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Great Interest Already Ex
cited In Resort On Banks
of Salt River Indicate
Success of Scheme. Shade
and Swimming Pool
The sensational playing of the
Pittsburg Pirates in the National
ieague has set the fans of that
burg afire with pennant hopes.
Much of the team's success is
attributed to the crack infield
"We've got the best infield in
the National league," explains
the great Honus Wagner. "We
have a Bohemian on first, an
Irishman at third and a Dutch
man at second and short."
Some cosmopolitan infield that,
eh, what?
"Tommy," said the Sunday school
teacher, who had been giving a les
son on the Baptismal Covenant, "can
you tell the two things necessary to
baptism ?"
"Yes'm," said Tommy, "water and
a baby." Western Mail.
o '
Norveil, the son of W. S. Xorveil of
this city, returned Saturday from
Palo Alto, Calif. He has just fin
ished his freshman year at Stanford.
Atchison, Kan. $ 55.00
Baltimore, Md 102.50
Boston, Mass 105.50
Chicago, 111 67.50
Colorado Springs, Col 45.00
Council Bluffs, Iowa 65.00
Denver, Col 45.00
Duluth, Minn 78.30
Kansas City, Mo 55.00
Leavenworth, Kan. 55.00
Memphis, Tenn. 65.00
Minneapolis, Minn 70.70
Montreal, Quebec 103.50
New York, N. Y 103.50
Omaha, Nebr. 65.00
Philadelphia, Pa. 103.50
Portland, Me. 108.50
Pueblo, Col 45.00
Quebec, P. Q. 111.50
St. Joseph, Mo. ...A 55.00
St Louis, Mo r. 65.00
St Paul, Minn. 70.70
Toronto. Ont 90.70
Washington, D. C. . 102.50
Tickets on Sale June l", 2, 3, 5, 6, 8,
9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23,
26, 29, 30 and Numerous Other Dates
Dnrine Julv August and beptemDer.
Final Return Limit Three Months
From Date of Sale but Not to Ex
ceed October 31st.
Diverse Routes Liberal Stopovers
Insist on Having your Tickets Routed
via the E. P. & S. W. from Maricopa
and Use the
Through Without Change To
. Kansas City Chicago St. Louis
For Information regarding routes,
Pullman reservations, etc., Inquire of
Agent Arizona Eastern Railroad;
Phoenix, Arizona, or Address GAR-
Gen. Pass. Agt, El Paso, Texas
If the hosts of people wio visited
Riverside Park yesterday afternoon,
while yet in its unfinished and very
much disrumpled state, indicates
what may be expected when the
place is finished and opened to the
public, it is a certainty that this
great project is a success at the
very outset.
The water has not been let into
either the swimming pool or the long
pond as yet, the pretty brook which
will bring joy to the kiddies' hearts,
is dry. The caliche roads are only
outlined, and they are just beginning
to spread the crushed granite that
will floor the walks and a large part
of the park. The big bathhouse is
finished but not yet painted. The
dining room and the dancing pavil
lion are only far enough ahead to
give an indication of what they will
be like and yet there was a steady
stream of people coming and going
all day. During the afternoon be
tween three and five hundred people
visited the place and were amazed
at its magnitude.
It was mighty hot in the sun yes
terday, but in the shade of the big
trees and under the palin shelters, it
was cool and lovely, with a breeze
every minute that would have made
any shore resort envious. One thing
was well demonstrated, no matter
how hot it may be elsewhere, there
will always lie cool spots at River
side at any hour of the day.
The interest taken in the place
is remarkable, it goes to show that
a place of this type is needed. The
calibre of the men behind the en
terprise is such that the people real
ize that it is to be run in a manner
that will make it available at all
times as an ideal place for women
and children. There will be nothing
there to offend anyone and a great
deal to amuse and attract.
The swimming pool, which will be
the great magnet, will be supplied
with pumped water, which will flow
through the big pond at the rate of
eleven hundred gallons a minute, so
that it will always be clean, cool and
fresh, In fact the management is do
ins evervthing to make it not nly
the most attractive but the most san
itary bathing place in the southwest
It will be supplied with everything
dear to the heart of the bather; high
dives and spring boards, floats,
swings, a toboggan slide and a sandy
beach where one may lie in the
shade of the trees or under sun um
brellas between dips; it will be as
near to the joys of ocean bathing as
it is possible to get without old
mother ocean herself.
A big feature at Riverside will be
the band concerts every Thursday,
Saturday and Sunday night and Sat
urday and Sunday afternoons. A
shell band stand is being built which
will give splendid accommodations
for this kind 'f ir.usic and it will
b so constructed that while it will
not interfere with the music of the
orchestra for dancing, the band can
be heard in any part of the park.
The restaurant will be in the hands
of an excellent caterer and will un
questionably give satismaction. It
will not only be a delight to the
eye, it will be a joy to the epicure
and a boon to the pocketbook.
Every effort is being made to pro
vide the greatest comfort, and the
bost desirable attractions at the least
expense to the patron. It is partic
ularly desired to make the place at
tractive to women and children. Riv
erside will be a resort for the whole
family; it will be a place where a
man will be glad to have his wife,
his mother or his sister go, and dur
ing the day it will be found a haven
of rest and enjoyment for the moth
er with small children. There will be
more there to amuse the kiddies
without cost than anybody can real
ize before the gates are formally
thrown open, incidentally It will not
only be the kiddies that will find
plenty of amusement there.
The opening day will be Saturday,
May 30, Memorial Day, and there
wiil 1 e a long program of special at
tractions Including all , kinds of
aquatic sports, band concerts, fire
works, dancing, feature pictures and
Tisiny other things.
The management announces that
the big pool will be filled with water
this week and that entrants for the
swimming races will be allowed to
practice there.
Arrangements have been made for
adequate means of transportation to
the park, in addition to autos which
will run at irregular intervals; big
auto busses will leave uptown every
hour durjng the morning, every half
hour in the afternoon up to 4 o'clock
and every fifteen minutes from 4
o'clock on. It is only a five-minute
ride from Center and Adams streets
and the fare will be five cents each
I No games scheduled.
I Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
St. Louis at Buffalo
j Indianapolis at Brooklyn
I Kansas City at Baltimore
Chicago at Pittsburg
) Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Indianapolis at Buffalo
Kansas City at Brooklyn
I Chicago at Baltimore
St. Louis at Pittsburg
William Conrad Mills, director of
tiie Phoenix Choral Society and di
rector of the vocal department of
the Arizona School of Music, has
been appointed choirmaster of Trin
ity Pro-Cathedral, to succeed Mait
land Davies, resigned.
Mr. Mills, who is a tenor singer
of national reputation, will take
charge of the choir October first
next, and will organize a volunteer
chorus of twenty voices. It is his
plan to render each Sunday simple
and dignified music especially ap
propriate to the Episcopal service
and to give sacred cantatas in keep
ing with the various seasons of the
church year.
Mr. Mills studied directing under
Rev. George G. Daland, one of the
foremost musicians of the Episcopal
church, who assisted in editing the
new hymnal for use in the Sunday
Mr. Mills has sung at the White
House, the Library of Congress, the
Memorial Continental Hall of the
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion and in many of the churches in
Washington, D. C., including historic
old St. Johns, known as the Church
of the Presidents, where he was so
loist for four years; with the New
York Symphony Orchestra, Walter
Damrosch directing, and with Ora
torio societies in Maryland, New
Jersey and Washington, D. C.
The Lamara
There will be added attractions at
the Lamara theater today when the
most recent installment of "Dollie of
the Dailies," called "an affair of
oress, ' in which Marv Fuller stars
will be shown. In addition to this
there will be a two-reel Lubin feat
ure, "The Root of Evil," a very en
grossing way the Lubin people have
of doing these things. Manager
Barncord is making arrangements
for more of his "top notcher" pro
grams for the near future. The the
ater has recently been equipped with
cooling fans and the "theater com
fortable" is the nicest place in town
to see the pictures.
Pulling Puns
"Who was the little fairy I saw
you with down on the corner?"
"Oh, a pal of mine. Do you know
while we were talking there a ter
rible accident happened? A great
big telegraph post fell over on us,
and we had to call out the post
master." "Postmaster! What did you call
him out for?"
"Why, to take the post offus."
There is quite a little knack in
pulling puns on the vaudeville stage,
a knack which Shy and Shyman,
discoverers of the science of "crazy
ology" have down to perfection.
Their act Is good because of good
jokes, good music and gocd looks.
There are three other acts at the
Coliseum that also are good and
tonight is the last chance to see
A New Bill
Grousmeyer and McSweeney, the
usually laughable combination of a
Dutchman and an Irishman will
continue their adventures before the
patrons of the Empress theater, be
gining tonight in a bran new series
of "ticklers" In the shape of laugh
piovokers, when "Fads and Foibles"
will be the bill. The program is in
terspersed with a number of bright
musical numbers and duets and trios
will be on the bill sufficient to sat
isfy, the most exacting. "Irish"
Fc-irard ' and "Dutch" Rowe will
c r'lr.ue . to be the chief trouble-
ir. liers. Eudie Young will tlo
sii '.shxs c'4in and dance some more
cute st-ii's. The chorus under the
o.Jwt.'or. or Miss Gerrard is doing
f ... vinrl; celling better every even
Tit Regal
The n-.osl. famous military engage
ment in tiie history of America, "The
E,''- r,r Bull Run," is to be depict
ed" r tie Hegale Theater, 210-212
E..1--: Washington street in the most
re:r.i.rk.ible series of three reels ever
p:oluceJ lefore the moving picture
Camera. To say that it is a stupen
dous production is expressing it mild
ly. There are hundreds of uniformed
soldiers representing the contending
forces of the north and the south,
with guns, cannons and ammunition
enough to equip a good sized army.
And then above it all appears the
great personality of Abraham Lin
coln, cleverly portrayed by one of the
most notable screen actors. It is pre
dicted for this feature offering that
it will attract no end of attention and
that , there will be none but pleased
patrons at the Regale today.
Thre is also an, excellent comedy
offering today, "The Joy Riders," a
Joker film, the kind that tickle the
world, being on the bill and guaran
teed to drive away, the worst case of
Garden Truck
King Baggott that popular Imp star
Is appearing In one of his detective
films at the Gardens tonight. Bag
gott, recognized as one of the most up
to date of the new producers has
scored a tremendous hit with his "King
the Detective" series.
The Animated Weekly, Universal cel
luloid newspaper, and a Frontier com
edy, "Caught -at His Own Game" filled
up the footage.
Ma Guinea Pig added triplets to the
zoo yesterday. The little ones are now
important parts of the varied menag
erie, and are attracting as much atten
tion as any of the old folks.
All day Sunday the large crowds that
were giving the Columbia the "Once
Over" Indicate that the opening tomor
row night will test the capacity of even
that liberal sized house. Everything Is
now pretty well in place. Of course
Korrick's New York Store
218 to 228 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, Ariz.
Announces, Beginning Today, a Sale of Wash Goods .
The Biggest Sale we ever pulled off in May bigger in point of variety and richer in values.
In anticipation of a greatly increased patronage this spring, we have stocked up far in excess of any pre
vious season. But the looked-for business increase did not materialize owing to unfavorable and unsettled
business conditions. These and the further fact that we shall soon remove to our handsome new building,
have compelled us to start this sale right now just when you need the goods most. Particulars are be
fore you read them, then come and profit by them!
Sale of Dress Ginghams in Solid Colors and Fancies at 7c
1C0 pieces, all new, in the best plain colors, stripes, checks and plaids j-
all guaranteed fast colors beginning today at, C
yard .vv; w ...... '
Sale of 25c Ratine and Ripple Crepe
27 inch Tub fabrics in staple as well as the Sea
son's newest shades today at, y r-r
yard 1 ( L
Sale of 36-inch Seco Silks
30c goods suitable for Princess Slips and
Dresses come in navy, brown, nile, jasper, ? Qp
wistaria and Copenhagen today at, yard -LsC
Sale of 75c Silk Ratine
Two tone effects involving the most desirable col
ors, 27 inches wide being slow sellers on
they are offered at y C
Sale of 36-inch Ratine
Our feature 29c Wash fabric item in a list of col
ors actually hard to beat dark or light at
the astonishingly low price of
Sale of 12y2c and 15c Lawns, Dimities and Crepes at 8c
Hundreds of yards 30 different pieces in Dolly Varden designs, striped and
floral effects, involving pretty colorings, 27 to 32
inches in width, today at, yard
Sale of 25c and 29c Tissue
32 inch English Tissue Ginghams in stripes and
checks, all good colors in this sale, . j q
Sale of 59c Striped Silk Ratine
these are self striped in an exceptionally good
line of colors, 45 inches wide today at, QQr
yard CjZL
Sale of 20c Japanese Crepe
In plain colors and stripes, 32 inch, the real, im
ported article, guaranteed fast, needs no 1 An
ironing today at, yard
Sale of 32-inch Scotch Zephyrs
50 bran new pieces, plaids, checks and stripes of
beautiful color combinations in this J 01 r
sale, yard J- 2
Sale of 27-inch Striped Crepe
for Waists and Dresses; white grounds with- la
vender, pink, blue and black stripes TOXp
today-at, yard
Sale of 36-inch Racquet Cloth
The right weight for Skirts and Suits, in navy,
pink, rose, Copenhagen, white and wistaria y r
today at, yard J- OC
Sale of Fancy Silked Cotton Crepe and plain Crepe de Chine
A large aggregation of Spring's favorite Dress fabrics in an excellent variety of shades Qf
and designs, 27 to 40 inches in width, values up to KJsC
75c, beginning today at, yard . .
Sale of 44-inch Chenille Crepe
Suitable for Coats and Suits, usually sold at $2.39,
in rose or maize, in this sale, y rn
yard p.OZs
Sale of 85c French Ratine
Our best quality in 20 different colors, 40 inches
wide today at, RVr
yard ... UL
Sale of $1.00 Hammered Crepe
Pink or
r blue, 40 inch imported crepe, of fZQr
finish today at, yard UZfL
Sale of $1.50 Novelty Ratine
Such as Tartan Plaids and Crochet Checks, 40 to
45 inches wide, in this sale per SQC
Sale of 75c French Ratine
Also an excellent quality in 10 different shades,
40 inches wide in this sale, 47c
Sale of $1.59 and $1.69 Ratine
Two tone Crochet checks and imported Tango
Ratine, 44 inches wide, in this sale, Qr
yard OOC
Sale of Fancy Ratine, Values up to $1.39, at 75c
A big line of these in white and colors, also stripes, 40 to 45 inches in width,
at the remarkably low price of, ;$if;f rVWTW" OC
yard . . . .
Some Valuable Pointers Concerning Ratine
There seems to be wide-spread objection to Ratine. We have looked into the matter and found after a
thorough test that, in order to be successful with Ratine, it, requires shrinking before making.
Now, as a further inducement for prospective purchasers, we offer to shrink all Ratines purchased at this
sale, free of charge. .
there will be a little touching up to be
done even tomorrow, however, indica
tions at this late date show that there
will be no hindrance to a complete per
formance. All the stage fixtures are in
place and the operating room all ready.
The seats are in position and the lobby
almost finished. For some time the
nechanics have been working at top
speed and seem imbued with a desire
to have the house start on time com
plete in every detail.
'To those that looked it over yesterday
it, certainly Is a revelation. We have
bpen led to expect a lot from this house
not alone from the newspaper stories
given out but from the fact that the
men back of the project are Phoenix
business men of the highest financial
standing and personal Integrity.
;The performance will consist of four
very high class vaudeville ' acts and
three reels of first run exclusive pic
tores. The music of the Columbia
ladies orchestra will be a feature of
each performance.
The doors open at seven and the
first performance starts at seven fif
teen with the second show at nine.
The Avenue
The current bill was greatly enjoyed
by the large audiences yesterday at the
Avenue. Especially good, is the two
reel Vltagraph subject, "Old Reliable",
which has to do with a bank employee
taking the blame for a robbery which
was committed by the banker's son and
serving time therefore. The son goes
west and returns to take up the tnan
agement of his father's bank. "Old Re
liable" has just been released from the
penitentiary and has gone to work In
a restaurant. The banker's son enters
with "Old Reliable's" daughter, who
dies not know where her father Is.
The son makes love to the girl and "Old
Reliable" discloses his identity, and
tells the daughter In the miscreant's
presence, the true story of the robbery.
The banker chances to to overhear this
conversation, puts In his appearance,
banishes his sonand re-instates "Old edy number for today is from the
Reliable" to his former position of j Thanhauser studios and Is called
trust in the bank.
"The Mystery of the Laughing
Death" is a detective story of unusual
merit and is most cleverly portrayed.
"Whiffles Picks a Partner" from the
studio of Pathe, fills the comedy part
of the program.
Mutual Girl at the Lion
This number of "Our Mutual
Girl" will be extremely interesting
to ladies in general, as It is an ex
hibition of the very latest styles in
dresses and hats. Margaret also
meets Blanch Ring, the noted actress
and sees her perform. Everybody
will like "Our Mutual Girl" today as
well as the two-reel feature Kay
Bee picture entitled "The Trap." It
Is a stirring photoplay of military
life on the frontier, supposedly in
the year 1875. "The Trap" embraces
a splendid explosion scene and is a
well handled production. The com-
"The Tin Soldier and the Doll." The
riot is hinged on the dream of a
little girl and will be a well liked
film as it is handled in an excep
tionally clever manner.
Tonight is pennant night at the
Perils of Pauline
The word "pirate" suggests a thrill
and in the next episode of "The
Perils of Pauline, which will be
shown at the Lion theatre Wednes
day and Thursday, Pauline meets a
pirate and is going with him to a
lar-off island to recover a vast
treasure thae7 Is hidden there. Now
comes more perils for Pauline, for
of course the villain Owen is be
hind the scheme and Harry Marvin
has some more trouble - protecting
Pauline from her perils. Read the
story, it will make seeing the picture
more enjoyable. ;

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