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p pill MteMfe
W 0
Tliat Stretch of Trail Be
tween Capital and "YVick
euburg Strikes Tom Flynn
as Shame aud Disgrace
After Motorimr in North
U. S. Attorney Makes Trip
from Flagstaff in His
New Car and Learns
Something About AVhat
They Call Roads
The prospectively grand smooth
boulevard that runs north and con
nects Phoenix with Prescott is a
Miame. If the streak of washed out,
rutty, high-centered dirt that they
call the road to Wiekenburg were
not capable of being made a splendi-d
highway, it would not be half so bail.
But the utter waste of good ma
terial strung along tiie assorted miles
between the capital of Arizona, and
it biggest city and the land of the
unfevered vacationer acquired sun
dry goats as is proven by the fol
lowing: "In coming from Prescott and
Flagstaff by automobile," said Unit
ed States Attorney Tom Flynn yes
terday, "I experienced a sensation
of mean disappointment. 1 slid
quietly off the magnificent roads of
Yavapai and Coconino counties onto
that wretched piece of trail between
Wiekenburg and Phoenix, and was
treated to one of the worst bits of
wave riding I have ever had.
"It would not have impressed me
so badly had I not just left the fine
boulevards of the north As far as
Wiekenburg the mad is pretty fine.
But below that place, it's awful. But
the worst part of it is that the ex
penditure of very little money and
labor would make a good road of
the miserable trail. A little grading
Would smooth it, and a few furrows
judiciously plowed on the upper tude
would prevent the rain water wash
ing great sags through it. I cer
tainly hope that Maricopa county
will come alive to this deficiency
and have that road prepared for the
summer travel."
Flynn came down with Ed Babbitt
and Earl Slypher, both of Flagstaff.
They came in the Hup which Flynn
has just acquired by purchase from
the Babbitt company, and Ed Bab
bitt was teaching him to manipulate
it through the mountains. Slypher
is a brother of Dr. Slypher. Profess
or Percival Lowell's observer at the
Flagstaff station. Young Slypher is
one of the most expert celestial pho
tographers in the Americas, and al
though not yet of age, is regarded
as Lowell's right hand man at mak
ing the heavens smile and then
snapping 'em.
E. Ben Ottestad
.get in
before the
Sale Week
227 No. Central Ave.
Stir Created by Impatience
for Something to Happen
May Result in Action on
Caliente Run or on Hill
Hill Climb Contest
Motorbike endurance runs will pro
bably be the chief material for dis
cussion at coming meetings of the
Phoenix club. These efficiency tests,
plus the road races for next fall will
furnish the riders with work and
worry enough to keep them out of
mischief all summer. Much remains
to be done. Not too well equipped
with funds, it will be necessary to
diminish the wealth of the country
for a few purses and expense monies
for the prospectively double two
wheeler event of the coming state
In an interview with Secretary
Wood, members of the club have
ri. tiieeauie 10 wie proposition 01
Both Babbitt and Slypher accom- expending a little less on the auto
panied the Phoenix party that jour- j races and a little more on the motor
neyed to the Moki Snake dance last cycle events.
full. . This is eneoiii-Mo-imr :iml eill tw,
They will return lo Flagstaff to
day, by train, having enjoyed a short
and pleasant stay with Mr. Flynn.
doubt stimulate interest in the pre
parations. Not to let the excitement
die down, the club is constrained to
produce an event of some sort pre
ferably one in which all the riders
can' participate. The plan ' for the
club run to Caliente is fruitful. There
is aiso another seed of excitement
j being sown, and that is in regard to
mil climbs. Some of the riders have
discovered a cliffy place in the road
to the mine in Telegraph Pass a
climb that no one has yet accomplish
ed in high, and riding clean. Parties
thave surreptitiously essayed the
I ascent two Sunday mornings, and the
Mesa City Will Tl'y a Wllill lnin is -KtiI1 t0 '' conquered. Another
.it "H',..l I.,.. t .,1 .1 1 I ,ry wi" l,e nill next Sundav.
?f, Ut;r.a La(,,ja11: As to the Caliente Km. there is
When Tjllivei'sitv TeaUl nothing developed, except an unrest
(YmiPS Pi f'm- r.ninoa .vt !i,monS ,hoso whu woul,i Participate
. 1 ' ' ,m r- Killers are discussing it on the
Want To
Buy, Sell
Or Trade.
Tuesdav and Wednesday
street corners and in the garages,
and seemingly waiting with patience
for tile ellll, t, rot -,etw,n A T,,....
.nr.o.A, u.u on iuesu,i aim :, ,...: ,,. ,
Vt-.,.l.- e .. 1, .u- ' "luuh" iie.n
m ruutsuaj oj. iieAi eeiv me -iizona :
hers turned out to count as a session.
But next Tuesday night there will be
something' doing. Members must at
tend that session, for they are going
to start something.
National League
State University baseball team will
play the Mesa team on the local
grounds between the hours of 2: 30
and 4:30, on those dates the wheels
of commerce will be stalled or in
other words the stores will be closed
so as to give the clerks a chance to
get out to the game and to get a
taste of week day baseball.
Mesa is not a strong Sunday base
ball town ait there has been a
clamor for week-day baseball over '.Philadelphia
since the organization of tiie pres- i Brooklyn
ent team. It has cost some money j Cincinnati
to get the university team to come; New York
to this place, to be exact it has cost ' Chicago
The Mesa team as w.ll as the! St. Louis
management is not expecting to get; Boston
rich out of the proceeds but it is for
the sake of giving the local people
a chance to see week-day baseball
that the game has been scheduled.
The two teams are evenly match
ed and even Langowski, who has I New York .
said very little since the return from (Washington
Globe is responsible for the state- Philadelphia 5
ment that Mesa will have to play toSt. Louis r,
defeat the university. The" score now Boston 4
stands one to one.. Macintosh, the I Cleveland
whirlwind pitcher -for the University,
will be with the team. Langowski
expects to pitch lcGowan one day
and Goss the other. They are get
ting somewhat limbered up from
I their mountain trip and will be iu
fine cidition for the contest.
American League
Club. V.
Detroit a
Chicago 7
. r,io
. 632
Federal League
hurler which was utterly discarded
last year by Sacramento has just suc
ceeded in winning his eighth straight
game, without a licking this year. San
Francisco is coming to depend on this
heaver of the Sacks. Out of 18 vic
tories won this season by the Seals,
Hub has hurled eight'of them.
Club. w. L. ivt.
St. Louis !i 2 .SIS
Baltimore ft 3 . ;t7
Indianapolis C li .jOO
Chicago 5 r, .455
Brooklyn 4 5 .444
Buffalo 3 4
i Kansas City 4 7 . 364
Pittsburg u .-:,)
Coast League
Club. w. L. Pet.
San Francisco is 10 .ii-13
v'fn ice 13 1 1 .577
Los Angeles 12 i .w
Portland lo 12 .455
Oakland n 14 .440
Sacramento li) 15 .400
Miniature Circus Makes Opposite
Sort of a Hit With Youngsters
Between Ages of 3 and 60
Kid exclamations!
Gentry Brothers' Dog and Pony
Show showed. And it was a fine
large day for all the small folks of
Phoenix. Starting with the minia
ture parade, the dimtwutive circus
went through all its little stunts in
a child size "big top," anil as usual
proved to be just a small bit of all
There never was such a congre
gation of totally efficient canines,
nor ponies, nor monkeys. Oh, yes!
the wildest animals in all the wild
menagerie were the monks.
The most noticeable thing about
the circusette was the smullness of
things. Even the camels were tiny.
The one the big darkey led in the
parade was ridiculously little. But
there was nothing small in the way
the circus management presented its
bill. It was a big program, and ev
ery young one, and many big ones
enjoyed it immensely which is
some studv in contrasts.
National League
New York at Boston
Philadelphia at Brooklyn
Cincinnati at Pittsburg
St. Louis at Chicago.
American League
Cleveland at St. Louis
Chicago at Detroit
Washington at Philadelphia
Boston at New York
Federal League
Brooklyn at Kansas City
Buffalo at St. Louis '
Baltimore at Chicago
Pittsburg at Indianapolis
Coast League
San Francesco at Portland
Sacramento at Oakland
Venice at kLos Angeles.
Held 'Em On Bases
CINCINNATI, April 29. The home
team was out-batted by St. Louis,
but with good work on bases, as
sisted by St. Louis errors, Cincinnati
managed to win.
Score v R. H. B.
St. Louis 3 12 3
Cincinnati 5 6 4
Batteries; Hagaman,- Steele and
Saturday, May 2, at 7 p. m.
The (Harden Amusement Company extends a hearty invitation to the public of Phoe
nix to be on hand when the (Harden "rates open Saturday niurht. There. is a grand good
time waiting just inside for everybody and we don't Avant you to mirs your share. We
won't spoil the fun by telling you all about it now, but here are a few hints about the
joy-makers inside the (Harden:
Free Band Concert and Entertaining
Specialties Under the Trees
Outdoor Dancing Pavilion
Cool Refreshment Served Under
The Trees
The Giggle House
Dodging Monkeys
Ferris Wheel
Free Exhibition by Illumino, King of
Electricity and Fire
The Clubhouse Cafe will serve its first dinner Saturday, beginning at i p. m. The
management has promised a dinner that will be remembered, and appointments to
match the dinner. Those wishing to reserve tables will kindly make reservations by
phoning Ci6.
Don't Fail To Visit The Airdome
A big six-reel special, will be shown at the Air
dor.i fcaturday and Sunday nig -U.- This is one of
;.-c b-ggest and best feature l'.in.s iimiiii!, and you
c. n'i i'fford to miss it.
BeS'n.iln.'; Monday there will be ;.n cut chung" if
I i f ji i-i every night, showi-u lo.;r pictuivs an'jl'i.
We are now showing only first runs and big spe
cials, nebular admission 10c, at the Dutch Wind
mill. Watch For Airships, Boys
Kvery Friday n'ght at 7: in airships, each bearing
KiO heralds, will be sent up from the Oardens. These
heralds will be scattered as the airships float over
the city. One-third of them bear the signature of
:l;e Gai den Amusement Company and will admit
.. carer to the 0:!rlen? iT presented at the sates. So
watch out for them, beys. ,
Second and East Van Bra Sts,
Snyder; Yiugling. Benton and Clark.
Adams Blanks Cubs
CHICAC.Q, April 2!!. Adams held
Chicago to four hits, while his team
mates batted Lavender and Vaughn
all over the field, making a clean
sweep of the series.
Score 15- 11
St. Louis
Chicaeo " 4
Batteries: Adams anil (Sibson;
vender, Vaughan and Archer.
errors figured in two of the visitin
! team's rifns.
j Score 11- 11- F- ;
Cleveland 3 7 - j
St. Louis i 1- II
! Batteries: Mitchell, Collamore and
("arisen; James and Crossiu.
0 1
I (
Phillies In Second Place
BROOKLYN'. April -'.h Philadel
phia nosed Brooklyn out of second
place, profiting by the wildness of
the Superba pitchers. Cravath's sin
gle off Koulbach in the seventh inn
ing, scored: two runs and clinched
the game.
Score K. H. K.
Philadelphia 10 1
Brooklyn - 1" 1
Batteries: Alexander and Killifer;
Kagan, Allen, Keulbaeh and Fischer.
Chifeds Win 2-1
111CAUO, April Fisl
to two hits.
( 'hicagoans.
out nine
won 2 'to
Batteries: Quinn
Fisk and Block.
Quinn struck
The Chifeds
. .1 2
. .2
Boston-New York rain.
Detroit In 11 Innin-gs
DKTROIT, April 2 It. A sensational
pitchers battle, with the leadership
of the league as the prize, went ele
ven innings before Detroit defeated
Chicago 1 to .
Score U- H. V..
Chicago 'I 2
Detroit 1
Batteries: Dubuc and Stallage;
cotte and Schalk.
Bing! Bing! Bing!
ST. LOI'IS, April 2:. Three suc
cessive singles and a sacrifice fly in
the twelfth inning gave St. Louis the
game, 6 to 5.
Score: II.- H. .F
Buffalo a '
St. Louis (i II 3
Batteries: Krapp, Ford and Blair;
Crandall and Chapman.
Claiming that the original i'gree-
ment for a five-game series to de-
terniine the ow nership of The Ke
j publican cup for 1 ! 1 4 . Instructor
i W. Henry of the St;ite Normal school
; lias refused to consider the match
with the United States Indian school
closed by the two victories the
Braves have won fiver the Pedagogues
and refuses to give up the trophy.
Deadlock! Peter Venue, the Indian
coach and manager says that two
games out of three is sufficient. He
adds that the Indians have no more
K. f open dates, and that they got into
tins awkw.tni position i:ecau:e ine
understood their contest with the
Normals was settled by the brace of
wins. Henry declares that tiie pos
session of The Republican cup is too
precious to ban? thus lightly on a
mere couple of ball games, and he
di maiuls inure of the like. Then
Venne answers that he would have
played five gair.es had he known of
i early enough, and left his schedule
ooen. He says he did ask Henry for
a game during the Indian commence
ment which happens in the first week
hi May.
New York 1 Boston 0
NEW YORK. April 2. Walsh's
home run into the left field bleachers
in the fourth inning enabled New
York to defeat Boston, 1 to n.
Score: R- U. E.
Boston 11 ' 1
New York 1 7 n
Batteries: Leonard, Bedient and
Carrigan, Thomas; Fisher and
Caseys Wallops Brooks
KANSAS CITY, April 2 The
home team outbatted and outfielded
Brooklyn, and Krugor's home run in
the first inning with two men on
bases, gave locals a lead that was
never overcome.
Score R. H. E.
Brooklyn ..7 U 3
Kansas City . : 1 12 1
, Batteries: Summers. Peters, Mar
ion and Owens: Harris and Easterly.
INDIANAPOLIS, April 2!). Falken-
; berg allowed only three hits. Scheer,
I the Indianapolis right fielder, drove
I the ball over the right field fence
! for a home run in the third inning,
Nats Defeat Athletics
triple play by Gandil, Foster and
McBride, was a feature of Washing
ton's 6 to 4 victory over Philadelphia.
Score R.
Washington 8
Philadelphia 4
Batteries: En gel. Avers
the Braves winning by a
Score 1
Indianapolis '.
Batteries: Henderson
Falkenberg and Rariden.
2 to II score.
R. H. K.
(I 3 1
2 5 0
ind Roberts;
Henry; Hauck, Bressler,
and Schang. Lapp.
H. E.
11 1
9 2
At Portland R.
San Francisco ,1
Portland 4
Batteries: Standridge and
veda; Martinoni and Fisher.
H. E.
Nobody can say that the aviation
game is still in the vaudeville stage.
An exchange prints a photograph of
an aviator doing a sensational tail-for-niost
dip. and explains that the birdmen
of now are pulling these perilous stunts
merely that they may gain practice in
handling their machines in the event
of accident. Now, to find oneself sud
denly pitched upside down in an aero
plane must bCj a terrible experience;
but to deliberately turn over, fly up
side down, and cut loops in the circum
ambient is merely pleasant novelty.
The practice of flying upside down,
sideways, ovi r and over, and in other
hair raising manners, must be doing
something to increase the safety of
flight. In the few months since Pe
gouil first started looping the loKp,
there has been a minimum of fatalities.
When the aviator is able to turn his
machine wrong side out and fly with
it in sections in the event of accident
then the transcontinental and trans
oceanic flights will be merely a matter of
stocking up with sufficient gasoline and
oil to keep the engines running. The
! Curtiss factory is going to put a hydro
j aeroplane at the America-Europe flight
j If George Hageman does not take
care, he will do something which will
j malic him out an exaggerator. We are
i not .-lire that there is such a thing as
j an exagerator, but if the Franklin
j man keeps on putting road-miles in the
! gasoline he uses, he will accomplish a
test that will cause people to shake
i their heads. He has had Harold Welles
I doing :il miles per gallon, and since
word was received that the dealer in
1 Koknk or Conshohocken did 47, the
local driver has been putting on the
j yards every day. The final test occurs
I on Friday morning.
We had hoped that this small but in
significant department would escape
the notice of the stereotyped Public
Vox Bono Deii, or whatever Old Sub
scriber happens to think most fitting
for his pen name when he communi
cates with ire and a stub pen. But we
had scarcely got nicely placed in our
regular writing position when it was
called to our attention "To the Sport
Editor. Sir" wise that we had pub
lished an indiscretion in the form of a
story of a, trey of boxing matches in
Ray. "You ought to know, if you do
not. that boxing is tabu in Arizona.
Why, therefore, do you insist on play
ing up this brutal sport?" Question re
mains unanswered. 'Twill continue so,
unless Mr. Ezell. our Hayden contribu
tor, who wrote the account, happens to
see this anil takes HIS pen in hand.
Explanation? .are usually in order
after a well meaning interviewer writes
a story in the first person and has his
"by" line left off by a hurried composi
tor or make up man. We had several
approach us and reproach us with hav
ing proven that Miss Jacobs, the wo
men sport scribe did not write the
clever articles signed by her well known
name.. It was charged that we "faked"
the "stuff". Awful! Most unheard of!
To think that a large and reliable daily
should do such a thing. Someone see
ing a similarity between (he styles of
the Belle Gordon story and the base
ball articles, .-u'Ciised us of having done
ihe latter ourself. This were interest
ing if true. But. 'tis false! Angrily and
elmost peovbMv we disclaim. Xot
that we would not like being able to
write-in Miss Jacobs' class.
i in
in Tin
matter will probably be arbi-ln-
a board of inquiry, selected
Republican office.
Browns 6 Naps 3
ST. LOUIS. April 29 A combina
tion of hits and errors in the third
inning gave St. Louis four runs. The
At Venice R.
Venice 9 7 n
Los Angeles G 9 7
Batteries: Hitt and Bliss; Hughes
nnd Boles,
j At Oakland R. H. E.
'Sacramento 1 9 4
'Oakland 6 13 0
Batteries: Arellanos and Hannah;
jPruitt and Alexander.
17 South Center

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