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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, May 15, 1914, SECTION TWO, Image 10

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quired, the use of plain and uniforrs
systems of keeping books of accounf
by all city officers, who are charged
with the receipt or disbursement o
any of the lunds'of the cits', or who
may be authorized to purchase ma
terial and supplies or employ labor
for it. He shall prescribe (be form
of vouchers or other evidences of the
leceipt of money from the city or
for the establishment of demands
against the city. He shall at all
An Ortlthance Creating Certain Of
fices of the City of Phoenix in
Addition to Those Provided Tor in
th Ctty Cliarter Adopted on the
lili Day of October, 1913, De
fining and Prescribing the Duties
and -Fixing the Compensation
tn3 Ronds for, all the Officers of
b City and Providing that the
Crfflce of the City Assessor and
the Office of the City Collector, as
Weil as other Offices Created by
this Ordinance. May be Filled by
OWe Hnd the Same Person.
MlttfUON OF THE CITl OF Pilot: -
NIX as .follows:
: Section 1. in addition to the of
ifs or city Manager, City Auditor,
City Clerk, City Assessor, City Trea
surer. City Collector, City Attorney,
City Engineer, Chief of Police, Fire
"Mer. Superintendent of Streets and
City Magistrate, provided for in the
ctty charter adopted on the llth dav Prtnrhip. association or corpora
w October, 191",. there are hereby I lkm whatsoever. He shall inquire
further established and created the 1 1,1,0 and inform himself as to the
o ices Of City Health Officer, CiU i of a11 claims to be paid 0it
Sealer of Weights and Measures, City of tne clt-v treasury r T wMgt!
inspector of Buildings and Si.perin-! warrants mereo might be or have
tefidetit of Water Works. ' b,n arwn' as we" a the reason-
Section 2. (A) The City Manager aWeness of the prices charged or
shall have the general supervision t'atmea for material, supplies or ts
attd direction of the administrat e I Wr- and thf facts as to the delivery
operhtlot, of the citv govnment. He1: 01 rendition thereof to, or for the
shall supervise and direct the off!- ! nf" f c,tJ-
cat) conduct of all appointive officers.: , " shal at Ul6 first meeting erf
etcefa the CitvAudltor and the City ; ,hp Commission I" each month, make
.Magistrate.' He shall supervise the " $Um r"port to the Commission
t,-.rmlT.,. nf :,n nnntMitf. mad.. bv "f a" expenditures made or incurred
shV pfson for work done for the !,y the city or on its account during the
city ahiUri that behalf represent the nPXt TS " ' shfAvins the
city. 2S& as it may be otherwise Km? ' f "d fe
me . n in iieiai.on uji
preceding month, and shall take re
ceipt therefor.
the City Manager; provided that no
such deposit shall be made for a
He shall do and perform such period longer than one year.
other and further duties as now art
or may hereafter be, required of him
under the provisions of the Constitu
tion ,if Arizona, the laws of the State
of Arizona, the city charter and the
D) The City Clerk shall keep the
corporate seal of the city; and shall
also keep all papers and documents
times have access to. and may in-I belonging to the city and file the
spect and take copies of, all books I same in his office under appropriate
en which entries are made, or are heads. He shall attend all meetings
required to be made, relative to the o: the Commission and keep an ac
receipt ,or expenditure of money (ktjcu'Wte record and account of all its
account of the city, and all vouchers,
accounts, bills. warrants, drafts, cop
traces and other papers relating
thereto. He shall have power to ad
minister oaths for the purpose of
ascertaining the facts relating to ah'
charge or claim against the city,
made or claimed by any person
Ul moneys due as interest upon
investments or deposits shall be col
lected by him, and by him credited
to the general fund of the city, and
any and all bonds and securities
taken for investments and deposits
shall be by him held for safe-keeping
for the benefit of the city.
He shall do and perform such
other and further duties as may be
required of him by the Constitution
of Arizona, the laws of the State of
Arizona, the charter and by the
Commission, and also such addi
tional duties as may be from time to
time required of him by the City
(O) The City Collector shall col
lect and recei
by the City Manager.
(K) The Fire Chief shall keep,
1 reserve and control all livestock,
vehicles, appliances, apparatus, equip
ment and machinery used or em
ployed in connection with the City
Fire Department, and shall super
vise and direct the use and main
tenance thereof. lie shall supervise
and direct the members of the Fire
Department, and shall personally at
tend at, direct and supervise the ex
tinguishment and control of atl fires
within the city; and shall do and
perform such acts and employ such
measures as may from time to time
be necessary to prevent, control or
fixtures, and appliances and sewage
effluent, and do any and all things
necessary or proper to place and keep
the same in a sanitary condition; and
shall, whenever he may deem it ne
cessary and oftener when required
by the Commission or city manager,
inspect all buildings and premises,
public and private, within the city
and make necessary and proper rules
and regulations for the placing and
him, the name of the person, firm
or corporation using such scales,
weights, or weighing or measuring
devices, and the date and result of
all inspection; and shall at all times
keep the same open to the inspection
of the public. He shall keep a com
plete record of all his official acts,
and shall make a monthly and annual
report to the Commission and a
in, .mlil i . .
1 j ., annual report, ouly sworn
cuiiuiuou, ano snail have power to
enforce all such rules and regulations.
He shall have power to destroy or
cause to be destroyed all food products
,1 , , ....
eiei iniiieu oy mm to he unfit or Im-
e.vtinguish conflagrations throughout proper for consumption by persons or
"- e mih.ii aeep ;l tun and ; annuals, and
accurate re.ord and account nf all
property belonging to the citv in-
all moneys due. or I trusted lo his care or under his
lo ihe citv Crura I control, and a full and complete tec
pi overlings, ana record ne same m
proper books: and he shall transcribe
in proper books, separately kept for
that) purpose, all ordinances, resolu
tions and franchises passed by the
Comhiission. He shall attest all or
dinances, resolutions and franchises
approved and signed bv the mavor.
ra-!He .shall countersign all warrants I except as herein otherw ise specific- i ses upon which such conflagration I pital or place of reeentian ,i He. I
issued by the City Manager and all ally provided for, and shall keep :. . occurred, the owner of the premises ' tention for persons exposed to or In-i
licenses issued under authoritv of I full and accurate record and account ' lne cause or causes ot the conflagra
law.. He shall keep an account, in I of all moneys so collected by him. j tion. the damage and loss incurred, j diseases and
to become ditt
taxes, licenses. assessments and i (,rd of each and every conflagration j the comfort of the public.
oilier sources or income and revenue;.-....... i tiu. nig use prem- tie mav Provide a temnor-irv li,,s
maintaining of the same in a sanitary j to, on the first day of each month
anu i each year, to the state in
spector of weights and measures on
blanks to be furnished by said' in
spector. He .shall, at least once in even- to...
(8) years, and as much oftener as may.
... . juogment or the iudgnienr
ot the City Manager be necessarv or
whenever requested in writing ' by
either the furnisher of water, electri
fy or gas, or by the consumer of
the same, test the accuracv of anv
meter used or to be used in the mea-
ou.iiig ot any water, electrici
hall have power to sum
marily abate any and all nuisances
and sources or causes of food or wa
ter contamination endangering "the
health or safety or interfering witli
appropriate book, of all licenses is-
iM- ....
persons exposed to or in- j furnished or to he hnU Ti.
fected with infectious or contagions consumer thrnnoh ......i. . '
lor all moneys so collected by him. tiOB. the damage and loss incurred, diseases and mav rennire ,h- , ! meter h.. ' " tmi
IuwIh rrer.i whom mm tar ..ha! or sustained I hereby ami ihe nniniuinr .. - .. - 1 1 ... . upon test thereof
, ' I .... .- . .i j,-, ;.M . , ,,.
sued, and to whom issued, and the i the same was '-oliected, and shall
amount iof each, and shall keep an j keep full and accurate records of
account' of all warrants drawn upon ad other acts and proceedings had and
the Clfy Treasurer. ! taken by him; and at least once a
He shall, upon receipt of the as-month, and oftenef; if required by
sessmcnt roll, compute and carry out ' the Commission, shall make written
the amount of the tax levied upon t report to the Comrntastoti of alt
of Uie members of the Fire Depart- Infected with or suffering from
meat who were present and assisted contagious or infectious disease, th
COmaKioUS or infections iUmou hr-..
extinguishment thereof. to. and n hi-
. T ' ..." VI UJVII CUt I Kill
At least once every month, and j therein until all danger to the public
oftener if required by the Commis- j therefrom is removed
s.on he shall make a written report He shall gather, compile and tabu
to tlie Commission of ill proceed- Ime full nn ., .,. ..i.i
in the
etch parcel of property contained in I moneys collected or received bv liin, I '"'';s hHd Or done bj him or under his i ani data, show ing all births deaths'
sbiill raalle all ipurchases of mate rials I . - w
2 supplies for the citv, and shall see I "le f'n;:noIa " f
Vhattths sum, '.are. received as cOn- ! He shall make written or verbal re-.
(Ncled for: He shall employ and'i,olts 'f ' emission whenever
alrrge f,om time to time, I gf U of an.v particular mat
casl,4 MQufres, all employes of the j f l' th ".'" "f
ctty. He shaU appoint all officers of ' ? ,l '""'g rece1Pt or expend.
tb, city, the appointment or election " inourrmg "',Pnsf'
of whom are not otherwise provided ' ,
1of the charter. pJ may remove .,Uf, s1" "xam'ne' a ?
thWi When the interests of the city 's and accounts of
TV, ' I each and every officer and emfilove
He'shail wi& written report to fceK citr lo i or may be. re-
CommisSion at i first meeting in I ' ' ' y J3"" ' keep re'"""fls g
" V , , , 1 accounts, at least once each month,
each month o. the state - ami I confllt on I .f U)irimis8iori so
f the .mcu and affairs of th. -.
qtty; and :a- shall, whenev -r I mission the result of such examitia-
in. ihe Commission, make a wf.t ten , tj(jn u,d(t chpp,.
n WW . . ,, , '. I He shah examine, audit and check and shall determine the full cash
by the Commission m det il. of an! Lu lK)0ls records nnd accou,s (lf valpe of all such property, and shall
particular, matter retautts o the .tf- J h evWy offirer antl Bwea9 th Kamf. to ,(. rr.
rairs a u. cu, . ..-. j fhft oi(y who jg or a 1 son. firm, corporation, association or
viBiuw , tborized to purchase. receive, sell. ! company ow nlup or having the pos-
Mle shall require monthly reports., t session, charee or control .hereof.
... : ...... .. . i ,.iv, ..-'...-i. ' Tr, tin I '
ov j .vifw.v . " . . i purchase. recelvp sull .lisVinrs . tr arM hull nreliare ei.molele -.ml fti.-.
dispose of. any property of, or be-i'r equalisation an assessment roll the city is
; longing to. the citv or who is oT ! thereof with the Commission. He lie shall
said assessment roll, and after cor
recting same, shall certify to it as
being the assessment roll of the city,
and upon such certification shall de
liver the tax roll, so certified, to the
He sluii! do ami perform such
other and further duties as may be
required of him by the Constitution
of Arizona, the laws of Arizona and
by the charter and as may be re
quired by the Commission, and such
additional duties as P.iay be from
time to time required of him by the
City Manager.
(E) The City Assessor shall, be
tween the first Monday in Jaauary
and the first Monday in May of each
year, ascertain by diligent inquire
and examination all property in the
ctty. real, personal or mixed, subject
to taxation, and also the names of
Kit persons, corporations, companies
or firms owning, or claiming the
same, or anv interest therein, or
and from what sources. He shall at I oire"tmn
least once a month, and oftener if ' n.onth.
required by the Commission, pay
over to the City Treasurer all mon
eys theretofore collected and held by
him. from whatever source derived,
and take receipt therefor.
He shall do and perform SUCti
other and further duties as may be
required of him by tie- Constitution
of Arizona, the laws of the State of
Arizona, the charter, and the Com
mission, and also scfh additional
duties as may from time to time be
required of him bv the City Manager.
(H) The Cit Attorney shall act
as legal counselor and adviser of the
Commission ami other city officials,
anil shall give his opinion in writing
when required by Ihe Commission.
He shall draft all deeds, convey
Other" It
during the preceding ! accidents.
He -i.afl be at all times gtibject
to the supervision, direction Sind
shall d
I ...... bwnwfnNu oi uuecinms
uiseases within the city and the time
and location thereof.
He shall riminnllr turn nvu ... ,h
of the City Manager, and he j city Treasurer any and all moneys of
aim perform such other sn-1 ! m i,ii,, ... ,i, :.
f.o-.V... i ..- iu lire v.i. COIICCICU or
further , in-.- as mav be require 1 ef received by him, and take receipt
him by th'- ConstiiUtian of Arizona, therefor
the laws of Arizona, the city err- lie shall keep full and accurate
ter .he (ommission. and also such hooks, records and accounts showing
audmonal duties as may be from i detail, all inspections and examina
Hme to time required of him hy the j tions Ina,le by him or under his di-
Vr VI '"'Z' , jrec tion, and the time, place and re
ll.l The Superintendent of Stretvi 1 .1 . ..n .
, aun Liieiem, an ruies anu regulations,
supervision and control : Isumh) or nromulE-aied he him aii
shall ha
or the maintenance of all streets,
sidewalks, parks, city corrals and
city buildings, and the work done and
to be done therefor, (herein and
I Hereon, and he shall at all
keep the same and each of I hem
on.. a.,-. o.xi, names anu,- " .om o .sirucuons. oe- - least once in each month, and oftener
;al instruments when re-1 oris, waste and garbage, and Shall hr c re,v i. . !..;
moneys collected or received by him,
j and when, from whom, and on what
account received, anil the disposition
; made thereof, and of all other acts and
limes proceedings done, had or taken by him
in his official capacity, and shall at
ulred by the Commission, and shall j supervise and control the construction ! Ule manager, render to" the (
t-.v.-..... .mil ueieno ail ao- m n.i ( oncnes. culverts. ! Mm, ...l Ihe ,,-, . ,el.ten ...t
naing possessioTi or control tliereo;. '-""s anu v.i v.oere ine city is , i luges, street crossings and MrUc
s party; provided, he shall not be
required to attend any i-auses before
the City Magistrate unless expressly
required by lie Commission.
tures. and the maintenance and re
pair thereof; and shall have super
vision and control over all vehicles,
livestock, sprinklers, street sweepers.
each of the otfieejrs of the city
aoinfed bv him. of tile business and
cVKidition of such office, anu
He shall report lo the Commission I machinery, appliances and devices e
v hen required the condition and I eept fire ' equipment and apparatus
state of any suit or action to which belonging to, or used by the city. He
Submit the same to the t om-mss-n indebtedness for or on ac-
upon. Us request therefor. -Ml reports 't of -
fe.,uired & the charter or by or- th0rised or required to collect.
nce shall be m wft jng. except fthat
iwe uiiiioiwiui.. ... ... w 1 .:ession or n-ho .J....S ,-e.-i.ie,. r..ai..o
in his possession
do anil
perform such
ports other than the said monthly
them to be ver-
stiall pttcml all meetings of the Com-1 other and further duties as mav be
mission while sitting as a hoard of 1 required of him by tin- Constitution
moneys. machinery. supplies.
equalization, and give to said Com
mission sUch information as it may
require of, him.
He shall do and perform such
other and further duties as may be
required of him by the Constitution
rovc"'. umy uuci ....... . any
liar, anu ine nidimgu iu.t s . , n, .. ri . n,Iir.m(n, ,,e K o? Arizona, the laws of the Stale nf
Arizona, ine cnarter and the Com
mission, and also su'h additional du-
rties as may he from time to time
required of him by the City Man
ager fF) The city Treasurer shall re-
rei-cts other than such monthly re- . Kwin . ,,,.
ijofts to i'f mhde. verbally ,u , .V
and shall
.nviV. ,..i,,.ri Hi..-. .- a .- i..
.. . ! . , ,. - ,...-.. ' I I"' MIC. CUUllllV
It. shall be his duty ft. see that all , ;(t
the 'Crdrfiances of the city are en
Ortiuti. He shall, on ur before the first
Moads In M'ay in each' year, or such
0a t In "a.!i feet- as snail be other-
V,e filed by the Coramission, pre
should the Commission
He shall promptly examine, audit
and certify as to the correctness of I ceive all moneys belonging to the
nil eli.imc Kill. ,.rA ,1 ...l-.ii 1 oltv 'Aritl --ill ..t'i..i- ..w.n... ,llrA.a,1
. .- .. . . , e, .... U , l, . a.i,, ii.-iiiiuill-- HRaiUM - .... -. . . . ., ., n u
pare a esfejul estnuaje in tvnuni, o. ;)he fi)(v f(ir materfaI equipment ! law to be paid to him. safelv
tie; ampunts in money, specifing m j elipnUes ,abor s(.rvirf. or property! i 'teep th- same, and apply and pay
meti: ine purpo.-. urini., .mi...w , ,..., ...' .. r... them n,
tot the bosaeM and conduct of the
affairs o; the city during the nest
'purchased or received by. or fhr- t'lem out accordine to law. render -
eswtns W' J" - against the city for salaries and
before the first Monday in June o iv.,fa of (.tv gttiwtB amJ employes.
oacr. year, 01 on u... - rv-" ! no warrant shall be drawn upon th
Sar M fa PC nxeu i .'-"" City Treasurer for the payment of
is.ilon. submit lo the c orarmssioa ; , . rtemanrt 0i ft,.
riished or delivered to. the city; and. ' ir
except lor claims, hills and demands; law
"-ount thereof as requiretl V
He shall keep an account
the estimates of each department and
We -tiwti jpe.iK.nal report and recom
mendation and estimate as lo the
probable exuenditures of Ue .city for
the next ensuing fiscal year, stating
the amounts in detail required to meet
all expenditure? necessary tor city
purposes, including a city sinking
fund for outstanding indebtedness, if
anv 'therein: :'ls" an estimate of the
citv until after such audit and' cer
tification. He shall perform such other artd
further duties as may be hereafter
prescribe, by the Commission, and
such other and further duties as
may be. required of him by the City
Manager, subject to review by the
tCl The CitV VT'.o-iefrtD oHnll
amount ol income expeci" i" j preside over the City Court of the
sources iu each department, and the : ( .jtv ,jf Plloenit Maricopa County.
lirooable araoiini rcquircu 10 "- ; Arizona, and said court shall always
ed by taxation to cover such expen-
diturcs, interest ana sinsinj; miw.
Tlic City "Vlanager must not hear
or qonsider anv claim in favor of any
one5 against the c'ty uhless an ac
oouht, properly made out, giving all
the ttenis cMh. duly veritied, as
to Its correctness and that the amount
claimed is Justly due, is presented to
gm within si S) months after the
Ikst Item or the account accrued, ex
cept claim of officers of the city
for their salaries: and if lie shall find
tl anv claim present, dj is not P'aJ -,
bv the. city or is not a proper
charge, he shall reject the same; if be
finds it to he a proper charge, but for a
4atet amount thin is due, he may
Krtc tht claim in part and order paid
the portion allowed apon the claimant
filing His receipt in fun ot ms acuoaui.
rib shall not allow any demand upon
t!tu r-itv in iivat of any person In
aiv manhltr indebted to the city
without tirrt deducting sbch indebt-edn-.,
or 'm favor of any officer
wloe'. accounts Shall not have been
rjndcrt -artd approved or who shall
have h-gleeti-d or refused to make
hi:; of.tcial returns or reports in
itins. a required by the provi
ng of Ihe charter or any ordinance
the Gotohilsskm. or iii favor of
v'.oflilfel wtirj" shull wilfully neg-
Ar'.JLftjse in nerform any of the
eS of h's office.
.jfe ;ttalt have power to examine,
orally or rttherK-'inc, on oath, persons
presenting any demand on the ctty.
or the agent or attorney of such per
il, n. or any other person, in order to
acrtuin any tacts necessary or
proper Tor him to know in order to
eutermtne the allowance of disallow
Snc'of such demands. He shall sign
all warrants drawn upon the City
treasurer, t
fT shait setve. respect and
curt? out a!! the provisions of the
COrtstlt'ltinn of Artsonu. the laws of
It) S'at'c of Aiir.ona. and the pro
vtslwis . of ' the charter of the city
and of all o-dinances and resoltj
tiotis w the Commission which maj
or shat! affect, relate to or appertain-
to his office or the conduct
? ) The City Auditor shall pre
scribe and require, except as they
Slay he by law prescribed and re-
b open, except on non-juridical days
and on such days it may transact
such business within its jurisdiction
as is authorized by general law to be
transacted hy courts of justices of all sums of money then in his charge
the peace relative to business within and under his control and the par
their jurisdiction. The citv court Hcular funds and accounts in which
of the receipt and expenditure of alt
moneys in hooks provided for that
purpose, in which must be entered
the amounts, the time when, from
whom and on what account all mon
eys were received by him: the
amounts, time when and to whom
and on what account all disburse
ments were made by him.
He shall keep his books so that
the amounts received and paid out
on account of separate funds or spe
cific appropriation :lre exhibited in
separate and distinct accounts and
the whole of the receipts and expen
ditures shown in one general or
cash account. He shall, at least
once monthly, and oftener if so re
quired by the Commission, render
to the Commission a written report
of receipts and disbursements for the
then preceding month, together with
of Arizona, the laws of Arizona, t!
charter and the Commission, and
also such additional duties as mav
be from time to time required of
him by the City Manager
(I) The City Kngineer shall do
and perform all surveying and en
gineering work for the city. He shall
establish the grades of streets,
alleys, curbs, paving, sidewalks and
ditches, and run lines, set stakes,
and make plats, diagrams and charts
thereof whenever required. He shall
establish and run the grades and
lines of all railways and railway
lines. whether steam. electric or
otherwise, and establish the grades
and run the lines for all telephone
and telegraph lines and electric lines,
pipes, conduits, sewers, sewer mains
-hail have supervision, charge and
control of the city corral and livestock ,h(, city ciart and
and the cars and maintenance th
of. He shall have supervision and
control over all parks of the city and
of all trees, grass and foliage grow-
inent and report of all his transac
tions and proceedings for the then
pieoedimr month.
He shall have and exercise such
further and additional powers and
snail do and perform sucn other and
further duties as may be granted :"
or required of him by the Constitu
tion of Arizona, the laws of Arizona.
the Commis -
ision. He shall at all times be subject
I to the supervision and direction of
the cia) manager, and he shall also
t do aiid perform such additional duties
shall, within the territorial limits of
the city, have and exercise jurlsdlc
the same are placed and credited.
He shall disburse the city moneys
countersigned by the City Clerk.
By and with the consent and ap
proval of the Commission, he may
cause the 0U5' moneys to be de
posited in any bank or hanks in the
city upon sufficient security being
gtven to the city therefor by said
bank or banks, to be approved by
said Commission. No City moneys
shall ever be deposited in any bank
ing institution unless interest is paid
to the city upon such moneys de-
tion as lollpws: It shall have and ' only upon proper warrants therefor.
exercise exclusive original jurisdtc- signed by the City Manager and
tion of all proceedings of a criminal
nature for the violation of any ordi
nance of sail! ctty, and of evry ac
tion of a civil nature 'for the in
forcement of a penalty or the re
covery of a penalty or forfeiture im
posed by anv ordinance of said citv
for violation thereof, or for neglect
to perform any duly by ordinance
impoaed; of every action for the col
lection of any license, lax or penalty
due from any person, copartnership,
association, or corporafTon to the
City and required to be paid, or
which is due and collectible under
the ordinances of the city;
For the carrying out of the juris
diction vested in said City Magis
trate, he shall be entitled and au
thorized to Issue and cause to be
served any and all writs and pro
cesses, and he shall have full au
thority to hear and determine SIl
matters properly coming before him
arid coming within his jurisdiction
hnt-fctn specified. The writs to be
used by said City Magistrate shall
be similar to those used by justices
of the peace, in cases of similar na
ture. And he shall keep, or ennse
to be kept, a proper record ot the
Issuance of all writs, processes and
returns, and of any and all other
actions taken relative thereto, .and
of the. action of the court thereon.
He shall also keep, or cause lo be
Upt. a record of each and .-very
transaction of the city court, and of
the acts, orders and judgments of
the City Stagistrate, together with
an accurate record and account of all
flpes, penalties and fees, and other
moness. collected by him in the
course and performance of his du
ties: and shall pay and turn over to
ttie City Treasurer on the first day
of each and every month, all fees,
penalties and fines, and other moh
ey. collected by him during the
and pipes, water mains and
and gas mains and pines. H
establish the grades of street cross
ings, of all city drainage and sur
vey and establish all street and
property lines.
He shall exercise ell his powers
j and duties under the supervision and
direction of the Superintendent of
Streets and under the control and
direction of the City Manager.
He shall do and perform such
other nnd further duties as may
hereafter be required of him bv the
Constitution of Arizona, the laws of
Arizona, the city charter or the
Commission, and also such additional
duties as may be from time to time
required of htm by the city Manager
tj) The Chief of Police shall pre
serve the peace .of the city. He shall
arrest and take, and cause to be ar
rested and taken, before the City
Magistrate all persons committing
or attempting to committ an offense
against the law or the ordinances of
the city. He shall prevent and nip
press all affrays, riots and breaches
of the peace which may come to his
knowledge. He shall have charge
and supervision of the city jail and
the prisoners therein. He shall have
supervision and direction of the po
lice Of Ihe city. He shall serve or
cause to 1m; served all writs and
processes issued by the City Magis
trate, and shall make or i-aui:e to be
made proper return thereof and
thereon. He shall keep a full and
accurate record of all arrests made
by hbn or the police of the city.
as mey from time to time be required
lot htiii by the city manager.
(n) The City Sealer of Weights
ing in and upon any of the parks or
premises belonging jo the city or
upon any of the streets or highway
belonging, to the city.
He shall have superv ision and con
trol of the construction, maintenance
and operation of railway and street
railway lines, tracks and works in.
upon and over the streets and alleys
of the city, and shall have super
vision over and control of the laying.
installation, construction and main
tenance of curbs, gutters, street pav
ing, sidewalks, water pipes and mains,
sewer pipes and mains and conduits,
electrical conduits and electric, tele
phone and telegraph lines and con
duits, on, over, above or under ill
or any of the streets and alleys of
the city.
He shall have supervision over the
City Fngineer. He shall at all times
be subject to the direction and con
trol of the City Manager. He shall
perforin such other and further du
ties as may be required of him be
the Constitution of Arizona, the laws
of Arizona, the city charter, or the
Commission, and also such other and
further duties as may be from time
to time required of him by the City
, .. .. ......... r.i ..1...11 I vear. and as much oftener as the
lini J lie ojiv iieaiiu ouieei siiici - .....
be a licensed physician, and shall
have supervision and control over the
by the City Sealer of ar.ifat
x . m
-vieasures ne found to measure to,,
fast or too slow by as much as three
-i per cent) per cent, such meter
shall be condemned by him, and the
owner or owners of the same shall
be notified of the condemnation at
the time n . ..
w. oi.vn couuemiiaiion is
made by the City Sealer of Weights
and Measures, and such meter shall
not again be used, or used at all, un
til corrected and made to measure
He shall promptly collect all fees
which he now is, or hereafter may be
authorized to charge and receive from
persons owning or using such weights
or measures, and on the first day of
each and every month, shall turn over
to the City Treasurer all moneys
and fees collected or received by him
during the proceeding month and take
the receipt of the Citv Treasurer
therefor. He shall keep a full and ac
curate itemized list record and ac
count of all fees collected or received
by him, and at least once every month
and oftener if so required by the
1 'ommission. shall make a written re
port thereof to the Commission ami
the City Manager.
He shall keep in a book, together
with an accurate card index system
to be furnished to him by the Com
mission, a complete list of all meters
inspected and tested by him, the
name et the person, firm or corpora
tion owning the same, the name of
the. furnisher of water, gas or elec
trleity, the name of the consumer
thereof, and the date and result of alt
Ir.snectici., and shall at all times keep
th :-;:. te 1 pen to the inspection of
the public.
Be shall have such further powers,
and do and ptrform such further
and additional duties, as may be
granted to, 01 required of, him by the
Constitution of Arizona, the laws Of
Arizona, the city charter, or the Coin
lossion. and also such additional
and Measures shall inspect, test. try. duties as may he from time to time
Uld ascertain if thev are correct, al
weights, scales, beams, measures of
every kind, instruments or mechani
Jcal devices for weighing or measur
ing, and tools, appliances, or ac
j cessories connected with any or all
i such instruments, kept, offered, or
j exposed for sale, sold or used, or em
ployed, within the city by any pro
prietor, agent, lesse. or employe, in
proving the size, quantity, extentr
area or measurements of quantities,
things, produce, or articles for distri
bution or consumption, offered or
submitted by any such person or per
sons for sale, hire or reward. He
shall have the power to. and shall,
from time to lime, weigh or measure
packages or amounts of commodities
Of whatsoever kind kept for the pur
pose of sale, offered for sale, or sold,
or in the process of delivery, in order
to determine whether the same con
tains the amount represented, and
whether they be ottered for sale or
sold in a manner in accordance with
law. lie shall, at least twice each
posited, at the rate of not less than I showing the name of each person
two (2te) per cent per annum upon I arrested, the date of arrest and the
the dally balance of such deposits, to j nature of the charge upon which the
be computed monthly. arrest was made, the name of eneh
He shall invest or deposit in I person committed to ihe city jail,
bank in the Slate of Arizona, as i the nature 0!' the charge or process
savings accounts or otherwise, any ( tinder which such imprisonment was
and all moneys belonging to the ; made, the length and term of such
city, collected and held as sinking ' imprisonment and when and why
funds, the investment or deposit of released. He shall keep a l ull and
such fmids to be made upon com
petitive bids therefor, after due no
tice, or In such other public man
ner as in the judgment of the Com
mission may he deemed best in the
interests of the city. In making In
vestments he. may pureha.se only interest-bearing
t'nited States, state,
county, school district and municipal
bonds, but no bonds shall b pur
chased for 11 .higher price than their
accurate record and account of each
and ever;- 'writ and process issued
by the City Magistrate tor service,
to whom delivered for service, and
the date and return made thereof.
He shall take charge of. preserve
and 'care for all property of the city
used in connection with the Police
Department thereof, and shall safely
keep and preserve for the rightful
owner thereof all other property
market value at the time of pur-'which sha'l b- intrusted to his care
chase. In making deposit of such
sinking funds, tie may select for the
purpose any reputable national, state
or savings bank or trust company
Ih the State of Arizona, and obtain
the highest late of interest, not less,
however, than lour f4) per cent
per annum, and lo- shall take from
such institution or institutions secur
ity for such deposit in negotiable,
inter,! -bearing United States, state,
count)!, school district or municipal
bonds, or surety company bonds, in
an amount not less than the amount
of such deposit, to be approved by
or come into bis possession.
He shall make monthly reports tn
writing of all the proceedings had
and taken by him and by the police
of th.- city for the preceding month.
In the Commission. He shall be at
ail times subject to the supervision,
and control of the City .vrrrhager. and
he shall do and perform such other
and further duties as may be re
quired of him by the Constitution of
Arizona, .he laws of Arizona, the
charter, and the Commission, and
also such additional duties as may
be from time to time required of him
public health and sanitation ot the
lie shall make and enforce all need
ful rules and regulations for the pre
vention of and to prevent the spread
of any and all contagious or infectious
diseases among persons and domestic
He shall have power to establish
quarantine and is.rfate any person or
persons affected with any contagious,
infectious, epidemic or enoenuc dis
ease: to isolate, quarantine, kill or
remove any animal or animals af
fected with any contagious or infec
tious disease when necessary to pro
tect ' public health; to remove or
cause to be removed any dead, de
cayed or decaying body or any decayed
or decaying substance, or any other
noxious or offensive substance or
thing Which may endanger the health
or safety or interfere with the com
fort of the public; to condemn and
cause to be destroyed any impure or
diseased article of food that may be
offered for sale or held for consump
tion. He shall examine into all nuisances,
sources of offense and discomfort, and
causes and sources of sickness and
disease, and shall make such regula
tions regarding the same an In his
judgment shall be necessary for the
preservation and promotion of the
public health, safety and comfort of
the city.
He shall have power to enter upon
all public and private property or
premises to examine into any nuis
ance, source of filth, or cause or
source of sickness or disease found
therein or thereon, and may require
the owner or occupant thereof at his
own expense to remove the same.
He shall inspect as often as he
shall deem necessary, and oftener if
required so to do by the Commission
or city manager, all food products sold,
offered for sale, or held or designed
for consumption or use by persons or
animals: and shall inspect all water
and water supplies used or designed
for use within the city, and shall do
and perform all things necessary or
proper to prevent the contamination
He shall inspect the condition of
atl sewers, lavatories, urinals, sinks,
privies, vaults, sewer connections.
Commission or the City Manager may
direct, test the accuracy of weights,
measures, and weighing or other de
vices used in the city. He may, for
the purposes above mentioned, and
in the general performance of his du
ties, enter and go into or upon, with
out forma! warrant. any stand,
place, building or premises, or stop
any vender, peddler, junk dealer, ice
wagon, delivery wagon, or any dealer
whatsoever, and require him. if ne
cessary, to proceed to some Conven
ient place for the purpose of making
the proper test. When the City Sealer
of Weights and Measures finds a vio
lation ot the statutes of the state or
ordinances of the city relating to
weights and measures, lie shall cause
the violator to be prosecuted.
When the City Sealer of Weights
and Meaurcs compares weights or
measures or weighing or measuring
Instruments and finds that they cor
respond to the standards in his pos
session, he shall seal or mark such,
weights., measures, or weighing or
measuring instruments with appropri
ate devices to be approved by the
state inspector of weights and mea
sures. He shall condemn, seize, and may
destroy, incorrect weights and mea
sures, or weighing or measuring in
struments, which, in his best judg
ment, are not susceptible "f satis
factory repairs; but such as are in
correct, but yet may be repaired, he
shall mark or tag as condemned lor
repairs in a manner prescribed by the
state inspector of weights and mea
sures. The owner or user of any
weights or measures, or weighing or
measuring instruments, ot" which such
disposition is made, shal! have the
same repaired or corrected within
fifteen (It) flayfc thereafter, and shall
not use or dispose of the same in any
way. but shall hold the same at the
disposal of the City Sealer of Weights
and Measures; and any apparatus
which has been condemned for re
pairs and has not been repaired as
required by him shall be confiscated
by the City Sealer of Weights and
He shall keep in a book, together
with a card index system to be fur
nished him by the Commission, a
complete list of all scales or weights
and measures, weighing and measur
ing devices inspected and tested by
required of hire by the City Mana
(01 The City Inspector of Buildings
-hall have t-upt 1 v ision and control ot
the erec.ion, const! uction. alteran :..
rept'r. rtmovul and demolition of all
building, structures and building Im
provements within the city, and of the
maintenance and use of any and all
buildings, structures and improve
ments within the city of a public na
ture or character.
He shal! have supervision and con
trol of the construction and installa
tion of plumbing and plumbing fix
tures, appliances and devices; gas
Pipes, gas tanks, machinery, fixtures,
appliances and devices, water pipes,
machinery, appliances and devices;
heating plants, pipes, boilers, equip
ment, machinery, appliances and de
vices; refrigerating plants, pipes,
machinery, appliances and devices;
electrical plants, machinery, trans
formers, wiring, fixtures, appliances
and devices; and the installation
erection and comnruction of any and
all plants, machinery, fixtures, ap
pliances and devices for manufactur
ing power, heating,' lighting, refriger
ating and domestic purposes.
He shall require all such work to
lie done and performed in such a
maner as best to serve and promote
the health, safety and comfort of the
city and the inhabitants thereof, and
in compliance with ail laws of the
State of Arizona and all ordinances 0!
the city.
He shall examine all plans and
specifications for all proposed con
struction, alteration, repair, demoli
tion, removal or installation of build
ings, Structures and building im
provements, or paits thereof, Slid
shall issue permit or permits there
for when and only when the plan:;
and specification for such proposed
construction, alteration, demolition,
removal, repair or installation con
form to and comply with all provi
sions of the laws of the State of Ari
zona and ordinances of the city rela
tive thereto, and when iu his opinion
the public health, safety or welfare
will not be endangered thereby.
He shall inspect all construction, al
teration, repairs, demolition, removal
or installation at the completion
thereof, and as often during the pro
gress thereof as he may deem neces
sary, and also w henever directed so to
do by the city manager.
He shal! have power at any "time
ttt he shall determine that said
work is not done or being done in
compliance with the laws of Arizona
or with the ordinance of the city, or
is done or being done in a manner
that in his opinion endangers or is
detrimental to the public health, safety
and welfare, to put an imnudate stop
thereto, and may. at his election, re
voke any and all permits therefor
theretofore granted, unless the holder
of said permit or permits shall forth
with comply with each and every re
quirement of the laws of Arizona, the.
ordinances of the city and with such
other and further reasonable rules,
regulations and requirements as the
city inspector of buildings shall from
time to time prescribe.
He shall also require the immediate
repair or removal as he may deter
mine, of ail defective or unsafe con
struction, alteration, repairs, demoli
tion or installation at the owner's ex
pense, and may in writing prescribe
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