buttons.
Silk Waists in Exclusive Styles
Silk Crepe de Chene waists in corn, lemon, maize, apricot, flesh tint,
white Nile, and pink.
Made with long and short sleeves in raglan styles also some with regular
set in sleeves, beautifully trimmed in hand embroidery, others trimmed
with silk shadow lace frilling, some with French mull collars and cuffs.
Prices range from
S6.95 to 17.50
We also have a beautiful line of ladies' linen waists, hand embroidered
and linen cluny lace, trimmed at 4.50 aml 5.00
Handkerchief Linen Waists
in all the newest plain colors, tango, maize, lavender, pink and FYench
blue, hylow collars with lapel effect soft turn back cuff, sleeves in
long shoulder mandarin effects, front trimmed with pearl buttons in
groups of three. A special value at 3.9.1
Choice Collection Smart Pattern Hats
A display as complete as it is captivating, voicing the artistic genius of
foreign designers and our own talented makers.
In this display of choice millinery are the latest Parisian conceptions,
which take form in quaint shapes drooping effects and obtuse upward
angle effects that are of striking becomingness. A diversity of shapes,
colors and trimmings to meet every individual need. An extra special
showing of ladies' fine pattern hats, including a late shipment which
has just arrived, special priijpd at 4.79
Fancy Parasols
Beautiful assortment of new de
signs in exclusive patterns of the
season's choicest colors and color
combinations at from
2.25 to 22.50
Children's parasols in a wide range
of colors and floral patterns as
accepted by fashion critics of the
day at from 25 to 75
Silk Gloves
The newest styles in silk gloves
including Keyser's lC-button tucked
silk gloves in plain black, pongee
and white and black and white
contrasts, the fashion's last pulse
beat in gloves, per pair... 2. 50
Keyser's 16-button silk gloves in
white or black at per pair
1.00, 81.25, 1.50 "tid
A beautiful line of Keyser's Sill:
Gloves in navy, brown, pongee,
grav, white and black, at per pair
Ktysers long chamoisette Gloves
a splendid wearing glove and a
special value at per pair 50
Keyser's long or short gloves in
silk lisle and chamoisette, special
at per pair 50
Jewelry and Hand Bags
and novelties from our Jewelry Store.
A special assortment of bags of genuine seal leather, single and double
straps, in black, tan, navy, lavender, Aztec, brown, scarlet and mustard.
Moire and leather lined, trimmed with gun metal, gold and silver finish,
fitted with coin purses and mirrors some have note pad, pencil and
mirror, others fitted wth coin purse, mirror, nail file, cuticle knife and
shoe hook, a beautiful line at special each 1.19
Morocco Bags, fitted with coin purse attached with chain large mirror,
comb bonbon box, perfume bottle and powder box of solid nickel each
Morocco Bags in black and tango fitted with mirror, pencil, note pad,
and coin purse at from 3.50 to 8.00
Tango Slipper Sets, brilliant set, ranging in price, per pair, at from
75r to 1.50
Children's silk hand bags, decorated with pictures in colors at
25d L,!uX oOC
Children's Silk Hand Bags in all colors, fitted with coin purse and per
fume, bottle at 25. 50d nd 1.00
Children's fans of celluloid in pink, white and blue, daintily decorated
with heart shape mirror, each C
Ladies' Celluloid fans in all colors, beautifully decorated, at each..50
Souvenir Spoons
A special asortment of Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons in Orange. Indian
Head, Swastika and Floral Patterns, ft special value at each oOC
Others in State Seal, Indian figure and Capitol building patterns, at
1. 00 ""J 1.25
Stupendous showing of all the very
latest style in Women's Footwear
of the choicest quality, made of
select leathers and fabrics, over
perfect fitting high arth lasts
appealing to the careful dresser
A choice of the newest COLONIAL
PUMPS of white buck, with the
new Louis heel, at 6.00
of white buck at 5.00
in smart styles ,and splendid fit
ting features, at 4.00
Also a splendid line of Sea Island
Duck Pumps in exclusive styles,
with a smartness seldom found in
women's footwear at the price;
high arch pumps, with sole leather
heels in all sizes at $3.00
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$6.95 and 7.50
Fashion calls for ribbons in all
the variations of colors and designs
for Hair Bows, trimmings, sasnes,
etc. Our large assortment is more
extensive than ever.
5-inch Dresden Ribbons in pinks,
blues, lavenders and yellow, the
coriect ribbons for hair bows and
sashes, yard 25?
Beautiful Dresden Ribbons in blues,
pink, lavenders and yellows, spe
cial value at, per yard 29J
u-inch Dresden Ribbons in the very
latest designs and colors, suitable
for Easter bows and sashes yard
Pretty assortment of Dresden Rib
bons in Alice blue, old rose, yel
lows, pinks and blues, choice se
lection at, per yard 39
Beautiful line of Roman stripes and
pi nds in tilt season's choicest col
ors ranging in price from
29c to 1.50
Handsome line of Dresden Ribbons
in all the season's best color com
binations, a splendid assortment, at
from 25C to 1.50
5-yard bolts of wash Ribbons in
all desired colors at per bolt.. IOC
Also others in good colors of little
finer ouality in 5-yard bolts at
Brocaded Velvet Ribbons, the last
word in Ribbons for Tango belts,
Millinery and fancy work-
Hosiery for Men
In all the newest colors also
plenty blacks and white in lisle,
silk lisle and silk for men, women
misses, and children A more com
plete line will not be found any
where values could not be bet
ter. You cannot do better than
choose vour hosiely here.
HOSE A splendid quality in col
orstan. mahogany, delf blue, king
blue, amber, also black and white.
A special value at, per pair 75C
finished lisle, in black, white and
tan a beautiful quality every
pair guaranteed. Three for
FANCY SOX The prettiest assort
ment we have ever had checks
and stripes in all the newest color
combinations styles include the
hew cuff top.

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