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Thu department is under the di
rection of Mr. W. E. Defty, the
well known mining engineer, who
will carefully scrutinize all mat
ter relating to mining in order
mat only reliable information re
garding legitimate enterprise!
shall find a place here.
The Republican would be pleas
ed to receive information from
any part of the state regarding
the development of the mining in-
uusiry. Mil communications
should be addressed: Mining De-
partment, Arizona Republican.
Another Mining Deal
Thv i-iii.t-r and Kohl propvrtv
in. i -thi-aM of Hot Spi-iUK-i Junitidii
ami invnid by A. I!. Williamson (bct-tt-r
known as Unrro -Mack) liaa Ikvn
ooi;,i,,l to oastern capitalifits. Tin
lolal oonsiJoratiim of the bond is
?ii. and tlie fir.-t installmont of
JO."n.i has already bom paid to the
owiivr. The projiorty L-iiuijirist-s i!n
claims and Ik s oast of lii-i'.i dsley or
N.uia. Smnc ore lias been hauled to
and sliipel from tbe latter station
and lias carried fair values in gold,
silver and copper. The district has
excellent surface s-howiiif,', but no
very leep work has been pel formed
It is reported that the old Sunset
mill near Uarrisburg is about to lie
started up again. The mill was
elected a number of years ago, but
was only operated for a very limited
period. It has been started up occa
sionally from time to time by iwrties
holding outside claims. This time it
is said W. Sisson will reduce ores
from claims near bv.
Tombstone Consolidated I
Under date of the 13th instant .
comes tbe announcement of the de- j
cision by the I'nited States supreme
court sustaining the findings of tbe
lower courts in holding the bonds of .
the company to be invalid. The 1st- I
ter holding is due to the fact that in :
the bonds there was a stipulation !
that interest should be dependent up-
on the earning of dividends by the i
company. No Uiviil. nds were earned j
in onsciuence of which the bonds '
are held to be null and void. j
There will now be a demand on tbe
Assay Office of
J. 8. NEAL
J07 N. First St. Phoenix. Ariz.
F. J. Coleman
35 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, Arizona
The Copper Queen Consolidated
Mining Company
We arc in the market for all kinds of Gold, Silver,
Copper ores and concentrates ;md Copper Matte,;
making prompt payments in full. Our sampling
operations are open to the inspection of shippers.
Write us for prices and treatment rates, giving
approximate assay and analysis. ,
Copper Queen Con
solidated Mining Co.
. Douglai , . Arixona
35 East Washington St.
part of the creditors through peti
tion to the referee in bankruptcy, for
an order of sale for the property.
The claims of the creditors will bring
nearly the full sum necessary to full
liquidation of indebtedness-
The work on this property is being
kept steadily ahead by sinking of the
main vertical shaft. This is now
down to a depth of :iT0 feet. This
vein is a large and promising one 'on
tlie surface and remains oxidized and
is very soft and friable, therefore
requiring care and caution in mining.
It is anticipated that a zone of en
richment will be found under this
area, and under this a sulphide base.
The main shaft at the Little Daisy
has now reached a depth of 1-00 feet
and a station is being cut on the
lu.nging wall side, preparatory to
i ross-cutting on this side of the
fault, where it is expected ore may
be encountered; at any rate, that is
the hope of those interested.
Work is being carried on in a small
way at the Hull and Cleopatra prop
erties. Th new tortuous seven-mile rail
load from flarkdale to the laOU-foot
tunnel at the Verde mine is com
pleted and has been turned over to
the I'nited Verde company. The 400
fcot stack at the smelter is also
nearly completed and the progress
being made insures the. new smelter
1 lant going into commission some
time during the latter part of the
J. S. Scott & Co.. the responsible
firm of stock brokers at Jerome, is
sues a little bulletin occasionally,
containing condensed mining para
graphs from all over the state. In
one of them it says the sheriff is
still in charge of a part of the
mangled remains of the Brooklyn
Arizona. Why don't they hold a
post-mortem and bury it.
Desert Queen
It is saiil this property,
Casa C.rande. and located
old Jaik Rabbit mine, is
start up again. The mine
idle for manv years. After
south of
near the
likely to
has lain
able work was done a cyanide plant
was also erected. The property is
in rather uad shape, but is said to
contain fair values in gold and sil
ver. There are promising properties
in this district that will make good
when the proper and intelligent min
ing attention is given them. . The
prospect of the Ajo railroad being
constructed is giving some decided
impetus to this district.
Mohave County
During tbe month of March the
clean-up of the Tom Keed mine was
$ 10.1. i0 in gold, showing that the ore
is holding high value. The winze
from the '.100-foot level has boon
sunk -oo feet ami remains in high
grade ore all the wav. The mine
has large bodies of fll ore, but this
is not being mined at the present
time. Ores of higher grade only are
being taken to the mill. It is con
templating enlarging the plant in the
near future.
The Portland Group
The following appeared in
Republican under date:
HA Y, Ariz., April 1". The Portland
mining claims, adjoining the ground
of the recent Ray gold strike, have
been bonded to Dr. W. W. Nutting,
of Jlostoii. Mass. There are five
claims in the group.
More particulars regarding the jleal
is embodied in tlie following: -
The Portland group, jind adjoining
claims have been bonded to Dr. W.
W. Nutting. The Portland group
consists of five claims, held by K. R.
Shafor and others of Jerseyville, 111.
The property lies on the west side
of Mineral creek, three miles above
J Phone 1709
Ray, adjoining the old Ray Northern
property on the south.
Dr. Nutting was in Ray a month
ago and examined the property and
located for himself at that time six
other claims. He also took option on
a claim held by Dan Kusemon mid
one held by J. W. Read, which in
creases Hie group to thirteen claims.
According to the terms of the bond.
S 1,100 is to be paid within ninety
days ami the remainder in imi and
two years. The total consideration
was $21,000.
Dr. Nutting is formcly from Ros
ton, though he makes Phoenix his
home winters.
Read of Phoenix promoted
the ileal.
Like all good
wants a piece of
no exception. R
gold strike, there
things, everyone
them, and this is
garding the Ray
have been Ioea-
lions and
relocations crosswise and
degree of the compass.
every other
Injunetions have been i
now come the lawyers to
sued and
lorate the
whole thing. The hearing of the suits
is set for tile :!S of April at Flor
ence, and by tbe time tliey gel
through some of the locators max'
have enough rock left to build a
Shannon Discovery
were no new developments
at the Shannon mines prop
very important discovery.
last year
or. A
was made at one of the
outshle claims, known as
the Alaska mine, about half a mile
from the Shannon mines. The dis
covery was made by the Arizona
Copper company, through one of
their mines, which adjoins the Alaska.
As far as development has gone, the
ore shows to be 30 feet wide, averag
ing for the entire 30 feet in widlli
over S per. cent in copper.
C"chse Mines
The Southwestern Copper company
of San Simon has been incorporated
to operate the property of the old
Cochise Consolidated Copper com
pany, two miles north of Paradise.
The mine .was closed down in Hun".,
the property being in litigation for
several years. Some ore has been
blocked out. There is a concentrator
on the ground and a number
buildings are in a good state
preservation. This property is an
extension or the old Peabody mine
and has . about 100 feet of develop
ment work.
Tbe :i0-ton mill on this
continues to work stoadih
from tile mine and dumps.
on or.:
a ml
an .ri
tln ings from the old mil! dump:
being .shipped to the Calumet K
zona smelter at Douglas to
amount of fifty tons per day.
An Old Geologist
Sir Archibald Ceik'ic. the famous
classical and theological scholar and
geologist, has celebrated his seventy
eighth birthday, shortly after retiring
from . tbe highest office which an
l.ngnsh scientist c.ln hold, tin
demy of the Royal society.
In . the I'hited Stales i.
t'lis of metallic t,n v. a:
This supply cam-, from th
i:ii:; ni'iy i
produced. s
e places
in Alaska, one
one in South C;
Mascot , Copper Company
A bond issue of $.1,000,000 was au
thorized by the stockholders f the
Mascot Copper company at a special
meeting held in Chicago on Februarv
-Mh, and at the same time the stock
or the company was increased
?1 .,,0011.0101. The bonds are to be
convertible into stock at $fi per share
Nestor Belting, Pulleys,
Shafting. Pumps, Etc.
Third Avenue and Jack
son, Phoenix.
"We Have the Stock."
Here Is
Tnis Is a broad claim to make, but
the Scholl "Foot-Eazer" eases feet,
provides absolute means of foot com-
. When the arch of the foot Is not
properly supported and the modern
shoe does not give this required sup
port the feet tire and ache and pain
and become fever'sh and then there
Is a twitching and seeming strain
on the limbs, and frequently a feeling
of fatigue over the whole body,
i; The arch of the foot, where the
body's weight is carried, needs a rest
supports the arch or Instep and takes
away all muscular strain, equalizing
tbe weight and bearing.
Made of German Silver springs,
leather covered. Self-adjusting to any
foot. Can be changed from one pair
of shoes to another and can be worn
drlth comfort by anyone.
Women who do housework, or clerks
fn stores or offices, or anyone "whose
occupation requires them to do much
standing or walking should buy a pair
of "Foot-Eazers" today.
You cannot have restful feet umtll
you do wear them.
' All sizes, for men and women. Pries
8.00 per pair.
" Kndorsed by Physicians by People
who wear them. For sala by
3f East Ad.ms dt.
after July 1, 1917, and it is hoped
that tile, present stockholders will
absorb them on the basis of pay
ment subscriptions one-half in stock j
nt $4 per share. Recent quotations j
of the stock at San Francisco have
bi en from $1.10 to J-MO. Develop-
ments at the
favorable, but
for a number
eiiuipnient is
mino are said to be .
has been strung out j
f years, and additional I
again desired. The !
property is situated
bezas, Cochise county.
mar Dos Ca-
What About This?
Cool, ill Kldorado county,
fornia. comes forward with i
of a water can left standing
ore. Jump during are electric
stoi y
on an
and which was found, when thf
clouds ole'ired, to have become gold
plated. I'm- correspondent vouches
for the facts, so We can but pass
the matter on to the electro-chemical
society of New York for discussion.
j We bud always understood that
! clouds were silver lined, but appar
1 ently they do things differently in
I the (iohleji State. M. & S. Press.
Yuma County
ll.my K. Preston and other Phila
delphia people have acquired an in
terest in a placer prooortv in a basin
j in the Dome Rock mountains near
j (Juartzite and known as the Middle
j Camp ground. Extensive tests have
been made anil it has been decided
' to work tin- gravel by a dry process.
using steam shovels, li:erner disin
tegrators and Stebbins' dry concen
trators. An Old Mine Rediscovered
Comes a story to me from Yuma
county, but as the correspondent,
who now has the property, does not
iiosire his name to be known in con
nection with it, I refrain from pub
lishing it. However, the story is too
interesting not to give our readers
the. benefit of its perusal, for it
smacks so strongly of the tales told
about old Spanish mines, and who
knows the discovery may be the long
lost Dutchman, Frenchman, Nigger
Ken. or the Peg-Leg. However, here '
is the story. I
"Several weeks ago my son and j
another party, while prospecting j
around the works of an old aban- !
' doned or French mine, out in the
if I Palomas range, discovered a closed
winze in one of the drifts, and upon
opening It up found that it lej to a
thousand feet of drifts upon a con
tact vein or over 300 feet in width
and exposing large bodies of lead ami
silver ores that look to me like a i
fortune. I
The blasting was all d
or wooden wedges and
'lie by lime
the oddest
i have been
I timer here (.Mexicans h
in this section for fifty years) say it
I was just as it appears upon the sur
i race when they first came into the
country and its history forgotten. I
have locate:! many claims surrouirl-
:ng it and the formation in which
(his occurs is 10"0 feet or more of
gray dolomite overlying, between 30II
or 40 feet of lime, schist and shales.
in which the ore occurs, and these
schists and shales iu turn cut ill
every direction by quartz, gab'iia
and dull black lead strata, with a
mil deal of native silver showing
.ind shale
ot ilyUe
These mineralized
i are underlaid by
if q :iartz-poi phyry.
.10 -f
i The ouartz-pi
I derla id by a
I of blue and r
rphyry is in turn un
thonsand feet or more
d schist and under this
I M'ist
the altered granites.
This contact vein for a distance of
more than one mile along its strike.
been plaeereil for gold for the
fifty years and over a half mill
loll, irs has been extracted. The
r is known to the geological sur
as the Picacho placers, or Plo
placcrs both names being used
i ion
i in describing it.
I I can pan quite a bit of native sil
ver out of the rock, but up to date
have been unable to scare up one
color of
gold in ail) tiling that 1 have
i ll runs brieflx as follows: A party
got an oi lion on a property: he
I didn't know which way to turn it.
! Through another party he got u rnin-
ir.g engineer to take the matter in
hand and he submitted it to some
I parties for the figures stated at
1 $31,000. Negotiations commenced; in
j inch reply by eorrrspendoneo the
terms became stiffer aim stiffer un
til it simmered down to the following
conditions: f.'M.oeo down immediately
after examination: another payment
soon after to make up $71.ooo, and
the bolder of the option to retain a
half interest in the property. The
other parties finally replied and said
if he would hold the property until
the next presidential election they
might consider the deal to give him
S71,on0 for a one-tenth interest and
waive the examination.
It 1s figured that, ta.king tlie pro
duction and costs of the .Miami Cop
per Mining company for the first two
months of 1H14 as a basis, the com
pany is earning net at the rate of
ll.OOii.OOO a year, putting the price of
copper at 14 cents a pound,
the company produced
poumJs of copper at a cost
while in February (L'S days
Il.r.l 1.017
of 9.78c,
pounds of copper werep rodticed at a
cost of JS.Slc. In March the produc
tion was about .'l.4iil.OOo pounds of
copper at a cost that will in all prob
ability o lower than the preceding
The deficit of $2S4,0!H shown in
the company's annual report for the
year mded December ;U last was due
almost entirely to 'the case-in which
occurred last April at the company's
property. Although the comparative
ly low price of copper received was a
factor in bringing about this result.
The cave-in occurred in the north
west ore body and not only inter
fered with mining operations during
April, .May and June of last year, bill
also increased the cost of production.
New Issue of $4,500,000 Five-Year 6
Per Cent. Bonds Authorized
The. new directors of the Inspira
tion Copper company have authorised
an issue of 4.100,000 five-year 6 per
ceiitb onds, dated July 1, 1U14, The
bonds will be convertible any time I
into stock on the basis of $21 a share j
and will be redeemable at 105 after j
the first year. The issue has been j
i.iidcrv ritten by a stiong banki".;;
The bonds are issued to provide i
additional f-tntls necessary on account j
of the company's plant to 10,000 tons j
per day, and to pay for additional i
mine development, mine construction, j
railroad construction and equipment,!
lu'w power house, Hud puichaso, etc., i
i n . eluded in prc ious estimates. ;
The company's annual report.
which will lie mailed to stockholders
April 11, will show a developed ore i
of S!).14::,ono tons, of which 7;:, r,2J,00O i
tons are sulphide ores averaging l.Tl j
per cent, copper.
The output of this company for
March was T.;!IU.ooo pounds of copper
which compares with 5,4S,o00 pounds
ill February.
The SCbannon Copper company re
ports for March an output of 1,hsl',ooo
pounds of copper, which compares
with HOl.onO pounds in February anil
I ii'IS.OOO pounds in January.
The output for the Phelps-Dodge
companies for .March aggregated
12.4fi3.lj11 pounrs of copper, making a
total of 37.34:i,",ii: pounds for the
three months since January 1. The
directors of. this company have re
elected the former officers.
The old Dominion company reports
for Ala re h an output of .'.I'.iT.oeo
pounds of copper, which compares
with 3.oiii!,ooo pounds in February
and 2.7SI.UO0 pounils in I'antiary. For
the quarter the output was S.siiO.onO
The output for this company
February was li.iioO.OWt pounds
copper, against J.'JUO.oi.iO jrii'ios
"' I
After July 1, ml, candidates for
admission to Columbia University
will be rt'iuired to present evidence
of such preliminary general educa
tion as can ordinarily be had only
by taking at least three years of
study in a college or scientific school
of high rank. During PI14-11, eandi
dates for engineering degrees will
admitted to the second year of the
present course upon presenting .
deuce chat they have completed
work of the present first year in
dition lo the existing entrance
iinircmenis. The schools of mines
and engineering and of chemistry
will, therefor.', be placed upon the
same academic plane as tlie present
schools of law and medicine in Co
lumbia university.
The revised and improved program
or studies to be. offered in the school
of mines, of engineering and of chem
istry ill be strictly professional and
specialized for students who are can
didates for any of the several degrees
offered in mines am engine, ring and
i liomislry. The college or scientific
1 course." completion of which
will he required, including thorough
instruction in mathematics, nhvsics
and chemistry, as well as certain i
designated work in drafting, shop j
work, surveying and mineralogy, to- i
gether with courses of college grade j
and type ill nglish, history, econom
ics, philosophy and in either Prench,
Ccrman or Spanish.
It is felt that because or the in- j
creasing seriousness of the demands
made upon the engineer, young men
should come to their professional!
Mnoies lienor minimi m these latter
subjects than often has been the case,
and that they should be able to use
at least one modern language in
felt in
dition to their own. It is also
that the fundamental courses
mathematics, chemistry, physics
mechanics should be taught in
logo, and that onl alter their
ouisition should the student taki
in Hie prolessionai school their appli
cation to the several branches of en
gineering. These professional studies,
as a rule. iall for more mature minds
than have in the past ordinarily at
tempted them, ami such necessary
maturity and breadth of mind can be
obtained in the training of
college in whose curriculum
fundamentals are included.
go. rtl
Klsii ".Mamma. I don't feel well."
-Mother "That's too bad, dear.
Where do you feel worst?"
Klsie "In school, mamma." Hus
ton Transcript.
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