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AVilsoii and Daniels Tender
'(indolences to Parents of
' Marines AYho (lave Lives
in the Engagement at
Vera Cruz
"Pray Heavenly Father May
Assuage Anguish and
Leave You Only Cherish
ed Memory of the Loved
and Lost''
n'ASMlNCToX. April ".-J. Letters
'xprcssing the profound sorrow of ,
President Wilson and Secretary I
Daniels at the death of the four
sailors and marines at Vera Cruz
yesterday, were dispatched by the
secretary of the navy to the parents
of the men. Letters were addressed
in William Poinsett of Philadelphia,
Mrs. Isabella McKinnon of TSrooklyn.
thf mother of Coxswain Schumacher.
Mayer Martin of Chicago anil Michael ;
C.alihert y of 'ambridge, Mass.
l.'aniels wrote to each: j
'This morning's dispatches from i
Vera 'ruz convoying the distressing
news that your ton was among the
first to give his life for his coun-
try. saddens all America as the
tragedy brings giooom into your
'My feeling and the feeling of
President "Wilson to you, in tliis sad
hour, was expressed hy President
Lincoln, when on Novwnt.-er 21. lsii-1,
lie wrote Mrs. Dixhy id' ISoston, whose
fie sons Kave their lives tv'.iile fiht
iim for the American flan:
" -l feel how weak ami fruitless
must I if any winds of mine, should
attempt to beguile you from a loss
so overw helniinK. Put I cannot re
train from tendering you the conso
lation that must lie found in the
thanUs of the republic they have died
to save. I pray that our heavenly
Father may assuage the anguish of
your bereavement and leave you only
cherished memory of the loved, and
lost, and the solemn pride that must
be yours to have laid so costly a
sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.'"
A Former Policeman
WIXNIPKC. April Tl Private
John McMillan, who was seriously
wounded fighting at Vera Cruz yes
terday, formerly was a member of
tiie Vancouver and Winnipeg police
forces. His mother and sisters re
side in Mayficld. Manitoba
father died two weeks ago
t lis (
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ammunition reported to Fletcher his
willingness to take aboard all refu
gees for whom he had room. Fletch
er thanked him, informing hiin there
was still space aboard the Kspcr
anza. P.ear Admiral Frank F. Fletcher
has taken up his headquarters at
the Terminal hotel. Rear Admiral
Fletcher is in command of the land
operations, while. Read Admiral Pad
ger. chief in command of the At
lantic fleet, has brought his flag
into the harbor on the .Minnesota.
After the general advance begin
this morning Xfexican "snippers" on
the roofs put up a stubborn resist
ance. There was one brisk action,
thi guns of the Prairie and Chester
assisting in silencing a heavy fire
from the naval college, shells from
the Prairie finally shattering the
The number of Mexicans killed yes
terday is estimated at 150 with many
wounded. The Mexican loss today is
not known, but is thought to be
The paymaster of the Pritish crui-
j Prescribed tnr
I docton for the
i past 19 yean.
Resinol will
stop that itch
THE moment that Resinol
Ointment touches itching
skin, the itching stops and
healing begins. That is why doc
tors have prescribed it successfully
for nineteen years in even the
severest cases of eczema, tetter,
ringworm, rashes and other tor
menting, unsightly skin eruptioni.
Aided by warm baths with Resinol
Soap, Resinol Ointment restores
the skin or scalp to perfect health
and comfort, quickly, easily and at
little cost.
RMiDolisalso an excellent hoaaehold
remedy wherever asoothiDg.hnliogappli
ation is needed. It contains nothing of
ft harsh or injurious nature and esn be
ueed on thetendereat or most irritated
nrfaee. Practically every dnlfKiatselle
Reatnol Ointment (.V)e and $1), and
Resinol Somp (25c). For trial free, write
So Dept. 43-8, Reninol, Baltimore, Md.
Avoid ''substitutes!.' for genuias RtaiaoL
In Event It is Necessary to
Call on Land Forces Pre
sidio Can Connect Direct
With Dry Docks War
News from All Around
SAX '-P.. NCISCO. April SI. Ar
rangements to use the railroad tracks
(ill 'the Panama-Pacific Exposition
Igiounds to rally troops and supplies
jiiom the Presidio to the army trans
! port d.icUs in the event that ship
ment "f forces liy water are to oe
ordered were made today at a con
ference between Brigadier Oeneral
Pershing, the commanding officer at
Presidio, and A. M. .Mortensen, traf
fic manager of the exposition. The
Presidio adjoins the exposition j
grounds, and hy laying fifty feet of j
rails, it can be brought into direct ,
communication with the- transport
To Use Maltory Steamer
C..M. i:ST N. April Tl. Army
headquarters has ordered the stcam-
. er Denver to stop loading and hold
j herself in readiness for emergency
I use by the government, The Denver,
a 4. ram ton Mallory liner carrying
'both passengers and freight, was due
jio sail for New York this hflernoun.
j Revenue Cutters Join Fleet
WASHINGTON'. April 2- Nine
vesse's in llie revenue cutter service
Ion the e-ist coast are being held in
j readiness t j proceed to Mexican wat
. ers to participate in tin 111 ickeue
! which is alr.ady practically cstab
I lislied.
! West Coast Preparations
SKATTLK. April 22. The cruiser
i Albany sailed from JMiet Sound
cavy y:ird at ." o'clock the afternoon i
; for the Mexican west coast via San i
I Dieo. The armored cruiser Wes; J
Virginia, which has been ordered to j
I join Howard's fleet on the Pacific j
! side ,,f Mexico, is in drvdock. and i
; cannot get away in less than seven- j
j ty-two hours. The cruiser St. I,ouis j
' i' ill s;iil for San Francisco Saturday.
towing the Seattle-built submnrinc
Hobson Praises "Vouth
WASHINGTON. April 22. Jlepre
KUitaiive Richmond Pearson Hobson,
of Alabama, told the house today
that the average age of men off the
Mexican coast today is 21 years.
Hobson, in paying a tribute to the
valor oi the "plin private," said that
during the Spanish war, when he
called for seven volunteers for the
sinking of the Merrimae at the
mouth of Santiago harbor, 1000
young men responded.
Fiqhtinq in Monterey
BROWNSVILLE, April 22. Ac-
rding to dispatches received at
.Mai. 'moras, opposite this place, tl"" !
isuung continues at .Monterey lie- t
tiie federals and constitution
It was stated the fight has
arried into the streets of Mon
proper. They Wiil Just Leave
GALVESTON, April 22 The Xlexi
cans at Salina Cruz on the Pacific
Coast of .Mexico have announced they
will retreat about fifteen miles into
the interior, tearing up the railroad
behind them, if the Americans seize
that port, according to a cable mes
sage. No resistance is planned.
ser Essex, Albert W. Kimber. was
wounded on board his ship by a
snipper ashore.
The liritish bluejackets crowded to
the bows and vociferously cheered
the American marines as they pro
ceeded inshore for the landing.
The flags on the Fssex and For
tress San Juan de Ulloa were low
ered at half mast when the dead
were carried to the boats.
Rear Admiral P.adger has not de
cided whether to proceed to Tampico
and it is believed his departure will
be delayed.
Indications of this is found in the
raet that his flagship has entered the
.Major Smedley in tile Butler, with
marines from the Prairie, made a
sortie up the railway for a consider
able distance this afternoon.
News Reaches Tampico
'TAMPICO. April 22. (Via (Jalves
ton) Notice was posted today in
Consul Clarence Xliller's office that
Jlexico had refused the American
demands to salute the flag and that
President Wilson had referred the
matter to congress. The news pro
duced a profound sensation in the
American colony.
Many anxious inquiries poured In
upon .Miller us to wilat steps were
being taken to furnish protection in
case of a popular anti-American up
rising. The gravity of the situation
here is increased by the issuance of
orders today for all American mer
chant vessels to leave the river im-p-dia't-ie
nnil lit- outside until fur
ther notice
There was a fight yesterday eight
miles west of the city, from which
tiie federals retired, bringing a few
wounded with them. American ma
rine officers ashore in uniforms here
attract much attention hut so far
there has been no unpleasant mani
festations. Sanitary conditions in Tampico arc
Smallpox and fevers are spreading.
Several cases are classed in the hos
pitals as pVrcunious fever, which is
said to hear a striking resemblance
to yellow fever. With tile approach
of hot weather, epidemics are to be
It was known that Admiral Mayo
had made ail preparations for pro
tecting Americans ashore, but the
iletails'vere withheld because the ad
miral wished to avoid creating un
necessary alarm. The first hint r
Both These Coasts Patrolled By Uncle
ocse rp.avo
rtn.URC.INA in,
CJilhunhn- jt
2800 REeet?
n n vv si n
With the Retirement !'
.Major (ieneral Leonard
AVood, Assistant I 'peonies
Chief of Staff fr Few
Months WASHINGTON, D. C. April 22.
Important changes affecting a number
of the highest officers of the army were
put into effect today as a result of the
expiration of Major General Wood's
tour of duty as chief of the general
staff. XIajor General Witherspoon be
comes chief of staff in succession to
Major General Wood, who has been as
signed to the command of the eastern
iM,aruiti,.nt with hpiiilaiiiirtfrs at tluv
, .mors Island N V. For some time
Y. For
past Major
(ieneral Witherspoon has
been assistant chief of staff, in which
position he is succeeded by Prig. (Jen.
Hugh I,. Scott, late in command of the
troops at Fort Bliss, Texas. The new
chief of staff will serve only until No
vember 1. when lie will be retired from
the service on account of age.
XIajor General Wood's rise in the
army lias been spectacular. He was
first heard of as colonel of the famous
Rough Riders, lie was a physician and
army surgeon, a man of extraordinary
personal magnetism. Roosevelt picked
hint as an ideal type of commander.
Personally he and Wood were cronies.
Wood rode horseback like a centaur,
so did Roosevelt. The Rough Riders
waxed famous after Santiago, and
Wood alsf He was called into tiie reg-
Major General Witherspoon
ular army and went ahead hy leaps and
bounds. His rapid promotion was the
cause of considerable comment in the
army and was eccentuated by the old
fight between the "line and staff." As
a surgeon in the army. Wood was of
the staff faction. His rise to power
made the XVest Pointers and others of
the "line" faction peevish. F,nt most of
intervention, it was feared, might
precipitate an attack on the Ameri
cans, and if the outbreak should oc
cur the Imperial hotel, which is filled
v.i'h Americans, is likely to he the
center of attack.
The hotel, however, could easily
be made detrndable. It is near the
river and readily accessible to land
ing parties of marines from the Des
Xloines, Chester and Dolphiu.
The rebels were reported thi.
morning to have re-entered Dona
(tcelia and Arbol. where they ad
vised all residents to remove to
Tampico. It is believed the attack
on Tampico might he renewed with
the arrival of constitutionalist rein
forcements reported to be near.
The federals continued strengthen
ing the city's fortifications.
t ' '.C
;-;v ii r -;iva -:r -j a'v.-ivn.v ,i i.i. J V i
Sen SARcrAv.m 2op0 tiauf
Si.Sc RA "OLD.
Battle Fleets In
Mexican Waters
Ready For Fray
AS'-i.vTKn riiKss oisevr-'M 1
WASHINGTON. April 22. The navy
partni'-nt today issued a statement
giving the
ships in M
location of
exican water
the American I
! at P. XI. as '
follows: !
At Tampico I
The cruisers Dcs .Moines, hospital j
ship Solace. Dolphin and collier Cy
clops. At Vera Cruz
The battleships Arkansas. Florida,
Utah. Vermont. New Jersey, New
Hampshire. Soutli Carolina and Xlin
nesota, transports Hancock and Prai
rie, scout cruiser Chester, mine layer
San Francisco and fuel ship 1 Irion.
At Guaymas
The Collier Justin.
At Mazatlan
The armored cruiser California and
cruiser Raleigh.
At Topolobampo
The collier Glacier and gunboat
Vorktown. ,
At Salina Cruz
The gunboat Annapolis en route from
Acipul'-o; the cruiser Denver enroute
from Oorinlo.
The department also announced that
with the allowance of 2T,ijnfl me n. the fol
lowing vessels now on the Atlantic
coast could Vie commissioned for ser
vice in Xlexican waters:
! North Carolina, Washington, Tcnnes
! see. FSrooklyn. Salem, Sacramento, Cas
tine. The complclment of the following
torpedo destroyers enn be raised to full
strength for use in a .Mexican cam
paign: Flusser. Rein". Preston, Xlonaghan,
Sterett. XVall.er.
i In addition to these, the department
.stated that the gunboats Marietta.!
Newport, Dubuque, Machias and Tsla j
fie Luzon, which have been loaned to
'the state militia organizations can be I
used if necessary.
Former Ohio Senator Claims There
w?s no Understanding England had
Other Rights to Canal
WASHINGTON. April 22. Former I
! Senator Joseph Foraker, of Ohio,
I day testified before the senate
inter- !
oceanic committee that as a member of
me loieign leiaiions comntmee una
had reported the Hay-Pauncefote trea- j
ty to the senate, it had never occured j
lo him that the Fnited States would i
not have an unrestricted right to use
the canal as it pleased for its war, and j
merchant vessels. i
He described the conference he held i
villi Secretary of Slate Hay about the
negotiations and had put Into the rec
ord of correspondence between the two
in regard to these negotiations to show
that he was familiar with the making
of the treaty.
them were today willing to admit that
I the physician" has done more for the
anny in his lour years as chief of staff
than any other one individual.
Xot only did Wood have to buck op
position from the nriny, but he made
powerful foes in congress by his firm
stand in favor of abolition of a dozen
or more army posts. The army posts
have largely been flisiributed in the
past as political favors rather than by
strategic choice. It helped a congress
man or a senator to have a post in his
district. Put it resulted in the army
being scattered all over the country.
Gen. Wood come out fur mobilization
of the standing forces into half a dozen
no more concentration posts. He
wanted to abandon isolated garrisons
and keep the army near big centers.
"Wood's greatest achievement as the
head of the army was the development
of the militia as an authorized auxil
iary of the regular army. He has per
sistently boosted the "reserve enlist
ment" plan.
I .x J m
f ROi
i V
Sam's Boats
Itm-rumcni 's I malices 111
Such lvxccllcnt Condition
Kvcn Treasury Officials
(live Only Tentative Con
sideration to Subject
WASHINGTON. April 22. That
the Fnited States ould finance a
war with Mexi.o and scarcely feel i'
, is the view authoritatively ep:crscd
! today. The government's finances
jure considered !( lie in excellent
condition, so good, in fact, that even
; tl-.e treasury officials have given only
! tentative consideration to the suh
' jcet of providing a war fund.
; It is said today that no plans for
raising money yet have been consid
ered as the current appropriations
! for the navy and army, in the view
j of officials, would be sufficient for
I present needs, and as it would cost
i no more to maintain the fleet in
Xlexican waters than in I'nitcd
' States waters.
! In the event of extraordinary ex
; penses. the money could bo raised.
u is pointed out. as It was raised
the Spanish American war.
! through
extraordinary taxes.
Tiie condition of the I'nitcd States
I tieasury at the beginning business of
! today, showed a net balance in the
i general fund of JSi."i.32.'i:!.
j Total receipts yesterday, i'l.'UX.mt?,.
Total payments yesterday. $1,140,-
Deficit this fiscal year. $:!).421,41
acainst a surplus of $x.::i)G.ti05 last
year, exclusive of the Panama canal
and public debt transactions.
r.issociATicn pitKss dispatch"!
LOS ANOLLFS. April Tl The sale
of $ir,"ia.t)0U of treasury stock of tin;
I'nion Oil Company of California to
Andrew Weir and U. Tilden Smith,
capitalists and shipowners of Ltver
i oo. w as announced today.
Hire a little falesman nt The Re-
riiihlican office. A Want Ail will s.
I more customers than von enn
! ' t k
In rirvi"j r-mx-'"" 1 " f
lli feH3& - f
p: F&BXSS tjjZ-t- J f
Installed: Gass Bros. Chop nouse, Phoenix; Hotel
San Marcos, Chandler; Many private homes in
127-133 E. Adams. Arizona Agent 124-130 E. Washington
I (Continued from l'age One)
' seizure of the customs house there.
; "I'ntil we receive a complete report
from Rear-Admiral Badger about the
situation at Vera Cruz," Secretary
.Daniels said, "we have nothing to say j
' about Tainpico." I
Senator Shively. acting chairman of j
the foreign relations committee who i
'conferred with Secretary Tumulty,!
spoke also of the Washington govern-
' ment's intention to proceed slowly,!
: hoping tltat its successive acts of re-!
prisal might force Huerta to yield from !
. his stubborn position and avert war.
j The official translation of the text '
of Carranza's letter follows: !
"I'nitcd States Consul .1. C. Caroth- I
els: In answer to the message of
Mr. Secretary of State P,ryan. which
was communicated to me through you. I stitutionalist governor of the state of
please transmit to the said Mr. Rry.m j Coahuila and first chief of the consti
tlie follow ing note addressed to Mr. j tutionalist army, the demand on the
President Wilson: j part of the president of the United
"Awaiting the action of the Amer- I States for the ai ts which originated at
ican senate on your excellency's mes- the port of Tampico, in the security
sage directed to said body caused by that the demand will be considered in
tlic lamentable incident which oc-! :, spirit of elevated justice and con
curred between a crew in a whaleboat j filiation.
of the cruiser Dolphin and the sol- j ' The constitutionalist governor of
fliers of the usurper, Huerta, certain j the state of Foahuila and first chief of
acts of hostility have been executed j the constitutionalist army. V. Cnrran
by llie naval forces under command i za."
of Admiral Fletcher at the port of) The letter from Carranza was in
Vera Cruz, and, in the face of this I spired by the follow ing to him from
violation of national sovereignty which
constitutionalist government did
expect from a governmert which
; not
i had
desire to maintain
peace with the Xlexican people. 1
comply with the duty of elevated
patriotism in directing tliis note to
you with a view to exhausting all
honorable means before two friendly
nations sever the pacific relations that
.still unite them. And the Mexican
nation, the real people of Mexico,
have not recognized as lis executive a
man who had pretended to launch a
blemish on ils n.itioird integrity,
drowning i blod ils free institutions,
ocscci'ieiitiy the ads of the usurper
Huerta and his accomplices do not
signify legitimate acts of sovereignty,
they do not constitute real pualic
functions of interior or exterior re
lations, and much less do they rep
resent sentiments of the Xlexican na-
1 ion.
which arc of co-fratei nity to
rus tile American people.
The lack of a representative clvir-
neriM lcioriano iiueiui.
as concerning the relations of Mexi
: co will' the 1'nitcd States as well as
jwilt'i the Argentine Republic. Oliile.
Iir.i7.il. ;ba. is clearly established
with the justifiable attitude of these
nations who have refused to recog
't.'ze the usurper, in tliis way tending
r,i a valuable moral support to that
noble cause I represent.
"The usurped title o ftiie president
of the republic can not invest Gen.
Huerta with the right to receive a
demand ofr reparation on the part of
the Fnited States, nor the right to
.grant satisfaction as due.
"Vietoriano Huerta is a culprit who
is ainenaiHe to tne eoiisuiuiiouaiifti
government, today, tin- only one un- '
der the abnormal circumstances of
our nation, which represents the na
jlioonal sovereignty in accord with
.article 12S of tile political h-gisla-I
Ition of .Mexico. The illegal acts'
j committed hy the usurper Huerta. his
partisans and those which they may
,yet perpetrate be they of an inter
national character as these which
.recently occurred at the port of Tain-'
pieo. or of a domestic character,
shall be tried and punished with in- j
.flexibility and promptness by the tri
bunals of tiie constitutionalist go-j
; eminent. j
I "Individual acts of Vietoriano Huerta 1
never will he sufficient to involve the'
.Mexican nation in a disastrous war
with the Fnited States because there is
no solidity whatsoever between the so
called government of Vietoriano Huer
to and the .Mexican nation for the fun
jdaniental reason that he is not the
i legitimate organ of our national sov-,
iereignty. j
".Moreover, the invasion of our ter
ritorv and the permanency of your
1 forces in the port of Vera Cruz are a
i violation of the rights that constitute
; our existence as free and independent
sovereignty, and will drag us into an
1 unequal war w ith the dignity but w hich
i until today we desired to avoid. i
! "In the face of the real situation
through which Xlexico traverses, weak,
more so. than ever after three years of
bloody strife, and compared with the
formidable power of the American na
tion, in considering the acts committed
at Vera Cruz as accounts highly of
fensive to the dignity and independence"
of Mexico and contrary to your reiter
ited declaration of not desiring to sev-
er the state of peace and friendship
with tile Mexican nation and in contra
diction also with the resolution of the
American senate which has just de
clared that the United States docs not
assume hostilities against the Mexican
people; neither do they propose to levy '
war against it, considering also that
the hostile acts already accomplished
exceed those exacted by equity, for the
desired end, which may be considered
as satisfied.
"It not being, on the other part, thr:
usurper, who in all cases should have
the right to constitute a reparation, 1
interpret the sentiment of a great ma
jority of the Mexican people, which is
j at once jealous of its rights, and re
i spectful of foreign rights, I invite you
I solely to suspend the hostile acts al-
ready initiated, order your forces to
'evacuate all places which they hold in
i their power in the port of Vera Cruz,
j formulate before the constitutionalist
government which 1 represent, as con-
Secretary Prvan:
"Tiie president does not desire any
resolution which could be construed as
authorizing him to engage in war; all
he asks, all that will be given is a reso
lution declaring that he is justified in
using the armed forces to compel re
dres of ;i specific indignitv. He has
been careful to distinguish between
Oeneral Huerta and his supporters on
the one side, and the rest of the Mexi
can people on the other. He has ro
ilerateil his friendship for thc.Mexican
peoole. ;in,l hjs ih-sire to see them es
tablish fnr themselves constitutional
-overrmont The taking of the ous
tms In His-" at Vera Cruz was mad.-noeoss.-irv
hv Hue'-'a's refusal to make
pr.jper repar itP n for the arrest or tin
American sailors.
"The coviiti'tionalists an- reported
in the newsparers as standing aloof
from the -"ntrovery. This a very
proper altitude. e hone thev will no'
misurilei stand the president's position
or misconstrue his acts."
Want Wore Shins
LI V'l'Pl'i n il . Aprii P-rokers act
ing in behalf of the Fnited States gov
ernment made inquiries in shipping
circles to ascertain what ships arc
available here if required for the trans
portation of troops, stores and coal
j from the Fnited States to Xlexico. In
piiries. it is stated, merely were pre
cautionary with a view to a possible
' extension of the operations in Xlexico.
Situation Serious
j LONDON. April 22 The editorial
view of the London papers is Hint the
Fnited Stat"s is now committed to war
with Xlexico ami that it will be im
possible to localize the war against
Daily Chronicle savs:
"We cannot suppose that President
Wilson is asking his countrymen to
spend money and shed their blood
merely to replace a vilHan like Huerta
i by a villian like Villa."
The Daily Mail's Xlexico City cor
respondent says that the cabinet has
j decided to promulgate a general an
jnesty measure so that Sill Mexican
I may ho united in defense of tln ir
: country. '
Shipoina Disturbed
Trouble between the United States -mil
Xlexico has already made itself felt in
the mercantile commerce of the Pacific
coast. According to officials of the
American Hawaiian Stemship company
its Tehuantepec service is seriously
Wireless reports received state that
sl-ips and cargoes .-if terminal ports are
intact, but (hi t labor is becoming de
an raMzed. P it is found advisable to
abindoi, ;.e Tchuir.tepee route, 'he
steamers will be divr- led to ne I ar.a
ma railroad terminals and service on
either coast can be resumed. t..- vessels
of the company.
Should conditions make it impossible
to return to Tehuatcpec, steamers now
hound for Salina Cruz on the Pacific
coast for Puerto. Mexico, on the At
lantic will not enter any Mexican port
unless full protection is assured.
Hire a little saicsman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
more customers than von can.
Bohn Syphon
in Hcoiioiny in use of ice. freedom from
moisture, ure atmosphere,- porcelain
enamel liniipj, pciieet drainage, durahilL
ty of construction.
have the great American railroads adopt
ed the Bohn Syphon System of refrigera
tion in their fruit cars, Pullman cars and
Harvey bating Houses if
Uecause after severe tests
it has proven superior to all others.

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